Evangelism rocks Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD) again

Forceful Evangelism abetted by a Christian Principal

The Principal of the Sri Venkateshwara Arts College who goes by the name of Christopher has been accused by the students of college and various student organizations that he is aiding Christian proselytization. If one looks at the happenings at the SV Arts College in the recent months, there is a strong possibility that this allegation is indeed true.

Evangelist literature is being distributed to students in the college campus. The manner in which the evangelist books are distributed is quite alarming and would not have been possible without the helping hand of the college Administration. The students of the hostel are specially targeted for this soul harvest. Evangelical books and other literature arrived in a postal package and were addressed to each student by his name and they were in fact delivered to his room in the hostel. The students say that such distribution of books has happened many times over.


Students allege that complaints about this missionary activity to the principal  and TTD Officials have fallen on deaf ears. The students of the college directly point fingers at the Principal. The Principal has appointed to his staff a person named Rajkumar. Rajkumar is alleged to have given out the names and addresses of the students to the missionary organization distributing the literature. Inspite of repeated complaints, no action was taken by the the Principal. The Principal is also accused of appointing non-Hindu staff. A complete report (from TV9 Telugu) on this incident can be found here.

Vandalism at SV Arts College

The Walls of SV Arts college were painted with portraits of freedom fighters, poets and kings a couple of years back for the World Telugu Conference. The students and the local community over there were maintaining it well and keeping a watch to ensure that there were no posters/bills pasted on them.

However, a couple of days ago, miscreants disfigured these portraits by placing a Christian Cross mark on the faces of the luminaries. Even the much celebrated Sri Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijayanagar empire was not spared from this crude expression of superiority of faith.


The College already facing the brunt of missionaries boiled again with student and religious organizations taking up protests. Whether this was done by mischief mongers or by Christians will perhaps be revealed in an investigation but the blame again has to be placed primarily on the shoulders of the college Principal and TTD for not keeping such vandalism in check especially when this very college with same principal has been in the eye of storm for the past few months for missionary activities. The complete report (from NTV) on the vandalism at SV Arts College can be viewed here.

TTD: Trojan Horse and a symbol of secular Government tyranny

During the YSR and Kiran Kumar Reddy-led Congress rule in Andhra, the state witnessed evangelism on a massive scale. The TTD too was not spared. There were reports in the Telugu media about the employment of Christians in TTD. Due to public outrage, a Government order was also issued directing the TTD to have only Hindus only on its payroll. Swami Paripoornananda of Sri Peetam, Kakinanda had to protest again as the order was never implemented.

A Christian Pastor was recently apprehended by the Police after making a video of him along with his comrades visiting Tirumala and calling the Hindus as devil worshipers.  The TTD staff have repeatedly failed miserably to stop such incidents. On many occasions, missionaries used to distribute evangelist material openly but the TTD was utterly inefficient in stopping this vulturesque preying on Hindus.

First, the TTD should not have hired a Christian Principal or any staff it a college run by it. After reports and strong evidence of support for Evangelism by this Principal, it should have dismissed the Principal. On the contrary it asked the Police to lathi-charge the protesting students.

The reason for this incapacity of the TTD is because it is subject to political influence and appointment of people to positions including the Endowment/Executive Officer are appointed by the ruling party. How can the Hindu community be served if the administration is not seen as a service of the Divine but as a career option?

Many Hindus are not aware of the fact that several prominent temples including TTD which gets thousands of crores as revenue are taken over by various state governments and the most of the revenue goes to the state treasurer. This is the reason one sees many Hundis placed all over precincts of Government controlled temples. Many mindless rituals are done just to extract money from the devotees worldwide. The TTD has become a master at selling tickets to various redundant rituals and utsavams.

This Government control of temples is a throwback to the colonial past where the Christian British and Muslims Kingdoms used to take over the revenue generated from temples as tax. It was also a mechanism to hurt the Hindus in terms of demography. Donations made by devotees which would have gone to the development of the poorest of the community went to a foreign colonizer. At the same time, the British government planted several Christian missions across the country which targeted the same poorer section of the Hindu demographic that would have gained benefits from the donations made to temples.

Nearly seven decades after Independence, the pattern has not changed. Secular state governments have taken over several Hindu temples, the Community’s money is looted by the government—money, which is supposed to protect the right to practice and propagate the Hinduism, one of the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. Hindus live in an independent and secular country but their fundamental right to freedom is severely curtailed. How is the Hindu community supposed to take care of its poorest when the community’s hard earned money is taken away from it?

The Christian community which has a huge proselytizing mission with massive funds backing it, has extensively benefited in Andhra and elsewhere as they have targeted the poor amongst the Hindus for conversions. They have gained massively in demographics due to this tyranny perpetrated on the Hindus. A foreign religion is being given such massive advantage over a native religion which swears by nationalism and deep rooted philosophical and spiritual traditions spanning thousands of years. How long will it be before India becomes another Philippines or a South Korea, nothing more than a Christian Outpost of the West.

Imagine the number of schools, colleges, hospitals and other institutions Hindus could have built and sustained and how it would have changed the lives of poor Hindus. The secular state governments and the central government have become the biggest roadblocks to the prosperity and safety of Hindus.

The long-term goal for Hindus should be to free Hindu Temples from Government control. There are several organizations working across the country towards this goal.

The Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha already has filed a case in the Supreme Court. In a seminar on temples, I had once heard from Swami Dayananda Saraswati that none of the state governments from the south had answered the questions put forth by HDAS in the honorable Supreme court. Given the rate at which the Judiciary functions, one should expect that Hindus are in a for a long grind and by that time, severe damage would have been done.

It would be better to lobby with a supposedly pro-Hindu central government to remove the Hindu Endowments act completely from the Constitution. Please contact the various BJP Members of Parliaments and Members of Legislative Assembly and ask them to remove this draconian act that is killing the Hindu community.

The silence of the Narendra Modi Government in this regard is disheartening. The Government is aware of the problem, it is also aware of the fact that it is the Hindus that voted them to power. It’s been nine months since the NDA came into power and yet it has not taken any concrete steps to provide equality to Hindus. Hindus need to make their collective voices heard and bring pressure on the Modi Government. If it fails to act despite this, the BJP should be shown its place in the sun.

Many times, Hindus complain that Hindu organisations could have better spokespersons to represent them in the media. However, the travesty is that people donate to a government controlled temple like the TTD in crores but not to a Hindu Organization that could protect our Dharma. That should tell us something.

In the end, until Hindus take back their temples, it is advisable not to donate to Government-controlled temples. If Hindus really wish to donate, then they will be better served by donating it to a Hindu organization which really cares for Hindu causes and the community.

The road ahead

The TTD has taken a token action of ordering an investigation and a criminal case has been registered. But that by itself does not guarantee that such incidents will not recur in the future. Readers are requested to call up the official TTD numbers or email them to immediately dismiss the college principal on the grounds that he happens to be a Christian. Please ask the TTD to remove any non-Hindus from its payroll be it from colleges or from temple administration and all institutions run by it. To get a swift response from the TTD, readers should contact the Executive Officer(EO).

Readers can also post the response received from the TTD as comments on this report. The following is the contact information obtained from the TTD’s official page.

E-mail Ids:

Executive Officer: [email protected]

Joint Executive Officer, Tirumala: [email protected]

Joint Executive Officer, Tirupati: [email protected]

Chief Vigilance & Security Officer: [email protected]

Public Relations Officer: [email protected]

Phone Numbers of TTD Officials:

Executive Officer                            0877-2264160(c),4977(o),4393(o)

JEO Tirupati                                     0877-2264877(c),4231(o)

PA to the Executive Officer             0877-2264545

Public Relations Officer                  0877-2264392

Central Reception Officer               0877-2263922

Chief Accounts Officer                   0877-2264752,4213

Chief Vigilance & Security               0877-2264390

Devasthanam Law officer               0877-2264317

Dev. Educational Officer                0877-2264396

Dharma Prachara Parishad              0877-2264490,92,93,94

Overseas Temple                              0877-2277718

Complaints/Suggestions                  18004254141

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  • Dr. MS

    I am so sorry to hear about this. What are members of the Indian diaspora, for whom this is a special place or temple, doing about this? There are wonderful Anglo and non-Anglo (Christians and non-Christians) who are devotees of Balaji. Are they involved in confronting and correcting this problem?

    Best wishes…

  • Prabakar Murthy

    F^^k the chissso D**s . Start massacring them in large numbers. That is the only message they understand.

  • Soma Visal

    Very nice article with facts. High time the Andhra Govt. takes steps accordingly to save Tirupathi shedding its sickular policies. All Hindus should unite and see that such Evangelists are driven out of India once and for all. All NGOs should get probed deeper and foreign missions curtailed from passing on funds for such dirty purposes.

  • Nandakumaran Paruvakat

    Whose religious rights are being violated by whom here? Why are not the pseudo intellectuals like Arundhati Roy, Teesta Setalvad, Mulayam Singh Yadav etc keeping silent?


    Very shocking to see that even after the passing away of YSR, his family is still controlling the TTD and utilizing the huge money donated by the innocent & devout Hindus for evangelism & mass conversions throughout AP & Telangana. It is also sickening to know that many Christian missionaries are employed in the temple management under false names. The entire Hindus should unite & cleanse temple management of all fake Hindus/missionaries.

  • Kiran

    Well researched Article.It is a fact that everyone in the state of AP knows about Christian Conversions.The CM of the state N.Chandra Babu Naidu is fully aware of what’s happening under his very nose.But he couldn’t anything because he is afraid that Christian voters would desert him. The fact is The British didn’t hurt Hinduism as much as YS Rajasekhar reddy did. He ruined the state.He converted Approximately 1 million people in the state.This figure may be an Inflated one but Have to say there were,are so many conversions.
    I am utterly disappointed with the approach of Mr.Modi. What happened to him? All of a sudden he is acting ‘Secular’? It’s a very well know fact that Modi couldn’t have won with full majority without Hindutva.He knows it very well.
    Modi acted swiftly in Delhi Church vandalism incident,Opening Toll-Free numbers exclusively for Christians. But Did he ever respond or react on the vandalism of Hindu Temples? Stealing that’s going on right now in Swamy Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thriuvananthapuram? Conversions on Tirumala?
    All these actions from Mr.Modi gives us impression that he is no better than Sonia Gandhi. Modi fell in to the trap of the media. He was forced to tell that he wouldn’t allow attacks on “Minorities”.
    But Modi never cared for Hindus.All these years he was pretending like one who cares for Hindus. Sometimes I feel that It would have been nice if hadn’t gotten Independence. Because All Hindus would have been United. Even the British could have been Liberal like the how they are in Britain. But Indian Politicians are worse than the British. I wouldn’t find fault with the British if conversions happened under their rule. They are Christians They want everyone to be Christian. But are Hindus feeling the way the British felt when they were ruling India. Nope.
    I wouldn’t find fault with Christian Missionaries. they are doing their work cleanly.
    But look at the way how VHP/Bajrang dal converts people.They call media,Hit people create an atmosphere of communal violence. That’s the way how they are being projected in the media.
    If Hindus are so devout why would they convert after listening to a fairy tale? (There are so many fairy tales in Hindu Scriptures too)
    Christian Missionaries are powerful.It is better for the right wing to negotiate and come to terms with them. Hindus have too much on their plate.On one hand they have to tackle the Muslims On the other hand they have to manage Christians
    Christians are way better than the Militant Muslims ( There are Good and Bad people in every community)
    There was never a threat to Christianity from Hindus. They are herbivorous of all the religions.
    Why Millions of Dollars are being pumped into India is the Question?
    They could use that money to rescue the poor Christians in Christian Majority countries.
    RSS should negotiate with these missionaries and must convince them to spare India.
    Enough of damage to Hinduism.

    • Shashi Kiran G M

      Conversions are in Crores..

  • VHP or its leaders who takes up provocative subjects are really silent on freeing up of Hindu Temples why.

    I wish RSS and VHP leaders start a movement to demand freeing up of Temples and its wealth from govt control.

    • Jishnu

      They are not silent. During YSR’s tenure it was because of those orgs that he rolled back the conspiracy of taking over of some of the seven hills by xtians. The devalaya parirakshana samiti is a parivar organization only. Sad part is lack of Hindu support to such initiatives.

  • K.Harapriya

    Which Hindu organizations are fighting to get back control of the temples and how can we support them?

    • Jishnu

      There is one “hindu devalaya parirakshana samithi” active in this matter. Also see http://www.savetemples.org/ (a different org) and https://vicharak1.wordpress.com/tag/devalaya-parirakshana-samithi/

      • K.Harapriya

        Thank you.

    • Shashi Kiran G M

      There is Temple Worshippers Society in Chennai which is doing serious work like fighting legal cases, filing RTIs, Repairing heritage temples… not just social media presence..

      If you are from Karnataka, we have just a small organization called Namma Devasthana, so far we have just done support Activities like Organizing Seminars and conferences on issues related to temples..

      We had colloborated with TWS and Heritage Foundation(Bangalore) in organizing a seminar about Govt control of temples, Subramanium Swamy was the Chief Speaker..

      Also Heritage Foundation from Bangalore does great Cultural Activities all in and around temples

      • JagatguruDas

        I tried to register myself by clicking on “Join the Movement” link. But it always threw some SQLServer error. I even sent an email regarding this but no response so far.

        Any other way to reach them?

        • Shashi Kiran G M
          • JagatguruDas

            Dhanyavad. I’d sent on Feb 9th but no response till date.

          • Shashi Kiran G M

            I know some of them Personally, They are not Tech Savvy.. I shall get their contacts to you.

          • JagatguruDas

            I resent the same now but the mail bounced.