The Economist needs to be renamed “The Racist”

On 29 September, the famed The Economist published a piece, which established what millions of Indians constantly suspected: it was racist.

During the 2014 Lok Sabha poll campaign, the Economist had taken the privilege to sit in the judge’s chair mouthing all sorts of decrees about who India should elect and so on. The present piece carries on that same failed attempt with new heartiness.Indeed, one can hardly ignore the anti-India slant of the author of the piece in:

 In the India of the past six decades, events like this were a reliable shambles of short-circuiting loudspeakers, security guards with lathi sticks and feudal leaders with appalling punctuality.

Note that the author does not provide any shred of evidence to back his claim that Indian leaders were/are feudal.  Not content, the author then descends to downright crudeness by likening the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a pain-in-the-ass. At which point we need to applaud the mighty Economist for finally getting high on publishing dreadful grime as editorials. Indeed, the piece is a clear expression of the author’s intuitive abhorrence for India, Modi, and NRIs.

modi msg

As usual, with most raucous Modi haters, the author ignores the fact that Narendra Modi has been exonerated by the Apex court of India. Modi himself has articulated his stand on numerous occasions and has given details of the prompt action he took to stop the communal clashes in Gujarat to the SIT which has been well-documented. The SIT report is available in the public domain. The Economist as usual, does not even make an attempt to tell its readers that such a thing as the SIT report exists. Then again, facts shouldn’t come in the way of producing racist debris.

Next, the author goes on to upset millions of Indians, when he terms the Ganges as ‘toxic.’ I wonder, was the Economist aiming to start a trolling trend with the piece or was it just an expression of its aggravation that a democratically elected leader who was pointlessly harassed by the almighty American establishment, is now their guest of honor? And this, after this great doyen of print media tried to influence India not to elect this mass-murderer (their words).

The NRIs also come under attack in this vicious piece as the author cannot tolerate the fact the immigrants of a third world nation are cheering for a man whom aims to bring their homeland from third to first.  It seems the Economist is still to get over its colonial hangover. Or perhaps this is its fond longing for the long-lost days of the Raj where they could whip the bloody natives with impunity because the jolly old lads wanted to have some fun.


The sun has long set on the dictatorial Raj, but going by this dreadful piece, the Economist seems to be stuck in a time warp thinking this useless gibe will be taken seriously. For the moment, the Economist can go back giving economic advice which can usher in another financial meltdown.


  • Narendra AB
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  • gk

    I think the American media has not given much coverage to Modi. The establishment in the West clearly doesn’t like him. They are either ignoring him or churning hit pieces. The politicians will make the right noises to get the right deals. Wonder how Modi factored their vested agenda in his dealings and promises.

  • Shwetank Bhushan

    Appalling that The Economist chose to pass off a racist, disdainful & insulting article as analysis calling our PM a pain-in-the-ass,our people “crowds of peasants in parched fields”. This hack Patrick Foulis and all his sympathizers qualify to tattoo around their asshole “PAIN-IN-MY-ASS” for writing and further advocating this piece in “The Racist”.

  • Indians are admirable to the extent of their ability to reproduce in spite of dire conditions.

    Otherwise, Indians are no different than citizens from any other 3rd world hellhole. Learn to live with that until YOU can evolve into the 21st century. And do let us know if you need our help to potty train your citizens! 😀

    • HC

      Did your sorry assed grandpa tell you how he looted and plundered the riches from this very 3rd world to make your so called 1st world from where you can pass your racist comments you dipshit.

    • Raj

      Check the Indus Valley–unlike you, we were potty trained when your ancestors were
      still painting their bottoms and faces (which look like their bottoms)
      blue. Perhaps you should research where your old duke of wellington learned
      daily bathing. Judging by the smell of your ilk–looks like some of
      you have still failed to master this primitive task despite allegedly “evolving”.

    • Nagarajan B V

      Have the courage to reveal your identity, you dipshit. Post with you real name and location so that we could understand which category of moron you are.

    • gk

      We don’t want to “evolve” like the way you did in the last few hundred years killing and looting the whole planet. Descendants of robbers don’t get to preach the descendants of the robbed. You just found some other part of the world to loot from. As the international law is enforced by hypocrites you have not met justice.

    • hisotry

      You did not ask for helpo from India when your forefathers came here… They just plundered and looted my forefathers…….did anyoen speak then this language of condescsion….
      Brother, chill, I am not goign to fiel a suit against you for my current day status. But dont boast about yours too.. yo uar born , bred and cultivated from the looted wealth so yo uare a child born out of hatred and plunder….Much of west’s wealth today came from plundering ASians Africans and LAtin AMericans.. i nthe name of expeditions , trade and civizational destruction liek in AMerica and Australia ( by crooks and theives of the empire)
      I dont want to raise m ychildren on these themes….So thanks for your help.. i knwo th raise myself wiht my own efforts ..