Media, lies and searches on Sindhu’s caste

Using the 10x relative ratio from Google Trends, about 2100 searches for “PV Sindhu caste” likely happened in August, not “millions” as claimed by The NewsMinute.

With PV Sindhu’s silver medal in the Olympics, trust the media to be searching for an “idea of India” angle. Nothing gets the idea-of-India wallahs going as much as caste. So, The NewsMinute (TNM) ran an article, “While PV Sindhu fought hard for a medal, many Indians googled her caste.” Apparently the article is based on painstaking data work and served to make several gratuitous observations as “it unmasks the irony of the 21st century like nothing else” that Indians are so “caste-obsessed.” Only problem, like much other “analysis” on caste is that the NewsMinute claims are false. Its staff cannot distinguish relative trends from absolute, nor figure out how either Google Trends or AdWords work. But “caste” is such an un-falsifiable truth about India that “metaphorical data” should be enough. Predictably, the story was picked by The Indian Express and The Times of India as well, and heavily shared on social media.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.19.36 AM

Here are the article’s claims: “While PV Sindhu was training hard and pushing herself beyond her limits to get India a medal at the Rio Olympics, thousands of Indians, Google statistics show, were searching for her caste-identity.” NewsMinute claimed they “looked up the Google Trends statistics for the term “pv sindhu caste” and found “the results were unsurprisingly disturbing.”

We’ll take a look at a couple of the graphs bandied by TNM.  Here TNM shows Google Trends on “PV Sindhu Caste.”


TNM claims “In August, there were at least 10 times more searches for her caste compared to July. So, effectively, millions of Indians have searched for her caste so far.”

How did they arrive at millions? Before we look at their absolute data claims, note that Google Trends are relative (the value at the top of the graph is 100).  Why did searches for “PV Sindhu caste” spike? Well, all searches related to PV Sindhu spiked. The graph for PV Sindhu spiked as did practically any keyword you could add to her name. For instance “PV Sindhu mother” shows a very similar spike.


Strange the TNM did not find that “heartening.” Or perhaps in “modernity”, a spike in searches for “PV Sindhu mother” may also be “disturbing.”

What then of absolute numbers in TNM’s claim of “millions” searching for PV Sindhu’s caste? They write: “What about absolute numbers? We culled out the stats for the search term in May, June and July 2016.” Here is their image:


From this they conclude: “As you can see, there were more than 150,000 searches for her caste in June, and nearly 90,000 in July.”

Here TNM uses Google Adwords Keywords planner tool. Except they don’t really know how to use it. The Keywords Planner tool give search volumes for the entire set of “ideas” around your keyword. So there were not 150,000 search on “PV Sindhu caste” as TNM claims. This was for the entire idea space, including searches on just “PV Sindhu.” So how many searches for the exact phrase “PV Sindhu caste”? These were given just below (did they choose not to see?):


There were a total of just 210 average monthly searches for “PV Sindhu caste”. The June search they highlighted has about 150,000 for the entire related search space. Using the 10x relative ratio from Google Trends, about 2100 searches for “PV Sindhu caste” likely happened in August, not “millions” as they claim.  Searches of “PV Sindhu” also spiked by 10x or so, as did all related keywords including “PV Sindhu caste.” There is no evidence the ratio was substantially different from June when .14%, or only about a tenth of one percent, of all the searches were for “PV Sindhu caste” in that related search space.

Another analysis also found that search for PV Siddhu’s caste were an insignificant percent of total searches. Of course, with major media pushing the story, they may create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How did TNM make such an egregious error? One explanation is that their staff writers, as some people trained in the humanities, are not particularly good with data.  But given how  major media such as Indian Express and Times of India jumped on the story it points to another phenomenon. These “errors” are a self-fulfilling artifact of colonial consciousness, as is evident in the hyperbole of their conclusions being an “unsurprisingly disturbing” fact.

Colonial consciousness assumes that certain descriptions about India are “truths” about India society. For example, that India is “caste-ridden”, “caste is a hierarchy,” “caste oppression is a fact of life,” “caste has been unchanged for 5000 years” and so on. As Balagangadhara points out, these are not descriptions of India, but descriptions of how Europeans saw India, which have been internalized in the process of (intellectual) colonization.  These descriptions are not scientific propositions. Scientific propositions have the property of being refutable. For example, no amount of evidence will suffice to falsify the statement “caste is oppressive,” but one “dalit” beating is enough to “prove” the “self-evident” truth of it.

Thus 2100 searches becomes millions because “it unmasks the irony of the 21st century.”  The irony implied is that “caste” remains an “unchangeable truth” about India in the 21st century as it presumably has for thousands of years, since “Asiatic society” is changeless. But the real irony of the 21st century is that we are still stuck with these 19th century European descriptions about India. All our “facts” then can simply reinforce these descriptions, and none can refute it. To do so would mean to get a fresh pair of eyes to access our own experience beyond colonial consciousness. Meanwhile the media can’t help but spin.


Sankrant Sanu is an entrepreneur, author and researcher based in Seattle and Gurgaon. His essays in the book “Invading the Sacred” contested Western academic writing on Hinduism. He is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and the University of Texas and holds six technology patents. His latest book is “The English Medium Myth.” He blogs at .
  • Lalita

    well researched exposure of media lies

  • Ananthakrishnan Gopal

    10x factor is incorrectly calculated. It should have been 100x.
    However, there is a clear evidence that the interest in PV Sindhu Caste grew disproportionately to PV Sindhu search itself immediately after her victory.

    You can see that it increased from around 1% of total PV Sindhu searches to around 4% of the maximum. On 20th August when people awoke in India the next day, “PV Sindhu Caste” search was close to 25% of the total “PV Sindhu” search.

    • 20th August, the story was already broken on “caste searches” . So you are equating the effects of the story on the premise of it. Nowhere is this reaching 25% BTW, not even close.

  • Infinite Wisdom

    The libtards themselves searched for Sindhu caste to make a story.

  • Seel

    Varna and Caste (Jati) are not the same thing. There are four varnas but thousands of Jatis created to grab quota based reservations.

    • R. Singh

      Absolutely right.

      Dharmic people have to start fighting these Abrahamic Evangelist Fascist Nehru Gandhi Congress ideology tooth and nail.

  • Shashidhar V

    Why does Paid media always try to discredit india and our citizens

    • Manivannan Sadasivam

      There is no smoke without fire!

    • R. Singh

      Functionality of design and programming.

      Bad computer program design leads to bad quality program.

  • Vidya

    I have heard Christian friends discuss about who all belong to which church or to which Christian denomination. Similarly the westerners are obsessed overTom Cruises Scientology church, Madonnas Kabbalah Judaism, Bobby Jindal’s Catholic religion etc. Caste in Hinduism is almost akin to church denominations and it is natural human tendency , whether hindu or christian or any other,to be curious about the background of people.

    • prashants5 .

      No two people are same. No two communities are same. There will be always some kind of social categorization in any kind of society. If a society is casteless, it give rise to “Class” based society that is based on Wealth ( Upper class, Lower Class etc which is even more discriminative as it is based on material accumulation). Same is with “Race”. Discrimination in one or other form will always exist. That’s why our traditional Social Structure and context is always dharmik tradition based society. Where it was made sure, the exploitation is at the minimal. Hence different Smritis ( social guideliness) were written at different point of time. Smritiis are subject to change with respect to time and situation. It is not an authority. It was rather the King who made sure dharma is established in our society and people lead a harmonious life.

      The famous Manu Smriti prohibits the Brahmin to accumulate Wealth out of greed and Holding Political Power. However, the anti-caste Brigade cleverly skip this part and only potrays what has been prohibited for Shudras. And Manu Smriti may not have complete relevance in today’s time.

  • Rajesh Dhyani

    So let me get this right – ‘thousands’ of searches for PV Sindhu’s caste are alright (though misreported as ‘millions’)? Misreporting a fact was somehow a bigger crime than perpetuating the caste system?

    • prashants5 .

      Oh as if your “Class” based society to which you proudly belong is sane and sign of equality. It is the worst form of crime against humanity when the upper class discriminate, cleverly loot, exploit the lower class on the basis of accumulation of wealth.

      Jaati/Varna ( in your term Caste) is a social identity that exists as a tradition since thousands of years. If you don’t want to identify yourself with any caste that is your probelm. You are welcome to move out of it.

      An American of Indian origin won Miss America Title previous year. The whole media and people talked about her race and ethnicity. Did you consider that a crime? Why so much hypocrisy and fuss about caste?

      • Rajesh Dhyani

        Class or caste based system have no place in the 21st century. That’s my point. Get it?

        You are right in calling out the white media and people on how wrong they were in asking about the race and ethnicity of the American person of Indian origin who won the Miss America title. But in the same breath, you don’t find anything wrong with people searching for someone’s caste. Who’s the hypocrite here?

        • prashants5 .

          Your calendar might have started after Jesus was Born, but our calendar strated more than 7000 years ago. So it is beyond your 21st Century. I never understand why people always and only see what the colonial masters defines and from their Prism only (including the timelines). Can we be open minded about something?

          Any society will have categorization or social structure on different social aspects and attributes. Show me a single example of your Autopian Society that is practically exists anywhere in the world today. It is good to dream for such Autopian Society but in reality it doesn’t exists. Please respect one’s tradition and their life style, and learn not to disturb their eco-system. If it doesn’t suit to you, please move out the system, stop pointing fingers to them.

          • Rajesh Dhyani

            Like you, I have tremendous respect and pride for our history and traditions.And believe it or not, you and I have no choice but to live in the now, that happens to be the 21st century – a century created by the calendars belonging to our “colonial masters”, (pun intended) till the time Saka calendar becomes mainstream – then also, only the nomenclature will change.

            My objection is to the fact people are searching for PV Sindhu’s caste as if it is the only thing linked to her achievements. I wonder if the same people searched about her the daily hard scehdule, her preparations, her sacrifices and so on. I’m sure, some would have, but most wouldn’t have. And the other objection is with that set of people, who rather than condoning this behaviour are frothing at the mouth because someone misreported the number of people who were looking for such stuff.

            I agree that nothing is perfect with the West, or for that matter anywhere. Does that give us an excuse to look away from what can be improved in our society? Can we be open minded about that at least? All I’m asking for is a pragmatic, approach to our lives without sacrificing our values and traditions. Is that asking for too much?

            Autopian – is that a word?

          • prashants5 .

            Actually the word is Utopian. It is a typo that is saved in my phone as a word and it puts it whenever I need it.

            Our social tradition has gone through lots of changes over time. That is why lots of “Smritis” were written over the time in Indian History. The Manu Smritis is one such example. A Smriti is usually time and situation sensitive and can be changed if needed. “Smritis” are not authoritative as opposed to many people think. Smritis were written by following dhArmik Tradition. I don’t need to describe what is dharmik tradition ( please don’t get confused with Religious Tradition. They are different). And the King used to make sure, they establish and maintain that dharma.

            Change is inevitable with advancements of Human beings finding particularly in terms of Science and Technology in modern days. However, the point is that, we never had been in a rational and neutral debate on these issues. What we hear from most people is only hatred statements and mindless accusations probably because they are ill-informed or under-informed.

            >> My objection is to the fact people are searching for PV Sindhu’s caste as if it is the only thing linked to her achievements.

            How did you know? Did you take a survey on everyone who searched her caste? Even if I agree with you and they linked her achivement with Caste what is wrong in that? It is a matter of someone’s self-esteem and their own narratives they like to have it. They have their complete freedom. We don’t have any business there unless and until it is causing some damages to you or anyone in any violent or unexpectable form. In fact such kind of things is very petty and ignorable like many trivial things happens in Human mind.

            If you are able to bring changes and write a new Smritis to make our Social Tradition any better I don’t have any issue. This is welcome as long as it is based on rational and neutral debates keeping the dharmik values in mind. However, with a messed up and dubious democratic system and so many powerful Anti-India and Anti-Hindu forces are in place, I doubt it is doable.

          • Rajesh Dhyani

            >>How did you know? Did you take a survey on everyone who searched her caste?

            That’s the whole point of the article that we are discussing, remember? The whole discussion has been about the peak in the search about her caste after her winning the silver medal – I don’t know if you missed the correlation between the two or chose to ignore that based on your convenience.

            About the narrative, yes, I agree – to each his own. However, I hope you’ll also agree that there are narratives other than those you pointed out, and those need to be accomodated too. Clearly that’s not happening going by the recent incidents based on caste issues around the country and going by most people’s reaction here. Mine is just another narrative. I believe I’m as patriotic as the next guy who’s proud of his Hindu heritage.

            I am not challenging the Smritis and the dharmik values at all. I have all the reverence for them. However, in today’s times, I feel there needs to be a fair balance between our traditions and how we live with them in the modern world. Time doesn’t flow backwards – we can move forward, or chose to still stick with 7000 BC and keep on wondering why we’re still getting only two medals in the olympics.

            You mentioned rational and nuetral discussion on these topics – I’ll add one more adjective – fair. I’m all for fairness an nuetrality and rationality in such discussion. But is this fair if you call anything that goes counter to your points as ‘dubious’, ‘mindless’, ‘Anti-India’ or ‘Anti-Hindu’.

          • prashants5 .

            Nope. I hardly bother who is searching for one’s caste and who is not. If you go back to my original reply, my response was to your comments about “Caste” as a traditiional setup in 21st Century.

            You and many have failed to see the bigger picture here. And that’s what the author of this article is also pointing to. When you get a chance, you should read “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra and Arvindan Neelakandan. That will answer many of your questions about Anti-Hindu and Anti-India forces. Online discssion is no good without much home work. You need to learn what is cooking up around you before it is too late. This book will give you eneough researched and scholarly work in this area.

            Narratives are created based on Commune or Geographic Region, not on an individual’s view point. Our traditional society is always commune based ( not individualistic), diversified and decentralized. Let’s not impose our centralized view points to destroy it. If we don’t like it, lets get out from it and form a new one as you like. The Macaulay’s education system has still colonized Indians at all levels and destruction of Bharat Varsha has already been done. Time to reverse the gaze.

          • Rajesh Dhyani

            Maybe you should bother too. The biggest wrong that we are doing is look away – as a society we’re too touchy to introspection. We don’t bother about so many things that are wrong about ourselves – something basic like a little civic sense on the roads. Now please don’t tell me that that habit’s also a result of some Western conspiracy.

            I still stand by my original assertion that there’s hardly any place for caste in the 21st century, when (as you correctly pointed out) we are already dealing with the ills of a ‘class’ based society – we need neither. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

            Narratives indeed are defined by a commonality of interest and purpose amongst peoples as you’ve described. When I said my narrative, it doesn’t mean my viewpoint alone, I know several like minded people (and I’m not including ‘presstitutes’ here – they’re a different breed) who share the same views as I do. I guess, by that definition it qualifies to be called a narrative at least. An if you say that your narrative alone needs to prevail over others – that’s a tad unfair I think.

            Thank you for recommending the book – I’ll read it. I’m a big fan of Mr. Rajiv Malhotra myself (I’ve seen several of his videos), and I admire the efforts of people like him in setting the record right. However, I feel it doesn’t behove for the rest of us to go overboard in the zeal and lay to ruins their efforts.

          • prashants5 .

            I don’t have to bother because I am a traditionalist and it is perfectly fine whoever searching about someone’s Jaati, in your term it is caste. I don’t look at Jaati or Varna using Western Lens. Jaati and Varna is a linear model in our traditonal setup. While, Caste ( a colonial/european construct) is a Hierarchical Model. Our Traditional setup was never hierarchical model. And I don’t buy Western Universalism. I support diversity with respect for “Being Different”. I am very well empowered and educated about our Tradition and Ancient education system.

            We must get out of our colonial hangover in order to appreciate our tradition and modernize it with changing time.

            Don’t just watch video, read his books again and again and contribute to his work if you are interested. Seeing video is not enough. You need to be an intellectual kshatriya who is ready to battle in Kurukshetra. It will take you few years if you do that sadhana to understand his work. I wish you best of luck!

    • Manivannan Sadasivam

      If this event had occurred in the 1930s, 99% may have searched for caste. 12.7% in this day and age, is significant for a predominantly urban population, who one would assume surf the net. Rural India may still produce a 99% score– even today. We haven’t gotten around to discussing the truth about Caste in India– that starting from the Rig Veda, the division of society based on birth is integral to Hinduism. An inconvenient truth!

      • prashants5 .

        >> We haven’t gotten around to discussing the truth about Caste in India

        Would you please give some truth about Caste in India? It looks like you are very guilty of Caste based Social Structure? I am not sure.

        • Manivannan Sadasivam

          The Caste System is integral to Hinduism. That’s the starting point. You can’t really fight Caste without acknowledging the truth and a serious reform of Hinduism. The scriptures are in direct conflict with modern values– a moral dilemma for the Hindus.

          • prashants5 .

            First of all you need get your fundamental clear before talking about this subject. We never had something called “Hinduism”. It is a colonial construct that came from outsiders during invasion. No dhArmik Scripture quotes or mentions the word “Hindu”.

            However, I will still accept this for our discussion. We don’t have Caste. We have actually Jaati and Varna as defined by Varnashrma system which is purely a Social Construct in dhArmik Tradition. Varnashrama systems are defined and guidelines are provided in various “Smritis” written during various period of time in Indian Historty. Which then the King ensures these Social Guidelines are maintained for their kingdom to establish Dharma. This includes “Rama Rajya”.

            The caste system was officially imposed first in 1890 by British after they started destroying the Jaati system. The “Caste” is a colonial term and based on Racial Profile and Discrimination that was imported from Europe. This was done to accumulate a centralized power and to rule Indians with ease. This was also done to loot the Ruling Class of those time. This has later been adapted by Indian Govt. and politicized by various Indian Politicians. Many built fortunes over this caste politics such as Laloo Yadav, Karunanidhi, Mayawati etc. etc.

            Moron Hindus are in dilemma because they abandoned their traditional education system and still keep on adapting Macaulay’s Education system. They don’t care to read or write their own culture and history but depend on Westerners to write for them. They are deprived of or no more interested in carrying out serious study about their own history and dharmik traditions.

            With that being said your so called “Hinduism” has nothing to do with Jaati or Varnashrama or Caste. There is a difference between “Hinduism” and “Society formed by Hindus”. You should instead say “Hindu Society or Social Structure” not Hinduism. Hinduism is about Life Philosophy that is beyond any jaati or varna.

          • Manivannan Sadasivam

            You delude yourself. But that’s what every Hindu does, to escape inconvenient facts.

          • prashants5 .

            Your so called invonvenient facts lacks substance and data. You can’t debate based on assumption and hearsay. Show me which lines of Rigveda talks about Caste? You need to do lots of home work and study on this subject.

          • Manivannan Sadasivam

            For starters, please study:

            1. Rig Veda, Hymn 10.90, Verses 11-12

            2. Apastamba Dharma Sutra, 1 Prasna I, Patala I, Khanda I, Sutras 4-5

            3. Manusmriti, 1 Chapter I, Verse 31

            4. Vasishtha Dharma Sutra, 3 Chapter II, Verses 1-4

            5. Vasishtha Dharma Sutra, 4 Chapter IV, Verse 3

            6. Brihaspati Dharma Shastra, 2 Chapter XX, Verses 7-11.

            7. Manusmriti, 2 Chapter VIII, Verses 412-414.

            8. Manusmriti, 2 Chapter II, Verses 31-32.

            9. Manusmriti, 3 Chapter VIII, Verses 270-72.

            10. Apastamba Dharma Sutra 1, Prasna 1, Patala 2, Khanda 5, Sutra 16.

            11. Gautama Dharma Sutra, 1 Chapter XII, Sutras 8-13

            12. Manusmriti, Chapter VIII, Verse 417

            13. Gautama Dharma Sutra, 6 Chapter VIII, Verse 366.

            14. Narada Smriti, 2 Chapter XV, Verses 22-27.

            15. Narada Smriti, Chapter V, Verse 1

            16. Manusmriti, Chapter X, Verses 51-56

            17. Aitareya Brahman, Kaand 8, Chapter 4

            18. Mahabaratha, Udyog Parv, section 117-118

            19. Manusmriti, Chapter 8, verse 415

            20. Manusmriti, Chapter VII.416

          • prashants5 .

            My dear, you are again misleading here. I have been constantly saying Varnashrama is defined in various Smritis. And you are asking me to study Manu Smriti. Manu Smriti is not the only Smriti. There are hundreds of Smritis which defines the life code and conduct of various Varnas in Social context.

            I would like to refute your claim about Rig-veda. How about you write that original line and then we debate here on that. I would like to be firm Rig-veda never talks about Caste system. You have a very flawed understanding of our scripture.

            Ah! Btw, do you understand the difference between Varna and Varnashrama? And do you understand the difference between Varna and Jaati? I am not sure but it seems you do not.

          • Manivannan Sadasivam

            Your response is typical of Hindus confronted with the truth. Once you do your homework, we’ll continue this discussion.

          • prashants5 .

            You seems like a christian ( with a hindu name) who is a copy cat hardly understands about Hindu scripture. Don’t run away….show me the line in Rigveda which talks about Caste system. Lets interprete that line of Rigveda and discuss here.

          • Manivannan Sadasivam

            Rig Veda, Hymn 10.90, Verses 11-12:

            When (the gods) divided Purusha, into how many parts did they cut him up? What was his mouth? What arms (had he)? What (two objects) are said (to have been) his thighs and feet?
            The Brahmana was his mouth, the Rajanya was made his arms; the being called the Vaishya, he was his thighs; the Shudra sprang from his feet.

            Apastamba Dharma Sutra, 1 Prasna I, Patala I, Khanda I, Sutras 4-5:
            There are four castes—Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras.
            Among these, each preceding (caste) is superior by birth to the one following.

            I know for sure the christians didn’t write this stuff.

          • prashants5 .

            Why are you pasting from other sources. Let’s stick to Rig Veda only. You copied and pasted a literal translation. Where is your interpretation?

            Who is Purusha here? The Paramatma is referred to as Purusha not human being. And the Brahman, Rajanya, Vaishya and Shudras are described as Varna here ( not your caste and jaati as you think ), which constitutes parts of Paramatma.

            All the Varnas are Pious and Pure and part of Paramatma. Krishna in Geeta said, I created the 4 varnas. Varna means here, Quality/Characteristics or Guna. Sometime this Varna is also defined as combination of Trigunas ( Satwa, Raja and Tama). For example, the Brahman Varna ( not Brahman as a person ) has highest level Satwa Guna. Hence that presents the head. Similarly Shudra varna is predominates with Tama Guna.

            Don’t copy and paste. Do serious study! And yes, those are translated by Christians. Check your facts. The first Christian and person who translated Veda into English, was Max Muller. Who have carried literal translation of Vedas with flawed understanding. To translate and understand Veda properly one must be a Yogi and his mind must have purity.

            Also first learn the followings. Once you learn the fundamentals you would be able to understand to some extent if not completely the Smritis and Vedas when translated to English.

            1. Varna vs Varnasharama
            2. Jaati vs Varna
            3. Varna vs Caste
            4. Jaati vs Caste

          • Manivannan Sadasivam

            All right, Yogi. Please give me your translation of Rig Veda, Hymn 10.90, Verses 11-12 and Apastamba Dharma Sutra, 1 Prasna I, Patala I, Khanda I, Sutras 4-5.

          • prashants5 .

            I am not qualified enough to translate Veda but I don’t misinterprete it. I have already corrected your understanding at my capacity. Now find a guru who can teach you more.

            Sri Krishna in Geeta says, “I created the 4 varnas. I am the owner of all these 4 varnas”. He never refered to Caste or Varnashrama or Jaati by saying this. Don’t fall into the trap of Christian/ Marxist propaganda.

          • Manivannan Sadasivam

            LOL. I don’t need a guru. I have read translation of original sources by eminent people such as Tilak and others.

          • prashants5 .

            Lol…your replies and claims already sufficed how much you read and understood the original sources. Best of luck next time.

          • Manivannan Sadasivam

            Like I said in the beginning, learning the truth– no matter how painful– is the road to progress for every Hindu. Every man with a mind must think for himself and not have to rely on Gurus.

          • Manivannan Sadasivam

            How is Jati different from Caste? Did the Europeans invent it? Don’t be deluded. Read from the original sources– I have given you a starting point with a list of references.

          • Chakra

            ” We never had something called “Hinduism”. It is a colonial construct that came from outsiders during invasion.”

            Apparently, Raja Ram Mohan Roy introduced this term in 1816. He wanted to equate Sanatana Dharma with other Abrahamic religions. No surprise there as the same person wanted to be a Muslim !

  • Manivannan Sadasivam

    If you check relative occurrence of ‘Sindhu caste’+’PV Sindhu caste’+’P.V.Sindhu caste’ on Google Trends, that looks like 12.7% of all searches for ‘PV Sindhu’+’P.V.Sindhu’ between 16th and 20th Aug. If 80% of all searches in August for Sindhu occurred between these dates, that would be 15,300 people, not 1200. Significant, yes. But doesn’t look like ‘in the millions’.

  • Slasher

    Fabulous article on the Indian Media’s lies. In that same vein, has anyone seen the recent explosive confession by Sun TV COO in a California court ( of all places) that the whole Nityanandha Video was fake and cooked up by Sun TV to malign Hindu Gurus? Anyone?

    See the whole article here.

    “The COO of SunTV, Hansraj Saxena, has confessed to his company having created and morphed the video of Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami for the purpose of defaming him and for extortion. The COO had given this confession to both the Media and to the Police Commissioner of Chennai.”

    When is Sun TV going to retract their hit piece and when is the lying SOB’s of the Indian Media going to publish this explosive confession?

    Indian people should demand an answer!!!

    • prashants5 .

      Thank you very much for sharing this link. Please make sure this link is shared in all the social network as widely as possible at your end. The main stream media will never cover this serious issue. So this link must be shared as much as possible by everyone.

  • Cybil Peril

    Looks Chitra is hired for her venal character to call her mother a witch. Sorry but truth must be exposed. India with her majority Hindu population has some toothpricks in her garbs. religious conversions r behind such anti Hindu tyrades and these religious conversion agendas must b exposed as anti-social, unethical, inhuman, immoral, illegal and against d very Charter of International Human Rights that envisage equality 4 all. If religious conversions are advocated on superiority-inferiority concept, then where is d equality of all irrespective of their caste, colour or religion???

  • Cybil Peril

    Wonder, y my account needs renewing repeatedly? It’s just 4 fact that I tend 2 write opposite and alternative viewpoint too that might be truth bitter pill. Poor journalism.

  • James Kaley

    Wow so many so called intellectuals coming from high class society, eating City bread and discussing about caste system in India using fancy words. Just wow

  • Ananthakrishnan Gopal

    Dude, first of all, there is 100x spike since July, not 10x. Secondly, there is evidence that “pv sindhu caste” percentage increased from 0.14% since August 19th (i.e. after she won).

    So lets say we don’t get 150000 as the media claims, but still we get a steady increase in the number, i.e. 4% of the maximum searches for “pv sindhu”. I think 4% at any point of time is not a number one would be proud of.

  • Shreevalsan

    It is natural for the traitorous, ‘secular’ media to lie. Their lies will end only when the media itself is brought to an end. Hindu patriots must act to kill the media to save the nation.

  • Ratna Joshi

    Nothing new. Tell something new about Indians.

  • rsktechie

    I agree that people in the media can be biased and anything sensational like this that can sell more papers or get more eyeballs on the website can get blown out of proportion. People in the media who didn’t do their homework deserve to be ridiculed.

    However, Caste is very much a fact of life in India. People marry their own caste, vote for their own caste; there are reservations for government jobs based on caste. You would have seen the problem in your own family and friends. As an “upper caste” Hindu, I’ve seen untouchability being practiced in our village with my own eyes. It’s getting better – no doubt, but dismissing this reality as just “colonial consciousness” shows that this author is just as clueless as those in the Media he accuses of being biased.

    • Mamata

      The author is not dismissing caste discrimination, he is exposing media lies.

      • rsktechie

        Please read the whole article. The author did go off on a tangent ranting about “colonial consciousness.” I wouldn’t have bothered to comment otherwise.

        • Mamata

          I did thank you

          • Ergo

            The author says caste consciousness is colonial construct. One has added the term Dalit is also not original to India. Neither the author nor the seconder can reply who gave the word Brahmins to Brahmins? The British or the evangelists? Persons like the author are attempting to hide the truth that is not palatable to them; and ‘expose’ that which they like. Sitting thus in a glass house, the author throws stones outside.

          • PV

            Dear ignoramus, Read up some true literature before huffing and puffing with no iota of comprehension. Stop false equivalency and cease being a moronic apologist. Ok BoreGo?

          • Mamata

            Good to know you support MSM passing fiction as news.

    • R. Singh

      Discrimination will end, when those discriminated against move out of the villages to new prosperous lives.

      That will come when we provide them with quality education.

      Let us support P M Modi in his drive for Development

      • prashants5 .

        You could not provide a single example of your autopian society in any parts of the world. And you are talking about ending discrimination. Discrimination will always be there in any kind of society because no two people are same, no two commune are same and no two geographic places are same.

        • R. Singh

          No utopian society.

          Just an attempt to return to our Dharmic Philosophy, instead of justifying the continuation of attempts to create an Abrahamic Religion out of our Vedic culture

          • prashants5 .

            Okay then you need to read the History of India before British Invasion. Read Dharampal’s Book. That’s the only authentic book talks about What British Saw when they arrived India ( taken from London and German Archival about East India Company). You also need to study Angus Madison’s World Economy Encyclopedia to learn how and why India’s GDP was 34% of World GDP in 1760 ( when British Arrived). And how it fell to 2% of world GDP when British left. So imagine the 200 years of loot and the Macaulay’s Education system that India is still rotting in.

            Lots of your misunderstanding will be clear and the Agenda of British and Breaking India forces will be clearly visible to you. You will be able to connect the dots and make good arguments with the Marxists/Communists of India with solid facts and figure. There are lots of stereo typed and biased opinion without any reference is floating on internet.

            You can also read “Castes of Mind” by Nicholas Dirk. Also “Being different” and “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra.

            And if you have additional time, Read “Fatherless America” to learn how the Western world reflects Bastardization of Society with their so called Rights and Equality autopian calls.

          • R. Singh

            I have read /studied them all.

            I have also noted that the ‘Brahmin ‘ caste/jathi , call it what you will, acted as the Munshis and Vakils of the British, and grabbed the lands of the farmers who could not pay the lagaan.

            Before the British they also acted as the Munshis/Vakils for the Muslim invaders
            and all through they acted as the munshis/vakils for the Thakurs who held feudal power.

            One can go on and on.

            So let it go.

            Stick to development and education for our weaker sections in our samaj- Muslims and dalits included.

            Time for Ghar Wapisi to Dharam , a philosophy,the Righteous Path

          • prashants5 .

            I don’t need to say what happened during British Period. There is enough information about it. These British Chamchas ( a smaller percentage of Brahmins and other upper caste as well ) and their generation after, who became British Stooge and acted like “Indian Sepoys” are the same uprooted urbanites who have played a key role in destruction of traditional Bharat and our Traditional Social Setup as well ( both during and after British left). They are one of the reason to destroy the Jaati/Varna system of our traditional society after transforming them into so called colonized urbanites.

            Bring back our traditional education system ( and modernize it to suit the present situation ) that given us Scientists like Aryabhata, Mathematician like Madhava ( who invented the so called Pythagoras Theorem long back ) and economist like chANakya. There are many India has contributed in the field of Mathematics and Science and Technology. Until British invaded, India’s Steel Technology was one of the superior in the world.

            We have to discard the Macaulay’s education system and decolonize every Indian’s mind.

          • R. Singh

            We are not in conflict

          • prashants5 .

            We were in conflict because you generalized all the Brahmins and upper caste. You blamed the Jaati/Varnashrama setup in general as discriminatory without understanding where the root causes are.

            Not all the Brahmins and Upper caste were British Stooge but a very smaller percentage who became their clerks and exactly followed the British, their colonial masters and grabbed the power to continue the colonization of India.

            They are themselves traditionally uprooted and colonized to the core. Others followed their route and joined them with same Macaulay’s education system. These small percentage of upper caste exploited rest of the upper castes as well not just lower caste.

          • R. Singh


            I did suggest you let it go.

            Stop defending the indefensible.

            The damage done by your so called miniscule minority of Muslim/British stooges from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is incalculable.

            The damage started long long before the British came onto the scene.

            Let it go

          • prashants5 .

            >>The damage done by your so called miniscule minority of Muslim/British stooges from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is incalculable.

            Again you started with your non-sense. I never defended any British or Muslim Stooge. It seems you love to exaggerate things. You have an audacity to attack the traditional Jaati and Varna system saying it is discriminative. Which I responded back. Now either add substance or stop this debate.

    • Ananth Sethuraman

      You need to characterize this untouchability a little better. I’ve come across many anecdotes of the kind you describe. But in the end, the so-called lower jatis remain Hindus; they go to the very temples where (according to the anecdotes) they were discriminated; they don’t ask the archakar (purohit) to change the way he does puja; they are candid that they make a noise about converting to Islam as a tactic to draw media attention etc. This has been going on for 20-30 years.

      This, at bottom, is what colonial consciousness is about. The elements of colonial consciousness are:

      (1) We ourselves write that Hinduism is about caste discrimination, though we see a lot of data that doesn’t fit the hypothesis of caste discrimination.

      (2) We don’t bother to learn gyana marga because Western Indologists never learnt gyana marga.

      (3) Lacking gyana marga, Western Indologists were unable to treat Hinduism theoretically. They made up for this weakness by constructing analogies between the Catholic religion and Hinduism. Continuing this analogy, they also gave the role of Protestant religion to Buddhism. Imitating Western Indologists, we also don’t bother to study gyana marga. Lacking gyana marga, we are in no position to dispute that these analogies (i.e. Catholic = Hindu, Protestant = Buddhism) are invalid. So we have useless articles such as “Why didn’t Hindus produce a Voltaire?” or “Giving donations to Tirupati are like the system of indulgences in the Church of Rome”.

      (4) Western Indologists didn’t study philosophy of the mind. Imitating these Western Indologists, we also don’t. But of the various branches of philosophy, philosophy of the mind is best suited to help us understand gyana marga.

      (5) Take an average humanities textbook that has a chapter on Hinduism. It will say that Hindus do homams (havans) in order to get rains, thereby insinuating that Hindus actually think that there is some scientific link between homams (havans) and rains. This insinuation was deconstructed thoroughly by Wittgenstein in his review of the Golden Bough. But just try getting Wittgenstein’s view into the humanities textbook. It won’t happen.

      You will note that I have mentioned gyana marga three times. It is because gyana marga (at least some rudiments of it) are required to handle debates of this kind. If you only want to attain moksha (or ananda) without entering such debates, bhakti marga is good enough.

    • prashants5 .

      >> However, Caste is very much a fact of life in India. People marry their own caste, vote for their own caste;

      Caste is a very much fact of life in India. That is true. And that’s why politicization and characterization of Caste is also in rise since the British Period inclduing today’s politicians. At the same time, one should not fall into the trap of marxists/christian propaganda about Caste and Untouchability to exaggarate it.

      You are nobody to decide who should marry whom. If people are marrying within their caste and following their tradition or even just out of their wish, you must resepct them and their traditioin. Let’s not disturb them by pointing fingers to it. You simply have no business there. Voting for their own caste, is a politicization of caste by crooks ( people from their own caste ) who have been fooling them for decades.

      While the villages still practice their tradition of Caste, the colonized and traditiionally uprooted Urban Indians practices “Class” based society (Upper class, Middle Class and Lower class). The Class based society is a dangerous kind of discrimination and exploitation based on Wealth and Money.

      The Anti-Caste brigade must answer first, why an upper class choose to marry an upper class ( oh don’t show me exceptions), before they point their fingers to caste marriage.

      We all practice Untouchability in some or other forms, due to cultural differences or life style differences. In fact untouchability is also practiced among various Shudra Jaatis among themselves. In urban Indians the so called Class Based society also practices untouchability. The upper class children don’t play with Slum Dwellers. The Darwan kicks out a Slum Dweller trying to enter a 5-start hotel. The upper class maintain a distane with the lower class etc.

      I am not defendinding the negative effects of untouchability. The point is that, we never had been a rational and neutral debate on these issues. What we hear from most people is only hatred statements and mindless accusations probably because they are ill-informed or under-informed.

  • acrutiapps

    Unable to see what is wrong in people searching for caste either (even if they did)!
    So many political parties use names of castes while they eat and shit but as general public we are supposed to feel apologetic?

  • akshay

    Modi effect (place where I live, cant say about other places)
    People started to show respect toward sweepers and garbage collectors.
    People started to call journalists as Presstitutes.

  • Jitendra Desai

    Good research and good expose. Why should they rant when called Presstitutes? Very few bothered to dig up Sindhu’s childhood,schooling,friends,training,passion…….. just castes.

  • R. Singh

    She looks like a high caste Aryan girl., but then most,of nt all, desi girls look like that too.

    Poised, smart, glowing

    Must be something in their desi genes.

    BTW scientific DNA studies show that the inflow of outside genetic material into our subcontinent is not statistically significant.

    Go figure.

  • Siddharth Chandrasekar

    Though i agree that searching for one’s caste is wrong, I am against this sort of investigation. Isn’t it one’s own right to “google” i.e., search for whatever they want? I mean, what next? are you going to run an article on how beautiful sunny leone is just because n number of people googled her? The mentality behind the caste searching is wrong, but i highly believe that people deserve the right to information – without being judged for it.

  • P.Mathivanan

    Whatever, the fact that caste is tagged to Sindhu cannot be refuted.

    • Vinayagam

      It is tagged to every Indian, including you, Sir. What is a big deal in it?

    • PV

      Get the name right first ‘pleeeezz’. It is not Shindu. Don’t think in your language and type in English.

      • P.Mathivanan

        This is exactly what I want to tell you. What is in name and caste? I think we should all value ‘the person’.

  • Nagarajan K

    I don’t think it is an “unintended” error by someone trained in humanities without any idea of data analysis. If you look at the recent tilt in TNM’s journalism, you’d realize what I’m trying to point at. I heard TNM have recently got some major funding/investment and the investor is influencing their journalism. Someone more knowledgeable in the matter may like to analyze this.

  • Ankit S

    That’s a brilliant explanation Sankrant!
    Even apart from this, does caste direct us to a point that they were actually thinking of discrimination or I just had a thought about a second situation. While the game was on, Sindhu’s Jersey said Pusarla, what if people wanted to know that her second name was Pusarla or Sindhu?

  • dharmakarma27

    Marxist revisionist historians and their extended hands responsible for making us all imbue that “colonial consciousnesses”.
    But caste is a genuine issue in India. It needs fresh lens every now and then.

  • Vinayagam

    Whether the report on searches are exaggerated to make India look poor in the eyes of foreigners or not, Santanu’s aim to say that it is a colonial mindset to tar India with caste colors is an exaggeration. If left further, he would even say that in India, people don’t have castes. Truth is everywhere – just look at his IIT or school certificate, you know. The trend today is to create an imaginary Indian society which is caste-less. The effort is laughable. Because Hindu religion and caste hierarchy are feeding on one another. Without one, the other will be starved to death. Caste of achievers are looked into by the whole society since all of us are casteists. It is good that she is not an SC or ST. It is better she is not a Brahmin or Upper Caste. It is best she is an OBC (if really) because in the last event, she sails through w/o harming any interest as OBC is an overwhelming Indian population who are with all political groups. We must take this article and the data which it arraigns with a pinch of salt as both are motivated.

  • The most intensely caste-conscious are the ones frothing at the mouth for caste-less society. It is a societal OCD (link). These OCD intellectuals are dominant, and work to maintain the Idea of India, which is threatened by such analysis. Congrats, Sankrant.

  • Vinay Udekar

    wow. Nice research.

  • Neil Dube

    Indians have a tendency of celebrating the success of people in their own caste. Because if she’s (I state it as an general example, not pointing fingers) an OBC People will say OBCs are developing and if she’s in open, they’ll say OBCs don’t get a fair chance…
    General mentality which I’ve experienced at many instance and social media.

  • Sumit

    It could be that peopel were trying to find if its sindhu or sandhu which is a punjabi last name..Possible right?

    Even I was searching this when this phrase popped up in the suggestions.

    • Vinayagam

      As reported, most of the searches were from AP and Telangana. They know the difference between Sindhu and Sandhu.

      • Sumit

        It’s doesn’t mean that Punjabi’s are not living there 🙂

        • Vinayagam

          Punjabis live in Hyderabad and other major cities only. So, you mean people could have thought this girl, by name Sindhu, is a Punjabi. Impossible…because she has been in the lime light for many years and most people know her face. it is a pukka Telugu face. No mistake is possible.

  • Pierson David

    Thanks for daring to look beyond the stereotyping of Indians.

    • Vinayagam

      Indians stereotype themselves. Others bank upon that. As long as you have caste based reservations, foreigners will mock at you.

  • Himanshu Singh

    What is this then ? I just snapped it from google chrome automatic suggestions

    • RameshSwamy

      it basically means that so many people read & talked about this tag “pv sindhu caste” (like i just did) & hence the auto-sug picks it up. it has not logic. it just picks the term up & pushes it

    • Sumer Jam

      So what ? do you know the google chrome works on algorithm which brings the search result based on searches by the users on a specific system…here one is meta engine and another web browser….do you see the difference…now what is this then ?

  • Krupal Kasyap

    Above SINDHU Cast on “34” position .STOP FAKE NEWS .. Here is Actual Google Trends for SINHDU .. Majority searches is not about her cast Explore live at…/story/IN_lnk_ufWlnAAwAAAc2M_en

  • Arnab Barman Ray

    So were the colonials high when they were seeing what Indian society was? Were these “European Descriptions” of India intentionally fabricated to gaslight it’s people? I doubt it. Guns and gunpowder speaks louder than words.

  • Ravi chandran

    Why so much hullabaloo over this,she is the most eligible girl around town…match-making in progress,boss!!

    • Vinayagam

      Without getting into limelight with her sporting achievements also, she will get a good alliance as she is tall, beautiful and sport an endearing smile.

  • diva anand

    Excellent work by Sankrant who demolished the biased filthy propaganda of TNM but then their european view of India finds place in NYT, WP and not the truth.

  • Arjun

    the numbers may be lower, but people still searched her caste. Just saying that her caste was searched 2100 times and not millions, or that her caste was searched in every month and not just in august does not refute the fact that her caste was considered important by people who were searching for it!

    • Yes but it means very little when it is .1%. There are some people obsessed with proving caste, could be they were searching.

      • amit

        or could be fake searches to create sensationalism and prove everything is wrong in india.

        • Vinayagam

          The particular internet magazine, as far as I know, is neutral i.e. they are neither for or against the ideological position to which Sankrant Sanu belongs.

          • amit

            it is not abt the internet magazine. those who want to create an atmosphere of disharmony would create such search results – something similar to fake product reviews…

      • James Kaley

        you are far more than just ignorant. i am not an sjw so i will not tell you about “ranvir sena” or “lal sena” or those countless incidents but there are lots of things you need to know about “chamaar” not dalit, things i have witnessed, not just read from ancient literature or browsed on MacBook and trust me you would have killed yourself if had gone through that.

    • Subodh

      In a country of 1.25 billion, 2100 is as good as zero. Annually, there are over 35000 rapes, 30000 murders and lacs of smaller crimes. My estimate is we have over 1 million criminals. So whats the big deal with 2100 curious people searching for her caste?

      • Neo Salivahana

        Because it is against the ‘holy’liberal empire.

      • prashants5 .

        Well said!

        First can anyone tell me what is wrong in searching about someone’s Caste? Whether it is important or out of curiosity why this bothers the media and lots of Indian who are uprooted traditionally about their own
        culture and are colonized to the core?

        In western world, for many, ethnicity and race is very important ( including the Government Agencies). I never saw that becomes a news. And many people ask about one’s ethnicity in social gathering as well, if they are not sure about it.

        • Subodh

          Most journos are idiots. If its okay for all Indians to feel proud of Sindhu because she is an Indian, and okay for Telegus to feel proud because she is a Telegu, its perfectly okay for people of her caste to feel proud about her.

      • indian citizen

        anyway, most of those searching would have been journalists to see if they could spin it.

    • Neo Salivahana

      2 things: 1. People searched for her caste = the insinuation that they are backward. 2. Numbers hyped = Lot many bad people. Misinformation in both angles. People being curious of caste doesn’t mean they are caste-ists. Media has a tendency to exaggerate the ‘safe evils'(the topics which don’t ‘hurt’ sentiments of certain groups but hurt Hindus as a whole. Santanu’s article covers the second aspect and it is ok to deal with a specific topic at a time.

      • Praveen Raaj

        By your logic, are u saying 1.25 billion using google? Try to process ur logic here. Only 34% of indians use internet right. And out of that how many people actually know PV sindhu. Lets narrow down to the main the city from where the search came from. AP and telungana. If you think people in india doesnt care about caste anymore, you are being ignorant.

        • Neo Salivahana

          Emotional aren’t we? Did you even bother to understand?

    • PV

      Caste is not bad as much your fake outrage. By the way, I bet you did not even know her name before her medal win. Equally, you would have moved on in your mundane life had she not won any.

  • punchagan

    Great article! Thank you.

  • Santosh Gairola

    ….. and then they say, don’t call us Presstitutes

    • Slasher

      Fabulous !

  • Rahul S

    Well researched article with lots of facts and (correct) figures, both of which are anathema to #Presstitutes masquerading as journos.
    Just one minor point. The reason for stress on caste is because she “unfortunately” happened to be Hindu but “fortunately” not from upper caste. If only Sindhu had been Muslim. There would have been millions (pun intended) of op-eds about how she struggled as a child and was discriminated against at every step and how she managed to keep herself going despite all the ill will. That not happening, next best available card is the Dalit card, and that’s been dealt. Anything to discredit current society who voted for the evil Moodi to power.

    • Vinayagam

      What about Shakshi Malik? Why no such brouhaha over her caste? She is Hindu, isn’t she? Your theory collapses when we speak of many many medal winners of CWG, Asian Games and Olympics. The trend of seeking for caste, and if the winner is a FC gloats over the victory of caste has started by upper castes first although they did not do it openly and others followed suit. Luckily, only the case of Sindhu is got on a roll, not others like Sania Nehwal, Bhaskaran, Amudha, wrestlers like Sunil Kumar, Shakshi Malik et al. Unlike Sankarant, I would rather allow people or a caste or regional group the freedom to feel overjoyed if the winner is from their region or from their caste. Witness the adulation showered on her by her villagers when the gymnast Kamkar returned home although she did not win any medal. Will you find fault with them? Simple joys for simple folk and that is life. If IIT educated guys like Santanu cry foul because they see designs everywhere it is their problem.

      • R. Singh

        Not so.

        In Bharat we have ‘communities’ not ‘caste’.

        We have “Jathi ” not “varna”.

        Thus there is no such identity as ” dalit” . That is a new Evangelist creation

        As for ‘simple villagers’. That is another condescending term.

        English speaking indians live in different world from the rest of Bharat-varshis..

        People do not live in villages out of choice. They too prefer to have the high income, cars, houses, facilities,disposable income to spend in 5 star hotels, discretionary time to spend surfing the net, that a high level English Medium education brings.( instead of toiling and slaving in the fields under gruelling conditions, 20 hours out of 24., unable to even buy medicine for a sick child)

        Many , if not most, English educated types have an inferiority complex, ‘a brown coolie’ complex.

        Brought in an evangelist environment.

        Taught that they have no culture, no History, no Ithihaas,. That Sanskrit is a dead language.

        That but for Abrahamic faiths we would be uncivilized, pagans worshipping false gods.

        and yes- they are in caste ridden society, ingrained in their ‘sacred’ texts, starting with Vedas, and the Gita.

        Does jathi discrimination exist.?

        Of course it does,

        This so called Jathi ” caste ” discrimination will end as social mobility rises.

        Social mobility will rise with education.

        Increased education brings Development.

        Development brings increased income..

        Increased income brings social mobility.

        2 generations down, no one cares what your Jathi/caste is. They simply look and see if the family had money, and a standard of living.

        Riches/Money brings social acceptance

        Sankrant and others are right to point out the flaws in our society and point to how we can solve them.

        • Vinayagam

          2 generation down, no one will care what one’s jathi or caste is. They will simply look and see if the family has money and a standard of living. This is what you have written. 2 generations before, the same was said.

          More and more caste wise and region wise matrimonial columns – each caste has its own – all newspapers, internet etc. awash with such matrimonial ads exhibiting to the world how Indians tie themselves with castes. And those who release such ads, i.e. everyone from every caste, are educated and either more or less, well heeled. If you want a SC officer for your SC daughter, you will get. Brahmin for your upper caste daughter, you will get. And your son will get a lot of approaches with a lot of money bags within your caste. If some one steps out of caste to marry outside, honor killings follow. Marrying within Gotra in Northern States will make the whole village enraged and the couple are done to death brutally in broad day light, with police mute watchers of the gory murders.

          Has caste gone? Has money stopped the power of caste? Not at all. India moves on as it was. Worse, Indians have taken their castes along with them to their new countries when they migrated. Honor killings are reported from UK also. In USA, caste based and region based groups of Indians converge and they wont allow other people. Concerted efforts are hot afoot to make each group conscious of their caste and regional and linguistic identity there making them fanatical beasts of castes, language and region. General Sinha wrote an article in the Statesman explainging how he found various groupings even among Biharis in USA (Sinha was invited by some Bihari groups) and he took some time to enlighten them on the importance of having a single identity as Biharis. He said he failed. Can you say these Biharis were whitewashed by foreignors to stand separately among themselves?

          Sankarant and others are wrong in the sense that they hoodwink us to believe that Indians are caste free, or have no caste consciousness. It is all the machination of colonialists – he is cocksure of that. Fine. Whether dalit is a creation of colonialists or evangelists or a moghals is an irrelevant question as we see our India today. For instance, the persons who are writing here endorsing Sankrant will scout of suitable alliances to their children within castes. A lone fellow may be pretender for some reasons. Not all of us. This is a reality which Sankrant attempts to whitewash it calling it intellectual colonialisation. We are stereotyping ourselves today. 60 years ago the British left. To say that we are under their spell is to attempt to cover up your caste fanaticism.

          Ram Rajya will come only if you, the upper castes are liberal to throw off your sacred thread and special ceremonies unique to you calling yourselves Brahmins. I mean the initiative should come from you. Till then, the scrooge of Hinduism namely the caste hierarchy will continue to make us the laughing stock of the world. And it is only the naive who will clap for Sankrant and Co.

          • R. Singh

            Also, many are changing their names to take on a higher Kathi/varna/ caste, as they move to the anonymity of a mobile city life.

            Those chasing same jathi/Caste marriages will decline sooner or later as arranged marriages fall.

            Call everyone sharma ( and many are) problem solved

          • prashants5 .

            >> Also, many are changing their names to take on a higher Kathi/varna/
            caste, as they move to the anonymity of a mobile city life.

            Yes and then that has already given rise to another most dangerous discriminatory society that is based on CLASS. Such as Upper Class, Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Lower Class etc. etc. and it continues. In fact in all the Urban areas including Govt. sector’s policy is based on this CLASS model society.

            The whole focus here is MONEY and Wealth. It is the most visible Hierarchical Discrimination Model in a Individualistic based society. And the discrimination of one class against others is due to this money factor. Correct?? So how is your problem of discrimination ends and problem solved? It also seems you have lots of misunderstanding about Jaati and Varna system of ancient Bharat Varsha.

            You need to study clearly the significance of Jaati and Varnashrama that was once followed in Bharat Varsha. And it sustained for thousands of years in harmony.

            >> Those chasing same jathi/Caste marriages will decline sooner or later as arranged marriages fall.

            Do you mean to say then, the Marriage between Upper Class and Lower Class will rise?

          • R. Singh

            I will disagree, vehemently , with your ” living in harmony ” statement.

            There was exploitation by the strong of the weak, wherever possible, wherever Feudal society existed .

            That is

            Nature’s Law, but it behooves to not pull wool over our own eyes.

          • prashants5 .

            Thats why you need to follow dharma and Dharmik Tradition. Hence different Smritis were written at different points of times providing Guidelines for the Society for the Varnashrama. You need to come out of Western Prism to understand the traditional Bharat.

            Your Ram Rajya is also about Dharma and dharmik tradition.

          • R. Singh

            Can you stop marriage between so called upper class and lower class?

            If the only distinction is money?

          • prashants5 .

            That’s what I am supposed to ask you? Why are you hell bent on caste system if you don’t have the clarity on it and can’t propose a non-discriminatory society? Let those who wants to follow their tradition not be disturbed.

            In Indian tradition, Marriage is not only a personal affair but also a family affair too. And to many it is a community affair as well. No external entity has anything to do with their decision whether it is caste or class. Your comment was based on discrimination. Hence was my reply.

            Dharmik Tradition don’t approve exploitations. The Jaati and Varnashrama system was based on Dharma. That’s why Brahmins were not supposed to accumulate wealth or power barring the exceptional circumstances.

          • R. Singh


            The ‘ brahmin jaati’ accumulated plenty of wealth.

            What they were “supposed to do” and “what they did do” , is not a gap, but a huge chasm.

            Time to call a spade a spade.

            Quicker you do, the happier you will be.

            Dharam is the Righteous Path, anyone can follow it.

            Simply claiming you are a “Brahmin” by birth , does not make you one.

            Yet you cannot deny,that this ” jathi”/Caste has often kept a stranglehold on education, allied with the invaders- Muslim and British or native feudal ones, to exploit everyone else, they could.

            Time to acknowledge mistakes of the past and go back to Dharmic was.

            First- provide quality education to our weaker sectiosn, upto maters level.

            Electricity, schools, Universities, Engineering, Law.

            Heatth care.

            That is what will make our weaker sections strong, provide them social mobility.

            Those who want to marry among ther Jaathi are still welcome to do so.

            Just educate our people.

          • prashants5 .

            >> The ‘ brahmin jaati’ accumulated plenty of wealth.

            Show me a single references Prior to the British Era, where Brahmin Jaati has accumulated Plenty of Wealth. If you can’t show me a reference, then I will consider you spreading lie here.

            Again prior to British Rule, Majorities of the Ruling Class/Kings of India were from your so called OBC and Shudra community. It was not the upper caste but the British, who robbed these OBCs and Shudras – the ruling class running all socio-economic institutions – of their power, wealth and status. In fact on account of confusion, some of these Ruling class were even later caregorized into “Shudra” Caste by the British. . ( Read Dharampal’s British Archival Records.)

            >> Dharam is the Righteous Path, anyone can follow it.

            You are confused between Religion and Dharma. They both are different. You need to go back and read enough about “Dharma”. This kind of definition is spread by intellectually bankrupt Hindus and also Marxists/Communists. In our Traditional setup, every commune’s roles and responsibility follows dharmik Tradition. In order to understand dharmik traditions you need to have clarity on “dharma”. Dharma means that which upholds, characteristics, something without which the nature won’t sustain etc. etc. Varnashrama emphasize this when it creates those code of life for every commune or community to follow. That’s why there were harmony in a varnashrama based society. It was the King was responsible for ensuring this tradition in his Kingdom.

            >> Simply claiming you are a “Brahmin” by birth , does not make you one.

            Like I said you seem highly confused. According to Varnashrama, if a Brahmin ( by birth) doesn’t follow the code and conduct what he supposed to, then he is not Brahmin any more. I have already said that before. So why blame Jaati/Varnashrama system?

            >> Yet you cannot deny,that this ” jathi”/Caste has often kept a
            stranglehold on education, allied with the invaders- Muslim and British
            or native feudal ones, to exploit everyone else, they could.

            You are brainwashed by Marxist/Communist Propaganda. This is another lie you are spreading. Read Dharampal’s “Beautiful Tree”, where he collected the data ( from London and German Archivals ) about education status of India when British arrived India. That time, 70-80% of Students under Madras and Calcutta Presidency area were from Shudra Jaati. So what you said above is punctured right here.

            >> Those who want to marry among ther Jaathi are still elcome to do so. Just educate our people.

            What to educate people about Marriage? I said you don’t have any business there. That’s their decision what they want to do. Why and who are you imposing your broken autopian idea ( that never exists in the world) on them about marriage?

          • Savita

            Dear Prashants5, brahmins r the evils of Indian culture, and what d problem u have with shudras or OBC s….and who gave certificate to Brahmins for upper cast? God? No never….surprising egoistic attitude….for what…what brahmins have given to nation …nothing …what u ppl have given to humanity….nothing? Then for what reason this ego? And for ur kind info d kings were Kshatriyas and have fought for ppl and nation but what u care for ? U ppl r worried abt your wealth and ego….wealth which has been earned by lack of knowlegde of poor ppl and still ppl r following all non sense “karmakannd” told by selfish Brahmins

          • prashants5 .

            If you write with full of bias and prejudice ( mostly brainwashed by Marxists/Christian propaganda) without substantiating what you say, that is not eligible for debate. And you write as if you are braniwashed by the propganda, typically questioning yourself and answering yourself by saying “Nothing”.

            And who are “U ppl”?

            Please substantiate it what you have said if you like to carry debates. I would like to also learn from the debate. If everything is non-sense and evil, a civilization will collapse in few hundred years and won’t sustain for thousand of years despite so many invasion, loot, mass murder. I have substantiated with refernces. Get yourself educated properly on a subject before you criticize. British has produced exactly self-hatred Indians like you with their colonial education system. You need to get out of that and stop looking everything from a western prism or propganda.

          • Cybil Peril

            Brain washed by convent edu….

          • Ergo

            Easy to say. Your hope may come real one day. Good luck. Till then, a brahmin is a brahmin and a dalit is a dalit.

          • R. Singh

            “Dalit” is an identity created by Evangelists and Nehru Gandhi Congress.

            Best avoid enshrining it in your canon

            Also you may start to consider self reflection.

          • Harish

            So how many instances have you come across of a Brahmin Sharma marrying a Dalit Sharma? Caste is as of now a very strong phenomenon. It can possibly die away in a hundred years; earlier if the modern day Manu-wadi’s fail.

          • R. Singh

            It not a subject of research interest for me,and frankly I do not care.

            Just telling what happens in the melting pot of civilization, when social mobility increases.

            It is not possible to physically distinguish between Jaathis. and so and so in upper caste and so and so is lower caste.

            Physical beauty an indication of caste

          • Harish

            You should care. In this large country, only a small proportion of intercaste marriages take place. So caste is still a rigid barrier as of now.

          • R. Singh

            I do care.

            People forget, that the genetics and DNA of our population of Bharat, is unchanged since 6000 years.

            The has been miniscule external introduction of foreign genetic material.

            As social mobility rises, and the concept of family, community changes, the hold of traditional community leaders will also break.

            Artificial barriers will break and are breaking.

            Do you want them to break faster,

            then support P M Modi and BJP.

            Help speed up Education, Development..

          • Harish

            DNA of India- has changed quite a lot in the past 1000 years, if you go by the recent DNA studies. Possibly because of the continuous invasions and in-migration. Whatever new age mindset that Modi started out with has already dissipated. When he was CM for instance he had started a school for pujaris which people of any caste could join. More of such initiatives could have helped but instead he has given up on this as well- he is more or less the puppet of the RSS which is a casteist organization.

          • R. Singh

            DNA entering Hindustan, over the last 4000 years in so miniscule as to be statistically insignificant.

            Check your data

        • Anshul Singhal

          we have jati not verna but we had varna not Jati

          • R. Singh

            Varna is eternal. You can only acquire it not be born into it.

            Jaathi is a community.

            You can be born into it.

            You can leave the community.

            You can join the community.

            Happens all the time

            Group dynamics apply. Read upon group dynamics- formation., survival

            It is your choice.

            No one can force you to stay in one.

            Social mobility takes care of that

          • Ergo

            That is fooling people: social mobility won’t make a dalit a Brahmin.

          • R. Singh

            Social mobility will get rid of the 1st line of prejudice and discrimination.

            As for other items like marriage, people will do and should do what they will.

          • R. Singh

            Can you physically distinguish a so called Brahmin from anyone else.?????

          • Harish

            Not physically but socially. I have found that there are a few colleagues of mine who have given up their caste surnames. But when they come across total strangers, the strangers are able to make out in a few minutes time if they are from the same caste.

          • R. Singh


            That is exactly my point.

            This caste/Jath/jathi BS is a man made social construct.,,it is not in our genes/DNA or in any of the works of our Dharmic philosophy, the vedas, the upanishads, the Gita.

            Social comfort , is part of group dynamics.

            It determines, friendships, marriage etc.

            As society gets to be more homogenous, then these barriers will break down.

            When- it cannot be determined, but they will breakdown

            At the same time, let me pay tribute with admiration and gratitude, to the community /Jathi of Brahmins, who preserved these works of philosophy , in the face of extreme adversity, for ALL mankind,through the thousands of years.

          • Sadanand Bhat

            May be you haven’t read old indian rishis, the recent one being Ramanuja from SouthIndia who ordained any one willing to follow the dharma and ritiuals to be a brahmin, to this day it happens. But who wants to be a brahmin when there is no money involved and these days discriminated against in all avenues and subjected to snide remarks blatantly goaded by these foreign agents and their Indian sepoys.

          • Harish

            You statement describes it all. Ramanuja lived a thousand years ago. Give any recent example of a great non-brahmin scholar becoming a brahmin. Do not play the self-pity card. Look at the actual condition of the Dalits who have been discriminated against for centuries and is continuing now. When you guys try to perpetuate the myth of ‘anyone can become a brahmin but no one wants to become’ at least give one recent example.

          • Sadanand Bhat

            I know atleast 4 people (1 canadian and 3 australians)who went to India and took diksha and are practising brahmins one of them is a priest in Sydney. Look at ISKON they convert every one to Brahminism. Yes whenever people treat other castes with prejudice it should be highlighted and the abusers taken to task by the law, we all came from the soil and go back to be top soil hopefully they realise and live respectfully.

          • Harish

            You substantiated my point. One the numbers can be counted on your fingers, and they (the converts ) do not have to live in Indian society, and they seem to be ‘white skinned’
            I would be very happy if the ISKON guys convert every dalit to Brahminism- without requiring them to be part of their cult.

          • Sadanand Bhat

            Nothing to prove here, I can give over 9 examples of brahmins marrying obc’s in andhra (my classmates / neioghbours) and kept the obc caste none of them wanted to carry on the brahmin rituals on paper, so that their children can make use of the quota. one of girls happen to be same caste as the now anti national hero Rohit. What has skin colour got to do with anything? when we conduct veda patasala classes and canvassed among young kids do you know how many non brahmins came only 2 in a class of 30 when i had pushed my circle (there are no brahmins in my close friends by the way) I know lot of westerners whom i meet in US and Australia are hindus in every aspect you can call them brahmins too , they are vegetarians, do meditation, yoga and some have tulsi in the house as they practice ayurveda (calling it natural therapy) .Anti brahminism is an agenda of missionaries to destroy the backbone of hinduism as it is only common thread holding it by doing the rituals and keeping the culture .

        • prashants5 .

          >> We have “Jathi ” not “varna”.

          Jaati is community but our society used to follow Varnashrama, which was a social context. Varnashrama was dhArmik tradition based, where each commune supposed to follow strict life code that was recommended in various Smritis ( Smritis changes time to time and context.). We also have something called “Avarna”. It means those who don’t want to be part of Varnashrama based society such as “Vanavasi” ( the forest dwellers). In modern India they are categorized as Schedule Tribe (ST).

          According to Smritis, a person born into Brahmin Kula or Jaati, is Brahmin by Varna hence he/she must follow the life code of a Brahmin and Kula Acharam. If he/she doesn’t follow, then he/she looses that Varna. This is as per Varnashrama and Smriits from a Social Context.

          The varna literally means combination of Triguna ( Satwa, Raja and Tama ) that define’s someone’s characteristics and abilities in addition to how one should conduct in society by following one’s Kula Acharam.

          The Bharat Varsha has still been colonized and in colonial mode. So our traditional Jaati/Varnashrama model is already destroyed. Whatever little exists now, it exists in villages. The urbanized Indians are uprooted and still colonized to the core.

          Jaati and Varnashrama both were Linear Model in a Social Context. Where as Caste is an Hierarchical Model imposed by British using Racial Profiles.

          You can’t make a society with the so called “Equality” as long as two persons are not born with same gunas. The Anti-Caste brigade are not able to answer why the worst form of discrimination exists in CLASS based society (Upper class and Lower class). That is competitive ( each person compete with another for accumulating money) and chaotic as you can see around the world today.

          Don’t fall into the trap of Commuist/Marxists Propaganda!

        • Ananthakrishnan Gopal

          Dalit was first used by Jyotiba Phule for your information.

          Or maybe you think Jyotiba Phule was an Evangelist creation himself since he wanted girls to go to school.

          • R. Singh


            Question who enshrined it ?

        • James Kaley

          2 generation down no one cares about your caste/jathi ?!??!!
          My grandfather wasn’t allowed to sit in the class run which was run by upper caste people and he had to stop his schooling because of that. You people have no idea.

          • R. Singh


            It happened all over our nation.
            There is no defence for it.
            Time to get over it .

            Our Dhara is stronger. .

          • James Kaley

            you just can’t because no “thakur ji”, “sharma ji”, or “verma ji” want their house next to chamaar and this is not the only thing but the thing makes me sad the most is that they have passed it on to the next generation. there is a lot of things people don’t know because nobody want to share these humiliating incident with people. a professor of a very reputed engg college once said to me “in sc st walo ne pura institute kharaab kar diya” even when i got admission from general rank. what can you expect from others?

          • R. Singh

            Social discrimination is universal.

            In USA

            Irish faced it

            Italians faced it

            East Europeans faced it

            Portugese faced it

            Greeks faced it

            No one wanted to socialize with them, marry them.

            Why hold people from HIndustan to a higher standard?

          • James Kaley

            seriously… you are comparing these two situation. ok but i am done here and i am really sorry to have bothered you.

          • R. Singh

            Conversion to Christianity did not improve your social class, or make you more enlightened.

            Time to stop playing victim

          • Sadanand Bhat

            so did they not let them into the churches after conversion in manglore – so this conversion to christianity as a solution to caste prejudice didn’t work but people never reverted back (fault lies with hindus who shut the doors) to their old dharma but let their souls be harvested. Solution is to get back and follow the dharma of our ancestors and fight the injustice within our frame work – Even Amdedkar took up buddhism not any of the abrahamic religions.

          • Harish

            The ancient Indian churches particularly of south India are extremely casteist. In fact if you go to places like Kerala, the casteist feeling in Churches is so strong that many of the old churches have not converted anyone in the past several centuries- not because they do not want conversion, but because they do not want ‘low caste’ converts in their churches.
            However, the fault does not lie with the Hindus who tried to leave the religion. The fault lies with the upper caste Hindus, who made it unbearable for the lower castes to remain Hindus, and the fault lies with the casteist christians who are happy with their middle level position in the caste hierarchy.

      • Rahul S

        You miss the fact that this was first major international event after that evil Moodi came to power. CWG, Asian Games and previous Olympics all happened under secular Congress government. Caste and religious discrimination never happened then, everyone lived almost like in Ram Rajya, ruled by benevolent Queen Maino through her pet robot. Media were kept happy through frequent foreign jaunts on Air India One. Everyone was happy. So why would anyone even bother to report anything?

        • Vinayagam

          So we need to wait for another CWG, another Asiad to happen during Modi sarkar in power. And wait for some to get medals. And then see the same happens to them. It is better to wait. Till then, I wish your dream is not disturbed. We can dream about a Ram Rajya now.

          • Cybil Peril

            If u can hold ur agitated breath till then???

        • Cybil Peril

          Gud sarcasm.

      • Ananthakrishnan Gopal

        Sakshi Malik’s surname indicates her caste. So people who might be interested wouldn’t have to do a Google Search, unlike the case of PV Sindhu where her caste is not obvious from her name.

        • Ergo

          But it cannot be hidden for ever. Her caste will soon be known to all.

        • Cybil Peril

          u seem 2 b extra intelligent 2 read d minds of others… I can’t guess her caste wid title Malik.

          • Ananthakrishnan Gopal

            For the people from her region it is obvious. As you can see PV Sindhu’s caste was important for a few people from her own region.

          • Cybil Peril

            Is it obvious 2 u??? Kindly enlighten me too.

          • Ananthakrishnan Gopal

            So you do want to know her caste?

          • Cybil Peril

            Don’t try 2 feed ur poison 2 others. Keep it wid u only.

          • Harish

            One need not be extra intelligent, one only needs to aware of the broad caste make up of the region. If one knows that someone with the surname Malik comes from Haryana/Punjab/Pakistan (and not Bengal), they would most probably be a Jat.

          • Cybil Peril

            Simultaneously one also need not be too smart either if not intelligent to answer a simple question. You may know but others won’t and vice versa.

      • Cybil Peril

        Ask this question to TNM editors. Y there were no searches for Shakshi too??? South India is a den of Church orchestrated anti Hindu, anti India activities where Church is heavily present. refer to Kudankulum agitation! Why is it that Christian missionaries find it easier to poke their nose in under developped areas of India? Because the Church fools them by spreading hate in innocent souls. Abrahamics have no spiritual concepts to advance. Hence they spread lies and hate against Hindu weaker sections for religious conversions. Shameful truth.

        • Sadanand Bhat

          They are heavily involved in anti brahmin activity too. Their aim to make brahmins hounded like jews, so there is no one left to carry on the rituals / traditions of hinduism and it becomes a museum religion.

          • Cybil Peril

            Exactly. That was d reason that Kanchi Sankaracharya was jailed by secular Jaya. Modern Indian politicians are heavily brain washed by Western misdemeanour that is attractive 4 dem in its nudity, vulgarity and night club cultures where cheap s E x is easily obtained to win over the elites. Hinduism needs to rediscover herself in light of these culture-vultures.

          • Harish

            The Christians of Kerala are casteist, are happy being the ‘banias’ of Kerala. They are least concerned with Brahmans- the biggest joke is that they like to think that they are converted from Brahmins. In states like TN, the Brahmins are getting now only what they deserve. Hindus need to set own house in order. A new ‘arya samaj’ type approach would not be a bad idea- though one should try to avoid the pitfalls of the Arya Samaj movement. Brahminism has no place in modern Hinduism.

          • Cybil Peril

            Too brainy if not intelligent because intelligent word seem 2 b taboo 4 u. However glad that one person here has answers 4 everything. Good…But every ism has some pitfalls like stagnant water. U sud discover one new ism with followers. I promise 2 b ur follower 2 start of.

  • Subramanian Venkatraman

    Thank you very much, Sankrant Sanuji! A well researched article explaining how to correctly interpret data. For our popular media anything is ‘fact’ if it can excite masses! These ‘facts’ are their bread and butter! Please keep up the good work.