Is BJP Failing PM Modi?

PM Modi’s personal popularity remains high despite all the hit jobs by the media, but the BJP looks lost and it has lost.

  • Though BJP is the largest political party in India, it has lost touch with its core supporters.
  • BJP has failed to assess ground situations and counter manufactured agenda against the Modi Sarkar.
  • BJP in its present trajectory puts Modi’s re-election to a serious risk.

BJP is the largest political party in the world’s largest democracy. It elects its office bearers through party elections. Narendra Modi, a rank outsider to the national politics, was able to stake his claim for BJP’s PM candidacy in 2014 elections after some engaging conflict with the BJP’s established order. These and such other facts show that it is a democratic party no matter what its critics say. Forget the dynasty controlled Congress, not many other parties can claim to be this democratic.

Undeterred by obstructionist Congress and its media slaves’ hit jobs, PM Modi and his government continues its good work of development, of ensuring our external security, and of protecting India’s interests abroad. Its achievements in just under two years after coming to power are too many to cover here. (Read here and here)

After Congress’ misrule for 60 years and its anti-national politics (e.g. Ishrat Jahan cover up, allowing illegal Bangladeshi immigrants to settle in India) I feel that Modi Sarkar is the best thing that has happened to India since independence. There is a tremendous hope and positivity among people (just stop reading fringe media). I think many fellow Indians will agree with me.

Modi and the BJP: Is it a winning combination?

Shouldn’t PM Modi and his party BJP be an unbeatable combination in view of the above? But is it?

PM Modi’s personal popularity remains high despite all the hit jobs by the media, but the BJP looks lost and it has lost.

Lalu-Nitish2PTIBJP lost Delhi and Bihar badly. In the April-May 2016 elections, it has high hopes in Assam, but it has already wasted opportunities in West Bengal by letting the Mamata Government off the hook for state’s poor growth and terror factories. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala it is looking to make a mark. BJP’s prospects as a whole don’t look promising.

While Modi is several steps ahead of his critics and even his supporters in the matters of governance, BJP merely reacts to events. It never sets the political agenda. Look at the top of the mind recalls given below.

Top of the Mind recalls

  1. Kanhaiya Kumar and JNU
  2. Rohith Vemulla
  3. Women not allowed in Shani Shingnapur
  4. BJP MP kicks a horse
  5. Farmer suicides
  6. Dalit reservations
  7. Vijay Mallya allowed to flee
  8. Dadri lynching (over beef)
  9. Pune techie murder
  10. A Muslim doesn’t get rented house
  11. Churches ‘under attack’

Unless you are a die-hard Modi supporter and unless you are regularly digging into social media, you will think that India is a highly violent and intolerant banana republic in which freedom of expression is severely curtailed. You will think that BJP guys are calling Kejriwal ‘a coward and a sociopath’ and that he isn’t even allowed to say anything.

You will think that Kamlesh Tiwari is getting away with blasphemy and Owaisi is jailed. You will think that RSS Chief is putting the knife to Owaisi’s throat and asking him to say ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’

You will think that Durga puja is allowed everywhere in Bengal and Muslim festivals are severely restricted. You will think that Muslim girls, not Hindu girls are getting abducted.

You will think that Kashmiri Hindus were not thrown out, but Muslims there were made homeless by the Indian State. Therefore the Kashmiri Muslims feel ‘alienation’ which finds ‘expression’ in waving Pakistani flags, celebrating India’s loss in cricket, and conferring martyrdom on Afzal Guru and Yakub.

Yakub MemonYou will think that Yakub and Afzal were martyred freedom fighters and that Savarkar and Bhagat Singh were traitors and bigots. You will think that Ph.D students in India get stipend and subsidized food for fighting the above kind of injustice by the Indian State.

You will think that nothing good is ever coming out of India.

Where is BJP?

Now where is BJP in all this? Barring Smriti Irani do you recall anyone else from BJP forcefully refuting lies and slander by Congress and its allies? Mind you, Smriti was defending herself as a cabinet minister. But where was the party amid all the above mentioned manufactured controversies? Subramanian Swamy is fighting a lone battle and BJP is not even supporting him.

Role of a political party is to develop leaders, take care of interests of core voters, to set agenda for the government and for the public discussion. It is expected to capture the reality on the ground and issues at local, state, and national levels. Its role is to provide a coherent framework for policy making. A political party in power should take its government’s good work to people and build political goodwill. A political party must stay ahead of opponents in the political space and win elections. Do you see BJP doing any of these?

BJP doesn’t raise issues related to political murders of its supporters in Kerala and West Bengal. It doesn’t raise issues of conversions of Hindus by Christian missionaries. It doesn’t protest infiltration of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh except when elections come by. It has slept through large scale demographic shifts in parts of Bengal, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Nagaland etc. brought by illegal immigration and conversions. BJP is not doing anything for social justice to Dalits and other disadvantaged groups. Patriotic Indians, which form the BJP’s core support base certainly feel let down.

Does BJP capture ground reality? In my home town Pune, BJP is missing from action despite winning all Loksabha and Assembly seats. It is dithering on the city’s public transport. At Maharashtra state level, BJP is letting the Fadnavis Government do its work while it enjoys sleep until 2019. On the national level barring President Amit Shah, it has no one who can forcefully articulate issues. Even he concentrates only on election management and campaigning.

Does the BJP develop leaders? Only partly. It has leaders in MP and Rajasthan. It lost Delhi and Bihar because it had no strong local leader there. Despite the Modi wave of 2014, the BJP could not win Maharashtra on its own (It lost Gopinath Munde, but the organization shouldn’t be so shallow)

BJP does not even provide any support for policy preparation. Modi Sarkar has to lean on a rag-tag combination of economists and NITI Ayog. If BJP has any views on the long term economic and social policies, it has not articulated them except in nebulous terms.

BJP can’t even explain Modi Government’s and its state governments’ good work in a language that is understood by the common people.

After two years in power BJP has not been able to make any dent in the Congress’ eco-system of media, ’eminent’ experts in various fields, NGOs, and various public\semipublic institutions infested with their people.

BJP Government is in power but the Indian establishment is still controlled by the Congress.

BJP is failing its Prime Minister

It is amazing that a party with about 9 Crore registered members, 282 MPs and a large number of MLAs is laggardly in its role. One can blame hostile media and entrenched institutional interests for being against BJP. But what did BJP do? Patriotic Indians on social media are fighting a valiant battle against media hit jobs and often nailing their lies – despite not being organized and through their individual efforts. BJP does not even bother to engage with the talented people who are enthusiastic, public minded, and who are willing to support the BJP governments’ good work.

I wonder if BJP office bearers monitor social media at all. They don’t engage in any issues coming up on social media (There are exceptions, but these mostly come from Modi’s ministers not party office bearers) It seems that they remain content in retweeting Modi’s or some other leaders’ tweets.

BJP was lazy in opposition (else we would not have had Sonia’s lousy laws and huge illegal immigration and conversion rackets going). In power, it is continuing in the same vein.

BJP is failing its Prime Minister.

Does it matter?

It does.A strong, dynamic party can keep its own government and the opposition governments on its toes. No matter how good Modi Sarkar is, it needs this. With correct ground level signals, the BJP could have alerted PM about agricultural crisis and the steps in this year’s budget could have been taken without wasting last year.

Were BJP aware of ground realities, it could have cautioned PM that the ‘Land Acquisition Bill’ would cause farmers unrest or it could have prepared political grounds for it. Who knows, BJP could have even won Bihar.

Even now the BJP is failing to tell the PM that urban transport is in crying need of quick mass transport fixes, which can’t wait for Smart City concept to take shape. BJP is missing a big opportunity of connecting with the urban masses on this issue, just as it missed connecting with the farmers.

If the ruling BJP in MP were alert, its government would have been pro-active on the Vyapam investigation. In Gujarat and Rajasthan it could have stopped reservation agitation from spinning out of control.

Election in 2014 was won in an extraordinary situation. As Sharad Pawar put it after the results were out: “Almost everyone wanted to throw out Congress”. Yet, Congress could get 44 MPs elected. Congress and NCP could together get over 90 MLAs elected in Maharashtra state elections of 2014. Remember Congress has bounced back from situations worse than 2014.

It will be foolishly optimistic to expect that 2019 will be won by the BJP on such a wave. BJP in its present trajectory puts Modi’s re-election to a serious risk. BJP is not just failing its Prime Minister, but it is also failing every Indian who wishes to see Achhe Din.

I hope that the BJP does a quick course correction.

Disclaimer: The facts and opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. IndiaFacts does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article.'
Nationalist, blogger, runner, startup mentor, design consultant. IIT Bombay alumnus. Twitter: @Hkarandikar
  • ash

    Nice article- and it is true that once BJP were the winners they became high handed and unapproachable. People have a lot to say to discuss – but it is impossible to reach the party. The party heads are all in ivory towers thinking they made Modi and won the election now they must just bask in glory.You try meeting them impossible- you try to become a member someone says goes to state unit- some say go to District unit and some say go to Delhi.
    BJP is scattered with too many self interest and no one is responsible. Name the tier after Modi and Shah there is none.
    It will be a miracle if they even retain half teh seat in 2019

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    One doesn’t to look far. Just look at the BJP spokespersons on T.V. They will ensure NaMo’s loss in 2019. One misses the well researched retorts of Nirmala Sitharaman and Meenakshi Lekhi. In any case, Budget 2016, signaled the NaMo and AJ duo kissing goodbye to the middle class. It is downhill for the BJP from 2016 onwards.

  • R K Chand

    Media handling by the BJP is below average if not very poor, with Shri Arun Jaietly as the minister holding this portfolio , everybody including small children ,will be unanimous in voicing their opinions that his performance is just ordinary, if not ,at many times against the party’s supreme interest ,social media is full of these kind of comments, yet one wonders why Narendrabhai is still continuing with this avarege performer & at what cost ,time is fast running out ,2019 is more or less visible on the horizon,time to do some soul searching is the order of the day, still course corrections can be done, big question ,will they???

  • nairps

    It is sad but 100% per cent that the BJP and even the RSS never takes care of its core supporters and workers, unlike Congress, DMK, CPM etc. BJP and RSS workers are simply expected to do an die and even their orphans get no monetary or even emotional support. BJP and RSS leaders are so cowardly that they dare not even shed a tear for their colleagues slaughtered by CPM, Muslim and Trinamool goons in Bengal and Kerala.

  • P. B. Josh

    As is, Pseudo Secular and anti-Modi crowd has kept the country in a perpetual chaotic state from fake Christian church attacks, Dadri, Rohith Vemula, FTII, JNU, NIT you name it. And it is done with the help of Presstitute media. If Modi Sarkar goes after popular culprits fast, these anti-Modi, anti-BJP crowd will create civil war type situation. Mr. Modi is counting of a lots of foreign investment. Nobody will invest in a chaotic country with civil war type situation. Mr. Modi is a very shrewd politician. He has deliberately kept Dr. Swami free so as a citizen he can wreck havoc on corrupt politicians of past government. In a democracy country’s leader cannot order arrest of anybody. All cases has to go through courts. So Modi supporters relax, wait and watch.


    This article reflects what most of educated middleclass Modi supporters, need not be BJP fans, feel on the ground, their angst is aptly highlighted though bit exaggerated. Some of the common refrain I hear
    1. Many opportunities lost to put Sonia, Mamta, Ahmed patel in the dock and probing Qureshi, AP Singh, Ranji Sinha in hawala. Trio helped Ahmed mia launder 100s of cr of money abroad. Several state cong leaders too could have been booked.
    2. Several Hindus were butchered (May- Aug2014) shortly after Modi cme into power but BJP, Gov were muted. They didnt even express anguish nor HM sought any report from the states. This carelessness for Hindu life saddened supporters, emboldened Hindu hating forces. This saga continuing even today.
    3. Gov undertaken several measures, schemes for development, social security of poor people but details of such are not reaching corners of the Nation thanks to Media blockade but bad propaganda aired 24×7. A party with 10cr supporters cant even have multi lingual Newspaper?
    4. Gov InB ministry gives Gov ads to those channels, Newspapers which have low TRP and spread highest hatred against Gov, Hindus. NDTV, Abp and many regional media. Hate spewing MSM have done umpteen no of Hitjobs on Gov, leaders, PM but InB never sent a notice, nor setup regulatory board till today.
    5.Why no tough stance against Pak. Many disapprove Modi-Nawaz tea party followed by Pathankot attack. They wish Modi come out of US pressure on Pak.
    Some criticise on PDP-BJP alliance but many feel its needed to have a tab on JKL
    6. In the absence of sensible Media, it is expected Gov will rejuvenate DD which has far more TRP than any Lutyen media, but stale InB ministry remains dud. Who will wake InB ministers, ministry from slumber?
    7. If not enough, we have a Fin. Minister who is out there to break Modi support base with EPF Tax, ITR goof ups, Jewellery excise duty and several new rules, not reducing oil prices. HRD Min failed to come up with changes to RTE, new education policy.
    8. Politically, by June 2014 many non BJP state Gov in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Assam, Bengal (several TMC, Left MLAs vyed for BJP) faced revolts from within. Many expected Shah would bring down some Govts but he kept calm then. Oflate suddenly became active in Ukhnd where polls round the corner, Arunachal (good decision). BJP foolishly delayed polls for 8mnths in Delhi and invited massacre upon itself. Shah may be cautioned about CG, JH govt; Cong, JDu trying for defections.

    It appears Modi who was never known for succumbing to PaidMedia narrative in Guj, as PM more anxious about his image and narrative in Media. His Lutyen friends may be his worst foes!!

  • VeVePe

    As Subramanyam Swamy says, 2014 election victory was based on a tripod: Vikas, anti-corruption, and Hindutva. BJP is abandoning latter 2 planks.

    Lakhs of Hindu schools are being closed under RTE, but BJP still backs RTE. RTE needs to be amended while taking care of the interests of the poor. See

    Autonomy for Hindu temples is another issue on which BJP is silent.

    • SaneMind

      Brother please enlighten me on what is RTE? I’m not a desi you see. Anyway there is no surprise Hindus are discriminated against in India because they lack brotherhood. They are busy oppressing one another under the pretext of caste. as long as caste exist, forget the notion of Hindu unity.

  • Anil Kumar Tandale

    Hard core RSS and Hindu arm-chair leaders do not have any aim for pro-Hindu governance in India. Sixty years of entrenched Congress had ensured infestation of every autonomous institutions with pro-Congress and pro-communist ideologues. They wear the mask of autonomy but further the agenda of Congress, communists, Islamists and thereby only the Hindus are blamed for every ill of the nation. The core Hindu and RSS ideologues do not understand the importance of power. The cadres are taken care by Congress and communists very well, but BJP leaders expect the cadres to be always self-less, self-effacing and self-sacrificing, which causes disillusionment and disappointment. Most important factor is that even though being in power for six years 1998 to 2004 and two years from 2014, the BJP and RSS with good support from rich persons, have not owned even a single TV channel nor even a single newspaper chain. This is causing handicap in countering the nefarious propaganda. The scoundrels who are running campaigns of hate against have not even been exhorted by the leadership to prosecute them in criminal courts or civil courts. Dina Nath Batra had to run solo battle and won, for which prejudiced media could not launch any campaign because it was judicial verdict. The same method needs to be followed with incessant vigour.

    • Chandrakant Davda

      Very well put Anil Kumar. Tandale.

    • Maximus Decimus

      yes this is the real Hindutva which the supporters of commies,leftits,islamists can never understand