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Government Control of Hindu temples: a Presentation

The Temple Worshippers’ Society based in Chennai has put together a summarized and data-driven presentation that highlights all the negative consequences of Government control of Hindu temples. Right from brazen looting of revenue of Hindu temples to mismanagement of temple administration to rampant encroachment of Hindu temple lands, this presentation is an eye-opener in many ways.

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  • Bhartiya

    India is not a secular country
    Subsidies for Haj
    Reservation for muslims
    Churches are loaded with money and funded by foreign agencies
    Temples are looted by govt in taxes, hindus are oppressed, suppressed, if one says one is hindu- immediately labelled as fanatic, extremist, saffron terrorist!
    We the hindus are exploited and suppressed in the name of secularism.

    Is this a secular country?

  • Jitu

    Thanks for putting this together. Is there away to curb this??

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Govt started taking control of Hindu temples because of corruption from the trusts but the corruption continues The Secular nation should also control the Waqf and the churches or should stop controlling the funds of Hindu temples

  • K.Harapriya

    Why should a “secular ” state have access to temple funds?

    • Atanu_Dey

      Because India is a “secular” state. Of course here the word is used perversely, emphasizing the contradiction — like a certain religion is loudly proclaimed to be a “Religion of Peace” when in truth it is anything but peaceful.

    • m p

      It’s far worse. P-Secular state enslaves temples, takes money from it. In contrast, it allows Church/Mosque full freedom and provides subsidy.

    • Crusaderz

      To siphon it off and make it bankrupt. so that they are no longer able to run charities and making them paralysed as compared to Missionary charities. second, it will result in bankruptcy of able brahmins so that they are bound to ask their kids to join another professions. This will result in degeneration of brahmins. Its a sophisticated attack technique of breaking a religion bit by bit. Congress under italian mafia is worse than mughals & east india company combined.