Demographic Changes: Is Bengal Sitting On A Volcano?

Defeating the Islamist forces and their allies like the TMC will require tremendous will and tremendous Hindu unity within Bengal.

  • Demographic changes in West Bengal and Assam have actually been going on for years.
  • Mass infiltration and settlement of Bangladeshi Muslims coming in search of lebensraum into these regions had been taking place for decades.
  • Neither does mainstream media in India report violence against Hindus, especially when it is committed by Muslims.
  • Defeating the Islamist forces and their allies like the TMC will require tremendous will and tremendous Hindu unity within Bengal.

West Bengal, a land of sages like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Srila Prabhupada, Sri Aurobindo, and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and the birth place of reformers, philosophers, and freedom fighters like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Chittaranjan Das, and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (thanks to whose efforts West Bengal became a part of India and not Pakistan in 1947) is today a land where, even in areas not too far from Calcutta, a silent jihad and a surreptitious ethnic cleansing are taking place.

Demographic changes in West Bengal and Assam have actually been going on for years. It’s nothing new. Mass infiltration and settlement of Bangladeshi Muslims coming in search of lebensraum into these regions had been taking place for decades. India knew this but had always been complacent. After Independence, Muslim migrations into India was even encouraged due to vote-bank politics and the hunger of the Congress Party and CPI-M for Muslim votes.

Designs for a Greater Bangla Islamic Caliphate  

According to Dr. Mohit Roy, an expert on Indo-Bangladesh relations and demographic changes, Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators now make up 4 percent of India’s population, but in vast areas of Bengal and Assam, the situation has now reached a tipping point. In her article published in American Thinker, Janet Levy reports that-

At partitioning, the Muslim population of West Bengal stood at 12% and the Hindu population of East Bengal 30%.  Today, with massive Muslim immigration, Hindu persecution and forced conversions, West Bengal’s Muslim population has increased to 27% (up to 63% in some districts), as per the 2011 census and Bangladesh’s Hindu population has decreased to 8%.  While the situation for Hindus in Bangladesh is certainly dire, life has become increasingly difficult for Hindus in West Bengal, home to a Muslim-appeasing government and a breeding ground and safe haven for terrorists. For several years, West Bengal has suffered under apparent Muslim-planned riots designed to implement shariah, extract government concessions and grab more territory. 

The demographic changes in West Bengal have reached a point where the consequence has been a wave of aggressive Islamization, a jihadi consolidation, and a suicidal politics that harks back to the genocidal era of 1946 -1947. The congruence of all of these is resulting in a fresh Hindu Bengali exodus from what have traditionally been Hindu lands.

Bengal Article-1Remote, and thus vulnerable and mostly poor villages are being targeted under a greater project to merge West Bengal and Assam with Bangladesh by driving out non-Muslims. According to a report titled Greater Islamic Bangladesh’ – A Serious Threat to Indian Integrity, Sovereignty and Hindu Majority published on the Pamela Geller website which monitors global jihad-

The NIA (National Investigation Agency) has smelled a deeper conspiracy of the establishment of a Greater Islamic Bangladesh hatched by the ISI (Inter service Intelligence) of Pakistan and DGFI (Director General of Foreign Intelligence) of Bangladesh with other terror modules engaged in Burdwan Blast. As per revelation through recovered documents by the NIA suggest that a bigger conspiracy was being materialized in different parts of Burdwan, Murshidabad, Birbhum, Nadia, Jalpaiguri and in different madrasas stretched out in the border areas of West Bengal. The documents reflect that the terror modules working on brain-wash of the Bengal Jihadis to establish a ‘Greater Islamic Bangladesh’ considering the territory of the last nawab of Bengal Siraj ud-daulah (1733-1757), as on 1750 AD, who was infamous for his anti-Hindu cruelty and debauchery. The proposed Greater Islamic Bangladesh includes whole of present Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Tripura and parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa.

Bangladeshi authorities also acknowledge jihadist plans for an eastern Islamic caliphate. Reporting on the killing of a Hindu priest of the Deviganj temple who was beheaded on 21st February 2016 near Panchagar, 494 km north of Dhaka, by militants suspected to belong to Jamaatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh (JMB), Pakistani newspaper Dawn quotes deputy director general of police, Humayun Kabir, as saying that “The motive for the killing was probably to create an unstable situation in the country and ultimately establish a caliphate.”

This side of the border, in West Bengal, vote bank politics of the communist CPI-M government earlier and the pro-Islamist stance of the TMC government subsequently have facilitated the Mughalistan project by emboldening the jihadi forces in the state. State patronage under TMC rule has rendered Islamists untouchable even by Central Government security forces.

Mamata Bannerji’s policies have resulted in a rapid Islamization of West Bengal and the concomitant creation of a sociopolitical climate in which Hindus are attacked, killed and prevented from practicing their religion, Hindu homesteads and properties are looted and destroyed, and young Hindu girls are kidnapped, raped, and forcibly converted to Islam and then often sold into prostitution or killed.

In areas where there is a substantial Muslim presence, entire villages are being targeted where the Hindus are terrorized, demoralized and displaced. As Anirban Banerjee reports in his comprehensive piece on the growth of jihadi culture in West Bengal, West Bengal as a Jihadi Playground, the Hindu population is losing land and livelihood and is migrating as laborers to safer places.

In this silent war on Bengali Hindus, Hindu temples have been reportedly destroyed or vandalized, confirmed rapes by Bangladeshis have taken place, state money worth crores of rupees of has been disbursed to mosques, and Hindu leaders have been murdered in West Bengal.

Marxist Islamist Nexus in the Garb of Secularism

Human rights abuses against the Hindus of West and East Bengal have been going on for years, yet the elite, leftist, intellectual class and the “secular” media and journalists in Calcutta and Delhi choose to be blind to it. None of the secular Bengali writers, journalists and intellectuals who try to dominate public discourse in India and constantly attack the Hindu civilizational foundations of India have questioned Mamata on Muslim appeasement like Taslima Nasreen did recently.

While Islamist forces prepare the ground for the inclusion of West Bengal in an Islamic Caliphate, mainstream media in Bengal and rest of India seems to be completely disinterested and disconnected, and does not cover any of this stuff. Calcutta’s two leading English dailies, The Statesman and The Telegraph, mouthpieces of Bengal’s entrenched communist ideology, for example, routinely black out such news. With reference to The Telegraph, this is what Shefali Vaidya writes in the context of l’affaire JNU:

This is the front page of an ‘Indian’ newspaper. The biggest and most prominent headline that covers 75% of the space is dedicated to a 30 year freeloader who shouted anti-India slogans and organised a march to protest against the hanging of a terrorist after a full trial. This is the same man who hid like a sewer rat for one week only to resurface now to play the ‘minority’ card. A 22 year old man made the supreme sacrifice to defend that VERY freedom that Umar Khalid abused with such impunity, and the Telegraph dedicates the bottom corner of the front page to him.

On social media, one encounters throngs of leftist Bengali “intellectuals,” who have now fanned out all over India. Many of them are themselves from refugee families who fled East Bengal (former name of Bangladesh) during one of the many cyclical periods Hindu mass killings there, and who were completely unable to resist Islamic fundamentalism there in any meaningful way. They all seem to be cut from the same cloth – that of Marxist ideology – who now bemoan the new awakening of Indian Hindu political and social consciousness as evil or communal, and are unable or unwilling to see reality of jihad in their own backyard. Their ostrich like attitude seems very puzzling until one reads an exposé like West Bengal: the Enemy Within to understand why Marxists and radical Islam are natural allies in India and how Marxists and radical Islamists collaborate to nurture hate and violence towards mainstream society.

It is also a fact that politically correct Western media does not tell the story of Muslim persecution of Hindus in India. Neither does mainstream media in India report violence against Hindus, especially when it is committed by Muslims.

The Sorry Condition of Hindu Bengal

One thus feels compelled to signal Tapan Ghosh, founder of Hindu Samhati, as one lone brave soul who has been documenting and raising awareness about the atrocities on the simple and helpless Hindu victims of Islamic jihad, who up until the very recent Malda riots that began on 4th January 2016, tended to be mostly poor, rural agrarians with very low educational attainment levels.

His organization, Hindu Samhati, courageously investigates, documents, and reports on the Islamic persecution of Hindus in West Bengal, often times at great risk to the lives of the investigators. According to Ghosh, there are about 32,000 villages in West Bengal that are sites of active ethnic cleansing. There are multiple acts of violence against Hindus in many places daily and only some get noticed. In many villages and towns, the Hindu population has dropped to below 50 percent due to an earlier exodus of middle-class Hindus, and now only the poor Hindu segment is left to bear the brunt of ethnic cleansing. Thousands of Hindu girls disappear in the state every year.

If all this situation does not change, the story of East Bengal will soon be repeated in West Bengal. Hindus, just a few decades ago, were 40 percent of the population of East Bengal. Today they make up just 8 percent of the population there.

Bengal Article-2While the disenfranchised rural Hindu segment has been enduring soft jihad for years now and their victimization was never reported in mainstream media, the recent Malda attacks show how the organizers of micro-level jihad in Bengal have upped the ante by expanding the magnitude and the focus of their operations. A mob of 2,50,000 Muslims wreaked havoc in Malda district, West Bengal, ostensibly over a blasphemous remark. After Malda, the violence also spread to Birbhum and to Purnea in Bihar state.

The events in Malda, which secularists have tried to pass off as a simple law and order related disturbance, are a warning signal that West Bengal may be heading towards a Kosovo-like situation with the rise of Islamism which poses a great danger to India’s security and territorial integrity by creating a civil-war like situation. One can read more about Malda in the context of the Greater Bangladesh project here. To know more about the background context to the 2016 Malda riots, one may read another interesting piece: Everything You Wanted To read About Malda Violence, But Were too Secular to Ask.

The greatest irony of India’s blood soaked partition – which was carried out for the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims – is that today, both Bengals are reeling under Islamic fanaticism. Sheikh Hasina has done more to combat Islamic fundamentalism in her country than Mamta Banerjee, who has actually encouraged it in her state.

It must be remembered that “West Bengal was created by negotiating about 35% area from erstwhile Bengal as a safe sanctuary for the Hindus.” Given the demographic changes that have already taken place and the damage that has already been done, feasible options to correct the situation seem very few.

How do you integrate a large, powerful, and aggressive minority that has an exponential growth rate, looks upon the Mughal Empire and past Caliphates as Utopia, considers national borders as irrelevant, demonstrates a strong will to not assimilate, overwhelms a meek majority, and bides its time as it waits for the day it can fully impose its sharia on the rest of the population?

Noting that “The land was partitioned on basis of religious demography alone but unfortunately unlike Punjab (both east-Indian and west-Pakistani) population exchange was not done,” and that “crores of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim invaders have captured major parts of the state with the help of local Muslims who were not sent to Bangladesh as Punjabi Muslims from Indian Punjab to Pakistan,” Subarno Pande suggests a Kashmir-like Article 370 constitutional arrangement for West Bengal that would give only Hindu Bengalis voting and permanent civic rights in West Bengal. He also advocates the completion of the unfinished business of the exchange of the Muslim and non-Muslim populations of West Bengal and Bangladesh, and the formation of a Bengal Regiment comprising solely Bengali Hindu youths for the protection of the border in lieu of the BSF guards, some of whom reportedly allow Bangladeshis to cross into for a few hundred rupees.

While this may be the new dream of many a Hindu Bengali who now clearly sees the writing on the wall, and while this may not be very different from Malaysia’s Bhumiputra (sons of the soil) policies designed to ensure the domination of Malay Muslims, it might already be too late for such measures in Bengal. One can only imagine the violence that will erupt all over India if the first two ideas were even broached in the public political sphere. At any rate, the time has come to oust Mamata Banerjee from power so that further ethnic cleansing of Hindus can at least be stopped.

Why the 2016 Election is Critical for an Indian Future

In 2014, a serious allegation was “leveled against Mamata Banerjee and her closest aides for helping Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh to promote a political Jihad in West Bengal with Saradha cheat fund money,” was not pursued to its logical conclusion by her political opponents. The Central investigative agencies also dropped the ball in this regard. Nevertheless, public discontent against Mamata is at an all-time high, state assembly elections will take place in May this year, and Mamata will be more than ever dependent on the Muslim vote to stay in power.

As Bengal gears up for elections, a shocking front page news item published in The Telegraph (of all places!) on Feb 17, 2016, indicates how Mamata Banerjee plans to increase the number of Muslim voters to augment her share of votes. The Telegraph has reported that Mamata Banerjee has declared that “the Bengal government will urge the Centre to give citizenship to all Bangladeshis living in the state for five years or more, a move that will impact Assembly poll results as 10 districts share borders with the neighboring country.”

According to the news item, state officials themselves admit that there are “huge” numbers of undocumented Bangladeshis in the 10 districts bordering Bangladesh. The piece also quotes an unnamed TMC minister as saying “People who have identity documents but want citizenship certificates can decide the electoral outcome in at least 50 Assembly seats in the 10 districts. They are mainly from the minority community. We want to get their votes.”

This brazen anti-people and anti-national strategy that TMC is plotting to add more Bangladeshi Muslims to the electoral rolls should be of grave concern to all right minded people, and especially to all Bengalis.

Nationalist forces in the state should not hesitate to vocalize and propagate the truth to raise the political consciousness of the majority Hindu population. This will be a difficult process given the previous long-term communist indoctrination of Bengal’s masses, the anti-Hindu bias of the state’s administrative apparatus, and the stoic silence of the state’s Marxist controlled media outlets who have a long tradition of censoring all information relating to anti-Hindu violence and jihad. Even with Modi at the Centre, a BJP government at the state level might just be the only way to keep Bengal from slipping away from its Hindu identity and from India.

The stakes are very high. If nationalists do not come to power now, jihad-propelled demographic changes will only accelerate and it is certain that we will see a violent, “democratically” orchestrated movement for the secession of Bengal from India in our own lifetime. The Islamist demonstrations and riots in Malda, and the recent call for breaking up India emanating from JNU, an influential university with heavy leftist and Islamist leanings situated in the very heart of the national capital, are clear indications where things are headed.

Bengal Article 4Given TMC’s nefarious plans to court the Islamist lobby further, perhaps the biggest challenge and the ultimate obstacle for the BJP this time will not be how to awaken or win the confidence of the Hindu voters, but rather the usual rigging of elections and booth capturing by the TMC goons who will be inside and outside the polling stations when the elections take place this summer.

Defeating the Islamist forces and their allies like the TMC will require tremendous will and tremendous Hindu unity within Bengal. In another century, Vivekananda and Tagore had urged India to awaken. Today, India needs to urge Bengal to wake up.

Disclaimer: The facts and opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. IndiaFacts does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article.

Shonu Nangia is an academic, linguist, and translator-interpreter by training and works as an Associate Professor of Foreign Languages at LSU-Alexandria (USA) where he teaches French and Spanish. His scholarly work has appeared in Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, Michigan Academician, Folia Linguistica et Literaria, The Journal of College Writing, Louisiana Communication Journal, and a host of other places. He is also the author of the book Male-Female Relations in the Literary Maghreb: Poetics and Politics of Violence and Liberation in Francophone North African Literature by Tahar Ben Jelloun. He also enjoys organizing film festivals and yoga and meditation workshops.
  • Vikram

    Bengal is gone, unless Center interferes, and I do not think that will happen. Modi seems to be afraid of taking on Mamta. The Hindu Bengali Communist thugs used to throw acid on women who wore expensive jewelry. They destroyed W. Bengal’s industry by putting the supervisors in a small room, closing all windows and turning on high voltage bulbs to make them suffer (Gherao). Those were the hey days of Communism in W. Bengal. The comrades terrorized the people. Now that the Muslims migrated from Bangladesh, these commies are running with their tail tucked under their legs. They do not have to guts to fight against those who will hit them back. Bengal is gone, and it is the Communists who destroyed it. Years of anti Hindu propaganda by Communists have destroyed their thinking power. Today, the Hindu Samhiti is trying to get the Bengali Hindu to think again. Is it too late? Don’t count on Modi for help.

  • imagination

    Put president’s rule immediately. Then revise the voters roll. Throw out all the illegal Muslim immigrants. This will solve the problem (bring Muslim population down to 10%). This is the last chance.
    Bengalis themselves cannot do that. I am a Bengali and I admit this. We will need help from rest of India to implement this. Modi, Please save Bengal, the land of Ramkrishna and Vivekananda.

  • Saurav

    The question is – will the hindus unite?

  • Nishant

    Bengal is doomed with these Left ideologies and Mamta Begum

  • Kolguy78

    People of West Bengal are enjoying the Laddu-s of Acche Din!! Thanks to the present day BJP Govt at the center, we have the TMC ruling Bengal! It’s actually a BJP-TMC nexus Govt going onin Bengal now!

  • lokesh

    is a political conspiracy and if Indians choose being politically
    correct, they will be responsible for their demise. Steps that should be
    taken are
    1. Close all the Madarasaas
    2. Discourage Arabic script
    3. Include India’s liberal cultural Identity and the implications of partition of the nation in the text books
    4. Teach philosophy of each religion and teachings of their saints in Govt. SchoolsHatred can never be the solution because if hatred prevails Indians will be the biggest losers.

  • Gv Rama Rao

    The politicians of different hues, under the guise of secularism have been shortchanging the Hindus. Mostly scum, they do not hesitate to sacrifice/marginalise/kill/maim/ruin the Hindus to get to/cling to power. Mamta is the latest addition to this self-serving sect. These politicians are making it a veritable mistake to be born a Hindu in India and are telling Hindus in unequivocal terms to convert to Islam to get any benefits of the government. It’s high time these politicians are stopped in their tracks. India should seriously consider a separate electoral rolls for the muslims and reserve few seats for the muslims in the Lok Sabha. This is a drastic solution but the problem demands a no less solution.

  • Anil Kumar Tandale

    Congress agreed for partition to gain instant power. The exodus of Hindus and Hindu corpses from West Pakistan ignited anger against Congress throughout North India. Gandhi’s demise came handy for Congress to crush Hindus and to prevent Muslims from migrating to Pakistan, who were assured of Shariat law and in the bargain became vote bank for Congress. As an eye wash to Hindus, ban on cow slaughter and uniform civil code were included as toothless photoframe provisions of directive principles. For crushing the majority, Hindu personal laws were codified, but for Muslims the Congress has been propagating that initiative for reforming personal law must come from Muslims only, knowing fully well that during seven hundred years of rule, they imposed sharia with brutality and cruelty, hence initiative was definitely out of question. Unless the Hindus also assertively become intolerant fundamentalists, there is no scope for the survival of India.

  • Ranjit Bhonsle


    Swami Vivekanand, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and other real intellectuals must be cringing in shame in heaven at what pseudo intellectuals are doing to what is left of Bengal.

    Undivided Bengal was the only non north-western state to become Muslim majority thanks to the Bengali tendency to cozy up to the Mogul invaders. In 1747 the Marathas tried to liberate Bengal from Muslim hegemony. The Maratha forces under the command of Janoji suffered a resounding defeat at the battle of Burdwan at the hands of the Nawab of Bengal’s forces led by Ali Vardi Khan. The locals (Bengali Hindus) overwhelmingly supported the Nawab and tilted the balance decisively in favour of the Khan’s forces. The ‘intellectuals’ in those days managed to convince the Bengalis that the Afghan origin Nawab who represented the Moguls was their true protector while the Marathas were marauding barbarians! Had the Marathas won the battle of Burdwan, Bengal would have managed to overthrow the yoke of Muslim rule and two hundred years later there would have been no East Pakistan and therefore no Bangladesh!

    The British managed to enter India through Bengal. They first managed to establish a significant foot hold in Calcutta, not in Bombay or Madras or anywhere on the west coast. The Bengali ‘intellectuals’ who were by now fed up with Muslim tyranny rolled out the red carpet for the British and were quick to get into missionary positions with the missionaries. Thus the British managed to enter India from a point farthest from their homeland.

    In 1977 the’ intelligent’ Bengalis managed to elect the communist parties to power and reelected the communists 6 times thereafter. These communists are the same ones who supported China during the 1962 Chinese invasion of India and were looking forward to Mao liberating India. Harkishan Singh Surjeet infamously wrote ‘Chairman Mao is our Chairman’! For 34 years the Bengalis allowed themselves to be ruled by a a party which is nothing but a proxy of our arch enemy China!

    In 1947 Bengal became the only non north-western state to be partitioned. (The north western states had always bourne the brunt of Muslim invasions and succumbed but Bengal had capitulated to the Muslims without a fight and had also resisted liberation by the Marathas thanks to their ‘intellectuals’.). Today 2/3rds of Bengal is lost to Bangladesh
    and what is left behind is a shriveled up moth eaten West Bengal which of course we still proudly call ‘Amar Shonar Bangla’, although there is nothing ‘amar’ and nothing ‘shonar’ about it any more! West Bangladesh is a more apt and better description of Amar Shonar Bangla! Very soon this too shall be lost while Bengali ‘intellectuals’ are busy
    playing competitive pseudo-secularism in universities, in the arts, in the media, on prime time television and everywhere else while slowly but steadily what is left of Bengal is being lost to the enemies of India.

    Unfortunately, at crucial inflection points in history, an overwhelming majority of Bengalis have always made the wrong choices and supported the wrong side. Moreover, instead of learning from history they have always tried to put a gloss on their mistakes by using high sounding but hollow arguments like secularism, democracy, socialism, equality, freedom of speech, expression, religion etc!

  • Vikram

    Bengal, sadly, might be beyond help…how the author thinks BJP has even a ghost of a chance in ongoing assembly elections is beyond me. In most likelihood Mamta will win, or CPM/Cong alliance might upset her. BJP had a golden opportunity to build on LS 2014 performance (17% vote) in last 2 yrs – but they BLEW IT bigtime – if they had prosecuted Mamta for Saradha and put her behind bars by now, we might hv been able to impose prez rule to conduct free and fair elections and a strong BJP CM candidate (Roopa Ganguly?) might have been able to pull off a miracle win…but that is all water under the bridge…NaMo did not quite turn out to be the iron man we had hoped and India needed at this juncture. He is still BY FAR the best bet for India – but we need to accept that he will just create a vastly more developed nation, but will not solve the critical security and social challenges we face. Moreover, dice is heavily loaded against Hindus – out of 4 pillars of democracy 2 are heavily loaded against us – media & judiciary (den of Idea of India secular ideology), 1 is against (arrogant bureaucracy – dominated by Congress leaning or status quoists), 1 is slight anti (politics – emergence of BJP as strong national alternative has given Hindus some breathing space, but if all ‘secular’ parties ally under 1 banner in 2019 – then even BJP might lose)…….so Hindu nationalists need to propagate their message very-2 fast and also think of some radical, innovative strategies to survive. We will NOT survive in the current constitutional/social/legal/geographic framework we have in India

    • Anand Gupta

      Hats off bro….brilliant commentary this .

  • Refrain from citing Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a british sepoy and convert.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      I also feel that Buddhism had an impact in making Hindus docile. There is a theory that the expansion of Buddhism had the effect that there wasn’t the fiery fighting spirit like the one there used to be at one time. So maybe we became kind of willing to put up with all kind of invasions. My feeling is we somehow lost the Arthashastra training for some reason.


    Subarno Pande suggests a Kashmir-like Article 370 constitutional arrangement for West Bengal that would give only Hindu Bengalis voting and permanent civic rights in West Bengal. He also advocates the completion of the unfinished business of the exchange of the Muslim and non-Muslim populations of West Bengal and Bangladesh, and the formation of a Bengal Regiment comprising solely Bengali Hindu youths for the protection of the border in lieu of the BSF guards, some of whom reportedly allow Bangladeshis to cross into for a few hundred rupees.

    While this may be the new dream of many a Hindu Bengali who now clearly sees the writing on the wall, and while this may not be very different from Malaysia’s Bhumiputra (sons of the soil) policies designed to ensure the domination of Malay Muslims, it might already be too late for such measures in Bengal. One can only imagine the violence that will erupt all over India if the first two ideas were even broached in the public political sphere. At any rate, the time has come to oust Mamata Banerjee from power so that further ethnic cleansing of Hindus can at least be stopped.

    The suggestions mentioned above should be brought in public political sphere at any cost by the RSS-BJP or else Maa Bharati will be divided into another Khanda and if that happens then dont blame the NATHURAMS.


    In her article published in American Thinker, Janet Levy reports that-

    At partitioning, the Muslim population of West Bengal stood at 12% and the Hindu population of East Bengal 30%. Today, with massive Muslim immigration, Hindu persecution and forced conversions, West Bengal’s Muslim population has increased to 27% (up to 63% in some districts), as per the 2011 census and Bangladesh’s Hindu population has decreased to 8%. While the situation for Hindus in Bangladesh is certainly dire, life has become increasingly difficult for Hindus in West Bengal, home to a Muslim-appeasing government and a breeding ground and safe haven for terrorists. For several years, West Bengal has suffered under apparent Muslim-planned riots designed to implement shariah, extract government concessions and grab more territory.

    Janets words “(The level of Jew hatred and outright ignorance of the Holocaust among Indian (Hindus?) in the comments below is truly astonishing! (I assume this lack of knowledge extends to the inquisitions, the Crusades, the pogroms, the ghettos). No wonder Hindus have such a long history of falling for taqiyya!) ”

    I would like to point out that Janet Levy is Jewish lady who supports the Hindus against Muhammadian terrorism and Christian Conversion but when she visited Indiafacts some seven months back she had to come across distasteful Anti Semitic comments from certain Judeophobes.I would advice the Moderator of Indiafacts and the readers to be careful of such Judeophobic conspiracy theorists who propagate such lies and even alienate the few friends that we Hindus have.

    Janet levy had written a few articles about the situation in India and had the good fortune to visit in 2012.

    The Other Jihad: Islam’s War on the Hindus
    The Jihad Against Bengali

    The Muslim Conquest of India

    The Largest Election in the History of the largest Democracy in the World

    The Muslim Takeover of West Bengal

    Fallout from the Partitioning of the British Empire

    People can follow her on

    Again I would advice Hindus to not blindly trust or follow someone without proper due diligence especially Captain.Ajit Vadakayil who is a Sepoy in disguise and fooling the Hindus by proposing Jewish Rothschild Conspiracy theories

  • IndiannotAmused

    “Many of them are themselves from refugee families who fled East Bengal (former name of Bangladesh) during one of the many cyclical periods Hindu mass killings there, and who were completely unable to resist Islamic fundamentalism there in any meaningful way…………” That sentence clinches it. Let me share an open secret here on this comment board.The CURSE of Bengal is the Eastern Bengal Refugee population settled in Kolkata…….also referred to as Bangal ……. With a few bright exceptions, this class is almost universally ANTI-HINDU,ANTI-INDIA and PRO-BANGLADESHI .Yes, these are purportedly Hindu people who support a Jihadi state. They have been the backbone of the CPI-M as far as political support is concerned-these past four decades. They are only about 30 lakh ,concentrated in and around Kolkata. But through superb political manipulations they have placed their kith and kin in positions of political,economic,cultural,academic,institutional,social as well as judicial influence within Kolkata. Now Bengal,unlike other major Indian states does not have more than one anchor city-Kolkata dominates Bengal’s thought process. If you control Kolkata-you control Bengal. The outcome is this……..about 30 lakh Bangals have assumed total command over the destinies of 9 crore people in Bengal villages and towns. That is how Bengal became HOSTILE to Hindutva ……..through political brainwashing by the CPM of an entire refugee population that managed to grab the central levers of state power in Bengal. ALL the Commie pseudo-seculars ,be it in Jadavpur university campus or the editors of AnandaBazarPatrika-Telegraph group are Bangals. It is an entire demographic vote bank that is DHIMMI to the Muslims of the East. They HATE anything connected to Eastern India or Hinduism or Indian Nationalism.They are Dhimmis par excellence and they want all Bengalis nay Indians to become refugees like themselves. Why did a refugee population not come to the Hindu vote-bank and shift loyalties? That is a discussion -colorful in its own right-for another day. Curse me for being communal but I am not going to be politically correct when the state is sinking. PURGE Kolkata of BANGAL influence…… Bengal………save Eastern India. I invite comments [ even personal attacks ] on this comment.

    • MrdeltaNoir

      Bengal is a time-bomb waiting to explode upon the ignorant Indian Hindu. Intellectual Bengali prudes have spent precious time arguing about all things under the sun sitting on their bloated opinionated asses. The next generations of expat Bengalis will have their ancestors & parents to blame.

      Kerala is another place that is going through the same. But the right is rising here. RSS has Kerala as its second biggest unit. Malayalis are easy-going but when shit hits the fan we retaliate and retaliate with fury.

      India has been accommodating and diverse and it should stay that way.

      These wannabe Arabs have no love for their country its culture or its people. Their blind faith in a literature that hasn’t been updated to reflect modern realities is tearing social systems apart all over the world. Well, to them I say this, Arab oil is about to run out & Education has never been your forte. In the absence of a respectable qualification and prudent investments you will fall back to what you do best: terrorism and separatism. But this time WE ARE READY !
      The Hindu Right has awoken.
      We may not hurt others for our religion, but we will wreck shit up if you touch our families and culture !

      • IndiannotAmused

        Win Kerala back for Hinduism. Then make it a great seaborne trade center like it used to be with flourishing commerce.May business and Hinduism grow hand in hand in Kerala. Wish you all Malayalis the best.

    • The curse of Maharashtra is the same, the Punjabis whose wives/daughters/sisters/mothers were being gangraped by punjabi muslims and pathans in porkistan during partition settled in Mumbai and hijacked the Marathi Movie Industry during the political turmoil that ensued after Godse’s action. Punjabis didn’t stop at hijacking either, they went even further and invited and allowed their rapists into bollywood. The Punjabis even to this day still invite, promote, praise and sing glories of their rapists and murderer, the pathans in their movies. Eventually the pathans took over the bollywood from the slave punjabis and control it.

      • IndiannotAmused

        Now that you have pointed it out,it seems somewhat scary.Is it not strange how East Bengal and West Punjab…….two Dharmic regions that have been ravaged by Muslims continue to be beholden to them? How is it that a subject population does the following –
        1. Hate fellow-Dharmics who successfully resisted the invaders. [West Bengal,Eastern Bihar,Jharkhand and Western Bangladesh……..form an ethnic-political continuum where a mixture of political and military factors checked Jihad.Thanks to Nehru, Western Bangladesh was given away………but point is it formed part of the axis of resistance to Jihad] .
        2. Love the tormentors of old and glorify those lands and their old masters.
        3. Work for those masters to subvert their fellow Dharmics.
        Is this not a case of being collective House-Niggers on the part of those communities from East Bengal and West Punjab? Is it self-loathing,is it an attempt to hide their failure at successful defense? Is it an attempt to cover their shame of subjugation and humiliation by the invaders? Is it not the ultimate Dhimmitude?

  • mksharma62

    First the illegal migrant population, guided and taught by vested interests and religious fanatics, would first concentrate on Anti-Assamese and Anti-Tribal propaganda and passions and use the Bengali card to solicit and get all help and aid from the Bengalis – they will say and chant ‘aamaar sonar bangla”. Once they effectively overcome the resistance of Assamese and tribals, then they will concentrate on ‘Greater Bengal’ and try to mop up as many Hindu Bengalis to that goal as possible. Once they achieve that aim, or succeed in getting sufficient support, then they will begin their campaign and struggle for Greater Mugalistan in Bengal and Assam in earnest.

  • ravikch

    Why doesn’t the Indian government march into W Bengal and declare a central rule until the national security issues are sorted out? Why wait until the situation deteriorates like in Kashmir. Even if put to a referendum on this decision, I’m sure Indian people will overwhelmingly approve such a take over the state administration by center for national security reasons. That would be democratic too.

    • IndiannotAmused

      Why bother to save a self-destructive people who sneer at their own identity? Better to merge large parts of Nepal with India. We will gain strategic land and a fiercely loyal warrior population. Funny thing, some parts of Eastern Bangladesh like Chittagong Hill Tracts are good for a merger.People there are fighters and pro-India by nature. Divide Bengal into North and South Bengal. Retain the North [from Malda upwards] with India……..this will serve as our landbridge with the North-East. Give away the South to Bangladesh Jihadis and watch the Commie South Bengal enjoy SECULARISM. [With Nepal and Chittagong merged ,we will not be losing territory at all but gain some,population wise maybe a bit but what a toxic population to be rid of ]. SIGH. I don’t want Bengal to be given up. I am so frustrated that I vented here.

      • Savarkar’s Disciple

        You speak of Chattgayian Bhoots (not meant in a condescending way) like Surya Sen ferrocious indeed and very much Hindu in their outlook.My ancestors too belonged from Chittagong still havent been able to completely figure out what made East Bengalis or Bangaals what they are even after all the atrocities.If only people like me had power I would let Savarkarite Militia reign havoc on these Mullahs and their lovers.Grave injustice to have let Chittagong go to East Pakistan,some of my poor relatives somehow managed to come close to Manipur in 1971 but have no clue what happened to them after that.Must have either been killed, raped or converted thats what you get for producing so many revolutionaries who fought against the Brits.

        • IndiannotAmused

          I am sad to know about your relatives.Maybe a search can yield clues…..TMC government should pick up such cases in discussions with Awami league government…….some good should come out of TMC government’s Jihadi love.
          As for Bangals, an overwhelming majority settled down in Kolkata and switched over to Communism. They form the backbone of CPM support base. Only a microscopic minority-the smartest of the lot-stayed true to their faith and these were persecuted.These are still persecuted.Why did Bangaals switch? Bengal Sangh did not do political work among these people and Communists did a full infiltration of them. Now these refugees – [there are of course exceptions]-hate Hindutva,hate West Bengal natives,hate India…….Kanhaiya Kumar is a hero among their present generation. Bengal Sangh SITS and WATCHES. A few like Tapan Ghosh [himself a Bangal ,I believe] have started walking a different path,but that is just very few. Only solution………Savarkarite militia in the villages and small towns. Also time to completely dissolve the Bangal-Ghoti divide-an artificial barrier that keeps Hindu Bengali community divided. The Ghotis themselves need to understand that what they take to be their safe haven is only so because of historical circumstances……it can not be taken for granted…….sorry I am rumbling. Your post was heart-touching. We need ,among Hindutva badi Bengalis,to form a platform and come up with ideas that can save West Bengal and possibly recover East Bengal.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            I understand that todays Bangals are mostly pro Communism/Secularism but I cant come to terms with it especially after reading VOI and Savarkar etc even Tathagat Roy could not come to a conclusion.I am guessing somehow its coz of Buddhism,I personally think that Bengalis often flirt with radical ideologies so why not a SAVARKARITE one for a change.But yes your right this Bangal vs Ghoti is stupid especially when Eideshi Shyama Prasad Mukherjee helped the refugees and was the last Hindu leader from Bengal.Too much of this Eelish Vs Chingri and all this rubbish is portrayed and unnecessary stereotypes are created to keep a rift between the two as if to show that one is superior and other is inferior.What the hell did Bangladesh give ppl like us that we should romanticize about that Mleccha Land,I dunno if you have heard the saying “Bhadralok ke Aaakare eekare Bangal ke Choware Chapore” which bascially means you can talk to a Bhadralok but with a Bangal you must slap the fellow so that it enters his fat head,this is the same Western Lense borrowed perspective which looks down upon the heathens.This Bhadratami has got us nowhere and if we want India not to be partitioned again via Bengal then its important to shed our Perverted Virtues and accept Savarkar’s advice for Chatrapati Shivaji and Chimnaji Appa and do a tit for tat to every Muhammadian Gazi Goonda strategy/tactic infact at times be Proactive if possible.As far as my relatives are concerned its too late for anything to do,my grandfather wasn’t the richest of all and being a poor peasent he joined Azad Hind Fauz thinking that something good can be done for our Matru Bhumi, eventually landed up in Burma carved out a reasonable business over there again to be pushed out of Burma in the 70s by the Military Govt.Poverty striken and with a burden of a large family there was very little he or anyone else could do for our relatives in Bangladesh.The reason I am saying all this is, is not a tell a SOB story to someone on the internet but its for any reader to know that there is point when we have to stop running and retaliate back with vengance or else the land will keep shrinking especially with expansionist notions of the children of Abraham.I agree completely that Hindutvavadi Bengalis must unite but I personally have lost faith coz these same Hindutvavadis seem to be satisfied with Modi at the realm of affairs.But yes we can and should try with realist goals and realist approaches and no dilly dallying or backtracking from commitments made towards the cause of saving Paschim Banga or even recovering if not entire East Bengal atleast parts of it.There was Bir Bongo movement started by Bir Bongo Sena earlier and as usual our GOI morons did very little to help those guys.

          • IndiannotAmused

            Yours is NOT any sob story but the story of a proud family that refused to sell out to circumstances. I feel if such stories were present in every district of the self-smug Ghoti Bengal things could have been different. ………” know that there is point when we have to stop running and retaliate back with vengeance or else the land will keep shrinking especially with expansionist notions of the children of Abraham.” That statement needs to be read in every Hindu home,temple,congregation of religious and secular nature……..We can and should recover Khulna,Rajshahi,Rangpur divisions and Chittagong area. We need to resort to all available political means to do that.The Hindu Bengali homeland has been kept intact through bloody wars by Pratapaditya,Sitaram Roy and many others who Commi historians never care to mention…….We need to maintain and recover our Lebensraum and to hell with political correctness.
            To be frank ,I am okay with Modi…….let the Sangh do its mainstream work…….let there be “other forces” that engage in politically incorrect ventures………where is it written that Sangh and its affiliates have to be the only representatives of Hindus in the political sphere?There can be other Hindu organizations too and the Sangh need not be responsible for the conduct of such organizations.In fact it can publicily denounce these groups.
            If the Commi -Bangals of the tiny Tripura state can effectively nullify Bangladeshi threat, can buddy up to Modi…….we can too.They want Greater Bangladesh? Fine. We want Greater West Bengal, Greater Tripura and Greater Assam. Let it begin .

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            “the story of a proud family that refused to sell out to circumstances”
            This line of yours reminded me the other Child of Abrahams Khela , these bloody Missionaries came to save our heathen souls but thankfully back then my family refused to be Saved.
            “The Hindu Bengali homeland has been kept intact through bloody wars by Pratapaditya,Sitaram Roy and many others who Commi historians never care to mention”
            – Absolutely infact we should always say Maharaja Pratapaditya and he was known for having a naval force he kept fighting for a long time like many others eventually to perish and thanks to these Commie Darindas never to be told to the Bengalis or the rest of Hindu world that these were the Hindu Heroes who never bowed down to child of Abraham infact what I remember he even punished the missionaries once they started creating a nuisance.Similarly Raja Sitaram Roy too went on to challenge Musalmaans Mughal Rule Hegemony by establishing a Hindu Raj …I dont have any fascination or believe for the politically correct Gandhitvadi Sangh who appropriated Savarkars Hindutva and distorted it Golmaalkarism.By the way you might already know this but Hindutva was first coined and used by a Bengali Hindu Nationalist in 1880s Koenraad Elst mentioned in Saffron Swastika but he didn’t mention the name or the source if you know it please do let me know.Bengalis have an issue that we are willing to accept anything thats created or invented or discovered by a Bong so since Hindutva was indeed coined by a Bengali Hindu Nationalist,later on to be made into a Political Ideology by Veer Savarkar it will indeed be the homecoming of our own and not an imposed one like the Marxist/Secularist crap of a foreign Fatherland.

          • IndiannotAmused

            I agree to every point you mentioned. As for the anonymous Hindutva Pravakta, I am not sure but I had heard that a few learned men in the Tattwabodhini Sabha had discussed this. The man who proposed it was a Zamindar and he was received well.But with Brahmo Samaj getting bigger traction, the Hindutva wave became weaker at least in intellectual circles. That said, I fervently believe that Vivekananda and Aravinda espoused this and exactly this way.Maybe they did not use the words but they hinted at it. Aravinda went as far as to say that the Bengali Hindus should develop ” The Spirit of the Samurai”………..all said and done I do not remember the name of the Zamindar but some search in Tattwabodhini Sabha related electronic archives may yield some information.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Thanks a lot for letting me know the possible source

          • IndiannotAmused

            You are welcome.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Most descriptions of Bengal given by European writers point
            to a mixed population. But “it is evident, from the numerical
            superiority in Eastern Bengal of the Muslims…that at some period an
            immense wave of proselytization must have swept over the country
            and it is most probable that that period was the period of Jalaluddin
            Muhammad [converted son of the Hindu Raja Ganesh.] during whose
            reign of seventeen years (1414-1431)…..hosts of Hindus are said to
            have been forcibly converted to Islam.”” Other causes of large-
            scale conversions are said to be rivalry between Buddhism and
            Hinduism, the former joining hands with the Muslims

            131 of 267 pgs


            So irrespective of what scholars like Koenraad Elst say with regards to Savarkar being wrong about Buddhism the timid behaviour of the Bengalis has a lot to do with the Buddhist Hangover.


          • IndiannotAmused

            That is one highly interesting link you have found.Gives one cause for thought. This brings something else to my mind. It is known that the Buddhism of Sri Lanka was directly exported from Bengal region of India. It is known also that among all the Buddhist societies and clergies, The Simhala Buddhist clergy is implacably hostile towards Hindus. [ I know I don’t have to mention other things related to this here-you must be knowing]. This is in direct contrast with many other societies where Buddhism and Hinduism or any other local faith co-exist peacefully-as all non-Abrahamic faiths do. It is known that the Simhala Buddhist texts are directly connected to the East Bengal Buddhist ones. Makes one wonder……..especially after what you have just shared. It is difficult to imagine today that Bengal gave THREE strong empires to India- Gangaridai, Gupta and Pala. Today these Bengalis have to fight for the right to merely exist. Anyways , great share.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Before you get confused with my quest I will spell it out

            (1)I am trying to find out whether Buddhism or one if its school is responsible for escapism from Kshatriya Dharma ?
            (2)What made it escapist in the case of East Bengal or Shwetha Bharat etc ?
            (3)Why does Southeastern Buddhism not stop one from becoming a warrior ?
            (4)Did the Southeastern Buddhists just survive coz they were not put to test like their Indian Counter part vis-a-vis Islamic Invasions ie Hindu Rashtra becoming a buffer state between them and Islam ?
            (5)Is there anything as a Buddhist Hangover and has it impacted the Bengali mind which has made them timid ?

            I know I am being a little pesty but bear with me coz my idea is to do a complete SWOT Analysis and find out the aspects be it PESTEL which made us weak and thereby eliminating those features to make a stronger Hindu Rashtra.(Exactly what Savarkar would have wanted)

            I will share a few more anecdotes when my family was pushed out of Burma by the Military noone was hurt or molested but they say that the then General had problems with the Hindus coz whenever Hindu men married Burmese woman they would not eat the food or often these woman would not be accepted by the man’s family etc…the other interesting part is Arkanis or also known as Rakhine province had Buddhist monks whose behaviour and language was something that even the Burmese of other province didn’t u already know the hostility between the Musalmaans and the Buddhists of Burma especially the Monks and those guys resort to any method to get rid of the Musalmaans this kind of hostility towards Hindus didnt exist the reason I mention this is coz East Bengal is in close proximity to Burma than Srilanka and Buddhism travelled from Bharat including parts of East Bengal to those parts….So how is it that closer to East Bengal the Buddhists dont behave in the same manner as they did towards the Vedics as they did in Srilanka(Obviously AIT etc played a role in the Genocide) but the Buddhist vs Vedic hostility in Srilanka exists from Pre Colonial times its just that the problems became worse later on……Savarkar believed that Buddhists are responsible for escapist behaviour from their Kshatriya Dharma but Koenraad Elst suggests that nothing stopped the Buddhists from being aggressive towards Vedics in Srilanka or the Buddhists becoming Shaolin Monks with warrior qualities in China similarly Zen Buddhism in Japan created Samurais and as far as thailand and other Southeastern parts too you see that Buddhism never became a hindrance to creating a Warrior class (Eg: even today many of the learned Masters of Thai Boxing and other martial arts reside in ancient Buddhist temples ) and ur also right about how Hinduism and Buddhism coexisting in Nepal etc….even Tathgatha Roy mentions that many of these Musalmaans have a habit of being Naraa (shaving heads) this is similar to Buddhists so I think he too is referring to a Buddhist conversion of Muslim population but again the earlier link of K.S.Lal also suggests many Vedics Zamindars etc converting along with the whole village…

            That explanation is that this region, along with large parts of the rest of India and places as far west and north as modern-day Afghanistan and Xinjiang, had become entirely Buddhist, and by the sixth century or so this Buddhism had also become adulterated with diverse forms of animism, occult practices, promiscuity, and the like, something in the nature of what is known in Hinduism as vamachara, and had degenerated into a loose faith. The great Acharya Sankara set out on foot from faraway Kerala to set right this state of affairs and in a life of only 32 years got the country firmly back to the Hindu fold. It is possible that the Acharya could not reach the eastern parts of Bengal because of the relative inaccessibility of the delta. In fact the delta of Eastern Bengal was known in legend as Pandavavarjita Desha — the land that even the Pandavas avoided[19]. The population therefore remained Buddhist-Animist, and easily converted to Islam when the marauders from the west came to Bengal. Extensive ruins of Buddhist monasteries are found at Paharpur and Mahasthangarh in the northern parts of present-day Bangladesh. The Buddhist priest Dipankar Srigyan had set out from a village called Bajrajogini near Dacca to convert the whole of Tibet to Buddhism. Till today Hindu Bengalis, when they choose to be abusive, refer to Muslims by the term Neray (a diminutive of Naraa, meaning shaven-headed). And a lot of Bengali Muslims do tonsure their heads, which is believed to be a custom inherited by them from the Buddhist viharas (monasteries) which their ancestors atttended. All these bear eloquent testimony to the hold of Buddhism in East Bengal.

            See from 50:00 how Francois Gautier relates ASURA to Pacifism its important wrt our conversation

          • IndiannotAmused

            All good questions.With my limited knowledge I will try to answer briefly to each of those questions.But please know that such issues are best pursued with dedicated resources [which maybe you will use down the lane]………
            (1)I am trying to find out whether Buddhism or one if its school is responsible for escapism from Kshatriya Dharma ?

            I do not believe that Buddhism has any EMASCULATING quality. The Palas were Buddhist and Hindu at the same time.Their institutions were very highly military in nature.Even a given segment of the Buddhist monks at Vikramshila, Nalanda etc. had specializations [like in any educational institution] in the military affairs. An oblique reference to the strategic thinking of the Buddhist monks [especially Atisha Dipankar] is given in Saradindu Bandyopadhay’s immortal work ” Tumi Sondhar Megh”. More serious references can be found in Pali canons.
            (2)What made it escapist in the case of East Bengal or Shwetha Bharat etc ?
            I do not think it was the Buddhist religion per-se as much as it was the loss of Buddhist knowledge centers that made East Bengal Buddhism so weak. Also the terrain itself, being open and flat, without hills, forests or proper swampland was great for Turkish horse-borne warfare.So the local barons could not give politico-military support to the local public as well as Buddhist clergy.Cut off from the wider Buddhist circles and hemmed in by inferior political support the local Buddhists became weak.
            (3)Why does Southeastern Buddhism not stop one from becoming a warrior ?
            This is interesting. Please note the Buddhism in Burma, Thailand,Laos ,Cambodia and Vietnam is HEAVILY influenced by Hinduism.So much so that even today the CORONATION of the Thai King is done by a HINDU BRAHMIN [ sounds crazy but true] and not anyone else. The Vietnamese have strong Confucian pragmatism as well as elements of Hindu and animist feelings hardwired into their version.All the societies of South-East Asia have this hardened brawny version of Buddhism.

            (4)Did the Southeastern Buddhists just survive coz they were not put to test like their Indian Counter part vis-a-vis Islamic Invasions ie Hindu Rashtra becoming a buffer state between them and Islam ?

            Not at all.In fact each of them were subjected to Jihad at some point of time.They adapted the best practices in statecraft and warcraft to push back Jihad. The Thais imported guns,cannons and ships from the Portuguese and Spanish and used these to devastate Malayan Jihadis. The Vietnamese used the Chinese mercenaries and Korean rocketry to destroy Sumatran invasion forces.The Burmese actually used heavy counterstrike by invading as far deep as Dhaka and used North-East Indian tribesmen like Kukis armed with Tibetan muskets to cause terror among Bengal Jihadis. Finally the Chinese settled in Borneo helped ward off Islamic incursions there. There are unconfirmed reports of Chinese and Hindu-Javanese fighting to secure Eastern Java and Bali island against Jihad.

            (5)Is there anything as a Buddhist Hangover and has it impacted the Bengali mind which has made them timid ?

            This I can not say as I do not have any societal connection with the lands of Bengal to the East of the Padma-which is the core of Islamic Bengal. But I personally believe that a Buddhist hangover- if it exists-does not make them timid as much as it makes them Anti-Hindu. This is found in them embracing any new Anti-Hindu fad that comes along-down the ages. Earlier it used to be Islam Then it was Communism and recently it is the TMC.
            (6) So how is it that closer to East Bengal the Buddhists dont behave in the same manner as they did towards the Vedics as they did in Srilanka
            I can only guess on this one. The Buddhism that you find in Sri Lanka is Theravada Buddhism.It actually travelled to South-East Asia from Sri Lanka and today with the exception of some Northern areas of Vietnam ,it is Theravada that constitutes the main version of Buddhism there.That said I have two points to make-
            1. In mainland South-East Asia as well as certain areas of maritime South-East Asia the societies had already had deeply ENTRENCHED Hindu traditions,when Buddhism and Islam arrived on the scene. Thus even an Islamified Indonesia CELEBRATES the Ramayana tradition.If Islam could not wipe it away, lets just say a few angry Buddhist monks could not help but find accommodation with the Vedic thought processes there.This was not the case in Sri Lanka where by all accounts the state itself was established by groups of DISENFRANCHISED adventurers from Eastern Bengal-who were all Buddhists.
            2. Also, the Inner Asia and East Asia versions of Buddhism maintained constant contact with the South East Asian versions of Buddhism.Those streams of Buddhism always had high regard for classical Indian traditions. This must have weakened the anti-Vedic attitude of Sri Lankan Buddhism.
            Sri Lanka on the other hand had only weak and disconnected contact with the bigger world of Buddhism.Such insular way of being only made Sri Lankan Buddhism more inward looking.
            I did not include any references here as I typed in a hurry. In a future post I will try to put those. All said I believe that your ancestral land, Chattagram is ripe for a Buddhist revival aided by Hindu might.Lets see where that goes.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            If and when you get time do include the references …btw I agree with you by and large especially the part about terrain and the slaughtering of Buddhist monks(Intellectuals) leaving a vacuum.Your also right about how Theravada school in Srilanka is very different from other Southeast Asian parts and just like in Nepal the rest of Southeastern Buddhist too is intertwined with Vedic beliefs etc.Any idea about Shweta Bharat and Buddhism and why they surrendered etc.

          • IndiannotAmused

            What is Shweta Bharat? Is this the North-West of Indian subcontinent ?

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Yeah,sorry about it I should have mentioned Afghanisthan and NW Indian subcontinent.

          • IndiannotAmused

            No problems there. Based on what I have learnt through readings and discussions with experts, I have the following impression-
            The North-West India [ as in the extreme North-West,in Porkistan today ] was based on one main state and a large number of tribal confederacies. That state was Gandhara. While the tribal confederacies dotted the plains of Porkistani Punjab of today,the state of Gandhara straddled the Khyber region and South-East Afghanistan. The tribal units looked to the Indian sub-continent for sustenance to an extent and were mostly Indic-Hindu. But the mainstay of that region was the state of Gandhara. And it had two features that stand out-
            1. It was mostly Buddhist ” owned and operated”.
            2. It was connected MUCH MORE to its North and West than to its East and South. That as you can understand, means that Gandhara was an extension of Inner Asia protruding into BharatVarsha.
            In simple terms this meant that the Gandhara state had a disproportionate dependence on the Silk Route trade through Inner Asia that was dependent on the continued prosperity of the Oasis cities in that area.
            All those cities used to be Buddhist.
            All those cities fell to the ” Believers of the Book” by the 9th century.
            The outcome was that Gandhara -that is- South-East Afghanistan and Khyber area-lost all means of sustenance in all senses of the term. It was thus a simple matter then to finish that state off in a series of bloody Jihadi campaigns.The Indian subcontinent was never a source for mobilization as far as Gandhara was concerned.
            Consequently, the Hindus of the West Punjab gave a much more tough fight to the Jihadis than the Gandharans as they were obtaining their strength from BharatVarsh based societies. Cut off from its main Inner Asian hinterland , Gandhara was not strong enough to fight. Whatever fight was put up was by the Hindu Kshatriya families like the Shahis. They actually used the Buddhists to put up decent fight but only when the fight came to West Punjab did the Jihadis face serious resistance. [The Taxila Buddhist monastery was already long gone-devastated by the Hunas. All religious guidance came from mainly Inner Asia and a small part from Tibet and China.When Inner Asia fell to Muslims, most of that stopped].
            As far as the religion is concerned, you can easily guess, what the dis-connected Gandhara did after Jihadi invasion……..they converted.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Thanks for the response…so what I can conclude from the discussion is that there are 2 main reasons (1)Geography (2)Killing of Intellectuals both these are the major reasons for the Buddhist inaction.
            Eventhough from my research I have come to a conclusion that Quantum or Volume of Jihadi attacks on other Buddhist Nations compared to Bharat were lesser but that does not mean that Buddhists of Southeast Asia could not have fended themselves against Pisslamb had the number and frequency of attacks been as high or higher than that of Bharat.

            Huns had destroyed Taxila in 5th Century and similarly Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed Nalanda in 1193 so this left a huge vaccum.Interesting part is I had heard Swaminathan Gurumurthy mentioning the burning of Arthsastra in 8th Century but I cant remember which video…similary RM in TBFS has mentioned the decline of the parampara of Arthsastra being one of the main reasons for these conquests…
            Sharma speculates that a reason for India’s downfall was the eclipse of the category of Chakravarti as mentioned in the Arthashastra. A Chakravarti’s domain was from ocean to ocean; he
            was above all the other kings who were local. He feels that the Arthashastra at some point ceased to be taught for learning realpolitik. There appears to have been an attack on it by liberal passivism. It is ironic, he says, that during British rule the Arthashastra text had disappeared until a copy suddenly
            surfaced with a farmer in Kerala in the early twentieth century. Because Arthashastra also teaches the use of physical force in dealing with ‘others’, its loss in the Indian mind deprived Indians of the intellectual tools necessary to understand strategies for such encounters. Sharma recommends introducing the study of Arthashastra va all schools in all languages.
            Reference 75% of Kindle The Battle for Sanskrit

            So what I am trying to say is that Muslims always kill the Intellectuals first but Hindus dont do this…Even if you trace the Arya Samajhi killings which started in 1898 to 1926 finally with the murder of Mahatma Shraddhand by Gazi Muhammadian Goonda Adul Rashid you notice the pattern that these Mlecchas always kill the Head whereas we dont do anything of that sort as a form of retaliation…Hence I believe that we should be targeting Ashrafs/Ashrafism because today its Salafism/Wahabbism tomorrow it will be something else but it will always be imported to Bharat via Ashrafs-Syed,Shaikhs,Mughals & Pathans…

            Just like these guys targeted Brahminism we must target Ashrafism …infact reading K.S.Lal’s works along with Jadunnath Sarkars etc I see its always these Ashrafs who are importing foreign ideologies this also applies to Islamic Laws which these guys imported from Egypt and their Caliphates…
            Our Turkish conquerors brought with themselves to their
            new home the type of administration which had long been known
            to extra-Indian Muslim countries as the model, and which had
            been proved by the exjerience of centuries as the most successful,
            viz.^ the administrative system of the Abbasid Khalifs of Iraq
            and the Fatimid Khalifs of Egypt. The Mughal administration
            presented a combination of Indian and extra-Indian elements ; or.
            more correctly, it was the Perso- Arabic system in Indian setting.-Pg 14 of 92
            Hence, it became necessary for Indian Qazis to have at their
            elbow a digest of Islamic law and precedent compiled from the
            accepted Arabic writers. Such digests were prepared from time to
            time, and their character varied with the sovereign’s choice
            among the four schools of Islamic law, viz.^ the iJanafi, the
            MaLki, the Shafii ‘ and the llanbali. The Hanafi school was
            considered orthodox in India. The last law digest prepared in
            our country was the Fatawa-i-Alamgin, which was compiled by
            a syndicate of theologians under orders of Aurangzib at a cost of
            two lakhs of rupets. Muslim Law in India was, therefore,
            incapable of growth and change, except so far as it reflected
            changes of juristic thought in Arabia or Egypt.
            Pg 20 of 92

            If we trace all these Fatwas and the murders of Hindus that took place due to these Fatwas we will always see an Ashraf who has asked the Ajlaf or Azral to prove his extra Territorial bloodline…..It must be made UNCOOL to be an Ashraf…So one mode could be Counter Jizyah mixed with Social Engineering forced upon Muslims especially a Progressive taxation
            I have had many conversations with many Muslims and they say that they know very little of the Quran and often accept what their Moulanas(Ashrafs) say as a given and thereby react accordingly against the Hindus or vote for a particular party.Brahmins dont have such a stranglehold over the Hindu society.Similarly the Christian,Catholic clergy often belonging to Upper castes also make their coreligionists act accordingly especially going against Hindus…we can expand this idea as foundation pillar to re/deconvert these Mlecchas back to Hindu fold or else Ghar Wapsi is a distant dream…Syrian Christians should pay up for siding with the Portuguese,Catholics for the Goan Inquisition and Missionaries for creating Bheda and Western Universalists for broadening the fault lines…If someone says we should not then the arguement is that if the Indian Constitution believes in the Concept of Original Sin and imposes Affirmative Action for the SC,ST,OBC etc at the cost of Hindu Savarnas then according to our understanding of History we take compensations from the ones who actually inflicted these wounds….. We can also use Decolonizing Boards and impose Recolonising taxes on movies,theatre or Companies imposing Western HR policies(compulsory Western Outfits etc) any other softpower used to portray caste,cow,curry or questioning the Hindu Grand narrative on fabricated or mocking native cultures like Voodoo black magic etc based on distored Eurocentric/Abrahmic lense…None of this is possible without Political Power anyways thanks again for sharing your knowledge…

          • IndiannotAmused

            You are always welcome. I completely agree with your ideas about targeting the enemies’ nerve points.In fact I had not thought of this approach.You are right. They have always done their damage by going for our nerve points-whereas we have targeted their brawn in counter-attack. The point about West -Asian Haramis doling out Pisslamic ” Law” in Jamuna Basin of India is right on course. We need to pressurize the so-called elites among them. Once that is done,the plebeian mob will fall in line.Good idea that.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            I am gonna bother you with another question
            (1)A secular Nationalist (2)A Hindu Nationalist

            Please view your comments along with Jishnus and others comments there.Veer Savarkar wanted to do the same thing during the first world war but it was later on replicated by Netaji.The reason I draw comparisons is coz Savarkar at the age of 12 gathered a few friends and attacked a local mosque but at the age of 27 he also wrote The Indian War of Independence 1857 where he highlighted how Hindus and Muslims both had to face tyranny of the Brits… so would this not suggest that VDS had similar views when it came to formation of an Indian army and attacking the brits from outside India just like his revolutionary friends tried unsuccessfully during the first world war…..So why did it take Netaji time to figure out the fanaticism of Muslims or as u suggested in ur comments he was just using it against the brits…. Also view this link

            and you can see all the other 4 parts








            Sita Ram Goel himself was a Communist and changed later on.From some research this is what I found out after the plane crash Netaji survived and the indications by Anuj Dhar and Dr. Vikram Singh are towards a Gumnami Baba. Anuj Dhar also mentions that Netaji probably was fighting for Russia against US in Southeast Asian Wars which US could never win and Netaji did this coz USSR had threatened to harm India.Even Yuri Bezmenov mentions how USSR looked down upon India and made Delhi dance to their tunes.

            Another interesting part is
            It could be Netaji who might have asked Ho Chi Minh to read up on the Great Revolutionary Visionary Veer Savarkar(this is my speculation)…This could just be an ornamental thing where i m seeing a link where there might not be one…
            Now coming back to Netaji and Gumnami Baba if the story turns out to be true then did Netaji change his worldview as in did he too become a Hindu Nationalist after seeing the vivisection of the Matrubhumi or was he always pro Hindu but not so much outwardly…he was influenced by Swami Vivekananda and just like Narendra Modi Netaji too went away searching for answers to all sacred places at age 19

            “Another interesting aspect brought out is that Netaji in his incarnation as “Bhagwanji” was strongly pro Hindu. This contrasts with Netaji’s blinkered view of Islam, which has been analysed by Sarvesh Tiwari in his blog ( The confused attitude of great Hindu leaders towards Islam is hardly new and the catastrophic consequences are well recorded.”

            ….See the comments section of the link below especially the conversations between JAM and ysv_rao JAMOctober 27, 2014 at 7:19 AM
            Netaji himself believed in secularism even without rejecting his religion.He secretly took diksha in Tantra Sadhana probably arround 1937 as far as I remember.he used to meditate inside a Kali temple in Rangoon in the late nights after 1 am,because of the problem of British bombing.But when he went to another temple in Rangoon at the invitation of the priest,he categorically instructed the latter to chant only one slogan ” JAI HIND” inside the temple infront of the deity(most probably it was another Kali temple).This was because the officers accompanying him to the temple were not only Hindus but from other other religions also.This was the secularism Netaji practised.It was far far different from the Communist and Congress type secularism.


            …..Sugata Bose has described Netaji to be a Fascist in His Majesty’s Opponent this is something that RM has criticised but incase of RM he has also said Gandhi and Ambedkar are nationalists….
            Prof Bose was cordial and frank, and we agreed to
            continue to chat later – which never materialized. Bose also lashes
            out against his great grand-uncle, Subhash Chandra Bose, the freedom-fighter, portraying him as a fascist.

            Aurobindo mentions Subhas Chandra Bose

            January 3, 1940
            (A disciple:) X who is an I.C.S. is said to be brilliant.

            Then why did he go in for the I.C.S. to waste himself?… In that official routine work all the brilliant qualities are lost. There is no scope for them.


            February 5, 1940

            (A disciple:) Dominion status Subhas Bose calls a compromise; he wants independence.

            It is a compromise on the surface, but it is practically independence; you get all you want without any unnecessary struggle. When you can secede at your will from the British connection, it is practically independence.[3] Independence is all right if you are prepared for a revolution, but is the country ready for it?

            For me if Gandhi,Nehru & Ambedkar could be called Nationalist then nothing stops us from assimilating Bose in the larger Hindutva Pantheon just like the Chinese are now trying to associate Confucianism with Mao Tse Tung….

          • IndiannotAmused

            That is a good question…….and those are all great links. To answer your question I want to say it is an immensely complex issue. In my limited understanding I will try to answer it. I believe that the answer will vary depending on who is asking it. To put it differently, the answer will vary depending on the frame of reference used by the one asking the question. Without going into an elaborate discussion………
            1. If you are an Islamist person who believes in Caliphate and looks at India as ” Unfinished Agenda of the Believers”……….. then Subhash is a Hindu Nationalist, no matter who followed him in his journies and no matter how many of his followers later joined the Porkistani Armed Forces. This is because the OVERARCHING ideas of Subhash were not at all in line with Islamic Universalism. Subhash most definitely did not think of having an India enslaved or even subservent to any Islamic Superstate.
            2. If you are a Hindu nationalist [like I am ] , you will find a lot of discomfort in the company of Subhash. Your idea of a strong India with an independent foreign policy will certainly agree with Subhash. But big chunks of his rhetoric and a substantially large coterie of his followers will clash with your ideals of a Romantic Hindu Hero. [ At least…….they certainly do in my case -I try to pretend otherwise ……lol] .
            3. If you are a Communist and believe in the idea of the Commintern -essentially the Leftist version of Universalism- you will at first like Subhash.So much of his economic ides will echo yours. And then when Subhash will start talking about a Civilizational State called BharatVarsha-Hindustan…… will be confused. Why is this Leftist hero talking in terms of discrete State Power and National Will? After all, the Workers of the World are all the same. Where is the need of a separate Power called BharatVarsha?
            4. If you are an Anglo-Saxon Atlanticist ………who believes in the Manfest Destiny of the Anglo-Saxon writ to rule supreme based on naval superiority and trade monopoly………if you believe that you have the sole responsibility of civilizing the chaos called the Non-White Savage World…….then you have NO CONFUSION about Subhash. You know when you see him, that there is your Doom looking at you.
            I am a very tiny creature. I am an Indian Hindu who has to stand in line for every little need in life behind a thousand others.I am an Indian Hindu who has to face humiliating scrutiny by Western establishments before I get a Visa to those places. As far as I am concerned, #4 is more than enough reason for a liliput like me to admire Subhash Bose as my Forever Hero. As for my confusion with respect to #3, well that is why I am a foot soldier and not a NetaJi. That is why I can be classified by my enemies easily and NetaJi Subhash outgrew and outmaneuvered any classification they could come up with. Thanks for the question. May this find you in good health.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Thanks for replying and I hope you too are in good health and spirit…I could see Bose in 2 phases the earlier phase where he is blinded by Secularism and somehow is unable to see Islam for what it is or chooses to ignore its doctrine of Jihad….and the second phase ie if he went on to becoming Gumnami Baba he is very much Pro Hindu….hence for Hindutvavadis the second phase (The truth not some conspiracy theory) if it does exist should come out so that the alienated Hindu Bengalis could know that even the Great Netaji could fall prey to the diabolical treachery of Father Secularism

            Irrespective of what people say if Veer Savarkar would not have asked for the recruitment of Hindu soldiers then it would not have become a Hindu Majority army whose census data was not being released on purpose by the Brits(Refer Thoughts on Pakistan by Ambedkar & Veena Talwar Oldenburgs Dowry Murder)….and Savarkar’s call alone could not have got us our freedom had Subhas even with his Secular glasses not taken up the task of leading Azad Hind Fauz against the Brits…so both the activities are relevant since it eventually led to the Naval Mutiny and made the Brits want to leave India….I will end with this clip


          • Savarkar’s Disciple
          • Hello there. I am back

          • Savarkar’s Disciple


            I also feel that Buddhism had an impact in making Hindus docile. There is a theory that the expansion of Buddhism had the effect that there wasn’t the fiery fighting spirit like the one there used to be at one time. So maybe we became kind of willing to put up with all kind of invasions. My feeling is we somehow lost the Arthashastra training for some reason.

          • IndiannotAmused

            You are onto something.

  • Lalitaditya Muktapida

    We are Freaking Doomed!

  • K.Harapriya

    As Subramaniam Swamy put it, if the Hindus don’t hang together, they will all hang apart. And the hangman’s noose will be wielded by the Islamists. This kind of nonsense of dividing Hindu samaj and uniting minorities is the modus operandi of the congress. Too bad TMC is following suit. Anyway, if parties think that by satisfying Islamists will benefit them, they are mistaken. Remember the same Osama who was aided by American funds during the Afgan war, turned around and committed 9-11.

    • SaneMind

      Exactly. I mentioned many times before that the single biggest obstacle to Hindu unity is CASTE. Keeping Indian brothers at each others necks for millenniums.

      • MrdeltaNoir

        Bloody evangelical Abrahamic assholes. Running their faiths like a private investment firm with a marketing department and all. They killed Zoroastrianism and Paganism by subtly painting these ancient faiths as nature worshipers and savages. Same process is underway here. This is their crusade extended into the 21st century. Both are fighting for the world……..But the land of Bajrang Bali is where they will meet their match !

    • IndiannotAmused

      TMC or anyone else will do the same thing………West Bengal has HUGE Muslim population who have been planted there by CPM,by sytematic demographic importation from Bangladesh. THEY VOTE AS A BLOCK. Now there is very fast Christian evangelization going on. Soon that will be another anti-Hindu vote bank.Given that demography is political destiny any party will kowtow to these Abrahamics……..Bengal is LOST.

  • sandipanfool

    To just add to your wonderful article. Bengali HIndus have no future just like malyalis, they brought it upon themselves.
    Only hope is that ethnic (language) differences between bangladesh muslims and large bihar population will impede further migration into Bihar. The west bengal is lost the day it went for communists. Our only hope is to restrict the cancer to Bengal. Even though Assam faces the same problem and assamese too will be outnumbered by barbarians, there is no further Lebensraum into china.
    If it crosses into UP, India sure has no future as Hindu land.

    • IndiannotAmused

      Do not worry about Bihar………Biharis are sure of their identity and united.No matter what government they have selected, if the Jihadis cross a threshold there will be Bhagalpur style actions. Worry even less about UP, the Jats and Ahirs know how to deal with these camel-f….s. As for Assam, the North-East Hindus have great tribal cohesion. When push comes to a shove,they will take action like the Bodos of Assam did. That leaves us with Bengal. Well, be worried…… very worried as spineless, anti-national,intellectually neutered, aloof , effeminate Kolkata middle class……..the ” leaders of Bengal [ ROFL] ” would rather discuss Laca and Fuco and materialism and identity and other such bullshit abstract ideas BUT not act when it needs to.Business has already LEFT, pretty soon Indian state will also abandon Bengal.

      • Ranjit Bhonsle

        Hope Biharis are doing something about Kanaihya Kumar!

  • nairps

    It is just a matter of time before the Bengal volcano blows up in the face of Hindu India. Till then, we will sleep soundly of course or pretend to be fast asleep.

    • Lalitaditya Muktapida

      Oh, we will sleep soundly or pretend to sleep spundly even after it blows up in our face. Never under-estimate a Hindu’s capacity for inaction.

      • SaneMind

        Very nicely said.It always bothers me about Indians complete lack of inaction and abject apathy in the face of adversary. What made us craven cowards? Why are we Gung ho about oppressing our own brothers and sisters but we serve foreigners with bended knees?

        • IndiannotAmused

          Not all Indians…….just the Bengalis,especially the ones belonging to the Kolkata middle-class.

    • Marxists will spin and concoct the same old marxist shit of proletariat vs bourgeois to fool the future dhimmi Hindus.