Aurangzeb: A Life of Tolerance

I am no scholar of history but I know my Indian history fairly well. Given…

I am no scholar of history but I know my Indian history fairly well. Given the currently prevailing atmosphere of intolerance in India, this would be a good time to set the record straight by remembering and recalling past heroes who have over the centuries, handed us the much-cherished values of secularism and tolerance.

So here’s my attempt at writing a brief, secular, and tolerant history of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, a towering personality much misunderstood and much reviled by Hindutva fascists.

I am sure this will be endorsed and ratified by historians like Tomila Rapar and Hirfan Abib.

Once upon a time, there lived a great Sufi saint named Aurangzeb. When he came of age, he felt bad for his father Shahjahan, who was burdened with the stressful task of running a vast empire and killing infidels.

And so, like a dutiful son, Aurangzeb very kindly relieved his father of the burden of kingship and sent him to a comfortable retirement retreat in Agra. His older brothers craved for peace and poetry, so he sent them to paradise, where they could live in peace forever.

Aurangzeb was not only a pious Sufi saint, but he was also an expert on Hindu scriptures. He believed that too much money had made Hindus materialistic and hence, hindered their spiritual growth. Aurangzeb persuaded Hindus inhis kingdom to voluntarily donate their money to the treasury so that they could then focus their energies on worship of the Divine. He called this spiritual donation the Jiziya. Needless, most Hindus welcomed this benevolence.

Aurangzeb realigned the architecture of great Hindu temples because, as I said earlier, he wanted to encourage Hindus to focus their energies internally, to solve the deep mysteries of the soul, and not in wasteful extraneous and useless structures like temples.

Aurangzeb believed that the ultimate goal of every Hindu was to break the cycle of rebirth and attain Moksha. Thus, he helped millions of Hindus in their spiritual quest by releasing their souls from the pitiful cages they called bodies. Indeed with great zeal and untiring effort, he enabled whole generations of Hindus attain Moksha.

In yet another masterly display of his infinite religious tolerance, he invited the great Maratha King Shivaji to Agra to discuss the possibility of starting Marathi schools in Agra. However, Shivaji did not appreciate the Mughal method of instruction using the Mughaltessori School and went back to Maharashtra. Pained by this Rising Intolerance exhibited by Shivaji, Aurangzeb decided to visit Shivaji in Maharashtra to return the awards and gifts that Shivaji had given him earlier.

While Sufi Saint Aurangzeb and his pious, peace-loving disciples were on this #‎AwardWapsi tour of Maharashtra, Shivaji Maharaj died. Aurangzeb then called his son Sambhaji to discuss the Education system of Maharashtra. Aurangzeb then gave such a powerful talk on the joys and spiritual merits of organ donation that moved by it, Sambhaji offered to donate both his eyes. Aurangzeb accepted Sambhaji’s offer gladly and helped him take out his eyes.

In fact, Aurangzeb was a great champion of organ donation. While in Delhi, his powerful lectures on the subject had even convinced the Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur to donate his entire head.

Aurangzeb was also deeply impressed by the Education system of Maharashtra to such an extent that he chose to spend his last days in Maharashtra running a small scale unit of hand-woven skull caps. He won the “Best Weaver’ award which he promptly returned to himself as a protest against Rising Intolerance under the Maratha rule.

Not too different from the current climate of rising intolerance in India, eh?

Shefali Vaidya is a freelance writer and newspaper columnist based in Pune. She is trying to perfect the fine art of sarcasm.
  • Vishal Khopkar

    What a great satiric article!


    Wow, you certainly know how to write such a beautiful story. Lol

    Have you ever considered turning whole of Indian history in children’s story? Wide grin .

  • Gurdip

    History has always two faces, one that we dont want to see and the other that we intend to show. You cannot learn a lesson from history by looking at the events in either way. History should be examined objectively and carefully and even when you have to write saracstically you should not depart from the fact. The picture of Aurangzeb painted by some popular historians as a muslim tyrant need to be refuted. The facts speak otherwise. He was a popular King during is regime as his coffers were richer almost three times annually than the income of entire Europe. He distributed profusely through his mansabdars and the last will and testament drawn by him reveals his real face. It is a worth reading document available online. The conversion is always popular as power and pelf always attract people across the lines. He died beyond his nineties.The number of Hindus exceeds muslims even his time.

    • Jasjeet Singh

      Sir ,
      Would like to know more about Aurangzeb…Can u suggest some good source??…

  • untildnextFPban:)

    Sarrrrcaaastiiic best ! Lulz

  • Jitendra Desai

    Good satire.Enjoyed Tomila Rapar who has written a genuine apologia for Mehmud Gazni,exonerating him of crimes at Somnath by propounding the theory that Mehmud mistook Somnath as MANNAT a pre Islamic Rab Goddess whose temples were destroyed by prophet’s followers in Arabia.Mehmud wanted to please his Arab akas and hence broke the idol of Somnath.

  • vikram

    he was a swine pig

  • Muj

    As more and more evidences surface there is an increasingly strong basis for the “alternate” view of Aurangzeb:

  • Rajan Srinivasan

    Beautifully written,, Keep more coming..

  • Garry T

    I love IndiaFacts …

  • Garry T

    Best read ever.. Accurate and burning.

  • Very well put. 🙂

    Not only this, the love of the Mughal was all-inclusive – women, girls, boys, toys – everyone and everything was loved. It willput today’s leftist-liberals to shame.

    Mahmud of Ghazni, the true father of Pakistan used to love young boys very much. The story of his love for his slave-boy partner Malik Ayaz, the founder of Lahore is a story of supreme love in Islamic lore. I have talked about their beautiful relationship here in Homosexual Icon and Gay King Mahmud of Ghazni

    Such love and exquisite passion, is a precursor to the latter secular tale of harmony you have narrated here.

    Even Aurangzeb’s ancestors Akbar as well as Babur had deep love for young boys. In fact in Pakistan/ Afghanistan they fondly refer to this practice as “bacche baazi” – a part of growing up and coming of age of young Islamic males and also an integral aspect of the peace initiative called aman ki asha.

  • Slasher


    Fantastic tongue in cheek article. But know your own TRUE history which has been distorted beyond recognition by Invader forces and Desh Drohis in India.

    How about learning about Tipu Sultan: the Villain now hailed as a Hero by Desh Drohi Media

    How about RSS: the lies about RSS are mind boggling.

    How about Skihs and their history: again a parade of lies…

    • Devesh Chaddha

      True !

  • Bajjar Battu

    Modi cannot stand up to Aurangzeb in tolerance. Gone are the great days of Aurangzeb and Sonia Gandhi and here we are in darker times.

  • Dr. MS

    This is so childish. I gave this to a group of Indians, who read little and know little, and they said, “I like this article madam. This is how Aurganzeb was. We will circulate this madam…because we feel this is good for India to know. Aurganzeb was a great man madam. We will pay Ms Shefali to write more such articles that speaks highly of Saib Aurgangzeb madam.”

    There is “satire”…and there is satire. This one is like a high school satire that actually helps Aurganzeb in a country where large segments of Indians read little, think little and know little history or details in history.

    Why not write about how he beheaded members of his own family? How much research has been done on Islamic kings who have murdered their own siblings, children, their own parents, their own spouses, etc? The “fratricide and familicide” within the Islamic rule is worth looking into…including in Pakistan where number of political leaders have been sent to prison and later executed.

    Become a serious journalist, and not a silly mocking “adolescent”. These articles tell me why Hindus will never become leaders globally.

  • Rohit Kaul

    Brilliant Shefali !!

  • sapna

    ha ha ha ha ha hilarious writing! very relevant to the times!

  • NK Sarma

    Please do not copy these historical incidents from works of ROmila Thapar and other eminent historians, and call them yours. Plagiarism is strictly not allowed in history writing.

  • Manoj Kedia

    Superb Satire.

  • Gupta-G

    In other words Aurangzeb was the 17th century ”Nobel Peace Prize winner”.

  • Vithal Kumar

    can you give me sources to claim your statement of Aurangzeb demolishing hindu temples and jajiya taxing only hindus?
    Lets see how fair is your history knowledge about aurangzeb., are there any circulars passed by court of Aurangzeb to demolish hindu temples?.,

    • Anfauglir

      Nice pretence at being blind, you fraud: the sources you requested–primary sources, that damn your feigned “innocence” at asking for “proof” to the “claims”–are posted right at the start of the comments on this very page. That comment is moreover dated one day before your comment containing your pathetic attempt to negate documented genocide (documented by the faithfully muslim genociders themselves. You’re not going to try to dispute them on their own word next, are you, you fraud?)

      But just so you can’t pretend that you can’t scroll up or that you don’t know what “start of the comments on this very page” means, here again is a link to that comment containing the primary sources.
      I suggest you stop your pretence at “innocence” hereafter, else you’ll just have outed yourself as a cryptomonotheist (which you probably are anyway).

  • Ravi Deva

    Shefali I am shocked you forgot to mention Emperor Aurangzeb was also a very socially and environmentally aware and responsible ruler! He not only continued the tradition, but expanded the role of building religious sanctuaries for his followers by razing prominent Hindu temples and reusing the land and debris from them to build mosques in key cities in the country. This proves Aurangzeb was a strong believer in the green movement and one it’s first large scale proponents, as well as amply demonstrating his commitment to the mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  • importingtrash

    good sarcasm Shefali. Hindus should unite and boycott advertisers in anti Hindu channels. This happened in USA, Christian groups wrote to big advertisers to end ads in TV

  • IndiannotAmused

    If any idolator heathen was still wondering about the source of “tolerance movement” in India here is a piece of “breaking news”……… straight from the Empire of Chaos.

  • Tirtha Bandyopadhyay

    Excellent …..nothing less.

  • Analyst



    Oh Arvindji save India! So much hate against Srimati Srimati 1008 Romila Thaparji, who has spent her whole life enlightening us. It is fascism I say, FASCISM. May the holy sweat of Ashutosh cleanse you all!

  • kumar

    Nicely written with satire

  • Politeindian

    Wonderful satire!

    Please forward this link to the doubting Thomases who feel any wrongdoings attributed to the muslims are figments of imagination.

    Hoping to read many more such articles from the author.


      Is the existence of Muslims your opinion stated as fact? Can you prove they exist? Links please, otherwise you are just spreading hate propaganda. I am here to learn, don’t abuse me.

  • kalivaradhan

    Excellent satire bhagini! I couldn’t control my laughter till the end. Unfortunately this is how the Brits and subsequently the so-called Left Liberal intelligentia ensconced in JNU and other places of academic power conspired to distort ancient Indian history and taught our school children with untruths. The current intolerance protests are an offshoot of their desperation born out of loss of power which they enjoyed for more than 60 years since independence. And their intolerance grows with every overseas visit of Modi and new look of his administration.

  • g kapuria

    Well written. But really, it is time to write about the secularists. They are even greater saints than Aurangzeb.

  • pb

    Too good:))

  • Abhijeet

    By your analogy of comparing historical events to current period, we should attack UK and the English people living in the country today as they colonized and were instrumental in deaths of more Hindus than Muslims ever where.

    It is good to try and attempt to be sarcastic. But when you are constructing an argument, please do not overlook the logic bit of the argument – fancy tone cannot mask the lack of logic in an argument.

  • Abhijeet

    The era of dynastic rule was not that of a democracy. A lot of things have happened in history that are wrong by today’s standards. So does that mean that we use wrongs done 250 years ago to justify what is being done now? Where is the logic in this?

    • Bhartiya Agnostic

      Smart Alec – what is being done now ? can you elaborate

      • Abhijeet

        You tell me – what is your interpretation?

        • Anfauglir

          Crypto-monotheist (aka terrorist),

          where was your indignation (and internet activism on account of it), you apologist for terrorism, when:

          Maharashtra constable stabbed to ‘avenge beef ban’, hunt on for maulana, Indian Express, 21 October 2015

          While stabbing him, an angry Malik allegedly shouted, “Tumhari government beef ban karti hai, toh yeh lo (Your government bans beef, so you suffer).”

          (Note before you go into denial: “maulana” is a reference to a type of monotheist, specifically of the muslim variety, though essentially indistinguishable from christians, so that it becomes pointless nitpicking to differentiate between them at all.)

          Where was your condemnation and moral grandstanding then, you evil apologist for selective genocide, AKA (crypto)monotheist?

          And where was your internet activism on behalf of those oppressed by religious intolerance when all the following cases happened:

          02 July 2013: Vellaiyappan was hacked to death by a group of terrorists, at around 3.00 pm.

          08 July 2013:, “Hindu Munnani leader murdered in Rameswaram”

          19 July 2013:, “V Ramesh, BJP Tamilnadu State Gen Sec MURDERED last night by Jihadi Goondas”
          (also at

          18 June 2014: Yet another Hindu Munnani leader brutally murderd in Chennai: Sri Suresh

          05 June 2014: Hindu Munnani town secretary Sri Jeevaraj (38) was found murdered in Sankarankovil, Tirunelveli, near his house

          And before you pretend to ask all “innocently” why the evil monotheists should be suspected for all this, don’t even go there:

          07/08/2014: TN police arrest 4 Al Ummah men for Hindu Munnani leader’s murder

          That’s just one state. And not at all all the “incidents”, just the ones I read about. And just in that brief period.

          In Kerala, your monotheist brothers the christians (under their oft used communist cover) have been at it too, not just the muslims. The number of muslim and christian (including communist=christian) murders of Hindu leaders and lay Hindus in Kerala is beyond count, but here’s one example of your evil monotheist kindred for once not getting away with it and their tell-tale names making it into the news:

          14/09/2014 CPM’s Spree of Violence Continues: Murder Attempt on BJP Leader in Bathery with yet another attempt to take the life of a BJP leader coming to light. In a recent incident, Lilin Kumar, a BJP leader was brutally stabbed by CPM-DYFI goons in Bathery.

          Lilin, who suffered serious injuries, has been admitted to a private hospital in Bathery. “DYFI activists Akhil Mathew, Nikhil, Basil Ambalavayal were the goons who spearheaded the attack,” testified Lilin later.

          Let me guess, you won’t question why the obvious crypto-monotheists (usually christian) of the Indian English-language “media” didn’t protest against all this, the way they shed so many tears for an “innocent” muslim murdered by “evil Hindus” protecting their sacred cow. (And the monotheists know full well that the cow is sacred to Hindus, the monotheists do it on purpose. In South Korea the christians did the opposite with the dog. Again on purpose.)

          And of course you won’t ask why the islamic and christian and “communist” (usually christian) TV personalities went and returned some hack awards for their talentless hacking in “protest” against one “innocent” muslim, yet they are careful not to let the world know about the mass-murders of these Hindus–several of them merely active against Hindu temples getting taken over by the government or by the regular monotheist encroaching on temple sites, rather than even being political leaders.

          The reason you won’t ask why, is because you’re a crypto monotheist. The former is also the proof of the latter.

          Instead you will say: “but all that happened 250 years and again 2 years ago in 2013 and 1 year ago in 2014. How can we justify what is being done now-now?”

          But the “innocent” muslim who got killed for killing a cow also happened some days back already. History is history, right? You can’t arbitrarily decide what is “now” just to suit your monotheist agenda of supporting selective genocide.

          Until you acknowledge the monotheist genocide of Hindus–which is ongoing, as seen above–and until you personally make such cases public everywhere you troll to play your fake “humanitarian” persona at (the one you pulled here), and until there is accounting for all such ongoing and calculated genocide of Hindus and an accounting for all the evil crypto-monotheist media’s & education’s silence on it, and until the genocidal memes are no more (so that heathens the world over are finally safe) it will all of it forever remain relevant. Because it is ongoing and it is all a lesson to those of us who have survived, of how you evil monotheists pretending to be against intolerance are at best apologists for selective genocide (your own genocide of others), though you more often are active facilitators of genocide if not active participants in it yourselves.

          And your comments here define you as just an apologist for monotheist violence (just like the cryptomonotheist ELM), by your deliberately keeping silent about the countless cases of monotheist murders and outright genocide and ethnic cleansing of Indians of the native identity, and by your very conscious selective haranguing about rare incidents of Hindu retaliation. (You’re not next going to pretend that Yezidis have no right to retaliate against the ISIS, right? Although if you did insist that, at least you won’t be a hypocrite.)

          Face it, you’re factually an apologist for selective genocide. So you can stop pretending to take the moral high ground already. Anyone can tell you’re the worst kind of person: someone who pretends to champion humanity and human rights and to be against intolerance, but who sneakily promotes monotheist intolerance by downplaying its genocides in the past, whitewashing and negating this in the present (by remaining silent about it or pretending you “didn’t know”–don’t even try it); all while you “champion” the “rights” of your “poor” “innocent” monotheist brothers–by trampling all over the rights of its real victims (heathens and other infidels)–as alleged proof of your [selective] “concern” and [fake] “humanity”.

          Even the ISIS is better than you are: since at least they don’t playact at being tolerant when they (like you) approve of the monotheist genocide of heathens and other unbelievers.

    • IndiannotAmused

      That’s why we have champions of secularism like you who will teach us dirty heathens what that term means.Please help us……….ever since your Chris….n British overseers left,we Indians have been rolling in the throes of ignorance and darkness.Please ask the Great White Fathers to come re-lend us the warmth of civilization which the Western Christ……n world has the sole right of access to. I promise to you ,once Jih….s and Christ……s come invade us again we dirty Heathen Kaffirs will start being tolerant .Once again…….
      p.s. your name itself has some Heathen smell to it……..why not change it to something like Aveeeee……….eeeee. I don’t know once the Anglicization increases ,the “oh so modern” section of Indian women [ EDUCATED AT CALL CENTERS AND HAVING McDs AS STAPLE FOOD ] will like you even more.These are unfortunately still a very rare breed even after the extensive enlightenment that has been tried here.Once you get a catch like that,marry her and have an army of Sickular kids and fill up this dark heathens land with sparkles of Christ…….oh sorry………Sickular light.
      Just saying………why keep such heathen trappings on your enlightened soul?
      With imperfect ,dirty Heathen love,
      A dirty Idolator.

      • Anfauglir

        Good. But next time, attack.

  • Purefree

    Don’t forget Aurangzeb was a great patron of music and the arts too.

  • raj_kumar0

    Simply Brilliant

  • sandeep

    thanks for this. This is how communist and tolerant wants to teach history to us. As if we are fools and do not know ourselves.
    i shared it with lot of friends.

  • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

    Shefali at her satirical best , as always !

  • Francis Bacon

    nice satire.


    Fascist article. Can the author proooooove any of it? Everyone knows all Muslim rulers were peaceful, it was the fascist Hindus and their temples who were constantly attacking the soldiers. On the other hand, everyone knows that Modi killed squillions of Muslims in 2002 by his own hand, this is common knowledge. If this is not true, it is up to you to prove it by giving some links. I am here to learn, don’t abuse me.

    • seasons

      Also ‘dissent’ is important, ‘debate’ please and don’t throw ink…that is ‘violence’ that should be addressed by ‘hanging’ you. Also my ‘head hangs in shame’ always !!

    • ViSa

      Equally brilliant you are. Both you and Shefali Vaidya are amazing with sattire & sarcasm
      Thanks, keep posting 😉

    • Sarvesh S

      How stupid of u Narayan. 😀 get some education…start all over again right from 1st standard.

    • Sarvesh S

      Tell us your real name and identity Narayan…you must be Mohammad/Hafeez/Nawaz/Abdul or someone with similar name.

  • Aarti


  • subodh1945

    hahaha brilliant , on auranzeb , a satirical history of most tolerant sufi saint Aurangzeb