I am a Hindu and I am Sick and Tired

If there are any victims of Intolerance in this country, it is us, the devout Hindus.

I am a Hindu and I am sick and tired of my faith, my belief systems and my way of life being ridiculed, lampooned and distorted by self-professed ‘intellectuals’.

Blatantly false and insulting terms like ‘Hindu Taliban,’  ‘Wahabi Hinduism’ and ‘Saffron Terror’ are being thrown about casually to insult, demean and demonise a faith that has been the MOST tolerant EVER in the history of human civilisation. It is only Hindus who dared to even suggest the magnificent, inclusive principle ‘ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti’, and you call us intolerant?

Every time an isolated hate crime happens in any corner of India like it happened in ‪#‎Dadri‬, it is used to malign the whole of the Hindu faith, but Islamic terrorists kill, bomb, shoot, rape, behead, burn alive thousands with impunity, and the ONLY narrative we hear is the pious ‘Oh, these guys are not real Muslims, Terror has no religion’ kind of crap.

Tuppence writers use the various Litter Fests to insult my faith with terms like ‘Wahabi Hinduism’ which is as horrendous a lie as using a term ‘Nazi Judaism’. Only, if anyone dared to use the term ‘Nazi Judaism’, the Jewish lobby would come down hard on them, however, Hindus accept this display of dhimmitude and even allow these people to get away with it.

What is ironic is these are the same people who have NEVER EVER dared to speak up against the REAL Wahabis, the Islamic Wahabis. It is time to be ‪#‎Intolerant‬ towards this insult to our faith. It is time to be intolerant towards such charlatans who masquerade as ‘intellectuals’, it is time to expose their lies.

If there are any victims of Intolerance in this country, it is us, the devout Hindus.

If we do not speak up against this injustice, there will come a time when we will be refugees in our own country.

It has happened before, remember the Kashmiri Pandits?

Shefali Vaidya is a freelance writer and newspaper columnist based in Pune. She is trying to perfect the fine art of sarcasm.
  • Mehmood Malik

    So you are sick of the accusations, how do you think the Muslims feel when thousands of their brothers and sisters were killed by the terrorist Modi and his decipels, where pregnant Muslim women were cut open and their unborn babys were taken out and played football with, where young men were stopped and had their trousers pulled down to see if they were circumcised, if they were then paraffin was poured down their throats and set alight. You should look around and you will see a Muslim man being murdered on a false accusation of eating beef, you will also see Muslim young men being murdered by hindutvas because they fell in love with Hindu girls. Your hindutva are a cancer which is spreading throughout the whole country where gang rapes against Christian nuns is on the rise.
    Let me also educate you about your religion which gives a clean chit to your Hindu Gods who are rapists, Vishnu changed his appearance so he could go and rape a married lady, your God Ram who had sex with his six years old sister Sita. Your Mahabharata tells you that killing a Sudra is same as killing a dog and a Brahmin can take a Sudra woman anytime anywhere for pleasure. This book also tells you that all woman, including the woman who gave birth to you, are sinful poisonous snakes.
    My advice to you is to appreciate what non-Hindus are going through due to hatred they a face everyday in the RSS backed Modis India.

    • abhishek jaatav

      Dont u feel ashamed ur religion taught u to lie? Only a bigoted anti-hindu will blame Indians for how muslims are crying in syria, saudi hanging thousands of innocent gays by quran, girls hiding their faces for fear of being raped like Muhammad ordered, yazidi girls gang raped for not practising islam, christian girls sold as concubines in pakistan for refusing to read the quran, christian couple burnt alive in kashmir for exposing the truth about muhammad, churches and temples demolished by kashmiri low caste sunni domlee to prove themselves to upper caste ashraf sunnis, christians hanged by the cross if discovered reading the bible, low caste assyrian sunnis bombed for not going to prayer by the upper caste arab sunnis. Blaming indians for everything is accelerating ur progress to bafoon.

      I asked a simple question to a converted low caste ajlaf sunni , Was it a hindu that helped hitler kill 6 million jews? Was it a hindu that killed 3.5 million bangladeshis for their language and dress? Was it a Hindu that killed 3 million persians in euphrates because they refused to convert to Islam?

      Clever answer by converted low caste ajlaf sunni, You can marry, have sex with underage girls in islam Quran 65:4, Our god ordered to kill those who expose truth of muhammads 33: 61
      A good moral, moderate Muslim man believes in Pre-Pubescent Child Rape (65:4)
      A good moral, moderate Muslim man believes in Rape (4.3)
      A good moral, moderate Muslim man believes in Gang Rape (24:13)
      A good moral, moderate Muslim man believes in Sex Slavery (4:24)
      A good moral, moderate Muslim man believes in Torture (22.19)

      I was very shocked to hear the truth, now its upto ignorants to justify this filthy religion of rape

      • Mehmood Malik

        You really are an ignorant hindutva, I don’t blame india for what is happening in Syria or Iraq but I do blame you and your fellow hindutva for the hatred Indian minoritys face everyday in Modis India, maybe you’d like to explain the GHUR WAPSI and LOVE JEHAD policies fools like you are eager to persue, where low abiding Indians are targeted just because they happen to follow a different book then the hindutva fools like you.
        You lie about other religions but you fail to look at your own which tells you that all women including the woman who gave birth to you are sinful poisonous snakes. No wonder there is a huge rape problem within the Hindu society because even your Gods are rapists and peadophiles.
        You should be ashamed of yourself and your hate towards your fellow Indians.

        • abhishek jaatav

          What a cheap mentality of sunni extremist. Sorry we cant blame jews when pakistani sunni extremist burn alive christians in oven, we cant blame jews when punjabi sunni extremists throw acid on girls for refusing marriage, But we can trust pakistans enemies rather then trusting pakistani media propaganda running a rapist prophets ideology of hate and murdering innocents all day. My advise to camel urine drinkers first go to china and verify why they banned the names muhammad and Islam, then come back and tell us about miracles of worshipping a black toilet.

          The question is when sunnat prophet himself said women who are circumcised are pure, so did u verify if ur mother is pure or just a farm animal like abu bakr narrated? Ur unable to face the test, why hamza was four years older then muhammad, when hamza and muhammad’s father married the same time and muhammads father died few days later. We’ll discuss the syrian sunni gang rapists after we resolve this.

          • Mehmood Malik

            You see how stupid you are, I don’t blame the Jews for what hateful policies the hindutvas persue against Indian Hindus who’s only fault is that they are born with a dark skin, no matter how gifted they maybe but the Hindu caste system will make sure that they spend the whole of their lives at the bottom of society and any Hindu who happens to be born with light colour skin is treated as a King no matter how ignorant idiotic he maybe……see how stupid your Hindu religion is and without doubt the most racist religion the world has ever seen.

          • abhishek jaatav

            Thats such a low class mentality. Deny pakistani sunnis blame israel after butchering pashtun children in a school, deny sunnis blame shia after burning christians alive in oven, Then on Ramadan, deny the sunnis kidnap hindu girls and torture them if they refuse to accept islam and blame the Indian media for exposing truth, Pakistani sunnis kidnapped indian businessman and called him a spy, now deny International Court of Justice rejected Pakistani sunni extremists story, after all proof and witness was found false. The subhuman terrorist human butchering religion of camel urine prophet that trades blacks as slaves, defines women as concubines, looks at their own mothers as temporary wives, cant answer a simple question, why was hamza four years older then muhammad, when muhammads father died few days after his marriage. What is secret that aminah the golden mother is hiding?

          • Mehmood Malik

            Let me educate you again, GHUR WAPSI and LOVE JEHAD are hateful policies which you don’t want to talk about, when Hindus go and live in Muslim Middle East countries, they are not pressurised to change their religion at all but sick hindutvas force Muslims Christians and Sikhs to change their religion in India, see how sick and foolish you hindutvas are.

          • abhishek jaatav

            More farts from cheap mentality, sunni extremist wont talk about burning christians in oven, wont talk about pakistani black toilet worshipper gang caught in UK for raping underage girls, saudi upper caste ashraf beheads one low caste ajlaf pakistani every month, dont u have any shame proud of being slave labour, If Hindus really forced sunnis to convert, there wont be a single muslim left in kashmir today, stop flattering urself with bullshit

  • Anshul Singhal

    Abhi se sick and tried Abhi to khel shuru hua hai ..hum batayenge inko kaise chalate hai talwar ..kisko kahate hai dharma yudhdh .inohne abhi 2000 saal me holy war dekhi hai 1400 saal me jehad dekhi hai..humne abhi tak payr se samjhaya, pyar se manaya man jao lekin hamaa pyar ko inhone hamari kamjori maan liya inko abhi mahabharat dikhayenge dubara se…hum inko batayenge kisko kahte hai YUDHDH ….pichwademe se inke gu nhi nikla yudhd ki ranbheri ko sunn ke tab ye kshatriyata kise kahte hai ….kshatiryo ke rakt ki garmi sahan nhi ho payegi inse …

  • Jana krish

    Dear madam, i stand by your thoughts… we must stand together as Hindus and remove this gangrene that is costing us our lives. Thank you for bringing into focus the precarious position of the Hindu. But I’m sure we will win. Parithranaya sadhu nam, vinasayacha dushkritham…dharma samsthbanarthaya Sambavami, yuke, yuke…is what the paramarthma said…he knows when to come…

  • frctl_k

    “…a faith that has been the MOST tolerant EVER in the history of human civilisation.”
    The idea of a faith being tolerant is very different from the followers of the said faith actually being tolerant.
    Personally, I find anyone who is invested in any religion/faith to be mentally deficient. They either do not understand the basic science that governs this world or they choose to ignore it in the face of fantasy. Mentally deficient either way.

    “…we will be refugees in our own country.”
    India is not a Hindu country. To claim it as your own shows how tolerant you really are.
    I can understand why you don’t want to be a refugee in your country. Because you know how ‘we’ treat them.

    Sarcasm has its roots in derision and contempt. It is understandable that you want to perfect it.
    Art of rhetoric is beyond your grasp though.

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  • Prasad

    “It is time to be intolerant towards such charlatans who masquerade as ‘intellectuals’, it is time to expose their lies” – these words should be the daily mantra for all of us and it should be passed down to the next generation as well.

    Thanks very much Ms.Vaidya and good day!

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  • viswag59

    If you are truly proud of being a HINDU, then you would be ashamed of:
    1) Being associated with Brahmins and upper castes;
    2) Being associated with Vedanta that hijacked the essence of our glorious civilization;
    3) Being associated with a nihilistic philosophy propounded by Yajnavalkya; and
    4) Being associated with the Brahmanas & Upanishads that made knowledge accessible to chosen few.

    If you are a true HINDU, then you would be proud of:
    a) Our Lokayata traditions that gave primacy to the material world and propounded empiricism (more than one thousand years before the European rationalists like Bacon and Descartes) as the primary methodology of knowledge and wisdom;
    b) Our Nyaya Vaisheshika heritage that propounded the paramanuvada (atomism) and logic; and
    c) Our anti-theistic Samkhya philosophy according to which prakriti or nature is pradhana and the world evolves by natural laws.

  • “Islamic terrorists kill, bomb, shoot, rape, behead, burn alive thousands with impunity” – huh? Where is this happening in India?

  • Cybil Peril

    U better join ur Kashmiri refugees……sooner the better or join my dear friend Hafiz Saeed, the most tolerant secular man on this earth, a big friend of Hindus…

  • Cybil Peril

    Sorry dear, if u r a Hindu, u hv no right to live in a sick-ular country like India where the majority are communals by definition. Choose another place in another planet, not safe on here dear. Sorry once again for u.

  • Dr. MS

    Great news. Sikh Soldier Allowed to Keep Beard in Rare Army Exception in the US.

    Congratulations Captain Simratpal Singh

    After Captain Singh had his hair and beard cut at West Point for active duty, he continued following Sikh teachings. He went to temple on Sunday. While on roadside bomb-clearing missions in Afghanistan, he ate only vegetarian versions of military field rations. But he said his faith demanded that he do more.

    “A true Sikh is supposed to stand out, so he can defend those who cannot defend themselves,” he said. “I see that very much in line with the Army values.”

    During leave before a new assignment this fall, he stopped shaving and filed for an accommodation with the help of the advocacy group the Sikh Coalition. He received the accommodation, at least on a temporary basis, on Thursday.

    He has made his own camouflage turbans to wear to his first day of work at Fort Belvoir, Va., on Monday.

    “I hope this shows others that they can both serve their faith and serve their country,” he said.

    Congratulations Captain Simratpal Singh!

  • Raj Pati Mishra

    Mam thanks and all the best to you for such illustration of the Hindu mindset at a time where everyone has become so called intolerant in the eyes of the congis and eastern mind set. The liberals are out to destroy our culture and social fabric which our ancestors had tried and keep intact.

    The great Rishis and Munis of Bharat varsha has always enlightened the world to their downfall in advance and showed the righteous way to go ahead along with Sabka Sath and Sabka Vikash.

    Let the Hindus be united and learn their own scripture and mythology to be aware with great efforts of our elders in order to face the latest treats of sickulars and Liberals.

  • Sick is right term Shefali, but then what is the solution. Pointing out hypocrisy and crying victim is not and will not work especially with total Media apathy.

  • Dr. MS

    There is an interesting article in the NYT on various violent verses in the Old Testament, the Quran and the New Testament, about killing infidels, converting people with force, sword as a weapon for righteousness, death for non-believers or non-converters…What is shocking is how many versus there are in the Old Testament that focus on punishment, death and killing for God, though there are more such versus in the Quran. But what was not debated by the journalist is “how culture mitigates, lessens, supports or increases” the violence preached by a theology, religious leader or a belief system. And how interpretations, accompanied by lot of meditation, reflection, research, inquiry, self awareness and open discourse, can turn the literal (no matter how violent in its imagery and content) into something practically peaceful, pacifist and socially helpful.

    Thus, those scriptures that come as poetry or prose, and allow for experiential “knowing and enlightenment”, are very unlikely to be rigid, closed, theocratic, autocratic, uninclusive and dictatorial. So do not deride the intellectual class, and assume that an anti-intellectual outlook is better for a community or a country. Such anti-intellectualism is against Hindu philosophy and spirituality.

    The word Buddhi (referring to the “mind”) appears many times in Hindu slokas, mantras and songs. What one should be arguing against is colonial intellectualism, colonized intellectuals, excessive Western intellectualism, excessive Westernizaton of intellectualism, and political marriage of theology and ideology for the purpose of invasion, occupation and imperialism. Intellectualism itself should be revered and honest sincere intellectuals respected.

    We don’t want or need Hindu idiots, illiterate voters and clueless people becoming the majority…which makes colonialism easier. I believe the large number of deaths of Hindu intellectuals, intelligent Hindus, bold Hindus, thinking Hindus…led to the establishment of Foreign Rule, Foreign Invasion and Foreign Occupation in the Indian sub continent, completely weakening Hinduism to a bunch of temple rituals and home based customs,,,with no room for self defense, progress (with problem solving and innovation) and self determination.

    Don’t knock all intellectuals or intellectualism itself…knock a certain kind of intellectualism, certain kind of intellectuals and certain kind of academics in India.

    I was appalled at what a Christian faculty at Tata Institute said in Spring of 2014 about Hindu upper castes sleeping with their sons, daughters, etc. I was so shocked that this would come out of a respectable faculty, and was stunned into silence. This kind of garbage-people, acting like faculty, should be thrown out of all institutions. And money should be stopped for their work, their department and their institutions. These kind of garbage-faculty who speak trash and make up lies about communities are the true shame of India. Unfortunately our emasculated men sit and allow it to happen under their very noses. 800 million HIndus in India and most are cowards and clueless morons allowing their communities to be trashed by third rates even in prestigious institutes and universities that are no longer prestigious in their own country. Some of them have declined rapidly in the last thirty years. That is even more worrisome.

    Hinduism values “intellectual thought, intellectual women, intellectual discourse, intellectual inquiry, intellectual practice…” Affirm you are talking about a certain kind of intellectuals, or certain kind of intellectualism.

    It helps to have more intelligent women, intellectual women and women who are not afraid to root arguments in reason, logic, facts, research and reflected, or well analyzed, thought.

  • Square Ricky

    This idiot of a blogger needs to get a job. The reason she’s a freelance writer is because she writes such nonsense for a website called Indiafacts, where you would be hard put to find any facts. Hindus and Muslims need to friggin lose their cult religions and stop identifying as people of religion. It’s an ancient and foolish form of thinking and defies reason. It’s there, like luggage you don’t want, being carried around proudly by fools who think having a religion is some badge of honour. Every evil thing in the world has been done in the name of god and religion. It is of no use to one at all. It is what is keeping our country backward.

    • Dr. MS

      I totally agree with you Ricky. Except Hinduism is not a religion. There are as many Hnduisms as there are Hindus. It is not organized, nor institutionalized. It has many sects. Every cultural or ethnic group is a sect. This diversity and divergence in spiritual practices has made it difficult for people to unite around common values, common problems and common goals to defend themselves against “invasion, brutality and colonialism”.

      • prashants5 .

        Well said!
        People need to first grab the fundamentals of Dharma ( Hinduism) vs Religion befor ranting and talking about Hinduism on forums. So many under-informed and ill-informed Hindus illeterate need to be educated as well.

      • Square Ricky

        So, the only option is to lose it as a whole and unite as a nation, have pride in being Indian, corny as that sounds. Sect, cultural group, ethnic group, these are meaningless words that were invented for defining a set of foolish beliefs that have done no good for us in the past, in fact, they’ve done more harm. They’re the reason our country was divided into princely states and provinces when the British arrived and found it so easy to make us fight each other rather than unite against them. That may not happen again, but instead of a colonial power, we’re slowly but surely being surrounded by enemies who grow stronger militarily, while we stagnate. Religion is the equivalent of a cancer or a cankerous sore that when it gets too big and painful, it should be irradiated, lanced and cut out. Spirituality is not the same as religion. Spirituality is what we call the union of wisdom, morality and reason. Religion is the exact opposite, it is organized foolishness, willful ignorance. So, when a Hindu or a Muslim says I’m feeling oppressed and not free to practice my religion, I say good. You shouldn’t be free to practice something that has done harm to you and to others. It is pure evil.

        • Peter Aremone

          Go ahead & start with Muslims. Stop preaching to others dear. There is no equivalence between Hindus & Muslims or Jews & Muslims.

          Indigenous INDIAN traditions/religions (call them what you wish) made INDIA. Jewish Philosophies made ISRAEL. Period

          • Square Ricky

            and why do you think india or israel are so much better for it . they’re shitholes

        • Dr. MS

          Ricky you seem to be one of those rabid atheists who are not different from the rabid theists. They love to fight, argue and show themselves to be “right and correct”. You can agree with me or disagree with me.,,,but making assumptions about what I said or meant is not going to help. Kindly re read my response.
          Thank you…

  • max

    It’s time for Hindus to unite or else it will be late as kashmiri pundits…… As discussed above.

  • acrutiapps

    Finally one article from Shefali where her daughter does not make some smart observations at the end. 🙂

    I am fed up these cries of victimhood. It is totally expected of left-liberals, seculars and others scums to throw mud on Hindu religion and traditions. What is expected of RW is not to sit in a corner and cry like Shefali does here but put a robust defense and a counter attack. One such attack could have been electing Mr. Modi with absolute majority but this scum is busy promoting Congress’s agenda as usual while his henchmen and making fun of people like Shefali who have been defending Modi on social media. That according to me is a real tragedy.

    RW’s cries are useless because RW does not stand for absolute freedom of speech either. RW and people like Modi do support the idea that government needs to control what people see, read and think. That is why he banned a book on Jinah. He is not really different from Sonia Gandhi in that respect except that he is far more incompetent than her when it comes to using state to promote certain ideas.

    People like Arun Shourie, or Sita Ram Goel or Ram Swarup etc. showed us what RW can do but people like Shefali are busy crying.

  • HindusUnderSiege

    There are 68 islamic states and 122 christians states,and have nearly 1 million times more money than hindus have .Islam have all the money of the rich countries like saudi,iran,sudan,eqypt,and many more countries,and christianity have 4 times money than that,what does Hindus have they are beggers and is tortured everywhere.//

  • Ayna

    Good article.

    It’s all about self-hating traitors who think it’s ‘intellectual’ to understand agressors, over the backs of the victims.

    People who want to see how ‘tolerant’ and ‘understanding’ they are towards the greatest challenge of humanity itself: the islam.
    Scoring points.
    Patting themselves on the back, with a ‘look at me understanding beheaders” moral superiority attempt.

    Well, the ‘islam=peace’ fairy tales from mainly left-liberal elites in America and Europe are coming to their last end now that peaceful islam is bombing main cities and slitting throats of the ‘western infidel pigs’ all over the place.

  • Maha Vairagi

    We Hindu, irrespective of how tolerant we are, will be still painted as intolerant by the secular Taliban whose the single motive is to wipe out Hindus. We can’t defeat these forces through tolerance, and the only way is to be intolerant of these aggression and show them their place. Don’t let them define us, but rather we define ourselves and make them understand who we are and that we have zero tolerance for these secular Talibans and their gang.

  • m p

    India, & specifically Hindus, is one of the largest victim of terrorism in the world.
    Terrorism has killed more than 50k Indians (Maoist killed 35k, Khalistani 21k, Islamist, Tripuri&Naga Christianist etc).
    Nearly all terror acts are committed by those who subscribe to Anti-Hindu or non-Hindu ideology which treats Hinduity as enemy.

  • Victor

    Well said Shefali. You have expressed our thoughts precisely. Enough is enough – let us at least shout out loud when we are hurt, instead of stomaching it quietly.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Imagine what it feels like to have carried a Brahmin surname in South India and a South Indian Surname in the rest of India for six decades!

    • Slasher

      What goes around will come around. Wait until the converted Christians in TN start to throw flames. Then all Hindus will wake up to the need to unite and fight the ugly racism of Dravidian movement. I don’t see green shoots yet but people need to bring out the racism of the Dravidians at every opportunity when Dravidian scoundrels whine about the supposed “discrimination” of others.

  • Samrat Bharat

    If you think you are a “writer”, you are sadly mistaken Shefali Mavshi. What a disjointed series of sentences ! It is more of a Facebook post worthy rant than an article.

    The sentence “‘ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti’” is the very definition of tolerance and secularism. We have no problem with that, or what you claim in public to be the “real Hinduism”. The problem is with all the dhongi Babas, Yogis, Sadhvis the BJP has allowed into the party and the government and the hidden bigotry of people like you.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      You blame the dhongi babas But Christianity is a hoax too.

      • Samrat Bharat

        All religion is one big hoax. Christianity, Islam included. How can something prescribed thousands of years ago still be relevant now?

        • HindusUnderSiege

          You donot know the reality.What you said is just opposite.
          See in west bengal,and uttar pradesh.about 40% villages has hindu as minority.
          Ethical cleansing and blackmailing of hindus is going on throughout the country.In karachi,lahore,bangladesh,u need a microscope to find a hindu and a temple..

          • Samrat Bharat

            So Islam and Christianity are not a hoax like I said?

        • prashants5 .

          Hinduism is not a religion. It is a Dharmik Tradition. There is not something prescribed but different recommendations made by enlightened Yogis. Hinduism highly suggest “Self-Realization” ( inner science). Self-realization ( you are free to choose your own path of connecting to the cosmos) is unique to all Indic Dharmas such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Dhongis are everywhere.

          Moronization among Hindus are at the higest level. Time has come Hindus need to brush up their Fundamentals about their Identity, Dharma and History and do a comparative study with Abrahamic Religions to appreciate the Dharma and understand it properly rather than remaining as Ignorant for life time.

          • Samrat Bharat

            So then why all this hungama to build a temple exactly for Ram and call one exactly animal my mummy?

          • prashants5 .

            I can’t teach you here. You have to make your own homework on this. I can only suggest you some nice books to read about if you really want to know What is Hinduism and How it is different from other religions. I don’t know any animal is called Mummy. Mummy is defined as “Dead Person’s body Preserved” in Old Egypt. The “Mummy and Daddy” culture is very much prevalent among Anglo-Saxon cultured colonized Indians. They feel proud when they address their Mother as “Mummy” or “Mom” instead of Localized or Indianized one such as “Maa” or “Ama” or “Aai” etc.

            Read or Google, “Being Different” By Rajiv Malhotra. I bet your confusion will be cleared once and for all. It takes a while to read and understand. So have patience.

          • Samrat Bharat

            No problem, I can teach you here. I was a Hindu Brahmin, went through my Upanayanam (thread ceremony) when I was 12. I see first hand the hypocrisy of my own religion, and the others are no different. So I am now an atheist.

            “Maata” is the one that gives you birth and nurtures you. All mammals give birth and produce milk for their young ones. Cow is a mute animal you need to restrain by force (rope, stick, tabela/pen) so you can steal milk that rightfully belongs to its calf. That poor animal has not consented to be your maata. (Don’t quote mythology or dreams to me, let us talk today and reality)

            The last temple I went to, I got bored of waiting in the crowded line. I waved a Rs 500 note and got pulled to the front of the line by the priest. I see Hindus worshiping fire at every important occasion, and at our most important festival (Diwali), playing with Agni and polluting Vaayu, Ganga/Jamuna etc.

            I read about Buddhists massacring Muslims/Hindus in Myanmar/Sri Lanka. I read about man’s Jain neighbors threatening his family with rape/violence because they eat non-veg in that “pure” community.

            No point even mentioning Islam.

            I personally agree Hinduism is better, but because of its freedom and plurality. You force me to worship a misogynistic or womanizing prince from a particular place and embarrass me with your views on drinking another animal’s pee, I will disown you.

          • Samrat Bharat

            He he he.. It is about choosing my own path, but you want to tell me what that path exactly is?

          • prashants5 .

            You seems to be a Mahagyani. I just realized after going through your postings after postings here saying you want to teach me and enlighten me. And Shastra says there is no answer to Mahagyanis. But Shastra also says there is no answer to Mahamurkh. Choice is yours.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Keep an open mind and question things without believing something just
            because a parent/elder/babaji told you that it is true. You might also
            turn into a Mahagyani. I like to believe there is good in most people.

          • prashants5 .

            Your have to come out of your closed mind and read and comprehend clearly what I said before. I mentioned all Dharmik traditions are about “Self-Realization” ( i.e, if you don’t believe then find it out by yourself). You choose your favorite God or you create your own God ( name them what you like and visualize them however you like). Are you reading my responses or reading everything on Air because you are an Atheist and ranting without any substance? You must clear your fundamentals on a subject by doing your homework ( or finding a Guru ) before engaging with debates that adds substances to the subject. Your postings so far didn’t add any value to the discussion other than ignorances.

            So here is the first lesson for you, next time, don’t say Hinduism is a Religion but a “Dharma” that is an open architecture which is flexible for any person to suit their ability and their own way to connect with Divinity. It is not your so called “Belief” or “Faith” system that runs by Laws. It is not a bookish knowledge. Anyone is free to believe or have faith whatever they like after their own SERIOUS findings.

          • Samrat Bharat

            If everyone is free, then why are you getting so worked up that I chose something different? I am not ranting, I am calm. My architecture is even more open. It does not require even a connection with a so called “Divinity”. I look for scientific proof and evidence.

          • prashants5 .

            You choose whatever that is non of my business. Since you mentioned Hinduism is a religion I rebutted saying it is NOT by showing some differences between Dharma and Religion. Keep looking and keep asking yourself for the evidences until you get it. Noone will spoon feed you to do the work for you. You have to get out from your comfort zone and do it yourself . That’s why “Self-Realization” or “Swa-dharma”.

          • Samrat Bharat

            You seem to be mixing things up with Buddhism (which is quite critical of vedic rituals, castes, deities etc.: https://goo.gl/hHzqiE). Hinduism is a collection of multiple religions, just that it is not a single one. There is no point looking for evidences that do no exist (e.g., cow’s super natural powers, divinity of local chieftains later glorified to be “Gods” like Ram, Krishna etc.). It cannot be spoon fed, because the spoon is empty. This is my self realization – that all religion is outdated and their books need to be seen as no longer relevant in today’s times.

    • Rajat Datta

      It would be better if you also talk about people like Assadudin Owasi, the mullahs who openly call for the beheading of a person called Kamlesh Tiwari, the imposement of Sharia law, the artists and so called intellectuals who in the garb of freedom of expression routinely insult Hindu culture and tradition, the attack on Hindus in Bengal and other regions, jihadi appeasement by politicians, the missionaries who run amok with their conversion agenda and the illegal infiltration of Bangladeshi people. The list is endless. The writer has stated the truth and people like you are uneasy when confronted with it. She is not a bigot but you certainly are one arrogant person.

      • Samrat Bharat

        The author has already published her one sided view which includes your list of “whataboutery”. I showed the balancing view that religious bigots exist among Hindus also. I am just way more intelligent (most liberals are, look it up – there are studies). To conservatives, simpler dumbed down us vs them stories are easier to understand. Intelligence many times is mistaken for arrogance by conservatives.

        Asaduddin Owaisi is elected MP (6 consecutive terms!) and a Barrister at Law from London. Yes, he does treat Muslims as his constituency, same as BJP/Shiv Sena do for Hindus. Which of his views you have a problem with? That Haj Subsidy should be abolished (http://goo.gl/yLWstw)? Need for Organ Donation (http://goo.gl/mB46MB)? Against empty iftar parties (http://goo.gl/61Lh8u)?

        • Rajat Datta

          This is the problem with self styled liberals like you. Your arrogance stems from the belief that you are far more intelligent than mere mortals like us. The crux of the matter is that you showcase selective outrage against supposed ‘ HINDU TERROR’ while at the same time pander to terrorists and extremists in the name of secularism. Mr Owaisi runs a medical college that takes crores of rupees in donations, i know this fact because i am a medical student and during my pmt days i did encounter this uncomfortable truth. He certainly does not care for Muslim welfare and well being, his only agenda is to get elected to the parliament on the back of fear mongering and hatred. The self styled liberals too mirror Owaisi in this respect because their aim is to just talk ad nauseum about ‘ Hindu bigotry’ and expressing sympathy for terrorists. They do more harm to the Muslim community because on one hand they want everyone to separate Islam from terror but on the other hand defend terrorists based on their religion. By the way becoming a Barrister at Law does not make you God. Remember Jinnah and the Direct Action Day?

          • Samrat Bharat

            Since your are so honestly admitting you are no intellectual, I will explain this in a simpler way. I am saying Owaisi is no different from BJP/Shiv Sena/Congress politicians who also use religious fear mongering and also dabble in corrupt real estate, education etc business. So if you want to only criticize him because of religion and turn a blind eye to others because they are “your people”, you are indeed a bigot.

          • Rajat Datta

            This is the narrow mindedness of people like you. You view everything through the prism of politics i.e. BJP, RSS etc. Your agenda is to paint a whole religion as backward, absurd and evil by using terms like ‘freedom of expression’ and many other such arguments. You would dare not criticize Islam or the Prophet because you know would either wound up dead or maimed for life. When people question the likes of you they are either termed as ‘bigot’ or ‘ fascist’ and no you did not mean Owaisi is no different from BJP/Shiv Sena/Congress. If intellectuals mean people like you i would rather prefer to be called illiterate. By the way since you seem to be much interested in degrees let me tell you that the Al Qaeda chief is a Surgeon and the favourite whipping boy of media Yogi Adityanath holds a Masters in Science degree in Physics from a Central University. You must be so inspired by them..

          • Samrat Bharat

            The very definition of Liberal is broadminded: https://goo.gl/IyJ1YO. 🙂

            ALL religions are backward. They depend on blind belief on books written thousands of years ago. I would want freedom of expression to criticize any of them, including Islam. All of them have some good philosophical bits, and also loads of bullshit (or cowdung 😉 ) I could wind up dead or maimed for criticizing Balasaheb Thackrey in Mumbai as well. All bigots are equally dangerous.

            You do seem able to read and write, so calling yourself illiterate would be inaccurate. Non intellectual is perfectly fine. That is how people get Degrees, but gain so little from them.

          • Rajat Datta

            People get degrees and gain so little from them. You seem to describe yourself rather well. I would reiterate that you would not dare to criticize Islam. Balasaheb Thackrey is a cult figure for his followers and does not represent Hinduism. If Hinduism would have been so revengeful you would have lost count of people being killed because every person who wants to get into the exalted circles of Lit. fest psuedo-intellectuals needs to prove his credentials by making disparaging remarks on this particular religion or try to demean it in some way. Charlie Hebdo, Bangladesh blogger murder, Taslima Nasreen hounding, cutting off the hands of a professor by Muslim fundamentalists, Azad Maidan riots, ban on Satanic Verses after protests by fundamentalists, Shah Bano case and the list goes on. All bigots are equally dangerous but it is even more dangerous to encourage and support bigots of a particular religion for selfish reasons.
            Sorry, i would be content to call myself illiterate because it is better than being a false intellectual with a nefarious agenda.

          • Samrat Bharat

            All bigots are dangerous. All religions are backward. Those were short, clear sentences. Where did you read support for any particular religion from those? Every side can keep making these kind of lists. Unfortunately there is no shortage of those. Owaisi uses his lists in his speeches, you use yours. What is the difference?

          • Rajat Datta

            Sorry, but you would not be able to gather enough courage to criticize Islam. I know your kind, behind the veneer of atheism resides a deep rooted hatred of everything Hindu and sympathy for Muslim extremism. The Communist Party in the guise of atheism and secularism encouraged Muslim extremism in Bengal. You are no different from those comrades.

            Owaisi uses hyperbole and wild conjectures in his speeches. Remember his protest against Yacub hanging, crying victimhood? I gave a list which is there before everyone to see.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Communism is as backward and outdated as any of the religions (actually, Buddhism is quite cool – though they have found their own bigots these days).

            Owaisi never protested the court’s decision (hence my point about him being a Barrister, he knows how to stay within the law). Read beyond the usual click-bait-y headline here: http://goo.gl/IA844P
            “Owaisi said he is not against the court’s verdict in Memon’s case but
            the circumstances leading to his death penalty can not be ignored.”
            “The killers of Rajiv Gandhi and Beant Singh have the backing of
            political parties in Tamil Nadu and Punjab. Which political party is
            backing Yakub Memon? Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab has gone to the
            extent of pardoning Balwant Singh Rajoana,” Owaisi said.

          • Rajat Datta

            The killers of Rajiv Gandhi and Beant Singh are backed by political parties for political reasons. Mr Owaisi backs Yacub Memon simply because he is a Muslim. He just wants to project that the Indian State is against Muslims which can be politically rewarding for him but dangerous for national security. If terror has no religion why cry foul when the Supreme Court awards him death penalty after due process as a terrorist and not as a MUSLIM. Mr Owaisi’s agenda is to sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of Muslims to expand his political outreach. He knows how to play his game within the boundaries of law(Barrister after all!). Terror too has the backing of many political parties like Congress, why did they not succeed in hanging Rajiv killers does not in any way affects the verdict in Yacub case. They would not have hanged Afzal Guru without political reasons. Did anyone cry foul when Dhananjay was hanged? No, because he committed a heinous offence and deserved to be punished just like Yacub.
            The traits of communists are well ingrained in you. Do not insult your ideological soulmates.

          • Samrat Bharat

            I keep forgetting you are no intellectual. Communism is a concept in economics. I am a free market supporter. We were discussing religious bigotry so far.

            I don’t fit into your narrow world views. I understand and am sympathetic you find it confusing and complex.

            I am also no Owaisi supporter. I am just saying he is no worse/no better than anyone from Shiv Sena or BJP. He is making the same election jumla statements others do. But since you carry a bias, you only find them offensive.

          • Rajat Datta

            Communism is not confined to Economics in India. It has extended to social and religious issues, in that respect it can be called pseudo-communism which seeks to impose its narrow world view on every matter. Intellectual fascism is a product of pseudo-communism which you seem to subscribe to. I am not at all confused that you are a false intellectual and an Owaisi supporter. It is alright, you can drop this charade of neutrality.
            Empty vessels make a lot of noise. True in your case, is it not?

          • Samrat Bharat

            You cannot keep making up fake definitions by attaching “pseudo” in front of stuff :D. Pseudo definitely does not mean “everyone who does not agree with me”. Stooping back to name calling when you lose an argument was OK until you were in school.

            But let us try elevate this back a little to the grown ups space.

            You seem to be talking about the Communist Party (and its various splinter groups), which is a political party. They too dabble in the same election jumla. So what is new?

            The world is not black and white. It has various colors and many shades of gray. Simpler minds try to force fit entire groups into good / bad. Only way to cut through to the truth is usually go down to the source.

            I had shared links of statements Asaduddin Owaisi (rest of his clan is not as savvy) HIMSELF made, stating his positions. He sounds like just another politician to me, no worse or no better than others. What did you use to form your opinions (I do hope not spoon fed opinion pieces of others)?

          • Rajat Datta

            People like you don’t like it when they are shown the mirror. Pseudo definitely describes you best. The way you are worked up it is quite evident who has lost the argument, not that i am interested to play any silly game with you.
            You are no different from the comrades or Owaisi for that matter. You are not really interested in truth or its source just like your ilk, what matters to you is just twisting and manipulating the truth to suit your narrative. Since i am not a fake intellectual unlike you my opinions are based on facts and not on half-truths and outright lies.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Err.. what facts have you shown so far? Calling something a “well known fact” just because your uncle sent it to you on Whatsapp does not make it a fact. You have not quoted a single source so far, while I share a link to back up statements I make.

            I am not worked up 🙂 See all the smileys? I have already educated you a bit on logical reasoning, economics and the difference between illiteracy and ignorance. I am understanding how simpler minds work. Good in this for both of us.

            Do keep an open mind: आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः No?

          • Rajat Datta

            For starters let me tell you that i am not into social networking platforms like Whatsapp, its a perfect forum for people like you to blow their trumpets though. Secondly, the facts( you may call them list) are just that, facts. You may not like them and you may choose to ignore them but it hardly changes anything. About the links you shared or the so called back up, let me tell you that they were not new pieces of information, i would call them damp squib. I know more about Owaisi, extremists of various hues and terrorist sympathizers than all the links you share with me. Owaisi talking about social issues does not make him any less bigoted, it is like a Bin Laden talking peace. What is revealing though is that out of other points i made in the beginning you latched on to Owaisi(sending links, Barrister at Law?Really?) and in the process you exposed the hypocrisy of your kinds. Exactly my point.
            Trying to act cool in order to mask your real feelings(Smileys and all that) is fine but it does become ludicrous when you overdo it. Yes you did educate me though not about logical reasoning, Economics etc but about the type of average, conceited people who have a high opinion of themselves and who like to be called intellectuals besides labeling everyone who questions them as bigots, ignorant, fascist and what not.
            A piece of advice- Do not use Sanskrit verses because it might offend your other false intellectual friends.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Bin Laden has talked peace? When?

            I have to confess 🙂 I am stuck like this on Owaisi ever since I found out he prevents non intellectuals from becoming psuedo doctors 😀 😀

            OK, seriously. I have often seen Owaisi’s name mentioned like this in social media by right wingers for fear mongering. So I dug in deeper. I looked at his statements, interviews, speeches. I could not find anything different. We should condemn bigotry. Not individuals for their religion.

          • Rajat Datta

            You are not so daft, are you? Owaisi and Bin Laden are no different. When Owaisi talks about social issues we can get an idea about his hypocrisy and how Bin Laden would have looked if he talked peace. You are stuck on Owaisi because you condemn bigotry after ascertaining the religion of the bigot concerned and of course Owaisi is secular in your scheme of things. This is the problem with false intellectuals. Intellectual frauds can be another word. Words like right wingers, fascists, non intellectuals, pseudo doctors cannot mask your intellectual dishonesty.

            This man does not believe in democracy. I mean Owaisi. https://youtu.be/h_YXWvzxKfY https://youtu.be/9c-hPXFQov0 https://youtu.be/JYIYckdqZXI

          • RookRinger

            I guess you didn’t notice that the statement, “All religions are backward” is a bigoted one…

          • Samrat Bharat

            Feeling sorry for something that is backward is just sympathy and compassion for the lesser intelligent. 🙂 Anyway, happy to accept I am bigoted against the bigots.

          • RookRinger

            So you admit to being bigoted towards the Jews? They are indeed covered in your “All religions” comment, so “congratulations” on outing yourself as an Anti-Semite…

          • Samrat Bharat

            Kuchh bhi 🙂 All bigots are dangerous. All religions are backward. Only sympathy for the backward. No special like or dislike for any of them.

          • Samrat Bharat

            He he he.. Thackrey does not represent Hinduism. Like ISIS does not represent Islam. Shiv Sena would not agree with both these statements 😀

          • Rajat Datta

            Try and spend a night at the ISIS camp in Syria and try to teach them atheism. Good luck for that. There is a lot of difference between international terrorists and the usual bigots. Learn it the hard way.

          • Samrat Bharat

            All bigots are the same. International terrorists are just well funded bigots. They have the means. Our home grown bigots can only fantasize right now.

          • Rajat Datta

            At the moment you are fantasizing about our home grown bigots becoming terrorists and if i may dare say even hoping for this to happen. At the same time you choose to ignore the extreme brutality of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Come out of the fantasy world and face what has already happened.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Sigh. Time for reading comprehension education now.
            My sentence: Our home grown bigots can only fantasize right now.
            THEY (bigots) fantasize. About being able to do more harm.
            Like these aunties: https://goo.gl/IOoEyH
            If they had funds, they would definitely not be practising with those air rifles.

          • Rajat Datta

            The national and international security agencies can hardly be bothered about some girls wielding air rifles. Some days ago some mullahs held an aggressive protest rally in my city. They are no national or international threat. I doubt that even with access to funds they could have any significant impact. RSS fails to protect even its cadres from getting killed in Kerala. My point is that people like you just like the bigots fantasize about what would happen if they get access to funds. You and your ilk meanwhile turn a blind eye towards the real dangers plaguing the nation and the world. The homegrown bigots hardly get any support from an average Hindu while the terrorist groups thrive on the deafening silence of otherwise vocal groups of so called intellectuals and moderate muslims. This is the hypocrisy which is so alarming. https://youtu.be/bfHlN2W6O-A

            I did my comprehension lessons well when i was in school. Thanks for your concern any way.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Sigh. I am talking about India. What obsession you have with phoren stuff? I am not debating ISIS here. They are certified religious fanatic, nut cases etc. etc. Whatever words you want to use for them, I would endorse. I am also agreeing them follow parts of the Quran. Like I said earlier, all books written thousands of years ago contain loads of dangerous bullshit. Keeping tiny non intellectual minds stay on a topic so tough 🙁

            So if the reporter had asked the lady in Durga Vahini “If someone gives you funds to buy AK-47s, would you use them?” she would have said “Nahi ji, our religion only allows us air rifles, it is directed so in the Gita”? You conveniently skipped the part about bomb making right in the beginning didn’t you? You naughty boy 🙂

          • Rajat Datta

            Really? Foreign stuff(was that American English?) is rapidly spreading its tentacles in India. Remember Mehdi Biswas? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-3181759/ISIS-goes-recruitment-spree-India-IM-members-turn-headhunters-focus-grooming-youngsters-online.html http://zeenews.india.com/news/nation/isis-recruiting-indian-muslim-youths-to-fight-in-iraq-syria_1460644.html.

            Recently Asiya Andrabi(separatist) has come under the scanner for allegedly recruiting Indian muslims after two youths were arrested who were trying to meet her in order to join ISIS. I am talking about India smarthead! Thanks to people like you their task will become easier.

            Intellectuals do not go grammatically wrong. False intellectuals do though. By the way you must have finished reading Gita, Quran and Bible. Quite a task!

            You should see what bigotry can do here in INDIA. https://youtu.be/51L4swt_6lg https://youtu.be/xd-pNCF9TJs

          • Rajat Datta
          • Samrat Bharat

            Ignoring. Phoren. Agree with whatever words you have for these despicable terrorists.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Finally links 🙂
            Ignoring the first 7. Phoren. ISIS is a horrible barbaric group that no one in their right minds should support. Happy to make any statement that you draft for me also against them.

            You have the wrong brother 🙂 We were discussing Asaduddin Owaisi, and I had said the rest of his clan is not as savvy. This dude (Akbar) went to jail for one of his speeches. So justice is being served. Nothing for me to prove here. I trust the legal system of my country will do the right thing.

          • Rajat Datta

            When i saw your ignorance i was forced to send links. You should know what is happening around you. I have better things to do than draft statements for false intellectuals. My free advice to you would be to shun hypocrisy. I suppose you did not see the hate speech video of Asaduddin Owasi which i shared. Well, not surprising is it? https://youtu.be/t6iMjTMoz6I
            I don’t think you will watch it, still you do like links, don’t you?

          • Rajat Datta

            Try and watch this time. https://youtu.be/Eil2tzPGpV4

          • Samrat Bharat

            Eh? What happened? New link? So I managed to convince you on the previous video you sent that Asaduddin is making valid points?

            Sigh again. So difficult to keep tiny non intellectual minds focused even on simple tasks. What time stamp and what is it that you are objecting to in the video? You and I obviously very different intellectually, I cannot guess what you found bothersome in the video. You will have to explain like I did with time stamp and words.

          • Rajat Datta

            You do forget what you write. You wrote about Akbaruddin video and graciously reminded me that we were discussing his older brother even though i had shared that chap’s video too. Now you have admitted that i did send this same video earlier. Funny, aren’t you?
            Of course Asaduddin is making valid points from the point of view of false intellectuals like you. These guys thrive on the hypocrisy of your ilk. Lage raho.
            Of course i am different from you because i am not a hypocrite and a false intellectual like you. Like i said earlier empty vessels make a lot of noise. Owaisi will simply love you because birds of the same feather flock together.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Sigh again. You sent me a new video link now. I am asking in the Asaduddin Owaisi videos, tell me at what time stamp on the video and what words you found to be not valid or any different from what any BJP/RSS/VHP/ShivSena types might also say. Except for which religion of course.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Sigh again. I am asking you in any of the Asaduddin videos, what words and at what time stamps in the video did you find were invalid from your point of view and how they are any different from anything (except which religion) that any of the BJP/VHP/RSS/ShivSena types might say?

            Your little mind keeps wandering off, like puppies about to come under a car 😀

          • Rajat Datta

            You are forgetting that i am merely exposing your hypocrisy. You said it yourself( how are they any different from what BJP/RSS/Shiv Sena might say) but the problem is people like you shout from the rooftops when a say VHP leader says something controversial but maintain a stoic silence when a certain Owaisi mouths something controversial. Hypocrisy and bias based on religion is the hallmark of intellectual frauds who like to call themselves secular, atheist and all that bunkum.
            It is quite evident that you have a very low intellect. A person with low intellect tries to masquerade as an intellectual and ends up being a false intellectual. Arrogance certainly cannot compensate for ignorance or foolishness. I would suggest that you read the book TRANSCENDENCE by Late Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam to overcome some of your bias. Tough, but you can try.

          • Samrat Bharat

            ROTFLMAO 😀 😀

            You could not find a single point in your own video links no?

            My little cute non intellectual non hypocrite puppy :X

          • Rajat Datta

            Ha ha you know very well that your hypocrisy was exposed. The video link is of course for people who are not biased and not for hypocrites. Why waste time in explaining what is already evident? Intellectual people are not biased and hypocrites but dimwits certainly are.
            Good try though my Owaisi lover!

          • Rajat Datta

            You also conveniently forgot the Kashmiri Pandit video and the ISIS flag waving in Kashmir video which i shared. Not surprising at all. The whole debate by you has been nothing but the mumbo jumbo that the frauds resort to and i have met quite a few of your kind.
            Arrogance and hypocrisy will get you nowhere. Do not be so desperate to be called intellectual, you are not one. Relax, the words false intellectual and intellectual fraud also carry the word you like so much. Sorry but i have seen and know real intellectuals and you unfortunately do not fit the definition.

          • Samrat Bharat

            You keep trying to wander off the subject :), like a puppy, about to come under a car 😀

            It was you who brought up “It would be better if you also talk about people like Assadudin Owasi” 7 days ago. So I am talking.

            Again, in the 2 Asaduddin videos you yourself shared, what words and at what time stamps in
            the video did you find were invalid from your point of view and how they
            are any different from anything (except which religion) that any of the
            BJP/VHP/RSS/ShivSena types might say? Or are you accepting AIMIM = BJP/ShivSena and so both are acceptable in India’s politics?

          • Rajat Datta

            Ha ha my dumb friend, it was you who latched on to Owaisi out of the other things i mentioned 7 days ago. I must accept that he does have a solid fan base. Anyway good you talked about him because in the process you educated me more about hypocrisy and conceited, dumb people like you. This is what your hero said ” Every child is born a muslim.” You do like links, here is one http://www.financialexpress.com/article/india-news/every-child-is-born-a-muslim-says-aimims-asaduddin-owaisi-hits-out-on-hindu-outfits/26298/ and this https://youtu.be/B_G7-5wi9xc
            The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the BJP was never banned from entering any state or address gatherings even when he was being hounded by the media and the entire might of the intellectual frauds, not to mention the hostile Central govt. This Owaisi guy who heads the pvt ltd. called MIM was actually banned for making hate speeches in Bengaluru and Maharashtra http://www.firstpost.com/politics/mim-chief-asaduddin-owaisi-banned-entering-bengaluru-week-2110037.html http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Now-Maharashtra-cops-ban-Asaduddin-Owaisi-from-entering-Aurangabad/articleshow/18264026.cms In a democracy every political outfit has the right to contest elections but perennially crying victimhood and bigotry does not yield political dividend for long. Owaisi after winning 2-3 seats in Maharashtra grew in confidence but faced a drubbing in the Bihar polls in the muslim majority regions where his party contested. http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/owaisi-in-bihar-muslims-dont-buy-his-religious-pitch/ He is trying very hard to become the leader of Indian Muslims but he is not likely to succeed.
            Of course false intellectuals cannot grasp this.

          • Samrat Bharat

            So you found nothing at all in the 2 videos you sent? And your are really comparing Owaisi to Modi? And if I search I will not find a BJP/ShivSena fellow who was also censured for his/her speeches? Success or defeat is again a change in direction, so no point letting our attention wander my little puppy.

          • Rajat Datta

            Wrong, you did not find anything in the 2 videos because of your bias, not that i care what frauds think. I sent the video just because i want to needle you and your replies do show you are quite worked up. Poor chap. You also joke quite well. BJP/Sena fellows get censured for the slightest freudian slips, let alone hate speeches. Modi was bashed up by false intellectuals and the Owaisi kind when his words were twisted and manipulated to show that he had compared muslims with puppies when he had not made any such comparison. Debate after debate are held in the T.V. studios where the frauds cry their lungs out if the real or perceived offender belongs to the saffron camp while they shut up like a clam if the elements like Owaisi and even known terrorist sympathizers make offensive statements. Arnab Goswami at least pretends to be neutral.
            Of course Modi and Owaisi cannot be compared. You at least conceded that. Since you want to compare BJP with MIM it is imperative for me to compare the actions of both the supreme leaders of the respective parties. Like i said earlier, false intellectuals cannot really grasp serious political discussions and make excuses about change in direction(I wrote about Owaisi’s party, remember?) and mind wandering off(seriously?) I can’t really blame you because people with such a low intellect tend to be like that. You are helpless.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Again wandering off all over the place :). TV anchors are frauds. That’s why I go to the source.

            In the video links you yourself sent, tell me at what time stamp, what words does Asauddin Owaisi say that you are objecting to? Of course I did not find anything. That’s why I am asking you.

          • Rajat Datta

            Since you are so dumb let me tell you. Mr Owaisi is openly exhorting the crowd to violence( Break heads, khoon bahege and all that stuff). He is at it again what he does best. Fear Mongering. I agree that he is rattled by Modi’s victory but calling an elected Govt. a dog and all the Hindus a dog does look like an offensive statement, does it not? Of course he is secular for people like you. I agree you are floored by his macho attitude but it does like that he is not a M.P. but a modern king of the muslims who want to lead his troops to battle. With a leader like this who needs enemies. Fortunately he is still confined to Hyderabad.
            Not only TV anchors, people like you are bigger frauds.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Which video? This one seems an edited and spliced together version: https://youtu.be/Eil2tzPGpV4. Do you have the link to the full version? Even in this edited video, where does he mention Hindus?

            3:23 – He is calling BJP/RSS “like sheep dogs”. Many politicians made a play on Modi’s poor choice of words of “kutte ka pilla”, he would not be the only one. He says “those who called us kutte ke pilla are dogs”. Anyway, do show me though which law of India (not North Korea, China or Syria) says you cannot criticize an elected government?

            5:20 ; “Kahan ke bhi gunde ho, khatam karo. Mundi kuchlo in logo ki = Crush the heads of such goons, irrespective of where they are from”. Hard to say due to the editing which goons’ heads he wants crushed and by whom.

            (something edited out)
            5:40 – “If you open that door you open the door to tyranny (tashadud)”. Again the editing makes it hard to understand what door he is talking about. Opening doors to tyranny will make blood flow no?

            (something again edited out)
            5:48 – “Give these young men a purpose in life, they have sacrificed a lot for Telangana”

            In an earlier video https://youtu.be/CkfRzQd3Uew Asaduddin makes similar points but he is actually condemning the opinion/exit polls and calls them sold out, and says “Awaam jamuriyat me badshah hai = people are the rulers in a democracy” (39:00)

            “41:35 – You did not demolish the Babri Masjid, but you weakened the foundations of India. You damaged India.”

            44:30 – “We will make history. We will strengthen India. But we will never forgive you (BJP/RSS). India will definitely be stronger. How can these killers of Mahatma Gandhi and enemies of secularism strengthen this country? Our country will only be strong if its secularism is strong.”.

            45:55: Ashok Singhal’s statement that every Hindu family should have 5 children: “I say sincerely, honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I have no objections if our Hindu brothers have 5-10 children. You know what is better for you. But why are you comparing with Muslims? Why create hatred? You (VHP) are the one creating hatred between 2 religions.”

            46:50 – “Is India not our country? Don’t we want to see this country strong? ((could not understand))? Why would 65% (non Dalit Hindus) face any danger from 14% (Muslims)?

            49:35 “Don’t says things that create hatred. Captain Zainul Abidin Juvale (son of Zainuddin Juvale awarded Padma Shri in 1981 and founded the first nautical school in India) who rescued 722 Indians during Saddam’s Kuwait invasion today cannot find a place to live in Mumbai. To the person who did not differentiate the 722 Indians, is today being told he cannot find a flat as he is a Muslim. Why is the Congress silent today? This is the reality of today’s secularism in this country.”

          • Rajat Datta

            Come on, he is of course referring to Hindus as dogs. He is doubtless projecting Narendra Modi as the leader of Hindus and a threat to Muslims. He is just trying to manipulate his words to suit his narrative. Maybe you don’t want to understand but of course he is referring to the Hindu community who he wants the crowd to believe will be emboldened and pose a threat to them (goonda and all that.) Fear mongering, is it not? Doubtless he is talking about the supposed tyranny of the Hindus due to Modi victory, Fear mongering again. He conveniently forgets the fact that it was the muslim rulers who are infamous for demolishing temples. Will he openly dare to condemn Auranzeb? Will he dare condemn the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits? Will he dare support Uniform Civil Code? Will he dare speak against the attack on Hindus in West Bengal, the plight of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh? http://jagobangla.blogspot.in/2011/03/religious-atrocities-on-hindus-in-west.html https://skanda987.wordpress.com/2015/05/30/west-bengal-again-diminishing-hindus-in-the-state/
            Nathuram Godse was a member of the Hindu Mahasabha when he assassinated Gandhiji. He had left RSS. Hindu Mahasabha does not like either BJP or Modi. Mr Owaisi just believes in rhetoric and not facts(Rahul Gandhi?). The media got its opinion polls quite wrong. They under estimated Modi. The media hounded him for 13 years. It is quite laughable to say that the media was sold out to him.
            He was an ally of the Congress. Why did he tie up with them when he had his doubts about their secularism? The Pravin Togadias and the Owaisis are the sides of the same coin.
            By the way to criticize an elected Govt. which has just taken office based on prejudices and insinuations and acting as if each and member of your community is in danger is just ludicrous.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Now you can read his mind 😀 :D? I have brought you both so close now?

            We agreed 4 days ago that AIMIM = BJP/ShivSena. You were the one chasing your own tail trying to find something controversial Asaduddin might have said that you will get eternal peace about, if I condemn. I agree Togadia = Akbaruddin (the less savvy brother). So what are we arguing about now? If you agree that Amit Shah = Asaduddin?

          • Rajat Datta

            This is the narrow mindedness of people like you. You view everything through the prism of politics i.e. BJP, RSS etc. Your agenda is to paint a whole religion as backward, absurd and evil by using terms like ‘freedom of expression’ and many other such arguments. You would dare not criticize Islam or the Prophet because you know would either wound up dead or maimed for life. When people question the likes of you they are either termed as ‘bigot’ or ‘ fascist’ and no you did not mean Owaisi is no different from BJP/Shiv Sena/Congress. If intellectuals mean people like you i would rather prefer to be called illiterate. By the way since you seem to be much interested in degrees let me tell you that the Al Qaeda chief is a Surgeon and the favourite whipping boy of media Yogi Adityanath holds a Masters in Science degree in Physics from a Central University. You must be so inspired by them..

          • Rajat Datta

            This is the narrow mindedness of people like you. You view everything through the prism of politics i.e. BJP, RSS etc. Your agenda is to paint a whole religion as backward, evil and absurd by using terms like ‘ freedom of expression’ and many other such arguments. You would dare not criticize Islam or the Prophet because you are aware that you could wound up dead or maimed for life. When people question the likes of you they are either labelled as ‘BIGOTS’ or ‘FASCISTS’ and no you did not mean that Owaisi is no different from BJP/Shiv Sena/Congress. If intellectuals mean people like you i would rather prefer to be called an illiterate. By the way since you seem to be so much interested in degrees let me tell you that the present Al Qaeda chief is a Surgeon and the favourite whipping boy of the media Yogi Adityanath holds a Masters degree in Physics from a Central University. You must be so proud of them.

  • Megh Kalyanasundaram

    Thank you Shefali Vaidya, for this seemingly heart-felt expression.

  • Luffy

    Hahahaa I get where you are coming from but I honestly think we Hindus deserve this. U mentioned Jewish Lobby and yes they come down hard on any one who is Anti-Semite. That is cause they are organised and control the narrative. 0.2% of World Population controls most of the Media and Corporations in the World.

    There is no point in crying which Hindus always do. They keep defending their faith. Why? No need. World would hate you either ways cause both Christians and Muslims believe Pagans(Hindus) go to hell. Stop being melodrama queen and control the narrative. Become an Elephant. Most people get out of the way of Elephant knowing he would crush them if they don’t move but dogs keep barking at back. U can’t fix dogs but you can atleast try to become the Elephant.

    • acrutiapps

      I dont agree about the deserves part. But yeah this acting like crybaby is of little help. See the difference between what Sarkar Saswati and Shefali Vaidya.

  • Slasher

    The author is absolutely correct.

    But unless we go on the offensive and convert Indian Muslims and Christians to Hindus back again, there will be NO hope.

    To understand why, here is a beautiful video by an ex-Muslim in India. His explanation of the difference between Islam and Hinduism is more revealing than even Muhammad’s “revelations”.

    We must force Sickularists and Desh Drohi Media guys to watch this video and see their heads explode:


    I recommend everyone watch this video as well. This is a great introduction to Hinduism as well.

    • Cybil Peril

      To fulfil ur wish, earth planet needs a WW III to lessen its burden of unlimited mouths.

  • P. B. Josh

    Until any other religion sing a Bhajan with wordings like “Ishwar, Allah Tero Naam…” no religion can come even close to Hinduism.

  • notepoli7

    What a load of BS, Hindu taliban are no different from Afghan Taliban, Its Muslims who are being lynched in India on daily basis.

    • malavika

      Shameless liar.

      Shia Moulana Kalbe Jawad is calling for beheading of Kamlesh Tiwari. India is suffering for the crime of not demanding exchange of population during partition.

    • RookRinger

      Really? How many heads have these so-called “Hindu Taliban” chopped off?

      How many villages have been “cleansed” of non-Hindus by these “Hindu Talibans”?

      Grow up.

      • Samrat Bharat

        Take. Here is a list: https://goo.gl/WfuVCP

        • RookRinger

          I thought my comment was written in easily-understandable, common English, but apparently, given your comment, it was not clear.



          In response, you linked a Wikipedia article on “Caste-Related Violence”, which notably attributes NONE of the attacked to Hinduism. (And of course, there is plenty of “caste-related violence” between Christian and Muslim castes, for example.)

          On the other hand, I can easily list specific examples of many people murdered by the ISLAMIC Taliban, the Daeshbags, Al Qaeda, and many others. I can show you entire COUNTRIES that have been “cleansed” of non-Muslims (and the same can be said of Christians).

          I mean, it really shouldn’t be that difficult, right? I mean, if there’s really a “Hindu Taliban” that is comparable to the ACTUAL Taliban, then they should be chopping off heads left and right, all over India!

          Instead, the absolute BEST that you’ll be able to find are: (1) Riots in RESPONSE to Islamic Terror; or (2) isolated incidents that happen once every few years, and are not part of any organized terror, such as the Taliban.

          Words have actual meanings. You can’t just make up propaganda and expect people to believe your nonsense. When you say “Hindu Taliban”, you are no better than one of these Neo-Nazis saying that “the Jews deserved the Holocaust”.

          YOU. ARE. NO. BETTER.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Eh? So it is OK for people to be violent as long as they are not chopping off heads? That’s where you draw a line? I can post links, but I am trying to bring reason, not provoke the “other” side (remember Tehelka sting where they got the goons from Gujarat to confess?).

            Taliban and Daesh deserve no sympathy. But just because they are worse, does not mean we need to wait till somebody from our country also gets as barbaric.

            I am just linking caste violence to the only religion that mentions caste in books it respects:
            Rig Veda 10.XC.12 http://goo.gl/jjhgCg
            The Brahman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rājanya made.
            His thighs became the Vaiśya, from his feet the Śūdra was produced.

    • All religions are obsolete. Get on with the program. Else you might as well be practicing voodoo or witchcraft…

      • HindusUnderSiege

        You donot know the reality.What you said is just opposite.
        See in west bengal,and uttar pradesh.about 40% villages has hindu as minority.
        Ethical cleansing and blackmailing of hindus is going on throughout the country.In karachi,lahore,bangladesh,u need a microscope to find a hindu and a temple.

        • True UP and Bengal are becoming as good as Muslim states with open discrimination in favor of Muslims from worship to crime.

      • HindusUnderSiege

        There are 68 islamic states and 122 christians states,and have nearly 1 million times more money than hindus have .Islam have all the money of the rich countries like saudi,iran,sudan,eqypt,and many more countries,and christianity have 4 times money than that,what does Hindus have they are beggers and is tortured everywhere.

        • BalancedCentre

          you must be getting your info from ISIS Caliphate Central Library. 1 million times more money than hindus..LOL what a statistic, would u care to post the source?? India Hindustan is already #3 GDP in the world much much above these “Islamic” states that you talk about and most of that GDP is driven by Hindus, Sikhs, FYI. Also What u say 122 xtian states are not xtian states but secular states which would never be islamic republics as much as you want.

    • acrutiapps

      I will believe you the day I see a Hindu with AK-47.

    • apu589

      Even the terms ‘Hindu Taliban’ & ‘Wahabi Hinduism’ have to borrow ‘Taliban’ & ‘Wahabism’ from your dictionary. And speaking of Muslims being killed on a daily basis, where do you see it?
      BTW CPM had killed over 250 RSS/BJP people in the past. Here is the proof. https://janamejayan.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/cpm-had-killed-over-250-rssbjp-people-in-the-past-here-is-the-proof/

    • swamirajah

      Good joke. Hindu victims do not get media coverage and secular sympathies and justice. That is the difference.

    • apu589

      Mullahs have announced an award of 50 lakhs for beheading Kamlesh Tiwari. At the end Kamlesh Tiwari is arrested and the mullahs are roaming free.

    • max

      notepoli please go to Syria or taliban where lynching never happens .. Whats holding in this country

    • JustSaying

      Taliban is a concept found only in Islam. You are trying to squirrel your way out by attaching this concept to a specific region. However this word itself belongs to a specific religion.

    • Bihari

      Take one incident and hype it and then claim similarity with genocidal Taliban. This is called BS, something communists and mullahs are really good at.

    • Concard_007

      Request to Indiafacts, this scum is a troll who uses fakeupvotes in his comments. Please ban such Id’s

      • अहं ब्रह्म अस्मि

        Please flag the comment. I hope there is some inbuilt mechanism that deletes a comment if there are sufficient flags/downvotes. This is one of those trolls who have taken over FirstPost.

    • Vidya

      Typical deceitful up-voting to get this absurd comment on top. Artificial strategies like these including inquisitions, sponsored wars and bankrolled conversions will eventually fail over the next century or so, when more scientific proof will emerge that Jesus was only a myth carved out to fit into an older myth, and both the desert religions will have to face up to the fact.

    • Muslims are victims only in Muslims nations, and with blessings of ISIS will soon become unacceptable in Christian/European nations also. Thank your stars u are in India!

    • Cybil Peril

      Lol, u r doing good marketing here with 59 cheers 4 u….lol….even Md shall be dwarfed….

    • Peter Aremone

      Talibal is a MUSLIM/ISLAMIC concept dear Pedophile Prophet Muhammad lover.

    • Savy

      Really where.. paki.. porki.. come and live in India…

    • untildnextFPban:)

      SUVARS (Self UpVoting Aap Retards) active on this forum also !!! hey Indiafacts…may be you can think of dissing disqus…total BS it is

    • Rajat Datta

      The only central philosophy of Islam is murder of non-muslims, massacre, terrorism, loot, rape and the list goes on. The only danger to national security are the traitor muslims of India who need to be exposed and destroyed. Got that terrorist symphathizer?

    • BalancedCentre

      I see that a lot of fake accounts have upvoted your comment. That’s quite a proof of your intolerance as the article itself talks about intolerance towards Hinduism and upvotes are rather a proof that this intolerance very much exists!! BTW check the news and read about the lynchings of Hindus in WB, UP, Kerala and don’t forget Kashmir genocide of Hindus and Sikhs since 1400 AD and more recently in 1990s. AND For heaven’s sake STOP using fake upvotes!!!

  • Sibby

    What you say is true but your article lacks substance. Sorry to say it is not up to the standards of India Facts.

    • Lalitaditya Muktapida

      What you write is gramatically correct but your comment lacks pizzazz! Sorry to say it is not up to the standards of the comments on india facts

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Some heartfelt woes also need to be expressed and Indiafacts can be a platform for that.

  • Sibby

    What you say is true but your article lacks substance. Sorry to say it is not up to the standards of India Facts. Need references and examples.

  • subodh1945

    agree we hindus are for no reason at the end of wrong end of stick , blamed for every ills of india and world

  • vamsi krishna

    अहिंसा परमो धर्मः
    धर्म हिंसा तथीव च

    This is what happens when you stick on to certain tactic no matter what the consequences are.
    Tolerance and peace work in a society of normal people. The same will not work among people who putforth their family before societal and national interests and have no conscience as you have. You have to fight them uncompromisingly, you need to use saam, daan, bhed and dand in a society which has still not transitioned into true enlightened society.

    This is the curse of the Hindus simply because they failed to identify the adversary can use any kind of tactic to subdue them.This is the same reason why people of Mumbai has more respect of Shiv Sena than BJP as Shiv Sena can use any method to silence the coward liberals than BJP which seems to be lost between soft Hindutva and liberalism.

    I have been to Mumbai and I have seen most posters (though anecdotal) of Shiv Sena and not BJP which is the main ruling party. They even indimidate muslims to joing their ranks for they know the consequences. The point is if Modi or Hindus think
    “I will play a fair game and so I will win with God’s grace” is as stupid as it gets. World was won first by Islamists and then Chrisitians by violence and deceit respectively over the centuries. The flowering of science has only complemented that and most of the science during enlightment was used to expand the West’s domination and not just materialism initially.

    The first tactic of the enemies the liberals, the islamists, the sickular politicians and the vatican induced intellectuals is to keep Hindus at certain moral high ground vis-a-vis other religions and any attempt to aggressively counter Islamization or church influence (conversions) is to blame the reactionaries as fringe groups. If reactionaries are fringe groups then most freedom fighters of their age were terrorists and fringe groups. This allows the majority of non-reactive Hindus to see the reactionaries as intolerant or non-representative of the majority.

    Secondly, the blind belief that unending appeasement or non-violence is a solution to worldy problems is as nonsensical as anything. If jews were to stand before Hitler and ask for punishment, as Gandhi asked, he would only be glad to terminate them. Only when Hindu groups refuse to participate in the puerile debates of sickular media and run a counter narrative on their own electronic media will this disease be countered.

    Thirdly, The case of counter violence where Hindus are effected must be constantly pushed into the minds of the people as they are tuned to ignore this counter narratives. When the pandit genocide is constantly propogated in every forum over the decades will the disease of ‘ only muslims are victims’ move over to.. ‘ intolerance can come from people of any religion’ .

    Fourthly, the Hindu sympathetic govt at centre must use every ugly trick that congress used infiltrating academic institutions, free temples and making minority institutions toe the line without the fear of opposition. The case in point is recent Film institute. After 4 months of protests, it silently subsided and we have the RSS man running the institute. Communists should be slowly chucked out of the system threatened with financial consequences.

    PS: My simple point is ‘ Nice guys finish last’ and with all the power you have and couldn’t be able to push a simple legislation or frighten a cowardly intellectual. ..you got your game wrong. To control people, look how congress does it in its term. And stop complaining.

    • Vidya Nair

      Slight correction Krishna. Your article smelled political and not religious. Question was about Hindus standing tall and not dividing them into Shivsena followers and BJP followers. When did one follower became better or effective Hindu than other. Recall, how Shivsena did their best during 1993 riots.. and even till now to safeguard Hindu interest. Well I am not their supporter but question isnt about choosing between either of them. Its about choosing them both. Over thousands of years, we Hindus have introduced so many divisions in our society; so last thing we want is to have further divisions in Hinduism.

    • dharma

      One dearest of my Jain friends, who is a strong believer of non-violence said that you can never compromise with the concept of non-violence, and one should be willing to die for this ideal.

      I told, suppose the world is left with only Muslims and Jains, then Muslims ask you to either convert or die, and being supporter of non-violence Jains offers no self-defence, ultimately no Jains are left on the earth neither the principle of non-violence, so did you support non-violence?

      He had no answer.

  • importingtrash

    Hindus need to wake up and unite and ban anti Hindu media

    • Vidya Nair

      You are absolutely right. Hindus haven’t lobbied yet in India and internationally. We need to unite and establish a non political platform. Of Hindus and for Hindus.

    • acrutiapps

      Banning is Islamic culture and barbaric in nature. We need not ban anything, we gotta defend ourselves.

    • Anshul Singhal

      Not ban but bomb them like chandrashekhar did to run them away from Bharatvarsh, they are same british west US gora evangelists backed morons like east india company once entered into bharatvarsh, they must be f*cked hard


    The latest events does indicate that these non-hindus or sickular Hindus do not want to understand our religion and are in no mood to understand or assimilate with Hindu philosophy. They have only one narrative that is anti-modi and anti-hinduism. All the hindus have to unite and show them our real strength. Our disintegration will only make them strong….