Modi Haters Will Outrage And Fume Till 2019 No Matter What

Oh to be an #AdarshLiberal! To be proved wrong a million times and still get a million privileges! Modi Haters of the country unite.

India is fast changing. Power Minister Piyush Goyal is making India self-reliant. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is transforming a monolith. Infrastructure Minister Nitin Gadkari was called Maharashtra’s “Roadkari” in the 1990s and is now is India’s too in the 2010s.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is building a modern capital city from scratch. There is no shortage of good stories coming out of India. Of course if you are outside the country, you will hear absolutely nothing of this for the simple reason that it will show Prime Minister Narendra Modi in good light!

One part of India is being destroyed though. Jungle Raj has returned to Bihar. Goonda Raj returned to Uttar Pradesh much before that. West Bengal in mired in violence (think the Malda rampage), corruption (think the Saradha scam) and the border seems to have become porous again. The Information Bureau is worrying about the influx of fake notes and potential terrorists.

Even Karnataka is seeing record power cuts and communal tension. The city of New Delhi is also going into decline going by the increasing piles of garbage and the total breakdown of ties between government agencies.

Of course all this is being downplayed too. Why? The answer is the same as above. It will show Modi in good light!

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati built statues of herself. Politicians have been known to slap government officials. The Congress is nothing but the party president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul.

modi-shahYet if Modi wears a suit bearing his name, then he’s the biggest megalomaniac in the country and we all have to debate it endlessly.

Let’s face it. No matter what Modi does, no matter what he achieves, no matter how he transforms this nation, senior editors, (pseudo) intellectuals, (pseudo) seculars, (pseudo) liberals, writers, artists and (un)Civil Society will continue to attack him 24X7.

They attacked him non-stop from 2002-12 even though all the allegations fell flat.

They said he masterminded Godhra.

They said he killed Ishrat Jahan.

They said there was no development in Gujarat.

They said he masterminded Snoopgate.

They said his deputy (current BJP President Amit Shah) was a criminal.

And so on and so forth.

And guess what? Forget a conviction or trial—there isn’t even a chargesheet against him! Sonia on the other hand is a snow white victim even though a sessions’ judge and High Court judge have found merit in a case against her.

From 2013-14 they continued to attack Modi even though Sonia and the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had brought the nation to ruin with their endless scams. UPA2’s economic policy, foreign policy, defence policy… everything was pushed to the side as the media focused all their attention on attacking Modi.

Even when he became Prime Minister, the downright baseless allegations and attacks continued. They called him a 31% PM even though the NDA got a 38.5% vote share, very high in a flourishing multi-party democracy.

In fact it was the only time in the history of democracy that 200 million people voted for one person-party-alliance!

He wore an ordinary shawl and it was “alleged” that it was a Louis Vuitton shawl (Just like that! But so what even if it was?) and another intense attacked followed. He wore a suit and one report dreamed up a figure of Rs 20 lakh and he is vilified for that to this very day.

As his Prime Ministership continued, it got even more bizarre.

Every year temples, mosques and churches are attacked in India, but suddenly in 2015 it became “Christianity under attack” for the same thing happening (News blanked out temple attacks and played up the one on churches).

Bangladeshi refugees raping a nun in Mamata Banerjee’s lawless West Bengal also became Modi’s fault! Akhilesh Yadav brought in Jungle Raj in Uttar Pradesh and a mob killed a man brutally and that also became Modi’s fault. Congress brought beef bans to India. Nobody knows why that man was killed.

But according to the media…

He ate beef → It’s Modi’s fault.

That led to rising intolerance (smart because it is an abstract thing that nobody can prove and can be debated for years even) and the farcical #AwardWapsiCampaign.

The theatre of the absurd continued.

A student in Hyderabad University committed suicide after getting involved in intense Left-leaning politics and strangely it became Modi’s fault again and he was dubbed anti-Dalit (even though the student probably wasn’t a Dalit!)

From bias, #AdarshLiberals went to severe bias to shameless outright lies. One wonders what the next stage of evolution will be. In the Hollywood movie Wag the Dog, a spin doctor actually manufactures a fake war to distract the public.

Now as the stakes get higher and higher, so the attacks will only intensify.

In a few months Assam, Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu will go to the polls.

There’s an outside chance that the BJP may come to power in Assam and drastically increase its vote share in the other three States. Like “Christianity under attack”, “intolerance” and “Dalit student death”, expect another manufactured outrage.

Then at the end of the year Punjab goes to the polls. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is the sweet adorable darling of the #AdarshLiberals will be pumped full of air for the umpteenth time and Modi will be clobbered.

In 2017 we have the biggest Assembly prize: Uttar Pradesh. Amit Shah will be painted as a villain. BJP will be painted as super communal. Anything that goes wrong in the State big or small will be blamed on Modi even though it’s due to the lack of governance of Akhilesh who has proved to be a Grade 1 disaster.

We have elections for the President and Vice President of India in the same year. God forbid Modi gets someone who will back him in Rashtrapati Bhavan and let the Rajya Sabha function for a change.

Another incident will be highlighted. Another outrage will be manufactured. Another #AwardWapsiCampaign type absurdity will be cooked up.

In fact, I bet they already have a time-table ready!

2014: Campaign failed, Modi looked good.

2015: Campaign succeeded, Modi lost Delhi and Bihar.

2016: Hyderabad campaign looked to be succeeding till…

2017: …

Then comes 2018-19 which will be the slog overs of #AdarshLiberals and they will try to hit every ball for a six. Modi got kudos for Gujarat development from all over the world but these people tried to prove it a myth.

You can be sure that whatever reforms happen in infrastructure, Railways and power, #AdarshLiberals will try to prove is a myth even though it will be standing in front of their very eyes.

They will check the Top 20 parameters of India in 2019. If Modi has made progress in 17 and not so much in 3, those 3 will be headlined, highlighted, debated and outraged 24X7.

If Modi loses 2019, then Lutyens Delhi will party all night for months on end.

And what if he wins? Then the “Modi is the devil & India under siege” campaign will merely get another 5-year extension till 2024!

Oh to be an #AdarshLiberal! To be proved wrong a million times and still get a million privileges! Modi Haters of the country unite. You still have a long way to go!

The author is a Bengaluru-based journalist. He has previously worked for organizations like the Hindustan Times, CyberMedia, the Centre for Science & Environment and IT market research firm IDC India.
  • Indian

    LETS remove their torture of existence.of Italian and street dogs. Lets make their Kashmirs (Heads) independent before they FoE on India. The greatest mistake happened in May-June 2014 HALLABOL should have started then itself. Anyway not too late as DONALD TRUMP said, The families of BASTD PRDTS OF ESCORT SERVICES secular Talibaan should be targetted to bring them to knees

  • Indian


  • Silent Observer

    Modi phobia is but a symptom of a grave disease afflicting our country. India is being s-u-b-v-e-r-t-e-d big time by outside hands. We are being spied upon, dissent manufactured, elections manipulated (yes folks! do your research, truth hurts) ties to our traditions, customs, cuisine and way of life being eroded slowly and surely plus a host of other ways to weaken us as a country is in the works. They are succeeding brilliantly. How many of our country men know Kejriwal is ClA puppet?

  • Indian

    The Extermination of few families IS NEED OF THE HOUR .Rather than Internet Time for Street action. 10 eyes for an eye, 10000 heads for one head of Hindus and nationalists. God forbid if this evil plant of enemies of India OpusDei-ISIS-ISI-Italian Mafia, the Italian street whore sonia and her piglets with help of the Chinese Pimps of Italy 9Mo.Fuc) come to Power. Hindus will see a genocide the world has never seen before. Your daughters will be raped by Bangaldeshis, White skinned Italian pigs, Christians and Police will be forced to support these in name of Communal Violence Bill. Italian street born slut sonia was building an “European style city” in GR Noida, a bloody Green Zone as this Italian street slut “Likes to Loot India” but will live in European style NO GO GREEN ZONE , A VERITABLE FORT would be built, where all these LIBERTINES AND RAKES of Church and traitor Crypto Xtians with FALSE Hindu names will be safe while India will become another Death Zone like Nazi Germany for Jews. These so called LIBERTINES media whores willcreate blood oceans, they will get evenb their daughters and mothers be gangraped and make Blue Films of them, for 2 pegs of liquor and some dogmeat.
    HINDUS PLEAS E REMEMBER SONIA IS THE BIGGEST AND MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY FACED BY HINDUS EVER. WORSE THAN BILLION TAIMURS AURANGZEBS WORSE THAN BILLION GHENGIS KHANS COMBINED.HITLER , STALIN, MAO,POL POTS COMBINED ARE TODDLERS COMPARED TO A SUAR-DESAI OR THE PACK OF BONGO COMMIE PIGS. SURPRISING NO OTHER CIVILIZED COUNTRY Tolerates Communist Red Rabid maddogs or foreigner ruling their country. Russian Revolution WAS NOT brought about some Commie Pig Lenin but due to the fact that Tzar Nicholas allowed His German wife to Rule Russia. George ORWELL has clearly exposed these nefarious street dogs in his Book Animal Farm and 1984, their evil machinations. Double Speak, Double Think and offcourse thousand fathers, is their genre.Their are No two ways NOW. EITHER FEW HUNDREDS ARE KILLED SAVAGELY OR save your skins to be butchered by sonia-Xtian barbarians tomorrow. In fact NOW the war of Hindus and Muslims is same WORLDWIDE. Muslims are fighting against the depredations of Bloodthirsty Demonic white Xtianity, ISIS is a plant of CIA-BLACKWATER-SAUDI to allow the intervention of barbarians white war dogs armies, just like they planted Nazis to exterminate Jews and then intervened when their interests were threatened and 2 CHECKMATE SOVIETS who were winning the war. IN course off course Soviet Union was also bled.
    SONIA AND PIGLETS RAUL VINCI, BIANCA VINCI, VADRA AND BIANCA PIGLETS HAVE TO BE WIPED FROM FACE OF INDIA WHATEVER IT TAKES. COMMIES NEED TO BE EXTERMINATED FRANCO,RHEE, SUHARTO WAY. AND WE PEOPLE HAVE TO DO THAT. WHAT IS THE MEDIA WHOREHOUSES ANYWAY. A PACK OF DUFFER GUTTER LIBERTINES AND RAKES No Drs Engineers Scientists Farmers But some 6 months course from some seedy college ON huge donations by their unknown BIOLOGICAL FATHERS or Multi bedlayers. If Drs, Engineers, Scientists, Farmers, Mechanics are removed from the scene HUMANITY STOPS. If these 2 Bit journos and families are removed Billion times what happens-NOTHING

    • Romi

      sir be careful. this kind of open message is liable to be picked off. i understand ur motives and sympathise with them, but we cannot do it this way.

  • somayajulu csjr

    In the photograph above the caption it is not known where that BOY of 43 years is taking the herd around him to.

  • Slasher

    Sunil Rajguru’s premise is wrong: Modi haters are not all alike. And they are not all wrong. Here’s why even former admirers of Modi like me are fuming at Modi and for the all the right reasons. Let me enumerate.

    First and Foremost, it is now dawning on almost every Hindu in India that Mard Modi is really Maun Modi.That does not show courage.

    Second, every Hindu knows that the Desh Drohi forces in India are much more vocal today than even at the peak of Sonia’s power.

    Third, we get daily proof of Modiji’s courage (or the lack of) by the number of arrests he makes of rabble rousing commies, desh drohis and Chrislamists every day (that is Zero!).

    So what lesson can we draw here about Modi?

    Modi is either a COWARD or at worst, an OPPORTUNIST.

    He claimed to stand for Hindus and fight all the above forces and two years later, we are all waiting for Godot.

    But at least we now know why Modi is silent.

    Capt. Vadakayil has exposed the UGLY nexust between JNU, BJP and Congress all in promoting Desh Drohis in India for the last 60 years.

    You can read the path breaking article here.

    After reading the article, I challenge Modiji here: If you really have a 56 inch chest, then prove it: Arrest the Desh Drohis that Captain Ajit Vadakayil has exposed with great courage and show that you have some guts. If not, step down.

    Bharatmata needs foot soldiers (like readers here) on the path laid out by courageous souls like Captain
    Vadakayil. Please read the article above and spread the news.

    This ought to be the top TRENDING article on Twitter: Spread the word.

  • untildnextFPban:)

    Adarsh liberal, congee, commiee nexus was always anti Hindu, two faced and extremely hypocritical but earlier they tried to at least pretend to be neutral but now they have become completely in your face, brazen and shameless. .Thanks to SM they get caught on their lies and half truths but does that shame them any ??? …NAH …now the pretence is also gone. ..pathetic !!

  • Samrat Bharat

    That’s how folks in Opposition keep their jobs no? Modi himself kept the BJP relevant through the UPA “slog overs” by opposing GST, holding up Parliament and with sultanat/shahzada comments. No point whining when you get paid back in the same coin.

  • Zohrab

    On one side BJP start losing the elections and decided showing up others like Smrithi Irani in UP election, realizing Modi magic doesn’t work, on the other trying to join hands with local parties like (Christian) Kerala Congress whose leader is trapped for corruption, from whose home, currency counting machine has been confiscated, and in Karnataka especially in its south, creating communal hatred, moral policing and attacking religious places of minorities etc., etc., (just some egs.,) to gain mileage in the upcoming state assembly polls….while some are daydreaming Modi’s victory march to continue. Very good! Wishful thinking!
    Yeah! India is fast changing. Whatever BJP do, blind irrational support by its base coupled with citing the former regime’s shortfalls and big-mouthing (Modi style) will not work anymore. They keep forgetting the fact that only 30% of the vote they could compile with their baseless allies when the Modi magic worked temporarily. Even in Gujarat, where opposition has long been sidelined, the recent local body election points to this effect. When will they come to their senses?!!!

    As far as they got nothing to offer to the people except the nationalism (concealed in the form of patriotism) everything is futile!

    • Romi

      Obviously, you hate Modi because you are Muslim and you can’t stand proud Hindus. Killing and murdering millions of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh is not enough for you, no? You have to do it in a hurry in India also? good, good go on with your sick Koranic bigotry.

      • Saffronwarrior

        Bang on, we Hindus gotta hit these chrislamic c*nts where it hurts the most – financially. Stop giving them any business be it retail, rental, online, & even daily groceries. If every Hindu does this everyday we can annihilate chrislamic f*ctards.
        Bharat is the only Hindu country in the world with lowest rates of divorces, rapes, homosexuality, paedophilia & STDs in the world. The criminal psychotic christian west & mad mullahs of Mideast hate us for it. Hindus, God loving, vegetarian straight people are their enemies. Mideast wahibis & christian west are funding anti Hindu terrorism with fake news events & false flags. Pure psyop to destroy our faith family & fitness.

        • Zohrab

          It is the usual concerted response of the Sanghis when facing the ground realities. Losing temper. I was just citing the ground situation! Let’s wait and see! As usual it will be the real Hindus themselves who will defeat the hindutwa forces of hypocrites in the guise of patriots!
          First you tell all the Hindutwa goons, hiding in the GCC and drawing big salaries, to leave with immediate effect. And then ask PM Modi stop courting the GCC rulers for investment and business! then, as always, WHINE !!!

          BTW, it would be better to assess the situation before blabbering. At least you will save some energy!

          • Saffronwarrior

            F*ck u analcunt drop dead useless POS

          • Zohrab

            Wow! So much for the sanathan sanskar!
            After all no sane individual expect anything gentle from goons!

          • Alexa

            Calm down, kike. You’re blowing your own (deep?) cover!

          • Saffronwarrior

            Allah is an analcunt & your dead prophet pi$$ & $hit be upon him was a retarded diseased child rapi$t, paedophile & a faggot.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Extremely well written ! Forget the useless media . We Hindus should pray to Lord Ssiva that Narendra Modi’s BJP should move from strength to strength. And refuse to get swayed by useless media . Vote accordingly.

    Svami Vivekananda says ” FEELINGS ” are very powerful . Bruce Lee also says in the movie Enter The Dragon ” Feel it”.
    It is HINDUS’ feelings of collective outrage against all our inimical forces that made us all vote for Sri.Narendra Modi.

    The area where BJP needs to focus is Agriculture . To say an emphatic NO to gmo seeds & crops. The concerned minister Prakash Javadekar is so unlike our efficient Railway Minister. Food self sufficiency & good quality of food are necessary to impact our brains , our mental clarity.

  • Luffy

    Look at the bright side. You can atleast get a few laughs from Rahul Baba.

    Source: Image used is background image of the article.

  • Jagriti Samiti

    Rajguru Ji, you have fired a gun with aim to hit Pseudo Nationalists,Liberals,Sickulars,Cronies and what not without even evaluating the consequences ! the masses will be without guardian if one of them succumb to this bullet… Ha…Ha.. Ha..

    Fantastic detailed writeup about the “KotheWali” . We are on the job to reach each Panchayat,village,family and its members as an individuals, off the radar we have already reached to the State,District,Taluka and major city centres.We are the Nationalist , We are the Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangha, We are the ”

    Let them hate, let them propagate negatives about us, We may be avoided,abused by anyone till we did not reach to them.

    Moment we are with them ,our own people,masses, situation reverses, there is no difference among us , we are same. The suffocation & pain to see this truth is unimaginable by the Liberals they are choking to die even in far flung areas of the Bharata.

    We are on the mission to unite Hindus and make it Hindu rashtra. We are working to achieve all this with various orgs, like minded intellectuals,poors, our own people.

    Not once , many times State may see another halla Gulla by Liberals.

    Jay Mann Bharati!

  • Sledgehammer

    The biggest failure of us Hindus is that we have so far failed to come up with a MSM platform that reports in most if not all the languages and build a Hindu Nationalist narrative. And at the same time expose and do the the looney left what they have been doing to us.

  • P. B. Josh

    Knowing all this, BJP should hold a brain storming session from sound minds within the party and come up with ideas to counter such tactics. Every time the opposition show blatant hypocrisy, BJP should expose that. For example after remaining mute spectators for nine Dalit suicides during UPA regime, showing extra hoopla for Rohit’s suicides, BJP leaders should have gone to Pune when a Dalit Savan Rathod was murdered. Make such a show that mainstream media has to report it. Have a good before and after pictures, videos for every development to counter ‘no development’ propaganda.

  • nairps

    Modi must utterly destroy the media before the media destroys him. I wonder whether he or anyone in BJP understands the importance of destroying the traitorous and treacherous media urgently.

    • Krispy K

      Apparently not.

    • Slasher

      Modi does not get it.

      My conclusion after watching him for 2 years in power is this:

      He is either a Coward or an Opportunist.

      Get Ready for National Disintegration!

      • Silent Observer

        Or he is a pragmatist. I’ll bet on that one.

        • Krispy K

          Largely agree, though I wonder whether he has yet understood the pragmatic value of destroying (rather than just ignoring) the fifth column.

  • kumar

    Modi government should fast track all cases like NH, ED probe on money laundering etc against the corrupt congress. Similarly AK 49’s case on corruption to be filed by Subramanian Swamy should be fast tracked and closed soon. Cases against Media like NDTV FEMA violation also should be expedited. Government advertisements on Print Media which spread out right lies should not be given. Only Stick policy will work with these anti national scoundrels.

  • Ajay Kamath

    How can a man from a non political famlly become a 3 time CM, 1st attempt PM, become a poster boy for nationalists, make hindus proud of their religion & culture, take on Pakistan, sign treaties with many rebel groups, talk about development, make in india, digital India, start up india, jan dhan yojana, gas subsidy give up scheme,make bureaucracy work, stop transfer trade amongst babus, implement OROP, build toilets, …… am breathless….. but how dare he ???

  • Audit Uscirf

    As long as Anti-Hindus aka AdarshLiberal are in charge of narrative and events, They will continue to attack hindus. This was seen even during vajpayee era.
    It is time for Hindus to take charge of future course and narrative. The most pressing issue is anti-hindu provisions in constitution, education, & govt. confiscation of hindu institutions/temples. It’s time to take out a peaceful million man/woman march on parliament and press modi govt. to provide religious-equality. The best time to push for such demands is when a friendly govt. is in power. MLK Jr. took out such march when a friendly kennedy was in power.

    • Krispy K

      A huge march is a great idea. It would be interesting to see how the traitorous mainstream media report it. I’ll be amazed if it actually ever happens though.

    • Slasher

      A huge march is a great idea. Even Capt. Vadakayil is advocating it in the article below. Read it. I will just excerpt a few lines here but please read the article to get a better insight.












  • Cybil Peril

    Modi haters are set apart by followers of two Abrahamic hate Books those call human beings inferior and are bent upon to convert them but into what? Perhaps into haters n criminals of their ilks. Shame on these criminal crusaders and jihadis who have made this planet a hell by their violent ideology of hate.

    • Krispy K

      You’re forgetting another hate book written by some demented German in the 19th century which for some reason the more intellectually deprived amongst the Indian population seem to have taken to heart.

      • Cybil Peril

        Tell me…

      • Romi

        Which one?

        I think there have to be dozens, but i presume the one you have in mind might have beeng singled out by India’s presstitutes. Which one is it?

  • Infinite Wisdom

    Good article. Needs wider publicity. Please circulate to all your friends.

    • Pranav

      We must ask for sharing button of Whatsapp also as these days people are using more and more