Arvind Kejriwal founder and head of AAP

Arvind Kejriwal is the real paid media

Nobody could have put this better than Sadanand Dhume (Twitter: @dhume) while summarising the results of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.


The only reason Dhume says this and not any of our celebrated journalists and media tycoons and their lesser known minions is because Dhume is not a part of the Indian media that created a hero out of Arvind Kejriwal

A short history is in order. The Aam Aadmi Party, born out of the India Against Corruption movement–and had a chance to rule Delhi,  which it did and transformed Delhi in 49 days. And Arvind Kejriwal decided that the 49 day transformation was enough and further decided the transform the country without even governing Delhi! This, the AAP would do by contesting in some 200 odd seats (forget the numbers, they are not important). Why wait for the messy process of governing when the country can be transformed by simply campaigning? 

Exit polls suggest that they would win 1% of vote nationally and in some pockets, may win about 3-5 seats. The polls suggest a complete loss in Delhi where the above mentioned transformation happened. 

All along, the media–which Mr. Arvind Kejriwal routinely accuses of being ‘paid by Ambani or Modi or whoever catches his fancy depending on what they say about him and his minions in his party — has flashed pictures of him as a potential Prime Ministerial candidate. So, most intellectuals believed that Kejriwal was a potential Prime Ministerial candidate too – along with the dynastic incumbent, Rahul Gandhi and the only anointed Prime Minister candidate from any party – Narendra Modi.

Opeds upon opeds were written about how the AAP would win seats – and I remember one insane piece on the front page of a leading advertisement supplement with a newspaper about the AAP would sweep (pun intended) cities – about how Kejriwal would make a difference, even though his government did very little in Delhi in those 49 days – other than an interview and a dharna a day. But throughout this inane exercise, as Dhume says, the media continued to project Arvind Kejriwal as a potential Prime Ministerial candidate. And that is something – considering that the vote share of Kejriwal would fall in the league of Sikkim Democratic Front headed by Chamling. Chamling who? In which case, why not Arvind Kejriwal who?

Well, because Arvind Kejriwal was a media creation. A creation that ruled television sets. A creation that feasted on interviews. With each interview, the Kejriwal bubble grew and grew until Kejriwal himself and many of his followers believed it. Except the unwashed masses did not watch TV – they probably did not have electricity. Or did not buy newspaper, the dolts. Or perhaps, they did both and watched those interviews like one watches a Teleshopping ad – watch but dismiss it right at the outset. 

And therefore, this question to Kejriwal. Who or what is paid media? The media which projected you as a Prime Minister – despite the party projected to win only 1% of the vote? That is not the tail wagging the dog, but the flea on the tail wagging the dog. Why did they do that? Oh and let’s also not forget the infamous “krantikari” moment that Arvind Kejriwal and Punya Prasun Bajpai shared on TV a few months ago. 

While I am reasonably sure the media did not project Kejriwal as this anti-corruption messiah for monetary reasons, it did it most likely out of intellectual love, a love emanating from a visceral intent to deal a blow to Narendra Modi. And thus, here is a question worth asking: Why did the media project Arvind Kejriwal as a potential PM and not, say, Raj Thackeray or even Chamling?  

Postscript: I am putting this piece where my mouth is. If exit polls are proved wrong and AAP wins a massive, landslide victory, I can be called a paid writer or even an Ambani agent.

  • Arjun

    Mistake in my comment…..wanted to say Official poll results are out.

  • Arjun

    ‘… I can be called a paid writer or even an Ambani agent’

    No sir, you will not be called all those, for the exit polls have come out and the intellectual mafia have been given a mighty blow.

    Thanks for your article. The country needs several more like it and others on this platform. !!

  • I had been a supporter of IAC in Mumbai, when Arvind Kejriwal had teamed up with activists and Anna Hazaare.

    I can recall atleast 20 instances when Kejriwal said we don’t
    have any political aspirations.
    Then,he went on to leave that movement to form AAP.

    And then the “heroism” of Kejriwal projected by AAPtards when he blatantly accuses bigwigs and tags them corrupt.

    I was quite frustrated with all his drama instincts to get him featured on newspapers, and keep him trending on social networking sites, and so fed up are other IAC karyakartas too.

    And this is the write-up that echoed the situation.

    Great work Neelakanthan.

  • 24 hours to NaMo

    In another 24 hours , exit polls will become obsolete when election results start pouring in
    And as the sun rises in the sky on 16th May , usual games will play-out on TV channels


    In this game , the main players will be the leaders of BJP and its pre-poll allies
    All of these leaders will claim personal credit for BJP’s victory – without appearing to offend the Great NaMo !
    They will tell the TV anchors :
    There never was any doubt that we will win
    We had told you so , all along
    NaMo wave was unstoppable
    People were fed up of UPA’s failures
    This is the beginning of the end of the Dynasty Rule
    We will not be vindictive ( – except in case of RSVP ! )
    We gracefully accept the mandate given to us by people to bring in Good Governance
    People want Gujarat Model replicated all over India and we will do it


    This game will be played by leaders of Congress and its UPA allies
    They will try to hide their faces on TV channels ( – now I understand why police cover up the faces of alleged culprits ! )
    But if caught unaware by those intrepid roving journalists / cameramen , they will mumble in inaudible voices :

    We humbly accept the verdict of the people
    We honour their wishes ( though much against our wishes ! )
    We will play the role of a responsible opposition ( – but make no mistakes , at every small opportunity , we promise to disrupt the working of the Lok Sabha , better than what BJP ever managed )
    RSVP had nothing to do with our defeat
    Our Working Committee / Parliamentary Board will examine the reasons why people dumped us ( – and find some scapegoats ! )
    After all , we have been playing this game for over 65 years and know too well that you cannot fool all the people all the time !
    You win some , you lose some
    We will emerge stronger by 2019 ”

    * AIM GAME

    This game will be played out by the Third Front political leaders whose only ” Aim ” was to remain ” Relevant ” in the Lok Sabha !
    These leaders will be saying :

    As a Third ( rate ? ) Front , we have emerged stronger
    So what , if we cannot form the Government ?
    We cannot even agree on who is our Prime Ministerial candidate !
    But can’t you see that we are M-powered ? ( Maya / Mamta / Mulayam ) – with 3 potential PMs ?
    As always , we will continue to provide NaMo , our ” Issue – based ” support ( – the only issues being , withdrawal of all scam-related cases / disproportionate assts cases / CBI investigations,
    etc , against our Behenji / Didiji / Netaji )
    And of course , grant of ” Special Status ” to W.Bengal / Bihar / UP / Tamil Nadu / Odisha / Seemandhra etc

    On 16th , switch on your TVs to witness the ” Grand Finale ” !

    * hemen parekh ( 14 May 2014 / Mumbai )

  • It has become a trends now a days by BJP and Congress supporters to abuse each other and when tired of that abuse AAP. Handling a government in a conventional fashion doesnt mean Good governance. Standards of evaluating things could be wrong and may had been followed for years.We have seen the effect of good governance which Congress provided which were set by Family of the Government’s Remote Control. Someone who says that Kejriwal is an art of media and Modi wave isnt must check his thoughts again…

  • Good write up about a media bubble

  • Kejriwal is not so much a creation of media, the ‘real paid media’ that is. But he has been deliberately foisted on the hapless people of our country by the forces that control the Government, the academia, and the media. These patently anti-Indian forces have been calling the shots and controlling the public discourse and the dominant narrative till now. Hope, all of them will be washed away by the Modi wave!

  • N.Paramasivam

    Wonderful article. Showed in detail the true picture of AK, who started a Cong. B team to divide anti-incumbency votes at the time of Dehi elections. The fact that he has not followed up corruption charges against Sheila, is the proof.