Church In India And The Politics Of Religion

The recent incidents of ‘church attacks’, including the one in Delhi, Kolkata, and elsewhere, were politically motivated to defame India

Being born in a Catholic Christian family of Mangalore, I had to undergo all the religious dogma resulting from teachings and preachings. I was a fanatic Christian till my youthful days and hence had religiously followed Christian doctrines and had believed that Christ was the only savior. But, I developed a conflict in my mind, when I observed the lavish, non-accountable, and indifferent lifestyle of the clergy, in complete contrast to their claim of ‘living for Christ’ after dedicating the social life for a ‘higher cause’. After a deep study, I had to conclude that there is no relation between morality and religion, though it was taught to be so. Often, I found religious teachings are quite contrary to basic moral values.

So, after years of research into the religion of ‘only way to god’, I had to conclude, it was more of a political setup to garner power using Jesus Christ as a commodity, than a religion with spiritual goals. Clergy (the bishops and padre) have immense power and authority, without accountability and the laity (ordinary Christians other than clergy) have only an accountability, without any authority.  The church system is such that ‘democracy’ is a hated word there and the hierarchy is the norm, wherein the chosen one (from God) is the shepherd and all laity are sheep, and the shepherd makes the policies and the laity have to follow. The clout of the religion/clergy is so strong and powerful that one cannot think of coming out of the clutches of it in the entire lifespan. From birth till death or even after death, the dead body should be buried in the cemetery over which clergy have control.

So, in between, how long a layman can run? The naming of the child is coincided with the christening ceremony during which child is baptized and officially inducted as a member of the church. Since then he/she has to grow in faith without questioning the clergy or the faith, but being obedient to the authority of church as put forth in the hierarchy. At no stage, the laity has any right to think or express freely and instead they have to follow the dogma and the system as an obedient sheep.

More often, we hear the claim that Christians in India are being persecuted by the majority Hindus or their outfits. I have heard this, since 1977, when the Congress had lost power at the center for the first time. As a young boy, it impacted my mind and I had felt really scared to be among majority Hindus. But, later when I made a research into the events during the Janata party rule, there was no persecution in reality. But then, I thought this ‘victim of Persecution’ feeling may have been due to wrong perception, and so I tried to clarify and debate with the concerned, whenever I had an opportunity.

Somewhere in 2005, being the member of varado council of the church comprising of eight neighboring churches, I had an opportunity to debate this issue. The initiation was from the church hierarchy itself, which had issued a circular to the members to come prepared for a discussion on communal threats, and the circular had made references to several instances of supposed persecution of Christians, claimed to have happened over the previous couple of decades. The claimed incidents, included reported attacks on padre, rape of nuns and also criticism of Mother Theresa, which were supposed to have happened in the northern India, where our clergy are on a missionary work.

When I examined in detail all these claimed incidents, I found no merit suitable to be termed as ‘persecution’, but were instead isolated incidents of violence.

A strange thing happened during the debate on persecution. I questioned the very basis of the conclusions on which the persecution debate was built and sought to know more details about the incidents listed. But, to my surprise, they had none of it, but instead, they wanted me to believe them to be true, as the supposed incidents were recorded by the heads of dioceses (comprising of three revenue districts). In short, the debate was to be only about how to counter communalism, irrespective of whether it existed or not. At this juncture also, I did not draw any inference, but wanted to wait and watch the final results of the debate that would take place at the diocese level, after receiving feedback from lower levels. I was expecting them to take up the points raised by me questioning the very basis of their conclusion about persecution. But it was not to be.

All they were interested was in spreading panic among the laity about a nonexistent persecution. This confirmed my earlier doubts that all that the clergy try to do is spread fear and panic by systematic design with some ulterior motive. They want us to live in fear of the majority Hindus, so that they can carry out their hidden agenda. This perception of persecution is created due to political and other reasons and is constantly fed to the masses through Sunday preaching every week, so that the laity believe them without questioning.

The emergency that entire India stood against was of no botheration to our clergy, but the defeat of the very government, which had imposed emergency was terrifying. Soon, after the Janatha party assumed office in 1977, we Christians were sermonized by the clergy that sky has fallen down and the new government will deport all Christians in India to Europe. So we were made to bring out rallies and protests, and thus a spine chilling wave of fear and panic was sent across the community.

Though, I was a small boy that time the slogans and speeches delivered then still echo in my ears. Since then, I have been trying to find out what exactly did the government of the day did or intended to do to Christians, but to this date I haven’t got the answer. All along, I questioned many priests and lay leaders to understand the logic of those protests of 1977, but no suitable answers have I found till today. Some said, it was actually not directly against the Christians, but some moral question about a bill introduced by a private member in parliament! But this kind of panic and fear mongering continued, whenever non-Congress governments assumed the office.

During V P Singh’s government, the second biggest fear mongering propaganda took place and we were made to protest on the pretext of some rape of the nuns in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Later, protests were again held, when Mr. Devilal, the then deputy PM, supposedly made a statement to send all Christians to Europe. During 1997, a strange thing happened. We were informed through Sunday sermons that a padre in Dumka of Jharkhand (then Bihar) was attacked by a mob, stripped, paraded and handed over to the police. The police, then, arrested and locked him up under the charges of sexual abuse.

According to them, since he is a Christian padre he symbolized all Christians, so the attack on him amounted to an attack on Christianity. So, we were again called upon to protest, and we followed this religious order obediently and a huge crowd of about 80,000 people from all over the diocese (comprising of three revenue districts) gathered at Central Maidan in Mangalore and staged protest. I was curious to know the details of this case, so I tried to gather information from all the available sources. I came to know that the said padre was a principal in a school/college and was in a habit of sexually exploiting the young students for some time. One day, a student narrated this at home and the parents and the villagers, who were furious on hearing this, barged into the school campus, dragged the padre, and handed him over to the police for action under IPC for sexual assault.

After studying this incident, I wrote a letter to the bishop, who headed the protest committee and to a few other so called leaders, who arranged the protest. My logic was simple. The incident happened in a school and not in a church or a religious place. So it is improper to portray it as a religious attack. If that person was a layman instead of a padre, he would have met the same fate. Even if he was a non-Christian, he would have met the same fate. Mob attacking him was wrong, so at the most we could have highlighted this fact. But portraying him as a representative of Christianity was incorrect and grossly unfair. So, I had to question them the very sanity of their decision to make it an issue of persecution. I also questioned them, if that padre is proved guilty of sexual abuse in the court of law, what would be their reaction? Since we projected him as a symbol of Christianity, his conviction will make us all appear like a community of rapists!

This questioning of mine demolished their claim of persecution and I was assured that they would be cautious in future. As a result, such mass protests over supposed persecution at a distant place stopped for a while. But, a change of strategy was in the brewing. Thus, came September 14 of 2008, where we saw “attack on church” in our own Mangaloru. I have all the reasons and circumstantial evidences to believe that this so called church attack was orchestrated by the bishop of Mangalore himself. Since, Mangalore is a very important destination, as far as Indian Christianity is concerned, the clergy were keen to have some ‘persecution’ in the very vicinity of Mangalore.

The city is known as the Rome of the east because of its size and scale of ‘divine calling’.  A large number of bishops, padres, and nuns come from this diocese. In fact, no other diocese has produced so many bishops the world over. So, anything happens here with regard to the Christian community, becomes world news. Hence, it was essential that something happen here to Christians, to make it into a world news and show India in a poor light all across the globe. September 2008 gave this golden opportunity! Thus, in many a sense, Mangalore proved to be the trend setter for the rest of India.

Many of the recent incidents of ‘church attacks’, including the one in Delhi, Kolkata, and elsewhere, have often followed the trend set in Mangalore and were equally politically motivated to defame India, before the western world.

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Social and Political activist from Mangaluru, Karnataka
  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Taqiya works because Christians are as stupid as India’s journalists, their British/US-NATO-Sunni inspiration and other almost Gandhian PANGOLIN*s.

    Moslems successfully fooled the British to deflect reprisals for 1857 on to the Brahmins Just llke the Tent of Saud and Pakistan deflected anger over 9/11 (Twin Towers) to Iraq.

    As we see, these are usually carried out by Moslems in Saffron clothing carrying forward Islam’s agenda in congruence with such Islamic Emirates as Pakistan. Unfortunately, the truth comes out belatedly as we see in repeated examples of India’s Constitutionally Certified Congenitally Backward Police, Judiciary and Bureaucracy. For examples, Ali, responsible for the Church blasts in South Canara 16 years ago was only recently arrested long after “Saffron Terrorism” was blamed. And, like the innocent Kanchi Shankaracharya was blamed, the RSS, the Shree Rama Seva organization, the Bajrang Dal, the VHP and so one were dragged in the mud by India’s convented secularist hooligans of the TV channels and newspapers)

    Outside of the “Church”, we, the Illuminati, have always known that Paul embraced the temptations of Satan repudiated by Jesus and turned Christianity into an Empire. Constantine Charlemagne Henry and others formed Councils that cherry picked gospels suitable for the purpose and discarded the rest. This is why present day Christians cannot perform the miracles that Jesus’ original disciples could despite claiming to be following in Jesus’ foot steps. We also know that Christianity not only failed Jesus, but also failed Satan as it got corrupted by various human virtues such as mercy, compassion, and love. This is why Satan set Christianity aside, possessed Mahomet and founded Islam:

    *Note: PANGOLIN: An enemy of India who believes in inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law and persecution of some for the benefit of others. At present, the sole purpose of the Indian Republic, Constitutional or otherwise, is to pamper and provide for certain constitutionally preferred sections of society who the British found useful to hold and exploit India at the cost of those who the British hated and persecuted. The Pangolin is a creature that is unique to India and feeds on ants that are known in nature to be industrious and hard working if not quite as fruitful as bees who flee to better climes. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921 and re write History and laws to their exclusive benefit since 1947)

  • Kevin

    The church you describe sounds like a church that has left the teachings of the Bible, and not that dissimilar from the church that Martin Luther stood against at the time of the Reformation. Have you read about Luther’s experiences with the church of his day and the reforms that he brought about?

  • RealityCheck

    This alleged persecution get them money and recognition, including political patronage due to vote bank politics.

  • Hell5x5x2 .

    If Indian PROTESTANTS can PRAY Like NORMAL CATHOLIC or ANGLICAN Churchs Non of this Would happen……….Instead what they Do They GO EVEYWHERE with their LOAD SPEAKERS and SING……..

  • It is said that Vatican and World Council of Churches with the direct support of Anglo-American West plans to transform India into Christianity. In fact the Anglophonic urban Indians who seek “Convent educated fair skin bride” in their matrimonial ads are to a great extent already semi convert towards Christianity. Church owned mainstream media, missionary schools, corporate cliques, Congress and their agent politicians, along with Bollywood have culturally conditioned the Anglophonic masses to be stripped off everything indigenous and adopt everything Western meaning Christian. Then turn around and spew venom against “Hindi Imperialism”. This is another but a remarkably brilliant way of mobilizing support in favor of indiscriminate Bombing of middle east, slaughtering millions of Moslem, barbaric occupation of other countries and then scream about “Muslim Terrorism”. That Anglophonic Hindus – the ruling class of India – have already surrendered to the influence of Church can be seen – that their kids are invariably in Anglophonic Schools where they punish children for using their native language. They are taught to sing “Christian Coir”. Above all they unashamedly offer BHARAT RATNA to some one who converted millions of Hindus. There is more in store for Hindus in their own land.

  • JRK

    Wow. excellent presentation . A salute from an ex-Christian to you. I think you stated the core corruption so crisply, meaning how the priests dupe even the educated laity.

    Having survived traumas of Christianity myself, I also extend my heartfelt wishes for finding humanity in real places. I found mine in Meditation traditions from Osho, Hinduism and Buddhism. Thank you for teaching us what happens inside the church politics

  • Chitra Sharma

    Reality of christianity is : Goa Inquisition
    The Goan Inquisition: What
    Christians Really Did in India

    [Excerpt from “Crimes Against India:
    and the Need to Protect its Ancient Vedic Tradition”
    By Stephen

    It was in 1560 that the King of Portugal sent the
    first inquisitors to India after the request
    of the preacher and Hindu hater Francis Xavier (the butcher). This was
    the start of the

    compassionate and
    merciful Goan Inquisition that tortured and
    killed many thousands of Indians who merely followed the traditions of their
    culture. This was the real change in the presence of the Portuguese when, being
    intolerant in religion, they introduced the
    Inquisition with all its horrors. “Inquisition” was the
    Court established by the Catholic government for search
    of and for punishing heretics. This justification for cruelty,
    mercilessness, and corruption was called the “Holy Office”.
    It had been established in Spain in 1481
    and in Portugal in 1541. Thus, it
    was set up in Goa in 1560 through 1774, and 1778 to 1812. This was regarded as barbaric and totally
    cruel and unjust from the Indian

    The Hindus of
    Goa were shocked to see that the God of Christianity
    was more cruel than the God of Islam,
    or the dictates of Mohammad. Thus, deserting
    Goa for the lands of the
    Muslims seemed a brighter future, though they had received nothing but trouble from the Muslims.


    Mangalore to Kasargod has become laborotary for communalism,infact communal crucible for Hindus with both missionaries andWahabiss creating troubles as Wahabi equivalent militant christiantiy taken over clergy leadership. We may witness more Kairanas down south, soon.


    Minor incidents were carried out in Delhi ahead of assembly polls last year and Clergy + Newstraders concluded, Hindutwawadis were conspirators. Scared Laitys were instructed to vote for AAP enmasse, not Cong, in Sunday mass in Delhi churches. Later, truth was out none of those minor incidents were done by Hindus and no conspiracy! But no shame in the clergy to apologise to Hindu society whom they insulted earlier.

    • Chitra Sharma

      christianity thrives on hate, therefore, no question of apology.

  • Rangaesh Gadasalli

    leave aside, the things that happened in India. Priests around the world have been prosecuted for child abuse for years, rapes of nuns and suicides of pregnant nuns. Rev Pope has apologized for these crimes again and again. the churches have paid nearly 1.5 Billlion dollars in fines and thousands of churches have gone bankrupt. These are all facts. attendance in US and other countries has gone down to 30% Newly converted Asians and poor immigrants are keeping the life of church alive. No doubt Vatican is a agent for colonial powers and they want to take the whole world under the church and they would like to treat all non white as second class slaves to be ruled. in one nutshell they want the colonial efra return to all countries.unless india and other countries ban religious conversions and ban all foreign missionaries to India, things will not change. as a retaliation western nations may ban Hindu priests enter their countries. it should not be a problem as we can train local citizens as priests.Just before Delhi elections, church did stage fake attacks to target Modi and BJP. kejrival won with super majority. next time, the govt will be monitoring every move of the church.

  • Jitendra Desai

    Christians and Christianity will be fine in India only if they can desist from conversion.Can they? Two world wars, atomic bombs, crimes ,drugs and violence in Africa, Latin America and elsewhere are the issues that need to be addressed by the Vatican.Instead what we get is the ” call to convert Asia”

    • Hell5x5x2 .

      Your Blaming Everything on Christians For Which is supposed to be USA which is a SATANIC CULT…….

      The LAST TIME CHRISTIANS where FIGHTING was with HITLER….but SATAN won the WAR…..

      LOOK what USA has Done to EARTH after WORLD WAR……USA was the REASON WORLD WAR 2 HAPPENED……USA was Supplying arms and was Friendly with OSAMA 1993 and USA was with Friends with SADDAM…….When They TURNED Against USA when They Found out USA motives for OIL ……
      USA became the SAVIOUR…….

      • Jitendra Desai

        You are free to have your opinion about USA.You have not said anything about Christianity’s mandate from Vatican about religious conversions.Time for Indian Christians to stand up and be counted.Time for them to declare that no more conversions in India.

  • Shreevalsan

    Thanks to the author for telling the truth about the so-called ‘church attacks’ in India. I am sure the clergy was hand in glove with Congress party and AAP in coordinating these attacks. The traitorous media played a leading role in giving innocent Hindus a guilt complex and blackening Hindu India’s name all over the world. It is high time we bring an end to the media which has done such tremendous harm to Hindus.

  • parwatisingari

    Robert, thanks for telling our story, I grew up in udupi and if you read my blogs you will figure that i had typical Udupi upbringing where we grew up along side with D’silva. I remember the Arch Bishop of Mangalore and Pejavar swamiji telling Advani when he came down for post emergency rally not to speak in Hindi which is what he did, when he came down second time again Pejavar Sanyasi telling him don’t speak religion, which he did and finally two north Indian boys who instigated a communal cleave in KREC were given refuge in Mangalore church until they were sent back. We grow up with stories of Micheal Fernanades (Brother of George Fernandes) and Rocky Fernandes(father of Osar-anner I mean Fernandes) the very fabric of our culture is being disturbed, by politics who is playing it I have no idea.

    • Jitendra Desai

      Days of George Fernandez – the socialist may be over- This gentleman is talking of the present state.MSM is fully controlled by Christians and is anti Hindu.Consider the way “beef ban” is played up, as if it was a sacrilege! Where as sacrilege is to slaughter a cow in Hindusthan to eat her.

      • parwatisingari

        I am sorry if my rambling hurt you Mr.Desai, for me, the fact that the church is getting into this mode itself is sad, because In the district of south karnara between 65-85, we were really agnostic. like the gentleman mentioned he was a good catholic and we were good Brahmans. good Catholics and good Brahmans lived peacefully in a good neighbourhood.

        • Jitendra Desai

          That will be fine Parwatiji. I made the same point – days of 65-85 are gone. Ordinary Catholics continue to be good Catholics indeed [ same for ordinary Brahmins!] – It is the Catholic leadership that wants to undermine Hindus and Hindu way of life and thus create fissures.Hindu aggressiveness is the result of this Catholic design.Regards.


      See another true story happened in Udupi , Religion leaders are biggest threat to the humanity and these clergy take the shelter of minority and politicians for their survival doing injustice ,See my petition delivered to Vatican .

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    A very balanced and factual presentation

  • Jana krish

    Thanks sir…

  • Ananth Sethuraman

    Thank you

  • Radha Rajan

    To defame not India, Hindus.

    • JustanotherIndian

      and make India cultured by Xtianizing it.