Nexus in Lutyens: Meet the Forces that Conspire Against India

Lutyens’ Delhi is a snakepit. It is injecting poison into the country’s body politic.

Why are liberals, leftists and most mainstream journalists arrayed against progressive Indians? Why are these groups so out of sync with the mood of the people? How could they rush to declare demonetisation a failure, even as a billion ordinary citizens braved long queues and solidly backed the government? Why do they crank up the volume of protest when a Christian church is burgled and vandalised by criminals, but there is deafening silence when Muslim mobs destroy an entire Hindu town in Bengal? When Muslims are attacked for allegedly consuming beef, the cacophony of these groups doesn’t end for weeks, but when six Hindu women are gunned down by Kashmiri terrorists during the Amarnath pilgrimage why do they dismiss it in a tweet? Why are they always on the side of forces inimical to India, such as fundamentalist Muslims, evangelistic Christians or communists who are in the pay of the Chinese? Why are they sympathetic to Pakistan, whose raison d’être is at worst the destruction of India or at best its Islamisation?

You don’t need to be on the inside track of politics or have exhaustive knowledge of the working of the news media to connect the dots. Just follow the money – it’s as simple as that. They say Mumbai is India’s financial capital, where money is the great mover, but in reality money is more important in the national capital. Here the working of the machinery is greased by cold cash, off-the-book perks, long-term sinecures and free junkets. Here, there is an incestuous relationship between disparate groups such as bureaucrats, journalists, fixers, so-called intellectuals and politicians who reside in an elite space known as Lutyens’ Delhi.

A short history of Lutyens’ Delhi

In 1931 when the British moved India’s capital from Kolkata to New Delhi, the city’s central administrative area, with its wide avenues, extensive parks and imposing colonial homes was reserved for the empire’s bureaucrats. This area came to be known as Lutyens’ Delhi after its designer Edwin Lutyens. Many of these administrators were little men – colonialists who descended on India with utter contempt for the people they were going to rule over, not serve. Their only qualification was white skin. In keeping with the general calibre of Englishmen and Scots of those days, they were men of questionable intellect and average to poor skills. However, they were paid obscene amounts of money. Each of these bureaucrats had at least a dozen Indian servants, some had up to 30.

When the British hastily retreated in 1947, their rapacious administrators were replaced by a class of Indians derisively described as Macaulayites – Indians only in name but who were otherwise disconnected from Indian culture and thought. These Indians had inherited all the biases that the British rulers harboured towards Indians. They were the product of Thomas Macaulay’s English Education Act of 1835 whose sole purpose was to create a class of people who would assist the British in administering India.

In almost every country when oppressive rulers or colonisers were overthrown by freedom fighters or revolutionaries, the entire country went through the wringer. The old ways were discarded and new governance followed. This was true of the US in 1776 after the war of independence, in Russia after the 1917 revolution, in China after the 1949 revolution and in Vietnam in 1975 after the Viet Cong defeated the Americans.

In contrast, nothing changed in India after the hasty British retreat. It was a smooth transition from colonial looters to Congress carpetbaggers. The bureaucracy, which facilitated British loot, now joined the political class in looting nominally free Indians. When the Congress introduced socialism style permits for operating industries, the middlemen moved in. These fixers were soon joined by journalists who realised that their easy access to the political leadership and the bureaucracy could be monetised.

The nexus between the above groups is so profitable (as I will elaborate further in gory detail) that it is now a virtual cartel. Just like the Sicilian mafia tried to eliminate honest judges and policemen who came after it, the Lutyens mafia will target anyone who tries to stop its freeloading. That is why it is targeting the current political leadership, in particular Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who threatens to end the deeply entrenched loot culture of Lutyens’ Delhi.

The award wapsi (returns) drama, beef festivals, the constant drone about intolerance and the manufacturing of fake news to make the current BJP government look like a failure are all a synchronised act by deeply entrenched Lutyens’ Delhi groups who have been effectively checkmated by Modi and now are desperate to make a comeback. Their 70 year long ride on the gravy train has ended and they want it to continue. They will even seek the support of the foreign media, intelligence agencies, NGOs and religious outfits to keep India down.

In the following story you will see how Lutyens’ Delhi operates and why it needs to be checked and neutralised and the nexus completely broken if India is to rise. For, their interests are diametrically opposite to India’s. Only by keeping India weak, struggling (if not poor) and in a state of chaos can they continue to leech off the ineffectual nation state.

Diplomatic impunity

This event took place sometime in the latter half of 2001 at a leading New Delhi-based newspaper. It was a slow night and nothing newsworthy had arrived from the state bureaus. I was the chief copy editor and along with other senior editors, I was scanning the wires for a lead story for the following day’s paper. The reality of the news business is that most nights there is nothing interesting happening nationwide, so the media has to spin, or spice up, the news.

But that particular night we didn’t have to resort to spin as the ceasefire broke down on the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir and the guns opened up from both sides. However, trading projectiles across the LoC wasn’t news. What got our attention was CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour – the well-known India-hater – reporting live from Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK). What shocked me and the rest of the journalists on duty was Amanpour’s completely one sided reporting – she was practically frothing at the mouth, alleging that Indian cannons were laying waste to peaceful villages in PoK. Although she was presenting the news as a massive human rights violation, all that the CNN crew could broadcast as evidence was footage of a couple of huts with their roofs blown away, the odd crater and a dead buffalo. Amanpour’s neutrality – and her standard of journalism – can be judged by the fact that she was flying in a Pakistan Army helicopter accompanied by Pakistan military officers.

And now we come to the devious part. After he watched the footage the resident editor (who takes the executive decision) said: “Splash it on the front page. Let’s expose CNN.” For journalists like me – used to seeing news stories get smothered because of various lobbies at work – this was great news. We decided to give the story a six-column display that would take up most of the top half of the front page. I’d never seen such an expose of the western media in a leading newspaper, so this was going to set one hell of an example, I thought.

I had even come up with a headline for the story: “CNN goes ballistic on India at LoC”. With barely an hour to go for the presses to start rolling, the Resident Editor came rushing into the news desk. “Pull the story, find something else,” he said. You can imagine my disappointment when I heard this. “Why can’t we run the story?” I asked.

The resident editor said: “We got a call from Blackwill. He has requested us to not publish the story.”

He was referring to American ambassador Robert Blackwill. It is not known whether the envoy himself had called up the resident editor or if he had directly called the owners of the paper.

Now the thing to note is how on earth did the Americans come to know that our newspaper was going to press with the CNN story? A good guess is they were monitoring the India media in real time via electronic methods. American whistleblower Edward Snowden who defected to Russia revealed in 2013 that India is the fifth most penetrated country by American intelligence agencies. NSA and CIA operatives may have tipped Blackwill off about the PR disaster that was about to hit the US in India.

However, a more plausible explanation is that they had an inside man. The one journalist that fit the bill is a senior editor who still works there. He was educated in the US and had even worked at American media outlets. He had become a sort of fixer for the owners by ensuring their family members were always granted American tourist or business visas. This was not a job he enjoyed much, but several times I had heard him speak over the phone, asking that so and so relative’s visas be expedited.

What aroused my suspicion was that he hung around till late even when his page had gone to press and his presence was not required. He could be seen slowly walking the long aisles, a mobile phone glued to his ear. He would frequently come to the production area, looking at the various screens as he walked past.

This editor also ensured that nothing too critical was written against the US. In 2011 when an American diplomat disgusted the entire country when she told a group of students in Chennai that after a long train journey her skin became “dark and dirty like the Tamils”, this editor defended the US diplomat in his blog, saying she did not really mean it. That was a good hint he was a flack for the Americans.

So here you have a journalist who was clearly operating against India’s interests by working for a foreign power. He fits the description of a presstitute, as described by former army chief and current junior external affairs minister V.K. Singh.

Pakistan fixation

By nature, Indian liberals and leftists are anti-India and anti-Hindu. They conflate caste oppression with Hinduism and are therefore predisposed to hate Hindus. Also, because they are conditioned by Macaulayite education to believe their own country’s religion and culture are inferior to the West’s, they suffer from a deep inferiority complex. They, therefore, disown India.

But what explains their affinity for the Islamic madhouse that masquerades as a nation? Pakistan is an Islamic state where Marxism and atheism are considered blasphemous. Indian leftists and the so-called intellectuals will be dragged out and lynched on the streets of Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar. In India they misuse free speech by attacking Hindu gods and religion, and yet they get away with it. In Pakistan that would not be possible. Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan claim India is intolerant, yet they prosper and thrive in India. Frankly, if they move to Pakistan (and perhaps they should give it a try) and say Pakistan is intolerant, they wouldn’t last more than a few hours.

There is no real mystery to the Indian liberal’s Pakistan fixation. It’s again about money and junkets. The 2003-04 India-Pakistan cricket series provides an excellent example. No cricket series had been played between the two sides since 1999, and the Kargil War was fresh in people’s mind. The nation did not want any sporting contact with Pakistan, but those who had a vested interest in the resumption of cricket matches were parroting the usual line: “Cricket should not become a victim of politics.” Or “cricket unites peoples”.

The debate whether India should tour Pakistan was being played out in the media. At the Delhi-based newspaper where I worked, there was a discussion on what line we should take. The associate editor – the journalist who decided what news went on which page and was also responsible for copy editing, headlines and photo selection – led the voices who said India must tour. I argued why we must not by presenting these arguments:

  1. Pakistan is an artificial country of incompatible ethnic groups that virulently hate each other. The only time these Punjabis, Pathans, Seraikis and Sindhis come together is when the Pakistan cricket team plays India. Cricket acts like the glue that periodically makes disintegrating Pakistan stick together. Indians therefore must not do anything that stops the disintegrating process. Therefore, we must not play cricket with Pakistan.
  2. Pakistani cricketers come to India and are hosted, wined and dined by celebrities. The Pakistanis begin to believe they are superstars, without whom cricket would not sell in India. A similar claim was made by Pakistani artists. According to Hindi movie playback singer Abhijeet, Pakistani artists used to brag that “without us your movies will not sell”. Pakistani artists have the same mentality of hardcore Islamists who have a sense of entitlement. They believe they can enjoy Indian hospitality, earn megabucks in India and then snub India because a Muslim is entitled to take anything from a Hindu.
  3. Indian starlets try and hook up with some of the cricketers in order to boost their careers. The delusional Pakistanis then go around claiming that Indian women like Pakistani men. This is highly insulting for any self-respecting Indian.

Of late, Pakistani cricketers have taken to “thank the almighty Allah” in post-match interviews. They also offer namaz on the cricket grounds, injecting an unhealthy dose of fundamentalism into sport.

Since my arguments were well presented and solid, the associate editor got up and walked away, saying, “No we must play cricket with them.”

Further meetings were held that day to decide the paper’s policy on whether we should pitch for resuming cricket or not. I was not invited to these meetings. By evening, the line taken was: India must play Pakistan.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. The associate editor wrote the main front page story, arguing the case for playing Pakistan. A few weeks later when the Indian cricket team toured Pakistan, the newspaper sent a sports reporter to cover the matches. Joining him was the associate editor, who was feted like royalty by the Pakistanis. Over a period of more than a month, this journalist filed several pieces about how great the Pakistanis were.

The paper had daily fixed allowance for journalists travelling overseas. It was US$150 for South Asian countries. I heard from a very reliable source in the administration department that the total amount was so high that the accounts department did not clear the bill because they believed these expenses had been incurred on a frivolous tour. The matter went to the owners before the bill was cleared.

Pakistan, easy cash and Indian journalists were also the subjects of an FBI investigation. In 2011 when the FBI busted an ISI front in the United States, they discovered that the man running the racket, Ghulam Nabi Fai, had funnelled $4 million from the ISI to influence American opinion on Kashmir. The FBI recorded 4000 emails and phone calls from his Pakistani handlers. According to the FBI, of the statements Fai made, 80 per cent were provided by the ISI for him to repeat and disseminate verbatim. The other 20 per cent were Fai’s own ideas, but which were pre-approved by the ISI. In other words, he was a 100 per cent Pakistani spy.

And guess who were among his guest list: retired justice Rajinder Sachar (who headed a committee, which falsely claimed Indian Muslims faced discrimination in all aspects of life); Gautam Navlakha (editor of the communist rag Economic and Political Weekly); Dileep Padgaonkar (former editor of the Times of India); Harish Khare (the media adviser to the previous prime minister); Ved Bhasin (editor, Kashmir Times); Harinder Baweja (former India Today journalist) and Praful Bidwai (experienced columnist with communist leanings).

Think about it. When Indian liberals and media figures attend conclaves where the agenda is India’s exit from Kashmir, you think they are doing it for free?

Episode Tharoor

Because they all feed from the same trough, members of the Lutyens’ club solidly support each other, cutting across ideological and party lines. This is best illustrated by how they closed ranks to try and protect Shashi Tharoor. The former diplomat and Congress politician may or may not be involved in his wife Sunanda Pushkar’s murder, but everyone agrees that the Delhi Police botched the investigation at the behest of someone powerful. It was classic O.J. Simpson style reprieve – there was plenty of circumstantial evidence to book Tharoor, but the police closed his file without pursuing any of the leads.

Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor

Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor

The law is very clear – any mysterious death of a woman within seven years of her marriage needs to be investigated by the anti-dowry cell. That wasn’t applied to Tharoor. But, for the Lutyens cabal, the possible murder of a woman is irrelevant. In their view, the law should be bent to favour one of them.

Leading the mob against Republic TV was columnist and long time BJP supporter Tavleen Singh. The veteran writer switched sides the moment Republic TV produced evidence that someone had indeed interfered in the police investigation. Writing in the Indian Express, she describes the channel’s investigation as “a media lynching”. She even lies that Republic TV journalists were not attacked, whereas the visuals show Tharoor’s goons aggressively pushing and shoving them.

Tavleen admits in her column that Tharoor is a “Lutyens’ darling”, meaning that he was one of their star members. A breach cannot be allowed. If a celebrity member is questioned and investigated, let alone booked or jailed like a criminal, it would be the beginning of the end for other law breakers as well. Powerful clubs do not operate like that; they nip such moves in the bud. Which is why Tavleen was quickly joined by Sadanand Dhume, a pro-Congress journalist and secular apologist (translation: opportunist), who tweeted Tavleen’s words to give her hatchet job more traction.

Another example is the March 2002 suicide of Natasha Singh, the estranged daughter-in-law of then external affairs minister Natwar Singh. Just two months later Natwar’s daughter Ritu Singh committed suicide. Both deaths were highly suspicious and were extensively covered by the Delhi media. Except by Hindustan Times – the city’s largest circulation daily.

HT did not cover the suicides even as a matter of record. The reason for blanking out the suicides was that the HT is a highly pro-Congress paper and Natwar Singh was a Gandhi-family loyalist. Once again the ranks closed to shield a member.

Supari (hit job) journalism

In May 2017 a leading Delhi based newspaper produced a report that said 60 percent of the toilets built under the Swachch Bharat scheme lacked water and were therefore non-functional. An insider at the paper told me that the report was published despite a senior editor asking the reporter to provide more information about his claims. The story had several serious flaws:

1) Why was 2015 data being used to write a story in 2017?

2) Some of the toilets may not yet have received water supply, but perhaps were about to.

3) What were the chief reasons for the lack of water supply?

4) The water supply may have been denied by vested interests to make the initiative fail.

However, without addressing any of the above issues, the team that was anchoring the story sent it for publication. This led to a huge confrontation – between the more balanced editors and a new anti-Modi team that is creating news tailored to fit their agenda. “They are spinning journalism,” the insider told me. “A narrative is sought to be built that Modi is not an effective Prime Minister.”

The insider, who is a senior editor at the paper, said secular, leftist, Christian, Muslim and plain opportunist journalists have formed networks and Whatsapp groups where the constant refrain is how to spin a particular news event to make Modi look bad. Once upon a time, members of this group jealously guarded their sources and tips, today they are cutting across media loyalties, constantly sharing bits of information with each other, in the hope that something that could connect Modi to a scam could crop up.

A typical example is the train murder that happened near Ballabhgarh Railway Station, where the first take was that the stabbing was a result of a scuffle between two groups. As more details trickled in, the headlines and news reports were quickly changed to reflect the fact that the dead man was a Muslim and the other party was Hindu. Within hours the narrative was changed to show that the Muslim man was murdered because he was allegedly carrying beef.

This is a classic hatchet job, with low risks. As the news business is not an exact science, you can always allege something loudly, make your target (the Modi government) look guilty, and then retract silently if you are outed as a liar. Meanwhile, the international media (or more accurately, the India-hating media of the English speaking countries) picks up these scraps of misinformation and soon you have usual villains such as The Economist, Washington Post and New York Times proclaiming that India is descending into fascism. The Indian secular media, which contributed the original lie, now quotes the western media to buttress their claims that India is indeed intolerant. That India’s name is sullied and Indian men are now labelled rapists and killers are of no concern to the Indian media.

Says the media insider: “The seculars do not want secularism. They are least bothered about the welfare of Muslims. They just want to eat kebabs and drink whisky at Khan Market. They want their perks back so they can breathe easy and go back to their offices and file their unreadable stories, which have little to no readership anyway. Webstats don’t lie – many of these journalists are the living dead because nobody clicks on their stories.”

So doesn’t it bother these secular journalists at all that they have such abysmal readership. The insider explains: “Their only readers are the NGOs and foreign journalists. Even their families would not read their articles if they paid them. They are that bad – besides being fake. The public knows it and they are tired of us. Our credibility is near zero. But these secular journalists keep getting paid because they perform a useful hatchet job for their owners. Plus, the odd NGO will quote their story and thereby boost their ego. It is the classic tyranny of low expectations. Throw in a few free foreign trips per year and they are happy like a larry.”

Why is the media going after Modi?

There are two reasons. One, the current government has decided to treat journalists for what we are – journalists. No more, no less. A number of undeserved perks have been taken away. For instance, Modi has ended the practice of the Prime Minister taking the media along on a free junket on his overseas trips. Rajiv Gandhi may have popularised this practice, but Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh also massaged the egos of the political journalists by taking them along on official trips.

Senior editors based in Delhi were used to grandiosely by-lining their stories: “From the Prime Minister’s Aircraft”. Or even “Somewhere in the Skies Over Washington DC”. It didn’t matter that the copy itself was an anticlimax. Poorly worded, equally bad analysis and most likely recycled from a report written at a similar junket two years ago.

Being denied VIP treatment is something the Lutyens’ media cannot swallow. They may come from ordinary middle class homes, but as journalists, they are used to be being treated as guests at the reasonably high table, wining and dining in the company of celebrities, industrialists and politicians.

Modi has taken away this perk. This is the chief reason why this supari or vendetta journalism has replaced normal reporting.

On a side note, one of the little known facts about the media is the enormous number of junkets that journalists are used to. Most of these go to business journalists, but the others get a good number too. In 2001 when I joined a leading Delhi-based newspaper, within the space of three months, I was offered a two-day junket to Malaysia and a seven-day trip to Russia, all expenses paid plus US$250 a day allowance. This was followed by a five-day Konkan Railway sponsored stay in Goa. And I was not even kosher – meaning that I was not a leftist, secular, smelly, unkempt journalist. I did not try and curry favour with a business house or political party. And yet I got picked for these rewards. The point is that if you blend in with the presstitutes, the rewards are greater.

The second – but equally important – reason why the media is going after Modi is that many members of the media moonlight as fixers, and once again the Prime Minister has taken away that handy second income. Among the first things he did after moving into the Prime Minister’s Office was to ban his cabinet ministers from meeting people they should not. There was one instance where a certain minister, who was meeting an industrialist, got a call on his mobile from Modi, who demanded what he was discussing with the industrialist at a five-star hotel. The minister freaked and scooted back to his office. Therefore, with ministers – and bureaucrats – being under the Intelligence Bureau’s scanner, the media fixer’s hands are tied and his role greatly curtailed.

The Radia tapes scandal of 2010 showed the country how leading journalists such as Barkha Dutt (NDTV), Vir Sanghvi (Hindustan Times) and Shankar Ayyar (India Today) were acting as fixers for the rich and powerful. For instance, Dutt and Sanghvi canvassed for DMK party politician A. Raja to be appointed telecom minister. According to a government auditor, Raja caused a $40 billion scam because of his illegal spectrum sale.

Assuming an extremely conservative kickback of 1 per cent, can you imagine the payoff for the media fixer?


Lutyens’ Delhi is a snakepit. It is injecting poison into the country’s body politic. Its shrill denouncement of Modi is not just jarring, but also diverting attention from vital governance. Its actions send the government into defensive or firefighting mode. No government deserves to be treated in such manner.

A remedy is to go on the offensive. The Congress is feared by Lutyens’ Delhi because it is vindictive. Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was a vindictive person. So is her daughter-in-law, the Italian born Sonia Gandhi. Modi should emulate them and drill some fear into the hearts of his opponents. Each one of them must have a skeleton in their closet. They must have stashed ill-gotten wealth in a benami account. They must have spoken with some Pakistani terrorist. They could be cheating on their spouses. You don’t need the IB to go after them. A private detective agency will give you all the dirt.

Modi must use Machiavellian tactics to neutralise his enemies. He should stop being goody two shoes because the Award Wapsi gang and supari journalists are not impressed by his kindness. They are not going to reciprocate. Their agenda is to make him fail. Or at least make him look like a failure. If they throw dirt at him unchecked, the danger is some of it could stick. India cannot afford a return of the Gandhis in 2019 or even 2024. The country needs a long innings from Modi to make India strong and rich again. If the Lutyens nexus tries to stop him, he must stop them.

Mr Prime Minister, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Disclaimer: The facts and opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. IndiaFacts does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness,suitability,or validity of any information in this article.
Rakesh is a journalist at New Zealand’s leading media house. He mostly writes on defence and foreign affairs.
His articles have been quoted extensively by universities and in books on diplomacy, counter terrorism, warfare, and development of the global south; and by international defence journals.
Rakesh’s work has been cited by leading think tanks and organisations that include the Naval Postgraduate School, California; US Army War College, Pennsylvania; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC; State University of New Jersey; Institute of International and Strategic Relations, Paris; BBC Vietnam; Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk; Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi; Institute for Defense Analyses, Virginia; International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, Washington DC; Stimson Centre, Washington DC; Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia; and Institute for Strategic, Political, Security and Economic Consultancy, Berlin.
His articles have been published by the Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi; Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, Warsaw; and the Research Institute for European and American Studies, Greece, among others.
  • Mo Dog

    Bernstein of the famous Watergate Woodward and Bernstein has the following on CIA involvement. Please check out his site it has a lot of details. Here is an excerpt:

    The Agency’s relationships with journalists, as described in CIA files, include the following general categories:

    ■ Legitimate, accredited staff members of news organizations—usually reporters. Some were paid; some worked for the Agency on a purely voluntary basis. This group includes many of the best‑known journalists who carried out tasks for the CIA. The files show that the salaries paid to reporters by newspaper and broadcast networks were sometimes supplemented by nominal payments from the CIA, either in the form of retainers, travel expenses or outlays for specific services performed. Almost all the payments were made in cash. The accredited category also includes photographers, administrative personnel of foreign news bureaus and members of broadcast technical crews.)

    Two of the Agency’s most valuable personal relationships in the 1960s, according to CIA officials, were with reporters who covered Latin America—Jerry O’Leary of the Washington Star and Hal Hendrix of the Miami News, a Pulitzer Prize winner who became a high official of the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Hendrix was extremely helpful to the Agency in providing information about individuals in Miami’s Cuban exile community. O’Leary was considered a
    valued asset in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Agency files contain lengthy reports of both men’s activities on behalf of the CIA.

  • Ramesh Mat

    Good one, Rakesh. While we should constantly keep the (any) government in check by pointing out its failings, this Modi-bashing has gone too far. They have gone to the extent of connecting the government to Gauri Lankesh’s murder — the investigations haven’t even properly begun, but a judgement has been delivered. According to them, demonetisation is a failure, though it has singularly brought all money on the table, to be accounted for and tax paid on them. Today, a man called Aditya Sinha has described Modi as “crass and nasty” and Rahul Gandhi “dignified”. Rahul Gandhi was the man who insulted the Prime Minister saying he was “khook ka dalal” (his political partner, Akhilesh Yadav, hinted at ‘donkeys from Gujarat’). Modi-bashing is going on overdrive. Hence, your article is timely and is needed to set the balance right.

  • Gautam

    This article is full of baloney. Entirely conspiratorial, it lacks credibility. I am a supporter of the BJP and Modi. But we need fair critics of a government just like a human body needs blood. Healthy criticism is a crucial part of functioning democracies. We do not want India to turn into a jingoistic nation worshipping a dictator. I love Modi and the BJP as long as they serve the kind of India I have in mind. An India that is not afraid to question itself, a government that seeks the views of naysayers and makes every effort to listen deeply and perhaps take action where action should be taken on its own merits. India should not be a nation of us versus them. It should be a nation of us as well as them. To label critics as un-Indian and subversive is totally divisive and inhibits free speech and freedom of thought. Make every effort to look at each argument and disagreement on its own merits without trying to paint all of them with the same brush. No, I strong disagree with conspiracy theories. They should not be allowed to proliferate and eat into the heart of a strong nation state.

    • Chitra

      Gautam, you will not understand since it requires some intelligence, and if you are competing with rahul gandhi, there is nothing much any one can do.

    • bmniac

      There are specific points such as the FAI’s list. those associated with the Radia tape scandal and blacking out news. You are ignoring them altogether and indulging in vague platitudes.

    • Nishant Tiwari

      Mr Gautam, are you a “bhakt” ?

  • arwindpaul15

    Boss just rocking piece.

  • SaDDiX

    Fantastic Article. Narrow minded Lutyen libby gang is hell bent to bring Corrupt CONgis back to power so that they can reign supreme of their presence. Let them keep day dreaming!

  • a uppal

    India has a unique “happiness” model. That’s what has kept people reasonably happy despite bankrupt Govts.
    Lutyens can neither “make” this country, nor “break” it. Lutyens has its own fashionable agenda and dynamics, which has no stamina. Only short bursts of vitriolic rhetoric. So I feel you have tried to create a Frankenstein here. Maybe a mountain of a molehill.
    Mr Modi and his handful if inefficient Cabinet colleagues have been so busy drafting lies and half truths for the people, and play their power greedy politics, that all their major decisions and policies so far, have landed on the nose.
    The Hindutva undercurrent is seen as egged on by this dispensation, and NO INDIAN is comfortable with it. It spells doom for our established National character, in which pluralism, secularism and tolerance are some of our CORE VALUES.
    This is in many ways therefore, an attack on our core values and that constitutes an act of war from “wirhin”. One doesn’t have to be a LEFTIST or anti HINDUTVA or Islamist or anti Islamist to see that. One just needs to keep one’s eyes and ears open, and keep connecting the dots.
    Media has its share of goons and its internecine politics. Your article only falls into that category ….. agenda driven and hollow.

    • Sandeep Jayaram

      Our eyes are wide open. A possible question could be–are yours? Narendra Modi was voted into power by more than 70% of this nation. Can YOU see the dots to connect them? There is also your emboldened shriek ‘NO INDIAN is comfortable’ that requires attention. I’m 100% Indian and I’m 100% comfortable. You should be able to find several more like me on this thread itself. Also, an act of war from “wirhin” is just one of your several errors in expression. These, you might notice, often, accompany comments that have more bluster than fact.

      • a uppal

        As you belong to the impugned party, I have no discussion with you.
        My points are from a neutral stand point. I’m an INDIA BHAKT.
        Yours are from the BJP stand point. Your BHAKTI is your choice …. so long as “they” allow you !

      • COLVINOD

        Sir, Your say “Narendra Modi was voted into power by more than 70% of this nation.” is a falsehood spread by the concerned. I will quote from TOI published after elections that said “This statistical fact points to an important aspect of the latest ‘wave’. Far from spelling the end of a fractured polity, the 2014 results show just how fragmented the vote is. It is precisely because the vote is so fragmented that the BJP was able to win 282 seats with just 31% of the votes.” And this fact can be checked from any reliable source. Not only you; we are all 100% Indians and love our country. We are a robust democracy whose constitution gives us the right to express our views and beliefs freely and without fear. Otherwise please think how would multi party democracy survive.This culture of abusing and bullying any one who differs with the present dispensation is not healthy. Calling names and stamping critics as anti India, anti national or anti Hindu is a trend that should be opposed by all lovers of India that is Bharat; including you.

        • Mo Dog

          You did not add coalition partners, so the real vote share is over 38%.

    • bmniac

      You are no better than the bhakts. There are specific verifiable points made in the article. Rebut them instead of meaningless verbiage.

  • amrik

    These lefty idiots are the same traitors during British raj that sided with the British against their own kind, they side with terrorists, little do they realise if Islamists ever took over India, the lefty liberal idiots would be the first to burn because of their lifestyles.

  • Laxmi Kant Sharma

    nice to read and know. left an impression on mind

  • Rambo

    Superb article.

  • pannvalan

    By nature, Indian liberals and leftists are anti-India and anti-Hindu. – I strongly agree.

  • Peter Aremone

    A spectacular article that lays bare the evil of Leftist ideologues & journalists. Leftists have committed unparalleled mass murders of humans in the 20th century – Marx, Lenin etc inspired Socialist leaders Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim and their Leftist/Socialist ideologues have mass murdered more than 110 million people across the world.

    They now supporting Islamic terrorism and Jihadi genocide mania against all of humanity.


      At least be honest to put your name.

      • COLVINOD

        Do you think every one hides behind a christian name like the bhakts, then you are wrong sir.

    • mnrao

      You say that the leftists and dictators have murdered over 110 million people. May be it is even more. But I would like to state that people who follow the two Abrahamic religions have killed many times more during the last two thousand years and will continue to kill many more in future too, all in the name of religion and their Gods. All others following hundreds of faiths the world over starting from Pagan worship and having millions of Gods never killed in the name of their Gods or religion or faith. This is the reason I always say that organized religions should be banned from any public religious activities and must be confined to homes of such faithfuls.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Lutyen’s Delhi and Rashtra Potty Bhavan are a bastion of alien oppressors like the Constitution, Islam, Xianity and PANGOLIN*ism. Only the colour of India’s tyrants changed in 1947. In 2014, the colour of their clothing changed.

    *Note: PANGOLIN: An enemy of India who believes in inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law and persecution of some for the benefit of others. At present, the sole purpose of the Indian Republic, Constitutional or otherwise, is to pamper and provide for certain constitutionally preferred sections of society who the British found useful to hold and exploit India at the cost of those who the British hated and persecuted. The Pangolin is a creature that is unique to India and feeds on ants that are known in nature to be industrious and hard working if not quite as fruitful as bees who flee to better climes. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921 and re write History and laws to their exclusive benefit since 1947)


      I can understand your eagerness to support BJP and rightist ideas as it is natural after what DMK did to all the great supporters of regressive right wing.

      • bmniac

        What is natural but what DMK did and to whom. Great clarity.
        And the usual Orwellian double speak; Left progressive and Right regressive!

        • COLVINOD

          If you know the era of rise of DMK, their purpose and their aims during the period of years around 50s and 60s. Their struggle to put Dravid culture, language and literature on the fore front and destroy the ‘brahmin vaad’ and a movement that took the state by storm and shook India. Then Sir, you will not ask this. Understand the background why right wing Hindu organisations have been almost non- existent in down south. You will know what I mean.

  • KS

    Rakesh, Kudos to you for a well written timely article! You have missed out on the pay outs for these scoundrels in the defense deals. Agusta money must be only the tip of the ice burg. It surprises people like us as to why the names of the bribe recipients in Agusta have not been divulged yet! When there is enough trail / evidence, there is no need to wait for a court process to complete. Even a leak would be good enough to silence these goons. But then, for strange reasons, even this Govt isn’t divulging the names of cricket players who were involved in betting that was handed over as a confidential information to the SC! I think all of them joined and made another fixing to slip the matter into oblivion and the public has more than obliged by completely forgetting the issue!

    Coming back to the scoundrel Lutyens, no doubt money or the absence of it pinches them. But they also know their weaknesses and the power of the Govt to come after them. Would they dare stick their neck out? This brings us to ponder over what else could be the motives? May be hefty sums from the Chief with evidences of their dark side as a blackmail point? As you have rightly said, Modi should form a special team to take care of this menace and fix them once & for all and wipe out dishonest and insincere journalists totally from India. This isn’t a rocket science that they had to wait for three long years to initiate. Right wingers shouldn’t look like outsmarted by the crooks. They have the people support. They must go for the ….


      ” Right wingers shouldn’t look like outsmarted by the crooks. They have the people support. They must go for the ….” One can smell the intent, mode and objective very clearly. Stop shouting ‘sab ka saath sab ka vikas’ May be that is why the universities are at a boil and the young are ……..And by the way who told you about peoples support? Check the truth and face the truth.

      • KS

        If u don’t know, just see the various polls conducted by TV channels & other internet news media. Sab ka saath… is for the people not for criminals & goons who need to be finished so people of this country can live peacefully.

        • COLVINOD

          Could not find a credible economist to support your claim? Well proof of pudding is in eating. Go and find out a middle class person or a farmer or worker who believes in what your multi billion advertisement campaigns are saying. Look at the figures of farmers suicides, closing or slowing production units, cursing traders and house wives, and then talk the gibberish you have been taught . Let all sadhus, yogis, mullahs, priests go to to their worship and pray for good of people and let the worldly wise run country. Those who neither have spouses, children and families will never know their problems. Every new day a new slogan and all chamchas shouting in unison will not work for long. ‘parwar wad’ is bad but cahtukarita wad is worst as all key positions are occupied by incompetent and undeserving.

          • COLVINOD

            Dear Sir, sending a rejoinder after some time gap. The dance of majority pride and contempt for all suggestions and sincere advice.Sarcasm and heap of insults for noble laureate like Amrtya Sen and humiliating words for scholars like Manmohan Singh, killings of Kalburgi, Gauri and lynchings ….. all has started paying dividends within 3 years. Losses in Maharashtra, Punjab, MP and now rising temperatures in Gujarat where the PM had to visit five times in a short span and dates of voting are yet with held. These are strong signals to every one to ‘not to play with basic tolerant, liberal, vibrant ‘unity in diversity’ of our unique country. All those who are self appointed ‘thekedars’ of Hindu religion and culture must know that a huge huge majority of Hindus still believe in love and not in hate.

  • WIseoneonearth

    Excellent! I hope the Lootyens burn in hell


      Curses revisit. And those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind.

  • Pradeep Bhatia

    Great article. I’m sure proper lessons for the Modi Govt will be drawn by his think tanks. For a common Indian it’s an eye opener to the inside affairs of the media.

  • Sai Deep

    Rakesh very good analysis with hard factd

  • deelip prabhudesai

    Very well compiled. Keep it up Rakesh

  • mnrao

    5000 years ago sage Veda Vaasa predicted 15 things to happen during Kaliyuga. The 15th prediction explains why today’s intellectuals are like that :

    prediction 15:
    Cities will be dominated by thieves, the Vedas will be contaminated by speculative interpretations of atheists, political leaders will virtually consume the citizens, and the so-called priests and intellectuals will be devotees of their bellies and genitals.
    Source: Srimad Bhagavatam 12.3.32
    dasyutkrishta janapada
    vedah pashanda-dushitah
    rajanas ca praja-bhakshah
    sisnodara-para dwijah

    • Ankur Sethi

      This happened even few hundred years ago. Look at the state of Maharaja’s when the British came.


      Dear Mr. Rao, To day after reading your message for many times I bow my head to you and think you have said every thing in your quote from Srimad Bhagavatam. Regards.

  • Ahmed S

    I have not read such a lengthy write-up without anything concrete being brought forward or any proof. This is exactly what is called as figment of imagination, a hard try to write a fiction for primary level students, which also turned out to be greatly substandard. Your thought process and IQ is lower than any high school student. I can understand how hard you tried to make the CNN story look like a true story yet failed because truth requires proof else it is called bakwas. I can understand your compulsion to link secular journalists to Chinese payouts, if you are so confident do us a favour lodge a complaint with the police and let them catch these people, why are you shedding crocodile tears in a junkie piece like this? What you have written is trash collected from here and there. The basic requirement of an article is that it should be coherent and connective but what you have written looks like a Mohan Bhagwat speech. Such a piece is also called as ‘ragpick journalism’, where in you collect only that trash which a scrap merchant pays for. By all your this junk, you can not move all the fair thinking journalists or Indians even an inch. What at the most you can achieve is being followed by the PM on Twitter and wah wahi from the blind Bhakts.
    One suggestion: Do join the gang of fake news producers such as Arnab, they also produce such senseless pieces your worth is not more than that.

    • Vick_88

      The standards of proof vary depending on the person making the claims.
      A trained biologist will claim that evolution occurs and and a trained maulvi will claim it does not. The standards of proof they both value are different , as much as the standard of proof a layman expects them to be held to.

      The writer is intimately familiar with the workings of lutyens machinery and hence to question him for providing explanations that fit very well to known and visible happening , requires that the person agaisnt him be a superior authority on the matter.
      Are you ? if so, then how so.Pls explain

      • Praveen

        well said. I think author well articulated all the recent events and selective journalism.

      • Hari Hariharan

        This REPLY IS FOR THAT Bastard Ahmed- who seems to be a fake.
        Katwe (muslim madar C**d) ur brain begins and ends on ur cut penis. So U
        can not think deep as we Hindus can. That’s why diamonds and gutter
        water never mix. U r that gutter water – which needs to be sent to the
        created land which we did in 1947. Get the hell out of India – we don’t
        want katwas here.

        • bmniac

          This sort of language is unbecoming

        • Ahmed S

          I can’t say more than one Hindi couplet in reply: Tumhari Zubaan Se Tumhari Nasal Ka Pata Chalta Hai…

    • Praveen

      Please go through all comments and you will understand the impact of this article. I still doubt that you will understand but you can try.

    • Vivek Pandey

      Maulavi ji. How do you read physics? Because if it doesn’t say every line that Allah said so, you would call it just imagination and dismiss it validity, and all the physics and science books I have ever read, it doesn’t say even a single time that Allah said so. BTW if you haven’t heard any of the subplots in this article, just google it. for instance Google Radia Tape, Do Some research, don’t be a blind madrassa educated sub standard human being

    • Aryan Sarma

      He did provide facts in his analysis.
      Only your criticism seems to be incoherent rambling. Muslims are not known to be rational thinkers, why do you continue to further this stereotype?

    • Rajneesh Mithra

      Looks like Miyan Ahmed is unable to digest the fact that the author has laid the facts threadbare and is putting out lame excuses trying to pooh pooh the article .

    • Ram Dargad

      Ahmad- I largely agree with you. Hardliners in any country, USA, India or Pakistan hate liberals & free media. They use such propaganda to discredit them. Sadly, too many brainwashed educated Indians believe this propaganda, as can be seen from the responses. Leftists too have their idiosyncrasies. However one does not have to be a leftist to be liberal & rational. This is clash between secular liberals & hardliners, who claim monopoly on patriotism.

      • bmniac

        Predictable dismissal when there is difficulty with facts.

        • Ram Dargad

          Your response applies well to your own comment. It does not disprove ‘ Hardliners in any country, USA, India or Pakistan hate liberals & free media.’

    • bmniac

      The article certainly could have been edited but there is verifiable stuff there and calling names is not rebutting!

    • Rah

      Khud to dharm ke Naam ka patta pehen andhe ho rakhe ho aur duusro ko Salah ki ve dekh ke chale …

    • Mo Dog

      The Agency’s relationships with journalists, as described in CIA files, include the following general categories:

      ■ Legitimate, accredited staff members of news organizations—usually reporters. Some were paid; some worked for the Agency on a purely voluntary basis. This group includes many of the best‑known journalists who carried out tasks for the CIA. The files show that the salaries paid to reporters by newspaper and broadcast networks were sometimes supplemented by nominal payments from the CIA, either in the form of retainers, travel expenses or outlays for specific services performed. Almost all the payments were made in cash. The accredited category
      also includes photographers, administrative personnel of foreign news bureaus and members of broadcast technical crews.)
      Two of the Agency’s most valuable personal relationships in the 1960s, according to CIA officials, were with reporters who covered Latin America—Jerry O’Leary of the Washington Star and Hal Hendrix of the Miami News, a Pulitzer Prize winner who became a high official of the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Hendrix was extremely helpful to the Agency in providing information about individuals in Miami’s Cuban exile community. O’Leary was considered a valued asset in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Agency files contain lengthy reports of both men’s activities on behalf of the CIA.


    WHAT A WONDERFUL ANALYSIS.It time that proper response from public is generated against the treacherous journaists

  • Deven Dalal

    Great factual analysis.

  • Tallboy

    Superb article. Although I am from South India I knew all these must be going on in Delhi.
    The more dangerous enemy of India are within!

  • JmD

    I have not even completed reading half the aricle, I already feel that I have never read anything put so clearly. Kudos to the author.

  • Indian

    true , the snakes spitting poison must be checked

  • Virendra

    Excellent article; gives good insight on how the Lutyens Mafia works; and good suggestion to tackle them

  • Raj

    excellent .lot of hard work in compiling all the material. pls write regularly

  • Infinite Wisdom

    Excellent article exposing the Nehru Gandhi family and their Jihadi Marxist chamchas.

  • R. Singh

    Stupid article.

    Why does Mr. Simha not name the Lutyen’s journalist, if he existed at all?

    • Aryan Sarma

      They are too obvious to be named, namely the Sardesais, Barkhas etc etc.

      • R. Singh

        Name them, every day, every time.

        They have thick skins.

  • Paddy Singh

    We Indians love living in the past rather than move forward. This is our undoing and that is why mush smaller countries have thrown off their suffering and moved on leaving us behind – japan, China and even Rwanda. We now try and erase history instead of creating one and blame the past for our present sufferings. To celebrate our 70th anniversary, the Brits are doing daily articles on how they messed up on the partition of the country. It is an amazing compilation of articles – go to Read Ansari’s farewell speech and allow it to sink into you to see what’s really wrong with the country. Waiting for the day when the powers that be rename Doon School to Deen Dyal Upadhya School. We are so complexed by colonialists – the educated more that the ordinary people who carry on with their jobs if they have any.

    • bmniac

      Ansari was courtier like some civil servants. He was not a man of intellectual integrity.

  • Madan Menon Thottasseri

    …reminded of the GANG that killed Abraham Lincolin ….!!!!

    • bmniac

      Not surprising. Abe Lincoln was killed by a loner and an insane one. NO proof of any gang.

  • Rajeeb

    The cultural change in India, now being led by a person who speaks in Hindi is a thorn in the lives of the Lutyen’s presstitutes. India’s image has changed, a change for good which can be gauged by the increasing discomfort of our neighboring countries namely China. The change is here to stay, since we Indians want it to be that way.

  • Aarudraa

    A hard hit on the thick skinned Lutyens presstitutes. It is appalling how these commission agents still thrive under the present dispensation. If we go deeper we will find another layer of this scam. The bureaucrats! They are no lesser villains in the barter of our national interests. They serve the logical connect with the not so clean politico species and the easily buyable presstitutes. It is the bureaucracy,for their greed to add at least a bundle of hard cash to their daily quota of dirty money,make the politico an easy prey to the vested interests through the Lutyens Delhi darling presstitutes. I am sure,there are a lot of seriously nationalistic personnels in our intelligence agencies, ED and IT Deppt. who no doubt keep a close vigil on these blacksheeps of Govt.Machinery as well as on the brokers of power in the Lutyens media. If need be,they must report directly to the PM,even by-passing the official proper channels – as, in my opinion some of the ministries including their ministers are constantly persuaded with certain limit of success in stalling penal actions on some powerful corrupt politicians of the erstwhile UPA govt, including to hushing up of a case under sec 302 of IPC. Anyway,there is one silver lining that there are many saner and patriotic elements in the media itself who are waging a relentless battle on the characterless sections of Lutyens Delhi populace, consisting of politicians,bureaucracy and the media. Victory to those valiant soldiers of Mother India!

  • You are Mad

    2001 paper is Hindustan Times.

  • Jitendra Desai

    You are right.Our media and other left liberal crowd appear more like hirelings of our enemies.Most of them are rank anti Hindu.You are also right about Modi becoming more aggressive with these crooks.For none of them have voted for him and his party.Nor are they likely to do so if he placates them.They will be the first to celebrate a BJP defeat.

  • Narendar Singh

    I totally agree. There are sisnster design to be little everything that is Hindu or Indian. These journalists are nnot only sold but purely anti India and these are regularly supported by likes of Rahul, Karat amd Mulayam. The rehtoric against India was given impetus when they supported students at JNU who wanted to destroy India, and agains Maj Gogai who did such great act to save lives. For once these journalits should be taken to task.

    • Paddy Singh

      I have never seen such inferiority complexes. No one is trying to destroy this country. Its the slavish mentality we have that is destroying us.

      • bmniac

        Still slaves of the West!

  • thistooshallpass

    I will tell you why liberals defend against anything that is not secular in this country.

    Because India has a Hindu majority which politicians are very smartly using to build their vote banks. And since I belong to the Hindu religion, I will do anything that Hindus commit as crimes against either other religions or against humanity itself.

    Because as a Hindu, I can only speak for myself and thus do no want this beautiful religion where peace and compassion once formed the core of its values to be hijacked by some evil thug who does it in the same religion.

    I hope you get it because frankly I do not find your credentials as a media person of some unknown New Zealand newspaper to be impressive even though a lot of others do.

    • pmshah

      Well I am a born Jain and practicing atheist. Haven’t been to temple in more than 20 years. Regardless of of what is said and done at some point in one’s life one has to to say ” enough”. All that congress has done in past 70 years is to pamper minorities at whose expense? Even Ambedkar had prescribed the end date for reservations. When they talk about secularism the first thing they forget is the meaning of the word “secular”. It means “without any religious affectations”. On what grounds do they oppose “uniform civil code” so long as it does not prevent any one from performing what is absolutely required OR forces anyone to perform anything that is taboo? Isn’t that simply appeasement for vote bank strategy? Do you really think if there was a second round of polling, as in France. Congress would have ruled so long ???

      • thistooshallpass

        Appreciate your point which is very valid.

        1. Just because I oppose Hindutva and the Bhakt mentality which bleaches our secular and Hindu fabric does not mean that I support the Congress.
        2. The opposite of what the Congress has done cannot be the Far Extreme Right.
        3. I do not believe that the BJP and RSS really believe in our Constitution or secular democracy. It is quite evident from the RSS’ philosophy that their goal is to make India a Hindu country and they will define what Hindu means.

        I just oppose that. To me what is most important is that our Constitution needs to be upheld and no one is interested in doing that. Instead the pendulum swings from the far-right to appeasement politics. Both are bad.

        • pmshah

          Then you should revisit history and to see what Indira Gandhi did to the constitution under Emergency. What she did was legal but absolutely bad and wrong.

          • thistooshallpass

            But why talk about Indira Gandhi. Isn’t that digression? A straw man’s argument?

            The topic was about why liberals will defend secularism or for that matter why I will defend the Constitution and the secular values it holds. Period.

          • pmshah

            Yes I too defend the constitution but also voice my opposition to areas where I see it as appeasement of any section of the society. Indira Gandhi really screwed up the constitution but did that 100% legally.

            The liberals have a very strange idea of what “secularism” is in the first place. Uniform civil code does not take away anything from the constitution in that respect. It places the social need of an individual above that of any religious belief. Do some research on Shah Banoo case during the times of Rajiv Gandhi and the constitutional amendments at the time. Only then will you realise and understand what I am talking about.

          • bmniac

            I agree with you but the since 1947 Government of India did not follow a neutral policy under the constitution. Those who use the word secularism loosely do not know how the term originated and what it means.

        • BIS Cheema

          Well said. India is home to people of vast diversity. Any system , other than a secular one, cannot keep this Country United.

        • JmD

          What RSS and BJP wants is a correction. They don’t want to make India a Hindu country. And they know that even if they want they can’t. Current spell of seemingly Hindu campaign is likely to stop after a certain degree of correction is achieved. But even that is likely to take a long time.

          • Seewoonundun Bunjun

            By ignoring the lessons of history, we are likely to repeat the mistakes: I did not invent this! You are right JmD: all we want is a correction of past injustices; and protection from the current injustices being perpetrated on the very patient and peaceful people of this land.
            If you have difficulty understanding the situation, thistooshallpass, please do take the time to review the demographics of India, particularly the differential rates of growth of the main constituents of the population. Studies exist that indicate the outcomes on the composition of India’s population at several time points in the future. Maybe we can all learn something from that….
            Why does it matter that Rakesh is from the diaspora and not India-born?
            Great service to real India, Rakesh: keep it up!

        • bmniac

          This is amusing In the last 50 years do you think the Government strictly followed the Constitution. Clearly you have not lived here.

  • Davis Katikapalli

    Good job done Rakesh..your article has contributed immensely in further polarizing the nation..kudos

    • Cybil Peril

      Very smart satire in Western style. Thanx.

    • Inder

      Rakesh has written circumstantial facts, take any point and do a research, you will find what Rakesh has mentioned is sugar coated, those fixers have compromised Indian interest for their gains. This is very insightful view ! Respect for Rakesh !

  • kchand1949

    A very refreshing and insightful candid expose on journalism in Lutyens’ Delhi. My limited outsider take is that elsewhere in the country the same is replicated in a crasser manner. Palm greasing and sucking up is routine in govt advertisments and circulation are inflated routinely. Paid news is the norm. Saving grace is that the govt is packed with talented honest hands and is not getting caught unawares and the propaganda against it has little credibility in the country.

  • Why Indian Monuments preservation Act, 1904 and Lorstarted by A. O. Hume in 1d Auckland with Mauckley planning to usurp Hindus temple all over India in Utter Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajsthan and Bihar was planned under the policy of Divide and Rule by Britishers. Mughal were the destroyer, not they are constructor of any monuments. They simply attributed level of authorship with the help of Britishers Ruling over with the help of play Boy club in 1885 A.D.. Gandhi Nehru Nexus as the agent of Britishers in making the soldiers utilysed for defeating German Forces which were fighting against Britishers Ruling other Nation. American were initially supporting German for Indian independence. Thus Nehru being the grand son of Gyassuddin Gazi Sahar Kotwal arrested Bahadur Shah Zafar having converted to Ganga Dhar Nehru and remained supply of prostitutes from 77 Meerganj Area Red Light Area and his son Moti Lal having 5 concubines remained supply of prostitutes to Mobarak Ali Barrister in Ishrat Jahan now converted to Anand Bhawan and Swaraj Bhawan.J.L.Nehru was debatch having so many illicit relationship with number of Ladies even after resuming post of Prime Minister from prosecution center out put.
    Just after first world war, Gandhi had taken summer sought to appease Muslims. Writing in January 1922 by writing under caption of “Independence”in weakly Congress Magjeen ” Young India” that “Swaraj” will not be free gift to Indians by British Parliament. It will be declaration of Independence self will be expressed through an act of parliament of Britain merely a courteous ratification of the declared wishes of the people of India”. The support to Khilafat Movement when Kamal pasha was inducted democratically was the foundations cherised by sir Sayyad, Saukat Ali and Liyaqat Ali with the support of no other than Gandhi. Nehru , a Muslim was again inducted as prime Minister of India. British enacted Govt. Of India Act, 1935 after diminution of the strength of Muslim member as separate electoral system started since 1919, the Congress membership constituted 82 % of total membership of non Congress members by command of Gandhi Nehru Nexus we’re Alladi Krishna swami Iyyer, Harde Nath Kunzru, K. Santhanam, M.R.Jayakar, Bakshi Tek Chand and Gopalaswami Ayyangar. There were also non member namely Raja Gopalachari , Radha Krishna, Mrs Sarojini Naidu , K.M.Munshi , Sya
    ma Prasad Mukharjee, J.B.Kriplani , G.B.Pant, Jagjeevan RAM and Sheikh Abdullah.
    Crown transfer of power Act, 1946 and Independence Act, 1947 are mere deceptive devices adopted to rule upon Indian by the policy of Divide and Rule after partition in the name of Muslim fanatism converted to Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribal segmentation who remained fighting to Britishers but remained criminal under Criminal Tribe Act, 1861 converted to become habitual offenders Act, 1952. Archeological preservations and remains Act, 1951 still remained to be existed even after independence. Edvina Edviz Antinio Manio of Turin D/o steffeno nee Sonia Gandhi her mother and sisters with Help of LITTE Prabhakaran plundered this nation under the Caumaflage of secrecy of murder execution plan launched by Mamuna Begum nee Indira Gandhi D/o Kamla Nehru born through illicit relationship with Mobarak Ali. It is said that Indira Gandhi became pregnant by Firoj Jahangir Khan S/O Nawab Khan of Junagarh. The grave yard of this fanatic Muslim whose son got Indira pregnant with Rajiv Gandhi in London had a wife namely “Gundhi” parasi and thus we the fool worship these debatch politicians . Sanjay Gandhi born from illicit relationship with Mohhamad Yunus kept in Teen Murti Bhawan. Thus this Indira and her of springs we’re also the sheer deception to our people. Indira got illicit relationship with German Teacher , Dheerendra Brahmchari , Madho Raj Sindhiya who further eloped to Sonia Gandhi and was meet with accident in front of IIT gate and thus Rajiv Gandhi remained Roman Catholic on 25 Feb. 1968. This man banned RSS during his tenure and given promotion to Muslims in politics. Thus chaudhari Charan Singh and Chandra Shekhar were all prime minister with no spine on their back. Unfortunately one Hindu Prime Minister Sri Narshimbha Rao who became instrumental in demolition of imposture of Babri Masjit by destruction of BHAGWAN RAM birth place existed from 5075 BCE in Ayodhya , as a blot upon civilisation of Bharat Mata is the misutilization of sovervign power.
    In this back ground, see what is there inside 22 Chambers with well for circulation of water through channels prepared by gravitational force inside there. Why Govt. Of India do not permit to expose false authorship claim of Muslims upon Taj Mahal, Fateh pur Sikiri, Etmaddullah, Agra Fort, Red Fort, Dai Din Ka Makbara and upon Kutub Minar and declare all of them as Hindus manuments. I filed writ petition in behalf of institute of rewriting history by it’s president P.N.Oak. The Octagonal marvel stone structure with many Chambers for queen and the repilca for repulsion of sound of Mardang played in worship of Lord Shiva do not be required any necessity to denounce the claim of Lord Shiva Temple. Anjuman banu Jilani died a pathetic death at Baharampur pur buried on 16thJune 1629 A.D. as her feet were tagged as she may not give birth to unauspicious child. Shahjahan was imprisoned with his daughters Rashan Ara and jahanara in Agra Fort remained in existence from time of Samrat Ashok.
    Swastic, Lotus, trident trisule, Om is carving with Bel Patra and existence of Gaiu Shala from where Amlakh exposed speaks volumes and tiles used for insertion of Quranic verses is the fraud committed on the face of Taj Mahal which is purported to have been constructed in 1632 A.D. when Sahajahan was already in Jail. How the heavy stone reached at top of temple where Lord Shiva shiv Linga and Nandi was lying on upper floor and underneath was Vishnu Temple for worship by Raja Paraminidev in 1155 A.D.
    Kindly look in further discussion and read my book containing copy of writ petition and I am seeking help from Yogi Adityanath our chief minster to published my books on true story of our Hindus monuments.

  • Prasad

    Very very good Mr. Simha.
    “India can’t afford a return of the Gandhis in 2019 or even 2024” . This is the most important point. I would say that for the next 25 years as a minimum we should keep the Congress, Communists and all regional bandicoots completely out. For our country this is the last chance to lift it out of poverty, debt ignorance, ill health etc., etc., A wealthy, healthy, strong country can take any idiot to be its leader and still prosper. India needs another 25 years of BJP rule to reach there.

    • Chhupa Rustam

      Keep the Congis/Leftists out for the next 25 years? You think they will exist for so long?

  • Taj Mahal is Lord Shiva temple and palaces

    • Sandip Mitra

      Demolish it, then. That’s what you are best at, anyway.

  • srcgreen01

    If most of the junkets go to business journalists, then why the heck are you after the others? Get on the phone and rant to the Ambani bros, Adani, and the other business houses who take the business journalists. If Ghulam Nabi Fai’s seminar was attended by Justice Sachar, it was also attended by Subramaniam Swamy. He fooled a lot of people. And you”re stretching a petty grievance too far.

    • Prasad

      Hi – if S.Swamy attended a seminar by G.N.Fai he definitely isn’t being a foot soldier of Pakistan whereas the other people still are. That’s the most important thing. One can go to any seminar, but should be true to one’s own country.

  • Ramakant Tiwari

    Excellent expose. However a lot more has not been exposed. All those snakes should be stripped naked in public and destroy the snake-pit forever. Good begining has already been done.

  • Vijay Dabade

    This is one of the very well articulated and factual article about why our media is so biased and always twists facts and presents in such a manner that even so called “well educated” citizens get carried away by the “manufactured” rubbish from the Lutyens coterie.
    Hats off to Rakesh Krishnan Simha for the write up which systematically exposes the “gang” from Lutyens who conspire to tarnish the image of India as a Nation.

  • Pannalal Nawalkha

    Media must be immaculate legacy of the truth.Lutyens,a soil nurturingbureaucrates,subservile 2 BRITAIN,DIVISIVE 4 change of INDIA/KASHMIR IS FINDING VOID 4 TRUTH, is harvesting crop of corrupt media stooges. People are anxiously waiting4 media under MODI to come out as clean

  • vmalik

    When Rajesh Kalra of IndiaTimes does a forward on whatsapp with a reco to read then boss you have reached gold standard.

  • @jayeshji

    Good analysis from New Zealand, in
    English a language Gandhi derided.
    India cannot mention Hindu yet. I am in England the ex brutal racist colonisers, makes me part Macaulay, my personal struggle is to be ex Brown English man.
    Broke Brits ran from India after WW2 and India still has colonial legacy to fix but the real problem​ is poverty, poverty to write own history. Interesting the English insist on English even 6000 miles away from England in New Zealand yet Indians have no prude in vernacular at home. Work to do. The article is what I would write and yet Hindus of India are still in an inferior complex. I cannot criticise Rakesh but mine is comment for we are both Brown English.

  • Jyot1ndra

    congress and bjp are hands in gloves. Remember that the patriots are put in jail with fake cases if famous or silenced if common citizens.

  • RamKumar Chute

    You are probably giving yourself too much credit for a story that could be best described as juvenile self-promotion. How do you know it was Blackwill or your own editor? I agree with your of hypocritical elite in India, but at the same time you simply seek to provide a cover for rabid racism of Hindu nationalism and the crimes committed by Hindus in the name of Caste. Overall, you consider devotional nationalistic ideology-which is nothing, but expression of Hinduism- to be higher than humanity. Ofcourse, India is becoming intolerant and evil with this damaging ideology. People like Yoginath -who are Hinu terrorists- are now CM of UP. Lynching are becoming a Hindu epidemic. Are you really that delusional in service of mythical Bharat Mata?

  • Sundaram Costello

    Whoa..that’s some serious conspiracy write up, well done! Lump a bunch of disparate individuals into a made-up group, villainize them to the extreme with half-truths, blatant lies and spins, and then argue for State power to be used to tackle or eliminate them by extra legal means if needed, and in the process also make out the actual power-wielders to be innocent victims trying their best to develop the country..Great!

    Now, Guys, if you could see through this guy’s bullshit already, hurray for are what’s needed in this country…

    Others, please don’t fall in this cesspit, this much hate and propaganda will only bog you down and destroy your independent mind in the process..So, please, even if you hate the Congress (which I do as well), and even if you have a conservative bent and think your religion/culture defines a large part of YOU, you don’t have to fall for this non-sense..All I’m asking is just approach this with little bit of a critical eye, you will still make it to some place.

    As a parallel to this non-sense and its supporters, I can only think of total losers like “Infowars” supporters in the US, believing every word from one of the most idiotic, hateful, conspiracy peddler in their country..Maybe, that’s what those in the power want to create here as well, and they are using lapdogs like this idiot writer.

    • nrusim

      It is India’s well wishers versus you…& we can understand your response.. it is going right up yours…

  • You are Mad

    whoa 2001 paper is Hindustan Times.

  • Dr M

    Excellent Rakesh

    Keep this going!

    The naive Indians need a lot of such dirt to be laid bare so at last they can convince themselves that sickulars are indeed the first most vicious enemies of Indians

    And of course, this is a must read for PM Modiji & Team – a half done job does not help!
    The entire vitiated prestitute media needs to be clearly flushed down the gutter!
    And for every Indian and even those abroad, we all should learn to reject the likes of NYT / WaPo and their ilk


  • Manik

    Indian media’s Islamic conspiracy is evident when it covered Junaid incidence. All along every media channel knew the facts but deliberately gave it Gaurakshak colour and connected it to BJP and MODI. For almost whole week this propaganda was deliberately carried on knowing well that after few days the truth would come out. A propaganda with full force was carried out and now it is total silence after truth came out. Similarly, Muslim mob attack on Hindus in Noida and in West Bengal was kept hidden; and when forced to reveal it, deliberately it was kept in lowest profile and made it to disappear from news coverage as soon as it appeared. There are so many such incidents one may list it out. Islamic design is so evident but news channels are scared to mention it. Islamic threat is so sinister that Government must soon deport these islamist out of India. If deportation is difficult then elimination is the only way out.

  • Manik

    Article is good one. But it has not covered one of the most vital malaise that has infected the body of world media, in general, and Indian media, in particular. The media is totally under control of Islamic money routed through devious means. This so evident even all over the world. Indian media is no exception. Further, the evidence of Islamic influence in Indian media can be seen by the fact that all the TV channels are filled with Muslims. Almost all sensitive news items are covered by Muslims or at least either the reporter or the cameraman is always Muslim. Thus, the news and its contents are controlled and fed to people by Islamists with their well known agenda. One can see so clearly their anti-Hindu orientation.Today, people look down upon media personnel for this reason also. Media has become like an organisation run by mafias of murderers. You can enter the organisation but cannot get out of it. Journalists are tempted and trapped to do something wrong and then they have to carry out the orders of this mafia gang. Modi is victim of this Islamic conspiracy. These people are mortal enemies of Modi. These people know that Modi can defeat them. As Lutyens Media is a co-conspirator and in cahoots with Islamic Terrorists, its actions are so self-evident. I agree that Modi should not ignore them but treat them as accomplices of Islamic as well as Leftists terrorists. Suitable action plan has to be in place at the earliest.

  • Sudarsana Kumar B

    The amount of money available with the traitors is huge. Nearly 70 years of loot. Modi plays against heavy odds.

  • Right

    What about the genuine blunders of Modi ??
    If Modi is not concerned about the anti Modi brigade and not doing anything substantive to reign these anti nationals why are you and other right wings overtly concerned ( unless this is being done at behest of Modi /BJP then fine. He has a right to his strategy . ) ?
    But then Do these anti Modi brigade make Rajnath and Modi mouth about Kashmiriyat BS?? Or anti gau rakshak statements and you’ll write to deflect attention from all that and blame Anti Modi Lutyens ??

  • S C Sawhney

    We have two groups in Media – ProModi & AntiModi. Congress is encouraging the AntiModi group to tarnish the image of the PM & the image of BJP. The whole game is being played to ensure creation of an AntiModi wave. Sardar Patel would have nipped the Kashmir problem in 1947 itself if Jawahar Lal Nehru would have not intervened.

  • Chau Incognito

    Wow Mr Rakesh
    Such a nice piece to read after so long. Every word written resonates my feelings. Its time for govt to take stock of this nuisance.

  • Chakradhar Bg

    I read a complete article after many years. Thank you!

  • deelip prabhudesai

    Modi govt has been too lineant with the presstitutes which makes them feel that they can do and write whatever they want. It is high times the hypocrites like rajdeep,burkha,shekhar,rana stub etc are exposed

  • N Pradeep Kumar

    Tu ta modi bhakt he sale tereko Arnab Kya ukhad raha he nahin dikh raha he Kya, aise bahut issues he Jo ki bjp ne Kuch nahin ki AB tak but bjp is the only hope, Congress uski aaukat me hai.

  • Arunachalam Nilakantan

    Think the Lutyens gang is losing as BJP is miles ahead of Congress and any other party on Social and Digital Media.Modis victory can be partly attributed to social media as most of press is owned by leftist n liberal gangs.

  • Sriram

    Exposing these so called “secularists”. We have seen their true face in the Radia tapes. Now further insight here. They should be identified by names with some proof and shamed.

    • Hidayat Rizvi

      Why don’t you expose nationalist facist

      • Sriram

        You have no other line than this.

        • Hidayat Rizvi

          I am callin spade a spade

          • Sriram

            One has to laugh at your comments. Meaning less.

          • Hidayat Rizvi

            Dangai don’t except to be a Dangai

          • Sriram

            Meaning less and repeatitive.

          • Hidayat Rizvi

            Same useless chaddi comment

    • Hidayat Rizvi

      But look truth of the matter is that increasingly hindoo girls are eloping with circumcised rough guys. The important thing to remember here is the hindoo girls have fondness for circumcised rough boys.

  • Raghunandana Krishnamurthy

    Really Good article, agree 100%. The Last line sums it all. Hope Modi does something decicively

  • R. Singh

    Name and shame the fixer.

  • nrusim

    Breathtaking writeup… Eye-opener indeed!!!

  • vibhu

    It is a matter of time – about an year or two when these so called Lutyens forces would be made to run for cover for people have started realizing that they are intolerant to divergent views and not other way around.

  • Shankar Subramaniam

    and what is the present govt doing about it? it is now 3 plus years. the govt has the power to strangle where it hurts the most. But they have not done anything. Even the stupid NDTV is working full blast

  • Ravi Rao

    Excellent Rakesh…My own thoughts are just the same. Absolutely. The sooner these forces are neutralized, the sooner we can have sensible debates on improving India’s economy, society, foreign policy and the like…. A big thanks. But how do you propose to put this in Modi’s head. Maybe he knows it all. Maybe he is waiting for the right opportunity.

  • Fair Mind

    Pretty depressing read!! Will India ever break this Lutyens circle? How long will they continue exerting their malicious influence on our polity and how India is perceived by the world?

  • sasanka ghosh

    U wasted your time . The current dispensation have many backdoor Lyuten. BJP people just playing with emotion. Nationalist think twice before saying 2 wrords but Sickular,Lyuten given free run. BJP supporters murdered ,killed . COAS humiliated publicly. The FM ,DEF min goes to book publishing ceremony. HM says grandiose word. The BJP president is always in election mode . All Non electable , incompetents r in top job. straight talking , nationalist leaders r put into backbench. If i live will abstain next time from voting .

    • Dr M

      A lotus blooms in the khichad! Yes, what if BJP has a lot of lyuten suckers?
      Its Team Modi & its ideological survival that is important!

      It takes time for the Min Team to learn the fine art of keeping these snakes at arms length even as one smiles!

      • sasanka ghosh

        Hope ur words come true . As a Doctor ( Not talking abt PHDs) u know /better understand the thin line between hope , white lies except perhaps the Intelligence /security /Snitches.

  • vmalik

    Been a long time since somebody laid it out as clearly as this. Let the games begin now. We need more transparency in the Indian mainstream media, what’s left of it.

  • V.K.Bansal

    Thanks for exposing the snakes,who already stand fully exposed as anti-national and are Fake secular Hypocrites.They are proving to be more dangerous than the external threats.

  • Demodivated Indian

    The author is based in New Zealand and Russia and Europe etc. So how deeply does he know about India and its society? If we start paying attention to such non-resident Indians, India will surely plunge into further darkness. Brother, the journalists who work in India know India better than you.

    • Har Gobind Bhukkal

      So you are happy with presstitutes p1mping your daughter? and an honest NRI with fair views who treats your daughter as his daughter/sister is wrong. You need to find other avenues of income.

    • Fair Mind

      You are wrong. This journalist has lived and worked in India and quoted extensively in the article from his personal experiences. How can you dispute that? It is a different matter if you are a leftist yourself and would like to completely discount the views expressed by the author.

    • Sai aravindh

      Talking of paying attention, why dont you read the article first? He was a journalist in a leading media outlet for years. This article is based on his experience there.

    • rbk

      Dumb idiot. Rakesh has worked in India as a journalist for around 2 decades.
      Ironically those ‘Indian journalists’ you talk about know nothing about India though they leech India’s resources. They view Indian society from the eyes of Europeans and find ‘regressive’ practices, idol worship, polytheism, caste, sati, dowry, beef everywhere. They are the Lutyens journalists!

      • Sandip Mitra

        Do you me practising like caste discrimination and demand for dowry in marriage are ‘progressive’, and should not be reported by the media? It is one thing to say that there are many more positive aspects of India and Indian society, which should be highlighted; but that does not mean that the negative aspects should be covered up! Is that what you consider as viewing Indian society through Indian eyes?

        • rbk

          Morons like you blame Indic civilization and Hinduism in particular for all these social evils. These so called evils were enforced on us due to barbaric rule of Muslims & Christian British.

          Read “Sati: Evangelicals, Baptist Missionaries, and the Changing Colonial Discourse” by Meenakshi Jain. This whole bogey of wife burning was a fable by Christian missionaries to beg for money from their govt to convert heathen Hindoos.

          Read “Dowry Murder: The Imperial Origins of a Cultural Crime” by Veena Talwar Oldenburg to know how dowry was mainstreamed by the British.

          Yet some idiots make a living out of India bashing & Hindu bashing. The solution their offer is to convert to Christianity, Islam or Marxism.

          • Sandip Mitra

            I don’t know if Ms. Jain has said in her book that wife burning was a ‘bogey’. If she has then her credentials as an historian and also her sanity are open to question. A visit to any Rajasthan village will help you understand the truth of Sati. There is enough of recorded history by much mote eminent scholars than Ms. Jain about the practice of widow-burning. Same about dowry. There is practice of dowry almost in every society in some form or other. Only, we have turned it into a demand which, if not met, even leads to murder. Stupid fellows like you think that every damn thing that goes by the name of faith, must be accepted as good; otherwise, one is not religious and is a moron. For you, religion is a static thing that need not be cleamsed of all the accumulated filth of ages past. Be happy with ypur ideas, but everything in this universe, including religious beliefs, evolves. By the way, Marxism is not a religion, but is a socio-economic theory. It appears that you do not know that.

          • rbk

            Ah, you bring the argument of ’eminent’ scholars – fallacy of argument from authority.

            ” Marxism is not a religion, ”
            It has all the hallmarks of a prophetic monotheistic religion. Has its version of heaven(socialist utopia), hell(capitalist exploitation), means to get to heaven(violent revolution), a prophet who is beyond criticism(Marx), patron saints(Lenin, Stalin, Mao), a congregation(marxist unions) and most important of all, deep hatred for the infidel/kaffir(capitalists & followers of tradition such as native religions of India, China, etc which by default as labeled as exploitative i.e as shirk).

            Marxism has failed wherever it was implemented but like a monotheist fanatic who is failing for the second coming by which the whole world should be converted to their religion, the Marxist says everyone should become Marxist for Marxism to succeed in its second coming.

  • Alok Joshi

    Thank you for a great article.

  • taktkal

    Great article, well written! More than just the Lutyen’s gang, see the other actors listed by Rajiv Malhotra in his book, Breaking India. These include NGOs, think tanks, Xtian evangelists, Saudi mullahs, “Dalit Freedom Network” etc. all funded by foreign sources.

    There seem to be a few crypto-Xtians, congis & Islamists that are of course criticizing the messenger (rather than the message) and labeling others as Bakhts (as if it means anything), but that is par for the course for these types.

  • Abhay Joshi

    Who paid you for this article. You seems to be very intelligent and know lot about Media houses, it’s quite possible that you are part of it and supporting one of them.

    If you have so much of info, would you mind to list the media houses and their political bosses, make sure to include all be it BJP or Congress. Even if you could do, you don’t have to write such long articles. People are intelligent enough to figure out rest.

    • Khara Sona

      What a crap you are. He will take names and they will drag him in court. This actually happens in Delhi all the time but nobody will take names

      • Har Gobind Bhukkal

        Agree. Forgive this guy as he still needs to figure out the true use of his orifices

    • Fair Mind

      You don’t make slightest sense. If you are unwilling to believe anything the author has shared from his personal experiences, nothing else can convince you. Stay muddled!

    • Sai aravindh

      I dont know if someone paid him for the artcile, but whoever is paying you for writing such rubbish posts is really wasting his money. If you are doing it for free, you are wasting both your and other people’s time.

  • Rashmi Goda

    Wow ……All this ….And we Indians don’t know about so many things

  • Sanjay Chaturvedi

    A lucid expose of Lutyens Media. Excellent article.

  • Navneet Bhatnagar

    What an article ?

    Finally some one in the media circles in Delhi has had the courage to speak out and expose the likes of Burkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai, who in the name of free press, do not cover any news item for free and have always had rate card to do their bidding. This also explains the criticism of Modi dispensation , by so called civil society, through words, that no one had heard of earlier : intolerance, award wapsi, disparaging the Army Chief, beef behind any dispute. As this established clique in Delhi saw itself getting dislodged , they started targeting Modi for each and every thing happening in the country , even coining selective terms l, which no one had heard of earlier : demonetization deaths, GST stories and resultant trade debacle, futility of Israel visit or any other step taken by this govt. Obviously the reason to protest against Modi is not due to genuine concern for the nation, but on seeing their comfort zone getting breached and loosing their perks and purses , in the process.

    • Vikram Uppal

      He is not in Delhi!

  • Vikram Uppal

    You write well! Why aren’t you here in India suffering the CRAP – irrespective of who created it? Your comment on the Brits and how they descended upon India with contempt is indeed correct after all the Natives were used to it, as till that day their own indigenous Clergy, Royalty and Aristocracy treated them that way! Is that the culture you are so proud of, Mr Simha? I am sure you endorse your women being thrown into fires, don’t you? And of succession being purely patriarchal? It is easy to shout on how who went wrong without living in the circumstances they were in! Being a Modi Bhakt is GOOD – as he is a MAN ON A MISSION and undoubtedly sincere about it, so let us play up on his achievements and not fail to comment on his shortfalls(shortfalls because they aren’t still failures to the optimist’s mind); let us not belittle Mr Modi by comparing him to those who failed before him – after all isn’t that the reason why he is where he is today! You write well, thanks to the quality western education you got courtesy the Brit Tweak long back: direct it to be constructive! Tell me that Modi is good for being (a), (b) and (c) not because he is better than (a), (b) and (c)! Don’t take me wrong! As for the rest of the article, I honestly lost interest and consider it below my dignity to comment on a purely tinted-glass write up! But undoubtedly you write well!! As for the Modi-Media divide, sweetheart, we know what is going on(and why shouldn’t it – the ‘King must Guard his Fort’), we aren’t naive, after all we are the sensible 171,660,230 voters who voted for a man meaning business in 2014!!

    • gl7rwh35

      Bhartiya sampraday was fighting yuddha after muslim country,christian country akraman on Bhartiya sampraday for 1400 years.

    • Ashu Lobo Desai

      One sane voice – yours, Mr Uppal!

    • Zen

      Well replied, author sits in NZ and dishes out BS to people in India and everyone here are oh, what a great article

    • John

      BDutt writes for WaPo sitting in Delhi. Wapo guys sit in Delhi and report on India. If Rakesh sits in NZ and writes about foreign affairs after having worked considerably in various indian media houses, what’s your beef?
      Are Indian IT workers working in US not kosher? If they can work in a foreign country, why shouldn’t journalists work in foreign country? And if someone works in foreign country, then his views are not kosher? wow!!! what hypocrites.

    • Gentlemen, Please stop fighting amongst yourselves. You can use your energy and time more productively to think about what you can do for your MOTHERLAND and then JUST DO IT

      • Reyaz Azmi


    • rbk

      Why is that a problem when an Indian residing outside India on a different ‘karma bhoomi’ comments on his ‘pitru bhoomi’ & ‘punya bhoomi’? Many living in India are ignorant of Indian traditions, pretend to be pseudo-Europeans and spew venom on India. NRIs who don’t pretend so but respect India are much better.

      • rakesh

        But look Chaddi thinks that very egalitarian constitution is a threat. Chaddi don’t want parliament. Chaddi don’t want opposition parties. What chaddi wants is something in between china and Pakistan. It wants one party one language and one religion one people one etc etc like china and want a communal state like Pakistan. What chaddi fail to understand is that hindoo girls have fondness for circumcised rough boys..

  • Reyaz Azmi

    Well this strongly worded article is attracting and liked by many.Mainly because power equation has changed and there are people who always move in the direction of wind. Remember, all that glitters is not gold. It is fact that western media and western governments have bigger hands in world politics for last more than 100 yrs and even today our PM is going every now and then to US and Israel. They are still in control mode. Who knows the writer of this article is not paid for this work. The media whether print or tv is a business of profit. The almighty God keeps on rotating ruling power. So be humble and just. No one is going to be king for ever. There was corruption in media yesterday and there is corruption also today. Every government manages media with cash or kind to enhance their image. To those who are abusing congress should remember that freedom struggle was fought under congress, and RSS had no role in it. Hence be humble and reasonable. Tomorrow BJP also may become history.

    • Namita De

      That was Indian National Congress to which all leaders belonged to caught for the freedom of India . Today’s congress is nether having those kind of leaders nor those lofty ideals to keep the party flag high. Its just s fragmententation of the original party by few like minded selfish individuals. It does nor mean by no words its in favour of BJP but Congress’s is no longer the congress people want.

      • Reyaz Azmi

        Namita you are right, that those towering leaders are not there in Congress now but the constitution of the party is inclusive for all Indians. They don’t have field workers and had ambitious people who split the party. They lost because of their inability. BJP is united because of RSS. Had the BJP working for all Indian inclusively we all would have been happy. But a vicious atmosphere is purposely created to place Hindus against Muslims. Even this article is partly going on the same line. Rule of law is not working. Criminals are taking law into their hands beating and killing people on their will. I say rule of law and justice must be for all irrespective of cast and creed. We should all remember that whoever rules with justice lasts longer.

    • RM

      The Congress that you are mentioned under whom the freedom movement was fought was not a political party back then. It was an umbrella movement that had everyone under it. We were not a free democratic country that everyone could form an anti-British party.
      The movement had everyone under it – left, right or centre. After the 1907 split in Surat session because of ideological reasons, the British were happy but in 1916, the congress had to reunite to form a single united movement even though they had difference. Because they were not fighting any election. What if BG Tilak had formed a separate freedom movement named XYZ. It was not beneficial.
      The Congress now which you are so proud of (Because being a Mozlem you are indoctrinated to hate Modi/BJP/RSS) is not the same freedom movement umbrella organization.
      And I will not even begin to argue about the role of RSS in freedom movement.

      • Reyaz Azmi

        No my dear, we are not indoctrinated to hate Modi or anyone for that matter. It is their policy of inciting Hindus against Muslims that keeps us away. They use this for every election. Now they are in almost full power, they could have enforced peace and justice but they are looking for 2019 and keeping the atmosphere hot to take the advantage. Don’t think I condone any breaking ok law by any muslim. I say no one should be allowed to take the law into their hands. In our villages we (Hindus/Muslims have been living together peacefully for 100s of years & feeling proud of our country. If the BJP creates a good atmosphere for few years on ground, the muslims will have no problem with it.

    • Ashu Lobo Desai

      My thoughts too – perhaps the writer was paid to write this crap!

      • Har Gobind Bhukkal

        LOL. The world of pseudo – intellectuals and their daily struggle in this government

    • JSR

      Before spitting venom on RSS & BJP, go & live in some Islamic country for a few years or even a few months & then u wld realize that u have been living like a parasite on the country which is feeding you.

      • Reyaz Azmi

        JSR, I don’t compare my country with other countries for social and religious conditions. We fought the British together and I fought a war with Pakistan as a soldier of my country. We have a constitution giving equal rights to all it’s citizens irrespective of their religion or cast. Don’t you agree with this?. I am as much Indian as you are. I only object to unconstitutional and unlawful activities. Something wrong elsewhere is not in my control and your point is unjust and uncalled for. You are becoming shameless in calling Indian muslims as parasites. You or your father are not feeding us. We are earning our own bread.I don’t think you have the heart to feed even a poor Hindu. The country belongs to all Indians. The criticism by educated people demands some manners. So be matured & behave.

      • rakesh

        What about hindoo girls having fondness towards circumcised rough boys and eloping with them up and down and across India? You don’t say any thing about that. You want to shove it under the carpet like nothing had happened.

  • BeeDee

    Really short of words for thanks to the writer of this article….. May god bless him….

  • Prashant Suryavanshi slub Erie

    Superb Rakesh… Bingo… Wonderful and apt article… Love u for that

  • VeVePe

    Thanks Rakesh. Great article.

    To the readers of these comments, I’d like to recommend that they read, with an open mind, another great article by Rakesh –

    “Why Christianity poses a clear threat to India”

    And another one by Arvind Kumar –

    “The Religious Crusades of the CIA”

    • Soney

      % of Christian as Census report:
      1951 – 2.3 %
      2001 – 2.34 %
      2011- 2.3 %

      Now could you please explain how inspite of mass conversion ( according to you) the ratio of Christian is same for the past 70 years !

      • BeeDee

        This cannot be true……

        • Soney

          Please check Census report yourself.
          You probably think that Christians are more because, in the field of education & hospitals & hospice they contribute to about 70 % !

          The grumbler actually do not like the idea of empowering tribals ;by way of education

          • VeVePe

            Church is getting a monopoly in education because the legal apartheid system against Hindus makes it almost impossible for them to run educational institutions.

            The 2 articles I cited are based on verifiable historical facts. But you are welcome to raise any objections in the comments to those articles.

            Incidentally my issue is not with Christians per se, but with the Church, which is a hostile foreign-controlled political force

            We have seen that Church activities in tribal areas invariably lead to massive abusive conversions followed by separatism and terrorism. Hindu organizations working for tribals (e.g. Ekal Vidyalaya) help them without creating such problems.

          • Soney

            Legal apartheid system against Hindu in India ? !!!
            That’s a new news indeed

            Church is not a political force. Please attend a Holy Mass on a Sunday and you would understand. Christian are the most peace loving people.

            As mentioned earlier, the fringe elements hate Christian because of the efforts taken to empower tribals and downtrodden by providing education. So this outcry against Christians.

          • VeVePe

            Sir, you need to look at how our education laws, especially the RTE Act, are designed to crush Hindus and give monopoly to Church.

            Before every election the foreign-appointed Padres issue vicious Fatwas telling their flock who to vote against.

            Despite this legal apartheid and such overwhelming odds, there are Hindu organizations which are doing courgageous work among tribals, saving them from aggressive foreign funded evangelism.

          • Gharietje Choenni

            If you want to discover the real face of Christianity, please read the study of Iain Buchanan, Armies of God: Study in Militant Christianity and watch the video

          • rakesh

            But look truth of the matter is that increasingly hindoo girls are eloping with circumcised rough guys. The important thing to remember here is the hindoo girls have fondness for circumcised rough boys..

          • Nag

            In India, Scheduled Castes get reservations only if they are named as Hindus. If they are reported as Christians, they cannot claim SC reservation. They’ll fall into the OBC category. So, for the society, these ppl are Christians. But, for records, the same ppl are Hindus.

          • BeeDee

            This is very cheap that they follow double standard just for some benefit…..

      • Ashu Lobo Desai

        Bingo! 🙂

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

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  • edl

    what is intelligence beureu or RAW doing,what is their job anyway. isnt it to protect infian interests. these outright traitorous scums harinder baweja and many others r still proudly spreading filth on media whether social or mainstream. why r they not afraid even after they were caught in bed with ghulam fai. its cant always be fault of others.

  • Maneesh Joshi

    RKS has stripped the presstitutes naked, mounted them on a donkey and paraded them thru their own cesspool of Lutyens Delhi. Nothing short of a public hanging should be the punishment for what he has exposed so clearly to be plain treachery. Or even better, revoke their citizenship and export them to their beloved Pakistan where they can redefine their ideas of secularism, tolerance, free speech and democracy.

    Hats off, Mr Simha. Do keep firing these nukes at our enemies.

  • Seewoonundun Bunjun

    Such exposés need to reach more of India’s awakening true intelligentsia, particularly those not enslaved by the Lutyens cabal.

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      • Seewoonundun Bunjun

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  • rachna

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    • Audit Uscirf

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    Excellent analysis, R.K.Sinha. The people you have named (or suggested) should be investigated thoroughly. Rajinder Sachar has a house in our colony in Delhi. Praful Bidwai was a close friend of my siblings. Filip Padgaonkar used to come to our house in the 1990s as so.done told (was it the ISI or the Cong (I)?) that I was a devi whose blessings would help him rise in his career. Praful and Dileep are dead, I don’t know about Sacchar, but I for one would not condole for one who fixed his reports and also unleashed his private security men on co-residents like me. I also know that someone in Lutyen’s Delhi (could it be the person who called members of a certain cultural centre in the heart of Delhi following the assassination of Indira Gandhi and practically commanded them to avenge her murder by teaching the Sikhs a lesson?) told the Lutyenites that a human sacrifice could bring in a revolution without much bloodshed and hence had to be pursued? I was made that sacrificial product, and when I came to know and started protesting, I was told that my mother had sold me to them!!! This may sound incredible to you but this is how well external forces have occupied the minds of the Indian Lutyenites.

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    I wish to add that even Canadian newspapers like Globe and Mail, Toronto star and of course the BBC feed off from anti India and anti Hindu reporting of Washington post.

    When the “Indian men are rapist’s” story was playing out, it had its repercursions in Toronto. An Indian international male student from India was denied admission at a Toronto education institution, citing rape threat.

    I have seen tens of times where the Hindu leadership of Canada has embarrassed itself and let down its people both on TV and in private/ public gatherings.

    This article should be a doctors prescription for the tens of thousands of secular loud throated Hindus who do not understand the power structure and politics and sing the “secular” tune.

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