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List of RSS workers murdered under the Kerala LDF dispensation

West Bengal and Kerala are two states that have now turned into Islamic terror factories. As is its wont, the media has hidden this dangerous reality under the carpet. Unless it is an incident of the magnitude of the Burdwan blasts, the media has protected secularism by suppressing such news.

In the same vein, it has also suppressed the killing of RSS /BJP workers in Kerala under the LDF Government took over in 2006. Here is a list of the innocent RSS workers that were murdered by the LDF and its affiliates:

  1. On December 1, 2006, Krishna Kumar (Biju), an RSS activist killed in Thiruvananthapuram by CPI(M) thugs.
  2. On 17th December 2006 BJP activist P.S. Sujith murdered in Engandiyur town of Thrissur district by CPI(M) goons.
  3. On January 20th 2007 – RSS activist Ravi killed in Tirur by NDF members.
  4. ON 12th February 2007, BJP/ BMS activist Shaju (30) killed in Kallettumkara near Thrissur district by CPI(M) goons.
  5. On 5th March 2007 PP Valsaraj Kurup (37) was murdered by the CPI(M) goons.
  6. On 16th March 2007, RSS activist Lakshman murdered in Thanur in Malappuram district by NDF workers.
  7. On 24th April 2007 an RSS Taluk Karivayak G. Chandran murdered in Vettiyar near Mavelikkara by CPI(M) thugs.
  8. On August 16th 2007 at 7.30 am, K. Pramod (33), RSS/BJP activist killed by CPI(M) thugs in Thallassery, Kannur district.
  9. On 22nd October 2007, BJP activist Sunil Kumar killed in Kodungallur by DYFI goons.
  10. On 2nd November 2007 an RSS activist Vinod Kumar (35) killed near Manalayam junction at Chadayamangalam in Thiruvananthapuram by NDF workers.
  11. On 23rd December 2007, RSS Mandal Sareerik Sikshan Pramukh Vinod (25) killed by NDF goons near his house.
  12. On 5th March 2008, RSS activist Nekhil killed in Thallessary (Kannur) by CPI(M) workers.
  13. On 5th March 2008, RSS activist Sathyan killed in Thallessary (Kannur) by CPI(M) thugs.
  14. On 6th March 2008, RSS activist Mahesh killed in Kannur by CPI(M) workers.
  15. On 7th March 2008, RSS activist Suresh Babu killed in Kodiyeri(Kannur) by CPI(M) members.
  16. On 7th March 2008, RSS activist Surendran killed in Kannur by CPI (M) goons.


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  • Doraiswamy Ganesh

    How long have we to suffer this humiliation by commies and xtians? Has not the time come to retaliate ? we must now start putting away by not showing the other cheek.We have to answer a blow by blow.

  • An Innocent Hindu

    Kill me I am Hinduism….

    I had no name. I knew good things are called Dharma and Bad things are called Adharma / Paap. I never knew that I ama religion and i had a name until few people started making their own. It took decades and many other religions named Christians and Muslims and Sikhs and many more started their own idea of religion. I felt it was good to have many colors portrayed together into a fine painting.

    But suddenly there started a race to grow their religions. Some used force, some used money, some picked up women from other religions to convert her to theirs and produce more people of their religion from her, some killed people of other religions to reduce them in number and grow their own religion.

    I was all over the world at a certain age. But now I am limited to India only. I was the only thing at a time, but now I am left with very little. I was tortured by the British, I was tortured by the Mughals. I have been tortured since ages. I paid my women to the British because I am Hinduism, I paid taxes to Aurangzeb because I am Hinduism.

    Every one wants me to die and become extinct, everyone wants to destroy me from this earth. Kill me because I am Hinduism. I have no rights / no reservations / no supporters / no one to praise.

    Whoever talks about supporting me is considered communal and in my own nation India a Secular is a person who speaks against me.

    kill me because I am Hinduism.

    • Narayan Srikanth

      Well written. Cheers

    • Wasted here. Kannur killings is not about religion. RSS workers have killed Hindus in CPM also.

    • frederickdsouza

      joining any religion is like joining a gang . Your truly Atheist .

  • Patriot

    STOP ALL THIS YAAR. Our army is busy fighting the terrorists, the nation is united when fighting Pakistanis, what the heck is this going on in here !

    It’s really painful to learn Indians are killing Indians …. and why ??? Because someone is a Communists and he hates RSS or someone is congress and he hates BJP !

    We have been evolving into humans from apes, but the time has stated travelling back to the Ape age.

    Believe me brothers it has taken millions of years for the violent apes to evolve into Humans, but why are we trying to go back to the ape age ?

    Felt a great lot of pain, be it a communist who was killed, be it a congressi who was killed, be it a RSS or be it a BJP worker….. all are humans who took birth and will age out and die. They were someone’s son, someones husband, someones father, how could one justify it ???

    Is this really our culture ? Have we lost all our senses being carried away by politics so much ?

    Or is this due to difference in caste / creed / religion and beliefs ?

    How does it matter any way, do we really feel killing is good ?

    This is really absurd…… request all to stand united and stop all this.

    Let those parties not get any votes who teach communalism or who are engaged in scams and scandals. Show your anger while voting not on the streets simply by killing people.

    Please behave like civilized….. donot behave like Pakistani terrorists. please…

  • Krishna Baalu

    Thanks for sharing this chilling murders of Leftist thugs in Kerala. One should seriously contemplate to file a PIL in Supreme Court seeking probe in all, and the complicity of Leftist thugs in thwarting justice!

    • Doing that is a bad idea because that would reveal the RSS’s own role in the bloodshed in Kannur region Kerala. This way at least RSS can keep up with the lies and propaganda

  • Dr. Amit

    Commies bastards should be last person to speak about freedom of expression. Ravana Yechury and all other comrades of this death cult must pay full price and their should be any compromise with these monsters……

  • mksharma62

    These are factional fights between two conflicting parties/associations. Don’t blow it over-proportionately and draw all sorts of gory pictures.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    These violent PANGOLIN* murderers accuse “Hindus” of being fascists!

    *Note: PANGOLIN: An enemy of India who believes in inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law and persecution of some for the benefit of others. At present, the sole purpose of the Indian Republic, Constitutional or otherwise, is to pamper and provide for certain constitutionally preferred sections of society who the British found useful to hold and exploit India at the cost of those who the British hated and persecuted. The Pangolin is a creature that is unique to India and feeds on ants that are known in nature to be industrious and hard working if not quite as fruitful as bees who flee to better climes. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921 and re write History and laws to their exclusive benefit since 1947)

  • Matthew Cherian

    “..innocent RSS workers that were murdered….” Use the word innocent cautiously when talking about RSS

    • GhorMaanas

      yep. only the cpi has a copyright over it.

  • June 13, 2006 – Iritty : K. K. Yakoob – he was killed by RSS-BJP men by using deadly weapons and country-made bombs.

    · November 5, 2007 – Near Kavumbhagam school, Thalassery :
    M. K. Sudheer Kumar – he was transporting school students in a van.
    His van was stopped by RSS goons and he was killed in front of the
    school students.

    · November 6, 2007 – Namathumukku, Kathiroor, Thalassery :
    Parayi Pavithran – he was going to purchase milk. RSS goons attacked
    him with swords and killed.

    · January 14, 2008 – Meenkunnu, Azhikkode : M. Dhanesh – he
    was traveling in a bike and going home. He was stopped on the way,
    attacked him with swords and killed.

    · January 26, 2008 – Narathu Peedika, Thalassery : K. P.
    Jijesh – he was returning to his house with his friends after attending
    a marriage ceremony. RSS goons attacked him with swords and killed.

    · March 5, 2008 – Illikkunnu, Thalassery : Meethale
    Parayathu Veettil Ranjith – he was an auto rickshaw driver. He was
    driving the auto in Thalassery town. He was stopped, attacked with
    swords and killed.

    · March 8, 2008 – Puthoor : K. Aneesh – RSS goons attacked with swords and killed near his house.

    Seven CPI(M) workers were killed by
    RSS-BJP goons in Kannur district since LDF government took office:That
    the RSS has been organising the attacks and unleashing its armed goons
    can be seen from the fact that there have been 12 other incidents of
    attacks on cadres and Party offices of the CPI(M), in the months of
    January and February in 2008, a list of which is given below.

    · January 6, 2008 – Chundangapoyil, Kathiroor : Five
    autorickshaws were attacked and destroyed. CPI(M) workers were
    attacked and injured from a bus.

    · January 6, 2008 – Thalassery North : Local Committee secretary, A. C. Manoj – Bombs were thrown to his house.

    · January 18, 2008 : Maroli Raghavan – His house was attacked and motor bike was burnt.

    · January 27, 2008 – Madapeedika, Kodiyeri – South Local Committee office was attacked and destroyed

    · January 27, 2008 – Temple Gate branch office, Mannayadu, Palloor offices were attacked and set fire.

    · January 27, 2008 – Chryst Collect, Thalassery was attacked.

    · January 27, 2008 – Set fire to Thalassery Dinesh Bhawan, Dinesh Branch office.

    · January 27, 2008 – Windows of Thalassery City Centre destroyed.

    · January 28, 2008 – Chavassery town : CPI(M) Local Committee office was attacked with bombs and destroyed.

    · January 28, 2008 – Mundayamparambu, Aiyamkunnu : Gaya Kumar – his house was attacked.

    · January 28, 2008 – Padinjattamuri : CPI(M) worker Biju was attacked.

    · February 24, 2008 – Panthakkal : Two Party workers were attacked and wounded.

    • Matthew Cherian

      Well if the media has ignored RSS members being murdered then they sure have ignored this too.

      • Media didn’t ignore anything. Kerala media reports the political murders like crazy but they do report on the violence from both sides.

        • tulasi dass

          If RSS are really killing people why it is not happening in other states. Why it is specially happening in communist state’s. Because communist have a history of violence and killing of there political rivals.

          • Other states bend over to RSS and receive their whipping without opposition. In Kerala we oppose fascists

  • N.Paramasivam

    In this act, a stiff competition between Tamil Nasu and Kerala, as to which State witnessed more killing of RSS