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IndiaFacts welcomes long-form and cross-over semi-academic pieces as well as regular length columns.

Our Major Focus Areas:

Indology: Academic misrepresentation of Indian culture and history.

Advocacy: Rights, Identity, Demographics, Religious Discourse, Colonialism, and Ecology.

Commentary: Politics, Religion, Media, and current affairs.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. IndiaFacts accepts only unpublished and exclusive articles. Please note that articles submitted to IndiaFacts cannot be submitted to other public platforms. Please ensure that the articles are very well-researched, well referenced, and semi-academic in nature.
  2. Authors may upload their articles on their personal blogs, seven days after they have been published at IndiaFacts. Make sure that you give a hyperlink to the published article at IndiaFacts.
  3. Please ensure that your submissions are free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes to as much extent as possible.
  4. IndiaFacts has a strict policy against plagiarism. Please ensure that your submissions are unique and your own, and all citations have been properly given. Any case of plagiarism, if found, will result in the published article being taken down from the website and may also lead to a warning or outright blacklisting of the author.
  5. Send your submissions to  email