Decoding the Habits of the One-Eyed Intellectual

If India were an animal farm, it has been encroached by a class of one-eyed…

If India were an animal farm, it has been encroached by a class of one-eyed animals, who are better educated and have given themselves awards, live in comfortable homes, drink bottled water, and infest our television studios and Sahitya Akademi.

Celebrated as intellectuals, this class of one-eyed animals, with feet deep in the dynasty that ruled for the maximum period since Independence, has long tails which wiggle in the direction of the well from where honey once flowed.

Professor T.J.Joseph

The one-eyed species, journalists and politicians included, sees the killing of a Muslim man in Dadri by extremist Hindus, but by habit goes to pretend-slumber when Professor T.J. Joseph’s hand is chopped off by Islamic terrorists in Kerala.

Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru, can at least claim that he tried to avoid an ink attacker. But the one-eyed intellectual understands the inner workings of media industries. Sudheendra Kulkarni for example, calmly allows Shiv Sena members to blacken his face, more thoroughly the better, waits for television crews and proceeds to host former Pakistani foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri in Mumbai.

This intellectual will not release Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai’s book in her birthplace, Swat. He knows where to host book events, and importantly,where not to host them. Backed by paid media, this one-eyed species collides against the unpaid social media and elected representatives.

In Bihari writer George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the pigs that rule over all other animals are clever and educated, and are guarded by carefully-raised dogs, or journalists in modern times.

Journalists bark on Twitter, authors return awards; and the Congress party is defended, not by its own leaders.

In Orwell’s novel too, dogs help cause a political coup for the pigs.A one-eyed journalists elected Haryana chief minister M. L. Khattar to seek his views on beef; she could have chosen the more suave Arun Jaitley, or gone to any village to seek views on beef.

As per a Pew forecast, India will have the largest Muslim population by 2050. Since the cuddly cow is grammared into Indian civilisation, beef riots are easy to stoke and to roast our politics, or human lives.

We naively believe that journalists seek truth. The case is otherwise: journalists know the truth and use it as an inflammable weapon to effect a political coup.

In India, beef has been an issue for centuries, notably when Mughal emperor Akbar banned cow slaughter. Khattar’s interview was headlined by the editor as: “Muslims can live in this country but they will have to give up eating beef, says Haryana CM.”

Without mentioning Pakistan, the editor conveyed this message: Muslims should leave for Pakistan if they do not give up eating beef. Inserting words into mouths is a journalistic talent. The actual interview was published in actual context the next day, after the editor’s tongue tasted blood. Truth does not prevail; what prevails is the truth.

In Kerala, the communists who organise beef festivals are moral cowards of our times and will not organise a pork-eating festival in Kozhikode and Malappuram, or in front of Delhi’s Jama Masjid.

The one-eyed intellectual who shouts on the killings of Muslims routinely stitches his lips when it comes to the murders of Hindu activists in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Journalists and socialites who stoke beef riots will not draw a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, not even from their kitchen. Secular editors usually do not write or tweet for Muslim women’s rights. But if Hindus tweet for Muslim women’s equality, they are dubbed by secularists as Sanghis. In the West, such truth-speakers are dubbed as Zionists.

Thanks to the one-eyed rulers, Indian secularism is half-Islamist and half-Pakistani. Akhilesh Yadav, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, hosted Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali in Lucknow after his show was cancelled due to the Shiv Sena’s threat.

Arvind Kejriwal, the secular chief minister, invited Ali to Delhi. Kejriwal and Yadav did not invite our Oscar-winning musician A. R. Rehman after his show in Delhi was cancelled due to a Barelvi cleric’s fatwa.

Indian secularism loves Pakistanis, not Indian Muslims. Mamata Banerjee lauds Ali, vomits silence on Taslima Nasreen, the Bangladeshi writer. Indian secularism is truly Pakistani, not even a quarter-Bangladeshi.

The one-eyed intellectual nurtures his type. Khushwant Singh, who defended Emergency, was loved and celebrated. He sides with Islamists who attacked T. J. Joseph, or gets The Satanic Verses banned. He is comfortable with criminals.

Vikram Seth, the novelist, was morally comfortable to receive an award from an accused in the 1984 genocide of Sikhs. The one-eyed coward hiding behind literary work, finds every newspaper and television channel to air his views, but accuses our nation of lacking freedom of speech.

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie, who was prevented by the secularist-Islamist goons from speaking in Jaipur, walks into the embrace of the one-eyed species, the ruling seculariate.

A newspaper reported that Panchjanya, a magazine close to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, justified killings for slaughtering cows. The same newspaper shuts its eye to the justifications of hate against non-Muslims, or killings of apostates in the Quran and Hadiths (traditions of Prophet Muhammad).

Mumbai-based newspaper Roznama Urdu Times, in an article on 26 December cited the Quran and Hadiths to justify that Muslims converting to Hinduism be murdered. It wrote: “The first interpreter of the Quran, Prophet Muhammad, has clearly ordered the killing of aperson becoming apostate.”

If Panchjanya be banned, what about the Quran?

Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Marxist, said: “All men are intellectuals, but not all men have… the function of intellectuals.”

In the Gramscian sense, voters (and Twitter “trolls”who fight for truth) are intellectuals who shape politics. In the 2014 elections, this class of two-eyed species filled up the creative deficit in the nation’s politics which the one-eyed animalshad created.

Consequently, a tea-seller became the prime minister whose mission is to build toilets, clean streets and create jobs. The one-eyed intellectual is nowunhappy.

Masked as morality, his cowardice is his weapon; it is hatching a media-created political plot against Narendra Modi, the elected farmer on the farm.

Former BBC journalist Tufail Ahmad is the executive director of the Open Source Institute, New Delhi. Ahmad is the author of “Jihadist Threat to India – The Case for Islamic Reformation by an Indian Muslim.” He tweets @tufailelif
  • Tanishq Chauhan

    The way forward is economic progress and non stigmatization of Hindu Muslim terminology. If a Hindu says something wrong about Islam , or a Muslim says something wrong about Hinduism : then both of them should be able to laugh it off over a cup of chai and nan biscuits. This used to be the case when both fought the white oppressors together in 1857. But now , well now we have to bring back those times , so that nation moves forward with more important issues and religious politics is set to an end.

  • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

    One more eye-opener from Mr. Tufail !
    Just very True !

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    As for banning the Koran, everyone should read (late) Sita Ram Goel’s – ” The Calcutta Koran Petiton “. Eyeopener.

  • Kamal

    Why were Hindus slaves to foreigners for 1200 years. Of course not all Hindus but starting from Afghanistan. It was first ruled by Muslims 1200 years ago. We have traitors, fools, ignorant, cowards, and too generous people within ourselves. We have forgotten our scriptures, heroes, rishis etc. Which of our gods is without a weapon. Which of our gods has never killed. But still we worship them. Why?. They had the good of the human race and their nature was basically goodness. Ram, Krishna, hanuman, pandavas, Parshuram, Ganesh, kartikeya, etc. All killed in thousands. But we worship them. They killed the evil, the enemies, the rakshasas. No one preached nonviolence against them. Hindu society will have to cultivate a militant aggressive and violent approach towards its enemies.


    Terrible article. All opinion stated as facts. This author should have gone to JNU to learn how to do proper research. He is clearly a fascist communal Hindu who is posing as a Muslim. I am here to learn, don’t abuse me.


    Contrast the reaction of Muslim organizations in Kerala to Professor T.J. Joseph’s hand being chopped off , to the reaction of the Hindu right-wing elements following Akhlaq’s lynching ; that will tell you the real difference between Muslim extremism and Hindu extremism. One ( you don’t need to be told which ) has state sanction.

    Various Muslim organisations including the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) condemned the attacks as “against the tenets of Islam”.[99][100] A rally under the banner of Muslim Aiykyavedi (Muslim United Front) was organised the next day in Muvattupuzha and Perumbavoor. They also blocked the local police station at Perumbavoor demanding the release of arrested Popular Front of India leaders. The protest though was dismissed by other Muslim organisations as a ploy by the Popular Front of India and challenged it to name any other organisation involved in the protest.[101][102] A meeting of all the major Muslim organisations in Kerala proclaimed that the hand chopping incident has been a shame to the Muslim community in Kerala. They have also decided to isolate radical outfit like Popular Front of India.[103] A number of Muslim youth organisations including youth wing of Jamaat e Islami Hind came forward to donate blood to the T. J. Joseph.[99][104]


      So much love in your post. We are peas in a pod. All these chaddi-wearing Hindu fascists should look at your posts as examples of how to think and what to believe. And well done for quoting Wikipedia, the best and most reliable source of information in the galaxy. Let’s see what these bloody Hindus say now. Well done brother. You are here to teach us, I won’t abuse you.

      • Mukul Mittal

        Ha ha … you didn’t say `I’m here to teach you, don’t abuse me’ :-)))
        Good … this is another alter ego, similar to Dr M5.

        • NARAYAN MAO

          Thank you for correcting me fascist, I have amended my post. I am learning, don’t abuse me. Arvind be praised.

      • mazharuddin

        You live in the delusion
        that was taught to you. Members of every religion will question their religion
        and that helps their religion to grow, but you muslims are afraid to do it. There
        is a reason that islam is the worlds most hated religion, and to say that islam
        has all those good things; then you need to keep in mind that it is only your
        opinion and that of other muslims. Islam is definitely the most primitive and
        violent religion. I have not met a single muslim on the net that did not react
        with profanities when their religion was exposed. This clearly shows that your
        good religion has intrinsic weaknesses. One of this main shortcomings is the
        fact that it’s members cannot debate in a civilized manner. Instead of
        answering questions about their religion, they start by attacking the
        questioner and his religion. you need to free yourself from this cult of hate.
        Why are muslims so full of hate and anger? You hate the world for such a long
        time, because your religion cannot tolerate any other faith with the excuse
        that all other religions are wrong. Whatever fault you find in other religions
        that makes you feel justified in hating others can also be found in yours. It
        is only that you are blind when it comes to your own religion. Now, you are
        causing the whole world to hate you in return, and that is not the way to have
        a better world, but I know that your religion believes in doomsday. It is like
        a self fulfilling prophecy where you welcome mass genocide just so that you
        could rule. I can see that you are suffering. Therefore, why not free yourself
        from this cult of hate?

    • Krispy K

      You insects have *really* invested a lot in this Dadri incident, haven’t you? I think it shows just how tenuous your grip on the domestic narrative is, and how dangerously close you are to losing it altogether. You have cynically milked this poor man’s death so much his name might stand in the future as an example of how degenerate elements in society can exploit human misery for their own petty political objectives.

      So, according to you (and your Wikipedia page – I’m assuming you have copied and pasted accurately, though one can’t trust the likes of you for even a second) some Muslims have condemned this hand-chopping incident, but no Hindu on the planet has condemned what happened in Dadri. You then, with all the typical desperation of a starving rat encountering a manky corpse under a floorboard somewhere, deduce that this means that: Muslim extremism does not have state sanction, but Hindu “extremism” does.

      First of all, in the typical fashion of Commie selectivity, you ignore the plain fact that not only does Muslim extremism find deep sanction within their own texts, as evidenced by the texts themselves and their manifestation therein via the ubiquity of Islamic extremism all over the globe, but such behaviour (hand chopping) is a matter of state policy in many Muslim countries, including *Saudi Arabia*, the centre of the Islamic world. What this clearly implies, unless you are a braindead, lying maggot from some backward Marxist shithole still desperately clinging to some outmoded dream of a socialist utopia, is that Muslims who “object” to hand-chopping, or kafir burning, or temple smashing, or any other behaviour that constitutes the Islamic daily bread, are in the *minority* and not at all part of the mainstream in Islamic thinking. Forget “state sanction”, it pretty much has *global* sanction. To imply that such behaviour is somehow anomalous is a colossal lie, and your hackneyed attempt at disingenuousness isn’t lost on anyone. And even if there *is* an increased likelihood of Indian Muslims in particular shunning such behaviour, I look forward to your attempt to explain how that could occur without the influence of the Dharmic ethos. Come on, give it a go. Your Muslim votebank depends on you being able to generate copious amounts of bullshit.

      Secondly, your claim that Hindus are not condemning Dadri. This is clearly an admission that you and your fellow “secularists” do not consider yourselves Hindu. In which case, clearly a key tactic is to go online and pretend to be Hindus, lecturing the rest of us about the pluralistic nature of Hinduism and what our values are and how we should be behaving, as though you are experts on the matter and we should look to you for guidance. Never mind that many people have criticised what happened (which you don’t see, since it doesn’t suit your narrative). See, the problem with animals like you is that your day-to-day lives are dominated by a web of lies, but you don’t have the skills to make them workable. And the base nature of your objectives doesn’t lend itself to such mendacity anyway. So you’re on a hiding to nothing.

      Thirdly, your claim that what happened in Dadri is “state sanctioned”. Sounds like opinion (i.e. something you desperately need the world to believe) being peddled as fact. Any proof? Sorry, I forgot, you people are exempt from such requirements, even while you squawk relentlessly at everyone else to follow the rules. In fact, you are the universal decision makers regarding what is true, false, right, wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, evidence or not evidence. It’s no wonder your ilk seem to give rise to mass murderers like Mao and Stalin.

      You really are a hateful, bigoted, odious little scumbag. When the time comes to pay the consequences for your criminality (and mark my words you *will* have to pay, sooner or later) I hope you go down in absolute, abject terror. Bastard.

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  • balayogi

    media filth

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    media stumbling block

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    media dubious

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    media mafia

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  • ABS

    Brilliant…too good….how rightly Tufail writes. Kudos to him.

  • mazharuddin

    The struggle of Hindu society is not primarily with the Muslim community. The most important opponents of Hindu society today are not the Islamic communal leaders, but the interiorized colonial rulers of India, the alternated English-educated and mostly Left-leaning elite that noisily advertises its secularism. It is these people who impose anti-Hindu policies on Hindu society, and who keep Hinduism down and prevent it from proudly raising its head after a thousand years of oppression. The worst torment for Hindu society today is not the arrogant and often violent agitation from certain minority groups, nor the handful of privileges which the non-Hindu communities are getting. The worst problem is this mental slavery, this sense of inferiority which Leftist intellectuals, through their power positions in education and the media, and their direct influence on the public and political arena, keep on inflicting on the Hindu mind.

    • Sagar Tanksali

      Interesting pov. Perhaps deserved greater mindspace.

    • eeswar

      Wow what a comment sir! 5* comment on a 5* article.. respect.


      So much hatred in your post. I feel sorry for you, Marx help India. Can you prooooove any of your claims? I am here to learn, don’t abuse me.

      • mazharuddin

        Dear friend, you are mistaken.

        You have no understanding
        of history, otherwise you would never say that, but you will not get it in this
        life time. To deny history is to perpetuate its atrocity.

        • NARAYAN MAO

          Read Romila Thapar to understand history. Anyone who disagrees with her is a fascist, if she is wrong you have to prrrrrroooooove it. I’m here to learn and to teach and to juggle and preach, so don’t abuse me.

    • roger_25

      Thank you!

    • Sameep

      mazharuddi, you should have credited Koenraad Elst for the comment. 🙂

    • Infinite Wisdom

      Very good analysis. Just like the British, the Congress party and its friends have used the divide and rule strategy. They pretend to be the friends of minorities and act against the majority. This creates unnecessary tension between the minority and majority communities whereas the tension should be between the people who want to pursue economic prosperity (90% of the common people — Hindu, Muslim, and Christian) and those who want to focus on communal matters (Congress and its allies) and the history (past injustices — some in the BJP). Modi was doing well but in the recent Bihar election, he got sucked into communal matters. Not good.

  • Sibby

    Another great article!! Thank god you are not a Hindu otherwise you might be labelled as Sanghi or Modi Bhakt. Today I did a little experiment. I went on to Google News and wrote “Hindu killed”. To my amazement, out of around 100 articles, 97 were on dadri incident or Hindu mob killing rationalist or minority. Only 2 or 3 articles that were published in local news website where a Hindu is killed by muslim mob. Is it really always one sided or journalist are more concern about muslim or dalit death than a Hindu death.
    In order to fulfil their self professed prophecy that “if Modi comes to power, there will be riots”. Since no actual riots occurred since Modi took power, the media houses resorted to biased reporting of only “Hindu killing minority” and linking it somehow to Modi government. To make an anti Modi stand, media houses have become anti India and pro pakistan. They blamed Modi government for the failure of talks while claiming that it is Pakistan that want peace talk and Modi isn’t yielding. They label a mugging in Church as communal incident. Is media planning a coup against democratically elected Modi government? They label RSS as ISIS of India and say that India is turning into Hindu Pakistan. If you go by same logic, why don’t they label Left and communist parties as Maoists? Why didn’t they label Congress govt as Monarchism. Like Shahrukh Khan, Hamid Ansari and Naseeruddin Shah, can Modi claim that he is being targeted for being a Hindu or a OBC? Social media does a better job in reporting than Mass media.
    BTW mass media never reported that several Muslim organizations have condemned over sensationalization of Dadri incident.

    • mazharuddin

      These Leftist intellectuals work in a strange collusion with the Islamic fanatics. Normally, the atheist Left should be the sharpest opponent of religious obscurantism and dogmatic adherence to anti-universalist belief systems like Islam. But in India, the two work happily together for the destruction of their common enemy: Hindu Dharma. Of course, the Leftists are mistaken if they think they can use the Muslims for their own ends. It is a one-way collaboration, and increasingly so, as the Left is put on the defensive while Islam is still on the offensive. So far, the Left has rendered some fine intellectual services to the cause of Islam. It has strongly supported the movement for the Partition of India on the basis of the Islamic Two-Nation Theory. After Partition, it has used its increasing hold on the entire intellectual and educational scene in India to paralyze all criticism of the historical record and ideological character of Islam.

      • Sibby

        Media has so much stereotyped Hindus that being a Hindu automatically makes one communal. Saffron a pious colour in Hinduism has become communal Saffronization. Media blames Hinduism for practising castism while ignoring castism in other religions. They blame hindus for craving for war with “peace loving” Pakistan. They blame Hindus for insecurities among minorities. They blame hindus for demanding Hindu rastra while ignoring the fact that the only Hindu country in world Nepal became secular few years back while most muslim dominated countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE have official state religions. The word Hindu has now become an abuse rather than religious identity. Media expect every Hindu to follow uniform code bill, they expect government to control spending of all funds collected by temples, they expect Hindus to have population control. If someone critisize idol worship, then it is rationalism, but when Hindu guru criticize a Hindu saint Sai Baba worship, it becomes controversial and communal.
        We all are 1.2 billion Indians not Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs etc. In Dadri, it is an Indian who was killed by other Indians. Dear media, Please stop painting Indians as inherently communal.

        • mazharuddin

          I could not agree with you more nevertheless blaming the media congi & Islamist wont cut the ice. Hindu should look inwards and introspect their vulnerability then trying to forge effective counter narrative.
          Till now there is caste discrimination among Hindus_ They are colossally divided in caste lines which has become scourge for hindus. If It is not cured it will led to extinction of Hinduism.


      He is obviously Modi or some other fascist pretending to be Muslim. Nobody is fooled. I am here to teach you, don’t abuse me.

  • apu589

    Excellent article. Intellectuals were not reigned in Pakistan which is why it is in such a state now. But these people in India will be reigned in starting now.

  • subodh1945

    xcellent expose of the hypocrites in journos , so called intellectuals mr tufail ahmed