India’s Thought Cops are Angry with Modi

Disagreements of a personal nature are indeed an excuse for unprovoked intellectual attacks on Modi.

In the last week of September at Dadri not far from the Indian capital, an angry mob lynched to death Mohammad Akhlaq over allegations that a cow was slaughtered and he ate beef.

In the 1970s and 1980s in Bihar where there was no Bharatiya Janata Party, cow slaughter was still banned and there were times when there would be conflicts over beef and policemen would visit homes.

Beef conflicts are not new to contemporary India. Cows are not slaughtered across the Islamic world, but the reason cows are slaughtered mostly in the Indian Subcontinent is because Indian Islamists introduced the practice of cow slaughter here as a challenge to Hindu religious practice of worshiping cows.

Fikr-e-Nau (New Thinking), a newly launched Urdu magazine published by Pakistani Marxists – explores the issue of cow slaughter (a translation will be published soon by the Washington D.C.-based Middle East Media Research Institute).

You can look further back into history.


During the 16th century when the BJP and RSS did not exist, Emperor Akbar outlawed the practice of cow slaughter but the greatest Islamic scholar of the time Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi lambasted the Mughal emperor asking why Muslims couldn’t slaughter cows under a Muslim government.

While Akbar was sensitive towards the majority Hindus’ religious sensibilities, Islamists like Sheikh Sirhindi, much like the present-day commentators, were not bothered about them. Fikr-e-Nau goes on to argue that in the lands comprising Pakistan today, cow slaughter was brought by Indian Islamist organisations arriving there after the Partition in 1947.

But the issue being debated about the Dadri lynching is not a religious one.

At this point in time when India is at the cusp of emerging as a global power, even the most so-called right-wing Hindus hold the following view: any person taking the country’s rule of law should be prosecuted and jailed without delay.

Lawmaker and prominent BJP member Tarun Vijay, in an article dated 2 October, advocated this line of thinking, calling for handling this issue “via the lawful path that the Constitution has provided” and urging the Akhilesh Yadav government to “take serious note of this“.

Akhilesh Yadav

A purely secular view requires this: the socialist government of Akhilesh Yadav must act ruthlessly and quickly against anyone taking the law into their hands. However, such a course is not advocated by India’s liberal-secular intelligentsia which loves to engage in religious politics instead—of late, crudely.

On 1 October, celebrity gossip columnist Shobhaa De tweeted: “I just ate beef. Come and murder me.

For our liberal-secular intellectuals and Islamists, the issue is not the failing of our rule of law: the issue is politics, more of it if it is laced with religion.

For example, instead of writing a piece asking the socialist government of Yadav to prosecute the Dadri mob, noted left-liberal intellectual Pratap Bhanu Mehta trained his guns on 3 October at Tarun Vijay (who was critical of this sort of“secular” politics).

I view Liberals and Conservatives in the following theoretical framework: Conservatives view social realities as they exist on the ground, while Liberals describe social realities as they ought to be, colored in their own leftist vision.

Conservatives are rooted, truthful and pessimistic. Liberals are hopeful, divisive and untruthful when describing realities. John Lloyd, former editor of London’s leftist magazine The New Statesman, observed: Liberals “tell people to ignore their own experience and to think only in approved ways.”

P.B. Mehta’s ideological-political base is located here: the kind of secular politics his tribe of academics and commentators supported ran the roost in the 1980s when the secular government of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi surrendered before India’s vocal Islamists.


Mr. Mehta, your tribe is responsible for three historic decisions that have damaged the Indian Republic: the Shah Bano law, opening the Ayodhya locks and the notorious ban on The Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdie.

Mehta’s ideological thought police expected that the country’s majority would keep watching this total surrender of secularism before Islamists in broad daylight, but these three decisions helped the Conservatives prosper and seek truth in the nation’s roots.

Conservatives are truly Indians, unlike your secular tribesmen who appear to be masquerading as Pakistanis in India’s intellectual mainstream.Your politics is recurring. Notably, the secular Congress government in Rajasthan did not allow Salman Rushdie to visit Jaipur in 2012, surrendering before the Barelvi Islamists of the Raza Academy which had threatened to attack him.

Equally, Mehta’s ideological-historical base can also be located here: his ideological cousins and ancestors supported the Khilafat Movement, an Islamist political enterprise supported by India’s secular politicians led by Mahatma Gandhi and the global Islamists of the era – the Ali Brothers. Along with the Aligarh movement, the Khilafat movement would lead to the division of India in 1947.

The Khilafat Movement’s more violent version is nowadays led by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State (ISIS), about whom India’s secular journalists and commentators are largely silent while scores of Indian Muslims are getting attracted to and many have joined the ISIS.

Mr. Mehta, your ideological cousins in our television studios and editorial offices recently supported Aurangzeb, the Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi of 17th century at whose orders Guru Teg Bahadur, the Shield of India, was beheaded in the public square of Delhi for refusing to convert to Islam in 1675 CE, much like and exactly for the same reasons the ISIS beheads non-Muslims in public squares of Iraq and Syria today.

In his piece, Mehta takes umbrage at India’s Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma for a slip of the tongue, noting:

“The minister of culture, for example, whose praise for A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was accompanied by a congenital suspicion — ‘despite being a Muslim’ — and who described Akhlaq’s death as an ‘accident’, prefigures the moral blindness that [Tarun] Vijay represents.”

As a still evolving democracy, Indians are electing members of parliament and state legislatures who might not have gone to universities:such lawmakers are innocent and honest but are being forced to declare their sophistication to suit the viewpoints of tie-clad suited-booted liberals with a felicity for writing glib pieces in dense prose.

Sometimes these lawmakers are asked to declare their degrees (the Election Commission has an explaining to do as to why it wants Indians to declare degrees). Such elected Indians may not be intellectually equipped like the graduates from the St. Stephen’s College; occasionally, they might not be able to distinguish between a certificate and a degree.

To Mr. Mehta: “the moral blindness” that you speak of has another name: political correctness – that is, of your own.

At the Aligarh Muslim University, I was taught sociology by Dr. Rashida Rana Siddiqui who once used the word “uncultured” in some context when teaching a BA first year class. When asked to explain the sociological meaning of “uncultured” – she looked back, pondered deeply and replied, “If you are so sensitive, do not use this word.”

Tunku Varadarajan, in his otherwise decent piece of 20 September, goes on to describe our minister as uncultured:

Even if it were a slip of the tongue, let’s not forget that a man’s tongue often slips in a direction where a man’s mind has gone already. But when the uncultured politician who is India’s Culture Minister said that India’s late president Abdul Kalam was a great nationalist ‘despite being Muslim’…

To Varadarajan and P B Mehta, India’s Muslim atheists and liberals are routinely dubbed by Islamic clerics as follows: not being Muslim, not sufficiently Muslim, not practising Muslim, not proper Muslim, not even half a Muslim, or murtad (apostate).

To reverse this definition for a meaningful discussion of India’s discourse, this is what you get: you are not an Indian, you are not sufficiently Indian, you are not an Indian first, you are a Muslim first – the “you” being the Indian Muslim.

This binary – Islam versus Indian – resides in India’s discourse nurtured over the past century by secularists of Mehta’s type. To Varadarajan: the minister’s statement was not a slip of the tongue, it was hard truth of our social reality coming via his tongue. Even if you accept that “a man’s tongue often slips in a direction where a man’s mind” is, it appears there is a single mind from where Varadarajan, P.B. Mehta, and, oh, Amartya Sen speak.

Therefore, Mr. Mehta, it is not incidental that your tribesmen – journalists, academics,and TV anchors posing as objective journalists and commentators – do not like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the late scientist and former president loved the most even by our schoolchildren.

The question raised by the Culture Minister Sharma remains relevant. Here is a detailed look-back.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

During the 1857 war, Muslims and Hindus fought together against the British. Soon after the war, Muslims separated from this togetherness: for example, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan established a university that would give birth to the Pakistan movement. This phenomenon was also evident in the 1980s when the Muslims fought together with the CIA infidels in Afghanistan in the 1980s, but soon after the war ended, the Muslims separated to launch the jihadist project elsewhere, namely in Kashmir, and this time on their own.

You can look back much further. In the 7th century CE, the non-Muslims of Mecca urged Prophet Muhammad to join them and share power, but he told them: “For you is your own religion, and for me is mine.” This Verse No. 109:6 from the Quran is often cited by liberals as an explanation of Islam’s co-existence, but the truth is it was revealed as an antithesis to the pluralism of Meccans.

This is the precise reason Mahesh Sharma, in an un-secular moment of truth, blurted out the reality. In a very unconscious way, Sharma was juxtaposing Islamism of our times with the Constitution and history of India.

Since the Amartya Sens and P.B. Mehtas are the power brokers of India’s intellectual discourse, Sharma was speaking truth to that power, and thus his tribe felt offended at the truth being revealed in this way.

It is instructive that the culture minister was speaking in the context of renaming the Aurangzeb Road after A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who is not liked by P.B. Mehta’s clan, who instead love and defend Aurangzeb, the butcher of Hindus.

We can debate whether A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was the right example to give, but Sharma’s speech was not scripted; inadvertently, his way of comparison was straight out of India’s national discourse for which largely the liberal-secular fraternity is responsible.

So, the Varadarajans, Amartya Sens and Mehtas need to do four things.

First, stop beating up our members of parliament who may not be educated like you from the Presidency of Kolkata or Delhi’s St. Stephens College.

Second, try to look within the corpus of your liberal knowledge and its moral relevance (for example in the context of 20 million humans butchered by Stalin in USSR and 65 million similarly dead in Mao’s China).

Third, try to understand rationally and reasonably from where these “uncultured” and “uneducated” lawmakers and ministers come from.

Fourth, offer reasoned analysis that will educate the Indian youths who are hungry to hear the truth about our society and history.

If you wish, you can do a fifth point: keep your prejudices from your writings and to yourself.

Our lawmakers are the products of the great Indian democracy that we chose, but Mr. Mehta, your kind of analysts are products of the St. Stephens College, not of India’s College of Democracy.

There are also some Indian commentators who speak like Pakistanis in our media. It is profoundly enlightening that Mehta sees creativity in Pakistan’s chaos when Pakistan’s own writers are describing their social reality in more crystalized ways.

I hate to say this Mr. Mehta, but you appear like a Pakistani national masquerading as Indian in the Indian mainstream much like Gandhi who supported the hardcore Islamists of Turkey right here in India.

You taunt Tarun Vijay for seeing the loss of creativity in Pakistan’s cultural withering, but the true Pakistani and acclaimed historian Ayesha Jalal has described Pakistan for having entered a state of “cognitive disability”.

It also does not appear that your type of commentators are honest. You pose as a neutral analyst in our public discourse but the very first sentence of your article uses vile words that make your intellectual intent clear:

“If you wanted an example of how vile, nauseating and morally odious our public discourse…

Sorry, but this cannot be a way to begin a serious analysis especially given your stature as a serious and insightful commentator. It’s more of an abuse than an analysis. It is more of a vile attack from you on a sitting member of the Indian parliament.

It is interesting that Mehta’s article is titled “Dadri Lynching: the Party and Its Poison.”

The truth is this: you and your tribesmen in the academia and media industry are – to state it in academically neutral terms – both the seeds and fruit of this poison that this nation’s discourse is afflicted with.

Your article was also published by Huffington Post under the following title: “Dadri Lynching Incident Blame Has To Fall Entirely On Modi: Pratap Bhanu Mehta.”

Your article is published on the website of The Indian Express under the title: “Dadri reminds us how PM Narendra Modi bears responsibility for the poison that is being spread“.

Frankly, Mr. Mehta do you really think that Modi was born in the Emperor Akbar’s era when beef conflicts used to occur? 

When spouses of Politburo members take over as editors – the Bihari writer George Orwell would have explained it better – scholarship is the casualty, truth is the concubine of the pen. Nowadays, India’s youth are left wondering if the motto of The Indian Express is “Journalism of Courage,” or the “Practice of Cowardice.”

Of liberal intellectuals, George Orwell wrote:

“[They] are more totalitarian than the common people…Most of them are perfectly ready for dictatorial methods, secret police, systematic falsification of history, etc. as long as they feel that it is on ‘our’ side.”

It is often noticeable that writers, journalists and commentators in India who have not lived the life of hunger are not on the side of social reality; most often they are secular, liberal and communist, the three-in-one intellectual of India who has forced our daughters to beg at traffic lights by his/her policy advocacy during the past six decades.

Most of India’s Left-Liberal activists are happy to spill blood from their pen from their posh apartments, some of them convert and find professorships, or long to marry a White professor and settle in the West.

The intellectual types of Mehta and Amartya Sens never put poverty on the nation’s agenda during six decades when their secular party was in power. Now, for the first time, a tea-seller has risen to the top but Mehta’s clansmen in our newsrooms are uncomfortable that Modi’s priority isto build toilets, clean our roads, and focus on skill development—in short, the most basic and fundamental reforms that will have a long-term, lasting and positive impact.

I do not want to defend the BJP and the RSS, but it is abundantly clear that at this turn in history, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is tirelessly working to make the BJP the most inclusive party of India, especially as democracy is robustly destroying the dynasty’s Congress party.

Mr. Mehta, it is due to your poison that our youths, especially those with B.Tech and M.Tech degrees, and middle and upper middle class working professionals have begun describing themselves on Twitter profiles in these terms: “Yes, I am a bhakt”; “Proud right-winger”;”Politically Incorrect”; “Right-wing Hindu”; “Nationalist and proud to be Hindu”; “India First”; “I am nationalist”; “Betrayed by Left”; “Indian nationalist national”; “Leftist in the past, Rightist in the present”; “Call me Sanghi”.

The three different titles under which Mehta’s article has been published in the aforementioned outlets remind us clearly that the purpose of his writing is not a concern for India, Indian Muslims or Hindu-Muslim relationship but to launch yet another attack on Modi.

Mr. Mehta, you take umbrage at Tarun Vijay’s comment that seculars don’t care for Dalits: but the fact is Tarun Vijay is correct here, not you.

India’s Constitution and democracy have cared for Dalits and empowered them in millions, but the secular Left has always abandoned them or has fed them with Marxist poison.

The best example of this is the history of India’s Left. For years, India’s Left has denied Dalits any representation in leadership. Generally, Brahmins have risen to the top of the communist parties’ leadership.

The intellectual hypocrisy of the Left was such that when it came to the issue of feminism, Leftists (morphed as “Liberals” today) like you reversed the Marxist principle:economy is the infrastructure and ideas are superstructure of society. You used this argument to deny caste identity and to simultaneously deny Dalits any presence in the Left’s leadership positions. However, you reversed it to accommodate upper caste women into top-posh ranks.

Mr. Mehta, you attack Tarun Vijay for falsehood, but how about looking into your own brand of intellectual heritage of past six-plus decades?

You ask Tarun Vijay to read more novels, but what are you reading? Secularists fail to grasp that your article is pure abuse published in a mainstream newspaper.

If you look within your soul, you will be able to grasp why the so-called rationalists are being murdered: charvakas were always welcome in India’s diversity. When Maoists are arrested, journalists from your tribe describe India’s laws as “draconian” for arresting these terrorists. When Indian’s Muslim youths join the ISIS, Hindus are being urged togo soft, just to please the seculariate.

Shockingly, Mehta writes: “Vegetarianism is an excuse for violence.” As history shows, secularism too, is the birther of riots. You write: “tradition is an excuse to assault freedom.” In India, the press too, is an assault on basic principles of journalism.

You further write: “ideas are an excuse to curb debate.” I agree: India’s discourse has been poisoned by the likes of you.

You next write: “disagreement is an excuse for provocation.” Yes, disagreements of a personal nature are indeed an excuse for unprovoked intellectual attacks on Modi.

You still write: “facts are an excuse for mendacity.” But of course, this mendacity is rooted in the falsehood of our discourse nurtured by your type of three-in-one intellectuals.

India’s secular-liberal writers who have neither time nor shame to peer into their own hearts, pen such sentences: “It is as if the nation is acting out the violent convulsions of a deranged being, with no calm light of reason, or compassion.”

Frankly, what kind of seeds that you nurtured over the years that are flowering now? Here is the mirror Mr. Mehta: your secularism is the intellectual barbarism of our age that has divided India’s youth to the benefit of your politics, poisoned the heart of Indians and pushed the Indian youths to the wall from where the only path open for them is to fight back.

India’s youth no longer trust your type.

You write: “The blame for this has to fall entirely on Modi. Those who spread this poison enjoy his patronage.”

For now, please do enjoy the fruits of said seeds.

It is interesting to observe that social media has come to the aid of India’s common people, and it is more interesting that social media is disliked by India’s three-in-one thought brokers like you. More importantly, speed being the essence, social media can quickly expose your kind.

It will be good if Narendra Modi worked out a partnership with Facebook to allow every Indian to publish an online newspaper. Such a development will prove a political graveyard for the Mehtas and Amartya Sens. It will demolish the Berlin Wall in India’s public discourse rooted in the half-Italian, half-Indian dynasty that disempowers India’s masses.

Meanwhile, here are your own article’s last sentences with a few alterations.

But we can be grateful to Pratap Bhanu Mehta for reminding us that the threat to India’s soul emanates from the centre of discourse, almost nowhere else. It is for that centre – and Mehta and Sen in particular – to persuade us otherwise.

Former BBC journalist Tufail Ahmad is the executive director of the Open Source Institute, New Delhi. Ahmad is the author of “Jihadist Threat to India – The Case for Islamic Reformation by an Indian Muslim.” He tweets @tufailelif
  • Akshay AnfieldForEver

    Take a bow Tufail Ahmad… Such a crisp, fact based article that has torn to shreds the hypocrisy of certain “intellectuals”… Absolutely wonderful. Kudos to you sir…

  • NSRajaram

    Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi spewed hate filled venom against Jews also, though he had probably never seen a jew.

  • Nitin Labhane

    The author seems to be an RSS ideologue like Naqvi and BJP grass root level worker, who himself might have been groomed in sakhas.
    The authors does not having parallel to compare his ideas with that of Nobel Laureate Amarthya Sen and Very senior Journalist Mehta.
    You are just using your Muslim Identity to fool others, and from the article it is very clear that you are more worried about the cultural minister and modi than the LIFE which was lost in Dadri lynching.
    You said Bihar did not have BJP or RSS government, but you forget to understand that India is run BY the BRAHMINS, FOR THE BRAHMINS by fooling the OBC and others. So no matter who is there is government has hardly mattered any time for the privileged class in India. When Britishers were here, RSS was actively helping Britishers to stop Subhash Chandra Bose. Just see the name of various nationalist who were supporting Britishers.

    So you can understand the root cause of the backwardness lies in the people who has been running this country since Independence and before independence also.

  • Ramusha

    The latest in this conspiracy of “beef” violence, to me it appears, is the hand of all these so called left-liberals, the TV channels, the national dailies and behind the scene, perhaps the GOP and other anti-Modi parties in “breaking news” with videos of a woman being beaten in some town in MP over “beef”. Otherwise, how come the TV camera with all its crew and all the journalists manage this kind of picture if it is not a “stage managed”. Add to this, the “dalit beating” where 3 youths were shown being tied and beaten. It is absolutely clear a grand conspiracy is afoot to tarnish Modi Govt and BJP, keeping UP election and 2019. Dear country men, pl do not fall pray to these forces. They want their vote banks in tact, not their progress and development. Dr Tufai Ahmed has most rationally analysed the entire situation to open our eyes. Thanks DR Tufail Ahmad.

  • Tanishq Chauhan

    Sir what an article , you have said the truth. I had the same view but couldn’t express it in this manner. I am a nationalist , I have many Muslim friends as well , but when I look at what these seculars do to them , I feel sad. These seculars are the children of those households which had sufficient money to have the basic needs set. But when it comes to Muslims , majority of them are still not educated. I don’t care if there is a mosque beside the temple I pray, it just makes me angry when the way our system and especially the media treats two people is , biased. Once again thanks for such a wonderful article . Jai hind

  • Raman

    Dear Hindus – this is an intellectual fight – where information is the weapon.

    To know what Hinduism is – one need read Al Beruni’s India (available on net) – i have written summary and taken excerpts from the book at

    There r few more blogs on hinduism.

    Do arm yourself with information to defeat leftist and islamist. Good Luck.

  • Chitra Mahajan Vartak

    Very well written. Tufail Ahmad has surgically dissected the wound India is suffering with. Kudos. Keep on writing.

  • Gary R

    Beautifully written !!

  • Shetty Surendra

    I find very difficult to quote any particular line or sentence to highlight my happiness to hearts content because every word of the article is woth quoting otherwise, I may not be doing justice to my total agreement & submission to syncronise with ur thought.
    Always a admire your writings and tweets but this one is exepsional which is a flow of uninterrupted streem of thoughts. I sometime, phatom had we had a dozen thinkers and patriots like you, instead of so called learned or educated but illitrates like PBM or Indian origin foreigner Tunku Varada Rajan or our own Nobel prize laureate Amartya Sen or traitors and Hindu abuser like P. Chidambaram, the future & face of India would have been different.
    Sir, I know next one will be even much better than this one for which we are eagerly waiting for. God bless you.

  • Austin Crasta

    Excellent job Mr. Ahmed. You have exposed the hypocrisy and duplicitous nature of our leftist ‘liberals’. These self-loathing ‘intellectuals’ have no original ideas, all they do is peddle second-hand ideas that have run their course.

  • Vinod

    Kudos Tufail Ahmed. May you forever be true to your conscience. May your energies be twice charged by your every effort at unfolding the truth.
    And if there are any gods listening, please bless this man with enough joy and time to continue to shed light for all of us.

  • bigben

    Tufail Ahmad,
    U DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!

    Kudos! Glad I stumbled upon you. Will follow you regularly now.

  • Balasubramanian Sanjeevi

    I have been repeatedly saying and will not tire saying this again and again. The Muslims or Christians even if they are the Owiasi or John Dayal types are least of the constraints for a happy co-existance of people of all religions in India. But it is the liberal dogs and the socialist anti-natiinal political parties who are Indira’s greatest threat – much more dangerous than what ISIS is for the middle east and the world at large. They are poison and people have been fed this poison as education in the last 7 decades. Democracy I fear is too insipid and ineffective a process for eradicating this poison. I am tempted to borrow the idea from Akbaruddin Owaisi who wanted 15 minutes of free hand. In this instance may be one year of free hand to remove the poison from the Indian mind space and free the future generations from delinquency.

  • Chandrasekar Srinivasan

    To draw attention to an orchestrated parallel movement (?) the statements issued by the ‘awards return intellectual brigade’ are pathetic to say the least. They exhibit a very selective sense of outrage. Where were these worms in the wood work during the emergency and in 1984. They are hard pressed to explain what intolerance have they seen? Isolated incidents are blown out of proportion, statements are twisted beyond recognition and the speaker vilified. It is amazing how the media can drum up this crescendo against a democratically elected PM. Simpletons like Mani Shankar Iyer are having a field day being interviewed and mouthing secular nonsense. RBI Governor and the President join in making meaningless generalised statements. Why should Narayana Murthy join them to give credence to nonsense. They know fully well that the PM cannot defend himself without creating another furor. He is expected to be specific whereas these liberals are allowed to ramble and generalise and confuse.

  • k.godara60

    You have portrayed actual face of Three-in-one intellectuals. Please keep writing.

  • Soaring Eagle

    A hero of persecuted Hindus .Expose media mafia ,they are deliberately creating divide in society to keep thr fake intellectual tags.

  • southernwonder

    the use of word “pakistani (terrorist)” to describe ultra left extremists like p. b. mehta is quite apt, right on the money.
    i congratulate the author for saying it like it is and now should be said so by everybody more openly without worrying about the expected charges of mccarthyism.

    truth never fazes pakistanis (terrorists) as they keep waging jihad with a single minded religious pursuit. It spplies even more so for the breeds like mehta who are also driven by the same single minded pursuit in annihilating the hindu society. the difference might just be that pakistanis are suicide bombers, while mehtas are acting like neutron bombs, hoping to harvest the results they expect but are never going materialize for them.

  • Indian

    Check this, how degenerate and shameless these Drug addicted pigs are. Sahitya Academy in hands of NOT CHAMCHAS BUT KADCHAS.BUDHAOO AB TO MARAU RAKHE AB TO SHARAM KARO

  • Shams Kabir

    Such lame arguments as beheadings in Auranzeb’s era. Are you out of your mind? Try Al-Kindi’s style of thought. Rest your pen and use your brain.

    Read on beheadings in India in the modern era, if that kind of stuff interests you – like those our army engages in. Try Barkha’s ‘Confessions of a War Reporter’.

    Try reading up on the 8000 Jains staked to death.

    I heard that ‘selective amnesia’ is all the rage among intellectuals of all hues. Even among the hopefuls.

    • Soaring Eagle

      Aurangzeb is your hero ?

  • Shams Kabir

    >>> Equally, Mehta’s ideological-historical base can also be located here: his ideological cousins and ancestors supported the Khilafat Movement, an Islamist political enterprise supported by India’s secular politicians led by Mahatma Gandhi and the global Islamists of the era – the Ali Brothers. Along with the Aligarh movement, the Khilafat movement would lead to the division of India in 1947.<<<

    What, dear friend – have you not read James Mill? The roots of nations based on religion were laid out much earlier then the Khilafat movement. Perhaps you have not read on Savarkar either

    In 1937 at the open session of the Hindu Mahasabha held at Ahmedabad, Veer Savarkar in his presidential address asserted : "India cannot be assumed today to be a unitarian and homogenous nation, but on the contrary there are two nations in the main – the Hindus and the Muslims."

    (Vide writings Swatantrya Veer Savarkar, Vol. 6 page 296, Maharashtra Prantiya Hindu Mahasabha, Pune).

    In 1945, he had stated "I have no quarrel with Mr. Jinnah's two nation theory. We, the Hindus are a nation by ourselves, and it is a historical fact that the Hindus and the Muslims are two nations."

    (Vide Indian Educational Register 1943 vol. 2 page 10)

    He pronounced the two-nation theory, first, in 1923 in his essay Hindutva and next in 1937 in his presidential address to the Mahasabha. In 1923 he wrote: "We Hindus are bound together not only by the love we bear to a common fatherland and by the blood that courses through our veins… but also by the tie of the common homage we pay to our great civilisation – our Hindu culture… we are one because we are a nation, a race and own a common Sanskriti (civilisation)."

    Cut the bullshit. You have some points but your lean is all too obvious. The issue with intellectualism of the conservatives is that they see the real all right – however this is justified usually from the comfort of numbers. The perspective of reality is decidedly majoritrian.

    Nowhere does it say that the collective opinion is the right choice or perspective.

  • Krishna Kumar

    We need Tufail Ahmad, who has articulated this piece beautifully, to write more. Indians can definitely stand with its content and intent, not withstanding main stream TV and print media’s blocking of such articles.When ‘liberal’ mainstream media like ‘The Hindu’ newspaper deny an equal representation of ideas to all, it is tyranny and censorship. The disdain with which everything is laid at Modi’s feet is amazing. This almost speaks of an agenda which is being executed. Who is directing this agenda, and to what purpose? The youth of India has started questioning this, and will continue to seek answers through social media. It is time that a mainline news media started reflecting these views, so the violence and twisted logic subside.

  • Shankar M

    Brother, I’ve just read two of your articles. I don’t know how I missed others… This one is similar to what I wrote in Medium about the utility of social media in today’s conventional media dominated by a few. Please read my article on this I’m a small fellow, a common man who has expressed his feeling. If you like it you share it because mine would not reach the front pages of Google as it is dominated by blogs and articles by leftist journalists. For instance, I missed your balanced articles before. I got to know about you because someone tweeted yours. I don’t say you are less known. But you are not as well known in India as most of the leftist, biased authors are!!! I feel that is a shame for us Indians if we cannot have a balanced opinion like that of yours in the mainstream media!

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  • sanjay

    Brilliant piece and our `secular’ leftist journalists have been asking this for sometime now.

  • Dara Shikoh

    Long live very dear Tufail sahib.What a wonderful write up,words,sentences.Hats off to U.I read your artical in dainic jagran at 7AM today. I couldnt take a sip of tea till i finished the last line. It was full of truths and facts. I asked myson to get 100photo copies of it. And by 12 0 clock I distributed all the 100 copies of it to DAV Engineering colege at Jalandhar. Tomarrow I am thinking to distribute this artical in Khalsa college of Jalandhar.

  • Pinchu Sharma

    Dear Mr. Tufail, I don’t have words to describe the emotions I’m feeling right now after reading your excellent article. I felt in the same way for a long time but I don’t have the expressions and expertise with which you have described the reality of today’s India. Many Thanks! Do keep writing. It provides such a support and relief to people like me who are always surrounded by left-liberals (I’m an academic in an Indian univ.)

  • Rahul Singh

    Thank you for writing this, thank you for being you, it restores faith in honest Indian when all around one sees the discourse highjacked by self loathing opportunistic gasbags hell bent on destroying the very tree they are perched on.

  • Sovik Srimany

    Communists love islamists/fundamentalists as both want people to decommission their mind and follow their leaders with blind faith.
    But they are unable to take positions on Russian bombing of ISIS…

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Just superb. you have hit the nail on the head. These three in ones are misguiding our youth. Your article reassures me about the sanity of our young generation.

  • AnalyseAbhishek

    This article is worth taking printouts and be distributed randomly! Kudos to Tufail sa’ab!

  • srikanth santhanam

    Some guts for a muslim journo to go against the grain and express opinions like this. This calls for greater courage than the ones displayed by the seculars against the Hindu fringe after all Hindu fringe as of now has still not attained the proportions of its muslim brethren.

  • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

    Dear Mr. Tufail !

    Till now , I have never read such a very honest article presented in such a decent language !
    Journalists like you are very much required in the present Indian Society !

    Thank You , Sir ! You are such a decent , cultured and honest human being ! Please write more and more !

  • I started reading it but it is too lengthy. But it seems to make very good points.

  • Dr. MS

    Interesting article Ahmad. I always wonder why the guys who get so upset at some cartoon of their prophet, that they are willing to kill, cannot understand why some people, outside their faith, would object to cow slaughter. Killing or hitting human beings because of philosophical disagreements or religious differences is wrong on all sides. But where is the beef against those considered to be anti-beef? Though I agree with some secularists’ arguments…they lost this round.

  • Shishir Gupta

    I suggest to all who support this article to join the group Cyber Sipahi in is group against Sickuler media #prestitutes

  • ASHO


  • Vikram

    beautiful riposte to PBM. 5 years back, I too would get taken in by PBM’s fluid prose, which would always take the high moral ground and offer some general policy prescription to whatever problem was afflicting us at that particular time. His “while we were sleeping piece came 2 years AFTER common people had seen through UPA’s misgovernance and corruption. And slowly, the mask has slipped from his face to reveal his inner bigotry for Modi and RSS in this piece….I hope Modi announces some pyschiatric rehabilitation scheme for these ranting liberal secular ‘public’ intellectuals

  • Prasad

    A “tight slap” on the face of MR.P.B. Mehta and others of his ilk. I immensely enjoyed reading it and learned a lot of hidden history too in the process. Many thanks Mr.Ahmad. Good day.

  • SR

    To the point and point by point- well analysed article. It takes courage, especially for a Muslim, to speak in favour of Modi! Salute, sir!

  • Seema Sharma Purohit

    u should be a guide fr all muslim community n their welfare..we need leaders like u fr their upliftment…

  • Baldy

    Accurate perspective for a Nation of people growing blind with an headless media. Thank God that Social Media will be the last man standing tall.

  • Ashwini Kandlikar

    Saadhu!! What a tight slap on the face of sickulars!

  • Himanshu Verma

    Fantastic article and strong slap on so called seculars, this should be read atleast to those educated class on social media, who attacks on Modi and support their parties blindly.

  • 25632800

    A fractured thought more of jibe than of substance. Wherefrom saffoln clad intellectuals gain accuracy in tormenting secular minded people ad of radid thinkers. Poverty is not an issue surfacing after modi’s ascendacy nor prosperity engulfs india in modi’s regime. A socially strifen society, caused by inimical thoughts of hindutva cannot prosper ,how many sili on valleys r imported .

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  • Amit

    We need more outspoken people like u frankly i have stopped beleiving a word they say in news these days

  • Yogesh Jain

    What an article and reply sir. I salute you and wish you get it translated in Hindi for much larger audience to understand what these commies, left liberals and biased journalists have done.

  • Krispy K

    Was a link to this article posted on some Marxist website or something? Lots of JNU-type fuckwits seem to be excreting their usual bullshit on the comments here.

  • Rici

    This is wonderful commentary on why Indian leftist/media behave in such an anti national way? Time has come to mount a revolution against such kind of filth. Real danger is not pakistan…It is here in living room…it’s nDTV, TImes now, Indian Express, TOI, Hindu and because we don’t know the real nature of these monsters, we are allowing them in Living room often by paying. You don’t need to any thing to get rid of this filth and danger..just don’t consume such kind of media. Its theTrozen horse, which is inserted In Body of India to self destruct itself.

  • arishsahani

    Saudi Arab, don’t send arms and army anymore to win nations.

    Now they have perfected a war game Using local uneducated mullahs not in modern education but trained as local field commander to convert local fools, uneducated and criminals to islam and use them to destroy own nations ,own race and own future.

    Saudi war game is so well accepted by new educated followers , If not checked all intellectuals will be killed by these new street soldiers of islam and each nation will back to 7 th century way of life .
    One billions local converts busy destroying own race, own nations .58 nations on verge of elimination ,cultures destroyed by none but local converts, war between converts and non converts of same nation will make destroy this great civilization of diversity .

    Looks like you an educated will explore this idea and war game of Arabs to destroy each nation within.

    This game plan need to be understood, exposed and world diversity preserved or death and destruction will to spare our children and grandchildren to lead a pathetic life. .

  • BM

    Thanks Tufail. India has been destroyed by likes of Mehta, Sen etc. Indian media is on the payroll of Congress.., they are not allowed to write facts, because, truth is poison to Congress and Italian “Gandhis”.

  • Justin C


  • Abhishek Pareek

    Tufail, I will have to read this one once again when I reach home. From what I read in a very hurried manner this piece seems to have been written by a really very balanced person. It seems to have been written by a person who understands India, who understands the pseudo-secularism which prevails in the Indian system. For a country to progress we need coexistence of all the religions, we need harmony,understanding and respect for each other.

  • Viveka Shenoy


  • Ananda Padmanabhan

    This is a wonderful one by one rejoinder to all corrupt minded, secular “samprats” as Orwellian dictionary,
    100 percent anti-democratic and dictatorial mindset. Tufail Ahmed tore all pseudo secular pundits.

  • jeffross

    no wonder they r referred to as sickulars by our people on social networks, ofcourse after reading your article it is more clear as to why they are the ones denting india and it’s people. thanks for addressing Mr.Mehta’s article, looking at his excerpts it must ve been a pretty rhetorical article and we need some one like you to tackle the bull by its horns….i dont know why the sickulars have to come in between whatever happens between people of different religions ( love hate emotional respect etc etc )who are comfortably living in india.some times i feel the social networks here are serving a great purpose with the truth coming out within seconds by putting everything in context than looking stuff in isolation….thanks once again.

  • Amar K Chandra

    Perfect reply with exact reasons & bold words. Salutation……

  • Sam

    Well eviscerated, Sir! It is not surprising that #mediawantsriots struck a chord yesterday, because that is exactly how the pressititutes have fanned the flames of communal violence. Gujarat was a classic case in point. The media first downplayed the Godhra massacres to the extent of blaming the victims for instigating their own deaths, and then they over-sensationalized the riots that followed with hoary manufactured tales of depraved atrocities calculated to inflame and to perpetuate the cycle of violence. There is also the well established foreign media echo chamber which picks up these stories and provides global exposure that deeply damages India in a manner that Mr. Modi and the geniuses in the BJP totally fail to grasp. In stark contrast, the manner in which the same foreign media march in lockstep with their respective government’s policies is a marvel to behold, and is something that our presstitutes would do well to study.

  • Srikanth Siram

    Tufail sir, you are the Man!! What a bang on article..

  • Joseph Gathia

    Tufail , You have put forward some stunning arguments wrapped up in historical perspective.Sure history does teaches us some lessons but let us not forget that core of democratic values have come through the efforts of “secularist” a much maligned world today. But I congratulate you for such a brilliant piece.

  • Rajesh

    A good read and a news item with material! Though it would be pretty hard to digest by all kind of pseudos.

  • BaBaSmokey

    Amazing article Tufail, our sick perverted presstitutes should learn from you.

  • Renegade #NewDayRocks

    Your definition for democracy is baffling. It is for everyone. Neither the majority nor minority alone

  • devinder Singh

    Such a mind blowing article and truth.left betrayed us always supported islamist and made a time bomb for us.communist should look what they did with west bangal.salute to author

  • Mandeep Kataria

    Mr Tufail Ahmed. You have hit the nail on its head. Very well written.

  • Babbu Gola

    his thought are above the religion and more to building nation.

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  • Prem Rou

    Wow a great article exposing the fake adherence to values and flawed reasoning of self certified liberals . What is more interesting is the storm troopers of self styled liberals are exhibiting their ignorance in the comments section. Their hypocrisy makes the comment section worth a second visit.

  • ranjitha s reddy

    brilliant article…need of the hour, thank u.

  • George Orwell

    What are you trying to say ? you write more complicated than PB mehta ! so you won there. Seriously !

  • What an article! We need more like you. Best!

  • Rishi Khare

    Words are not enough to thank you and praise this, please accept my heart felt gratitude for putting the thinking which each of us go through in our minds every day !
    May the force be with you !

  • Dharma Sarvatra

    Pure brilliance nothing short of it! True intellectual kshatriya. No sane person can condone a murder & law must be enforced & perpetrators brought to justice.

    But the dance macabre of the secular dim wits must be denounced & they should be shown their place, they don’t matter. No better way to do it than this. Not to say that those who have forsaken reason for ideology will get the point, but this message must get stronger.

    In a society that has embraced political correctness as a virtue such a commentary would have been heretic & unacceptable a decade or two ago, even now this is the minority view. But with intellectual vigor & indomitable spirit the voice of reason can dominate the cowardice laced political correctness.


    The author tries to defend the Culture minister for his unfortunate remark on APJ Abdul Kalam.

    Unfortunately for the author , since then , the Culture minister has made many more similar remarks , all of which clearly show that far from being innocent and honest ( in the words of the author ) , the Culture minister is indeed uncultured.

    • media radar

      Are you so thick that you cant read & understand the article? If so, dont comment here and show us your ignorance.


        Show us ? Can you not stand on your own legs ? Do you have to invoke the help of an army of supporters to debate and discuss ?

        I feel sorry for the BJP ; with supporters like you , they don’t need enemies.

        • sanjay

          At one go you assumed everyone here is a BJP supporter. That’s again a `secular’ leftist way of categorising people. By the same logic I could have called you a Congress supporter.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            Only BJP supporters resort to abuse at the drop of a hat. If you go through the comments section on any website , it is so easy to make out the BJP supporters ; just look for all the four letter and other abusive words.

          • bigben

            Yeah, chaddi, sanghi snake, bhakt, fascist, etc are all words of praise.

        • venkatramanshenoy

          Luckily, the BJP doesn’t need sorry-feeling people like you. They will thank you for being with the secular congress and the Lefties.

    • sanjay

      He seems uncultured to you because the yardstick you use to measure culture is the same as that of `secular’ leftist `intellectuals’.


        Does he seem cultured to you ? If so , there is nothing further to discuss.

    • Peter Aremone

      It is indeed honest, take a look at the general behavior of Muslims across the world. People like Abdul Kalam are indeed very surprising.

      It is like coming across the rare kind-hearted ‘Nazi’.


        It is unfortunate that you have this opinion of Muslims. I don’t.


    Typical of a BJP supporter.

    To start with , look at the selective quote from Tarun Vijay’s article ( Tarun Vijay is also a BJP supporter ) : The first sentence of the second paragraph in Tarun Vijay’s article clearly shows where his sympathies lie :

    Lynching a person merely on suspicion is absolutely wrong, the antithesis of all that India stands for and all that Hinduism preaches.

    1. If a person is proved to have committed a crime , it is alright to lynch him / her ; lynching on mere suspicion is what makes it wrong. I wonder if this is what the Constitution ( which Tarun Vijay invokes later on in his article ) prescribes / upholds.

    2. This is the antithesis of all that Hinduism preaches ; does this mean that other religions preach otherwise ?

    The second sentence makes it crystal clear :

    Violence of this kind in a state like UP affects national goals.

    So , if violence does not affect national goals , again it is alright.

    Further on in the article , there is more :

    But I wonder why there was no outcry from the secular media and leaders when Tika Lal Taploo was killed by jihadis and his daughter was left alone in this world.

    Which crime are we discussing , the lynching of a man ( Muslim or otherwise , that should never be the issue ) by an intolerant mob , or the lack of reporting by what Tarun Vijay deems secular media on an incident from the past ; this is of course typical of almost all BJP supporters ; if any incident of this age is being discussed , discussion has to be deflected to what happened 20 , 200 or even 2000 years ago , and in some random manner justify today’s incident.

    And even more in the next paragraph :

    The violent reactions of the Dadri kind must remain an aberration. They raise a question for so-called liberal Muslims: Have you done anything to show Hindus that you stand with them when they are assaulted by the Andrabis? Muslim silence on Hindu woes is often taken as support for intolerant Islamists.

    The violent reactions of the Dadri kind must remain an aberration ; and what is the lesson we should draw from this ? Muslims must ask themselves whether they have ever criticised Muslim violence against Hindus ! There is not a single lesson that Hindus need to draw from this , and why ? Obviously because they are in the majority , and the majority is always right ; isn’t that what is democracy ?

    It is beyond belief that such people are ‘thinkers’ and their opinion is much sought after , and even quoted by others !

    • Renegade #NewDayRocks

      Yup. this article is just sad as hell. And funny most people agree with these points.

    • Do you know how to read? The article is saying-
      1- Such things have happened in the past, so there is no reason to blame any party because it is the response of people as opposed to a political group.
      2- As long as majority is following the law, there is no problem. In this case, everyone agrees that those who were responsible should be punished. But somehow its not Ok.
      3- The ilk of non-thinking people like you just repeat what others say. In case a muslim kills a hindu, it would a person killing another, and the whole community should be questioned. But if a hindu kills a muslim, as was in this case, the whole community can be questioned. The “majority” can be questioned. There is of course no hypocrisy for you, because you are incapable of thinking logically.


        Do you know how to think ? I am saying :

        1. The incident is a fact. What is revealing is the responses of people to the incident. The responses by the BJP Culture minister , the BJP MLA Sangeet Som , and of course the responses by various other BJP party members and supporters. If you think there is nothing wrong with these responses , I have nothing further to say. It is entirely possible that the responses of other politicians , of other parties , have also been inflammatory and provocative , but that in no way dilutes the fact that the BJP response has been either silence or aggressive , both of which are uncalled for in the circumstances.

        2. Everyone should follow the law ; the law is neither for the majority nor for an individual ; it is for everyone. No one disputes that the guilty should be punished ; this is a trite statement that is routinely issued for every crime viz. the law should take its course. If really the law should take its course , then why is Sangeet Som saying :

        In a democracy if an innocent is forcibly made a culprit, then it amounts to murder of democracy.

        What about if an innocent is forcibly made a victim ? Does that not amount to murder of democracy ? Or is that a mere accident ?

        3. I do not wish to comment on this , since it does not deserve any comment.

        • sanjay

          Screw you Rao. You haven’t convinced anybody on this site. Go take your pay from Khangress and go home and eat.

    • sanjay

      I want to know what’s congress paying you to come and troll here. I figured you out from the moment you started commenting.

  • Renegade #NewDayRocks

    I tend to agree with the article at some points. But it is just targeting seculars from the occurrences of such incidents in history. I could go on a whole day with another article pointing historical incidents where the anti-seculars are at fault. Sad to see people liking this article for all of its content. It is just sad to see when India is Pakistanized.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Strange. India is Pakistanised when Hindus say they are Hindus without shame.


        Please , don’t join the bandwagon and spread such poison ; it is exactly the way the Gau Mata activists call themselves cow-savers , when they are actually people-lynchers.

        I am also a Hindu , and I don’t see that today I need to be ashamed to call myself a Hindu.

        I am ashamed to see all the intolerant people who are lynching beef-eaters and cow-smugglers ; if these people were really cow-savers , they should have rescued the cows and handed over the people to the police.

        In saving 85000 children from child labour has Kailash Satyarthi ever lynched even a single child trafficker ?

        Look into your hearts and see yourself for what you are. Do not glorify your acts and yourselves by giving yourselves such fancy names.

        • Shailendra Singh

          Kailash Satyarthi ? Do you know Rao, Satyarthi single-handedly destroyed the entire carpet industry of India at the behest of his US masters. Do you know who recommended him for the Nobel ?

          No point in taking people like you seriously because as Mr. Tufail implied, your kind is very apt at spreading misinformation in a gift wrapped manner on special occasions to draw the maximum publicity and minimum thought.

          As you can see from the entire social media commentators of India currently, your kind has become an endangered species Mr.Rao. But you are still dangerous enough to cause harm that’s why you need to be rebutted in the strongest possible manner to push you into a state of permanent hibernation.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            Your response is typical of any BJP supporter viz. deflect the discussion.

            I specifically asked a question whether in the course of rescuing thousands of child labourers . he had ever lynched even a single child trafficker ; what is your response ?

            Is the fact that he rescued child labourers misinformation ?

          • Shailendra Singh

            Is it a fact that anyone from BJP has promoted lynching? Hell no….then why are you so psychotically obsessed to blame a law and order problem of SP/Congress ruled states on BJP.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            Read the newspapers to find out.

          • Shailendra Singh

            You know Rao…when we were in school , our teachers used to tell us that we should read the Newspaper everyday to polish our linguistic skills and keep abreast with current affairs.Made sense at that time, because we were never taught to question the newspaper information, there was a blind belief that the newspapers by default report the truth.
            As we have grown up though, the realization has set in that journalism (in fact the entire media) today is manipulated,not only in India but across the globe, by vested interests wanting to maintain the balance of the world order in their favor. If they see an entity going against the order they will naturally fight back to maintain domination. The media audience is their puppet to drive their will over the erring entity.
            This is why it is very important to now question everything that the media throws at us, do the right research and then come to a factual conclusion whether the “breaking news” is the truth or it is just a biased piece to sway public opinion in a pre-decided direction.

            Let me leave you with that thought, do ponder whether it makes sense. Even if it does not make sense, at-least once try analyzing the next breaking news with your own research (WORLD WIDE WEB) and then reply to this comment whether I was right or wrong.
            Being emotional and Being informed are two very different things.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            Since you have expanded on what I said in 6 words , I can only agree whole-heartedly with you.

            However , I would like to know from you , whether what you have written implies the following :

            1. The main stream media newspapers The Hindu , Times of India , Indian Express , Hindustan Times , Statesman are all biased against the BJP , RSS and all other Hindutva groups. They are all full of untruths , misinformation about them. They are all paid agents of the Congress.

            2. The Daily Pioneer , and websites such as Opindia , Niticentral , Indiafacts are all absolutely unbiased. They are all factual , honest in their reportage. They are in no way connected to the BJP.

            Do you believe either or both of the above ?

            If so , there is no need for any further discussion.

          • Shailendra Singh

            I don’t think that you will ever come to terms with what is happening in our world, in terms of how it runs or is controlled, with the mindset that you have developed due to our Colonial Marxist educational belief system. You still need to do a lot of research before you understand what i said. Getting into names of political parties,websites, newspapers shows that you are still a juvenile in the game.

            When you start learning about counter-attack policies, disruptive diplomacy,etc…(Related to Nation Management and Development) you will start commenting in a more sensible manner. But that is still too far away, you need to open up your mind first.

            Would be better if you stop reacting and start researching.

          • Peter Aremone

            You seem to be an intellectual sex slave of Leftist media.

        • bigben

          Were you ashamed when the Maharashtra police constable was stabbed by 6 muslims saying “Your govt banned beef, now take this!” ??? If you were ashamed did you rant against it? It happened weeks before the Dadri incident.

          Or did you feel ashamed when Prashant Pujary did exactly what you recommended (rescued cows and protested cow slaughter legally) and was stabbed to death by Muslims?

          No answers I bet.

    • media radar

      Do you usually draw bogeys and see ghosts?.If you can write an article, do so. I’m sure it will be published if it’s worth. Till then, stay on the topic. Noone is interested in your dark, dire, doomsday fears.

      • Renegade #NewDayRocks

        I was staying on topic unlike your stupid comment

  • N.Paramasivam

    Truly enjoyed the reading. Request for more articles, that expose the pseudo secularism and left,.

  • Kanaiyalal Patel

    Never knew that we have people like Tufail Ahmad in India. Hats if to you sir. What an article – it kept going and going and going. Really proud of you

  • Rama

    Kudos to the author, hard hitting article. hope this Metha guy reads and responds to this article

  • Vivek Sharma

    This article was very
    thought provoking. Recently, for the first time, I realized India got freedom
    because of Netaji Subhash Bose not Gandhi n Nehru. Instead, Gandhi n Nehru were
    kept on my British rulers to run country by proxy. To prevent India from being
    “Akhand Bharat” as it would have been under Bose not the divided
    India geographically and socially. The so called founding fathers turned out to
    be hungry for power and glory. National integration through social and moral
    fabric was never a priority. And, that tradition continued under INC dynastic
    rule posing questions to young Indians about our own identity. Is this a land
    of Hindu (geographical connotation not the religions one)? Were we ‘Sone ki
    chidiya’ as sung through songs? Are some of the largest diamonds in the world
    of Indian origin? Why are western pharmas getting patents on Ayurveda formulas?
    Is Ram-Setu a reality, and similarly is Dwarka truly found underwater? So,
    Ramayana and Maha-Bharata work of fiction as repeatedly stated by historians,
    and media personnel? Who are we? Personally, I feel that we have finally
    gotten freedom under Modi, however, things are far worse now then they were
    during 1947. The level of corruption and favor to policies that suffocates
    meritocracy has sucked oxygen out of an idea of resurgence of a great India in
    modern times. BJP’s ascendance to power with majority did give a few more
    breaths to a dying idea of an India that was once the peak of civilization
    unlike the idea of India of the so called intellectuals where we were all born
    beggars. If we are not willing to peak into our history and find out who we
    were, we can never truly lay a path forward with a clear vision of an India
    that we want it to be. I don’t accept the idea of an India that is viewed
    through glasses of western benchmarks of what nation should be. Unless, we
    define who we were as a nation, we can never stop this conflict of cow as food
    versus worshiped animal.

    • Soaring Eagle

      yes imagine all the lies that we have been fed ,disgusting it is . Supreme Court of India recently exposed the fact that Bhatt had colluded with Congress to target Modi.He respects every religion yet he is being targeted by those who are responsible for dividing society .

  • Ranjith

    The following are to be noted

    1. The incident didnt take place in a BJP ruled state
    2. No evidence what so ever to atleast have a prima facie in the court of law to blame BJP/RSS for what ever unfortunate incident happened
    3. FIR doesnt say any thing about the involvement of either BJP or RSS or any other Hindu org
    4. The so called secular party ruling the UP, didnt arrest any one linked to BJP or RSS or other Hindu orgs linked to this incident
    5. More importantly such incidents have been happening in India for centuries, even though rarely and not for the first time
    6. Worst of all is the Minister of ruling party in UP, who is a Muslim, going to UN in regards to this incident. Even thought it will be totally wrong, it is atleast slightly okay, if he does that when he is in opposition.

    Conclusion: JUST FOR MONEY the liberal gang is stooping down to the levels of defaming India’s image in the international arena. The words “Secular”, “Journalism”, “Liberal”, “Academic”, “Intellectual” etc are becoming abuse big time and thanks to the #MediaMafia. You guys now should start planning on how to manipulate Social Media as now the true Nationalists like Sri Tufali Ahmed and us have a powerful tool in our hands. One must read Rajiv Malhotra’s book Breaking India to understand the Nexus between all the Breaking India forces. If we dont act now, we are finished

    You may try and what ever you can but you just CANNOT stop India from growing. Jai Hind


      Everything makes you sound so reasonable , till one realises that you have not mentioned all the insame remarks made by many BJP ministers , MLAs and party members. It makes it clear where your sympathies lie.

      • prince

        sir before blaming others, did you even know where your sympathies lies. why you only listened to one sided remarks.

        • NARAYAN RAO

          Firstly correct your statement : I have not blamed anyone.

          The person who has taken the trouble to note down 6 points , all of which are probably correct , could also have mentioned as the 7th point all the remarks made by BJP persons , especially when he has taken the trouble to point out the remarks made by the SP person.

          Where is the question of one-sided remarks ? If at all , the person who has mentioned the 6 points is one-sided since he has not cared to note what BJP members have said.

          My sympathies are with the truth , and the truth is the BJP is as fanatic as they come ; it is as guilty of fomenting hatred as any other party , and Modi’s talk of Sabka Vikas , Sab Ke Sath is all just glib talk , to fool people. He is least interested in solving problems within the BJP , leave alone solve the problems of this country.

          He was so quick to shunt aside veterans like Advani ; why ? Because they were a threat to him.

          If he really believed that all these fringe elements are a threat to his dreams about this country , do you think he would have kept quiet ?

          Tell me one concrete step that he has taken to curb these fringe elements ; everyone keeps talking about them as fringe elements , but that is far from the truth ; the truth is that they have taken over. Has Yogi Adityanath , Sakshi Maharaj , Sadhvi Prachi , Praveen Togadia and any of the others reduced their hate talk over the last 15 months ? If anything , it has only increased.

          • prince

            now now you have written a lot of words…well yes you have blamed and you are blaming here too…lets discuss your points…by remarks I mean the statements by other leaders from different party like owaisi, kejriwal and even JDU leaders…all are politicising this, isn’t it. So I don’t find anything wrong in BJP fat mouthed MPs statement afterall they too know who gave them votes and try to appease them.
            Though its my personal views but your sympathies seems be one sided, may be I am wrong but it seems this way only to me. BJP is fanatic then in my personal opinion its not BJP its some bunch who are fanatic just like any other party in indian political system.
            About shunting aside veterans like advani, really???? that’s your argument. comeon man, there is only one position on top and if you want to get that position then you have to remove the existing person sitting on that position.
            Do you really believe that these fringe elements are threat to his dreams about the country???? Atleast he don’t think that way. You can’t be a good man like vajpayee, otherwise you will be defeated after 1 term. He knows well what to do. He have to keep his vote bank attached as well as take India on growth trajectory.
            Look man BJP is not a perfect party but who is. For me atleast they are better than others. Incidents like this should not have happened but as I said UP and Bihar are house of these type of incidents.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            Let me rebut some of your points :

            1. You say :

            its not BJP its some bunch who are fanatic just like any other party in indian political system.

            If it is only a bunch of people who are fanatic , then why is Modi not distancing himself and his party from such comments ? Till date , no BJP person has condemned any of the statements by any BJP person. Why ?

            2. You say :

            Incidents like this should not have happened but as I said UP and Bihar are house of these type of incidents.

            Does this mean that the statements made by the BJP persons are in no way contributing to making UP and Bihar like this ? Do you seriously believe that such statements are harmless ?

            My point about Modi shunting Advani was to emphasize that Modi can be decisive and commanding when he chooses to be ; so why is he choosing to be silent on Dadri ? If I cheat in an exam and pass , and my father knows about it and does not reprimand me , what can I conclude ? That my father is an honest man ?

          • prince

            haha….now man lets start with your first point….why should modi or BJP distance itself from those comments after all these comments puts a stamp on last undecided voters. every party has such members like azam khan in SP. Its politics bro. before anything(even nation), a win is important. If you can’t win election then you are not included in decision making. Pick any party from BJP to congress, their first agenda is to win election at any cost(whatever may be the way).

            Now about your 2nd point. When did BJP last ruled UP. Though they ruled Bihar in coalition and nitish did a good job with BJP in terms of development. Atleast some change can be seen in Bihar, but still rural areas are very backward. Plus as I said BJP is not a perfect party but still better than others in terms of administration.
            Modi chooses to be silent because he wanted to be or may be he don’t want to upset his core vote bank by commenting on this incident. He is a shrewd politician and that is not a bad thing. bro you are free to conclude anything but I think rather than giving statements by netas(any party), police should do their job and bring that family to justice.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            If that is your ideology , you are welcome to it.

            I believe that principles matter. I am not a supporter of the Congress , the SP or any other party ; whoever is in power should be held accountable , and what ever they do wrong should be criticized. Because a person is good does not mean they cannot do any wrong.

            If you do not think on these lines , I have nothing more to say.

          • prince

            yaar tu toh bura maan gaya……accountability is most important but seriously incident happened in UP, a full state having a full grown CM and you want to put modi accountable for that then why we elect state govts.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            Yes , I am holding Modi accountable only because :

            1. He is the leader of the party / government

            2. His party members are talking such nonsense.

            If he had not been the PM or if his party members had kept quiet or if they had not made such inflammatory statements , I would not criticize Modi.

          • prince

            but he is not the leader of the party who is ruling UP. but you can hold modi accountable for your 2nd statement

          • sanjay

            You are holding Modi accountable because your name is Nawaz rashid and you are an ISI asset and you are trying your best to spread confusion in the minds of Indians and destabilize India.

          • sanjay

            Fck you nawaz rashid. Don’t troll on an Indian forum

          • sanjay

            he is an ISI agent. ignore him. he trolls with an Indian name.

          • Soaring Eagle

            Modi is the one who took them on in Gujarat , threw them out . These people may hate Modi ,nobody knows .

        • sanjay

          He is an ISI agent who is masquerading under an Indian name. Ignore him guys.

      • sanjay

        Fcking ISI agent fck off. We don’t need Pakistanis like you tell us what we need to do.

  • amit jaiswar

    Well i am proud to be hindu..but that doesnt mean i am anti islam or anti christian. As a hindu i would like to tell all my brothers please stand united or we all will be next yazidis.. We have already lost lot of land and we will keep on losing if we dont come together to a cause to save something which is ours.. Israelis where thrown out of their land and then they realised the importance of their land and came united to fight for it..Still they are beleived to be outsider in their very homeland. Family program launched by previous govt is good but followed only by Non muslims..why dont muslims have a 2 child policy. They are out populating all Indians for only one reason to spread Islam in our country one day..well i will surely try to have 5 kids if govt doesnt make any steps to bring muslim population down in india..


      Absolutely wrong ; if you want to hold a belief , for god’s sake ensure that the belief is worth holding. As a thinking human being , believe something if your mind tells you that it is so , not because you feel it is so , or because you have been told it is so.

      To believe that Muslims will outstrip Hindus is not just wrong , it is brainless.

      There might be some overlap in the above articles / posts. Read , analyse and then form an opinion / belief.

      • VictorBR

        The problem dear Naryayan is that you can cut and paste ten links, but can not do simple math in your own mind. Once you start thinking for yourself instead of putting links to what others interpret, the sheer absurdity of what you claim would be evident. And do you realize the irony? In this piece Tufail has argued how the left-(il)liberal apparatus in India supports exactly the opposite of what they claim to suport; and you post links from such sites, to establish your point. LOL.

        • NARAYAN RAO

          Once you start reading , you will start thinking.

          My links ( there were only 5 of them , so somewhere your mind has also let you down on maths ) , were in response to amit jaiswar’s comment.

          • VictorBR

            you still do not get the irony, do you?

          • RATHER SAFE

            As you are advising every one to read and form an opinion
            I’m from UP I urge u to read local Hindi news paper and look in to last mnths law and order situation. U yourself find no.of cow theft cases and action take UP police. Because if this Case presented as mob lynching “on rumors of cow theft ” U could clearly see how “BEEF” politics was brought in by media and how everyone from Bjp to owaisi exploited situation to suit there agenda
            Read why locals of dadri especially woman’s were angry over media( read ndtv news about it) what they wanted was there voice to be heard.
            Lastly read Sunday IE how home guard instigated the mob to gather near akhlaqs House. And pls tell how could we defend our media ( including mehta ) who reported without looking in to ground reality
            pls if u could get any reliable source to see “why ” there is no mention of BEEF in FIR was it really beef or cow theft

          • NARAYAN RAO

            I am not holding any brief for the Akhilesh Yadav government , which I think is the worst in India.

            All I am saying is that mob rule can never be justified , what ever be the provocation.

            A few months back , an under-trial was dragged out from a prison in Dimapur , Nagaland and lynched ; do you justify this because his alleged crime was that of rape ?

            Nothing justifies mob rule , and for a BJP MLA to say that if there is more cow slaughter , there will be more violence , is to make a mockery of his status as an elected representative of the people , and a mockery of the Constitution and justice.

            Why does your heart and mind tell you that this is not wrong , when you are able to find so much wrong in what the media is doing ?

          • RATHER SAFE

            I’m not justifying mob rule it should be punished as per our law what I’m trying to convey is because of reporting this sensitive essue as our media did we ultimately played in to the hands of communal goons,
            Media created furtile soil these goons to act,

          • NARAYAN RAO

            I have no idea what you are trying to say. Are you saying that the media reported an issue , and based on that the 50 year old Muslim was killed ?

            Media is doing its job of reporting ; it is possible that media is biased and may report news selectively , but if one goes through as much as possible , I am sure one can form a fairly balanced view of what has happened.

            Politicians are the real criminals in this case ; they always remain in the background , but through their inflammatory diatribes against real as well as perceived demons , get their fanatic followers to do evil on the ground. Then they give sound bites to media.

            Modi being the head politician at the top of the pyramid is , in my opinion , the most polluted. He had targeted Manmohan Singh as Maun mohan Singh ; as time goes by , he is resembling Manmohan Singh in more ways than one. At the same time , Manmohan Singh had some reputation and dignity away from politics ; Modi does not. For his nonsense , see this :


          • RATHER SAFE

            There is no problem in reporting the issue even if it is selective. Problem is the way it is reported 24 7. Just now read the news of suicide in dadri. May be this link will clear what I want to say
            As politicians and govt are criminal even media has there share of blood.
            By the way msm media specially print media has reported it in more sensible manner

          • NARAYAN RAO

            Media focuses 24 x 7 on every issue that catches its attention ; why complain ?

            If you have had enough , switch off.

            Politicians have been elected to govern by the people , and they have a duty to perform in a responsible manner ; the media does have a responsibility, but it is not their duty ; the Saamna has been spewing venom on all and sundry , and enough people have been wounded and even killed following its diatribes ; does anyone have the guts to question ?

            Just because it is Barkha Dutt , Rajdeep Sardesai , and others of their ilk , people who abuse them are sure that there will not be any violent retaliation , which is why they can be abused in the vilest of terms ; use even a fraction of this abuse against the editor of the Saamna and see what happens , especially if you are a Mumbaikar.

          • sanjay

            Don’t lecture us Nawaz Rashid. We don’t need to get educated by an ISI agent.

          • sanjay

            Oh ISI agent. Now you are telling us to trust our media? Most of them are probably on your payroll.

          • sanjay

            Your links were given to you by ISI Nawaz Rashid aka Narayan Rao. Now fck off

      • sanjay

        Is your name really Narayan Rao or is it Nawaz Rashid? I am convinced you are an ISI agent.

  • RajS

    An excellent article. Well done.

  • rishi

    People from kerala would understand this, ” ithrayum naalu evide aayirunu????? ”
    Kudos for such a threadbare analysis..Waiting for more..

    • amit jaiswar

      Religious demographics are changing very fast..soon Hindus will be less then 50% in kerala..please do something about it..

  • sudhirb

    Great writeup Tufail. Appreciate your deep and wide knowledge.

  • Ajeet

    I find Tufail Ahmad’s writing to be rare and precious PearI in the sea of present day nonsensical journalism.

  • sourabh bhattacharya

    Sahab aap toh bade gusse main hain, please take care of yourself. God bless you. Jai Hind.

  • Ranjan

    It is their secularism that after 70 years of India and my 30 yyears, I do not have a single Muslim friend.


      I do.

      I am sure that unlike the Congress’s 60 years , the present Modi government will need only 5 years to ensure that no Hindu ever has a Muslim friend.

  • Runa

    Great unbiased discussion

  • Raj Chaturvedi

    Tufail i exhort you to kindly regularly fill us up on these pseudos by your objective analysis. You are right people lke mehta sen and extremely biase english media is reason for hindus manifesting anger eg though i feel deep sympathy for Akhlaq family see the politicians behave Akhilesh announcing 45 lac as compensation whereas the same cm while visiting Hemraj family after his beheaded body reached mathura declared 5 lacs for the family. I feel small writing this example but such things have become overtly blatant. Regards to you.

  • Indraj Saini

    Day by day I am becoming your fan

  • charvaka

    I generally like your articles, but this was a disappointment in a certain sense. It is indeed true that the Indian left is filled with hypocrites who appease the Islamists and this has resulted in the raise of Hindutva.One of the problems with those who oppose the Islamist appeasing left in India, is that they tend to move to the right and write thinly veiled defence of Hindutva. Hindutva is as dangerous as Islamism. The reason why it appears better than Islamists today is precisely because it does not enjoy the support of Hindu masses. The need of the hour is true secularism. Sadly, I don’t see that happening in the current political set up. As far as I know there is not a single secular party in India. We only have majority appeasing and minority appeasing parties.

    • VictorBR

      Please stop making false equivalences that Hinduvta is as dangerous as Islamism. The rabid Islamists wants to destroy other cultures until the entire world submits to Islam. You can see what ISIS is doing to the Yezidis or how they are destroying ancient monuments to get a real-time example. The most extreme right wing Hinduvta bigot, wants to send Muslims to Pakistan. Do you see the difference? One wants to remove all traces of the existence of the other; while the other does not want to share the space. So please spend some time pondering about it; and rise above the false narratives & lies which the Indian “il”liberals peddle.

  • Karigar Medha

    Wow … Hope PB Mehta knows where to hide his shame. Full of “Aatishbaazi” of the Right kind!

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    Brilliant. The seculars are a curse on this benighted Nation. Also, the likes pf PB Mehta. Amartya Sen, Tunku, all prove the Intellectual Kshatriya Sita Ram Goel’s writings more than 3 decades ago – absolutely right !! Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup’s writings must be made compulsory in Humanities in our schools and colleges. Time to detoxify the Nation from the malicious drivel of the so called Left-Liberals. India has had enough of them – the Mafia.

  • Saurav

    There are rather worrisome jumps in the logic expounded by you herein. The analytical thought processes seem geared with a particular purpose in mind and therefore lead to fallacies. I’d like to point them out but I believe they’d fall on dead ears.
    What I’d like to point out here is that you seem to use examples that don’t really follow.
    Shobha De for instance isn’t concerned with the political scenario nor an active participant therein.
    As for your argument of realism, the fallacy here is rather simple, there’s not a single logical point there. You equate things directly with no logical undercurrent and then follow up with attack after attack with no underlying ground.
    The shifting of the blame of an MP’s comment onto his background which was (somehow) catalyzed by the secular left is a rather subtle and clever move I must admit. But surely an MP who is against this leftist scum cannot afford the spew their poison.
    I would love to engage in further debate. But unfortunately I place great emphasis on a good education and therefore have much to learn at other places

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      But Shobha Dey has unnecessry arrogance to say,’I ate beef today. Come and murder me’. The dadri incident is used by her for displaying this kind of arrogance cum provocation.

    • sanjay

      You are sounding a bit like the secularists themselves. Shobha De may have become popular for the pornography she wrote. But her columns mostly exude `secular’ leftist thought. All it takes to understand what’s happening in the media is to read what people are writing and analyse the facts. Mehta was blaming Modi in this case when the lynching was a law and order issue in UP. It takes plain common sense to figure out that the writers who returned their awards and the media who politicised the murder were both exhibiting proven `secular’ leftist traits.

    • bigben

      So if shobha de can say “I ate beef today. Murder me”, can I organize a prophet cartoon drawing contest and say “I drew prophet’s cartoon today. Murder me”?? Will you support me in that?

      You yourself know the answer to that. So run away. This is not a sickularist den like ndtv where you can all pat yourselves on the back for brilliant logic.

    • hemendra k. varma

      What nonsense are you writing ! Just an assemblage of words with no purpose, no meaning, no sense. You must be a good friend of PBM and leftist intellectuals. As for need for good education – couldn’t agree with you more. You surely are in need of one.

  • MangoManav

    Wow, do people write with such style and depth… well done Sir

  • Rajinder Sharma

    My sincere thanks to you for so rightly and deftly presenting the dilemma of Indian society today. The elitist league of pseudo secular politicians, liberals and media together are trying to vitiate the communal bonhomie. Unfortunately today, the media in particular has come to believe itself to be the sole repository of knowledge, wisdom and secular thinking. The very definition of secularism is being altered to suit their nefarious designs and ulterior motives. The Dadri incident, most unfortunate and condemnable that it is, does not reflect the sentiments of common hindus. But this nexus of media-liberal-politicians is going all out to brand this incident as a communal action by the Hindu community. I really am at pain to understand the vicious pleasure that this nexus is trying to draw from such slanderous speech and narrative. Their strenuous, orchestrated and unending efforts to discredit India in the international forums is highly condemnable and smacks of treason.

    But through this post I would also appeal to my muslim brethren to trust their hindu brothers and not be influenced by the harangues of this dirty league which is trying its level best to fan the embers of hatred and mistrust.


    Can’t find words for awesomeness for this column , Sir …
    Felling better as an Indian.

  • Vedantham Srinivasan

    Bravo Sir–point by point rebuttal.But sadly these people will continue with their distorted logic What is disturbing is that almost all media–print and electronic–are so utterly biased that common sense takes a beating

  • Jim


  • Ram Dargad

    Tufail Ahmad- I found your article interesting because it demolishes a stereotype of a Muslim intellectual. I admire it as a part of healthy debate though many of your arguments are not convincing. I doubt if PB Mehta would support Rajiv Gandhi’s opportunist decision on Shah Bano case. There are a few readers ( such as Prithvi Shiv ) who have given meaningful comments explaining why they disagree with you, I wont repeat them.

  • parthasarathy

    how long Congress can survive on secular INdia. you have just robbed my heart through your article.thanks Gurumoorthiji for the tweet.

  • parthasarathy

    may be you should write the larger reason why Muslims did not leave India during partition and which class left.

  • Devjay Sharma

    Very apt and based on facts , these commie sickulars need to be demolished like this !! Great write up Mr Tufail !!

    • bhattacharya

      Wonderful article exposing the true charecter of these psaeudo secularists out to destroy the social fabric by creating a big chasm in society using their one sided analysis .never bothering to find out real cause of the conflicts and the discontent simmering in the society

  • raj nair

    We see
    so much of the negative side of life in the media that it is refreshing to have
    someone counterattacking point by point these Liberal/Secular Left Congressi
    Intellectuals. It was well-written and
    exposed the Liberal Left/Congressi Chelas who are experiencing unemployment and
    worries about future Liberal/Secular Intellectual Mukth Bharath (Extinction)! It is for everyone to see the wealth these
    Journos have amassed in the last 15-20 years.
    Can a journo buy a Rs.100 Crore Bungalow in Lutyens with his pay cheque?

  • satya

    just brilliant.. so far the bestest reply to sickulars

  • Indian391

    Brilliantly written!!!

  • Chandra Sekhar Ganduri

    Kudos Tufail. A comprehensive response. Not sure many presstitutes in India have intellect to comprehend the points you made..

  • There’s a very simple way of judging this. What would have happened if a muslim mob had attacked and murdered a Hindu man for eating Pork? And then if a party with islamic leanings had it’s members come out in the open and declared that eating pork will invite such actions? Would we then simply have explained it away as a dichotomy of perspectives between Hindus and Muslims?

    I doubt if the BJP would’ve allowed that to happen.

    • LieX

      Is slaughtering pig banned by law? Why not? Simple way need not be an idiotic way.

      • What part of this being a hypothetical situation was so hard to get here?

        What would have happened? Can you answer?

        • Ram Kumarappan

          Don’t waste your time here buddy…Better do harvest with some missionary, they will pay you. anyway, you think every tom dick and harry on the internet like you deserve an answer.

          • I am sorry, but what makes you bhakts think that anyone opposed to your viewpoints is a mullah or a missionary? I am an equal opportunity blasphemer, your invisible sky friend beliefs is just as absurd as any other religion.

            PS- if you don’t think Tom dick and Harries like me don’t deserve an answer and then reply to me nevertheless, cognitive dissonance much?

          • sanjay

            In that case why the fck are you trolling congi? What are they paying you? Tuck your tail between your legs and go home. You are talking to an audience that’s figured out you are a moron.

          • Soaring Eagle

            What makes you “eminent intellectuals” think that you have a clue as to how society functions in India.Hypocrite elite ..

        • sanjay

          You are wasting your time. Instead try teaching people who don’t eat the tastiest of the meat available namely pork to check it out. They’ll give up beef

    • Ashish Tripathi

      You do understand the nation is formed via a collective identity and respect for each other’s belief . Don’t you ? Anyway , what you will say to argument presented in context of Akbar or other Muslim rulers, who put up ban on cow slaughter?

      • Nations are formed by collective identities. That doesn’t excuse the lack of tolerance for a dietary choice. Tomorrow, people will start having problems about the colour of your hair because of something written in their holy books. Will you then bend over and acquiesce to their wishes? So where will we draw the line? You don’t eat. That’s about it, don’t expect your personal moral codes to applicable to others. That’s my viewpoint, it’s worked for most of India’s history IMO.

        As for the rest of your post, they were wrong too. Tu Quoque fallacies cannot be excused on the basis of they did it too. If anything, the claims that the majority hindu population has been mistreated by muslim rulers. would be disproved by this viewpoint. If they can consider the beliefs of other religions, I think we in modern India can extend that concept a whole lot more given how much more sensitive we apparently are supposed to be to the concept of human rights.

        • Ashish Tripathi

          “That’s my viewpoint, it’s worked for most of India’s history IMO.”
          Sorry , but you don’t understand Indian history. The concept which hold our collective history was not toleration but of mutual respect.

          How you define “rights” ? Where exactly can you draw line between right of one and belief of other ? . How exactly you are going to solve conflict b/w right of one and cultural right of others ? Also, read article 48 of our constitution.

          • There can be absolutely no mutual respect without tolerance. There’s a reason why the Rajputs agreed to the alliance with Akbar by marrying Jodha to him despite the fact that hindus don’t practise polygamy, or for that matter Akbar’s attempt to start Din-e Ilahi and for that matter preventing slaughter of cows. Mutual respect without tolerance has no meaning.

            We can look at the UN charter if you want for the definition of rights. If you have a better source then I am all ears.

            Btw, you did not address my analogy about hair colour and the number of compromises people need to make in order to respect some else’s religious beliefs.

            What someone does with his own body is nobody else’s business including what food goes into it.

          • Ashish Tripathi

            And you did not know anything about “collective identity” do you ? Do you think nation-state are formed , because they are geographically drawn on a piece of paper and some words in form of constitution are written , to be followed? Come on man , grow up ! See the real world and not everything from prism of Books.

            Related to hair colour, if some book specifically mentioned it, then that book is obsolete.

            Why are you trying to divert the talk as a dietary choice and not as a symbol for collective identity ?

            Learn history and some aspect of sociology . Then we can discuss all you want.


          • Collective identify as you term it, is by itself an amorphous concept. It keeps changing over time depending on the societal conditions that are prevalent.

            It’s not set in stone and is comprised of sub identities. This idea is also not a mandatory obligation to be adhered to.

            The real world is there all around us where what you eat is not decided by another person. You can go to any place in the world which is not a regressive theocracy and you’ll find that laws of the land play no part whatsoever in regulating dietary practices.

            What’s of symbolism to you is not required to be the same for someone else. As a result, you are not required to eat a thanksgiving turkey in America or drink wine when you go the Philippines as a symbolic gesture regarding the blood of christ.

            You are absolutely free to practice and believe what you want, no one is forcing you to. But for someone else there’s zero symbolism and it’s only about a diet.

            I’ve been following history since I was a kid. I’ve only seen theocratic states or states which succumb to religion give into food restrictions.

          • Ashish Tripathi

            Read article 48 of constitution. Read about , secularism in Indian context.

            You are just diverting the cultural question to a simple dietary choice.

            The food restriction , in some form is applicable in all states, Example: In U.S , just go and tell how you are going to have dog meat , and you will see the response.

            Again , I will ask you , learn about collective identity . Learn how nation-state came into being .

            Cow, is a part of cultural identity. You might find it strange , but go to any village side and they will tell you how important it is for them.
            For centuries if some symbol is hold’ed as pious , it becomes part of collective identity, and needs to be preserved.

            A nation loosing it’s history , can never be strong. Learn from history and not just read them .

            Take care

          • Soaring Eagle

            Totally disagree with you .People like you will absolutely ruin the farming community of this country ,anyway they are committing suicide and you in your AC homes think of theories in your head .You are absolutely not aware of the real world ,you only talk of it .Fact of the matter is you are making excuses .

          • Soaring Eagle

            You tolerate that which you do not like .You respect that which you like .Mutual respect should be thr in society ,which is much more important thn tolerance .

        • sanjay

          Kill a cow man. We’ll ensure you’ll regret it.People here are trying to put some sense into your backside that you call a brain and you are not getting it. Just fckoff. Or else…

        • Soaring Eagle

          Are you aware of realities on ground or do you keep making theories in your head ? Thr is a deep connect in Indian society and cow . Thr are many Muslims who protect cow. India lives in its villages and your elitist mindset does not take into account thr needs .Everybody talks of rights of farmers and how they commit suicide .Farming community in India is dependent on Cow .

    • Punit

      This happens all the time. See

      I didnt see any reports of secular (il)liberal guy condemning the protesters.

      • Why am I supposed to condemn anything that you feel I should condemn? Is there some law somewhere that I have prove my secular credentials to every tom dick and harry on the internet?

        • You too stupid to realise what you had asked in the first question was being answered! This is how it is in the case of most people like you. Libtards. Who were never intelligent in first place, but want to “look intelligent”.
          You prove your stupidity, and any doubts in the minds of others!

          • Dear conservative chaddi donning Internet warrior, what’s asked is an idiotic begging the question fallacy, but don’t let logic ruin your stone age fantasies because forget looking intelligent, you don’t even sound intelligent. Perhaps it’s time for you to go back to your cave, nitwit.

          • Calm down buddy. Truth hurts sometimes.

          • Oh I am pretty calm thank you, I was not the one to start with the name-calling, I merely responded in kind.

            The truth would’ve hurt if it were the truth, this is merely an ad hominem, so it was fun to do a tit for tat.

            I find religious people fighting over the dietary restrictions mandated by their invisible sky friends, highly amusing.

          • sanjay

            Give me your address. You sound like a Mallu who’s in Bangalore. Let me honour you with everything you deserve for your thoughts and English speaking abilities.

          • Ohm

            mere knowledge of english doesnt make you a superior animal either. first read up some wise stuff. eat your steak and bacons later.

          • Merely saying nonsense doesn’t make you wise either, I’ll love my beef with bacon yum yum.

          • Ohm

            who stopped you? stop living in horror stories.

          • sanjay

            Go to Pakistan you marxists [email protected] You’ll love it there.

          • sanjay

            I assume you don’t wear a chaddi and they cut your organ when you were small. Let’s just push you across the border. You’ll love the people in Pakistan.

        • Ohm

          there is no law that others should listen to you either. if that is your attitude, there will be no end to conflicts. we can go on fighting.

          • So don’t listen. I didn’t ask to come here and post on my comment, did I?

          • Ohm

            this is a public page. if you dont want others to read and reply to your public comments, go home and write on your bedroom wall

          • This is a public page, if you don’t want to listen to what others write, you are welcome to not read it and go home and read your bedroom wall.

          • sanjay

            Porky Nann Magne. Benglooralli idre address kodo ninn akkanna keyya. Band fix madtheevi naalene

        • sanjay

          Don’t do that. How about letting us sponsor a Pakistani visa for you? They will love you there and I assume you will love them too.

    • Stupid hypothetical. Muslim absitence for pork has nothing to do with reverence for the pig; indeed, it is repulsion for that animal that results in its being proscribed. Kuffar are like pigs anyway, according to the Quran, so a Kuffar eating a pig only confirms the contempt that the religion already holds them in.

      Indeed, a logically consistent hypothetical could be to consider a sacrifice or abuse of that which muslims do hold dear, and venerate. Such as depictions of the prophet. Or the sacredness of the quran. Would you like a list of examples of what has transpired, not just in India but worldwide, when such sacrifice or abuse of what the Moslem holds dear has occurred?

      • What the F**k does stupid hypothetical mean?

        This is not about reverence or indeed abhorrence. It’s about idiotic taboos which go either way and effect people who have no interest in them. You people keep fighting about what you don’t want to eat. The rest of the world has better things to do while eating it’s steaks and bacon.

        The second part of rant really made no sense. Since I don’t see islamic idiocy as being an answer to hindu idiocy and vice versa.

        • It means your hypothetical situation lacks logic and makes no sense. Hence, whatever point you were trying to make is invalid as the premise of your question was faulty to begin with. In other words, “stupid”, like the rest of your screeching above.

          Looks like debate and logic aren’t your thing; please keep quiet when grown ups are talking.

          • So no reply then regarding the idiocy about dietary wars. All I get to see is a rather juvenile ad hominem.

            Please learn proper grammar it’s a ‘stupid hypothetical situation ‘, not ‘stupid hypothetical ‘ as you so graciously termed it.

            Now here’s some steak, run along to your nearest gau mutra kendra and whine about how the Internet is spoiling the food nazi brigade’s dietary jihad.

          • Karthik

            Well, your hypothetical was false. Kindly correct it and don’t teach grammar to Kumar. I bet you are humanities student? who focuses more on grammar than logic.

            You are pretty much the mehta Mr Tufail is addressing here who focussed on a tongue slip (or poor grammar) by an elected MP. Get the hell off, the people elected him and he is the MP.

          • Go look up on a dictionary about the meaning of hypothetical. False hypothetical lol. And I would suggest that you are probably a vedic astrologer given the lack of accuracy in your prediction.

            This article is asinine. I am amused at how much the bhakts are falling over themselves praise something so addled with holes that it could be a new type of cheese.

            And you may like sucking upto your elected masters but the rest of those with an ounce of spine remaining will understand when we need to take our irresponsible leaders to task.

            PS- before ‘teahing’ me anything learn to develop some critical thinking instead excusing everything as a sycophant.

          • Prem Dhan


            The point made about pork being an degraded animal, much like the view of degraded non-muslims is an accurate one, and so your hypothetical situation is not a mirror image that can be inverted from the current situation, and so it is a false situation to draw conclusions from. In symbolic significance, perhaps murti worship is equivalent.

            But then we already know what happened to the Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, with the muslim parties standing mum. And even then the situation in that village in India is isolated and incomparable, since first, the situation was not unprovoked — there was theft of cow and calf, followed by killing the calf, for consumption. A few people, went beserk, killing the kid and dad. Other people from the same community have offered help. This situation is clearly not communal trend since it is reflective of an acute lapse of judgement by a group in the village and not a chronic lapse of a community. If you suggest its because of hinduism or hindutva, please note that this is supported by neither hinduism or hindutva(hinduness); there is no verdict to kill anyone who eats beef, and it is this portrayal of an entire community that is communal.

            Now if a politician ask you to be sensitive to ‘the sacred’ in other communities, that is not communal, it is requesting a lowering of tensions between communities by being mindful of each other. Or if he is asking the community to be mindful of their actions, as it reflects poorly on them/their image, he is asking them to not lapse from their self-dignity, not asking them to abscond undetected! And these are calls by other hindus. You will be hardpressed to find similar injunctions from the muslim politicians for barbaric acts from muslim community. I think painting a picture of hatred about a community and its politicians based on a lapse of judgement by some beserk villagers, is inaccurate.

          • Please read upon what sakshi maharaj has said. If you don’t believe that politicians who should their mouths are being communal, and are leveraging this for communal issues then, you are ignoring the ground realities of what is actually transpiring.

            Also, politicians are not asking for sensitivity to the sacred, they are telling people to be grateful for lynching and run tests on the type of meat or warning people that Hindus will retaliate in such a manner in all such instances.

            Also, speculation regarding the theft is unsubstantiated, what is not however is the fact the local priest was coerced to incite the mob which lynched this man. In a temple. No priest, no temple, no rabble rousing.

            Hindutva is not Hinduism. It’s a part of it. A part created by upper class brahmins to preserve their hold on the cultural ethos of this nation. It’s the abrahamic version of Hinduism which has neither the tolerance, nor the adaptability of the larger ecosystem of the santana dharma. It’s emphasis on manu smriti derived perspectives further underline its rather unidimensional interpretation of the philosophy.

            Dalits in South India eat plenty beef, btw. Don’t see anything like this down south now do we?

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            Telling lies. The incident took place on the street. Not in a temple.It was horrible but law and order situation is also responsible.

          • media radar

            Dont feed the trolls. 🙂

          • sanjay

            I don’t know what your religion or caste is. If you are a Hindu and hate Hinduism so much get circumcised and become a Muslim. if that’s not an option become a christian. Don’t come and preach us Hindus how to lead our lives. I doubt you are even remotely qualified to do that, as I could make by your comments. In the meanwhile, please keep your marxist-tainted views on Hindutva and Hinduism to yourselves. And tell your people not to cry if you get lynched for them.

          • sanjay

            Go teach English to some kids and don’t mix it up with marxism loser. I wouldn’t hire you to write for me because you will mostly lace your stories with your marxist beliefs. BTW, I am an editor and I have trained two dozen kids to write. I have also taught them to report objectively and not throw opinion into what they write. When I see morons like you on the net I wonder what’s happening to this country.

          • Yeah, shift goal posts from your idiotic analogy and expect a reply.

            Dietary wars are idiotic according to only an idiot like you. Given the impact it has on climate change, people who can actually think find it quite important, especially given that beef is worse than petroleum-based transport in carbon footprint. But for a fool like you, these things will be casting pearls before swine, an animal you seem to be quite fond of.

            Take your steak and shove it up your U-know-where.

          • Who shifted goalposts? All religious dietary beliefs are STUPID. I’ve been saying it ever since I started our little wonderful engagement here. I see some attempt to justify your idiotic beliefs with science. Let’s proceed to have some fun, by taking that justification to its logical culmination.

            Someone talks about shifting goal posts and proceeds to build a strawman about climate change.

            You do realise that some of the biggest greenhouse gas emissions come from diary farming (not dead cows, but living ones) right? All that milk, cheese, butter needs to go then. No more Naivedhyam from milk and ghee for the lord.

            Also, out go other meats, no more Chicken (no more eggs too), no more mutton no more any meat.

            Let’s all become vegans. That should be all safe. But wait, large scale industrial farming is wrecking havoc on the ecology too, from desertification to rampant usage of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides which are creating a range of issues. So no more green revolution. All we are left with then is free range organic farming. Yeah that should do.

            I rather not waste a good steak shoving it up your you know where (never give the option to the other person to shove it wherever he wants), so I’ll simply shove a cork into it to stop all the S**t from coming out.

            PS- I am a vegetarian, so the burn is even more intense. Nitwits like you and your half baked nonsense is are even more dangerous than the blind ones.

          • You shift goal posts moron. You made an analogy that was idiotic, and when that was called out, resorted to some nonsense about dietary wars. Reading AND comprehension problems galore with you.

            Assertions by you are not proof of anything. Your extrapolation to diary farming shows the paucity of your analysis capability. MEAT is the far bigger contributor to greenhouse gases than diary you idiot. Do you have ANY SENSE at all of the numbers involved with cattle heads in dairy farming vs meat production? Do you have any sense of numbers at all? Go do some research before embarrassing yourself further on topics you have zero knowledge of.

            If you are a vegetarian supporting beef, then you are an even bigger fool than I imagined.

          • I didn’t shift the goal posts dingleberry, you did. Who bought climate change into this discussion, not me.

            This is an idiotic invisible friend dietary war. Then there’s this stupid obfuscation appealing to science which is idiotic.

            Dairy is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in livestock following beef cattle.


            And it’s not “by far”. It half. It’s substantial in itself to be considered a major contributor by itself. When we add all the other livestock, it adds up to about the same as beef cattle. Additionally, beef cattle are not allowed to live out a complete lifespan, so considering the average lifespan of a dairy cow and beef cattle, it averages out to the same over their lifespans.

            Going further, In India what passes of as beef is mostly Buffalo meat. So India’s contribution to beef cattle emissions are negligible. It’s the americans you should go whine about. Unfortunately there’s no hindu love for buffaloes.

            I have done plenty of research on this twit. I keep coming across people like you who try to hide their illogical beliefs under the garb of science.

            Lol, because I am vegetarian I should be a diet nazi and wage an idiotic war which includes lynching people for eating what I personally don’t agree. Makes as much sense as the rest of your rant, which isn’t much.

          • Lol, more lying about who shifted the goal posts from stupid analogy about Muslims killing Hindus for eating pork to “dietary war”.

            “Who bought climate”

            “This is an idiotic invisible friend dietary war.”

            “That’s this is, stupid obfuscation appealing to science is idiotic.”

            “So out contribution to beef cattle”

            Language completely falling apart now, typos, grammar, everything lol.

            Beef cattle contribute more than 90% of the emissions in countries where beef is consumed in large numbers you moron. Diary is less than 10%. And yes, idiots like you will ensure that India also starts consuming beef in large quantities eventually so that it can ramp up its emissions, as if the farts of imbeciles like you aren’t enough. That’s why “dietary wars” are necessary you fool, before the problem gets out of hand.

            “which includes lynching people for eating what I personally”

            Strawman argument. Noone has supported the lynching a$$wipe. Given your brilliance with language, this latest display of lack of logic is no surprise either.

          • Lol, more lying about who shifted the goal posts from stupid analogy about Muslims killing Hindus for eating pork to “dietary war”.

            Yeah, it was meant for people with two grey cells, but since you have only one, that was probably out of your league?

            Language completely falling apart now, typos, grammar, everything lol.

            Can’t help it when I replying ten c**tbuckets simultaneously.

            Beef cattle contribute more than 90% of the emissions in countries where beef is consumed in large numbers you moron.

            Wow, not only are you a F**ktard, you are blind as well. Or a liar. Won’t be surprised if it’s the latter.

            Let’s just rip this apart shall we?


            An excerpt

            Lamb, beef and cheese have the highest emissions. This is true, in part, because they come from ruminant animals that constantly generate methane through their digestive process, called enteric fermentation. Methane (CH4) – a greenhouse gas 25 times more (CH4) potent than carbon dioxide (CO2), accounts for nearly half the emissions generated in this study’s Nebraska beef production model (see chart below). Pound for pound, ruminants also require significantly more energy-intensive feed and generate more manure than pork or chicken.

            Lamb has the greatest impact, generating 39.3 kg (86.4 lbs) of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) for each kilo eaten – about 50 percent more than beef. While beef and lamb generate comparable amounts of methane and require similar quantities of feed, lamb generates more emissions per kilo in part because it produces less edible meat relative to the sheep’s live weight. Since just one percent of the meat consumed by Americans is lamb, however, it contributes very little to overall U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

            Beef has the second-highest emissions, generating 27.1 kilos (59.6 lbs) of CO2e per kilo consumed. That’s more than twice the emissions of pork, nearly four times that of chicken and more than 13 times that of vegetable proteins such as beans, lentils and tofu. About 30 percent of the meat consumed in America is beef.

            Cheese generates the third-highest emissions, 13.5 kilos (29.7 lbs) of CO2e per kilo eaten, so vegetarians who eat a lot of dairy aren’t off the hook. Less dense cheese (such as cottage) results in fewer greenhouse gases since it takes less milk to produce it.

            – See more at:

            Diary is less than 10%.

            Er. No. As can be seen by the data, it’s not.


            This is just for America. Globally, it’s even more bullturd.

            Does that look like 10% c**tbucket?

            And yes, idiots like you will ensure that India also starts consuming beef in large quantities eventually so that it can ramp up its emissions

            Idiotic hypocrites like you with selective biases seem to believe that these beef eaters are the only ones in the wrong, while you drink your organic milk and eat your organic kheers. Let’s name this for what it is, a religious argument disguised as scientific idea. Your concern for the environment only extends to the butchering of a cow, not any other aspects of its impact on the environment.

            , as if the farts of imbeciles like you aren’t enough. That’s why “dietary wars” are necessary you fool, before the problem gets out of hand.

            My fart is better that your s**t d**kwad. Because it’s based on a ground reality, not belief in invisible sky friends.

            Strawman argument. Noone has supported the lynching a$$wipe. Given your brilliance with language, this latest display of lack of logic is no surprise either.

            Erm, read the article again you ignoramus, Mahesh Sharma’s comments are apparently innocent and ignorant and are about ground realities. Sounds like apologetics to me you illiterate piece of s**t.

          • Keep sniffing your farts you mfing lying cumbucket. At least it will save some oxygen for the other sentient living things on the planet. You are truly a retard like none I have come across. That’s why all those chaddi-wearing Sanghis who buggered you are writing about diary in those articles. They must have effed your brain as well.

          • sanjay

            Just because you can write English straight doesn’t mean you can think. Your posts are characterised by verbal diarrhoea and constipation of common sense and rational thinking. When you start criticising someone for his language it means you know you are losing the battle and hitting down at somebody for his expression. That makes you a bad loser. Get out of this forum before you lose the last shred of your credibility. BTW, you leftists are bad losers. Look at the Gandhis for some inspiration.

          • sanjay

            “Lol, because I am vegetarian I should be a diet nazi and wage an idiotic war which includes lynching people for eating what I personally don’t agree. Makes as much sense as the rest of your rant, which isn’t much.”

            Nobody in this forum agreed about someone getting lynched for eating beef. You are conveniently trying to push into the background the fact that people like you made a huge fuss about it and linked the incident in Akhilesh Yadav’s Vihar to Modi. People don’t miss crap like that pal. So shove your views where they belong.

          • sanjay

            Guys like you are no vegetarians as you come and try eat the brains of people on the net. Were you a serious vegetarian you would have supported the beef ban as red meat consumption on a regular basis can induce heart disease. You would also have opposed people eating meat in general which doesn’t seem to be the case. Your call for people becoming vegans sounds hollow. Say it with conviction man. Say that Dadri is a lesson for all people who eat meat. I doubt you really care what people eat. But you just hate Modi. You didn’t vote him and when he got elected you were heart broken. You are sounding just like the Italian barmaid and her clown prince.

          • Lol, you likes your own comment t**t. What a pretty little narcissist we have over here. And this statement “especially given that beef is worse than petroleum in carbon footprint.” Is patently wrong. Completely and utterly bollocks.

            Eat this and choke-


          • Lol, a retard attempting to provide internet links. When you talk of beef, you talk of end-to-end moron, not silo’d in one industry. Go look up what impact meat has compared to transport when taken as a whole.

            Here is another article from a Sanghi that explains it, but for a mentally challenged moron like you, get someone to read it aloud slowly to you:


            Here is another Sanghi article from the Guardian


            Again, get someone to read these SLOWLY to you.

          • Lol, a F**kwit attempts to refute with internet links. When you talk about dairy it’s also end to end T**tbrain. Or do you think you milk and ghee get beamed down by scotty?

            Here are a couple of articles which highlight your f**tardery regarding your inability to understand that there can be no talk about carbon footprints in the livestock rearing without talking about dairy.


            Here’s another one


            In particular, Dairy industry has additional emissions related to processing and packaging of dairy products.

            Read this with at least half a f**king brain because that too seems a tad too difficult c**tbucket

          • More incoherent cursing and abuse when your knickers have been removed and you shown to be the dickle$$ pos you are. Keep bleating about diary when EVERY FU&^ING ANALYSIS shows beef and meat to be 10x worse. You lying scumbag pos. That’s why “Diary is the new SUV” in the CNN article by that chaddi wearing Sanghi who buggered you. Lol. I am done responding to your dimwitted ranting.

          • sanjay

            I have mostly been an observer. You are either a total retard or a hired hand of Congress. Open up man tell us who you are. We won’t waste our time.

          • sanjay

            A cong I troll never gives up right? The next time I am pitching crap I’ll hire you.

          • sanjay

            “Please learn proper grammar it’s a ‘stupid hypothetical situation ‘, not ‘stupid hypothetical ‘ as you so graciously termed it.”

            The only sanctimonious [email protected]@rds who throw English lessons on a forum are leftists.

        • sanjay

          You are trying to say India should be like the western world which easts pork and beef. Get a little more global. Include dogs, snakes, monkeys and scorpions among other things. The Chinese eat these.

    • Vivek

      that happens all the time in muslim majority countries like pak and bangladesh…eating pork is not a necessity…just being kafir is enough….why do u think population of hindus hav declinesd in all islamic countries …while muslims in India is growing….appreciate the all inclusiveness on Hinduism in India

      • Hinduism is inclusive, not hindutva. There’s a difference. One has worked for thousands of years, the other is a hindu version of mullah fanaticism. No thanks to the idea of a hindu pakistan.

        • Prem Dhan

          Hindutva is not Jihad, or Evangelical — there is no forcing of the other, as a social/community philosophy. These deaths are isolated from the philosophy, and the acts can be easily condemned. Why else would other Hindus from the same community, ostensibly influenced by Hindutva, seek to help? Hindus are routinely mocked as cow lovers, and while Hindutva condemns the act, it does not condemn feeling for the cow also. Hindutva is inclusive, because it asks its adherents to love the human other as well as the cow. Now if you kill your own cow, its one thing, but to go and kill a cow that is being reared and loved by a Hindu, after stealing it and the calf — that rage however justifiably provoked, is not condoned as reason for killing a human. This is Hindutva. It is not jihad.

          So Hindutva is universal and inclusive, and is unlikely to get derailed by acts of murder by the volatile. Infact, we should be proud that its base of peace and humanity(resting in Dharma) cannot be taken away, even by insanity from the inside. But dont expect them to love cow hunting and killing and eating. Lets include hindus also in the show of universal respect. And for Hindu Pakistan, which requires genocide for maintenance, there is no support in Hindutva, and so it is not materializing even in dreams. The use of Hindutva as if its a dirty word has to stop, just as its equivalent like Christian social ethics (which has much bigger problems due to Nicene creed). Hindutva might be the best open architecture for social integration, along with its cousin, Buddhist social theory.

        • sanjay

          Your version of Hinduism will ensure we will be enslaved to Muslims forever. So just shut up and get out of the forum

        • Soaring Eagle

          What ever you may consider you can not deny history ,everybody knows it .

    • VictorBR

      Prithvi, as we speak right now, there are parts of the world where rabid Islamists are murdering people like pigs, to spread the ideology. As Tufail pointed out that what is happening ISIS today, is simply a continuation of a long history of Islamist violence. Problem is that you are unable to rise and think beyond what is fed to you by the Indian intelligentia. Take a few steps back and re read Tufail’s article again, a few times at least. Then digest its contents, then post.

      • Dear Victor, perhaps if you were to read about the abbasid caliphate, or the moors or the crusades or even our own mughals or kublai Khan, then I might take your generalisation seriously.

        Are there Muslims who suck? Definitely, but if you are going to state that they all suck and so does their religion, I would love to know what you think about our own APJ.

        This article is hilarious. This man thinks that conservatives are grounded in reality. Apparently no one sent shri mohan bhagwat that memo when he made that great comment about rapes in India.

        He then goes on to say that mahesh sharma should be excused because he’s ‘innocent and ignorant ‘. Lulz, leaders in power with the ability to influence public opinion don’t have such luxuries. Educate yourself or shut up.

        Finally, his idiotic canard about Stalin and Mao told me all I need to know about his ability to comprehend information.

        And seriously, I dont give a rat’s arseheads about ‘indian intelligentsia ‘ whoever that is.

        • VictorBR

          You display a common symptom: the inability to distinguish between a Muslim and an Islamist. The fact is that the average muslim has little control over what the Islamist do; they too live in the fear of the Islamists. But that a vast majority of Muslims are not Islamists, does not in any way make the Islamists less dangerous. I will not get in to a debate about what Bhagwat said or whether Bhagwat even fits the traditional definition of conservative. But that statement about liberals believing that the world is the way they want it to be, while the conservative being grounded in the way the world is struck home. And by liberals I mean the left of center in the West. The fact of the matter is that the lawlessness in UP and the reluctance of UP Gov. prosecute minority goons, is an ongoing issue which resonates with a large number there. In 2015 there have been more than a handful of incidences of sectarian violence in UP; many where the victims were of the majority community. Some were for things as trivial as blowing a horn. Forget about any outrage, the English language media does not even cover it. As a result most of the ‘liberals’ are unaware of the ground truth. And the media plays them like a puppet. Start an outrage campaign and see the Indian liberals jump in without an iota of thought. Frankly, passes for liberals in India is of course a travesty in the name of liberalism. They live in their make believe cocoon, detached from the reality of life, and ready to burst into a selective outrage at the drop of a hat. Worst very few of them think for themselves; they simply regurgitate whatever the intelligentsia feeds them; an egregious gap in critical thinking capability stands out.

          • rama ranjan

            “Worst very few of them think for themselves; they simply regurgitate whatever the intelligentsia feeds them; an egregious gap in critical thinking capability stands out.”

            At this juncture and times, I do not believe that they are incapable of thinking for themselves or that they are part of a groupthink therapy. It is all part of a well orchestrated strategy from the quarters of multiple forces that would like to see the identity of the majority community destroyed and looted: the Congress party dungeons, the Christian missionary evangelists, the Islamists, the communists and the ragtag foot soldiers of liberal writers (who are rich in English prose and poor in fact-finding and reasoning). All these forces of sedition, despite their own private ideologies in their respective spheres, have a surprising ability to to synchronize at a wink and blink when it comes to attacking the Hindus.

            This is the result of centuries of Hindus minding their business quietly and hoping for a peaceful future without any hard work and active investment on their part in correcting the situation. Do not get me wrong – I am not advocating violence. A 500 years ago, that would have been the right approach. In these times, violence is an anachronism. The sound majority accorded to Modi is an excellent example of how democracy can work & oust the utterly corrupt and incompetent without shedding drop of blood.

        • sanjay

          Don’t. Read Subodh’s post and reply if you are man enough

    • Ohm

      for your kind info dear shiv, a Muslim mob went on the rampage in Kerala Xtian school for almost three days and roughed up the professor for allegedly serving pork to students. no one in the sickular media other than the Indian Express even cared to report it. hindus haven’t reacted despite 80 million murders of their ilk by the Mughals. Hindus haven’t reacted despite the ethnic cleansing of pandits in Kashmir. history is replete with such instances. so before shooting ur questions, pls check up history.

      • Dear Ohm, the fact that you quote crackpot hindutva conspiracy theories about 80 million Hindus being massacred by Muslims over 500 years in medieval India, makes your opinion about my historical knowledge rather redundant.

        • Karthik

          Not crackot hindutva conspiracy you idiot. Read history books. For a start try reading historical negationism by jooenraad elst. And not bad mouthing here.

          • Hey dingleberry, someone posted this same idiotic nonsense on quora and I ripped him an new one where the sun don’t shine anymore.

            For starters on a average 43 people have to die everyday for 500 years from causes other than natural deaths and non Muslims killing them. You realize how stupid this conspiracy is in the medieval ages when the most advanced weapons were longbows and katanas (which these Muslims obviously didn’t have). If it’s not on average but in phases, 80 million deaths would leave some sign. Where’s that?

            Go check on global population curves for that period instead of idiotic sanghi propaganda websites and save the rest of the world a headache.

          • Prem Dhan


            The massacres were not just in war. They are using empirical data for this analysis from historical records (including slavery data) …

            some starters on the internet




            “Historical negationism” is probably a better read, if you want an in-depth start at this new body of research.

          • Lol, absolutely none, I repeat none of those websites correlate the claim of 80 million.

            Understand technology and understand what existed back then and understand how implausible killing 80 million people is.

            Here’s the empirical population estimation. See any blips corresponding to 80 million deaths?

            Check page 236-


          • Prem Dhan

            from the previous links …

            general consensus during the Sultanate: (killed) way more than 6 million of holocaust – 50 million as per Dr Lal . general consensus is that it was a genocide. other sources of genocide
            (slavery and transport schemes) : estimated millions, with many killed such as 1,00,000 in hindu kush(hindu killer) mountains in one trip.
            indirect genocide : usually from victory “celebrations”, and levies on products (similar to British Bengal famine); selective genocide : kiling warrior class men, and brahmins (with the women often choosing to jump into pyre rather than get raped/mutilated, and a tactic later mocked by British).

            after independence (much better data): 2 million Hindus in 1971.
            this ofcourse doesnt take into account, the millions displaced.

            These numbers for genocide + disfranchising, from 8 million upwards, whether they add upto 80 million or not, I think should not be laughed at, when brought up in a conversation as a placeholder for past wrongs, for it gives leaves us an inhuman tilt. I am sure we would feel similar if 60 millions jews had died instead of 6 million in the holocaust, especially if they later revise their numbers to include death by persecution for a 1000 years, as it happened in India. Its cultural, social impact will be too obvious.

            From the previous links …
            ” There is no official estimate of the total death toll of Hindus at the hands of Islam. A first glance at important testimonies by Muslim chroniclers suggests that, over 13 centuries and a territory as vast as the Subcontinent, Muslim Holy Warriors easily killed more Hindus than the 6 million of the Holocaust. Ferishtha lists several occasions when the Bahmani sultans in central India (1347-1528) killed a hundred thousand Hindus, which they set as a minimum goal whenever they felt like “punishing” the Hindus; and they were only a third-rank provincial dynasty. The biggest slaughters took place during the raids of Mahmud Ghaznavi (ca. 1000 CE); during the actual conquest of North India by Mohammed Ghori and his lieutenants (1192 ff.); and under the Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526). The Moghuls (1526-1857), even Babar and Aurangzeb, were fairly restrained tyrants by comparison. Prof. K.S. Lal once estimated that the Indian population declined by 50 million under the Sultanate, but that would be hard to substantiate; research into the magnitude of the damage Islam did to India is yet to start in right earnest. ”

            The reference you provided are not historical examinations, and clearly state that they are best estimates based on land productivity, and therefore dont contradict the above data, since they can be seen as ahistorical estimation in the absence of conflict. I think historical examinations is the better method for the deaths in the pogroms, than land productivity.

          • general consensus during the Sultanate: (killed) way more than 6 million of holocaust – 50 million as per Dr Lal . general consensus is that it was a genocide. other sources of genocide
            (slavery and transport schemes) : estimated millions, with many killed such as 1,00,000 in hindu kush(hindu killer) mountains in one trip.
            indirect genocide : usually from victory “celebrations”, and levies on products (similar to British Bengal famine); selective genocide : kiling warrior class men, and brahmins (with the women often choosing to jump into pyre rather than get raped/mutilated, and a tactic later mocked by British).

            Unless there’s empirical evidence supporting the general consensus. The examples you quote from Lal’s research do not corroborate 80 million. They corroborate, if anything millions.

            Since you have not addressed the peer reviewed paper I’ve provided, I’ll now provide you data from it, which is not from one, not two, not three, not four but from five separate sources about the population estimates of India during that period.


            Not a single one of them provide any corroboration to this claim.

            after independence (much better data): 2 million Hindus in 1971.
            this ofcourse doesnt take into account, the millions displaced.

            Couple of things. This is nowhere related to the claim of 80 million dead hindus in medieval India. Secondly, you surely realize that a huge number of muslims have been killed by hindus during the partition of India?

            These numbers for genocide + disfranchising, from 8 million upwards, whether they add upto 80 million or not, I think should not be laughed at, when brought up in a conversation as a placeholder for past wrongs,

            For me, the absurdity of this number is pretty amusing. I am sure there were Hindus who were killed by muslims in the past. I am sure they did so in the name of religion. I am not going to excuse their behavior, but to hold that as testament to the claim that Hindus are being oppressed today is laughable. What’s also disturbing from a pedantic viewpoint as to how this how people state 80 million murdered like it was a fact. Accuracy is everything if you are student of history. And 80 million or 8 million does make a massive difference. One is a number that points at religious idiocy, the other is a number that points at propaganda idiocy.

            for it gives leaves us an inhuman tilt. I am sure we would feel similar if 60 millions jews had died instead of 6 million in the holocaust, especially if they later revise their numbers to include death by persecution for a 1000 years, as it happened in India. Its cultural, social impact will be too obvious.

            It’s social impact is too obvious when the Sangh uses it in propaganda. Do note, that at the time of independence these lines had been largely washed away because of the abject poverty that this nation was wallowing in. Sure there were communal tensions, but only because the British exacerbated it with their divide and rule policy. The aftermath of the independence led us to largely forget these divisions until of course the Shah Bano case and the Babri Masjid demolition.

            From the previous links …
            ” There is no official estimate of the total death toll of Hindus at the hands of Islam. A first glance at important testimonies by Muslim chroniclers suggests that, over 13 centuries and a territory as vast as the Subcontinent, Muslim Holy Warriors easily killed more Hindus than the 6 million of the Holocaust. Ferishtha lists several occasions when the Bahmani sultans in central India (1347-1528) killed a hundred thousand Hindus, which they set as a minimum goal whenever they felt like “punishing” the Hindus; and they were only a third-rank provincial dynasty. The biggest slaughters took place during the raids of Mahmud Ghaznavi (ca. 1000 CE); during the actual conquest of North India by Mohammed Ghori and his lieutenants (1192 ff.); and under the Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526). The Moghuls (1526-1857), even Babar and Aurangzeb, were fairly restrained tyrants by comparison. Prof. K.S. Lal once estimated that the Indian population declined by 50 million under the Sultanate, but that would be hard to substantiate; research into the magnitude of the damage Islam did to India is yet to start in right earnest. ”

            Great. So not 80 million then.

            “The reference you provided are not historical examinations, and clearly state that they are best estimates based on land productivity, and therefore dont contradict the above data, since they can be seen as ahistorical estimation in the absence of conflict. I think historical examinations is the better method for the deaths in the pogroms, than land productivity.”

            How does it not contradict the 80 million death toll number? You do realize that average life expectancy, infant mortality were the biggest killers in the medieval era don’t you? The black plague alone decimated millions. Such pogorms would be noticeable at least by one of the five separate projections. Are you stating that all such projections are wrong?

            You need to provide proof with mechanisms that enabled such large scale efficient slaughter. Not suggestions and speculations. You need provide evidence with mass graves. With separately corroborated historical accounts which tally upto this number of 80 million.

            PS- Koenraad Elst? Seriously? The man who staunchly believes in the Aryan Migration theory?

          • Prem Dhan


            I appreciate the dialogue, but I see a few things differently from you.

            Koenraad being a scientist, and in the face of (as yet) inconclusive evidence, shows intellectual honesty when he supports OIT. He disses AIT/AMT as a western lens, though admits its plausibility in the face of future evidence. So he is credible, in my view more so, because he considers more data points in the debate, than western linguists or exclusive Indian literary historians. I still find him incompetent in commentary on adhyathmic aspects of Indian traditions, but then, other than a handful of westerners, everyone else from west show even lower levels of competency there, probably due to inadequate sadhana/shraddha.

            I looked at the paper carefully before the prior reply. About the table, all the sources, are based on estimation studies from land productivity. It says so in the paper. If any country X, had a certain amount of cultivable land, then it was capablity of supporting the ‘max’ occupants, as estimated with different heuristics above. This is ofcourse part of the Malthusian theory. It inherently lacks historicity when people are being depopulated in the social context. So the projections from your data are the ‘max’. The numbers from historical documents are the approx ‘norms’ of the time. So they are not contradictory. ‘max’ inculdes population increase and stabilization, inspite of short life spans, infant mortality, but accounting for near continuous child bearing ability of women etc. these mechanisms figure our the theoritical max (not wrong). Real ‘norm’ taking into account local social situations, if the community is getting actively depopulated, is from historical assessments. ‘max’-‘norm’, gives the historical social impact on populations at a given timestamp, which today are calculated by chronological summations of losses in crisis — feel free to write a paper since these interdisciplinary studies have not begun yet.

            Btw, mass graves are archeological artifacts, of acute genocide. Historical documentation (or historical artifacts) of ‘heaps of skulls’ as just as valid, if the period of the document has been properly dated. That is the kind of evidence for the islamic pogroms. The corroborated evidence was presented in the prior links. Please do read. (Btw, a vein I am seeing in your thread, is that you may not respect Indian intellectuals enough to read them in the historical sciences … but i may also be very wrong).

            None I know, are blaming today’s Muslims for yesteryears violence. Many are protesting the historical ‘cultural norms’ cultivated through the external violence, a sort of inherited privilege enjoyed today by the minority, which has the majority ‘cultural norms’ in a seige. Please dont be amused at the numbers. Acquiesance is not the same as cultural sensitivity which involves truth telling, respect and mutual accomodation.

            I think you have more enthusiasm, than I have energy! 🙂 I may cop out due to lack of time from this conversation. Adios for now.

          • sanjay

            And you are convinced Muslims should rule India. Go get a life @[email protected]

          • KK

            A minor correction to your calculations. It works out to be 438 people every day for 500 years, which makes the argument (if one can call it that) all the more absurd

        • Ohm

          haha. can take a horse only to the river side. if you understand what I mean. those massacred would also have included your forefathers too. if a thousand people are killed today and a 1000 yrs later someone were to deny they were murdered, there will be crackpots to nod their head. can you even memorise the name of 4 generations of your forefathers and you are speaking like you are the authority on medieval India. pity.

          • Yes.Those massacred could include my forefathers. So it makes sense that I stay pissed off at muslims today for what their ancestors might have done a thousand years ago. Makes perfect sense.

            I am sure the day you can provide me concrete evidence, this will change. I am not interested in memorising the names of four generations of my forefathers. And obviously only memorising the names of four generations of my forefathers will make me an authority on medieval India. So much logic in that one.

          • sanjay

            I doubt you are even a Hindu. if you really are, you need to be excommunicated and deported to Pakistan. I am sure those guys are generous. They will take great care of you.

          • Soaring Eagle

            Concrete evidence ? You sounded like you knew your history but you do not. I know history of India ,i am not angry at muslims ,many are my friends.

        • sanjay

          When you don’t care a shit about Hindus being assaulted by Muslims why are you even talking here? Fck off

    • Subodh

      Those from BJP who made the statement that eating beef will invite retaliation need to be expelled from the party, and those who are defending such statements don’t have respect for rule of law. It goes without saying that the same would apply to your hypothetical scenario. BJP has not come out smelling of roses from this incident, but what infuriates lot of its supporters is the way media hypes up crimes committed by Hindus against Muslims by covering them on front pages and news hour debates for weeks, while incidences of fanaticism by Muslims or Christians get no more than a report or ticker on news channels. Take for example, the decision of MF Hussein to leave the country. While the Hindu organizations who were responsible for his fleeing India were rightly castigated, we didn’t hear much about the exile of rationalist Sanal Edamaruku to Finland due to threats from Christian fanatics.

      • This is the only comment in these replies that makes sense. Fanaticism of all sorts need to be condemned. Sanal’s case was deplorable, especially how the church got away with it.

        Let’s not forget Taslima Nasreen and the supposed secular government of WB which bent over backwards to appease the muslim fanatics in Bengal and ran her out of the nation. She’s in a much better place now, give how we treat our rationalists.

        The thing here however is that until the rabid rise of hindutva, these were phenomenon limited mainly to islam (and maybe christianity, though it’s history is far more violent outside India). Now there’s even more fuel to burn. All these things have to stop. Keep your religion outside the sphere of public life and don’t enforce religious morals of any kind on any one when it comes to personal choices.

        • Subodh

          In that case, shouldn’t we un-ban cow slaughter throughout the country? It was congress governments in the 50’s and 60’s that passed legislation banning cow slaughter and it is Digvijay Singh who is talking of a central law.

          I think you are too disconnected from the ground reality to understand how strongly Hindus feel about cow slaughter. It has very little to do with Hindutva. In 2013, a van carrying beef was burned along with 70 other vehicles. In Sri Lanka too, buddhists protest against cow killing.

          In US and Europe too, Vegans and PETA activists regularly protest against slaughter houses. They don’t do it out of religious morals.

          If you kill a stray dog or a cat in a colony where most people keep dogs or cats as pets, wouldn’t they be offended and try to stop you or even beat you up for cruelty to animals? Your defense cannot be that killing stray dogs is your personal choice.

          • I think there’s an issue when we state referring to “but the congress did it”. This is not the congress. This was supposed to be better than the Congress. The Congress might have promulgated it, but the BJP is continuing with.

            I am not disconnected from it. Do come down south and see how this issue is treated. Those who go around lynching people for dietary differences are the ones disconnected from reality. The reality is that eating beef does nothing whatsoever to anyone.

            Re the buddhists and PETA, pardon me, Tu quoque fallacies are not exactly the best justification for dietary jihad.

            A stray cat or a dog is has not been on a diner’s menu since time immemorial, not in India anyway. A Cow however is. If we apply your logic, say in Jain community, what if the jains were to beat you up for eating Onions and Garlic? Would you say that defensible?

          • Subodh

            “This was supposed to be better than the Congress.” – Only on economy, governance and corruption. Remember Modi’s pre-election speeches laced with references to “Pink Revolution”. So you can’t say now that you feel betrayed. We all knew that BJP was serious on the issue of cow slaughter/beef consumption. And we gave them a mandate. UP gave Modi 73 why this surprise?

            “Those who go around lynching people for dietary differences are the ones disconnected from reality” Both of us agree that lynching anyone to death is a heinous crime and deserves severe punishment. The Dadri lynchers crossed the line, and deserve no mercy.

            “dietary jihad.” Nice phrase. I wish you visit slaughter houses and see the condition of the animals. Near my home, there is a poultry shop. Every time I pass that shop, I feel infuriated at the way the chicks are caged with no room to move. If I had superpowers or support of a mob, I would have invaded the shop and freed the tortured birds. I don’t, so I walk past feeling angry at the inhumanity of humans and helpless at my inability to do anything. If animals could speak, the phrase they would use for slaughter houses would probably be “torture chambers”.

            Anyway, we are not discussing the merits of vegetarianism. My point is that if restriction on killing of one specie of animals looks like ‘dietary jihad’ to you, then Buddhists or PETA activists have a right to look at slaughter houses as ‘torture chambers’. Whose outlook prevails? Those who have law on their side, right? So if ‘dietary jihadis’ have law on their side, shouldn’t their outlook prevail?

            “A Cow however is.” – Not in India.

            “what if the jains were to beat you up for eating Onions and Garlic? Would you say that defensible?”

            You are trying to apply logic for situations where logic has no role to play. If you kill a stray dog, do you think people will care for your logic? People have emotional attachment for dogs, cats, dolphins, horses or butterflies but they feel repulsion towards rodents or insects. Even Jains don’t have any feelings for underground insects and realize the ridiculousness of expecting people of other faiths to not eat onions or garlic to save lives of underground organisms. But many Hindus do have the same level of emotional attachment to cows that you might have for dogs. (In the city where I live, people (rich, educated professionals) come out of their cars to feed cows on streets).

            In any case, there is no ban on eating onions or garlic, but there is ban on cow slaughter. You may think stray dogs are useless and a nuisance and they need to be killed, but if there is a law protecting strays, as a law-abiding citizen you would refrain from killing them, wouldn’t you?

          • venkat veeraraghavan

            I really appreciate your comments. Your balanced view points and lack of vitriol does you credit. I just wish the trolls on the forum can learn about constructive commenting from you!

          • sanjay

            Wow. So beautifully put. I hope we won’t hear from that troll again. Thank you.

          • sanjay

            I am down south but don’t try presenting south as some kind of Utopia. The abbatoirs here are bad and the way cows are killed is terrible. I doubt you even know about people who consume cats and dogs. Gowdas in karnataka eat cats and the northeastern population that’s migrating to Bangalore steal dogs

      • sanjay

        Very well summed up, which is what the writer is saying. But the birdbrain you are replying to doesn’t see the logic.

      • Soaring Eagle

        Persecution of Hindus happening all over India.,not shown on Main Stream media.You used the word ticker, thr is no mention of it anywhere . While the media remains silent Hindus are being persecuted in broad daylight .

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      The attack is a law and order problem. Should be dealt with seriously. But it is allowed to take areligious turn. UP govt’s responsibility. Cow slaughter is banned in UP for past 60 years. Does any Hindu ask a muslim to eat pork?
      I know Muslims who are angry even when the word suvar is utterred in front of them and object to it.Some freedom of speech in democratic India

    • sanjay

      BJP wouldn’t have allowed it to happen. But you have no way of knowing if Akhilesh Yadav’s government would not have allowed it to happen. BTW, do Muslims worship pigs the same way we Hindus worship cows?

  • george

    this kind of writing comes only from a great mind. May your tribe increase.

  • This article makes such broad sweeping generalisations that it’s hard to take it seriously.

    For example, the author states and I quote “Conservatives are rooted, truthful and pessimistic. Liberals are hopeful, divisive and untruthful when describing realities”

    Which is for the lack of a better word, hilarious. When you refer to these words here, is there a specific context or is just a very general brushstroke that broadly stereotypes these definitions? Let’s quote an example. Conservatives are against birth control, would you call that being “rooted” and that “Conservatives view social realities as they exist on the ground”? Really?

    Let’s keep that aside and assume that the author was only referring to an Indian context. Conservatives hindus in India believe that eating beef should not be done by anyone because it hurts their sentiments. How is that describing a ground reality that’s truthful? The entire world eats beef. We eat beef. If they are hurt by it, they should learn to live with it.

    He then goes on to defend Mahesh Sharma’s immature remarks as a byproduct of innocence and ignorance about the ways of the world. That doesn’t excuse the profound impact these viewpoints have in such debates. A few years ago, Jacob Zuma stated that safe sex is not necessary and that he never uses a Condom. While his statements were in sync with cultural perspectives, it was detrimental to the efforts of AIDS activists who were desperately fighting a race to increase contraceptive adoption in Africa.

    When you are in a position of power, you no longer have the luxury of being an innocent ignorant person. Your words carry power and if you don’t know what to say, then you better remain silent until you learn how to say what needs to be said.

    Even more amusingly the author draws up canards about Stalin’s pogrom or Mao’s idiocy which was completely political and social and had nothing to do with religion whatsoever as an analogy to how liberal viewpoints are stained with blood. I laughed so hard on reading that.

    Lastly, why should Modi talk about this? He should talk about it because there are idiots in his party who can’t seem to shut their mouths. If he’s the leader that he claims to be, and if he could keep needling Manmohan Singh about his silence about whatever fancied him, then he will be subjected to the same treatment.

    This entire piece reeks of such apologetics. It’s sad really.

    • Ram Dargad

      I found your comments more convincing than Tufail Ahmad’s article. Thanks.

      • sanjay

        That makes you another left liberal. I guess Prithvi Shiv has managed to recruit at least one believer to his cause

        • Ram Dargad

          Yes, I am a liberal (opposite of fanatic) but certainly not the left who manage to damage an economy with their misguided policies.
          I see large no of brainwashed trolls commenting without substance & very few making logical arguments, like Prithvi Shiv, who gets 11 approvals …


      More power to you ; it is sad that social media ( Facebook and Twitter ) is loaded with BJP apologists , who can be clearly identified by the language they choose to use , the one they are most comfortable with , the language of abuse. It is far easier to label someone else a pimp , a faggot ,… than counter points with logic / reason / facts.

      I believe that Modi needs to answer enough nonsense from his own mouth ; he routinely mouths statistics which are later on shown to be either inflated or downright lies. Answering for other people’s gaffes is too much to expect.

      Look at the comments made by the supposedly more mature ministers such as Arun Jaitley , where he says that such incidents hurt India’s image , which implies that as long as incidents do not hurt the country’s image , they do not matter. We do not need to correct our society of its ills ; we need to bother only about those which the WHO , the IMF , the UN , the US and various other global entities draw our attention to. And yet , what was the collective response of this ‘nationalist’ group when Obama raised the issue of intolerance ?

      Till date , not a single BJP person has condemned even a single remark made by any number of BJP ministers , MLAs and party members ; why ? It is on the same lines of Modi having never apologised for 2002.

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        Don’t make generalizations. They are trolls.

        • sanjay

          He is one among them, a troll

      • sanjay

        Thanks Narayan Rao for taking off your pants and showing off your Langoti. I guessed you could be a troll in your earlier comments. You are proving it.

        • NARAYAN RAO

          By your language you are recognized.

    • What an idiot this swine “prithvi shiv” is. Sounds like a made up name from a bugger pretending to pass as a Hindu. Use your real name, a$$wipe.

      “Even more amusingly the author draws up canards about Stalin’s pogrom or Mao’s idiocy which was completely political and social and had nothing to do with religion whatsoever as an analogy to how liberal viewpoints are stained with blood. I laughed so hard on reading that.”

      Of-course religion has nothing to do with that point because he is talking about SECULAR LIBERALS remember? Laughing and drooling is no substitute for reading, but since it sounds like you were dropped on your head on birth, no surprise that you have reading problems.

      “Conservatives hindus ”

      Lol, and this ch&*^%iya is giving grammar lessons to others. Typical BA pass are you? Back bencher moron who needed a donation to get into a third rate program somewhere to come ejaculate this drivel here?

      • What a piece of S**t R Kumar is. He sounds like something that’s sold in a cheap textile shop. Probably underwear material. I am not a hindu you c**t so go suck on that.

        Lol. Stalin and Mao were liberals. 😀 😀 I can’t even begin to fathom the idiocy of that viewpoint. Pray tell us about their liberal outlooks. I would be deeply interested.

        And dingleberry, typos and grammar. Go look it up B***dike, you sound like a typical chaddi high school fail dropout who’s mother wishes everyday that she had an abortion. Your father still regrets wasting his sperms on a worthless little t*at like you. Do the world a favor and stop wasting oxygen, you filthy maggot.

        F**k you in the lungs you illiterate piece of S**t.

        • Haha, the real ch00t comes out. Not a Hindu, well what do you know. I can see why you are so ashamed of using a non-Hindu name, and why you are such a fraud. Apparently, you think your point has no validity otherwise. Effing liar.

          Of-course Stalin and Mao are the Marxist heroes that the “sickular liberals” of India are influenced by. Do you know anything at all about politics or is it all sputter and spit with you?

          “Wasting his sperms”
          More language brilliance from 2-bit retarded mofo. I produce better turds in my stools than a pos like you, lol.

          • The real Chute came out when your mom gave birth to you. I am as ashamed of my name as you are of celebrating the Republic day 😀 . Or perhaps using the days of the week. F**k it.

            Sanghi ch**tes like you illterate C**ts seem unable to comprehend that not being a chaddiwallah doesn’t make someone a communist automatically. F**k Mao and Stalin. And f**k mohan bhagwat too. There, it’s easy as f**k dingleberry.So now from being secular liberals themselves they have apparently become the idols of Indian sickular liberals. 😀 😀

            your mama sucked Godse d**k which explains a stunted c**t like you. You want to bring family in this mofo, bring it on.

            I suggest you have your turn for breakfast. Better still, drink it up with some gaumutra. Then sit in front of some more your marvelous turd and w**k off to it.

          • ” suggest you have your turn for breakfast. Better still, drink it up with some gaumutra. Then sit in front of some more your marvelous turd and w**k off to it.”

            Haha, and if I did the resulting pos would still be better than a fecal stain like you.

            ” I am as ashamed of my name as you are of celebrating the Republic day 😀 . Or perhaps using the days of the week. F**k it.”

            You have lost it completely retard. Even your insults are pathetic. And what’s with the obsession with sanghis? Got buggered by one did you? That would explain a lot. Go see a shrink, and spout off some more curse words. What a rabid pile of excrement! The very embodiment of secular liberalism!

          • You like eating fecal stains don’t you, try it with some pissshake.

            Dingleberry, you think because I am called Prithvi I should be a fake hindu. I am not a HIndu, but my name is my own. So since you are bringing religion vs secular viewpoints here, the republic day shouldn’t be celebrated by s**tbuckets like you who want to associate religion with everything.

            I’ve been buggering sanghis, you are just the latest in the list. You get yourself a lobotomy because that’s only way to remove your hindu mullah f**kwittery it seems. Your a piece of maggot turd epitomising the stone age viewpoints of Hindutvatards, congratulations on s**king your invisible sky friend’s cock, you b**tard.

          • Buggering Sanghis lol, delusions of a retard dickless twit who has been effed beyond belief. The turd you are, you would be happy to issue forth from as a$$ such as mine, as that would be a massive improvement on your lineage. What a bastard you are, well and truly. No wonder you have to name yourself! What a rabid pile of sewage!

          • sanjay

            This clearly shows you leftists are the genetic garbage this country has and you lose your reasoning power once someone shows you what the heck you are made of b*gger off loser.

          • sanjay

            I have figured out your IP you [email protected]@ker. I will get you in a while. Once we are done with you, we will bathe your body in gomoothra and shove some pork up your backside. It’s good that you got exposed so fast. First you come and pretend as though you are some kind of an intellectual and then we see your true colours. We have a name for you- Langots, because while we wear chaddis, you guys roam around in your loin clothes. Kambhakts, because you call us bhakts.

        • sanjay

          Wow, @[email protected], you have taken off your pants and I can see your congi Langoti in all its colours. While I feel bad for the Muslim who got lynched in UP, it’s time vigilantes focused on getting rid of left liberal garbage like you. It won’t be very hard to trace your IP and find you. Guys like you will get fatwas from Indians in the future. You are saying your ideology is greater than this nation. And you’ll meet your waterloo soon.

    • Prem Dhan

      I understand the author hasnt spent time being more accurate, but his context makes it obvious.

      * generalisations are macro-qualities … so it obviously refers to the majority in each group. Specifically he is talking about India, so it is referring to the majority of Indian conservatives and liberals. And as far as ground realities go in India (not the world), I believe the authors view that culturally and historically Indians (majority) view the cow as a sacred animal in the bond between the human and animal kingdom. Since social realities are based on social context(an ever increasing boundary from family, community, larger society, country and regional countries and then perhaps the world as a whole), I believe the Indian conservatives are very grounded. If grounded means, allying with non-Indian roots exclusively and parroting westernism, only then can you be right. So overall I think the author argues cogently within his context.

      * Mahesh can be seen to echo the world-view that muslims can be progressive like Dr. Kalam, and not just entrenched jihadists, and as a minister of culture, I think he is sending a positive stroke and acknowledgement to the majority progressive muslims of India. In my view, he is using his power positively. This is unlke Jacob Zuma.

      * Modi is not the only senior member of his party. Other senior members of his party have taken their time to judge the situation and expressed the opinions of their party. This is not a national crisis, it is a crisis in a small village.

      I see clarity in the piece and unapolegetic historical facts, and congrajulate the author for writing/thinking within context and relevance.

      • I beg to disagree. Indian conservatives are not grounded in reality. We only need to see the inherent misogyny in most hindu stalwarts of the Conservative ilk. Let’s keep mohan bhagwat and his viewpoints on rape aside.

        Let’s just dwell on the khaps, which are representative of what being conservative in India is all about. Not the susu’s or the jaitley’s, but the khap.

        The increasing change of what a woman’s role in the society is completely lost on the khap.

        Let’s keep the khap aside, a typically conservative Indian is also a casteist, something again completely disconnected from reality.

        Few more examples
        What about pre marital sex? What about the notion of a love marriage?

        None of it is grounded in reality. Of course if we are to dwell on ultra conservatives then they’ll be even more disconnected from reality. So this generalisation makes zero sense.

        Re- progressive Muslims like kalam, that’s what you think a progressive Muslim should be. It’s neither an objective definition, nor valid. It’s like a muslim calling rajiv gandhi progressive because he acknowledged their cultural needs. Also are you saying that every muslim is entrenched and that every such entrenched muslim is a jihadist? That’s even more of a gross generalisation than what the author has displayed here. Just because muslims do not fit your stereotype of what a perfect muslim should be, it doesn’t make your stereotyping anymore valid than vice versa. Mahesh sharma is a union minister. Whether you acknowledge it or not he has communication protocols he must follow. It might be media hype, it might not be, but muslims are right now uneasy about what’s transpiring in this country. Shooting your mouth in such a sensitive scenario either indicates immaturity or just plain callousness. Either way it’s idiotic for the author to defend it in the name of innocence or ignorance. If the media can twist what you say, then choose your words wisely or hold your tongue.

        Modi may not be the only senior member but he is the leader and his authority is final. It’s his job to discipline the idiots in his party who will not be silenced. Others speaking until has done nothing to put morons like sakshi maharaj in their place has it? It’s time for him to step up to the plate, after all it was supposed to be abke baar Modi sarkar, or was that more jumla? Additionally, the control that Modi exerts on the BJP is said to be absolute. If there’s anyone who can bring the prodigal children inline it’s him.

        I see zero clarity in it. It’s just a lot of non sequiturs and strawman arguments.

        • Venkat Trantorian

          Once more you’ve done it TA !!!! 🙂

        • sanjay

          It’s people like you who have dubbed Modi an authoritarian and the control he exerts on his party absolute. The people who voted for him understand what it took him to head the BJP parliamentary party and they know the challenges he faces from inside the party as well as from outside where people like you have your daggers out all the time. Your statements about Kalam do not make sense in the context in which the author spoke of him as most Indians are not unhappy that Aurang Zeb’s name was taken off a road after which he was named. This generation of Indians relate to Kalam rather than some old Moghul ruler they have read about in history books. Also, whose communication protocols should Mahesh Sharma follow? The ones dictated by the previous congress regimes? I don’t think so and so do most Indians. If as a left liberal you have not figured out India is changing it’s time you did. This country will eventually cleanse the people who have worked hard to derail its progress. The faster you realize it the better off you are.

    • Tameem

      I agree totally with Mr Shiv’s intellectual brilliance.

      The author Mr Ahmed is striving to be more Right Wing than the VHP Fringe to win kudos from right wing internet intellectuals. Perhaps there is residual anger towards the intellectual elites, maybe he was not given a seat at their table. God knows.

      It is totally incorrect for a journalist to tar every Liberal with the same brush.

      It is incorrect of him to imagine the demonic rise of ISIL in India, I challenge him, where are the Indian Muslim ISIL fighters as he imagines in his paranoid fantasy? Of the half dozen who went, nearly all came back disillusioned, he never writes about that.

      There is no justification at all for the remarks made by the Culture Minister, the attempts to defend him are puerile.

      Mr Tufail is very silent about VHP claims to make Secular India a fully Hindu country by 2020. Is this a new trend of “Pseudo Development” politics where Mr Modi is to be supported as a development messiah no matter the damage his minions do? The present government is wasting the opportunity of decades: Lowest fuel prices compared to Income levels, huge number of educated youth, lakhs of crores [claimed from Spectrum and Coal Auctions] and a majority in parliament. The returns from all these advantages? Pathetic “Jumlas”.

      Hope to see some balanced perspectives from Mr Tufail in the future. I also wish he would study a history of Nazism and about the rise of Hitler, a “Development Messiah” for Germans in the 1930s.

      • sanjay

        Well I don’t think you are a troll. But you have been exposed to leftist `secular’ thought for too long. I won’t blame you for it as it is a 70 year propaganda.

      • Soaring Eagle

        commie spotted

    • sanjay

      “Let’s quote an example. Conservatives are against birth control, would you call that being “rooted” and that “Conservatives view social realities as they exist on the ground”? Really?”

      This is exactly what `secular’ liberals would never get. Conservatives are for birth control in general and particularly among minority whose populations are growing at a higher pace.What you said above is both divisive and untruthful.

      “Let’s keep that aside and assume that the author was only referring to an Indian context. Conservatives hindus in India believe that eating beef should not be done by anyone because it hurts their sentiments. How is that describing a ground reality that’s truthful? The entire world eats beef. We eat beef. If they are hurt by it, they should learn to live with it.”

      You made a sweeping statement saying everyone eats beef. Who’s we? The we you are talking about is probably less than 2 to 3 per cent of India, mostly `secular’ leftists like you and Shoba De in addition to some Muslims and christians. In essence you are saying 2 to 3 per cent of the population of this country has the right to offend 98 per cent of the population. The author has brought this out beautifully in his narrative.

      “A few years ago, Jacob Zuma stated that safe sex is not necessary and that he never uses a Condom. While his statements were in sync with cultural perspectives, it was detrimental to the efforts of AIDS activists who were desperately fighting a race to increase contraceptive adoption in Africa.”

      By this, you are probably making an oblique reference to some heads of Hindu organizations who felt Hindus should have more kids. You’d have been equally critical of anyone who said Muslims should use birth control measures. That’s because leftists like you believe that the Hindu majority in this country have no right to offend the muslims who have a right not to use birth control measures. This is hypocrisy at its best and that’s what the author has laid bare.

      “When you are in a position of power, you no longer have the luxury of being an innocent ignorant person. Your words carry power and if you don’t know what to say, then you better remain silent until you learn how to say what needs to be said.”

      This is exactly what the author meant when he said that leftist liberals tend to advise people on their idea of how one should live. Steeped in this anti-india and pro-Pakistani philosophy I doubt people like you will even understand what the author is saying. If I don’t understand something, I’ll say so. I suppose you can do the same instead of educating people with your ignorance.

      “Lastly, why should Modi talk about this? He should talk about it because there are idiots in his party who can’t seem to shut their mouths. If he’s the leader that he claims to be, and if he could keep needling Manmohan Singh about his silence about whatever fancied him, then he will be subjected to the same treatment.”

      This proves that you are a congress sympathiser and I wouldn’t surprised if you are on someone’s payroll to post this crud. This entire controversy exposed hypocrites, people with double standards and mostly leftist `liberals’ like you. Since I can’t abuse you in English in a public forum I’ll say it in Kannada. Get someone to translate it for you. Neevella Thaayige Keydu thangina huttiso antha soole maklu.


        You say with all the confidence of God that :

        particularly among minority whose populations are growing at a higher pace.

        Do you have a single citation for this statement ? Care to post it ?

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    I think its brilliantly expressed.

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    Shame on you and the likes of you, who are nothing by stooges of the terrorist organization called RSS and BJP.

    Just note that all of the arrested person are from BJP, who have falsely created rumour just to punish in innocent for the sake of political gain, similar to what happened in Gujrat, Maharastra, Jarkhand, Rajastan and Muzaffarnagr..

    Again shame on you…

    • Vikas

      Congress agent here also

    • guest

      Sir/madam what happened was sad, and should not repeat….but as always should be looked at in the the context….the article provides the context….

    • sanjay

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    • Prem Rou

      Wow. The enlightened one has already given judgement ” man, his party, and supporters who murder “,
      what else is there to know ;” Let us disband the investigative agencies, the all knowledgeable one has arrived.

      Another gem “If the Modi administration indeed prizes India’s secular foundations, then why not punish the mobs that killed an innocent man on stereotyped suspicion?”.

      The law and order is a state subject , Investigation is done by police and punishment given by judiciary . But when hatred is in heart , who cares for facts ? .

      “Also explains the recent spike in Muslim-hate crimes in India ” : Yes, when hatred is in heart , eyes do get blinded and mind stops working .
      Basic , 15% Indian population is Muslims and probability of conflicts between two Indians and one of those warring Indian having Islam as religion is high . Please come back with logical data to explain this “fantasy” of yours .

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    A befitting reply. Carry on Tufail Saheb. Pretenders of convoluted secularism cannot be allowed to take everybody for a ride all the time.

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    • Krispy K

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