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Fact Sheet on the JNU Mahishasura Day Controversy


On 14 October, the Press release of Asian Human Rights Commission titled “INDIA: Raid of Forward Press office is attack on freedom of expression” condemned the police action against a “Dalit” magazine named Forward Press and the cancellation of the Mahishasura Martyrdom Day observation in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. Similar stories appeared in several media outlets regarding the same. It is therefore, necessary to look into the issue to understand what actually transpired in JNU.

On 9 October, clashes erupted in JNU over the Mahishasura Martyrdom Day. The spark was the distribution of the October issue of Forward Press, a Christian evangelical Magazine, which depicted Goddess Durga in a derogatory manner. While Hindu bashing is nothing new in JNU, it has become worse in the last few years with the emergence of several ultra-left, Islamist and outright racist groups in the campus.

Interestingly, all involved in the scuffle were OBC students, whose cause AIBSF was supposedly championing.

Prominent among these groups are the Democratic Students Union (DSU), Concerned Students (CS), Campus Front of India (CFI), The New Materialists (TNM), and All India Backward Students Forum (AIBSF). Not a single Hindu festival passes without inflammatory posters/parchas denouncing them and calling for a ban on them. The perpetrators pose as champions of rationality and anti-superstition but it is to be noted that it’s only the Hindu festivals, which are attacked. The common theme running in such posters is the same: some Aryan Invasion occurred 4000 years ago and “Mulnivasis” were enslaved in a system of caste. And that Hinduism is nothing but an elaborate system of caste and oppression. All Hindu festivals are celebrations of defeat and genocide of “Mulnivasis” by Aryan heroes. They are therefore, barbaric, immoral acts, which legitimize and encourage the present day violence against the weaker sections. So all progressive sections must unite with Dalit-Bahujans to not only boycott but also to put an end to such festivals.

Leftist Hatred for Durga Puja

Durga Puja is especially hated by the liberal-secular formations in the campus. Perhaps because it is the biggest Hindu festival in JNU & can’t be passed off as a secular festival unlike Holi which is “rationalised” as a “peasant” festival. Moreover, Durga Puja brings together almost all sects of Hinduism and people from all castes and regions. The Left has been opposed to it since its inception in the year 2001.

Before this, such was the anti-Hindu terror unleashed on the campus that it was virtually unthinkable to publicly celebrate any Hindu festival in JNU. Even the Bengali students had to go out of the campus, to CR Park, to celebrate Pujo and they were always sure to wipe out any traces of worship before entering the campus. In 2001, the then Dean of Student, M.H. Quraishi, stood in the front of the Durga Puja Pandal and exhorted the leftists and Islamists to break the “Havan kund” and throw the “Murti” and pandal out of the campus. It almost led to a mini-riot in JNU. The efforts to stifle Durga Puja failed but the Left continues to boycott it and coerce the newcomers to stop them from attending it. Needless, Durga Puja continues to grow in strength and numbers with each passing year and is now among the biggest events in the JNU calendar.

The present controversy started in 2011, when the evangelist Christian magazine, Forward Press reprinted the “re-interpretation” of the Durga Puja story, which was first published in an obscure hate magazine named “Yadav-Shakti”.

 Evangelical twist and abuse of Mahishasura story

The story asserts that Durga Puja has its origin in the Aryan Invasion of India. According to it, Mahishasura was a just and valiant defender of a buffalo rearing tribe, which is equated with the Yadavs of today. The Aryans failed to defeat him in open battle, so they hired a prostitute called Durga to seduce and kill him by treachery. Durga honeymooned with Mahishasura for several days and killed him on the ninth day. Thereafter, the Aryans committed a large-scale massacre on the tenth day, which is now celebrated as Vijayadashmi. While the original story was just a perversion of the sacred lore with wild speculations peppered with “maybe”, “there may have been”, it metamorphosed under the poisonous pen of Forward Press and was presented as an authentic historical account. In 2011, it was used a poster in JNU by AIBSF during Durga Puja. It was largely ignored as just another incident of Hinduphobia but led to a scuffle in one of the hostels. Interestingly, all involved in the scuffle were OBC students, whose cause AIBSF was supposedly championing.

Not a single JNU professor called the buff on this bogus, racist construct.

Following this, its potential to cause schisms in the campus and the larger society was immediately picked up by vested interests and demagogues and within days, the Mashishasura Martyrdom Day (sic) was organised in JNU. It was again organised in 2012, and in 2013, a National Convention was organised and hosted speakers like Kancha illaiah, Prof Tulsi Ram, Prof Chaman Lal, Waman Meshram etc. It was packaged as a challenge to Brahminical hegemony in myth-making and rewriting history to present the true version of Dalit-Bahujan history. It was also claimed by the organisers that Mahishasura Day is being observed in 74 districts across the country.


This event happened right next to the famous History department but not a single JNU professor called the buff on this bogus, racist construct. On the contrary, many actually patronised it in the name of the subaltern discourse. The Left parties, which never stop claiming to fight distortion of history and pretend academic depth, actively participated and facilitated the event. Branding dissenters as communal, Sanghi and casteists who don’t believe in a healthy dialogue on history stifled any voice of dissent. But many organisations and individuals contested the narrative since the beginning.

In 2013, India First JNU, an independent non-electoral forum, challenged the narrative by bringing out an elaborate response backed by solid evidence and gave a point-by-point rebuttal. It also involved a demanding task of making 30-40 huge collages with three to four chart papers each. Immediately all hell broke loose and the campus was flooded with a “response” from organizers and Left parties. Some of the gems are given below:

  • India First is a casteist organization
  • It is a patriarchal, Brahminical gang
  • It is a Modi funded little fascist organization
  • You bloody barbarian Hindus
  • India First is run by perverts who are naturally unfit for any dialogue
  • It is anti-women, anti-people and anti-Dalit
  • Why is India First afraid of re-interpretation of history
  • They are totalitarians who want to impose their fascist agenda
  • We will not cede our democratic space in the campus
  • We will defend free speech and debate culture in JNU
  • They are killer (sic) of Muslims in Gujarat
  • They want to impose Manu Smiriti in India

AISA-ruled JNUSU (which is supposed to speak for all students) brought out pamphlets condemning India First and warning the campus of creeping Hindu fascism. No response was given to the points raised by India First, which questioned the Mahishasura Day in a systematic and academic manner.

This year too, the same tactics were repeated. During Durga Puja, All India Students Federation (AISF), the newly-formed All India Bahujan Students Parliament (AIBSP), CS and TNM came up with a provocative open letter to the Vice-Chancellor asking him to consider how “deeply such symbols strike the psychosis of socially deprived section and terrorize them of their historic defeat” before attending these festivities of killing and humiliation of the indigenous people of India. What was striking this time was that AISF, the student wing of CPI, was one of the signatories.

In 2001, the then Dean of Student, M.H. Quraishi, stood in the front of the Durga Puja Pandal and exhorted the leftists and Islamists to break the “Havan kund” and throw the “Murti” and pandal out of the campus.

While it’s true that such theories and organizations perpetuating them thrive on the ecosystem built by the Left and that AIBSF, CS, TNM etc. are nothing but shadow arms of various left parties, never before has any mainstream Left party endorsed such narratives in such a blatant manner. It’s even more interesting given the fact that CPI had organized a three-day seminar on 26 January 2014 on Hindu philosophy and culture to “popularize ancient authors and their thoughts to the new generation” and woo the Hindu voters.


It claimed that ancient Hindu literature forms a wonderful part of India’s collective wealth. But in JNU, its student body was slamming Hinduism in a racist rhetoric! Once again, India First pointed out this dichotomy and asked AISF to come clean on its stand on the Aryan Invasion Theory, Hinduism and worship of Mother Goddess. Both the letter and the response can be read here: http://www.indiafacts.co.in/campus-wars-aisf-bullies-jnu-vice-chancellor-hindu-festival/#.VD5tHIuUfBc

Besides this, India First once again refuted the narrative of the Mahishasura Day. Needless to say, it got no response whatsoever. On 2 October, AIBSF put up the notice of the celebration of Mahishasura Martyrdom Day to be observed on 9 October. This time, the JNU Tribal Students Forum came out with a poster slamming the use of their name to justify such constructs and asked the organizers to respect their beliefs and deter from abusing their cherished Mother Goddess, Durga. See the full text: http://www.indiafacts.co.in/tribals-worship-goddess-durga/#.VD5tHouUfBc

All protests and efforts to discuss and debate the Mahishasura Day were once again ignored. On 9th October, AIBSF and Left activists distributed the October edition of Forward Press, which carried pictorial depiction of the story. The vulgar depiction of the Mother Goddess didn’t go well with a large number of students. Some students went to the police station to complain about the event and to file an FIR against Forward Press because they thought that all limits had been crossed even by JNU standard of Hindu-bashing.

durga puja

It was on the basis of this FIR that police raided the Delhi Office of Forward Press and confiscated the copies of the magazine. The Editor is still absconding. Sensing trouble, both police and JNU administration issued orders to cancel the Mahishasura Day, which was to be celebrated at 09:30 PM in the mess hall of Kaveri hostel. But the organizers with the help of the cadre of Left parties went ahead with the talk. The General Secretary of the Student Federation of India (SFI), Pindiga Ambedkar who was also the presidential candidate of SFI this year, booked the mess hall. The booking was done by fraud under the name of “Cultural Re-Interpretation” which itself is an illegal act.

JNU Tribal students fight back

Around 09:30 PM, a spontaneous crowd of Hindu students gathered there to register their protest and to video record the event. Most of them were BA students and those with no political affiliations (JNU has a graduation programme in School of Languages). But they were not allowed to enter the hall as the Left cadre blocked the doors and allowed only those they wanted to go inside. By this time, some ABVP activists reached the venue and tried to negotiate with the organisers. Left cadres immediately resorted to the sloganeering of “Hindu fascism” and told Hindu students, “to hell with your Durga Ma, to hell with your sentiments”. It led to some heated arguments with BA students, following which the senior Left cadres assaulted and thrashed them. They tried to drag some of them inside the hall to beat them up and in the process some windowpanes of the doors were broken. SC/ST/OBC students among the protesters were especially targeted, threatened and abused. The situation was brought under control only when Hostel wardens and police reached the venue and stopped the event.

All limits had been crossed even by JNU standard of Hindu-bashing.

Although they are now presenting themselves as innocent crusaders of the marginalized, the organizers of the event violated several sections of the Indian Penal Code like Sections 145 and 151 knowingly by joining or continuing to remain in assembly of five or more persons even after the order to disperse was given. Here is the reading of the IPC Sections the Left cadre violated:

Sec 150: Hiring or conniving at hiring, of persons to join unlawful assembly

Sec 153: Wantonly giving provocation with the intent to cause riot-if riot be committed-if not committed,

Sec 295A: Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs

Sec 298: Uttering any words, etc, with deliberate intent to wound religious feelings of any person

Sec. 501: Printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory

Sec. 502: Sale of printed or engraved substance containing defamatory matter

Sec. 504: Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace

Sec. 505: Statements conducing to public mischief

Sec 153A: Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony

Sec 268: Creating public nuisance

Leftists paint Durga as a sex worker

It is clear from the whole event that the left parties and their shadow organizations refused to engage in any meaningful dialogue and discussion over the Mahishasura Day. They refused to debate the narrative of the Mahishasura Day from day one and instead resorted to demagoguery and intimidation to silence the dissenters.

The organizers of Mahishasura Day violated several sections of the Indian Penal Code like Sections 145 and 151 knowingly.

They are now claiming that they only wanted to “debate the issues” related to Mahishasura Day. But debate on what? Debate on whether Durga was a sex worker or not? Whether she killed Mashishasura after spending several nights with him or not? And debate with whom? Any other opinion is immediately branded as communal, fascist, casteist, anti-social justice…in short, illegitimate and unworthy of reply!

And it is a wrong assertion that the issue is limited to discussing and reinterpreting the myths. Such constructs are very much projected as authentic history and attempts are being made to integrate them into the political narrative of India. In fact, the Facebook page of Forward Press carried a link of a petition to the Prime Minster, President and UN to ban Durga Puja among other Hindu festivals–http://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-of-india-president-of-india-uno-general-secretary-ban-outdated-festivals-that-promote-superstition-casteism-racialism-corporatism-inhumanity-exploitation-in-the-name-of-religion

The page describes Durga Puja as “the most controversial racial festival where a fair skinned beautiful goddess Durga is depicted brutally killing a dark skinned native named Mahishasur. According to popular folklore, Mahishasur was a brave and self-respecting leader of Dravidians, who was tricked into marriage by Aryans after they failed to defeat him. They hired a sex worker called Durga, who enticed Mahishasur into marriage and killed him after nine nights of honeymooning during sleep. Every year thousands of pooja pandals are erected with idols of goddess Durga astride a lion, killing Mahishasur in the most gory and cruel manner.”

Whatever they speak in the media or outside JNU, the fact is that within JNU their posters and pamphlets call Hinduism and Hindu festivals barbaric and immoral and openly call for their destruction.


Even after the events of 9 October, Left parties continued to support the Mahishasura Day and tried to spin the whole issue as that of campus democracy and freedom of speech. All the Left parties tried to shift the blame on ABVP and raised the bogey of Hindutva assault on the progressive ethos of JNU. Two days later they also remembered that protesters were shouting slogans glorifying demolition of Babri Masjid and reminding them that Modi has come to power! The platform of AISA led JNUSU was used to spread the misinformation despite protests from 12 councillors. AISA even called a protest march on 13 October in defence of “Campus democracy and debate culture”. But the combined strength of all the Left parties could hardly muster 70-80 students in which about half were Muslim students, mainly Kashmiris.

In response, an individual call to protest was given by Arnab Chakravarty, a research scholar in SIS, under the banner of “United Hindus” on 13 October. This protest saw a 400-strong crowd. It saw the participation of students from all castes and regions be it Northeast, South India, North, East or West India. A large number of Left supporters especially girls joined it. The Left parties began to realize that by targeting Durga they had scored a self-goal. After all, the worship of Goddess is among the most ancient and sacred traditions of India. And even according to Aryan-Dravidian construct, worship of Shiva and Shakti is considered to be the indigenous tradition having its roots in tribal shamanic traditions.

The Aryans hired a sex worker called Durga, who enticed Mahishasur into marriage and killed him after nine nights of honeymooning during sleep


Meanwhile, another forum named JNU Dalit Community condemned the Mahishasura day in a pamphlet tilted “Not In Our Name”. It made it clear that “Dalits are not part of such bogus efforts, stop using our name. We don’t need a racist, foreign funded magazine run by shady people to champion our cause.” It asked JNUSU “You represent a top university of the country, why have you failed to call bluff on such racist, bogus and communal construct?” It was a stern statement against Left politics and Hinduphobia nurtured in the name of social justice and secularism.

And now, suddenly, the Left parties, which were defending Mahishasura Day till 13th, have started making a U-turn and are disassociating themselves from it. The largest Left party AISA has now publicly denounced Forward Press and its reinterpretation of Durga Puja. But will they ever explain why they supported it for the last three years and why have they now dumped it? After all, they claim to base their positions on thorough scientific and rational analysis!

Abhinav Prakash is a research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.
  • disqus_u8FMfdxxes

    Durga is none but the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet… Sekhmet was introduced In India by the Aryans and made to worship by Indians…

  • WOOOOW! What about Dark Skinned Krishna and Dark Skinned Rama? Krishna belonged to OBC Yadava clan. These white brahmin aryans are worshipping him?!

    * hangs head in shame at the lack of education among the so called STUDENTS of an indian premiere institute JNU *

  • Intolerencification

    What about other religions where harems overflow. Sanctioned by the JNU students ?

  • harihara

    The ignorance in dealing with the idea of Mahisha and Durga and the relevance of the comparison is appalling. To the educated , even those educated as per modern syllabi, the concept of Durga and the asuraas are to be seen in the light of the inner conflict in ourselves about the good and bad which are qualities inherent in nature, and we being part of nature, in us also . thus madhu Kaitabha is the quality of laziness , mahisha one of ahankaara, chanda and munda of obstinacy, raktabeeja of cancerous consumption, dhoomralochana of the carelessness or alakshya as ina drunkard,shumbh and nishumbh the foolishness of excessews . Durga is the conglomorate of principled and practical wisdom which helps conquer these bad traits in us to help constructive activity in using this life . Writing , talking,about the Durga saptashati, and celebrating in any other way puts us firmly in the Shumbha category

  • Sonu Pandey

    अच्छा लेख है, पर एक गुजारिश है अभिनव जी, भारत में हिंदी भाषी ज्यादा हैं, उनकी अंग्रेजी कुछ कमजोर भी है, इत्ती सारी अंग्रेजी देखकर घबरा जाते हैं, अतः इन लेखों को अंग्रेजी के साथ हिंदी में भी देने की कृपा करें।

  • Kirti Pandey

    Sadly, Hindus never forced conversions and infact a good section of it got forcibly converted by attacking Islamic and Christian forces. Goa Inquisitions, anybody? Tipu’s attack on Kerala…. rapes? Please let us live in peace? Arabs chased Persis out of Persia (Iran) and Indian Hindu king gave them refuge. Please read the DNA here. We hate violence. Buss karro bhai.

  • Indie Dude

    The policy is clear: First get reservation so that there is majority in educational institutions. Then use that majority to muzzle against Hindus/Hindu thought process. Provoke them. Use Educational institutions as the base for Anti Hindu campaign.

  • Anadi Mishra

    Russian Spy Agent’s video exposing DU, Communist Left Parties, Paid Media Conspiracy to break India.. must watch video I just shared on my timeline.. Also at https://youtu.be/Nvp3jJ8Dso0

  • Megh

    Thank you Abhinav Prakash, for compiling this piece.

    • Anadi Mishra

      See Russian Spy Agent’s video exposing DU, Communist Left Parties, Paid Media Conspiracy to break India.. must watch video I just shared on my timeline.. Also at https://youtu.be/Nvp3jJ8Dso0

  • Kallol Dasgupta

    Why can’t this case be treated as a blasphemy as it involves a festival which is followed by a huge majority of people from the Hindu community? There is no problem in celebrating Mahiusasura Puja which is also done alongwith Navratri as Hindusim gives scope for both God and Demon worship. But why such festivals be allowed on campus with distorted voyeuristic vision and hatred. So if its allowed then Durga Puja should also be allowed. Where is it written that Durga Puja festival is only for upper castes? it has gone through several reforms and is widely celebrated in bengal where people from all walks of life participate including Christians and Muslims just to enjoy the spirit of the festival. These elements who have been brainwashed with twisted ideologies should visit one Durga Puja pandal and experience the ambience. I bet they will see how hollow their claims are. A Durga Puja provides employment and brings happiness to the most deprived people of the society and if you come to Bengal you can see it in person. Lastly leftists are known to be atheists, from when onwards they became devil worshipers? This type of bigotry and blasphemy attracts only those backward mentality people who do not wish to enlighten themselves and remain backward, literally.

    • Anadi Mishra

      Bro, Russian Spy Agent’s video exposing DU, Communist Left Parties, Paid Media Conspiracy to break India.. must watch video I just shared on my timeline.. Also at https://youtu.be/Nvp3jJ8Dso0

    • Indie Dude

      There is no blasphemy in Hinduism

      • Kallol Dasgupta

        Ye there was when it was pronounced as blasphemy by Brahmins who dominated the society and were sanctity pundits of the society. As Hinduism has evolved much over time and there is no longer an institution based religion such insults cannot be challenged legally. But that does not mean it gives others right to insult one’s belief system.

  • satyen

    Navaratri is celebrated in honour of DEVI, the divine mother.The divine mother is symbolic of energy a manifestation of divine itself.This divine energy is manifeted in different forms. It is the energy of the universe through which there is creation ,maintenance, and destruction. Each day of this celebration is intended to perform through various pujas/homas. These various energies in the form of emotions are manifested in our human ilfe. They are inertia and enthusiasm, Sex- procreativity and creativity, generosity and joy, greed and jealousy, hate and love ,grief and gratefulness, alartness and anger, and the bliss.The purpose of this celebration is to eliminate all the negative emotions and cultivate the positive emotions for a blissful life. One should understand the meaning of this traditional celebration and values it carries.

  • Udita Ghosh

    As a Durga Puja-loving Bengali, I happily commend those who celebrate Mahishasur Divas, because they are well within all that is positive and diverse and free in Hindu-cultural tradition (not Brahminical). Having co-opted Ma Durga into the patriarchy of the Hindu god pantheon, now people like this idiot of a writer seek to protect her from her own people, just like they want to protect “Mother India”. Well you can’t. She is not your tool. Durga Puja IS for all, and Mahishasur Divas is equally acceptable. Looking forward to Onam, to celebrate “demon king” Mahabali!

    • Sujata Srinath

      So you agree with the narrative in the Forward Press? And the author has reported what happened on the JNU campus…he does not claim to protect Durga from anyone. Durga does not need any protection. But you may need her someday.

      • Kallol Dasgupta

        Do you think durga needs protection from these self proclaimed intellectuals who distort the spirit of the festival/ Even Mahishasura is worshipped alongwith Durga but the way its done in JNU based on distorted myths and intentional hatred that is wrong. Their hatred and false propaganda can damage the image of Hinduism to those who have never come into contact with Hinduism and who possess similar backward mentality thoughts. This type of thought process exhibited by the so called Dalit students reflect why they are literally backward in society. There is deep rooted cultural problem.

      • Anadi Mishra

        See Russian Spy Agent’s video exposing DU, Communist Left Parties, Paid Media Conspiracy to break India.. must watch video I just shared on my timeline.. Also at https://youtu.be/Nvp3jJ8Dso0

        • Sujata Srinath

          Interesting…pity I saw this so late…but am a little confused…an American is interviewing him about American leftists but this guy was an agent in India?

    • Anadi Mishra

      bhai Russian Spy Agent’s video exposing DU, Communist Left Parties, Paid Media Conspiracy to break India.. must watch video I just shared on my timeline.. Also at https://youtu.be/Nvp3jJ8Dso0

    • Donny Raja

      You Bengalis are nuts and do not seem to have ANY knowledge of symbolism! Everything is literal interpretation for you m0r0ns because of Marxist influence, which is akin to the Abrahamic cults in viewing everything in black and white. Mahishasura is symbolic of cruelty, injustice and arrogance. His slaying is symbolic of slaying all the vices. If you want some to celebrate all these vices, the joke is on you! Stop worshiping Durga Matha as you do not know the meaning of it. Instead, worship Mao and believe in virgin birth! Suits you well !

      • Udita Ghosh

        LMAO uncle you’ve been infected with Hindutva paranoia about “anti-Hindu” forces! Combining Maoism/Marxism which is atheist by definition, with the book religions and virgin birth! It is my right to worship Ma Durga, as much as it is your right to your narrow views, and you can’t claim that only your Hinduism is Hinduism, and mine is not. Why can’t you accept that there is no single way/belief to being Hindu? But no, anyone who demonstrate any divergence must be a Maoist/Marxist/Christian/Muslim wahh!
        It is you who is being literal – good and evil and slaying vices! Do you understand that symbols are not set in stone? That what they represent is as open to interpretation as the immediate text? And do you know how many versions there are of our ancient texts? Do you understand that one of the fundamental principles of the Hindu-Jain philosophies is pluralism? The idea that there is no single Truth? This is the heterogeneity of Hinduism, that the same Vishnu we worship, is also the god who tricks King Mahabali, loved by his people, into going underground – worshipped in Onam. That we Bengalis may worship Durga and call to waken her forces for the 10 nights of her fight, and also accept that those are the days she comes home to Earth with her children, and then there is Ma Kali, who we worship in all her wild rage, blackened body and kiling men, skulls hanging around her neck in a murderous rage as well. At the same time that there are tribes in Bengal as well who mourn the death of Mahishasur and it’s fine! That Karna was a great figure even though he was on the wrong side of the battle. That the Pandavas were highly flawed though they were on the right side, and ultimately the victors. That is because these are STORIES, and you are not supposed to take them as set in stone, or see them as purely good vs evil, but know that they are ALL grey, but understand that there was always a different perspective, and there will always be. At least in Bengal, many still understand this.

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  • Brijesh Maurya

    खाइ खोदे बिना, पहाड खडा करने का कोइ दूसरा उपाय नही है अस्तित्व मे। बिना प्रमाण और तर्क के आर्य,सुर,देव की महिमा और महानता की बाते हो रही थी तो किसी को कोइ परेशानी नही थी। सब खुशी खुशी महान सन्स्क्रिति की गौरव गाथा मे लगे रहे। दक्छिणपन्थीयो की बात तो समझ मे आती है ये बन्गाल के विशुद्ध वामपन्थी भी देवी महात्म्य और पान्डाल मे आरती उतारने से नही चूके।

    तब सब सच था जब तक की अनार्य,असुर,राक्छस आदि को सच कहने वाला कोइ न था। अगर अनार्य,असुर,राक्छस कल्पना और नश्लीय सम्बोधन है तो तो आर्य,सुर,देव क्या है ?? क्या ये नश्लीय सम्बोधन नही है ! रावण के काल्पनिक और गैरनश्लीय होने के बाद आखिर राम वास्तविक और नश्लीय कैसे हो गए?

    मै भी नही चाहता की रावण,महिसासुर की पूजा हो लेकिन राम और इन्द्र की पूजा होते ये कैसे सम्भव है। महानता का दर्शन गढने वाले विद्दजन भी जानते है की महानता के गढने के साथ साथ हीनता का भी गढा जाना पहली और अन्तिम आव्श्यकता है। अस्मानता,भेदभाव,नश्लीय उपमाए, सामाजिक समूहो के बीच लडाइ-झगडो, राजनैतिक युद्धो को आखिर धार्मिक ग्रन्थ कहने की हरकत कब बन्द होगी।

    अनार्य,राक्छस,असुर अगर हिन्दू समाज के साथ मजाक,राश्त्रविरोधी और गैर-सामाजिक है तो आर्य,देव,ब्राह्मण,सुर जैसे शब्द शानदार, राष्त्रीय और सामाजिक कैसे ?? अगर एक झूठ है तो दूसरा भी झूठ है और इनमे से कोइ भी एक सत्य है तो दूसरा भी सत्य होगा ही होगा। हिन्दुत्व की दुहाइ से काम नही चलेगा

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  • Gautam Sharma

    Ahbinav ji,very good article,very informative,Thanks !

  • Radha Rajan

    “Fair skinned Durga”? Good grief, can’t these anti-Hindu rascals come up with something more intelligent? I am an Aryan who invaded India and I am at best dark white in complexion. And when Durga becomes Kali, she becomes black. So is Kali dravidian or buffalo-rearing tribal?

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      In fact these colours have symbolic significance in Devata vidnyan.

    • seth ji

      are u Dr radha rajan whose video about ideological subversion are on YouTube ?????

      • Radha Rajan

        Only I am not ‘Dr’ Radha Rajan. Just Radha Rajan.

        • seth ji

          thanks for all your videos and articles on internet…..there are only few people like Dr Subramanian swami, Rajiv malhotra , professor vaidyanathan , arun sourie ,swaninathan gurumurthy and you who are true intellectuals and are fighting with anti national pseudo intellectual……
          thank you ma’am

  • A.V.Venkataraman

    The freedom by promuslim congress pledging national interest to capture power adopted appesement policy, today has grown into a demon threatening the very existence of HINDUS. Can Hindus in muslim Institute like Aligarh University talk in deragatory manner about muslims or Quran?But even one muslim in a Hindu educational institution talking bad about Hindu religion or gods top fellows scared of taking action against him because of the recoil from that group. So what is lacking with Hindus is unity and guts, our own indifference and cowardism. Already Hindu population in other muslim countries is being eliminated, unquestioned by our govt. and the indifference of govt to the barbaric behaviour of muslims may lead to flash point by Hindus, unless it wakes up, act sternly. As to the left parties joining hands with muslims, it is to be noted that between muslims and communists there is no difference in idealogy, both would not like anybody else surviving.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Excellent one..I proud on you Abhinav..

  • harihara

    mahisha day should be thmaa durga is the active manifestation
    of the pure consciousness and the immature kiddish humans in this planet have
    been seeking her, that is their mother’s guidance and protection for leading
    their lives in peace, from time immemorial. As to tribes, all of us hail from
    one tribe or other down the road of timeIn nature and its history through the
    road of time, mother – the knowledgeable, kind, loving, strict, ethical and
    protective to the child seething in ignorance, has always been performing the
    actions of divinity and as such, SHE is divine. Hope the childish humans of JNU
    will soak themselves in durgaa saptashati and change their direction of life or
    durgati towards sadgati by returning love to their own mother durgaa the durgatinaashinee.
    and thus grow up. It is mother who
    vanquishes in her children the demonic qualities of laziness, ahankaara,
    obstinacy, drugging consumption and foolishness, as represented by
    madhu,mahisha, chanda, dhoomra, rataktabeeja and shumbha respectively hail
    mother of all, all humans and others

    • Sanjay Gupta

      you’ve put it very nicely, humanely, harihara 🙂

  • Humnawab Hai

    ye koi dalit magzin nahi…aur jnu me mahishasur ka sahadat divas banane walo ka adhayakh ka naam….jitender yaadav hai………….aur ye magzine pichhado ki hai….dalito ko badnaam mat karo……….ho sakta hai ki kuchh dalit bhi sath ho….

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Ye mat bhulo ki Bhagvan Shrikrishna bhi Yadav the.Why Yadavs of present times denigrating themselves one does not know.

      • Humnawab Hai


        मेरे तरफ एक कहावत प्रचलित है कि-
        “अहिर बुझावे,
        मर्द कहावे।”

        मै समझता हूँ कि मेरे साथ कुछ ऐसा ही है। आज दिल्ली से कोई क्षत्रिय
        विक्रम सिंह यादव जी मोबाईल नम्बर 09350573819 से मुझे फोन कर समझाते
        रहे,धमकाते रहे पर मै उनकी बात समझ नही पाया। वे बेशक विद्वान हैं पर मै
        नादान जो ठहरा। उनकी कोई बात समझ नही सका। बाद में मैंने सोचा कि वे निश्चय
        ही मेरे बारे में उपरोक्त कहावत को सही मान रहे होंगे। आज लगभग 6 बजे शाम
        को उनका फोन आया और उन्होंने जमकर मेरी क्लास ली लेकिन मै ठहरा टीचर सो
        मुझे उनकी कोई बात समझ में नही आई और मै अपनी ही जोतता रहा।
        महिषा सुर को यादव की बजाय राक्षस कह रहे थे और मै यादव को राक्षस कुल का
        कह रहा था। वे कृष्ण को भगवान कह रहे थे और मै कृष्ण को अपना बहादुर
        पूर्वजकह रहा था। वे यादव को सूर्यवंशी-चन्द्रवंशी क्षत्रिय में बाँट रहे
        थे और मै यादव को मूल निवासी बता रहा था। वे मुझे चमार घोषित कर रहे थे और
        मै क्षत्रिय होने से इनकार कर रहा था तथा चमार ,यादव आदि हजारो जातियों को
        एक जाति अनार्य कह रहा था।
        मैंने जब उनसे ऋग वेद में कृष्ण को असुर
        लिखने और इंद्र द्वारा मारने की बात कही तो वे अनभिज्ञता जताए। मैंने जब
        उनसे वाणासुर,हिरनकश्यप का समधी कृष्ण को बताया तो वे अनभिज्ञता जताए।
        मैंने जब उनसे पुरातत्विक शोध में द्वारिका की सभ्यता का काल ईसा से 1500
        वर्ष पूर्व बताया जो सिन्धुघाटी सभ्यता काल के आसपास था तो उन्होंने
        अनभिज्ञता जताया।मैंने जब डी.एन.ए.परीक्षण में
        ब्राह्मण,क्षत्रिय(राजपूत),वैश्य(मारवाड़ी)का डी.एन.ए. आपस में तथा यूरेशियन
        से लगभग 99% मिलने व शेष सारी जातियों का डी.एन.ए.आपस में मिलने लेकिन
        ब्राह्मण,क्षत्रिय,वैश्य व यूरेशियन से न मिलने की बात बताई तो उन्होंने
        अनभिज्ञता जताई।
        वे खुद को क्षत्रिय और मुझे चमार घोषित कर देख
        लेने की धमकी तक पर आ गये पर मै क्या करूं क्योंकि मै तो ठहरा अहीर(चमार के
        डी.एन.ए.से मैच करती मूल निवासी जाति) और जब अहीर हूँ तो बैताल फिर उसी
        डाल पर मतलब कहावत फिर आ गयी कि –
        “अहिर बुझावे,
        मर्द कहावे।।”

        आदरणीय क्षत्रिय विक्रम साहव देश का संविधान कहता है कि जो सामाजिक और
        शैक्षणिक दृष्टि से पिछड़ा होगा उसे विशेष अवसर मतलब आरक्षण मिलेगा। अब सवाल
        उठता है कि जब अहीर क्षत्रिय है तो सामाजिक दृष्टि से अगड़ा है फिर मंडल
        साहव वेवकूफ थे या संविधान विरोधी जो उन्होंने अहीर को पिछड़ी जाति में रख
        आरक्षण दे दिया। माननीय विक्रम सर आप दिल्ली में रहके खुद को क्षत्रिय
        घोषित कर खुद तो तुष्ट हो जायेंगे पर देश के लगभग 17-20 करोड़ अहीर जो गांव
        में गरीबी,लाचारी,अशिक्षा,अपमान,अभाव की जिन्दगी जी रहे है ,सछूत शूद्र हैं
        उन्हे सदा-सर्वदा के लिए उसी हाल में कर जायेंगे इसलिए कृपा कर क्षत्रिय
        बनने का झूठा दम्भ त्यागिये और इस देश का आदि निवासी बनने में गर्व महसूस
        महोदय!नीचे व्यास स्मृति का श्लोक पढके आप अपने वर्ण का
        स्वनिर्धारण कर लेंगे। तुलसी दास के”आभीर ,यवन, किरात, खल, स्वपचादि अति
        अध् रुपजे”का अनुवाद कर अपना वंश चुन लेंगे। आपने मुझे बहुत बुरा -भला कहा
        पर मुझे तनिक दुःख नही है क्योकि आप क्षत्रिय हैं। आपको हक है शूद्रों पर
        डंडा चलाने का। क्षत्रिय मनुस्मृति के मुताबिक डंडा चलाता है और शूद्र
        बर्दास्त करता है। मैंने भी हिन्दू संस्कृति के अनुसार शूद्र होने के कारण
        आपके डंडे को सह लिया है पर देश को मिले अम्बेडकर साहव के समतावादी संविधान
        के कारण आपके समक्ष एक आईना रखा है। उम्मीद है उसमे आप अपना चेहरा जरुर
        जय श्रीकृष्ण।
        जय हिरनकश्यप।।
        जय महिषासुर।।।

  • Chandana

    Evangelists insult other religions(actually only Hinduism- they dare not criticize Islam) on a regular basis and very strangely get away with it! this speaks volumes for Hindu tolerance – evangelist activity against Hindus is especially active in the South – but tolerance and provocation has its limits – its time Hindus united to protest against continuous denigration , ridicule and humiliation of our religion! The distortions in history and facts to tarnish this beautiful religion -such as the one about Goddess Durga are unimaginable (read BREAKING INDIA BY RAJIV MALHOTRA to get the whole sordid picture) and gain credence over time due to political backing and vote bank politics. The evangelists have money and political power from the West and Vatican and of course the Left! Time for us Hindus to protect the honor of our religion!

  • Aparna

    Very good article…detailing the facts which never come out in the MSM. Kudos to India Facts and to the author for this! Keep up the good work!

  • Lion King

    Thank You for this article. Now understanding, where the rabbit hole is going…..

  • N.Paramasivam

    Freedom of belief should be confined to self. It should not encroach on other’s belief. Similarly, freedon in campus should not interfere in other’s feelings. If it interferes, then State should interfere and book those responsible for interference. Moreover, Delhi BJP should have a strong personality from their youth wing, exclusively to deal with JNU. It is a shame that a campus in Capital, is always a centre for lawlessness. Suddenly, there is a feeling that there are no leaders in BJP except Modi and Sha. Modi has to look into this urgently.