Intolerance Of The Left: A Brief Laundry List

The cases of CPI (M) killing RSS and BJP men in Kerala are so many that an entire encyclopaedia can be written on it. More than 800 RSS cadres were killed in Kerala alone from 1994 to 2002.

Among others, CPM leaders Mohammad Salim and Sitaram Yechury have recently spoke of  the’Intolerant BJP’ in the Parliament.  Yet, the documented reality is the fact that the Left–including his own party–is the most intolerant of all political groups in the country. Here are a few samples.

1. Communists had supported the Partition of India in 1947, China in the 1962 war, opposed India’s nuclear tests in 1998 while supporting China’s nuclear tests in 1964 and calling Netaji as ‘Tojo’s Dog’ apart from drawing a cartoon of a donkey with Netaji’s face.

2. On 12 May 2006, a Left MP belonging to the Forward Bloc (from Purulia in West Bengal) was  convicted of a charge as serious as rape in a case of 1982.

3. On 27 August 2003, five CPM workers were awarded the death sentence for killing the BJP leader, Master Jayakrishnan in front of school kids who he was teaching on 1 Dec 1999. The traumatized children had to be counselled later.

This was upheld by the Kerala High Court on 26 July 2005. After this order of the High Court, the CPI (M), which gives long lectures to the BJP and RSS on honouring court verdicts, openly burnt the effigy of the judge throughout the state with some workers even threatening to kill him.

But the Supreme Court acquitted four out of the five in December 2006 in a bench comprising of Justice Markandey Katju and reduced the death penalty of the fifth to life imprisonment who was soon released by the Left Government in Kerala. But in December 2012 the Kerala Police re-opened the case, and in July 2013 the CBI said that it will probe laxity in earlier investigations’ in this case.

4. On 7 May 2008 the Times of India reported that a CPI (M) workers’ mob assaulted and stripped a 28-year old woman Nandigram as she refused to join the party. The doctor attending her at Nandigram Hospital confirmed there was sexual assault.

5. On 2 March 2002 the Times of India reported that CPI (M) workers hacked to death two BJP members who had switched to the BJP from the CPI (M) in Kerala.

bhatkal6. One of India’s most wanted terrorist Yasin Bhatkal was actually arrested by the West Bengal Police in 2008 but due to poor prosecution from the CPI (M) he got bail and went scot-free, a reflection of perhaps, its pro-terrorist policy.

7. In November 2010 as many as 44 cadres of the CPI (M) including party office bearers were convicted for the brutal killings of 11 landless farmers by the CPI (M) workers in July 2000.

8. The CPI (M) leader of Kerala, M M Mani openly bragged in a public meeting as to how the CPI (M) brutally killed its political opponents in Kerala. The CPI (M) removed Mani from his position after this in June 2012 but then reinstated him to same post on 25 October 2013.

9. On 30 November 2010, an RSS worker was killed by CPM cadres.

10. On 27 April 2009, an RSS man was stabbed to death near Kannur by CPI (M) cadres.

11. On 28 May 2010, in Kannur district two RSS men were killed in Kerala again by CPI (M) cadres.

12. On 1 December 2013 in Kannur district, a BJP worker was hacked to death and two others were injured by CPI (M) workers.

13. CPI (M) Politburo member and West Bengal former CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee admitted to the “grave wrongs committed by some of our party men” i.e. CPI (M) in areas like Netai by eliminating their political opponents. Nine people were killed on 7 January 2011 when alleged CPI (M) mercenaries attacked villagers at Netai a small village in West Midnapore district. While several of the attackers were arrested, some others were still at large.

The former Chief Minister addressing a rally at Midnapore said the January 2011 mass killing at Netai was a “grave wrong committed by some of our partymen, many of whom had since fled the area” condemning criminalisation of politics.”

14. The investigation into the murder of rebel CPM leader T P Chandrashekharan, which caused great embarrassment to the CPM and for which CPM leaders were convicted, led to more alarming disclosures.  Accused in Chandrashekharan’s murder, T.K. Rajeesh could be nabbed only after his girlfriend Rubina, who worked at a Kolkata bar, gave his mobile number to a visiting Mumbai police team that traced the twenty-something girl with Kolkata police’s help, sources said.

Rajeesh had allegedly confessed to being part of the seven-member team that murdered Chandrasekharan and said the killers had been acting at the behest of some Kerala CPM leaders. The police said he had also admitted to a direct role in the murder of four BJP-RSS activists in the past, including the daylight assassination of K.T. Jayakrishnan, state vice-president of BJP youth wing Yuva Morcha.

15. The trial court convicted 12 CPM members, including 3 top leaders, for the murder of CPM rebel leader T P Chandrashekaran.

16. Karayi Sanveejan, an accused in the murder of BJYM State Vice President Master Jayakrishnan died in August 2003. The mother of Karayi Sajeevan, named as seventh accused in the case pertaining to the brutal murder of Yuva Morcha’s Kerala vice-president KT Jayakrishnan in Kannur in 1999, has alleged that the CPI (M) was behind her son’s death.

Sanjeevan was found dead on the night of August 11, 2003 just 15 days before a court in Thalassery sentenced five of the accused to death. “He had told me he was going to tell the court the whole truth but he had not divulged it to us. That he might spill the beans could have scared the CPI (M) and this could have led to his death,” his mother Kamala said.

17. Former CPM MP AP Abdullakutty alleged that Kerala CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan had asked the party leaders to follow the “Bengal line” of killing political enemies without shedding a drop of blood. He alleged that Vijayan explained that this “model” involved kidnapping and burying alive political enemies with a sack of salt on them in deep ditches.

Abdullakutty writes that Vijayan said this in a party meeting held at Azhikodan memorial party office in Kannur on March 5, 2008 ahead of a peace meeting convened by the district collector following violence in Kannur. Kutty says the meeting was attended by CPM MPs P. Karunakaran, P. Sathidevi and CPI (M) MLAs from Kannur other than him.

He further goes on to say that the discussion on eliminating enemies came up when Sathidevi complained to Vijayan that they were worried about BJP’s protest in Parliament showing pictures of barbarous killings by CPM in Kannur. “Pinarayi Vijayan said that if we adopt the Bengal model there won’t be any trace of the murder,” writes Abdullakutty.

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I was shocked to hear such a comment from the state secretary. Later, when we were at Parliament, I enquired about this to West Bengal MP Anil Basu. Basu told me that what Pinarayi told was right. He said that Kerala line of killing is barbaric and in Bengal they don’t even shed a drop of blood and bury the enemies alive. He said that the outside world won’t even see a piece of bone,” says Abdullakutty.  He says that he met Anil Basu along with P. Suresh Kurup, then CPM MP and present MLA of Ettumanoor.

18. CPM leader Comrade Biman Basu was caught on camera asking CPM cadres to attack Election Commission people in protest against a decision which CPM did not like. Left Front chairman Biman Basu called upon the party cadres to ‘attack’ the Central observers and ‘teach’ them a lesson for ‘siding with the Trinamool Congress and the BJP in the campaigning against the CPI (M).’

Basu, who was also a member of the CPI (M) Politburo, in a public statement on 8 May 2004 incited the party workers and supporters against some Central observers. Some Central observers alleged to the CEC that their lives were in danger following threat by some CPI (M) workers who were opposing them to act impartially for ensuring a free and fair poll in West Bengal.

They wanted adequate protection during their stay in the state so that they could work freely and independently. These observers also registered a formal complaint with the state Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Mr Basudev Bandopadhyya, in this connection. Reacting to Mr Basu’s threat to the Central observers, the TMC leader, Mamata Banerjee, demanded that Mr Basu would be arrested forthwith for intimidating the Central election observers.

BJP president, Mr Tathagata Roy, alleged that Mr Basu had gone out of the way in inciting the party cadres against the observers since they were now finding it difficult to rig the poll in their traditional methods. Mr Roy demanded police action against Mr Basu. 

The cases of CPI (M) killing RSS and BJP men in Kerala are so many that an entire encyclopaedia can be written on it. More than 800 RSS cadres were killed in Kerala alone from 1994 to 2002.

Indeed, the aforementioned are just a small tip of the proverbial iceberg of Leftist violence in India.Mr. Sitaram Yechury would do well to recall this sordid record.

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  • Adithya

    Modi ji acknowledged 1000’s of RSS and BJP workers have shed blood for this victory in 2014. We should make India great that should be our main objective

  • Rajat Datta

    The BJP and RSS better realize that it would take a lot more courage and intellectual power to counter and destroy the commies. Mr Modi would find obstacles everywhere in his development quest but he just can’t bow down to these traitors. His Lok Sabha speech was not what i expect from him. Maybe he has something up his sleeve, who knows?

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Commies had Rajashray during Nehru Gandhi Era. If one wanted to be recognized as an intellectual paying lip service to the left and to Marxism was very necessary. Many from RSS cadre turned leftist later on.That never stopped you from emulating the ‘sahibs’ in your habits. EG Dange

      • Rajat Datta

        You are absolutely correct. The stranglehold of the commies over educational institutions need to destroyed by competent people willing to help Modi.

  • Jagadeesh V

    RSS should learn using Media to build public pressure and get justice for the victims.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Wo kaise media kharid sakate hain? Indian media is bikau.

  • Seel

    Communists always supported Muslim and other terrorists, during partition they were with Muslim League but Pakistan and Bangladesh have no communist party, same as in all Muslim countries there are no communist party.

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  • m p

    Please also add 40,000 death due to Maoist terrorism to the list. Maoist terrorism was started at Naxalbari by youth wing of CPIML.

  • Indian

    ALSO which party comes closest to ISIS in ideology and thinking and action. Its these Maddogs, ONLY that ISIS is a toddler and an epitome of Tolerance and Humanity compared to the Vile Rabid Lunatic Leftist “humanists”. THEIR HUMANITY worships the Biggest and most evil Mass Murderers ever to tread. THE GREAT HUMANIST STALIN, MAO, POL POT who wiped their countries killing crores in most “Humane way” for their Fragile Human spirit e.g Reksas who very “Humanely” used to slice his opponents to death. George Orwell 1984 clearly exposes Maddogs Doublespeak and Double Think “Freedom is slavery” “War is Peace” and offcourse TOLERANCE = INTOLERANCE.
    These evil vile lunatics like 2 call opponents fascist and Hitler, By the way who supported Hitler. These born to ..Red panties “War against Imperialism” However as soon as Hitler attacked Russia it became ‘People’s War”-They think others are fools. By the way has anybody heard a Scientist, Engineer, Dr as Commies. Most of them are usless GOOD for Nothing, Drug alcohol crazed street dogs with some useless courses like Political science, sociology or the most Gutter couse called Journalism

  • Indian

    Great compilation. However major missing points. Nandigram Genocide by the Italian XianISIS Congi and the Red Maddogs in Nandigram 1000 lives of Poor farmers lost. The main accused Prakash Karat and his keep mutibedded slut Brenda Karat still free and breathing. BIL the notorious PORNO Roy the son of a British keep and a characterless father f..king everywhere, whose other filthy product is Suzzane Mary “Arundhati” Roy
    17 Anand Marg Monks were brutally lynched by Red Maddogs in Purulia, which was anyway Bengal’s Kannur.

    Red Maddogs laid their mothers to Razakars, sided with them and killed huge nos of Hindus in Hyderabad b4 Sardar Patel the IRON MAN COUNTERATTACKED. It is to the credit of that GREAT MAN THAT HE DID NOT HOLD BACK THE ARMY’S HAND AND INDIAN ARMY TAUGHT A LESSON TO THESE RED RABID MADDOGS THEY WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER, KILLING ALL COMMIE MADDOGS WHO TRIED TO COME IN THE WAY


  • Savarkar’s Disciple

    800 RSS cadres were killed and what did the RSS BJP do in retaliation???Nothing I guess as usual.This is what happens when you have a Gandhian Organisation leading the Hindu movement.

    • I never knew RSS was such a enfeebled organization. So they apparently fail at ideological level since they have instituted a useless/failed Gandhian philosophy.

    • K T Thomas

      RSS youth in Kerala have occasionally retaliated against commie goons but of course not in equal measure. Though RSS leadership is timid and often indulge in idealistic buffoonery, the youth know the nature of commies better and so, sometimes they do react.

      • Savarkar’s Disciple

        The youth reacting is a rarity young people need a young dynamic kshatriya leader but RSS doesn’t have that and this timid behaviour is not doing justice to people of Bengal or Kerala.I know the youth has the potential to fight fire with fire but the top brass seriously lacks confidence.I dunno what happened to the RSS but it seems that Chacha somehow got its teeth and nails plucked out to a point where it has never grown back.

        • K T Thomas

          Yes, successive Congi govts seem to have removed nails and teeth of RSS. After Gandhi’s execution, RSS has been a domestic cat, not a tiger, as it should have been. RSS leadership is always afraid of anybody in power, even the BJP. They dare not tell anyone what they want. So they never get what they wish. The most surprising thing about RSS is its intellectual bankruptcy. They have not produced a single leader who can articulate well.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            I think they even removed the brain along with the nails and teeth hence RSS suffers from intellectual bankruptcy.If India is divided especially certain states where the Muslim population has gone up I would blame it on the leader of the Hindu Movement and in this case it would be the RSS.All these years it survived for what purpose so that it could see Maa Bharati divided again whats the point of such a Coward Child who cant even try to protect its mother.

            Why is RSS intellectually bankrupt ?
            Golwalkar distrusted books and taunted his followers if they were caught reading. … ask if anyone ever needed a book to love his mother—or his Motherland.

          • guest

            I might not have understood the comment correctly, so asking to clarify and learn. Did Golwalkar distrust books? But he wrote some as well, right? I understand that we do not need books love our mothers or motherland, but that does not mean we do not read and develop….or do you mean that Golwalkar asked people that if anyone needed to read to love his mother land?

            But that may have been due to the times, prebritish times illiteracy was much more widespread and they needed people?

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Just coz Golwalkar read or wrote a few books does not mean he expected the cadre to do so,remember the first time we spoke if I remember correctly unless your not the same guest that I spoke with,you used to think that Medha Patkar’s views are in allignment with Dharmik views and now you have come a long way from that.This is cause you read and understood things,Golwalkar thought it was waste of time to read as work needed to be done on ground(Ghass-root).This attitude is completely contradictory to Savarkar’s views and thats why even if RSS was inspired and looked upto Savarkar at one time,today it has lost its path due to not investing enough in the Bauddhika Kshatriya.Most of our Kshatriya kings were always well read and this helped them a lot,the purva paksha of ISLAM for some reason was not done until Swami Dayanand Saraswati and you see the repurcussions(17 Crore believers).The RSS still continues to not step on toes and offend the Muhammadi Hindus(Indian Muslims) and avoids direct Purva Paksha of Muhammad & his Islam.



            Compare this to What was the breadth and depth of Savarkar’s scholarship?
            Some of the things they dont mention here are that in Kalapani in less than 10 years he had read over 2000 books -Refer My Transportation for Life.
            I am sure you will not find one Sanghi with this kind of Knowledge he was both a Karma Yogi and Manishi.

          • guest

            Thanks for this great response. I agree reading is very important (btw, yes, and the same guest,–great memory!!) I just had a little talk with someone today who was calling RSS a fascist organisation. I do not agree with that. But my problem is that RSS is has double negative against it…ofcourse the lack of tapas with regards to knowledge — that you talk about –but i doubt it is a fascist organisation as it is made out to be to insult it. Thanks for the links. I watched about half of the video on eating beef, but will check it out again, that was great information. I am beginning to realise that there has to be a concentrated plan, even for myself, otherwise, all this reading and listening and no action does not lead anywhere. do you belong to that group of RM? and hope your work is coming along well. PS: we indians need to build more libraries rather than malls. It is so true that hindoos do not read.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            RSS is living embodiement of GANDHISM so its far far away from FASCISM.I am there in RM’s group I knew ur there on it coz u posted the link same day he mentioned on yahoo.But RM also does his bowing to Gandhi which i dont agree with but may be its a Positioning strategy he has choosen as he lives in US.

            Heres a comparison btw FASCISM n HINDUTVA which are poles apart.
            Fin de siècle era and the fusion of Maurrasism with Sorelianism (1880–1914)[edit]
            The ideological roots of fascism have been traced back to the 1880s, and in particular to the fin de siècle theme of that time.[63][64] The theme was based on a revolt against materialism, rationalism, positivism, bourgeois society and democracy.[65] The fin-de-siècle generation supported emotionalism, irrationalism, subjectivism and vitalism.[66]

            Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (About this sound pronunciation (help·info)) (28 May 1883 – 26 February 1966) was an Indian pro-independence activist,[1][2] politician as well as a poet, writer and playwright. He advocated dismantling the system of caste in Hindu culture, and reconversion of the converted Hindus back to Hindu religion. Savarkar coined the term Hindutva (Hinduness) to create a collective “Hindu” identity as an “imagined nation”. His political philosophy had the elements of Utilitarianism, Rationalism and Positivism, Humanism and Universalism, Pragmatism and Realism

          • guest

            Thanks–and once again I browsed through much, read a bit more about Sarvarkar, and hope to come back…(at this point,I am in too many directions unable to figure out where to start–I keep wanting to specialise in one area of Indian thought–and I have 2-3 areas of interest, but need to think more about it. So, my two questions which RSS gets attacked for usually are—1. that RSS did not help during the quit india movement and shied away from standing against the British. 2. that they were responsible by the Mahatma’s assassination. (which I seriously doubt.)

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            The allegation that the RSS remained aloof from the freedom movement, however, is answered with the detail about RSS volunteers’ participation in the Quit India agitation of 1942 (p.233-239) But that too will fail to convince because the critics will just ignore this book.

            The two most common assertions in any introductory text on Hindu nationalism are that one of theirs killed Mahatma Gandhi, and that Guru MS Golwalkar was a Nazi. The standard answer to the first is to deny it (which is only technically true) and to the second, to deny that Golwalkar wrote the book in which some lines vaguely suggest a Nazi connection (a transparent lie). I have at length analysed both allegations and shown the first to be generally true but not causally related to the murder, and the second to be false. But the RSS has never made any use of these analyses, so I note with satisfaction that Sharda does quote me in this regard (p.92, he even accepts my criticism of their general handling of history research, p.81). He refutes the general allegation of Nazi inspiration as at any rate impossible, for the RSS and its rules and culture were already in place when Adolf Hitler became known in India. In reality, it took its inspiration from Shivaji, secondarily from Sant Tukaram and Sant Ramdas, and among foreigners, from Giuseppe Mazzini
            Reference- Koenraad Elst

            Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi and Godse was in the Congress then the RSS and then the HMS-Reference How I became a Hindu David Frawley Pg 137-138

          • guest

            Thanks, I am going to come back and talk more on this, (sometimes there are too many things in a day to do)–but will get back to it, because I want to get back to the person who I argued with…..who kept saying I need references and proof. There is another guy Sabhlok, I read his blog, thinking he was an intellectual. Well, —to say the least, he is more about promoting himself by being controversial than anything else. I do not have time to write and argue much. So I read more than comment. HIs blog constantly talks against RSS and he refuses to accept any evidence given by the commentators and then proclaims himself the winner in the ‘debate’ if that can be called so. anyway, all get back, thanks. PS: I have to look at the books that you mentioned for a detailed read….

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            In 2015, David Frawley was honored by the President of India with the Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award granted by the government of India for “distinguished service of a high order to the nation.”
            Sabhlok is an idiot he will get you more confused beyond a point there is no need to argue with characters like him they waste your time. You need to read the right works or else you will remain confused if you are comfortable with RMs works stick with it become an expert on it .Don’t waste commenting and discussing without proper reading even then you can do better than just being an internet warrior.

          • guest

            Thanks for this sound advice. I keep thinking I want to write too. But when I read various blogs, I know I have much learning to do. I agree with following one author’s work and then then moving to another. I just got done with Yogananda’s most popular book, which I have mixed feelings about. I am pretty familiar with S. Vivekananda. I could read that over and over again. But RM’s work is needed to apply to our world since it is now very important to be an intellectual kshatriya. I found out about RM only this year and then joined his group recently. When I read comments there I realise how little I know. Yet, so much fills me with anger, and a fear of what might happen to India. That I have to stop reading all this much and come back to faith or else everyday functioning becomes difficult. i need to establish a system of meditation (even sarvarkar did it) to find the centre from which I must understand and interact. And yes, I have to keep away from much confusing literature. Thanks

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            But the same term has become a swear word thanks to Congress and Socialist parties which have been divided into several groups.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            But they use the same Term to beat up RSS and other Hindus.Thanks to Voice of India Publications and social media that people are coming to know the truth or else Sonia’s” I am Indira Gandhi’s Bahu” would have created false sympathy like it did for Indira after Janta Govt went after her.

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            ‘Swear’ word is an abusive term. Thanks for the reply all the same.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Look at how these Wikipedia and Gatekeepers contradict themselves and I have already taken a screeshot incase they change it later on.

            When RM says there are GATEKEEPERS


            The Hindutva ideology is described as a fascist ideology. Although this ideology is associated with Hinduism, majority of Hindus who are tolerant or “secular” do not support the Hindutva movement. Some tolerant or “secular” Hindus describe the supporters of the Hindutva movement as “Hindu Taliban”.
            Hindutva – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


          • Shubhangi Raykar

            Hindutva is a neutral term which has been loaded with negativity of late. Just as Nationalists has become another term with negative implications. This is all of colonial dispensation. In african post colonial literature white becomes black and black becomes white.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Yes,even RM discussed the flaws of Post Modernism in BD.But here I just wanted to point out how these people are chopping and changing definition according to their free will.I especially feel bad that there is noone to stand up and say anything from Savarkar’s side.Any kind of WESTERN UNIVERSALIST world view will eventually end up committing CULTURAL GENOCIDE.

          • K T Thomas

            It is true that Golwalkar distrusted books. It is also true that most RSS workers and leaders rarely read, write or think much. They are forever conducting shakhas, shibirams, travelling all over the country, repeating what they have been saying for well over half a century. No wonder then that few listen to them. Ordinary patriotic people must in future refuse to pay any homage to this redundant and timid Gandhian organization.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            “Ordinary patriotic people must in future refuse to pay any homage to this redundant and timid Gandhian organization.”

    • Seel

      What do you expect from a group walking around with sticks than guns?

      • Savarkar’s Disciple

        Absolutely but dont forget the really attractive looking Khaki Half Chaddi.

    • harilal

      I am a. Swayam sevak from Kerala. RSS had always retaliated and never beena coward. Please don’t propagate these kind of nonsense.

      • Savarkar’s Disciple

        You stop misrepresenting facts about RSS,you all make the gullible Hindus believe that they will do something for Hindus.Reality is you run away from fighting fire with fire or else why have so many RSS workers been killed in Bengal and Kerala and why has there not been an adequate response from your behalf?why has Tapan Ghosh had to form a serperate Hindu Samhiti in Bengal?Stop lieing about the RSS accept the fact its a Gandhian Organisation and hence lacks the will to fight back.Any other Hindu Movement not affiliated to RSS is down played or killed by the RSS itself.Why?I can go on with this you know n anyways whose scared of Sanghis your organisation is filled with old people with no Kshatriya Prowess and I know your Org from the inside so no need telling what to propagate and what not to propagate.

      • K T Thomas

        RSS has failed totally. It has no intellectual caliber at all. No one reads or writes. RSS leaders are known for their naivete, lack of guile and buffoonery Youth is slowly realizing the uselessness of the RSS.

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        RSS has changed its face after adopting Gandhism during Vajpayee govt. Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka. I mean only figuratively I do not want to use the word ‘dog’ and sit in the line of Modiji whom I revere and VK Singh Ji who deserves a lot of praise for coining words like ‘presstitute’ and his great efficiency.

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          It saddens me when I see the most powerful Hindu Organization shying away from taking the bull by the horns.Hindu Brothers and Sisters in places like Kerala,Bengal,Assam and North East are continuously facing the threat of complete annihilation but somehow the RSS refuses to reciprocate in the same manner.Only for once if they could go back to Savarkar they could do wonders for our Rashtra.Today we to Hindus suffer from the following notion “Shivaji Maharaj tumhi janmala yave pan shejarchya gharat”

  • P. B. Josh

    Fantastic compilation. We need such compilation about UPA ministers’ (Mani Shankar, Beneprasad Digvijay Sing etc.) intolerance statements against Mr. Modi and BJP.

  • subodh1945

    these leftiies use the workers unions and betray them , also use them as fodder to further ther own ends and fill ther pockets , they are a danger to humanity , deal with them in same way as they deal with ther oppnents