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Guess who actually oppresses Christians in India?

At this time of one of the biggest festivals of their mythology, the death and resurrection of their founder-deity, I wish all Christians a happy Easter Sunday. A time of new beginnings, the arrival of Spring, and a Jesus rising from the dead is a metaphor for the revivification of the earth and the beginning of a new cycle. In Kerala, the extraordinary spun gold blooms of the Indian laburnum, kani konna, gladden the heart as we await the Spring festival of Vishu on April 15th.

This year, of course, we have heard a great deal about how Christians are oppressed in India. Famous people including an admired chief of police and a former chief of naval staff have said that they feel uncomfortable in India because of their Christian faith. There was also the case of a 71-year-old nun in West Bengal, who was allegedly raped by some young men (although she has since mysteriously disappeared). There is a meme that implies that the new dispensation at the center, with the Narendra Modi administration, is deliberately hounding Christians.

I admit that there is in fact a lot of oppression of Christians in India, except it’s not coming from the PM or Hindus, but rather from certain Christians themselves, which is a sad fact that’s seldom commented on. Let me present to you three nuns whose stories are startling. All three of them are from Kerala, which has the maximum number of Christians in India. These are Sisters Abhaya, Anita and Jesme.

Sister Abhaya was found dead in the well of a convent exactly 23 years ago: on 27 March 1992, to be precise. The teenaged girl’s death was ruled a suicide. In a sense, this is not unusual, because young nuns are periodically are found dead, some of them in wells, some pregnant: a sad commentary on their lives. But something was not right in Abhaya’s case, it was rumored.

An activist named Jomon Puthenpurackal took up the case; he found certain irregularities in the conduct of the investigation, including what appeared to be the willful destruction of evidence such as Abhaya’s viscera and clothes. Jomon reasoned that someone was trying to sweep things under the carpet, and so he and other activists went to court. The case wound through the courts, and eventually, based on suspicion that the local crime branch’s inquiry had been compromised, the CBI was brought into the picture. There were some irregularities with the forensic lab in Bangalore, too: a sitting judge in Karnataka who had nothing to do with the Kerala case was fully briefed on the lab’s findings, which I find distinctly odd as he had no locus standi.

Yes, twenty-three years later, Sister Abhaya has not gotten justice.

The CBI conducted a detailed investigation, and the results were sensational: under truth serum or sodium pentathol, three people confessed to the crime. Father Puthrakkayil and Father Kottoor and Sister Seffi confessed that they were engaged in three-way sexual activity in the kitchen of the convent at 2 am. Abhaya chanced upon them when she came for a drink of water. Seffi beat Abhaya over the head with the blunt end of an axe and apparently killed her, and the trio threw her into the convent well.

Unfortunately, and very conveniently for the accused trio, the Supreme Court ruled that narco-analysis or truth serum would no longer be accepted as evidence, with the result that it was mistrial, and the trio walked free. Yes, twenty-three years later, Sister Abhaya has not gotten justice.

Another story that broke on 27 March was that of Sister Anita. The 40-year old nun had embarked on a hunger strike, alleging that she had been sexually harassed by a priest in her Madhya Pradesh convent. When she protested, she was packed off to Europe. Then she was sent back to Kerala, and when she appeared determined to seek justice for herself, she was physically thrown out of the convent. She threatened to sit in hunger strike, supported by local activists. The latest news was that the church had settled out of court with Sister Anita, offering her twelve lakh rupees and defrocking her. It was not immediately known what happened to her alleged  assailant.

Then there is the story of Sister Jesme, who published a sensational autobiagraphy titled ‘Amen’ in 2009 in Malayalam, about rampant abuses in convents, including non-consensual sex with senior priests, and forced lesbian experiences with another nun as well as ‘humiliation, sexual abuse and mental torture’. Jesme was also expelled from the order after serving it, including as a college principal, for 33 years.

There have been serious allegations of sexual predation by priests in an official document published by an investigating Vatican official some time ago. It appears that many nuns find themselves as captive sex objects for predatory priests. In fact, there was the case of a nun in Europe just a few months ago who claimed when she delivered a baby that it was an “immaculate conception”.

Beyond this level of exploitation of vulnerable women (which is not unusual: there is the story of the Magdalene laundries in Ireland where generations of unwed mothers and other ‘fallen women’ were brutally abused and used as slave labor in nunneries) there is also the allegation about ‘nun-running’ of Indian nuns to Europe to do the cooking, cleaning and other menial tasks there, as the supply of natives there dries up.

Thus a case could be made that it is internal issues that haunt Christians in India today. In fact, unlike, say, in Pakistan, Christians have almost never been hurt by Hindus (although the reverse is not true, for instance the assassination of octogenarian monk Swami Lakshmananda in Kandhamal, Odissa). The average Christian enjoys constitutional and other privileges the average Hindu can only dream of.

As an example, consider two cases, both from Kerala. One is a small boy, seeking admission in 5th grade in a Christian school. Despite good grades from his prior school, he ‘flunks’ the entrance test. His professor parents get a recommendation from a Christian friend of theirs, and the boy is admitted. Thereafter, he stands first in his class, and the school, and upon graduation, he is a topper in the state.

The other is a teenager, an average student. His parents try to get him into the most prestigious and exclusive college in the country. The parents are confident that he will get in because he is a Christian and the college is run by Christians (it is St Stephen’s, Delhi). In fact the boy manages to get admitted.

I have intimate knowledge of both situations, as I was the boy in the first case. I remember some of my teachers from that school fondly, and my best friends there were Paul, Mathew and Tony, but the injustice of the shabby treatment I got – the blatant discrimination  in admission – I have never forgotten. I have not been back to that school even once after I graduated decades ago.

The average Christian enjoys constitutional and other privileges the average Hindu can only dream of.

The second case is that of a neighbor of mine; his father and he consulted me on how to conduct himself in the interview. The kid is a decent sort, and I was happy to advise him. But I was appalled at how the father said, at least four times in the hour we spent together: “We Christians have preference in admissions at St Stephens”, as though it was an entitlement. And of course it is. That is astonishing in a secular nation where I imagine a good bit of the funding for the college comes from the public purse.

The same discrimination holds good in many other educational institutions, for instance at a famous medical college in the south, which discriminates blatantly in favor of Christians. In Kerala, more than 70 per cent of the educational institutions are run by Christians, including those ‘aided’ schools and colleges where the management chooses teachers, and their salaries are paid by the taxpayer.

The preference for Christians runs deep in Kerala where they are nominally about 25 per cent of the population, but given the massive conversion drives and the very large number of churches there, it is likely they are already in a plurality there, as in southern Tamil Nadu. Many converted Christians still retain their Hindu names, often to continue to enjoy government affirmation action programs to lowest-caste Hindus.

The Christian hold on Kerala was demonstrated when the current state government was formed: it was negotiated by two Christians and a Muslim. No Hindu leader was involved. Similarly, during the UPA days, with Sonia Gandhi, a devout Christian in charge, it was clear that all the plum positions in the center would go to Christians – an example is Leela Samson, who became culture czarina. Indeed, quite unlike the US, where any Indian who wants to seek electoral office has had to convert to Christianity, Christian politicians are in senior positions not only in Kerala, but also in Karnataka. During the UPA regime, a remarkable number of Christian IAS officers were deputed to Delhi. If you look at the media, there are disproportionately more Christians in positions of power.


A remarkable factor about Christians in India is their real-estate ownership. In particular, large grants under British rule have ensured that churches have enormous land holdings, worth billions of rupees and generally untaxed, in every city center. The church is said to be the largest landowner in the country after the central government. A particularly telling example is in Trivandrum. There is a large cathedral in the city center, a prominent mosque, and next to them, a tiny postage-stamp sized Hindu temple. Behind the temple, there is another large church. It is a vivid demonstration of the status of Hindus in the state: dominated by Christians and Muslims.

Academician C I Issac has pointed out, with voluminous data to support him, that in Kerala, Christians own twice as much land on average, have 50 per cent more in bank deposits, and run the vast majority of trade and education. A telling statistic: 92 per cent of those committing suicide in Kerala, mostly due to financial problems, are Hindus.

There is a fair case to be made that there is an elite group of privileged Christians, and that includes the priests in the church hierarchy as well as politicians. They are the ones oppressing or exploiting poor Christians, as well as Hindus. It is not at all the case that Hindus are oppressing Christians, although that fits well with the (fake) martyr meme. The biggest martyr story in India, that of Apostle Thomas being killed by Hindus in Chennai, is a complete fabrication, as Thomas never even arrived in India, as certified by the Vatican. From that myth to the current myth of Hindu oppression of Christians is but a small leap, a lie that is highly damaging for India, nonetheless.

Rajeev Srinivasan is a writer and well-known columnist from India.
  • Guru

    A Misleading article by a dirty Sanghi which is spread by them and quoted to mislead people. The dirty keralite Sanghi Rajeev Srinivasan well paid to distort and mislead PM Modi’s goondagardi and Sanghi murders. It did not fool voters in delhi not rural voters in Bihar.

    • I am not surprised at your outburst. Truth is always bitter & Christian evangelists, missionaries, fundamentalist & fanatics are being exposed. What about voters outside Delhi & Bihar ?
      Last heard & saw, Delhi voters are puking on the streets when they saw this image of Fakeriwal with Scamster Lalu.

      • Guru

        Did not Modi double hug Lalu ?

        As of yesterday BJP has approached Congress for poll alliance in Tripura, Sikkim & later WB. So what will this scum writer do now?

        put search”BJP asks Congress for electoral alliance in Tripura”

        So dirty Sanghi can only mislead with dirty articles while they do dirty deals for kickbacks.

        • By not replying about Khujliwal, it is apparent that you have accepted that Fakeriwal is a scumbag. Watch Times Now today @ 9 pm., you will get all answers about Lalu & Fakeriwal team of corrupt & hypocrites. Arnab Goswani is going to strip Khujliwal to night & give him a spank of his life. AAP is completely exposed.

          If BJP has approached Congress for support it is good news. But we know that Congress will not support since Congress is a communal party & believes in appeasement of minorities & in fact indulges in fear mongering among minorities. If it accepts to give support it will be apparent that their rant about RSS (which is a fantastic organisation of of true Patriots & Nationalists ) will come to naught & Congress divisive & communal politics will be completely exposed ( not that it is not known).

          Before talking about the fantastic Nationalist organisation RSS., Do read book “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra & you will understand all about dirty deals & dirty kickbacks.

          By the way, what is your real name ? Why are you being a coward & not revealing your real name ?

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Do not forget the Christian Girl (Suryanelli Case) who was kidnapped by the Police and multi raped and was excommunicated by her Church for accusing the Congress Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha, P. J. Kurien.The cognized criminal case against Kurien was dismissed by a High Court Judge without reference to Law, Evidence or Procedure in the manner and custom of India’s unfit for purpose High Courts.

  • Sherly Thomas

    I didn’t know Malayalam but I prayed to Christ and the language flowed flawlessly. I wish Hindi could be that way in spite listening 9 years.We are all God’s creation mixed and blended with many ethnic backgrounds.Don’t be a Hater or promote any bigotry.Go See a Salmon Khan movie!

  • Sherly Thomas

    Mr.Srinivasan Christians or Non Christians we are All people of God.It is your Country’s Caste system that made us children of India seek our version of truth.I was not to speak Malayalam being from a Syrian Nazarene family.Your caste system must between and is the problem of Today’s Kerala.St.Thomas or whoever the story is…Jesus Christ lives today among all.A girl who never knew Malayalam prayed after my parents wealth stolen by your country’s citizen and not able to take action residing in USA my parents’ soul found justice.I prayed 6 years with the help of a cell phone to the net and asking God Malayalam flowed into my tongue.To get in contact with relatives that only two immediate remained .It is the sweat of people and that faith in God .God is not having any prejudices so don’t place false ideas into the Kerala community with lies!

  • RedRaider

    Let’s see…Christianity is mythology. But this is what Hinduism worships and is not?:

    Hindus worship four armed, two legged blue people and purple elephants with four human arms and two legs, but it’s Christianity that is mythology….got it. Hinduism is true don’t you know. Exactly when did these creatures live?

    • The above images of Devi & Devta has a lot of symbolism value. I am not surprised that you having no knowledge of hindu way of life are making fun of it.

      Once you understand Hinduism, you will understand the deep significance of the above images.

      Please go thru’ the following link, it’s a National Geographic documentary in English :

      National Geographic | Religions of the World (Hinduism) – History Documentary

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  • Abracadabra

    Well said Rajeev!

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  • Phil

    Oh my do you have a pole up your backside.
    1. You have given examples of crimes in the Catholic church only. Not even the Pope has said his church his clean. Everyone knows there are problems inside but that does not justify attacks.
    2. What constitutional and other privileges do you speak of? That a Christian run and set up school shows preference to Christians. Well is it the fault of the Christians that they have set up a disproportionately high number of high class educational and medical institutions in the country that everyone clamors for admission to?
    3.Churches are the biggest landowners. Most of these are hundreds of years old and part of the country’s culture and heritage. You choose to talk about a postage stamp sized temple while ignoring Tirupati, Sabarimala and the Padmanabhaswamy temple. These also exist in our country but you only choose to look at a temple next to a church.
    4. You wear blinders and look at one state. In Kerala Christians have set up businesses like Manorama, VGuard and Alukkas. Is it because of state help? Also a disproportionately larger number of Kerala’s diaspora is Christians. Are you going to blame the passport office for not giving passports to Hindus now? They will obviously be better off thanks to the exchange rate. Also Christians have always had a major focus in education which helps them get ahead in life. Not discrimination.
    You sir need to get off the Kool-Aid

    • Dr Robert K

      Some of what you said, not the manner of saying, is correct. But it would not have harmed you if you had also added that in India Christians lead a reasonably good life and that there is no discrimination against them. And also that a section of our own people, our clergy and some of our leading personalities like Julius Rebeiro and the Navy Chief, are harming our own people by falsely blaming the country and the Hindus. I feel personally ashamed that these worthies, Rebeiro included, belong to my community.

    • MN

      Phil please take the chill pill!!! The ministry in Kerala does support these Businessman and Educational Bodies. There is a lot of hidden things which you should go and check out first. The author has the experience which he has lived while the admission. Just because you are not getting the Support from Congress Ruled Center like Before, One cannot say they are oppressed. When you say Tirupati, please go and check the back ground of YSR Reddy and what he did in Tirupati for Christians while he was CM. He was another Converted Christian Congressman with a Hindu Name. Out side all Famous Temples please go and check who runs the businesses and makes profits out side the temples. People who need medical and financial help are told to convert first to get help. The Hindus don’t!!!!! Please do a check first please.

    • indiatoday

      Even After converting for you above side facility s. Why have two name : use hindu name also along with Christian name . scared of what give up use Hindu name .

      • Indian Voter

        No. No. They are not scared. This is a ploy. This is just wolf in sheep’s clothing. They purposefully don’t change their name, so that Hindus associate with them as one of us. Then since they are part of a shady conversion scam, like a pyramid scheme, in which they are given incentives to pull in “new members”; they will start feeding us Jesus baba blah blah… they are scumbags.

    • sattuadharak0019


      During the British rule Christians were given large grants, Land and resources to open schools, churches etc to openly convert the ” heathens “, that explains why they control most of the educational institutions in India.That is how they became the largest land owners.The British ruling elite hated Hindus, Churchill is personally responsible for the murder by starvation of 4 million Hindus in Bengal. As per Mr. Chruchill Hindus were a beastly people with a beastly religion.So the Church ownership of land is only a few hundred years old British origin phenomenon.It is ironical that it is the Gurkhas and Sikhs who fought all the wars for the British all over the world, not the converted christians of India. In Galiipolee for ex, Turkey hundreds of thousands of our boys fought and died bravely , as canon fodder, and they are counted only amongst the dead camels and donkeys. No monument in their memory, but lavish monuments for a few thousand NZers and Aussies.

      Till the late eighties , if you wanted to migrate to the west, then the only way you could get a migrant visa was by conversion,I personally know a family who did that. The sad part was that the father was filled with regret , he converted back and died in his faith back in India, though his son and wife did not.
      With no malice in my heart , I would like to state that Keralite christians are intolerant to Hindus. I studied in a convent school , most of the teachers were Keralite christians , One history teacher i vividly remember , used to make fun of Hindus.
      Look at the Gandhi family, they are totally anti Hindu, The only leaders who are close to madam Sonia are non Hindus, mostly Keralite Christians, AK Anthony, Ommen Chandy, etc

  • Observer

    Some years back on a flight from the US to India, I had a pleasant, talkative fellow sit next to me. Over the next several hours, I learned many fascinating details about his career as an evangelist converter/ preacher, including the very interesting fact that his parent church outfit in the US paid him on a per head basis for the souls he managed to convert. I told him his livelihood was not so different from the scalp-hunters of the US Wild West who hunted American Indians, scalped them, and handed those scalps in to the local sheriff to collect their bounty rewards. He actually found that funny and laughed!!!

    He also paid me the compliment of calling me articulate and personable, and gave me a standing invite to join his business ops as it was most lucrative. That was the one and only reason he seemed to consider fit enough to offer.

    • Abracadabra

      Wow! That just cracked me up!

    • RedRaider

      Huh? What a wacky claim that apples are the same as oranges. When people got scalps, they killed the person. How many does what this pastor kill? None? Hmm, but you think they are the same thing and that you are making a cogent point. Proof that pagans and anti-Christians are logic and reasoning challenged.

  • Surya Prakash Bheri

    please stop all trhis let get the GDP up

    • Who is stopping you to stop these criminal missionary brigades. You need to do more home work to make yourself aware of this menace. Ppl like you are the reason for their crude support. I’m not trying top offend you but explaining the mission of missionary activities. Pleas try to sensitise yourself on the security aspects of country where these missionaries have already altered the demography in Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur and all these states are unstable due to their divisive role in society where Nagaland has been posing a real threat to sovereignty.

  • Kudos to the author and I hope that more n more Indian patriotic diaspora globally will take up to highlight our sad plight. Hindus must act intelligently to escape the persecution by Uncle Sham the criminal and befriend him as per the old dictum, either fight or befriend.

  • Funniest part of our sick seculars lie in fact that one never hear any disturbance in these criminal institutions run by minorities. But all the politicians are fast enough to create ruckus in non minority educational institutions that again serves their purpose in patronising the education and exploit us non stop. At the same time, they brain wash the kids in their formative years. This is the pain in their neck because of rise of Modi whom these criminal minority brigades wants to portray as Hindu fascist. It’s bad luck for White racists that they are finding it difficult to directly interfere in India. Hence these are their tools to indict to destabilise us indirectly.

  • Unless Indian Hindus wake up to this brute reality of Christian silent killers, they will be persecuted by these humble looking Christian so called, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, etc. They have given them so much of socially appealing epithets that they become easily acceptable and are revered by gullible ill informed Hindu mass. The need for this exposition lie in more dissemination of information via India friendly media. Then govt must spread India friendly education that can educate the Hindu mass to enlighten them.

  • This myth of minority oppression, not just Christians only, is a well planned strategy designed at USCIRF under the tutelage of US State Dept to malign Modi when US failed miserably to defeat him in elections. US with Vatican combo are a criminal and most dangerous groups together that’s out to finish Hindu as race and Christianise them. Same way, Islamist Hafiz Saeed spews venom from Pak only for same reason. Both these criminal Abrahamic forces are the main culprits who have destabilised globe. Their strategy is to oppress Hindu mass by hook or crook so that Hindus can be annihilated just like they did Americas, Australias, etc. Their history is of death and destruction.

  • Sachin Goswami

    “Oppressing Christians in India” to my mind, is a fabricated & cleverly thought out Plan” of those who wants to create an atmosphere of tensions and mistrust among general Christians” & some powerful Politicians are behind this only to gain politically. Modiji will never ever, being true secularist, will digest but, I think, he will fight back to ascertain the dignity of each & every castes whether, Christian, Hindu, Muslim or any other. I am surprised, how a nun is raped when entry to other people is restricted. Name me any one Institute/ Christian Organization where entry is free & anyone can with out prior permission from the authority OR proper authentication from the Christian establishments can go inside. This is a Christian politics & they are always trying to malign the dignity of Hindus. We must be more careful & vigilant.

  • Dr. MS

    This article was very revealing and has some points that Christians themselves in the US have brought up. Several Christians in the US, including in the South where there is greater Christian Conservatism and Fundamentalism, have said to me, about Indian Christians, especially modern converted ones:

    1) “They are too conservative, patriarchal and feudal”. This shocked me, but it made me pay attention more closely…using fair detached research skills and tools that does not allow too much bias from either side to seep into the observation, analysis and conclusions. One American Christian said, “Indian Christianity is 13th century Catholicism or 15th century Protestantism. There is not a lot of social or emotional development in the way Christianity is understood or changes among many South Indian Christians”. I was surprised to hear this. Any research on this?

    In the US, Reverend Robert Schuller, of Chrystal Cathedral, who passed away recently, wrote books on “self esteem, positivism and willingness to take risks, be oneself and get away from the ‘sinner sinner blame game and dark thinking’.” He also read a lot on other religions and loved Hindu philosophy…even as he remained a proud Protestant American Christian.

    An Indian in the US said, “In India Christians do not know who they are. Some think they are Americans though they have never lived there and no Black Christian would consider them Black. They have too many identity issues…that has more to do with casteism or anti-casteism. That is a different issue than Christianity. You cannot embrace Christian love for everyone by hating Hindus or people of certain castes. Working against caste is not the same thing as working for Christian love. Indian Chrisitians get the two mixed up”.

    2) A professor of Theology in the US said, “Converted Christians do not understand the nuances and details of Christianity that can only come with history, culture and lived experience for generations. They do not protest against problems in their community or institutions or their criticisms of other religions might be too narrow or misplaced.”

    This is true for many religions and cultural practices. Converts can be zealous or over zealous, they can be literal or only personal in what they take up or what appeals to them. The can also be a big groupie…in a good way (like some ISKON members) or Crusaders (like in Christians of the past) or Jihadists. This has to be psychologically studied in India.

    3) “Converted Christians are likely to be illiterate, emotionally needy or confused, mentally disabled, social outcastes, psychologically lonely, isolated or lost or financially needy”. This can be, at times, a double edged sword.

    Jesus has to be admired for going out into the community and mixing, mingling, accepting and embracing the social rejects who are or were treated badly by their insensitive, cruel, oppressive or judgmental elites. But there is a difference between loving and accepting the drug addict versus allowing the drug addict to become a pastor, preacher and powerful person in the system. One guy said, “This has happened too often in the past and in the present”, some say.

    4) Status of women within Christianity, among converts and Third World residents, remains fluctuating and at times does not move forward.

    An American Jewish feminist once said, “For many women conversion is literally a race to the bottom. It is like Malcolm embracing Islam…forcing his wife to take up Purda, Sharia laws and co-wives. How is this improvement for a woman’s status through her husband’s conversion? If single women, poor women and battered women are being converted through money, sympathy and support…their emotions, emotional needs and vulnerabilities are simply being used by patriarchal religious leaders and their institutions…another form of emotional abuse”.

    No study has been done on “conversion and feminism in India”. We need bold and fair qualitative research on these issues….

  • Amak4u

    So sad. Hindus marginalised in their own land. Are really or Gods false or are they asleep?

  • cool
  • R Nanjappa

    Organised Christianity is fast losing hold on all thinking persons, all over the world. The Catholic church stands totally discredtied in the West due to the despicable deviant devilish sexual practices of its priests involving children.All the waters of Arabia will not cleanse the blood off their hands, or the dirt off their minds. In India, the Catholic and other denominations have a mesmeric hold on people through educational institutions and other front arrangements like hospitals. But these are running mostly on old reputation. They are as corrupt and deranged as other such units run by anyone else.
    The Christian institutions are primarily meant for Christians. In the Christian college where I studied fifty eight years ago.the prospectus openly stated that ‘the college is meant to provide Christian education to Catholic boys but it is also open to others; but organised worship other than Catholic may not be carried on it its premises.’ (We Hindu boys kept the pictures of our Deities in our hostel rooms and there was no objection or trouble.) I would say, this is not wrong. It is not at all wrong or objectionable if they give preference to Christian students – so long as they do not receive state funding. In the college, we had no less than 6 foreign priests, but not one of them spoke a word against our religion or uttered a word or made a gesture to foist their faith on us. In fact, when in February 1962, (during the conjunction of 8 planets) Nehru condemned Hinduism as “kitchen religion”, it was the pricipal, an English priest, who told us in the open morning assembly that Mr.Nehru was wrong and that he had not studied the religion properly!

    But what has prevented the Hindus from organising themselves and starting and running such institutions ? Most institutions run by them are just moneysucking monsters, right from LKG. Their corruption will beat the govt any day.If Hindu children are forced to seek admission in Christian institutions, it is the fault of the Hindu community and its elders who are all barking dogs. How many of them have engaged in constructive work to help the community, in any practical way? It is a shame on the Hindus that even 67 years after Independence, they are still blaming Macaulay and the missionaries, instead of taking things in their hands and mending matters.

    But having watched the Catholic outfits for over half a centruy , having known several God-fearing and good priests among them, and having close personal Christian friends I would say, the church is now rotten to the core, is more of a commercial enterprise, or even a bit like the mafia.. A big change for the worse took place in 1999 when Pope John Paul II had the audacity to declare in Delhi on the Diwali day that in the first millennium they captured Europe, in the second they captured Americas and Africa and now in the third they had to “harvest souls” in Asia- and named Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains as the target group. And our then PM, A.B.Vajpayee. senselessly lauded the Pope! (Not to be left behind, PM Modi recently participated in a meeting of the Catholic Bishops convened to celebrate some Kerala priests being declared saints. If one knows the kinds of work for which they were made saints, one’s blood will boil, but our PM Modi goes there and lauds their ‘service’. With such men at the top, how do Hindus expect relief?

    It is time the leaders of the community woke up, organised themselves and took some concrete steps, instead of just blaming history or cursing the darkness, or placing blind faith in the political leadership. Do we not learn by experience that all politicians are opportunists and hypocrites?.

    • Prem Rou

      “But what has prevented the Hindus from organising themselves and starting and running such institutions ? “”

      Answer: It is the constitution of India , my dear friend , which prevents it. Hindus are not allowed to own and manage their own temple by the constitution of India. The offerings by Hindus to deity are being appropriated by Government , as constitution allows it, but they can’t plough back that money to Hindu temples , as constitution does not allow it . Government can spend these donation by Hindus for renovation and rebuilding of Churches and mosques , as constitution allows it. Halat bahut kharaab hain , my dear friend
      In spite of this heavily skewed anti-Hindu laws and rules , people are coming forward to build institution and reward is “money-sucker” tag .

      • R Nanjappa

        Sir, there is No Doubt that Hindus are living under great burdens and limitations imposed by the govt of Independent India, and even more or in addition by state govts like the wretched ones of Tamil Nadu.
        However, the fault is not, to borrow from Shakespeare, in our Constitution, but in our leaders- even Hindu leaders. You will not be unaware that Dr. Rajendra Prasad, our first President raised grave concerns about the manner Nehru was going about interfering with Hindu law and traditions. He even wanted the president’s powers to be examined by constitutional experts. But he was quickly sienced by the power maniacs surrounding Nehru, who after the death of Patel and coming away of Rajaji, had no restraining or conselling influence on him and turned a virtual dictator, combining the powers of a Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. The Constitution got a ditorted interpretation in the hands of committed judges and the scope got further restricted in the time of Indira Gandhi. Even agreeing that there are at least 3 interpretations of the word or idea “secular” (quite apart from its connotation as a referring to the long term, as in ‘secular stagnation’), none of it would lend itself to meaning anti-Hindu. A Secular govt has no business to run the places of worship of any religion, leave alone only one of them. It is my view that Hindus have not focussed on this point and fought it hard enough.

        As for minority rights, especially in education, what the framers of the Constituion had in mind were the lingusitic minorities, not only the religious minorities. In the discussions in the Constituent Assembly, the example cited was for instance Marathi speaking people living in Calcutta- how their language, literature and the lifestyle could be preserved. But our leaders in all political parties treated it as mainly religious minorities and conferred on them extra-constitutional favours, as sources of vote power. Is this a fault of the Constitution, or of the leaders?

        Again, when we speak of minority rights, does it mean, the majority have no rights? In fact, if we ponder deeply, the very rationale for minority right is because the majority have their rights- which are taken for granted! If the minority can own and run their own educational institutions, it does not mean the majority cannot run theirs! Then why are we suffering govt control over so called majority institutions? It is because most of them want and accept govt. grants and favours. What we should speak about is – govt institutions as against private instituions: the latter can be run by either minorities or so called majority: govt school stream and private school stream.

        Further, though we talk of Hindus, this is not historically correct. A Madhava, wherever he is in India is in perpetual minority- as also the Smartha, the Visishtadvaitin, the Sakta, the Vaishnava, the Saivite,etc. Whether on the basis of theology or philosophy, every Hindu belongs to a minority sect- to preserve, protect and promote which he has got an inalienable right. No doubt we are Sanatanis, but it does not deny practical differences in day to day life . There are thousands of denominations among the Christians , and hundreds among the Muslims. When it comes to educational institutions or places of worship, each one must have its rights recognised and their distinct ideological, theological and philosophical differences (or nuances ) cannot be obliterated by being labelled ‘Hindu’ majority. On this basis Hindus can certainly claim their right to run their own educational and religious institutions. The only cares they have to take are- 1. not to solicit or accept govt doles in any name or form 2. not to forget the overall philosophical unity (at a high, theoretical level- taking all the six systems of Indian philosophy as complementary and mutually fulfilling, and not as rivals or competitors. ) It is my submission that we have not thought on these lines and merely accepted the politicians’ take that as majority, we have no rights. We have reconciled to secularisation of education, and no Hindu cares to impart to his children any religious education as is done in catechism classes or Sunday schools among Christians, or in the Muslim madrasas. So it does not matter who imparts such education- whether it a govt school or a Christian school. Let Hindus assert and demand similar rights through their own schools and let me see which blessed Constitution stands in the way. Constitutionsis not the problem. Christians and Muslims have money and mind and will and muscle, and so have their way, commanding the men along. Hindus fight among themselves and so allowed the Muslim, the Britisher and now the anti-Hindu secularists to rule them.

        The Constituion but reflects the spirit of the times. It can never deny or extinguish changing aspirations. It never ceases to grow, or respond to changes . What is called judicial activism is an admission of this. A fresh interpretation is as much new legislation. So far, it has been bent to accommodate the so called secular view, as interpreted by the loony left fringe, a tiny but troublesome vociferous minority, meaning in effect anti-Hindu stance. This is what has to be fought, and halted and reversed. There are no easy fixes.

        As for the limited issue of Hindu temples, it should not take PM Modi more than half an hour to free them from govt. control, if he is a true secularist. To run Hindu temples can certainly not be a Constitutional mandate, if it is truly secular.

  • ccc

    On a completely unrelated and yet related note, how you can be a christian or a muslim or an orthodox hindu in short a “believer” and be a rocket scientist. I just don’t understand this. Maybe deduction lacks something that experience has. A yogi would not be a believer, that is impossible, otherwise she/he isn’t a yogi.

    • Dr. MS

      A believer is not the same thing as a devotee. And a devotee should never be a “blind sheep” or “a circus monkey jumping through hoops like a well trained….monkey”. A yogi must come to his or her beliefs though his or her practice and enriched enlightened experience….which can be shared or not shared. It is an experiential learning and an experienced evolution of being…which can lead to realization of some cosmic entity or just cosmic energy or some cosmic truth. These are complex issues that narrow fundamentalists cannot fathom or understand.

      Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism and Confucianism are the only philosophies in the world where one can be an Agnostic and a good Hindu or a good Buddhist…with a realization of lokhas (higher order living, being and existence). Evolved aliens or evolving aliens…not Gods or prophets. And some evolved aliens, at the level of Rishis from Tapas Loka, or monks from Mahar loka, can be like Gods to those who are not that evolved. Today’s science would be magic and miracle for our ancestors thousand years ago…when even good shoes did not exist.

      • ccc

        You are wrong on so many counts here.
        for one

        what is an orthodox yogi ?

        wanna rephrase this ?
        “In that regard one can be an excellent yogi, a very strict orthodox yogi (of oneself), and still be a rocket scientist easily.”

    • Sundar Ranganathan

      I don’t know about other religions, but Gnana Marga is very well part of Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism.
      When you have unquestioned belief it is called Bhakti or surrender. You can very well question and arrive at your own conclusions. If your conclusion leads you to be atheistic or agnostic, you still are a Hindu. There is no conflict between science and religion in Hinduism. “Scientific temper” is Gnana Marga.

      • ccc

        You mean “Gyan Marg” ?

        I think Bhakti is love, feelings etc. beliefs are taught and learned and propogated. Meera didn’t created a chruch. She didn’t cared for anything but her lover. Lovers or Bhakts live among us but their heart is always with their lover, they don’t think with their mind, they are helpless against their feelings.

        But believers want control they want more people to believe in the same story they want power, money and acceptance.

        In hindu society we have believers, sadhaka, Sanayasi (seekers), Yogi etc. unfortunately there are too many believers and not much seekers.

        English is such a deficient language when you want to talk about out traditions.

  • Karthick

    Doomsday cults do not allow the ‘tolerant’ to survive in the long run, and hence are self prophetic.

    Things are at a very bad state now, and the future of Hindus looks alarming to most of us. The BJP for all its projection as a party that would correct the injustices against the Hindus, is only a second Congress in many ways. The current breed of leaders, expecially, don’t seem to have a clear ideology. The only option, however feeble, is for awake Hindus to make their voices heard. After all, the only thing a politician cares about is the vote bank. We are left to choose between the devil and the deep sea.

    • bharatpremi

      All said and done…many of sangh ideologues are in the same boat. Not sure if they recognize the threat and its totality. Needs the thinking and commitment like that of chanakya…. to get the job done

      • Karthick

        Sita Ram Goel’s “How I became a Hindu ” has some observations about the RSS which are very relevant to the BJP as well.

  • arindam

    Ok so you have very aptly made the point about the needless blame to Hindus for oppression of Christians,but what now,please suggest some way out for Hindus to overcome the odds which seemed to stacked against them.
    I wish India Facts would come up with some positive ideas for Hindus to attain their lost glory as in spite of Modi being in power with huge majority Hindus seem to be helpless,which is really worrying as to what the future holds in case if BJP looses in 2019.

    • Keerthika Singaravel

      Why do you feel that the odds are stacked against us Hindus?
      And why obsess about the past? Yes ,foreigners came to India, conquered some territories and imposed their writ on them. But in time they were absorbed into the general Indian culture or were forced to leave by us. We Indians can find the strength to do extraordinary things when we want to. We are strong not weak.
      Who say’s our glories are all in the past. In many many fields of endeavour you will find an Indian at the top or near the top. If there is some place where we don’t excel, we just have to find and support an Indian with the talents to do so.

  • K.Harapriya

    Hindus need to understand that there can be no lasting peace with Christians or Muslims unless the laws of the land favor the indigenous religions of India, primarily Hinduism but also Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. There can be no freedom to convert others since that only gives power to those religions that seek conversion. Those of us who want to be left in peace to practice our ancestral religions are being victimized by those who seek change us. It is we who need protection, not them.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Manmohan Singh said in the parliament that the minorities have the first claim on India’s resources. Why? How? Nobody questioned and nobody seemed to mind.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      At least till they do not disproportionately favour the minority religions and help them to usurp and then use the victim card

  • Bhadra

    You conveniently forgot to mention Graham Staines and his two sons were burned to death by Dara Singh, a Bajrang Dal activist. In another episode, Swami Lakshmananda was injured in a communal clash and rumors fueled the riots. Subsequently BJD broke its ties with BJP. Why did BJD do this?

    • ccc

      I am not even going to argue with you, you just hold on to this story, you’re gonna need to go back to it or similar ones many times to make you feel good about your darling chruch and believe in their vimtimhood drama in the midst of the expose of their real sordid face.

    • bharatpremi

      why dont you address the major issues mentioned here…. persecution and oppresssion of these nuns….

    • Have you got anything to say about the facts the author has not forgotten? Endless side-tracking never helps.

  • Radha Rajan

    What’s the real story behind 12 lakhs as compensation? Sister Anitha was paid off 12 lakhs as out of court settlement and this elderly nun who was first ganraped and then raped and now disappeared has also been given 12 lakhs. Fishy?

    • You mean that this 72 yr old nun was paid 12 Lakhs to shut her mouth up? Very disgustingly interesting.