John Dayal
How John Dayal helps break India

Dr. Anirban Ganguly’s analysis of how Sonia Gandhi’s aide, John Dayal testified against India before a US body that meddles in India’s internal affairs.

A leading Indian daily reported on 6 April, 2014 on a US Congressional panel’s hearing on religious freedom in India. The report titled “Row over timing of US panel’s Modi remarks” referred to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (TLHRC)’s hearing titled “Plight of Religious Minorities in India” held on April 4th, 2014 in Washington D.C.

The purported objective of the hearing, as described by the Commission, was to “examine this [phenomenon of] polarisation in the context of the US-India relationship.” In a blatant attempt to interfere in the legitimate democratic process of another country, the Commission most unfortunately foments the impression that the Indian elections – one of the largest democratic exercise in the world – are being held in a “polarised” atmosphere where the religious minorities face discrimination. In a brazenly partisan attitude which points to the fact that India and especially the BJP-ruled states remain the target of  sizable external Christian missionary-connected or supported conglomerates, the  Commission interfering in India’s internal domestic affairs and law making institutions expressed its concern that the “Freedom of Religion Act” implemented “across five Indian States” has actually “exacerbated” “discrimination” and “intimidation” of minorities. In other words, the Commission, by generalising particular local issues and that too of quite a vintage, was essentially criticising the fact that this Act impeded the free activities of missionaries and the free flow of external funds within India for the purpose of “harvesting souls.” How or under which capacity does an external commission reserve the right to comment on India’s domestic laws and issues, is something that needs to be seriously debated.

The Commission’s following observation is also an open manifestation of that interventionist mindset which is being increasingly displayed by a certain section in the West,

In the months leading up to India’s 2014 national elections, there has been a rise in acts of violence targeting religious minorities and an increase in discriminatory rhetoric that has polarised national politics along religious and class lines.” These intervention-advocating sections are now unable to come to terms with the fact that India is at last on the threshold of a new era which shall see the emergence of a strong and determined leadership. They clearly feel unnerved at the fact that they shall eventually be in no position to dictate or tutor India’s external policies and shall have to reconcile themselves to the rise of India. “The report also states that the panel’s leading witness, USCIRF’s Katrina Swett, made “no secret of her concern over a Modi-led government coming to power” and that ‘many religious minority communities fear religious freedom will be jeopardised if BJP wins…

While we do not need to take lessons on how to conduct our elections nor accept certificates on our conduct, the fact that needs to be reiterated is that the Commission’s stance reeking of interference and an attempt to blemish India’s democratic record while trying to adversely influence the outcome of our national elections as well.

The other major issue of concern is the fact that the Commission listed Mr. John Dayal, “Member, National Integration Council, Government of India” as one of the witnesses, who shall “focus on the human rights situation for religious minorities in India” and “provide recommendations for U.S. foreign policy relation to India.”

It is common knowledge that Mr. John Dayal was also closely associated with the activities of the Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council (NAC), especially in the body’s nefarious attempt at evolving a flawed and skewed Communal Violence Bill.

John Dayal has been a past master at misrepresenting India and especially Hindus and Hindu organisations on foreign soil. A look at some of his past antics in this respect only exposes the claims of this Government that it has done much to project India’s image abroad.

The fact that it has time and again harboured and patronised elements like John Dayal speaks of another plot. Let see how he has actually been involved in what can only be called the project of “breaking India.” In 2005 when the US Commission on Global Human Rights observed, on the testimony given by Kancha Ilaiah, another expert at denouncing India and Hindus on foreign soil, that “Converts to Christianity and Christian missionaries are particularly targeted, and violence against Christians often goes unpunished,” brother Dayal welcomed this criticism of India by a foreign agency as a “historic moment.”

As Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan documented in their path-breaking studyBreaking India” when the US based advocacy group Policy Institute for Religion and State (PIFRAS) held a South Asia Conference, sponsored by “United Methodist Board of Church and Society and the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA” John Dayal, as a participant, had contended that “minorities could not count on the Indian state to protect them, or to prosecute crimes committed against them.”  Dayal’s repeated use of foreign platforms to denounce the Indian system and polity is something which has been largely ignored by the mainstream media as well as the powers that be – i.e. the Sonia Gandhi led Congress and UPA whose patronage he has continuously received.

Keeping in mind the crucial phase in our national life as well as issues of national security and sovereignty, certain questions need to be answered by the Government, the Congress and its more vocal courtiers:

  1. Whether Mr. Dayal went before the TLHRC in his individual capacity, and if so, why was he listed as an office bearer of a body instituted by the Government of India (GoI)? If no, then has the GoI taken note of this visit at such a crucial juncture when national elections are being held? Does this not merit a suo moto cognizance by the Election Commission of India as well as our other law enforcing agencies?
  2. Does Mr. Dayal share the concern expressed by some witnesses before the TLHRC regarding the jeopardisation of the religious freedom of minorities if the BJP comes to power: if so, is he then reflecting the biased concern of the current dispensation in India? And if yes, then is it proper or civilised that the UPA-led and Sonia Gandhi-directed Government of India deputes a member of one of its own institution to discuss our internal affairs on foreign soil and allows him to provide a completely negative and unfounded picture of the Indian polity and state of affairs?
  3. One must also ask whether the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi were in the know of this visit and whether John Dayal, as a member of the National Integration Council, had their consent and support in this matter.
  4. It is also necessary that John Dayal come out with his full testimony made before the TLHRC so that the truth may very soon be out on whether the Congress led UPA encourages and condones external interference and interventions into the internal affairs of India.

The fact is that the Congress, over the years, has patronized a sprawling intellectual mafia and mercenaries whose sole objective has been the denigration of Hindus. It did not matter to the Congress whether this mafia did it within the country or continued spewing the same venom abroad. India could be tarnished and it did not matter as long as in the process Hindus could be berated and demonised.

The John Dayal types belong to that intellectual underworld – supported, sponsored, nurtured and protected by the Congress and its hydra-headed system. The time has come for exposing and disbanding this insidious network.

(The author is the director, Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, New Delhi. His Twitter handle is @anirbanganguly)

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  • Patriot vM

    It is not important who says what. Truth shall prevail. The government whichever party it may belong to should govern. The vote bank politics will break India, not deposition of any individual, whichever side he may belong to- either minority of majority.

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  • sighbaboo

    I submit the following information which is not covered above.

    All India Christian Council (the Founder of which is Bro. John Dayal) is located in Logos Bhavan, Jeedimetla, Secunderabad and has filed the following FC6 returns (foreign funds received via FCRA) for the periods 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12:

    2009: 9.4 Lakhs
    2010: 39.7 Lakhs
    2011: 64.9 Lakhs

    Incidentally, Logos Bhavan is the location where many Organizations receiving funds from Operation Mobilisation, USA and Dalit Freedom Network, USA (covered in Breaking India book) are located which I have discussed in my blogpost


  • Ghulam Nabi Fai has been exposed as a Pakistani spy and is in US jail. So called Prof Angana Chatterji is kicked out from her university job in US for her foul play. Her Jewish live-in-partner is banned from entering India for his controversial role in Kashmir.

    Besides this John Dayal Jesuit(?), there is one more his protégé in Ahmadabad, a Manglorean Jesuit, viz Fr Cedric Prakash – a confidante of Teesta Setalvad a rogue so called activist, both have been highly hyperactive in collusion and with assistance of Sonia Gandhi in exclusively targeting Narendra Modi.

    They call themselves Human Right activists but their acts are far away from humanity. US loves such characters in Indian context. They misuse them in the hour of need, to subvert the targeted country. All of such characters are venal vassals being hired and garaged in their courtyards somewhere. Angana alongwith one Torjo Ghosh were hyperactive suddenly in Wharton School controversy against Modi’s lecture. Nothing surprising.

  • l

    USCIRF also invited Pakistani Spy Ghulam Nabi Fai, and Prof. Agana Chatterjee, to testify on India.

    * From FBI files and Hindu American Foundation’s letter:

    On March 15, 2011, the FBI complaint asserts that Ghulam Nabi Fai sent an email to his ISI contact “advising him that an individual referred to here as “Mary” would be testifying in front of a United Nations working group. Mary is a human rights activist.” On March 26, 2011, Fai emailed his ISI contact with information describing “Mary’s” testimony at the U.N. working group. Although the identity of “Mary” has not been revealed, Ms. Chatterji did in fact testify and provide a written submission to the United Nations Human Rights Working Group in Mexico City, Mexico in March 2011 and statistics provided in a subsequent report by the working group correlate identically to a report
    authored by Ms. Chatterji.

    At-least a dozen co-sponsor on anti-Hindu/anti-Modi H.R 417 resolution, in US Congress, are also member of Pakistani Caucus, or close to pakistan, or a co-sponsor of IRFA/USCIRF ( USA’s pro conversion law and enforcement commission).
    Few examples:
    1) In July 2011 FBI investigation, Rep. Burton, the ‘good friend of pakistan’, and Rep Joe Pitts, the sponsor of H.R 417, admitted receiving illegal campaign contribution from pakistan secret service agent Ghulam Nabi Fai.

  • N.Paramasivam

    Johan Dayal is a traitor. Indian government should act.

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  • I published a blogpost on Mr. John Dayal in 2008 and his various activities to undermine peace in Orissa. The linbk is below for those who are interested.
    Americans have been trying to use their courts and various congressional committees to instill fear in Indians who havve green card or children who are American citizens. Let Americans of Indian origin be loyal to their country which is America and let them leave Indians alone. But Mr. Johan Dayal is a traitor and he should be exposed.

  • balayogi

    USA and the missionaries have been and are doing everything in their capacity to stop India from becoming economically developed and prosperous through multi pronged international political strategies, without declaring war or engaging in direct terrorist attacks or state sponsored terrorism as they fear that a economically strong, self reliant India will easily develop into a super power because of its large number of intelligent ,well educated and energetic youth under a vibrant economy and a leader with national interest as a priority .

    They are all the more afraid as India would not dissipate its wealth, energy and youth in interfering in other nations’ affairs through terrorism, useless religious and missionary activities, or propagate any economic ideology as the communist nations do, or work with greed to annex neighboring states as China or Russia do, or engage in wasteful wars to loot as USA and UK do.

    So their [USA and co’s] over active preventive methodologies are justified from their angle as they would not like a big nation like India to even come anywhere near superpower status but if history is destined to promote India to such a status with all conducive factors already in existence very much in place [they were postponed due to malefic political dispensation by 60 years] then no one can stop it. But for that to happen BJP under MODI and team must be allowed to work at least for 10 years without any internal or external disturbances, which are of course asking for too much.

    USA would do well to remember that it promoted Saddam Hussein and ended up engaging in war with IRAQ for almost 2 decades .

    It promoted Osama Bin Laden and continues its war in Afghanisthan.

    [both these wars from 1989 have sucked more than 70% of US wealth in wasteful warfare and lost many lives of American soldiers in unnecessary and prolonged wars, what it got in compensation in the form of petrol and minerals are comparatively small and did not benefit the American or its team members as was evident from the 2008 recession.

    It is funding Pakistan to check the growth of India and arrest the march of China as a super power, which it already is for all practical purposes. In doing this it may end up paying the worst price in its history ever.

    I do not understand why USA has to work always negatively to exercise its control and supremacy at all cost and hold on to its hegemony. Why the voice of sane Americans never heard in the arena of its international relations and international politics? Or are they getting suppressed?

    USA and UK must realize the harsh fact that they are no more entertained as arbitrators much less given the status of international umpires on any issue, however much they try hard to perpetuate their 19th century status with all manipulations, malefic strategies, multiple mafias etc. Wish wisdom dawns on them to see reality and co operate and live in peace and let others also to live in peace.

    Civilization has marched from hunting naked human beings through age of myriads of mad traditions; through age of religious dominations; through age of reason and philosophical inquiries into everything to understand better; through age of science; through age of technological development etc and the collective wisdom gained through all these now dominated by age of knowledge which prioritizes as a vision especially in the minds of youth a world into a map less glorious earth in an age where predominantly motivating factors are greater and more knowledge and technology, meaningful economic growth geared towards human welfare and environmental concerns rather than aggrandizement of narrow national greed and this is a fact which we all must acknowledge as a reality which goes beyond the mere hypocritical sloganeering ‘the world is a global village’ it is an emerging peaceful life of comfort ,happiness and unity with not only all human beings on earth but all other species and the whole environment.

  • harihara

    John dayals or more appropriately dalals of dogma had come, have come and will continue to come and sell dogma. The point is not that. The point is that the Hindu whose religion is dynamic and seeking truth while living in a manner of not insulting others requires to refresh his her faith in its loftiness and plurality, worship and prayers should be more antarmukha and less bahirmukhs and more regular meditative and supported by yoga. all places of worship must have dhyaan mandirs and counselors who will use the scriptures to help the devout get the mental equilibrium to solve own problems Contributions should be spent wholeheartedly on AALL of needy to bring up their quality of life The Hindu should be made to follow the visit to temples every day as part of way of life whether rich or poor all treated equally in the place of worship. Every Hindu must learn soulful sing in of namasmarans or bhajans. Only if every Hindu follows these funds can the onslaught of dogma marketing be stopped. At the same time since each and every postulate of relate between man and supreme is part of Hindu diversity all such so called patents are part of Hinduism only through its ever seeking kaleidoscope of ever widening thought and action towards realizing truth and knowledge

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      At the same time Hindus gathering in temples in the neighbouring temples also can be visual solidarity and these should be practiced by Hindus