Dear American Lawmakers

You see ladies and gentlemen, we made a law legalizing abortion and giving the unconditional right to the woman in 70s.

Dear American Lawmakers,

As a constitution abiding Indian citizen I was quiet delighted to find that you chose to write a letter to my country’s PM Mr. Narendra Modi and voiced your concerns about the status of minorities in India. I think it is vital that as world’s most vibrant democracies, India and USA ought to have such exchanges and criticisms periodically.

Your letter ends with a statement that you will wait for the PM’s response. Since he is working 18 hours a day solving real problems facing my nation, allow me to answer on his behalf.

The first thing I noticed while going through the list of signatories who signed the letter what struck me is the almost equal participation of lawmakers from Republican (18) and Democrats (16) in the 34 signatories. This piece of bipartisan statesmanship is highly unusual in a democracy with a history of complete absence of bipartisanship on most governance issues. From letting your government shut down for 16 days in 2013 to locking horns over President Obama nominating SC Justice to fill the seat vacant after Justice Scalia’s death, the history of USA democracy is the one full of grandstanding and open hostilities. The only area where both parties have kept their differences aside to join hands, invariably has been international diplomacy’ especially the hostile kind. We all remember how your parties joined hands to vote for America to go to war against Iraq in 2003 over the 9/11, an attack carried out by Saudi hijackers and one that Iraq played no part in. Considering your country’s history of active interventions in countries with publicly elected governments, you will excuse us for taking this letter as an act of micro aggression.

Coming to the content of the letter now. A point by point rebuttal of the many allegations is not the intention of this letter since I feel you are way out of your jurisdiction on this one. However, when we take the issues you have raised through your missive and juxtapose it to your own stands in your country’s politics, several interesting contradictions come forth.

Your letter makes a mention of the beef ban enacted by the government in several parts of the country (just to show how poorly researched your letter is, let the records reflect that beef ban is a state subject in India and no state made a new law to ban beef in the year 2014 or 15 since Modi came to power. The oldest act banning beef came in existence in 1950 and offhand I don’t remember President Eisenhower’s lawmakers writing to Pandit Nehru about it). Curiously I found among the 34 lawmakers signing this letter as many as 11 have voted in the past to ban stem cell research or embryonic cell research. The opposition to this research is purely on religious grounds. Opponents of stem cell research adhere to (in my opinion) the absurd and unscientific idea of “life begins at conception/fertilization” and hence stem cell research requires destruction of life. Research on stem cell can provide cure of diseases such as cancer and yet for your religious beliefs a third of you have chosen to block federal funding to this to support your beliefs. It seems a little ironical that the 11 lawmakers who sided with ban on stem cell research will fail to grasp the religious grounds on which beef ban was enacted.

Your letter makes an impassioned case for rights of minority Christians in India. In that light I find it nearly incomprehensible that 18 out of 34 people on this list have held the unscientific and irrational belief (mostly based on literal reading of religious books than any rational evidence) that “life begins at conception/fertilization” and therefore abortion is anti-life. The list of laws you  voted for to deny women the right over their own reproductive systems go from efforts to defund “planned parenthood” a non-profit organization that supports women’s right to choose to enforcing laws that make it illegal to transport minors to state where the abortion laws are more pro women. Sirs and Madams, women make nearly half of our planet’s population. To deny this half a right over their own bodies (even in cases of abuse through incest or rape) due to some religious belief is a dereliction of your duties as lawmakers. Lawmakers are not merely tools of public opinion but the shapers of them. The fact that over half of you as a group have repeatedly bent to public opinion rather than standing for human rights makes your credentials as champions of civil liberties shaky at best.

I also could not help but marvel at your nerve to speak about violence in the Bastar region while 31000 gun related deaths occur in the USA every year and yet 17 out of 34 of you have long been fighting attempts to regulate gun ownership in USA. Mr. Pitts and Mr. Franks from this list actually have the dubious distinction of being rated A (indicating staunch support for the right to bear arms) by NRA, a special interest group that has the mistaken belief that taking assault rifles that can fire 100 rounds per minutes out of the hands of bank clerks and Walmart ushers is somehow an encroachment on their fundamental rights. How can you worry about violence taking place a hemisphere away while in your own backyards high school students regularly convert their classrooms into morgues using weapons that we the Indians only see in Hollywood movies?

As for the village councils voting to ban all “non Hindu religious propaganda, prayers and speeches in their communities”, please stop projecting this as a minority persecution issue. This measure was specifically adopted to stop the aggressive practices used by evangelicals to convert uneducated tribal to Christianity. The members of evangelical churches in India may be few in number but they are by no stretch of imagination underdogs. They are representatives of a power hungry and aggressive branch of Christianity with budgets running into billions of dollars. Faced with this threat, the local communities had no choice but to adopt the aforementioned resolution. As for the reports of assaults and denial of basic services, we have acted on it whenever a genuine case of such persecution has presented itself. But just as various acts of vandalism and bombing of abortion clinics in USA do not take away the legitimacy of your pro-life movement, a few random acts of violence committed against the missionaries do not take away Indian society’s legitimate concerns over the predatory conversion practices. And again as a group that has a 50% (17/34) record of opposing all efforts to integrate immigrants in your society, I thought you would be the first one to understand.

Your off the cuff allegations against RSS are a point of concern too, since RSS is essentially a social service organization and its members have rendered invaluable support to the various rescue and relief operations on Indian sub continents in case of natural calamities such as Nepal Earthquake and the recent floods in Chennai, India. Unlike the misguided members of the evangelical church who were allegedly distributing bibles to the victims of Nepal earthquake, RSS volunteers have helped those who needed irrespective of their caste, religion and political affiliations. Your effort to undermine RSS, can be seen as an effort to undermine our organic disaster relief system itself and hence must be condemned in no uncertain terms.

You see ladies and gentlemen, we made a law legalizing abortion and giving the unconditional right to the woman in 70s, we as a country has always fought to bring scientific temper to its citizens and eradicate superstitions and blind beliefs wherever possible. We are open to suggestion/criticisms from external parties at all times. It is just that we are not sure lawmakers, who (in American political commentator Bill Maher’s words) think “life begins when you are just thinking about having sex” or use terms like “legitimate rape” (Todd Aikin) and feel that growing a stem cell in a petri dish is an attack on human life are the ideal role models for us.

As for the other 50 % pro rights, anti-guns advocate- your support to this letter seems contradictory to your own stances within your country. Circling back to the Iraq war vote, dare I ask if your support to your republican colleague is a case of political expediency in an election year to demonstrate your Christian values to the evangelical/radicalised base within your constituencies? Do you find it morally consistent that the positions that you hold dear to your heart at home, may be abandoned when it comes to foreign countries? Evidence suggests some truth in this since for a group that is so staunchly pro-individual liberties 12 of you have supported wiretapping overseas in some or the other format. I guess this is part of your “some animals ought to have more right to privacy than others”.

I wish to close by reminding you of a  quote from the great American journalist late Edward R Murrow “We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world, but we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.”

I find it no coincidence that Mr. Murrow said these words while protesting the actions of an overzealous lawmaker.

I rest my case.

Jai Hind !!

Mayuresh runs a financial advisory business in Pune and is an avid marathon runner and reader. His novel ‘The Dark Road’ is now available on Juggernaut app here:
  • RC Sharma

    Dog and horse meat is banned in USA. Why, o US lawmakers?

  • RamRani Yvette Rosser

    The letter from the US Congressmen to Narendra Modi was sanctimonious and uniformed, chastising Modi for presumed, yet undocumented instances of mistreatment of minorities. The American lawmakers have no idea that the mainstream media in India under-reports any attacks against Hindus and over-reports all attacks on minorities, assuming the attackers are Hindu and never clearing it up when the perpetrators turned out to be from the same minority community as the victim.

    The American congressmen would know what you mean if you explained that the mainstream media in India is to the BJP, what FOX News is to the Democratic Party in the USA… antagonist commentators There are some politicians in the opposition who are so against Modi, that they are willing to harm the nation to make him seem to fail… sounds familiar to America congressional leaders. (Re: Obama and the Republic controlled congress?)

    There is no way the lawmakers could have known that for over sixty years in post independent India, virtually all heads of all departments and agencies were selected from intellectuals following in the footsteps of Nehru’s brand of socialist anti-majoritarianism. Because these early leaders were leaning towards Communism, there was an official shunning of religion, as well as a studied fear of nationalism and patriotism. Many patriotic Hindu citizens did not follow these dominate Marxist-influenced paradigms and were thus labeled Right Wing by those Leftists who occupied chairs in academic and governmental bodies. The word “Saffronization” is now being thrown around as the new form of “Black-Balling” as was practiced by the House on Un-American Activities. Saffron, the ochre or orange color of the flags often flown on top of Hindu temples, has become anthropomorphicized as the threatening ‘Other”. Saffron is the new black!

    The words religion and nationalism bring us to one of the assumptions made by the US Congressmen, about the RSS, a national service organization that decades ago helped Narendra Modi get an education, and thereby rise from working at his father’s makeshift tea stall near a railroad station, to becoming Prime Minister of India. It is too complicated to delve very deeply here, but suffice it to say, the RSS is very controversial. I can only compare the twisted understanding of the meaning and purpose of the RSS with the wrong understanding of the original meaning and purpose of the Black Panthers, who came into being to protect black neighborhoods and feed school going children regular meals. The media hype and hoopla concerning their more militant views about discrimination and injustice, have forever colored the public perception, and their greater success story is unknown. See:,


    Similarly the RSS has its verbose and convincing distracters. There is a media-savvy core group of intellectuals and writers who passionately hate all things connected with Hindu-Nationalism. Here we go again, with those two evils: Religion and Nationalism! Regardless of the spin of the paparazzi the RSS is first to respond to national disasters, such as tsunamis and earthquakes, additionally they support thousands of small schools in remote areas. Certainly more like the Boy Scouts or the Red Cross than the Taliban!

    After I read Mayuresh Didolkar’s letter, I was reminded of all the ways that India actually has a better track record upholding and protecting the rights of minorities than does the USA.

    It was Jesus Christ who said, “Hypocrite! Take the log out of your own eye, before you take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye.”

    As I compared these two countries, asking whether India passes the “American standard” of human rights and minority rights I immediately thought of America’s huge issue regarding prisons, some of which are For Profit Prisons, with little desire to prevent recidivism! The US government has a larger percentage of their citizens in prison than does any other country in the world, even China that has no ‘Bill of Rights”. Shamefully, the prison population is about 60% African-American whereas African-Americans only represent about 12% of the general population. That’s a discrepancy of 48%, almost 50% higher than the norm.

    To review the statistics, only12–13% of the American population is African-American, but they make up 60% of the almost 2.1 million male inmates in jail or prison. African-Americans constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population in the USA. African-Americans have nearly six times the incarceration rate of whites.

    One of every three black American males born today can expect to go to prison in his lifetime. People killed by US police officers in 2015 shows rate of death for young black men was five times higher than white men of the same age. See:

    Looking at similar statistics in India shows a similar trend but a greatly reduced rate of discrepancy:

    Three communities in India- Muslims, Dalits, and Adivasis add up to about 39% of the population. Their share of prisoners is at 53%, a combined 14% difference. Far cry from the USA at almost 50% difference between demographic percentage in the general population and % of prisoners.

    In 2013, India had 4.2 lakh (420,000) people in prison. Nearly 20% of them were Muslims although the share of Muslims in India’s population is about 13%. Dalits make up 22% of prisoners, almost one in four. Their proportion in the population is about 17%. While Adivasis (Tribals) make up 11% of prisoners, their share in the general population is 9%. So the discrepancy is thus: 7%, 5%, and 2% greater representation of the three minority groups in prison than in general population. An even further cry from the similarly derived prisoner to minority statistics in the USA.

    As in the USA, as in India as well, these minority communities do not necessarily commit more crimes. But rather they are often economically and socially under-privileged and therefore unable to fight costly cases or often even pay for bail. Additionally, in the past two decades due to the unfortunate increased jihadi influence in the Muslim world, the percentage of Muslims in custody has gone up slightly.

    I was also reminded of government programs to help raise traditionally downtrodden groups up the social ladder. In this capacity is reflected by Affirmative Action in the USA compared to Reservations Policies in India. After the Civil Right Bills in the mid sixties, during the seventies there were court-led efforts to correct the disparity in hiring that had made the police and fire departments virtually all white. Some progress was made, but it wasn’t long before Affirmative Action was watered down and discontinued. Cases from the UT School of Law come to mind.

    On the other hand, India has a system that reserves jobs and educational opportunities to all sorts of minorities, religious, linguistic, caste-based groups, etc. India continues to increase that allocated percentage regularly. Americans will not be able to believe this, but Indian laws actually discriminate against the majority Hindu community. This can be seen in Articles 25-30 of the Indian Constitution, minority communities have rights that the Hindu majority community does not. Many forward thinking people in contemporary India hope to repeal these amendments, which would not deprive any rights from any minority groups, but just give those same rights to Hindus as well. In the implementation of the disastrous Right To Education (RTE) Act, un-secular, anti-majoritarian implementation methodology is playing out in a destructive manner due to the legal loopholes allowed to the minority religious communities, rights and privileges that are not granted to Hindus.

    The most profound difference between the attitude of elected and/or politically appointed officials in India as compared to the USA, can be highlighted by the efforts of some Republican politicians to prevent or obstruct minority citizens from voting, by closing down polling places in minority communities. This restrictive attitude can be compared to India’s heroic efforts to bring secure voting machines to small villages even by ox cart if necessary to be sure that each and very citizen has an opportunity to vote.

    So now, if we could just educate these sanctimonious Americans in order to level the playing field. Then equipped with knowledge, let the US Congressmen talk to India about democracy and human rights as equals!

    My beautiful scholarly mother didn’t like sanctimoniousness either… uniformed, uneducated sanctimoniousness!!

  • PV

    Planned parenthood is a sham

  • relief operations on Indian sub continents in case of natural calamities such as Nepal Earthquake.

    Was it RSS or a similar Nepali org?

    • RC Sharma

      Who was distributing bibles?

  • Deva

    Fantastic rebuttal. Well done sir.

  • V. Ramaswamy

    Wow, that was wonderfully argued.

  • Aruna

    Brilliant. Well written, well researched. Hard hitting. Continue the good writing Mayuresh. Enjoyed reading it.

  • suru

    The author has nailed it perfectly on the temple head of these American Lawmakers! After reading this reply they should feel ashamed of themselves not only as American citizens but also as Law makers. They seems to have forgotten that they are throwing stones from inside a glass house.
    Why these Lawmakers have no guts to write similar letters to Saudia or to Pakistan or Bangladesh?
    Why not these Law makers see their house in order first before interfering in domestic issues of India.? They have so much of rubbish in their back yard .Let them shoot their letters to their President at first.
    Hope some good sense prevails on them.

  • JagatguruDas

    This letter is fit to be kept in the loo

  • Sumathi Megavarnam

    Not a Hard hitting article but an Effective one ……. Who are these Law makers ???make laws in your country morons……
    btw xtianity is a Sham , Bible is rubbish scum , …..our Country , our choice ……..We gave refugee to all you wolves during your times of distress & space for doing business , but you filthy scumbags (xtians/pislams) played havoc in our country…….We are the only one COUNTRY on the Whole earth which could not be brought to feet despite numerous brutal attacks / massacres / forced conversions / Exterminations in the forms of artificially created famines …..ALL CONVERTS ARE TRAITORS………Minorities should be done away with ….Who asked you to be or become a Minority??? in the first place …….& then keep demanding irrational things ……..Once again it is Our Country , Our Choice ,like we had allowed you earlier out of ignorance ……….This time We wont allow you fully knowing what sort of Filthy scums you people are …………..

    • SaneMind

      Are you a Tamil girl? Just asking

  • prashants5 .

    It seems the author has carried a very good “Purva Paksha”, an Indian tradition that calls for knowing the opponents and their position very well before carrying the “Uttara Paksha” ( ie, responding as rubuttal).

    Good one! I am delighted to learn this.

  • Indian

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  • Prasad

    Thanks a lot for a good rebuttal .

  • R Nanjappa

    Nice answer, well researched. The US has to be shown its place. Ban on cow slaughter existed even during Akbar’s times. It is the Anglo-Saxons who looted India who removed it. Even so, many in the US are seeking ban on horse-slaughter.

  • Shashank

    very well written though one minor error. Scalia died this year, 2016 not 2013. 2013 was over ACA.

  • Jithu

    Very well written rebuttal. Kudos.