Kejriwal and Pappu: A Tale of Two Angry Old Men

Back Modi and not only do you become communal but you become bad at governance too.

In the 1970s an Angry Young Man burst into the Bollywood scene. His name was Amitabh Bachchan and he changed the industry forever. In the 2010s, two angry but not so Young Men burst into the political scene: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Both of them want to change Indian politics the way Amitabh changed Bollywood. But reel life is not real life as the two have already discovered. However, their supporters still labour under severe delusions.

But the first question to be asked is why they are so angry in the first place. Have you ever seen Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu getting so worked up in the public space and tearing up something? Have you heard Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar call anyone a psychopath?

So what is so special about the Pappu-Kejri duo? The answer: Both have Zero Achievements. Has Pappu ever been Chief Minister of a State or a Cabinet Minister? Has Pappu been a top bureaucrat or a CEO of a credible high performing company? The answer is a big zero. Pappu has nothing to his credit and has changed nothing for India.

He was handed Amethi like a family property on a platter and his 2004-16 Lok Sabha tenure has seen only misses and almost no hits. He bunks Parliament, takes long leaves, he chats like a schoolkid with other MPs when someone is speaking, hardly asks meaningful questions or is part of regular important committees.

He has zero talent, zero ideas and zero achievements. He can’t sell himself as a product and explain to the masses how he has already brought about at least one change somewhere and hence can bring about a change when he sits on the Prime Minister’s seat.

modiSo the only thing he can do is attack the guy who is doing work, in this case Prime Minister Narendra Modi. That’s why you will see him getting worked up in rage and attack Modi for every stupid thing he can think of and rubbish his each and every policy even though he makes absolutely no sense at all.

That’s why you’ll see him sporting stubbles, rolling up his sleeves, doing theatrics like tearing up pieces of paper and shouting on the podium. At best he can change the script and travel in a Mumbai local train or eat in a Dalit’s hut.

That’s why he’ll get into ever greater fury when a sessions court and High Court finds merit in him being an accused in the National Herald case. That’s why you’ll find him using all his resources in disrupting Parliament and accusing Modi of vendetta instead of focusing on the case ahead.

And here’s the thing. Whether India likes it or not, it is stuck with the Angry Old Pappu Avatar at least till the 2019 general elections. Give the man a break. The poor guy has just one weapon in his armoury and that’s the only one he’s going to use non-stop.

Now let’s come to Kejriwal. You’ll probably say that Kejri is different. He was an IIT and IRS. He headed an NGO and won the Magsaysay Award. He is Chief Minister and has 67/70 seats in the Delhi Assembly. So far his record looks good. However, that is only on the surface. Deep down there is no difference between Kejri and Pappu. How?

We hear of IAS officers bringing about great changes and being transferred every six months. Kejri was posted in one place for his entire 15-year career as a bureaucrat. Again a personal achievement and nobody knows how India or the department benefited by any innovation he made there. Insiders know how murky the NGO industry is and more details about his dealings are sure to emerge in the future.

Then what of the umpteen allegations Kejriwal hurls against everybody? He went after Sheila Dixit, Robert Vadra, and Arun Jaitley to mention just a few high profile names. He gave press conferences and ranted and raved and looked really good. But did he really make any difference?

Did he present any new evidence? No. It’s always a rehash of newspaper cuttings and second-hand allegations. Did he take anyone to court? No. Has anyone been convicted because of him? No.

In fact, Arvind Kejriwal had to write a humiliating apology letter to Infrastructure Minister Nitin Gadkari who dragged him to court. This may be repeated in the Jaitley affair.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy was one of the leaders who fought against the Emergency, ended the then Karnataka Chief Minister Ramakrishna Hegde’s political career, sent Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and former Telecom Minister A. Raja to jail and made Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her deputy and son Pappu accused and dragged them to court.

Kejriwal is not even 0.01% of Swamy. And yet the media calls Kejri a corruption crusader and Swamy a disrupter maverick. There is no way you can counter such terrible media bias. Now let’s come to the citizens of New Delhi.

Has their life improved? No. Do they have free Wi-Fi, all the CCTV cameras that were promised and the schools? No. Do they have to pay less money? No. Prices have increased and a new, pointless environment tax been introduced.

Has the garbage and sewage situation improved? No, it has worsened.

Have power cuts ended? No. Power Minister Piyush Goyal’s fantastic power reforms have already benefited many areas in India but incompetent Kejri will never be able to take benefit.

Has pollution come down? Immediately after becoming CM, Kejri announced that Delhi’s small industries need not apply for a no-pollution certificate. Won’t that increase overall pollution?

One report said that private vehicles account for just 2-3% of air pollution. That renders the Odd-Even policy (with all its umpteen exemptions) a sad joke. And yet the media was dancing with joy within just two hours of this brainless and ineffective rule being implemented.

There is no way you can counter such propaganda.

New Delhi, Bihar and West Bengal are heading for terminal decline. But there will be no reportage because they are headed by rabid Modi haters. Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are making great progress.

But that will be played down because it will make Modi look good.Attack Modi and not only do you become secular but you become great at governance too.

Back Modi and not only do you become communal but you become bad at governance too.In the Angry Young Man movies, Amitabh fought his way to a change by the end of the movie.Pappu and Kejri will keep getting angrier and will keep adding more zeroes to their zero achievements till date.

But they are safe. All they have to do is keep attacking Modi with greater intensity.Kejri calling Modi a psychopath in a Tweet was just a natural part of this escalation. If their supporters keep willingly getting fooled, then it is their choice. We live in a democracy after all.

The author is a Bengaluru-based journalist. He has previously worked for organizations like the Hindustan Times, CyberMedia, the Centre for Science & Environment and IT market research firm IDC India.
  • Vivek Chakraborty

    I dont think the universal adult franchise was a very good idea just after independance. People should have been educated first. It is only because of this, china has gone so ahead. Politicians kept misleading the uneducated for decades. There should be some kind of test to check the individual’s political awareness, only then they should be allowed to vote. The person who knows nothing gets one vote to cast, and the one who knows lot gets the same no. of vote. Its totally unfair. And the politicians misused it for decades.
    Well, i know not having adult franchise is impractical now. So now, its our duty to spread political awareness as much as we can. Only then we will be able to see the best sitting in the right chair.

    • Jitu

      Do you realize that if education is a qualification to earn a right to vote… then Lutyen’s cabal and their coterie would have won and the congress Prince may have become the PM in 2014 instead of the Narendra Modi. Just a look at the intellectual brigade is enough to convince that most of the so called educated elite can be bought, mislead and brainwashed as much as any uneducated. In fact, because of their snobbish attitude, they are even more harmful.

      I for one, am glad we have UAF so that the 31% of the unwashed, uneducated could exercise their choice.

      • Vivek Chakraborty

        The intellectuals you are calling as brainwashed arent actually brainwashed. THEY ARE PAID! or they have their own political goals! These are very few in no. They dont make any difference in votes. The ones who are vulnerable are very high in no. You can take the example of Bihar elections. Even if nitish would have come out as the largest party, i would be happy. But LALU?? The man in jail, only trying to promote his family? Its not acceptable!
        Moreover, I am not talking about educational qualification. I am talking about political awareness. Everyone is seeing the negative politics of the opposition. We will know who is correct in 2019 elections. Even if NDA’s seats decrease, the opposition has been successful in misleading people. I hope that i will be the wrong one.

        • Jitu

          Unfortunately for all of us, I agree with you. 🙁

  • Rajat Datta

    Kejriwal started as an anti-corruption crusader but ended up abandoning that crusade and resorted to theatrics and antics instead of setting any new example. In his obsession with Modi he has forgotten that he was elected with such a huge majority to govern Delhi far better than his predecessors. He wants to become the Prime Minister but has forgotten his job as a chief minister. The less said about Pappu, the better.

  • Dr. MS

    If in Tamil Nadu, educated idiots, or arrogant fools, can keep voting for DMK, or a version of it, that claims to be against tribalism, for anti-favoritism or against oppression, associated with upper castes’ control once (much of it exaggerated), when DMK is one of the most nepotisitc, cronyistic, tribalisitic and corrupt party you can find…you think the rest of India cannot be fooled, bought out or be manipulated?

    Indian voters have not evolved. Because Indian psychology has not gotten out of feudalism, beggar psychology, patriarchal order (as the only order) and easy fixes for complex problems. Indian voters are like children who get fooled by appearances, highly emotional speeches, scapegoating of some communities, macho promises, shrewd put downs of opponents…or sheer thuggery.

    DMK is in bed with Congress for the upcoming elections. How is that possible?

    The interim report of Justice Milap Chand Jain indicted the DMK for colluding with the LTTE in the assassination of Congress Rajiv Gandhi. The report concluded that DMK provided sanctuary to the LTTE, which made it easy for the rebels to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. Now DMK and Congress are in bed together. Has Congress no shame?

    This is how politics works in India. No ideals, no standards, no social or economic agendas, no hard work, no honest work, no respect for ordinary people or voters and no protection and/or promotion of the intelligent, the ethical, the good, the needy, the patriotic and those who serve the country well.

    Indians do not cast their vote, they vote their caste…and nowadays they do a voting sixer for the highest bidder.

    Pay voters money, ask some Bollywood star to dance for them and have a politician in a cavalcade doing a big Namaste with a netaji cap…and talk about the problems aggressively and blame it all on the rivals. or put down the opponent in a sleazy way…you got your vote. They even make up stories about people’s personal life which are total lies.If I speak up or speak out I am told I need to shut up.

    Yes the India voter is sometimes the problem.

  • Jitendra Desai

    Well said.People are realising the stupidity and crookedness of these two jokers.If they continue like this till 2018, it will be good going for BJP.

  • Luffy

    Hmm… People of India do not think like you Mr. Rajguru(writer). They are more interested in freebies (Delhi for example), reservation (Gujarat and Hardik Patel), Caste (Bihar Elections) and Religion(Owaissi Popularity).

    Your article maybe music to ears of bhaktas but somewhere, someplace you guys are seriously failing and that is getting your point across. I hate to say this but 2019 could be lost if BJP don’t figure out how to show their good work to the common man. Mr. Kejriwal and Mr. Gandhi need not do anything. Just play the Communal Card and it would work out fine in 2019. Unless of course BJP learns to counter polarize Hindus.

    • Jitendra Desai

      Beg to differ! If RG & AK continue like this, it will be cake walk for Modi in 2019.In Delhi Hindus voted for this man in fond hope that he will be better than BJP.In Bihar they settled for local sushan babu.In 2019 TINA will operate.

      • Ravindranath Mopparthy

        Dear Jitendra, I think Luffy is correct. Both Delhi and Bihar have shown what Indian voters are made off. They can be fooled forever.

        • Jitendra Desai

          Thank you sir for your response.But then same voters gave 282 seats to Modi/BJP in 2014.Besides Modi will not be sitting idle like MMS did during UPA II.Post 2018 he ( and Amit shah) may have several things up his sleeves- Eg Direct cash transfers to BPLs or 24×7 power or prosecution of scamsters from Congress …… AK & RG are playing in to the hands of Modi by being so negative.MSM & NGO industry did this to Modi in Gujarat for a decade.

  • Dr. MS

    I have not figured Kejriwal out. This guy has a code by which he taps his head with a palm like monkey to convey to some body in his crowd, or some foreign intelligence, that a Hindu or a Modi supporter has walked in, or switched on the TV, etc. Who is he signalling too? Watch his body language and see certain symbols he does with his hands, fingers and other parts of the body. Who is this guy signaling to? Very strange. He looks like a colonized monkey himself, and with his cheap neta cap he appears like a chapraasi for some foreign agent. I have never figured out this guy. I believe he started out sincerely with regard to fighting corruption…and then he got bought out, or politics became addictive and his petty ego, immaturity and total lack of self awareness slowly did him in. Who knows?

  • Samrat Bharat

    Pity that our Prime Minister has such a low bar to beat. The world’s largest democracy needs way better alternatives than Pappu and Krazy.

    Is there a link to this humiliating apology letter Krazywal wrote to Gadbadkari? Should be very interesting to read, if it exists.

  • P. B. Josh

    Pappu has proven one thing, he is good at noticing which Congress party MPs are not participating whole heartedly in Parliament disruption. Kejri has got his tongue stolen by cat after Mr. Jaitley filed defamation case.