Funding Evangelism through ‘Compassion’- A report on Compassion International-I

In this article, we shall look into FCRA-NGOs, which receive money directly from Compassion International, an international NGO devoted to Child “Welfare”.

Headquartered in Colorado, USA, Compassion International is an international NGO devoted to Child “Welfare” across the world. According to the magazine Christian Science Monitor (CSM), Compassion ranked thirtieth in the list of US Charities with an annual income in 2011 of USD 548.9 million (~Rs. 3000 Crore using 2012 exchange rate). CSM classifies Compassion as a Relief/Development charity along with World Vision. The only two Religious charities among the top-50 were Campus Crusade For Christ (rechristened now as CRU in the USA) and Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Notwithstanding the CSM’s classification, one of Compassion’s webpage is titled “Sponsor a Child With a Leading Christian Charity”. The web page shows photographs of many children from different countries of the world. Interestingly, although Compassion has a wide presence in India (see later), searching for Indian children on their US website yields zero results. Understandable. On the right side of the same webpage, the work of Compassion with respect to children is described in brief as:

  • Educational assistance, Health and hygiene training, Medical checkups, etc.
  • Mentoring to help children discover their incredible value as God’s children
  • Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God

The Mission statement of Compassion International is here. It states: “In response to the Great Commission, Compassion International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.

The EIN for Compassion International is: 36-2423707. As a 501(c)(3) Organization in USA, it is exempted from US Federal Income Tax. However, one can peruse its annual tax return filed with the US tax agency, called the Form-990. The annual tax return of Compassion for 2014-15 is available here. In it, Compassion describes its “core work” and explains how it monitors the outcomes of such work: “Child development outcomes are monitored in the areas of health practices and physical health, economic skill building and motivation, abilities in social interaction, and demonstrated commitment to the Lordship of Christ.”

The tax return also mentions that ~USD 50 million was remitted to “South Asia” (which, in the present context, refers largely to India) in 2013-14 towards “Child Development”.

‘Compassion’ in India

This report is motivated by a recent news item in Indian media, one of which is linked here. The news story says that the Ministry of Home Affairs has put Compassion International on the Prior Permission (PP) list, after its affiliate, Caruna Bal Vikas (CBV), Chennai (FCRA-NGO), distributed the money it (i.e., CBV) received to other NGOs, which were not registered under FCRA. The transfer of such foreign funds by an FCRA-NGO to organizations, which are not registered under FCRA is a violation of Section 7 of the FCRA (2010).

What are the activities of Compassion in India? Is CBV its only affiliate? Who does CBV and other affiliates of Compassion in turn distribute the money to? What is the geographical spread of Compassion? What is the quantum of money flow from Compassion International to FCRA-NGOs in India? We shall try to explore these questions here. Since the amount of information is voluminous, we shall proceed to do this in multiple installments. In this Part-1, we shall look into FCRA-NGOs, which receive money directly from Compassion offices worldwide (USA, UK). In subsequent installments, we shall see the names of secondary FCRA-NGOs, who receive money from Compassion’s primary Indian affiliates such as Caruna Bal Vikas-Chennai and Compassion East India-Kolkata.

The actual “Table of remittances” is provided at the end of the report. Here are some of the observations that emerge from an examination of the funding activities of Compassion International in India.


  1. Given that the inflow from Compassion International to Caruna Bal Vikas steeply declined in 2014-15 (see later for possible reason), many FCRA-NGOs, who were getting secondary funding from CBV until 2013, started getting their funds directly from Compassion International, Colorado in 2014-15 (and also in 2015-16, based on their quarterly returns filed with MHA).
  2. Some entries in the Table below have a question mark (?). The FC4 forms submitted by such FCRA-NGOs appear faulty. They do not contain any information about the foreign donor. Based on information provided in quarterly returns (third and fourth quarters) filed by such FCRA-NGOs in 2015-16, I presume that such FCRA-NGOs are likely to have received funds from Compassion International in 2014-15. Hence, such entries too are listed in this Table.
  3. Although Compassion International’s website does not list India in the drop-down menu for Child Sponsorship schemes, we presume that a lot of child-centric activities take place with the funds received by the FCRA-NGOs from Compassion International. Whether such Indian children are encouraged to explore Christianity, given what Compassion International-Colorado states in its tax return to the USA’s tax agency as its Core Mission, is not known in the public domain. Hence, no comments could be made regarding the same.
  4. Since 2009, the inflow from worldwide Compassion offices (primarily from Colorado) to FCRA-NGOs in India has been: 133, 158, 182, 223, 230 and 162 crore rupees, respectively. The dip in 2014-15 is likely correlated with that shown in remittances to Caruna Bal Vikas-Chennai. Note that the inflow of Rs. 230 crore in 2013-14 calculated from FCRA returns (See Table at the end) corresponds to about USD 40 million, which amounts to 80% of what Compassion International claimed as its “donations” to South Asia in its US tax return.
  5. Thus, Compassion sent around Rs. 220 Crore p.a. to Indian FCRA-NGOs. In contrast, Ford Foundation granted around Rs. 60-70 Crore p.a. to our FCRA-NGOs. The list of the FCRA-NGO recipients from Ford Foundation is here.
  6. Caruna Bal Vikas-Chennai and Compassion East India-Kolkata are the primary affiliates of Compassion in India. Thus, they are provided prime positions in the following Table. The rest of the entries in the Table are arranged state-wise.
  7. The geographical spread of direct recipients from Compassion is very broad, as visible from the table. When we deal with secondary recipients of Compassion in future parts, the full extent of geographical spread will become clear.
  8. There have been 52 Direct Recipient FCRA-NGOs from Compassion so far. Apart from these, I estimate that around 200 FCRA-NGOs are likely to have received Compassion’s funds routed via Caruna Bal Vikas and Compassion East India. These are allowed by FCRA rules.
  9. There is no Government source in the public domain to learn about the ownership/trusteeship of Caruna Bal Vikas. However, according to this story in The Hindu, one Mr. Aswin Paul holds the power of attorney for CBV. The story adds that Mr. Paul is also part of a company formed in 2014, called Adhane Management Consultants Private Limited (AMCPL), whose CIN is U74999TN2014PTC096425. Ministry of Corporate Affairs Portal provides the Directors of AMCPL as Christopher Rajkumar, Rampert Ratnaiya and Deva Anugraham Daniel. The news story also mentions that CBV has been slapped with a demand for Rs. 87.7 Crore from the Income Tax Department. Other FCRA violations are also mentioned in that news story. We suspect that CBV’s inflow for 2014-15 may have reduced due to this issue.
  10. As per Niti Aayog’s Darpan Portal of NGOs, Compassion East India-Kolkata is run by Jebaraj D.G., Dipankar Haldar, Asit Samuel and Arun Sarkar.
  11. Aside-1: While working on this report, we came across an interesting remittance from an organization in California called “The Fourteen Four Group” to an FCRA-NGO, Bhartiya Sewak Sangati-Nagpur (MH/83870174) in 2013-14. Permit us to elaborate on this.Evangelical Christianity has two focus domains. One is spatial and the other is “temporal”. The former is called the “10/40 window”, which lies between 10o and 40o north of the Equator. Countries within this window are especially vulnerable to changes in their religious demography, driven by forces located elsewhere. The temporal window is constituted by humans between the ages of 4 and 14, i.e., children. This is called the “4/14 window”. Efforts to introduce this target group to a religion, which their parents and extended family are unlikely to be practicing is also the aim of the same universal forces, which are inimical to the natural order.
  12. Aside-2: The above-mentioned California’s “The Fourteen Four Group” also sends money to the following FCRA-NGOs: The Association for Theological Education by Extensions, Kothanur, Bengaluru (KA/94420118), Vision India, Nagpur (MH/83870270), Anugraha Seva Mandal, Nagpur (MH/83870181), Evangelical Fellowship of India-Delhi (DL/231650058) and Evangelical Trust Association of North India, Delhi (DL/231660036).


Primary FCRA-NGO recipients from Compassion International during 2009-2014.

(Amounts are in Rs. Crore)

Name Reg. No. Address 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Caruna Bal Vikas TN/75900807 128, Bricklin Rd, Purasaiwakkam, Chennai-600007 82.57 96.44 109.50 130.5 111.7 6.75
Compassion East India WB/147120584 AQ-12, Sectors 4 & 5, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 48.19 60.05 71.09 89.85 111.26 119.0
Abode of Peace AP/10350091 10-274, Waktaur Uplands, Visakhapatnam
Society for Nurture, Education, Health Activities AP/10370060 517, Gotlam Village, SO Cantonment, Vizianagaram-535003 0.21
All Christian Evangelical & Social Service Fellowship AP/10140105 Venpaguta, Puttur, Krishnasamudra, Chittoor N/A 0.81
Nava Kanthi AP/10260285 30/13, Railpet, Machilipatnam, Krishna-521001 0.83
Utilise People’s Potential Action for Humanities and Research AP/10340045 Balaji Nagar, House No.1,,D. No.318, PO Pathapatnam,Srikakulam-532213 0.21 1.44
Nav Jeevan Seva Mandal DL/231650163 534, SFS, Block-C, Sector-19, Rohini-110085 4.04
Delhi Tamil Church DL/231650460 C/o Faith Academy ,Prasad Nagar- 110005 ?
Kashmir Evangelical Fellowship JK/152760002 Udhampur-182101 0.58
Karnataka Navajeeva Samithi KA/94420068 54, II Main, Ganghath Layout, Bengaluru 0.11 ?
Hoskote Mission & Medical Centre KA/94420084 Hoskote, Bengaluru N/A 2.54
Christa Mitra Ashram KA/94600020 Uttara Kannada N/A 0.47
Karnataka Evangelistic Association KA/94420111 519, 10th Main, F. Block, Bengaluru (likely in Kothanaur) 0.63 1.91
India for Christ Ministries KA/94420544 739, 4th Main Road, A. Munireddy Layout, Horamavu Main Road, Dodda Banaswadi-560043 0.65
Devanahally Mission of the Marthoma Church KA/94420761 Budigere Road, Devanahally-562110 N/A 0.16
Association For Community Care Education And Social Services (ACCESS) KA/94420909 10, New Chelekere Extension,

Kalyan Nagar


Servants Of Jesus Christ Welfare Sociey KL/52870270 Timnath Serah,Eraviperoor,Tiruvalla – 689542 0.28
Christian Agency For Rural Development KL/52930022 Marthoma Office,Tiruvalla 689101 0.28 1.87
Suvarta Alliance Ministries Trust MH/83820007 Church Compound

Nandurbar- 425412

0.14 0.29
Bhartiya Sewak Sangati MH/83870174 C/O Mr.Narhari Sangole, Behind New Budha Vihar,Gaddigodam,Nagpur-440001 0.06 0.38
Anugraha Aradhana Sewakai Sanstha MH/83870206 A-10, Manavsewa Nagar, Seminary Hills, Nagpur-440006 0.28 0.86
Reformed Presbyterian Church MN/194160022 Peace Lane, Churachandpur-795128 0.42
Mar Thoma Gram Jyoti Education & Development Society MP/63310057 Mar Thoma Passionage, South Civil Lines, Jabalpur-482001 ?
Mullai Outreach Ministries TN/75870065 1/108A, Nallanahalli, Mullikuttai, Periyanahalli, Dharmpuri-635205 0.08 0.46
St. Andrew’s Church TN/75900357 37, Poonamalle High Road,Egmore,Chennai – 600008 0.46
Society For Integrated Social Upliftment TN/75940288 9, Viswashanthi Nagar, 1st Street

Madurai- 625017

St. Joseph’s Yellagiri Educational Trust TN/75980250 Hope Nagar, Ponneri Post, Jolarpet-635851 ?
Santhosha Educational Society TN/76030002 Dohnavur, Nellai Kattabomman 0.18 0.54
Tirunelvelli Diocesan Trust Assocation TN/76030023 P O Box No.116, No.5, Punithavathiar Street, Palayamkottai


0.33 1.94
Peace Trust TN/76030266 Deo Favante, 16 Kurichi Road, Kulavanikarpuram, Palayamkottai-627007 0.47
Sharing Love Mission TN/76160016 5-A/323, Third Street, Bishop Caldwell Colony, Thoothukudi-628008 0.26 1.61
Jesus Redeems TN/76160018 Main Road, Nalumavadi-628211 0.14 0.47
Bharat Susamachar Samiti UK/347900050 Kulhan, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun-248001 0.20 1.28
New Life Centre UK/347900069 25- Old Connaught Place, Dehradun – 248001 0.29
Himalaya Inland Mission UK/347900065 Landour, Mussoorie 0.07
India Good News Association UP/136230028 183-a Katra Mission , Allahabad-211002 1.35
Mission To The Unreached UP/136810040 F-129 A Sector 22, Noida, 0.26



The FCRA Wing of Ministry of Home Affairs is sincerely thanked for providing the FC6/FC4 returns of all FCRA-NGOs online, without one having to go through the idiotic RTI route.

The report has been reproduced with permission from FCRA-Analysis blog.

Disclaimer: The facts and opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. IndiaFacts does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article.

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  • Don Sharp

    I’ve sponsored children in India for many years through Compassion. I have also visited India and met the children, reviewed the donations and seen that everything is done correctly, following procedure – and every dollar is accounted for. The way Compassion operates in India should be an example for the hyper-corrupt Indian government to learn from! What a shame hindu extremists would rather see children starve – says a lot about the religion in my opinion.

  • Ravi Varma
  • Amused Indian

    Just curious, is India a Hindu nation? What does the Indian constitution say about the right to freely profess, practice and propagate religion?

    • Sathyanveshi

      1) professing , practicing and propagating is always fine but with mutual respect towards other religions which are co-existing in India.
      2) Denigration,Unfair mischaracterization of other religions is being done in the process of EVANGELISM.That is where the problem lies.
      3) Also in the process of EVANGELISM, dominant world powers are trying to penetrate and getting soft power on this country.That is where the problem lies.

      In the process of EVANGELISM,culture genocide is taking place by making fun of native traditions, creating false stories like Thomas arrival is taking place..That is where,problem lies.I request you,Mr @disqus_aBfrAOttpW:disqus,Please talk to your white masters and stop all this being happening.Then we can debate on whether India is Hindu Nation.
      Whether India is Hindu or not,India is the only country where hindus can live safely.By the way,please do not be amused so much for everything

      • Amused Indian

        Hahaha! Really? India is only country where Hindus can live safely? That’s interesting! It just blows my mind!

        • Amused Indian

          BTW, I’m not making fun of any religion. I’m just amused that people who make a huge cry about “cultural genocide” have no solution to alleviate the level of poverty in India. What have you done for the poor? What answer do you have for the 145,000 families who were benefiting by CI, a majority of them are Hindus? Thousands more have graduated in flying colors and they still remain Hindus. Go talk to them and debate them.

          • Sathyanveshi

            So you believe that solution for poverty eradication can be and has to be given by religion and the institutionalized religious authorities?Good for your thought process.People like you are main targets for them..Keep going.A majority of them are hindus,who feel that they were being treated well by some white guy.but in reality these people are seen as “possible converts” in the eyes of white christian masters.

            Let me tell you an interesting story.Tea and coffee were introduced to Indians by Britishers in 18th century.Initially Indians were skeptical about consuming them.So Britishers gave it for free by distributing them on Chennai roads.Once people got used to consuming them,they starting importing and selling it.They went to an extent of forcing Indian labor to work at tea estates.That is one way of making you a slave.

          • Sathyanveshi

            Let me tell you about 145000 families.That’s a kind of opportunity for another NGO ( Hope for a genuine NGO without any malicious intent!!) to come and fill that gap. In fact Rama Krishna mission and a lot of other Hindu organisations don’t put a pre-condition or any intent to convert for offering a service.I appreciate your concern for the poor.But they would be taken care soon.

          • Amused Indian

            Christians in India don’t have “white christian masters” as you say. There are around 24 million Christians in India. I guess you haven’t met one. Sorry, Compassion does not do conversions. Nobody forces them and there is no malicious intent. A majority of the beneficiaries of CI are non-Christians and they remain so even after they graduate and they’re very grateful for the support that CI offered in their lives. Go talk to them.

          • Sathyanveshi

            Ohh…Really? Then please ask them to stop the propaganda of ‘St.Thomas arrival to Kerala’ story.Please tell them not to offer money and other things for conversion.Please tell them not to do derogatory comments on Hindu gods while on mission.Please tell them not to do false propaganda of “jesus in veda” or “jesus in upanishads”. compassion might not do conversions directly.There will be other ways.Just google about “compassion”.The immediate google result tells you what scams they are doing.By the way I have more christian and muslim friends than hindus.So please don’t think that I am alien and do not know about things which are going on.

          • Amused Indian

            Well…that is freedom of speech my friend. In what way does St Thomas story affect you or helping the poor in India, I don’t understand your argument? In what all these. Why should you be bothered if talks about “Jesus in Veda” and “Jesus in Upanishads” is false propaganda? People make derogatory comments about Jesus all the time. Jesus asked his followers to expect this.

          • Sathyanveshi

            There you are.All these theories come from white christian masters as said earlier.( Read “Breaking India” of Rajiv malhotra.) Is it freedom of speech or manufacturing lies and false propaganda?.Jesus might have said his followers to expect this.But our gurus said when derogatory comments come , do “vaada-prativaada” ( “tarka” )and win over argument and make them accept your view as truth.Only condition is it should not be violent.

          • Amused Indian

            Ok my brother please urge your Hindu organizations to help those 145,000 families.

          • Sathyanveshi

            It is not 145000 families but 145000 children,which is their official figure. In fact,There were complaints from western donors too about CI.Hindu organisations are always doing..Lets wait how this issue take its turn.I don’t have much trust on BJP as they were willful ignorant about these kind of organisations.
            Recently Rajasthan BJP Government partnered with world vision,another such dubious organisation.

            It is on the people of this country to understand foreign nexus and be due diligent about their native traditions.In reality they are not.Had they been diligent enough,jallikattu , Dahi Handi , sabarimala issue would have drawn even more criticism.

          • Amused Indian

            Anyway my friend, you seem like a reasonable person and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you. I have personally visited the projects that CI supports and visited the children that I sponsor. CI does not do forced conversions with money and benefits. You should visit one of those projects for yourself and investigate next time you visit India. (i.e. if CI is still operating in India) There are quite a few in South India. Also, I apologize if I have offended you in any way or any of my so called “christians” have mocked you because of your religion or any of your gods. I personally will not do that. I have many dear hindu friends and I would never think of offending them. I just tried to clear up this mis-conception about CI. I don’t think I was successful maybe someday you will understand. It looks like India is closing its door to CI. I will miss the letters from my sponsored children talking about their experience in their projects. I’m happy that one of them just graduated from the program and is now a nurse in South India. I’m a little happy that my family and I was able to make a small difference in the life of that child.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Ignore this christian terrorist. They are all the same. Muslims alone can fix them.

          • Sathyanveshi

            Christian terrorist? Please do not abuse at individual level.I am sure it is wrong.
            Ignoring does not make any sense.You have to talk back respectfully but aggressively.You have to stick to the point,be grounded and talk back.our last 2 generation kept on ignoring and feeling that they do not need to answer any one because everything is same.That is wrong.You should not ignore your opposing view.Just Talk back.No need to be offensive.
            // Muslims alone can fix them //

            This is logically incorrect.Abrahamic religions first finish dharmic religions and then they will fight themselves.These two religions have lot of common things.They claim exclusivity unlike dharmic religions.So in order to fight for superiority,first they need to digest remaining religions ,institutionalize strongly in every country and then finally they start fighting for soft power.So You cannot expect that muslims and christians kill each other and finally we were the one remaining and live happily.That just does not make sense.

            Lets go logically and practically.Hindus must learn lessons from Pagans who were destroyed.Read their history,how they were digested and how their traditions were digested.So please think about it logically and talk back aggressively.If possible,take up a research area around your area and revive the traditions back.There is a word called “decolonization”.We were colonized for 300 years.we became independent geographically 70 years ago.But psychologically,we are still colonized.Please decolonize.I am doing it.Please go back to roots and revive culture.This is the need of the hour and in the process of reviving your culture,you gain knowledge about our traditions.That helps to fight back when someone tries to malign our gods and traditions.

          • Amused Indian

            Until then let CI help them. What is stopping those Hindu organizations now? Is the Indian Government putting restrictions on them?

          • Sathyanveshi

            // what is stopping those hindu organisations ? .//
            Its none other than government and law.Temple and their funds are controlled by government and were diverted from religious purposes.
            It do not have guts to control mosques and churches.
            So most hindu organisations have to defend on donations in which case indian donations were far lesser than church controlled foreign funds.Despite all these problems,hindu organisations are doing a great job in tribal areas which you don’t see in main stream media.When natural calamities happened,it is the same “stupid” RSS and rama krishna mission comes to rescue and do relief work..Recent Examples : Nepal Earth quake and chennai floods

          • Amused Indian

            Like I said earlier, until all this is sorted out, let CI help. I just found out that if it can’t help India, it will switch its sponsors to another country like Africa and other Asian countries. It looks like CI is helping around 100,000 children in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world.

          • Sathyanveshi

            “What Sorted out”?I did not understand.It was not resolved from last 60 – 70 years.Infact Temples and “recently alochol” were biggest resources of income for most of the states in india.Eg: Andhra pradesh

          • Amused Indian

            You said that the government and law is controlling the temples and their charitable works. You’re just proving my point. Let somebody (in this case CI) help those poor families.

        • Sathyanveshi

          If you close your eyes willfully about pakistan and bangladesh hindus ,I cannot help you.Everheard of “Dotbusters” of New york? Accidentally, India,that is bharat became homeland for this whole group of people who were diverse in their food ,language,blah blah but still united by a thin common fabric of culture.Keep amusing my friend!!

          • Amused Indian

            hmmm…and in spite of the “Dotbusters” millions of Indians migrate to the US and other western countries and are being extremely successful? Being Governors, CEOs of major companies? Why is that? Maybe they enjoy the freedom in those countries? Maybe they’re craving for the “American dream”? There are still a few million who are eagerly waiting for their greed cards for more than 10 years. I wonder why is that?

          • Sathyanveshi

            Successful? have to be on their terms to be successful brother…
            governers – except Tulsi, most of them are converted ~ Bobby Jindal ,nikki haley etc… Indians in USA have to shed their indianness inorder to be successful. Read ‘ How Irish became white’.

            However inspite of all this white protestant christian majority, USA’s is altogether a different story.It is still democratic and called itself as ‘land of immigrants’ ,despite american exceptionalism which is still in its place. But look at middle east,a hindu have to lead third grade citizen life.In europe,a hindu was still treated as guy from snake charmer country.

          • Amused Indian

            So you mean to say, for Indians to succeed you have to convert to Christianity? You know that is not true! I guess you don’t want to believe that a majority of the successful Indians in the US are non-Christian. Why do Indians still want to migrate to the US, UK etc? I’m sure you’re one of them my brother. 🙂 Yes, the US is is a land of immigrants like you and me! How much of your “Indianess” have you shed after migrating here? A lot of them including me, cannot go without Indian food for a single day.

          • Sathyanveshi

            No no not at all.. I said you have to be equal in “their terms” to be successful in your career.”Their terms” – I will elaborate.when it comes to social life, You have to be like them inorder to carry yourself in the how many indian women go out with chudidaars every day,like they do in may say lot of things like food and other things which goes fine in your private places.can a orthodox Hindu come and live happily in USA.Inorder to be treated equal , you need to agree “their terms”.Thats what I said in my earlier post.
            But when it comes to politics ,yes ,religion matters in USA too.Read
            Eg; Anti-hindu Campaign on Tulsi Gabbard.
            also read this –

            Few more examples : California text book controversy, Yoga debate

            Even then ,what I am saying is “Case of USA” is different.But other countries where religions which claim exclusivity(whose god can only give you entry rights to heaven) are dominant in number ,situation of hindus deteriorate gradually.Live Examples of this scenario is Pakistan and Bangladesh.So for us,”Hindus” (the name given by then-outsiders to the masses of this land,who worships nature and who were diverse and who worship different manifestations of a supreme reality) have no other option than treating India as home land.

          • Amused Indian

            I’m not sure I understand your point in providing the link about Bobby Jindal. He’s a success story, agreed. He converted to Christianity when he was in high school. Again, you’re just proving my point. Regarding Tulsi, every country has its racists and bigots, however, is it state sponsored racism like it was in South Africa during the Apartheid regime? Also every religion has its issues too. You talk about the crusades, but they did not adhere to the basic Christian doctrines. Do you seriously think that the Christian friends that you have are like that? I guess you wouldn’t be calling them “Friends” if they were like that. Again, back to Tulsi. There will be bigots and racists (like the KKK) who make noise whenever there are hard working people from another country who succeed extremely well. Imagine if its the other way around. If somebody from an African nation or somebody from the Philippines runs for office in India, do you think Indians will like it?

          • Amused Indian

            Since you provided some links, let me provide you with some. Because of the crimes of a few individuals can an entire religion be blamed? Did the Christians go out rioting and pillaging because of the death of Graham Staines and his 2 innocent children? This is what his wife Gladys Staines said regarding her husband’s death. “The Lord God is always with me to guide me and help me to try to accomplish the work of Graham, but I sometimes wonder why Graham was killed and also what made his assassins behave in such a brutal manner on the night of 22nd/23rd January 1999. It is far from my mind to punish the persons who were responsible for the death of my husband Graham and my two children. But it is my desire and hope that they would repent and would be reformed.”

          • Sathyanveshi

            who is blaming religion here?If I blame religion,then you could have brought graham staines into the scene.let me tell you once again,all my posts here within this thread out of 3 threads we are discussing here are to prove that hindus have no other option than india to consider as home land which is certainly not the case with other religions.That is the point that I am trying to prove by giving examples.

            Even in this context,I am exempting USA (and similar kind of countries too ) on the grounds of its claim as “land of immigrants” to some extent.

            Note:This thread started with you wondering whether india is hindu nation?what I said in response is “Given the nature of exclusivity of some religions,Hindus have no other option left than considering India as their home land irrespective of whether India is Hindu or not”.Hope you got it.

          • Amused Indian

            Agreed, India is a country for people for all religions, Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. My point was about the constitution and the right to profess, practice and propagate one’s religion in response to another commentator about Christianity in India. You said that propagation and practice should be done respectfully. Agreed. You cannot expect to win people to your point of view by insulting and mocking them. Nobody says, “That Christian guy insulted my religion and let me convert to his religion” People commenting on this article are making it sound as if India is solely for Hindus. What about the millions of Christians who are already there and also the 2nd largest population for Muslims in the world? My forefathers were Hindu Brahmins many generations ago. They were not enticed or bribed or tortured to convert to Christianity. However, I or my forefathers could have chosen a different path or religion, nobody forced us to convert to Christianity. Going back to the article. The article keeps using quotes “charity”, “welfare” etc. Has the author of this article visited any of the projects and spoken to the beneficiaries of CI? Has he investigated that CI is involved in conversions? Even the Home ministry cannot find any evidence of it. It is true that CI is a Christian organization, and it lays no condition on who it helps, Hindu, Muslim or Christian. If a beneficiary converts to Christianity as a result of love extended to him/her, CI will be glad. If he/she does not CI is still happy for him/her. The majority of the children who graduate from CI programs are Hindus and they remain Hindus. I personally know many of them who are very successful in India and abroad.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            India is NOT a country of many religions as you glibly keep repeating.

            Get out of this site please. Focus on uplifting the pooooooor.

          • Sathyanveshi

            @rajalakshmij:disqus It is practically not possible to see a Hindu nation in the current global scenario.My friendly suggestion to you is don’t be emotional and hatred driven.I know and can understand your pain behind hatred.I was also a kind of emotional guy when my friend’s illiterate mom made fun of Hindu gods and told me that I don’t go to heaven because I am not a believer.I was very angry when they did not take my temple prasadam in spite of me taking their cake.

            But Emotional and hatred driven environment do not give better results.I advise you and lot other emotional hindus (who were being called bhakts) not to vent your anger but talk back logically.our fight have to be on the ideology but not on people at individual level.
            I am sure you might have watched Rajiv malhotra’s take on leftist.If not ,watch it and tell me how did you feel.


            Remember a saying “It is easy to win over a emotional driven fellow than one who speaks logically”.

            P.S :Sankara was remembered forever for his ‘vaada’ and ‘tarka’.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Thanks for the link given. I shall watch them.

            We Hindus are NOT the hatred driven. Our very very muted reaction makes others label us thus. That is to make us feel guilty & defensive. It beocmes a win win for these christian THUGS.

            This amused nincompoop writes its forefathers were all very peeeeeeeacefully converted to christianity. Obdurately refusing to read about christian Inquisitions in India And elsewhere.

            Even today they are the same. Bestow a FAKE smile. Strike up some conversation & thrust their god.

            One such entity called jothy has her son admitted in some college in Vizag AP. Daughter in a local school. While walking suddenly invited me to come & attend their christian prayer meetings. I refused.

            Then told me (sic) ” your Hindu God Ram is no God…ouRRRRR jeeesus is this & that…..for 10 days forget your God & do japa of jeeeeeesusss. And see what all miracles take place…..And like benny hinn came up with many fake stories of doing this & that.

            ISLAM is the BEST weapon to annihilate this menace of churchianity.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Thank you very much. Sri.Rajiv Malhotra is extremely GOOD. Considering the opponents he faces
            ( we Hindus face ) are very formidably dangerous he is very self possessed & confident.

          • Sathyanveshi

            @rajalakshmij:disqus Very Confident guy,you see.He is around 70.He is still grounded,firm ,stick to the point.The leftist you saw in the video is Tyler williams, who is first american student leader of JNUSU.He tried to speak in the way a typical indian leftist speak.But Rajiv exposed him.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      YES , Bharath is a Hindu Nation.

      The so called constitution written by ambedkar was what the british dictated to him. Both muslims & christians INVADED our country propagating their creeds. They are not indigenous to Bharath. Both are INIMICAL to Hinduism.

      • Amused Indian

        Yes. Keep thinking that and saying that. Looks like you don’t believe in the constitution. Just because you say India is a “Hindu” nation doesn’t make it a Hindu nation.Try changing the constitution first. Instead of focusing so much on religion and conversions, what answer do you have for the 1,45000 families who are benefiting by this program. Are you afraid that the poor backward castes will break free of the cyclical poverty?

        • Rajalakshmi J

          ///focusing so much on religion and conversions/// is done by christian missionaries.

          //Are you afraid that the poor backward castes will break free of the cyclical poverty?//

          What prevents christian missionaries from taking all the “poor , allegedly backward castes , oppressed etc etc in India to their own respective countries like america , uk , australia etc , giving them education , food etc & empowering them too in the process ? The money stays within the christian countries. Instead of invading our boundaries & converting our Temples into churches all the poor would have broken “free of the cyclical poverty” becoming members of senate in america & influential ministers in uk etc . That much of aviation fuel would have been saved. Less travel by christian missionaries means less of global warming. The empty desolate churches would have been filled up.

          By your silly arguments should I presume there is no poverty in christian countries ? No homeless people in america ?? What about mass paedophilia by christian clergy & genocides all over for which vatican trots out one apology ??

          Instead all these “charities” are done for grabbing land with its resources. Do not pretend to be naive when christians are guilty of Inquisitions in Goa.

          • Amused Indian

            You’re simply pivoting from the main issue: My question to you is this: What about those 145,000 beneficiaries? They’re provided with free contextualized education, 3 meals a day, good medical care etc. What about the remote villages and communities that are benefiting by Compassion’s program? Income generating programs etc. Just running a small project with around 300 beneficiaries invigorates the economy of those small villages. Where is the Indian Government in those places? Where are you? What are you doing for the poor? We don’t have foreign missionaries travelling back and forth. We have local Indian partners at the grass root level that live in those communities. Who helps those children and communities?

          • Rajalakshmi J

            You are the christian slave craftily avoiding answering my pertinent questions.

            I admit christians are the mostest compassionate creatures DYING to uplift all the poooooor & oppressed. Incidentally the word caste is a christian implant . Like their FAKE Aryan verus Dravidian theory.

            Christian mafia has been doing this even before I was born.

            Had they been truly earnest Laloo Yadav would have become POTUS. Instead of george bush. And Rabri Devi the First Lady. THAT is upliftment & empowerment of the “dispossessed”.

            Similarly Jagjivan Ram’s daughter Meira should be PM of uk. Not theresa may.

            Ask the queen to throw open her palaces & share everything FREE with the POOOOOOOR of India.

            No need for her to come. UK can send its plane airlifting all the POOOOOR. And their local indian partners too. May you all remain within uk , america , vatican thumping bibles & kissing the feet of christian padres.

          • Amused Indian

            Wow, so much of hate. Sad. Anyway, I sincerely hope some NGO other than Compassion steps up and helps those 1,45,000 families that need help. God bless you!

          • Chandra Shekhar

            There are already many local organizations helping children, like RSS. You better pay attention to keep worshiping the rotten corpse of the Arab who was crucified because of some petty crime.

          • Amused Indian

            Very good! Glad somebody is stepping up to help those children. May the risen Lord Jesus Christ reveal Himself to you! May Jesus Christ bless you!

          • Ravi Varma

            The US should ban all Hindu organizations in the US and start the Ghar Vapas movement there. Go back to your beloved Hidutva!

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Christian uk’s bbc reported about many POOOOOOR christian girls in developppped america , uk , europe , australia etc who service “sugar daddies” to finance their studies in schools.

            What a COMPASSION …..whatya commmmpassion……how about looking after your own christian pooooor citizens ?? Thus saving them from prostitution.

            Instead of pounding away more crap you arrogant clueless nincompoop go & read all the Scholarly Articles written by Smt.Radha Rajan in this very site of indiafacts.

      • Ravi Varma
  • IndiannotAmused

    Jihadi Bano Mamata has established enough voter base to see her though the 2026 State Assembly election in WASTE Bengal. She is unique among anti-national politicians in one respect- She is the only one who allows RAMPANT JIHADI activity alongside RAMPANT CHRISTIAN EVANGELISM. Many in India are not aware of this but certain Western powers have decided to use Bengal as the next base of operations. To that end aggressive evangelization is going on in Kolkata and South 24 Parganas districts.The entire area surrounding Kolkata city will be evangelized and Christianized. This will serve as the base of expansion into a crumbling Bangladesh.The long term goal is to have a Christian Bengal. They know they are on the back-foot in the South of BharatVarsha.They have decided to use Bengal as the new front.They have the protection of Mamata.
    The needs of the hour are as follows-
    1. Form a separate Uttar Vanga state with Malda as the Southern extremity.
    2. Form a separate Rarh Vanga state with the entire Western parts of the state.
    3. Form a separate state with Murshidabad,Nadia and North 24 Parganas. [if necessary expel the Jihadi voters from Murshidabad voting list-those are all Bangladeshis].
    4. Also purge the Church agents like Derek O Brien and Sisir Bose from Indian politics.
    Aggressively secure these areas as Hindu strongholds.Get the BJP or some other HindutvaVadi party in power there. Limit Mamata to Kolkata and South 24 Parganas.
    The smaller states will be beneficial to local governance also.
    Stop the CIA-MI6 plot to form Christian Bengal-Land.

    • Dipanjan

      I love your info but can you give your source when you say
      “but certain Western powers have decided to use Bengal as the next base of operations”

      *NOTE- I am not a secular(sickular) doubting you, just needed to be sure

      • IndiannotAmused

        Thanks for your inquiry.Please look at some India related documentaries in the Stratfor site and similar other sites. They talk of Indian states as having big levels of autonomy and they also say this causes ” challenges” for India to have a national policy. They also talk about some “progressive -minded” chief ministers.Take three guesses whose pic comes up during those discussions. Meanwhile please go through some other international affairs sites pertaining to South-East Asia.I am not sure why but Bengal state of India is being discussed in the same space with South-East Asia. Once you find those discussions,please go though what they are saying between the lines. I am sorry I can not give you a source where they say they are going to do that explicitly. What I wrote above is my personal impression from a whole bunch of implicit sources.
        Meanwhile Mamata has been invited to the Vatican tonight. [not kidding-please check any Kolkata newspaper]. Once again,thanks for your inquiry.