Open Letter to Arnab Goswami

An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami

I am one who regularly watches Mr. Arnab Goswami’s debates on the Times Now T. V. Channel. In most of the debates anchored by Arnab there is a lopsided emphasis on the fake secularism, mysteriously held in high esteem by the Indian chatterati and inadequately read media analysts. Far more amusing, however, is the attempt to describe the pro-Islamic communalisation of our electoral system as an attempt to polarize the voters. In this connection I would like to ask the following questions to Arnab Goswami which he must answer – if necessary, after scratching his head:

1. Mr. Arnab, how is that you don’t try to go to the root of the malaise of communalization of Indian elections and several crudest possible attempts made during the last 8/9 years to polarize the voters ? Please recall that on December 9, 2006 (i.e. on Sonia Gandhi’s birthday) the most divisive and repulsive policy statement made by the Prime Minister was that “the Muslims and the minorities“ will have the first claim on India’s resources”. Was this not a government sponsored signal for dividing the citizens into two hostile religious groups, namely the minorities (20 %) and the majority community (80%)?

2. That wonky statement of the P.M. was followed by launching several schemes to ensure “exclusive development” of the Muslim community and four other minorities. The pariahed poorest Hindus (approximately 35 crore les miserables living below the poverty line) were thus totally excluded from any share in 20 million scholarships plus financial bonanza totaling several lakh crore rupees. Why don’t you and other media mandarins speak about the biggest mega-scam of post-independence India?

3. The most discriminatory and demeaning hurt heaped upon the Hindu school girls was that while the daughters of Muslim, Christian and Parsi parents studying in 9th, 10th and 11th class were given a free bicycle each for going to schools, the daughters of Hindu hoi polloi (mostly trapped in terminally-ill rural sector) were denied this benefit – perhaps to remind them of their ‘dhimmi’ status.

There is a long list of gross discrimination against the poorest Hindus. But is anyone bothered? Is Times Now news channel listening to the wails of the marginalized poorest Hindus?


Yours Truly

Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS (Retd)

Ram Ohri is a former IPS officer and writes regularly on security issues, demographics, and occasionally, on policy.
  • Manu

    I used to watch all debate of Arnab Go swamy until when i closely watched he was deliberately trying to infuse communality by asking his muslim panelist to create an allegation on BJ P govt on the eve of one year completion. This exposed his secret agenda to create a divide in the country. That was the last i watched his debate. I lost my faith in him. Times of India is no difference. Don’t trust these PAID MEDIA and these purchased slaves. How much the get paid so much they bark. Either the media nor opposition party don’t want the country’s development. Congress ang Media never allow India to become progressed country.

  • rsgarg

    lets ignore and avoid watching channels aired for arnab, barakha, rajdeepest desaiwhat, pranab roy, karan thapar. for next 6 months and see what appens. lets make it a national movement. anyway after watching these news for one hour you need to do pranayam to get back to senses.

  • Kejri Paltu

    I am amazed that people are asking questions to Arnab … I can’t get to hear anything on his NEWSHOUR debates. This PRESSTITUTE is part of Union of Snakes (Barkha, Sardesai, Arnab, Prasoon, Karan Thapar etc) and must be ignored to let their TRP fall ….. It is unfortunate that India has anti-hindu and anti-national media

  • Why he should care to reply to ur questions he is a paid servant of one of the paid channel, he is helpless has to obey the order if he wills to deliver what is said to deliver, though he likes it or not. He is working for his requirements not on comedy channel . ufs

  • Indigo6675

    Arnav’s mom is married to a Muslim so he is pro Muslim maybe. He was my friends classmate.

  • When I found that Arnab G like Sonia G is having partisan approach, I stopped watching his debates.

  • Tejpal

    It’s interesting that major Indian media are owned, controlled by foreign money or their masters. Media is promoted as a “Fourth Pillar” of democracy, which is a far from truth. Its actually more a myth than truth. Media is a money spinning industry and more corruption ridden than industry or politics. Niira Radia and few other big names in media was an eye opener. Mr Gautam Sen has written few enlightening posts about media in India. This will also go to explain, “Why media are anti Hindus and anti BJP/Modi. My two comments together will give enough insight to explain the question of Arnab Goswami. Because tomorrow someone else will take over and s/he may not be different. Look at IBN channels, is Rajdeep Sardesai and his pretty wife any different? Most of them have their connections abroad in one or other way. India Tiday is linked with Mail Today in London.

  • Tejpal

    Problem isn’t with Arnab but his employers who are still a major Bennett Coleman Inc despite its Indian façade. Secondly India and her elites (meaning must be Anglophonic by priory). In places like Mumbai, this has become so acute that they feel proud in Anglophone tone. I have met this embarrassing situation few times. You all must be aware of.

    Now coming to Hindus V global scheme. You must have seen lately a piece of information making rounds. How Prez Obama has just reversed Hillary Clinton’s policy of “get Modi” by hook or crook. When I saw, “get Modi” at a glance, I couldn’t understamnd. I read the post to my astonishment. It meant to say, “Get Modi blasphemised and prosecuted by any means – fair or foul with no-hold-bar style. This concurs with recent disclosure of Modiji also, “There is some invisible force that isn’t interested in truth but in maligning me”. All this fits in this agenda. I have put a few articles lately on my blog post at:

    There are few interesting posts informative enough. The entire root cause lie in the “Conversion Industry” as I call it. These fall under one group, “Abrahamic Religions”, I call briefly as Abrahamics, i.e. Jewish, Christian and Islam (Muslims). These are three major groups who keep fighting among themselves and all three can’t see eye to eye. This is the cause of fights in Middle East and Indian subcontinent.

    Unfortunately, Hindus in India are a placid community as opposed to Abrahamics especially Muslims, Hindus are marginalised. Unfortunately their skin colour has also a lot determinant in this regard. This determines the attitude of Arnab Goswami, as I perceive it. This also explains the Kashmiri Hindu marginalisation as against Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, all three offshoots of Indian peninsula, This is my personal opinion after a regular study of events as they have unfolded to me.

    There are other factors also but they are beyond scope here to go in.

  • J.Lakshmi Narasimhan

    Any debate in Indian Tv is a sheer waste of time as Arnab goswami will not allow the speakers against to express their views fully.Any debate will center around themes which are beneficial to the government.As there cannot be any second point that the government failed on all fronts in the ten years.And any comparison with Rahul and Modi is a futile exercise as he failed miserably in the Tv interview with Goswami
    Any debater should work for bringing the point driving at which is not happening in the reputed media .As a result the medias give only lopsided approaches to the result,

  • Chitra Gopalaswamy

    Whether under threat coercion, Arnab who projected himself as a neutral journalist, has of late picked up trivial issues to demean the BJP.- Modi not wearing a skull cap for instance,the debate went on for 2 days until a muslim cleric himself pointed out that,, he would refuse to put a tilak on his forehead if asked to do so. His views, handling etc have of late turned biased…

    • N.Paramasivam

      I concur with the views.

  • Sasi Nair

    From the GOI to the media, whether print or visual media; they are all against the Hindu & Hinduism. Minority pleasing has become the agenda of all the these parties. In kerala, minority students are paid Rs. 14,000 per head a year; whereas a Scheduled Tribe student is paid 1200 ONLY. Lakhs of Crores of taxpayers money is wasted in non productive ways.It is high time this practice is stopped and my request to all is – BOYCOTT THESE POLITICIANS & THESE MEDIA (Why waste our money on electricity bills ?????)

  • harihara

    The media are incorrigible as their goal is to only make buck any how and look at short time commercial successes only, one may call it orgasmic. . Ever since the commercialization of life, from 1991. india is not bharath but a big mall and santhe with traders and mediamen working hand inglove to make non value added money . they know that if they agrandize, hype privilages given to non hindoos their advertizement income, their influence on goverment will increase aiding their ‘growth” If theyhighlight the difficulties of hindus or the discrimination against them they will be chided and economically punished for being hindutvists . that is the youngistan of tioday. The letter says the rita or physical truth but it is not palatable to merchants as it affects profitability and popularity

  • N.Paramasivam

    Arnob knows that in India, Hindus are not united and hence they can be scolded/denied benefits/even refuse to acknowledge. If you say you are a Hindu, you are communal. If you are a musalman or a cong. spokesperson, you will get royal treatment. If these are not given by Arnob, then his Boss Times of India, will remove him from Times Now. It is that simple. the solution is, the Hindus must be united and tell these media/paper that “they are prospering by the support of these majority people only” and that “if proper (equal) respect is not given, then unitedly they will teach the media/paper a lesson, by boycotting”. Unless it is done, these media will act in this fashion only. In parallel, Hindus must unite and start an English Channel and one-one regional channel. Urgently.

  • The answer to this open letter is simple. Arnab Goswami may not be able to say it in so many words but the marginalized, poorest of the poor Hindus are supposed to get smart and convert. That is why they are where they are and they are treated as such…it is a preparatory for later deliverance into the ways of the Lord. The nation will have to wait forever for Arnab and the likes of him to ever, ever, say this in so many words. And by saying all this, I, as a Hindu, will be deemed a polarising figure because my idea of communal and secular is vastly different from the glib-mouthed Shazia Ilmi, who is favored by Arnab and his ilk. The day paid media or, better still, news traders are shown their place, this great nation will begin to shine. Until then, the nation wants to know if Arnab can even respond to simple requests like, “Let me finish.”

  • TS M

    Well done sir…

    Add the following few questions as well: (YES, THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW or RATHER THE NATION DEMANDSTO KNOW!!)
    a) Many times, of all the burning topics of the day, Arnab (or maybe his handlers / sponsors) pick up trivial topics and hype it up beyond proportions to do what is possibly called as ‘monkey balancing’ to sound as though they are very neutral. Recent topics include bashing BJP for togadia video (wherein Meenakshi Lekhi had to call out the bluff bluntly saying that more than anyone else, Arnab himself, was trying to twist the news and polarize the voters – which was fully true!). Compare and look how he handled the Shazia video wherein she asking muslims to be less secular and more communal – Arnab then, at times, was pleading with the muslim guys on the show! Indeed, in these two debates he PROVED that he was indeed a closet congress hatchet man doing a ‘supposedly’ professional anchor job!
    b) Why is it that Arnab almost always, nastily interrupts BJP spokespersons after asking long questions and without waiting fully for answers.
    And he does NOT do that (interruptions) to the congress spokespersons when they go stupidly crazy in their hatred filled obnoxious allegations against BJP or Modi or RSS unless it is very very explicitly contradictory. Watch him next time around when BJP has to defend itself. More so when sanjay jha or kesavan or surjanvala speak contorted lies about BJP..
    c) Watch how many times, when BJP is made to be on the defensive, BJP spokesperson’s mike volume is deliberately reduced so they can barely be heard above that of the congress spokies! This is institutionalized bias using technological levers to muffle explanations that rips up his carefully constructed notion of the norms for India!!

    wonderful letter… Hope the good sense in him kicks the TIMESNOW out of him – so he can be a lot more level headed and outright without his handlers (Times Group bigotries).