The Edict of Thessalonica and attack on Hindu traditions

Theodosius was labeled “The Great” by Christian historians for his attack on pagan Roman and Greek traditions. That “next civilization” is India.

After Jallikattu, Sabarimala, Shani Shignapur, Kerala Temple elephant ban and Ganesh Chaturthi, Dahi Handi is the latest Hindu tradition to be attacked by an NGO-PIL system in conjunction with the able help of the Indian judiciary. This is not an accident. Rather, this is aligned with an evangelical strategy of death by a thousand cuts. While the verdict is still out on the specific actors behind Dahi Handi, it is worth understanding the historical erasure of pagan traditions and how this has been critical to a monopolistic establishment of Christianity. These attacks cannot thus be separated from evangelical interests in the Conversion War.

When the Roman Empire turned Christian: Banning the Olympics

In 380 CE, the Roman Emperor Theodosius declared Christianity to be the official state religion of the Roman Empire. His “Edict of Thessalonica,” also called the “Cunctos Populous,” declared all those who didn’t believe in the Nicene Creed to be “heretics” and subject to both “earthly and heavenly” punishment.

Everyone in the empire shall be part of the religion that believes in God as a single Deity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the Holy Trinity, as taught by St. Peter to the Romans, and now taught by Damasus of Rome and Peter of Alexandria. Only those following this rule shall be called “catholic Christians.”

Meeting places of those who follow another religion (including heretics of a Christian variety) shall not be given the status of churches, and such people may be subject to both divine and earthly retribution[i].

Theodosius also embarked on a persecution of the pagan rituals and festivals, including banning the Olympic Games that were seen to be associated with the Greek gods and seen to be “too pagan.”

This is a quote from Christianity Today:

“Under the emperor’s direction, fanatical Christians closed and later tore down ancient wonders of the world, most notably the Temple of Zeus built in Olympia and the Temple of Serapis in Alexandria…Theodosius’s successor, Theodosius II, ordered his Roman army in 426 to demolish the impressive stadium of Olympia, which could accommodate more than 40,000 spectators at its peak.[ii]


I deliberately use the Christian site “Christianity Today” for the quote above, since they later proffer apologia for this behavior of Theodosius and his successor. The games needed to be banned because they were violent and they injured Christian sensibilities by paying respect to the Greek gods.

“That feast, held on the third day of the Games, was marked by a procession—priests scooped up glowing embers from the fire of Hestia, goddess of the hearth, then carried those embers past spectators singing a hymn to Zeus.”

According to Christianity Today, the banning of pagan rituals was due to the Bishop Ambrose’s influence on Theodosius, which “fanned the flames of Theodosius’s Christian faith and conscience.” And what does this Christian faith and conscience make Theodosius do?

“And so, on February 24, 391, the emperor began issuing a series of decrees that effectively outlawed Greco-Roman paganism and all the rituals that accompanied it. First, he prohibited pagan sacrifice, including—for the first time—the state ceremonies still practiced in Rome. Then came the closing of all shrines and temples: “No person shall approach the shrines, nor walk through the temples, nor revere the images formed of mortal hands.” Next came a law forbidding apostasy from Christianity to paganism, and finally, on November 8, 392, Theodosius declared all sacrifice and divination punishable by death. That meant destroying private altars, domestic idols placed in hearth and kitchen, hanging garlands, etc.”

It is easy to map this to Hindu rituals, murtis placed in the home, garlands of flowers at the entrance, the temples and shrines and use of jyotishya (“divination”). Theodosius outlawed all this on the penalty of death, destroyed the temples, and banned the festivals and sports associated with paganism.

Xavier and after

In the 16th century, the Catholic Saint, Xavier undertook a similar exercise, when he called upon the Inquisition under Portuguese rule in Goa, which led to killing, torturing and skewering of both non-Christians, who had not submitted to the Christian faith, as well as Christians, who still continued some Hindu pagan festivals or kept murtis at home. The Inquisition killed thousands, many with brutal torture, including burning at the stake. Hundreds of Hindu temples were destroyed and many Hindu practices prohibited, including “greeting people with Namaste, wearing sandals, removing of the slippers, while entering the church, and growing of the sacred basil or Tulsi plant in front of the house.[iii]

Fast forward another few centuries. In 1894, Canada passed an amendment to the Indian act, criminalizing many native festivals including the ceremony of the potlatch.

“Every Indian or other person who engages in or assists in celebrating the Indian festival known as the “Potlatch” or in the Indian dance known as the “Tamanawas” is guilty of a misdemeanor, and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than six nor less than two months in any gaol or other place of confinement; and every Indian or persons who encourages, either directly or indirectly, an Indian or Indians to get up such a festival… shall be liable to the same punishment.[iv]

By the 19th century, even though the suppression of native festivals was due to Christian theological fixations of other religions being Satanic, it started being couched in more secular reasoning.

“The (Canadian) Federal government’s decision to interfere in potlatching was rationalized in economic terms. It was argued that potlatches were not conducive to fostering notions of “thrift” and “personal acquisitions” among Indians.

“Other reasons given for this prohibition was the “extravagance”, the “loss of time” associated with these activities.[v]

While Christian missionaries were often at the forefront of banning these festivals, secular administrators were not far behind, often using the argument of progressive values.

“Scott, Halliday and a number of others say the potlatch as a…symbol of resistance to their authority, and ‘therefore, as the great stumbling block in the way of progress.’[vi]

But, haven’t Christians changed now and acknowledge they were mistaken in the past? As I write in “Dead Peoples Tell no Tales”, Western scholarship about Native Americans starts to be more favorable only after they have been practically eliminated:

“The interesting point is when does “oops we were mistaken” scholarship emerge. It emerges when the civilizational genocide of Native Americans is complete. Christianized, confined to reservation and dis-armed the Native American poses no threat. There is no danger in extolling his civilization. In fact, praising him helps in reinforcing the self-image of the contemporary enlightened non-prejudiced liberal academic, no longer consigning the other as Satanic. Except for the next civilization that is not yet quite dead.”

For his destruction of pagan Roman and Greek traditions, Theodosius was labeled “The Great” by Christian historians. That “next civilization” is India.

Contemporary India: The Joshua Project and Project Thessalonica

Why did we go on this journey into Christian history? Whatever does this have to do with the Dahi Handi restrictions or with Jallikattu or Sabarimala entry?

We have to understand two things. Firstly, India is the biggest target of the Christian conversion war in contemporary times. It is the only non-Christian society that is open, plural and allows unhindered access to missionaries at this scale. Further, it is a key strategic and civilizational target. The Joshua Project aiming at the 10/40 window is part of the overt plan for Christianizing the world with billions of dollars of resources deployed to target India[vii]. If you think any of this is a “conspiracy theory,” I would urge you to visit the Joshua Project website first.

Lesser known, and far more secretive than the Joshua Project, is Project Thessalonica. Recall that the emperor Theodosius’ edict, aimed at destroying pagan Greek and Roman temples, rituals and festivals was called the “Edit of Thessalonica.” Modern day missionaries have the same aim but their methods are more varied. In India, in states like Nagaland, where they are in the majority, they can indeed work by edict and ban and destroy native traditions and temples (with not a peep from Indian mainstream media). In other parts that have an unconverted majority, they have to use more stealth. Let us first look at Project Thessalonica (PT).

“Project Thessalonica is a sub-project of Joshua Project II. Joshua Project II set the scope and strategy for converting the “heathen” of the world in 10-40 window (regions that lie between the latitudes of 10 and 40 degrees north) whereas project Thessalonica (called PT) prioritizes the tasks to be taken. Joshua project II strategized the methodology called ‘Adopt-a-peoples’ wherein every mission agency or church adopted a ‘people group’. Tribals were the first and easy missionary targets. Unfortunately the missionary activity didn’t weaken Hinduism as the church strategists had anticipated- many of the converts still celebrated and attended Hindu festivals and continued to follow Hindu traditions. As a counter measure Project Thessalonica was started in 2004.[viii]

Just like the “Edict of Thessalonica” attacked Greek and Roman pagan festivals and traditions, PT aims to do that in contemporary India.

“Project Thessalonica aims to stop or limit Hindu activity by converting people who form the pillars of Hindu culture, festivals, traditions and activity…

Missions want to ensure that no new temple construction activity starts. With this objective they are converting masons, craftsmen and others involved in temple construction activity. The First Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee adopted towns where the annual Kumbh Mela takes place and has been actively converting the locals so that visitors face extreme hardship during their next visit trying to find services and supplies. Another mission group is adopting boatmen of Kasi where Hindus drop rice balls in river Ganges as an offering to their forefathers. The boatsmen are being trained in other fields so that they abandon this profession.

They are making environmental groups raise the voice so that Ganesh processions, Kumbh Melas and Jagannath Rath Yatras are limited. One big worry seems to the extremely popular Hindu television programs. Christian agencies have decided on buying these prime slots at a premium and are actively working with programming sources. Over the past 20 years, missionaries also appear to have invested a lot in handling the political leadership. So much so that their activities appear to be almost immune to the ruling political party. It seems that a good section of media is also on their side to such an extent that any group opposing their activity finds itself identified as a militant or extremist group in the news media. “(Emphasis added)

A caveat here. All references to PT point to one single source, an article attributed to Alex Pomero. It is difficult to ascertain its authenticity directly. However, whether the specific reference is correct or not, we can see similar results on the ground and trace many of these backwards. We know for instance that the media cover for missionary activities is true. We also know about the steady attacks from diverse groups on Ganesh chaturthi, Kumbh Melas and the like. The intrepid Twitter user @sighbaboo had traced the attacks on the ban of the Temple Elephants in Kerala to NGOs with FCRA Christian funds. Also See- [1] [2]

The strategy to affect a Thessalonica-like killing of Hindu festivals is clear.

First, create a network of Foreign-funded NGOs, often with “progressive” names and objectives. Note that there are billions of dollars being poured into this, which can buy a lot of people in India. Communists and the Indian left have already been programmed into Hindu-hate, so they make for very easy pickings for a destroy-Hinduism project, plus the NGOs offer very lucrative options for Social Sciences graduates, so they are easy to staff up.

Then, a particular target is fixed, say Jallikatu or Sabarimala or Dahi Handi and NGOs are charged with creating “secular” objections to these, whether it is “animal rights”, or “women’s rights” or “children’s safety.”


Festivals and rituals are the glue for native traditions. Relatively abstract higher-level teachings like Advaita may appeal to the intelligentsia, but they are not what bind the common people to the Hindu traditions. Ultimately, for the masses the attachment and link is via diverse folk traditions, pilgrimages and rituals, not any centralized “theology.” Christian evangelicals have recognized this through the ages. Thus, an emphasis on destroying festivals and rituals, which are associated with “pagan religion.” Jallikatu or Sabarimala or Dahi Handi may seem specific and local to one area and remote for many Hindus. But, this diversity, which has been the strength, is now turned into a weakness because of the inability of a consolidated protest.

The NGO Attack Route

While PT has many different attack strategies, as outlined, including attacking key bearers of traditions, such as temple builders and boatsmen, the NGO-based strategy is fairly clear now.

Once an attack strategy is picked, an NGO is set to the task and it would, then, file a PIL. In the case of Dahi Handi, the NGO filed a PIL in the Mumbai High Court during the time of the Congress government in Maharashtra. The Maharashtra government itself argued in favor of the PIL. An easily persuaded Court imposed the restrictions, while the affected community was not even a party to the decision. Theodosius would be proud.

Just like in the potlatch, some native resistance continues with people celebrating despite it being illegal. But, eventually the state would win and the tradition would be killed off.

Major NGOs with very “secular” credentials and secular-sounding names are part of this circuit. For instance, Ranjana Kumar is Director of the “Center for Social Research” that does extensive work in “Women’s and Girls issues.” If you trace the funding of CSR though, you will find that over 90% of its funding is from foreign organizations. What kind of Foreign Organizations? According to research done by The Male Factor, the largest donor is the “Interchurch Cooperative (ICCO), Netherlands” giving CSR about Rs. 3.6 crores since 2006. That buys a lot of paid “activists” in India. ICCO is an explicitly Protestant Faith based organization, which is also funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other major donors include the “Hans Siedel Foundation”, a right-wing Catholic organization also believed to fund the shadowy Catholic arm, Opus Dei[ix]. (The Wikipedia entry on this also states that the Foundation financed Italian right-wing neo-fascist terror, though the corroborating link to this has mysteriously disappeared.) Note that Hans Siedel Foundation also has an India chapter, which also works on women’s issues and lists CSR as a partner organization.[x]

Why are these Christian organizations so keen to “save” Indian women, especially when Christianity itself has a horrendous track record of misogyny? Some decades ago, evangelicals identified Hindu women, who were seen as upholding the Hindu traditions, as the major obstacle to conversion. Thus, a conscious process was put in place to attack their links to the culture using the “feminism” trope, the same feminism that many of these conservative Christian organizations opposed in their own countries. Male-god Christianity, using a secular cover of feminism, could thus attack the Hindu traditions of the Divine Feminine with impunity.

CSR works extensively with women’s group and Ranjana Kumari is an active television personality on “women’s rights”, pushing for temple entry into Sabarimala and Shani Shignapur, for instance.


twitter(After I started asking @ranjanakumari to disclose the Christian links of her NGO, she blocked me on Twitter.)

In her advocacy of the so-called “right to pray,” Ranjana Kumari uses loaded Christian terminology and links it to a laundry list of “Hindu atrocities” on women bordering on hate:

It is a divine experience for a devotee between herself and the god, if she is a believer. However, women have been discriminated from entering the holy places by the religious clergy who consider themselves as the mediator between people and the god.…such extreme discriminatory practices which leads to extreme form of cruelty and suffering for women. To name a few of them, sati, defacing and dehumanising widow, dowry killings, witch hunting, female genital mutlilation, debarring women from right to property, not allowing women to perform last rites, keeping women as devadasis to serve temple authorities, child marriages, female foeticide and many more[xi]. (Emphasis added)

Does this sound like an essay of a person who is concerned about Hindu women being able to go to temples? Is it for their deep concern for Hindu women to “pray at temples’ that Christian organizations bankroll this effort? Are Christian organizations massively funding Ranjana Kumari to “improve Hinduism” (why would they?) or would they be interested in killing it? It is hard to believe that the same evangelical Christianity, which considers temple worship to be Satanic and “idol worship” to be the greatest sin are funding advocacy for Hindu women to go to temples. Clearly, the interest is not that Hindu women are able to go to the temples, but to use different pretexts to attack Hindu temple traditions that are the anchors of popular local faith. After the forced entry into Shani temple, for instance, it was reported that local villagers stopped going to the temple, since they believed it had lost its power. Whether or not we consider this “superstition,” you can be quite sure the Christian organizations have studied these different beliefs and understood the points of attack.

As in the entire history of Christian persecution of pagan festivals, the fig-leaf reasons given for the bans are absurd. Jallikattu is apparently “cruelty to animals”, never mind that unlike bull-fighting, animals are not killed, but merely wrestled with and far more cruelty happens in the killing of animals for meat which evangelicals sometimes forcefully feed beef for conversion. Jallikattu bulls are also raised with care, like family, and support an ecosystem of local breeds. There is news though that after the “Hindu” Jallikattu being banned, a Church sponsored event is starting to take its place, much like the pagan feast of Mithra was replaced by “Christmas” and passed off as the day of Jesus’ birth.

In the 1950s, an enquiry report found a Christian group responsible for the burning down of the sacred Sabarimala temple[xii]. The attack on the faith of believers using a feminist pretext is a more subtle way of accomplishing similar objectives. Similarly, the forced women’s entry into Shani Shingnapur was an orchestrated affair, causing locals to start doubting its power. These restrictions on “no children” and no more than 20 feet height, will likely kill Dahi Handi as a popular folk sport.

Currently, the Dahi Handi is a world class human pyramid formation, egged on to greater heights and challenges by competition. An Indian Govinda group holds the Guinness World record, international teams from Spain come and study them. Current heights are over 40 feet, a 20 feet height limit effectively kills the sport. Imagine, if pole vaulters in the Olympics were forced to be limited to heights of only half of what they can do. Finally, the pyramid relies on weight differential and would not compete at world records without children. I had personally observed pyramid competitions in the city of Barcelona in Spain. All of them use children, younger than even the 12-year earlier limit that the court increased to 18. [Also see this]

How to counter this?

There is the legislative path and the non-legislative path. Because of the utter apathy of the BJP government, a legislative path appears unlikely. But if so, it would reiterate the principle of religious freedom and raise the bar to curbing of native practices. It would strongly cut down funding to these NGOs and restrict the operations of foreign-funded NGOs to exclude all field-level activities. It would also control the PIL system, restricting it to the legal principle, where only one who has suffered harm may bring suit, not third parties with a mission to “civilize” others. Finally, any person or organization receiving foreign funds may not bring a PIL, just as they cannot contribute to a political party. Also ordinances can be issued overturning many of the draconian Court decisions.

The non-legislative way starts first and foremost with a massive awareness building. The attacks on the Hindu traditions are not unrelated. They form part of a systematic strategy being executed on a war footing. Unfortunately, only those attacking know that a war is even going on. If the other side doesn’t wake up from its slumber, it is unlikely to offer any resistance to this cultural genocide.




[iii] Newman, Robert S. (1999), The Struggle for a Goan Identity, in Dantas, N., The Transformation of Goa, Mapusa: Other India Press,

[iv] Pettipas, Katherine (1994), Severing the Ties That Bind: Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies, Univ. of Manitoba Press

[v] Ibid

[vi] Hawker, Ronald W. (2007), Tales of Ghosts: First Nations Art in British Columbia, 1922-61, UBC Press



[ix] CONSERVATIVE CATHOLIC INFLUENCE IN EUROPE AN INVESTIGATIVE SERIES Opus Dei: The Pope’s Right Arm in Europe by Gordon Urquhart from: Catholics for a Free Choice




Disclaimer: The facts and opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. IndiaFacts does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article.
Sankrant Sanu is an entrepreneur, author and researcher based in Seattle and Gurgaon. His essays in the book “Invading the Sacred” contested Western academic writing on Hinduism. He is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and the University of Texas and holds six technology patents. His latest book is “The English Medium Myth.” He blogs at .
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    Once they obliterated our culture and religion, then they will study us same as paleontology. 🙂 informative article.

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    India is full of Convented Secularists masquerading under Hindoo names, throwing Iftaar parties, spouting Shayries, wearing skull caps, watching Bollywood films, supporting the ethnic cleansing of Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Bangalore, Bengal, and Delhi, and speaking in Urdu written in Davanagari.

    Risk is natural to life and is inseparable from any sport. Only a Xian, a Mozzie, a Judicial Mullah or a Convented Secularist would interfere in sports considered “Hindoo”.

    There are more casualties from traffic accidents caused by a connivance of the corrupt road and foot path makers, government, licensing authorities, police and judiciary than from Dhahi Haandi, Sabarimala, Shaneeshwara, Gokulashtami, Deepavalli,Made Snana, Karthikay Deepam or Jallykattu.

    Why do you not ask the Supreme Court Kangaroos to issue a Fatwa against walking in India? Because you cherry pick statistics to find ways to curb and humiliate “Hindoos”, and taking on the biggest mass murderer in India, the State, would not serve your purpose.

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    India’s alien, uncultured, non erudite, arithmetic challenged, corrupt judiciary have banned all such ancient sports as pyramid building (Gokulashtami) or Jallykattu,

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    Every temple and every tribe in India has its own culture and religion. So long as they do not enforce their culture and practices on others endangering their lives, dignity or social harmony, they should be left undisturbed.

    It is the alien religions that have been imported from the Middle East, the Courts and Laws of India that continue to foment the low intensity Civil War that is loaded against the peace loving and the noble by virtue of India’s grotesque Constitution that need to be curbed and outlawed.

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    Judicial overreach is apparent. I wonder how it will be if a strong government should dismiss at least half the number of the incumbent Supreme Court Judges. Collegium system is one of the root causes of this judicial overreach and arrogance. The President should openly refuse to ‘concur’ with the collegium recommendations and make it clear that they would approve only such names as they think fit and not what the SC Judges think fit and admonish them for attempting a system of ‘Judges appointing Judges’ which is in vogue nowhere in the world. Actually our SC Judges were more independent, farsighted, wise and prudent when the collegium system was not there than now. Great Judges like Gajendragadkar, Vivian Bose, Patanjali Sastri, K. Subba Rao, Bhagwati, Krishna Iyer, Chinnappa Reddy, et al were, fortunately, not products of this collegium system. A secular government should shun favoritism to any and all religions and be strictly neutral. The present articles in the constitution, giving undue freedom, degenerating to license, to so-called minority religions, should be repealed and stricter provisions introduced. All religious boards whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian should have like freedoms and suffer like restrictions. Especially Wakf Board, and Christian Churches (even if they parade as international) should be brought under government regulation just as Hindu temples are suffering and undue number of mosques and churches should not be permitted to be constructed. There should be strict regulation of the funds coming for such constructions. Also proselytization of any sort should be banned and any religious conversion should be strictly voluntary, individual and on affidavit to be attested by a judicial officer and approved by a judicial magistrate. One’s conversion should not affect even his spouse unless the spouse also likewise converts and in no case affect the children, who should be taken care of by government or public authorities as de facto guardians until they grow up to maturity in case of conversions of their parents. On maturity they can decide whether to continue in the religion into which they were born and brought up in childhood until conversion of their parents or not.

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    Propagators of Islam and Christianity including their prophets might have experienced something divine but certainly it was not almighty God because God is an eternal energy from which every thing including divine beings emerged. As per the the Hindu darshan( including all sects ) God is neutral, omniscient, neither punishing nor rewarding in the sense that we reap fruits of our action.This universal truth goes against the basic belief of Abrahmic religions where God has been visualised as merciful, forgiving, rewarding on some occasion and vengeful on other occasions. These are the typical characteristics of gods and goddesses as explained in Hindu traditions. Therefore the missionaries of abrahmic religions must understand that for centuries they have been following a particular god, not the almighty God. Therefore instead of educating us about our so called darkness, pagan traditions, giving sermons on God by holding their holy books in their hands, they should come out of their dark cloaks and see the reality. There will be no aakhirat(end time) nor will there be a day of judgement. For us, each end marks a new begining, each day is the day of judgement and judgement is nothing but fruit of our action. Hindus shall continue on their evolutionary path, let these missionaries enjoy in the fool’s paradise, some of them are even entitled to have 72 virgin whores. How they can have sensuous pleasures without a body, only their god can explain.

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    Summis desiderantes affectibus (1484) was a papal bull which banned “pagan” (pre-Abrahamic religious) practices in order to establish the Christian faith in Germany. This signalled the approval of the dreaded Inquisition that terrorised the non-Chrisian world for several centuries. The new NGOs operating in India seems to be fragmented versions of the Inquisition, still seemingly occupying the position of judges, trying to estalish the Christian world order! One of the consequences of this papal bull by Pope Innocent VIII was the prohibition of marjuana (cannabis) and the acceptance of alcohol for a valid sacrament for the Christian church service.

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    As a premonition of doom, John Dayal, Kancha Iliaha and Vivek Kumar may replace Nehru, Gandhi and Ambedkar as India’s Pravara.

  • Radha Rajan

    Let me address as many issues in this mail as I can. “Who are you”, “Blue Cross of India and HSI must be investigated for foreign funds” are double-edged weapons. people launching these weapons must not whimper and cry when I use the same against them. First, jallikattu. The TN govt cited tourism as one of its justifications for jallikattu. So, jallikattu is not merely culture, it is commercialization, urbanization and crass moolah-raking industry. Jallikattu is not a one-day affair as some propagandists make it out to be. Because jallikattu bulls are not just powned by poor farmers living in an idyllic village of two hundred years ago. There is huge corporate ownership of the dairy industry which uses bulls to make money on the side through gambling, betting on bulls which are sent o jallikattu. jallikatytu because of its moolah-raking potential is now conducted by churches mosques for their festivals too. And these bulls are sent out across cities in TN for seven to eight months for different temple, church and mosque festivals. So not a one day affair. Stud bulls are not owned by just poor farmers as i said, they are owned by money bags – dairy industry and granite industry being two such monied corporates. As Hindu nationalist and animal activist i kept both worlds apart; but they converged when my attention turned to TN governemtn administered goshalas and the deaths of several thousands of cows – male female and calves in these so-called goshalas which included integrated cattle shelters where the TN sent all cows, bulls and calves which were entering our temples as godaanam. It is a huge scandal which cannot be discussed here. But the government and the temple authorities were not spending the money which they were taking out of our temples on keeping our cows and goshalas well. Death, neglect, disease were rampant. The chief justice of the madras high court expanded our mandate and asked us to inspect the conditions of temple elephants too. That was worse. An elephant is a resource intensive animal in every way. It is a forest animal, a Schedule 1 wildlife animal protected by the wildlife protection act. In the last five years alone several temple elephants have died only and only because temples and mathams have been unwilling to spend the kind of money that is required to keep an elephant and they failed to provide timely medical treatment when elephants fell ill with varied diseases and illnesses. Koodalazhagar temple, Rameswaram temple, Tiruchendur temple, Valasubramanina temple, Thirukadaiyur temple, Thanjavur periakovil, and many many more, failed to provide for elephants as mandated by the captive elephant management guidelines and rules of 2011. This law came into being after the horrific abuse of the samayapuram temple elephant Mariappan at the hands of his mahouts. Hindus who talk big about culture, please undertake regular visits to temples and mathams and see for yourselves the state of our goshalas, including traditional mathams and adeenams. I wish I could share pictures which I took to place before the court. Bhaktas must first ensure that our cows are kept well, in hygienic and sparkling surroundings. Goshalas must dieally be like a sannidhi in the temple. Elephants cannot be kept in small 15×10 concrete sheds. They suffer from foot rot which killed elephant Madhuravalli and elephant Ammu. Elephants need the company ofn their own too. Do not condemn them to a life of lonliness, in chains inside concrete sheds. If temples and mathams want elephants they must be willing to spend the resources needed to keep elephants. Keep two elephants, employ compassionate trained mahouts not any lout who thinks elephanst are a means to his and his family’s livelihood like goats and cows. Training an elephant to perform puja is as unnatural as teaching a chimpanzee to ride a cycle. Both demand a kind of training which eventually breaks the spirit of the animal because the animal has to be “obedient”. The world of animals is not a one phrase “culture and tradition” thing. It is a whole new world. Dogs, cows, bulls or elephants unless we have the resouces to keep them, and the compassion to keep them well, as they deserve and in as natural an environment as possible even in captivity, I suggest all culture and tradition apologists to accept responsibility for Hindu culture and tradition in its titality. Go to your temples, all tempels, go to mathams and adeenams, see for yourselves and work to improve the conditions of temple animals. Until you do that, spare me the lectures.

    • Radha Rajan

      A very important point to all you culture/tradition propagandists. Pujya Jeeyar Swamigal of Sree Ahobila Matham and Pujya Pejswara Swamiji of Udupi Msthsm surrendered their elephants around a year ago. The sanctity and the rituals of these msthams is intact and have not lessened just because they surrendered their elephants because they could not maintain them anymore. Ditto with the Sree Pazhavangady Temple on Kerala whose Chief Priest said he wanted the elephant to henceforth live achsin free life in a elephant care facility. That is Hindu Dharma. That is culture.

      • Radha Rajan

        Read that as chain free life.

        • gk

          You don’t get to impose your notions of Hinduism on the rest of us. Using state’s power to impose your convictions on others is ‘Christianity’ not Dharma. Even by your absurd logic, killing of animals, Dairy industry, Bullock carts, ploughing are greater acts of cruelty than Jallikattu which lasts few minutes. You are acting as a tool for cultural genocide. Can vegans ban dairy industry and prevent people like you from consuming milk ? When are you going to ban bullock carts and ploughing oxen. Because of secular christian education, you have been brainwashed into believing that destroying others culture is a sure way of progress.

          • Radha Rajan

            Sure but imposition is a two way street. You don’t get to impose your culture on bulls and elephants either. There is no reaction without the first action. Savvy?

          • gk

            What imposition, are you criminalising entire pre-industrial life of Bharat ? Oxen are regularly castrated, horses, bullocks are regularly beaten. Wasn’t Krishna abusing horses when he was the charioteer in the Mahabharata ? Aren’t the Hindu gods promoting abuse of animals when they are riding on them ? So I think Hindusim is inherently anti-animal by your standards of logic. So you should also campaign against using animals in the pictures/stories of Gods/Godessess. Animals must be liberated from Hindu psyche which has been historically conspiring to abuse animals through Dharma. LOL. I shudder at the extent of mental colonization of our people.

          • Cybil Peril

            Here here, v come ready wid shots from d sanctum sanctorum of Vatican like high rise towers. Hinduism has been preaching n practicing non violence since millennia but it has been misconstrued as weakness by few. De all hv their vested interests in such gimmickry.

          • PV

            Imposition of culture?? 😃😃😃

          • Hai gk I am born in a Seventh Generation Christian Pastoral family— say 150 ++++ years of Christian heritage in our families — this is just for introducing my self only — I studied in Christian Schools and Government Polytechnic — at any of these education institutions — no one taught us of secular education insulting hindu traditions — why you are more against Christian values — have a merry time Criticizing Christian love for the next THREE YEARS — and sleep the rest FIVE YEARS in the coming CONGRESS RULE from YEAR 2019

          • gk

            Well, Christian values have done enough around the world and in India to warrant criticism. Millions of people have been murdered, looted. It is responsible for the cultural genocide in all continents. So Chritianity does not have any significant value and is just a cult of fear and shame invented in Rome. Your earning for ‘CONGRESS RULE’ and dislike for the ‘NEXT THREE’ years shows what kind of values you have. Just because you cannot stand Hindu sympathetic/Nationalist government, You want the dynasty that destroyed this country for seven decades to come back in 2019 under Rahul Gandhi. This shows you are person who seeks destruction of his own culture because some middle eastern text says that only those who follow Jesus are right. This very belief makes you a fundamentalist.
            You say you are seventh generation christian, what were your ancestors before for hundreds of generations ? A promise of heaven makes you abandon your ancestors and makes you call them ignorant and worshippers of the devil. Who is the fundamentalist here ? What happens to your non-christian ancestors when you go to heaven ? Are they going to suffer because most of them died before Jesus christ was born and the rest died without hearing/converting into chritianity ?

            In Bharatha desa, Bhagiratha did severe penance to bring Ganga to cleanse the sins of his ancestors he never saw. Yudhistra refused to ascend to heaven unless Indra also took his loyal dog into heaven too. Such is the greatness of the cultural values of Bharat. Now look in the mirror to know what fear and selfishness can accomplish.

        • PV

          If it is a matter of rules and regulations, formulate new ones, and see to their implementation and sane treatment. Your essay supports the notion that if you were injured by a thorn you would prefer stabbing in your heart. Or, do you need to go for a lobotomy? LOL.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      I can never overemphasize the fact you alone have collated all facts about this macabre jallikkattu & have written with clarity , conviction & passion.

      YET , what is highly disturbing is the fact majority of hindus ( particularly of Tamil Nadu) are blindly supporting this cruelty. Including tamilian diaspora in America. And so called chess champion vishy anand sitting in Spain . Such ill informed fanatics’ tweets is getting avidly lapped up by people like S.Gurumurthy of RSS. This is the most unkindest cut of all for me.

      As he claims Kaanchi MaHaPeriyavar is his mentor. Nowhere does our MaHaPeriyava(r) , our Ramana Bhagavan endorse any kind of cruelty on animals , birds & insects.

      Ever since I came to know of his support I do not want to call him by his full name. vishy is just the right name for heartless people like vishy anand.

      Not only jallikkattu. In almost every subject you talk about I cannot but agree with you. Cannot but marvel at your thorough grasp of the subject. And your excellent communication skills in English.

      Such a RARE combination is only owing to MaHaPeriyava’s GRACE.

      Thanks to MaHaPeriyava I came across you.

  • BB

    Well, this article may has several truths. Proselytization as a strategy to suppress Dharmic religions is a well know fact that is experience by most Hindus. However, I do see some problems in seeing conspiracy all over the place. If number of Shabarimala visitors is expanded to include women too, how does it help the christians ? Frankly, If certain festival like Jattikallu is banned then it is good for Hinduism. There are many more festivals in India bonding its people and it would be impossible for any one to erase all these festivals. Hindus love festivals and there will also be more and not less.

    • prashants5 .

      >> If number of Shabarimala visitors is expanded to include women too, how does it help the christians ?

      Hinduism aka sanatan dharma is not about one god and only god tradition. That is why the term “Hinduism” is itself reflect many times a diluted and narrowed meaning of our great dharmik tradition. It is basically a colonial construct. No scripture mentions this word “Hindu”. Not all the temples are same, nor temple is a just a place of prayer. Neither a Temple is same as Mosque or Church. And neither all the manifestation of “Brahman” the supreme divinity are same in terms of significance and meaning. We are also not a centralized managed culture or tradition like any Non-Dharmik religion such as Abrahmic. Every temple has it’s own custom and rituals based on whether it is Agamic, Tantric or Non-Tantric kind of Temple. Also it is deity dependent. We have a huge diversity and traditions that varies places to places and temple to temple.

      It helps Christians in the way that they impose “Equality” and “centralized” in everything. That means all the deities are same and all the temples are same etc. In other words, diluting and denigrating the philosophy and values of Hinduism and it’s native traditions.Which is a dangerous strategy to break the backbone of Hinduism.

      We have a tradition of “Being Different” and much de-centralized in nature. We must respect and protect that uniqueness that is present in every “Being Different” ( Different doesn’t mean better or bad) entity of our philosophy. And to do that, we must first stop looking everything using western prism.

      Read “Being Different” by Rajiv Malhotra and also study about the nature and kinds of temples, deity in Hinduism to have more understanding.

      >> Frankly, If certain festival like Jattikallu is banned then it is good for Hinduism.

      Again you are trying to see everything from a Centralized view. Hinduism is not a centralized dharmik tradition. A certain community doing something as their tradition, are the only one who can change something collectively. They are very much tuned with nature than the uprooted urbanites who are dreaming for an utopian society with their “equality” myths in everything. Others have no business unless it is harming them or other soceity or destroying the nature.

      • Rama

        Well said

  • TheCommunal

    Can someone put a list of active Hindu organization in India.

  • Seel

    Modi won the Hindu votes and did nothing for Hindus. How can Hindus survive if the one in charge don’t care?

    • TheCommunal

      Hinduism will survive and regain its glory, Bjp will not survive 2019.

  • TheCommunal

    very informative, buy why we always think of defending ? we have to come up with attack, let them defend and we buy time till we replace Bjp with a true Hindu party.

  • darkangel

    Hindus are them self making a mockery of their own religion. They have no foot to stand on and point fingers at others. Hinduism is corrupt !!!

  • Surya Arunthavanathan

    Excellent article, Sankrant. Thank you. Please keep up the good work. These animal rights jihadists go beserk at the expense of millennia-old Hindu tradition as recorded in no less than the Mahabharata. They have no right to speak for Hinduism nor destroy centuries old martial practices that characterized our civilization. This is indeed the evangelical strategy of death by a hundred cuts. Hindu activism has been infiltrated by these animal rights fundamentalists. Your call for greater mass awareness is indeed part of the solution.

    • Radha Rajan

      Typical Hindu male Jallikattu deculturised fanatics. Culture my hind foot. If this culture s not rooted in Dharma, it s aasuric culturefor sure. And how can knowing, wilful animal abuse and infliction of pson be dharmic? The three things all living beings have in common is hunger, thirst and fear of death. Challenge these Jallikattu supporters on their turf without being intimidated, they descend to personalised insults and slander. They don’t have one convincing argument. Sorry, but no sorry. Jallikattu is abusive and trauma for the bulls and fireworks and high decibel drums, life of loneliness, in a shed, with only abusive mahouts around them is not Hindu culture. No matter how convoluted or insulting your arguments.

      • adolf

        even milk involves lot of abuse to animal, farming involves lot of killing of earthworms
        dharma for a sadhu is different from dharma of warrior
        you don’t have sufficient knowledge to challenge

        • Lalita


        • Radha Rajan

          Exactly. So let us not perpetrate more and more cruelty against animals in the name of human sport, human entertainment, human taste buds, human culture. To the extent possible we should avoid exploitation and to the extent possible avoid inflicting pain.

          • Sadanand Bhat

            Why are you silent on the animal cruelty in bakrid ? Have you visited the abatoirs and seen how inhumanely they are killed? Don’t sit in your ivory tower and spit on hindus any coward can do it as they don’t hit back. IF you are passionate raise the issue of sacrifice on bakrid (like Irfan Khan did and openly argued for it) or other animal sacrifices – go and support the meat ban for 4 days in bombay and fight the sivasena else don’t show cowardice by trolling with your fake animal sympathies.

          • Radha Rajan

            Tsk tsk tsk, hyperventilating Hindus with little knowledge about anything and even less knowledge about animals. Madras High Court had banned camel slaughter during Bakrid. Last year 180 camels were slaughtered, 30 in Chennai alone. The rate at which camels are slaughtered is not the same at which they reproduce. How and why do you think the ban happened? But as I said, Hindus who do not care to protect temple cows, temple bulls, temple calvs and temple elephants cannot be expected to protect camels.

          • Radha Rajan

            Camel slaughter during Bakrid was banned on August 22nd.

          • Sadanand Bhat

            You must be thick or playing dumb – when article has given elaborate details how missionaries have destroyed native culture & festivals rest of the world and how it is unfolding in India, you are harping on temple animal cruelty? You are still Radha because of the sacrifices of the other hindus who fought like marattas and vijaynagar kings etc else you would have been wearing a jute bag and breeding like rats, or soul harvested if the thomases got to you. Did you read about what the moplahs did to hindu women, none of your animalist friends or gandhis came to rescue . It is easy to give sermons sitting in safety provided by others. Pull your head out and see what is happening to hindus in next door karachi or Bdesh else you will be the bakrid goat (Your madras court hasn’t banned goats yet!)
            You seem to be an authority on temple cruelty on animals!! Gau shalas are being run for old cows & bulls which
            have not become economical for the owners . So many temples which respect and treat the cows more respectfully
            than humans. If you are so passionate run a gaushala (like my uncle in manglore) and do positive work , don’t be a troll.

          • Radha Rajan

            Oh dear when men lose an argument and the ground under their feet begins to shake Sadanand they do a Rumpelstiltskin. Not one here will go to temples to endure the cows and bulls ate krpt well, not one will undertake a padayatra to villages to bring bulls back to agriculture. This culture which demands hard snd sustained work, you men won’t do. You refuse to accept the serious responsibility but want a moronic sport like Jallikattu where you just have to sit back and delivery ght in the trauma of animals. Missionaries step into the space Hindus refuse to occupy. Do don’t whine, bluster and grind your teeth St me. Starting today start with protecting temple animals. That way you won’t need the fig leaf of Jallikattu for any silly argument which men and men pretending to be women have been touting here. As I said you are the kind of person I avoid like the plague. I have made myself abundantly clear. If after this you want to spit at the sun, feel free. There is no law against spitting at the sun.

          • Sadanand Bhat

            Now argument shifts to men! There is no ground shaking under my feet but the deaf and dumb ness in your pig headed argument looking at this in a myopic view of animal crueltyshocks me. It doesn’t enter your thick skull that the animal cruelty argument in hindu functions / tmeples is another front in this multi faceted attack like womens equality, caste opression, unhygenic customs in melas etc is to tear away the hindu values and demean it. Seems you don’t want to see the big picture or choose not to. Yes no law against spitting at the sun or Pissing against the wind (unitl your ilk appeal in the courts) you can keep trying both of them.

          • Radha Rajan


          • adolf

            if we stop rearing cows – i dont think bovine species which were domesticated for thousands of years survive in wild
            not all will be as considerate as you
            we have to draw a line some where between animals reared in closed space in factory settings and presented in retail stores…jain munis use of nose and mouth mask

            and i think hindus of past (when meat is consumed only on few days of year) did a fine balance.

      • TheCommunal

        you call this argument, come up with some arguments. Why hide behind Supreme Court, which is sold to $$$ FCRA. If you want to ban it, ask your amma sonia to bring bill in parliament. Let me tell you that CJI Thakur father with a congressman.

    • Lalita

      I agree with Sankrantji and with Suryaji who both speak for the majority of Hindus. We can not allow Hindu festivals to be killed this way. Please disregard those who are insulting and abusive in their comments.

      • Radha Rajan

        Majority of Hindus? How did you arrive at that? Commentators in an article hardly constitute any kind of majority, leave alone majority of Hindus. When men lose compassion it is bad enough but when women parrot the same jargon, it is tragic and bodes illfor the future of unique Hindu worldview. Paritranaya sadhunam is the highest ahimsa. But ppl raised on Gandhi’s bogus ahimsa won’t know that.

        • Lalita

          have a poll in your native state of tamil nadu! the same applies in my state of kerala. you drop jargon such as paritranaya sadhunam – what about janamejaya’s snake sacrifice described in our itihasas? I am not going to waste time arguing with convoluted fanatics such as you. pity you are back! you are an insult with your personalized abuse. go meditate and calm down somewhere. I am not going to debate with bogus Hindus like you.

          • Radha Rajan

            As I said, Jallikattu supporters have no reasoned or convincing arguments to justify tormenting bulls except untenable ‘culture’ argument. Janamejaya’s snake sacrifice? Seriously? You don’t want to debate with me? Of course you don’t if snake sacrifice is all you have. Dig a little more and I am sure you can find child sacrifice, human sacrifice, horse sacrifice too ‘Lalitha’.

          • chit

            You still haven’t answered Apurva Gupta’s objection, and are cleverly dodging it: “May i know how many times you have raised your voice against killing of birds on thanksgiving and killing of thousands of goats on bakrid? And are you a vegan who does not even consumes milk. If not, than i suppose you have other larger animal rights issues to be fought instead of jallikattu.

          • Radha Rajan

            And as for ‘pity you are back’, remember ‘yada yadahi dharmasya, glanirva bhavathi Bharata’? I am always around. I choose to manifest myself when I see adharma in the form of animal abuse wearing culture for fig leaf.

          • Lalita

            good grief. this woman now thinks she is Krishna who declared “yada yada hi dharmasyaglanir bhavati bharata abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srjamy aham” in chapter 4 of the Bhagavad Gita. talk of her delusion.

            this woman was behind the ban on jallikattu and now wants to ban temple elephants. as a keralite, I know that this is a church agenda to destroy Hindu traditions and customs.

            this woman hides behind the gandhian fig leaf of ahimsa to conceal a blind hatred and anger. her insulting rant and abuse is noteworthy. the law of karma will catch up with her. and she has the audacity to talk about dharma.

            India Facts should expose private animal welfare organizations in India such as Human Society International (HSI – an American sounding name), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA – whose CEO is an American citizen) and Blue Cross of India (nomenclature of the “cross” – Christian inspired) and PFI. it should also expose statutory bodies constituted by an act of parliament like AWBI.

          • Radha Rajan

            Bhagwan Ramakrishna’s teachings are compiled in a book titlerd the “Gospel of Sree Ramakrishna”. So will you investigate to find out if Bhagwan Ramakrishna was a Christian. Blue Cross of India was founded more than fifty years ago by Captain Sundaram, Sardar Patel’s personal pilot who flew Patel across the country when Patel was integrating our princely states into the Indian Union. So internet Hindus who spew venom must first study, inform themselves and then talk. Blue Cross for animals was intended to be as humanitarian as Red Cross as people thought fifty, forty and even thirty years ago. Dont go by old names and words which in those times did not carry the baggage they carry now. See the work they do and you will be ashamed for the words you use to defame them.

          • Apurva Gupta

            May i know how many times you have raised your voice against killing of birds on thanksgiving and killing of thousands of goats on bakrid? And are you a vegan who does not even consumes milk. If not, than i suppose you have other larger animal rights issues to be fought instead of jallikattu.

        • prashants5 .

          >> Paritranaya sadhunam is the highest ahimsa.

          That’s true. However to achieve , “Paritranaya sadhunam”….we have to carry “Vinashayacha dushkRtam”. That is the kshatriya dharma. Dharma restore itself when adharma crosses its limits. It wipes out all the onlookers like you, exactly like a mighty river wipes out its bank. This is what happened in Mahabharat. All the onlookers to adharma ALSO got wiped out. So stop redefining ahimsa from a cowardice or asuric point of view.

          • Radha Rajan

            That’s why I refuse to be a mere onlooker when you torment animals. I speak for the voiceless animals amidst the cacophony of abusers who make a pretence of culture. And cowards are they who do not have the mettle to face off against humans but whose machismo chooses poor animals who did not choose the battle. The bulls and other animals who you abuse do not want to be a part of your world.

          • prashants5 .

            Who are you to do so? You or the court simply have no business to impose their thoughts on the natives who are carrying this as their tradition or culture for centuries, unless it is creating something really havoc to you or other society and/or environment or nature. Traditionally uprooted and colonized to the core, people should not intrude in their privacy.

          • PV

            Sure. Lets see you start with abolition of chicken, goat, beef, and any other meat industry. Do you want to put up a tent in front of poultry farms, pork factories or beef abattoirs? Or, would you champion it in front of those restaurants where your friends are going to have their chicken vindaloo? Again, if the animals in these temple festivals and rituals are ill-treated day and night, then and only then your agony has an ounce of merit. But, with all the gazillion animals that are slaughtered everyday to become food on plate, your cacophony is nothing but noise. You belong to the league of loony hypocrites. By the way, which voiceless animal did you save today by commenting on here? Huh?

        • PV

          What is your problem again? 😱😱😏

    • Vashishti

      ‘Hindu activism has been infiltrated by these animal rights fundamentalists’. Very correct Sir.

  • Radha Rajan

    And as for Jallikattu bulls being raised like family, what kind of family gives it’s child the option Jallikattu or slaughter? And while Jallikattu bulls may have doubled as stud bulls fifty years ago, there are less painful, abusive and scientific methods to preserve and propagate native breeds in cattle. That’s neither a convincing or compassionate argument. At least not to those who not only know but also care.

    • adolf

      we have already lost many variety of local breeds – your scientific methods dont work in economic sense

      • adolf

        yes animals face lot of abuse , yes hindus are loosing their heart(i saw temple processions going record dance way and lot bad) , but to limit one sort of abuse and not limit other sort(halal slaughter) will do no good to animals in the end

        if one animal is collateral for survival of a breed i am more than happy to support such cause

        • Radha Rajan

          I totally agree. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act which came into being in 1964 excludes from its purview animals we slaughter for food, including halal, animals we use in research labs for testing medicines, vaccines, chemicals, cosmetics. Some laws are in place, some laws need to be made. My fear is the PCA Act will now be amended to exclude jallikattu, kambala, rekla bulls from the “cruelty” list. If Modi’s government does that then circus owners will want lions, tigers, panthers, monkeys and chimpanzees back in circuses. If we open the door to more and more exceptions, then the PCA Act will become meaningless. That is my real fear.

          • adolf

            we can reason on greater good argument

            if allowing one event which cause some misery to one animal allows a whole breed to live we can allow that event

            circus owners are not breeding and maintaining lions – they just exploit them so their cause fails the greater good argument

      • Radha Rajan

        Then improve your research, your science. Invest in R&D.

        • adolf

          you are asking a state which cannot gets its basic education in shape to organize one more event

    • Rama

      Radha Ji, I was a supporter of your views on Jallikattu in the past. But, over a period of time I realized that I am playing the game and rules set by the Christian clergy. Yes, I understand animal cruelty. I am a member of “Animals Australia” and support a lot of it’s agenda ( example; Banning Grey hound racing, Free range instead of caged chicken, live animal export, etc, all big issues in predominantly meat eating country) In the short term, animals will suffer but Hinduism will survive. By fighting for animals, a myopic view if I may say so, you might win the battle but you will lose the war. We cannot let the Christian clergy destroy Sanatana Dharma at ANY COST, animals included. Period.Animal are collateral damage in the SHORT TERM. BJP is not going to do the fighting for Hindus. Our Achariyars are in a dreamy, cuckoo world, oblivious to the harm created by the Asuric Abrahamic forces.Let us get back control of our customs and culture and our temples and then we will sort it out by OURSELVES. Otherwise there will not be any Hinduism left to save.
      Kudos to the author for a fantastic article. Can I post it on FB?

      • Radha Rajan

        Thank you. That s why I said Hindus whobprste about culture and tradition must go back to their temples and mathams and do everything to make sure temple animals are well cared for. Elephants should be kept only in those temples which can set aside minimum give acres of land for elephants. Their goshslas must be exemplary. So long as Hindus don’t accept responsibility for their customs they should not whine when outsiders attack them. Outdidersdo whst they do for a living – attack s thru our customs. But what s stopping Hindu bhaktas from performing their dharmic duty? Let them protect the cows and bulls in temples. We don’t need Jallikattu. And let them walk from village to village to restore bulls into agriculture. You don’t need Jallikattu. Instead of doing the meaningful things rheycwsnt to jump on and wrestle a terrified animal in the name of culture. Bullshit. Pun intended.

        • Rama

          Sorry Radha Ji. At this stage the agenda of every Hindu should be saving of Sanatana Dharma at whatever cost. This means ALLOWING JALLIKATTU AND ALLOWING ELEPJHANTS TO STAY IN THE TEMPLES. Once Hindus are in control , we will do what you want to do now. Until then we should stop squabbling over issues that can be sorted out in future. The enemy is at the gates and is real. Let’s not get distracted. With single mindedness, we should destroy the proselytising Christian menace once and for all.

          • Radha Rajan

            I am sorry too that Hindus have relegated temple animals to done point in distant future. A grand theft objective is realised hrogh many small steps.i have to setysrlf and my house on order which means as religious Hindu and Hindu nationalist iwillnot ignore or bypass wilfull cruelty against animals and their horrendous abuse. In the end we all have to choose our battles and our weapons. As Aurobindo observed it is the nature of the pressure that determines the force of our response.

          • Radha Rajan

            Sorry, a grand objective is often achieved through series of small steps.

  • Radha Rajan

    I wish the author with his penetrative reasoning had not mixd animal abuse into the Christian agenda to influence and eventually destroy Hindu customs and traditions. I also hope readersfobtmske the motivated mistake of thinking I am funded by foreign Finders when I speak of animal abuse and about how Hindus are losing compassion and ignoring a fundamental Hindu (no other religion has this) dharmic exhortation f jeev kasrinya or jeevdaya. Men who jump on hapless bulls may think it is culture and tradition but the terrified bulls with fear of death driving them crazy have no consciousness of culture or tradition.Ditto with elephants.whst we are doing to captive elephants in the name of religion in s despicable. It is a forest animal with a highly developed sense of family and family relationships. Dahi handi Shani shingnapur and Sabarimalai – I am with you all the way. But on the issue of bulls and elephants, I have to differ and differ very strongly. I say this after 23 years of eorking with animals on the ground. Not just advocacy but hunger, thirst, broken spinal cords, mutilated, burnt, head split open, eye popping snake not dead but with life still in its abused body, I have seen all kinds of abuse. But what Hindus do to cows, male progeny of cow, to elephants, to snakes, is heartbreaking day after day after day. Hindus must look within to examine how compassionate and respectful are they in their relationship with animals, birds, reptils and insects. We will be unpleasantly surprised.

    • TheCommunal

      Author has proved beyond doubt that its ChristianConversion gang behind this move. Can you prove otherwise. LOL.

  • Partha Sadhukhan

    The Male Factor research on most of the militant feminist NGO funding shows involvement of Christian Missionaries. Here is a link for those who want to read –

  • Ananth Sethuraman

    Ranjana Kumari wrote

    the religious clergy who consider themselves as the mediator between people and the god

    She is reading Catholic theology into Hinduism!

    Western Indologists thought that Catholic priests conduct weddings, brahmin vaidikas conduct Hindu weddings, therefore Catholic priests = brahmin vaidikas. Therefore brahmin vaidikas carry out all functions of Catholic priests, including mediating between the public and god.

    Western Indologists thought in this way, because they failed to learn gyana marga. From 1840 Western Indologists have had the keys to Indian education, with the result that even a Hindu like Ranjana Kumari reads Catholic theology into Hinduism.

    Thank you for this article. Thanks to sighaboo as well.

    • Shyam

      Where is sighaboo these day? He disappeared from Twitter. Any idea what is he doing?

    • Lalita

      Ananth, you are spot on.