Pakistan’s Zero Sum Game – Some Historical Perspectives-1

A close look at the historical events that followed the creation of Pakistan indicate that it has been very consistent in its policy of using both covert and overt means to disintegrate India. Ignoring this history will only be at India’s peril.

Pakistan and India fought the first Kashmir war between October 1947 and December 1948. At the time of independence, the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir was independently ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh, of the Dogra dynasty. The ruler had the option of remaining independent, joining India or Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir, demographically had a predominantly a Muslim population, mostly converted during the five centuries of Muslim rule over the region that preceded the hundred years Hindu Dogra rule at the time of independence. Hari Singh was undecided about the path he wanted to choose for his kingdom. The Muslim rebellion soon broke out in Jammu and was the pretext of the Tribal Muslims (Pashtuns from NWFP mostly) and the Pakistani Army to cross over to capture the state. They had begun to run over Hari Singh’s forces. The King appealed to India to respond with military help, and in return signed the formal instrument of accession with India, as required by India, on 26th October, 1947. Indian forces thereafter entered and the protracted battle continued over a year before the formal ceasefire on Jan 1, 1949. At that time, Pakistan had gained significant territory, though India had the majority. At the beginning of the 1947 invasion, the Pakistani forces had advanced without problems before the first resistance at Uri. Pakistan has not halted its campaign since, nor has the theatre of war changed.

Pakistani identification with Caliphate

Pakistan launched Operation Gibraltar in the late summer of 1965. Pakistani Army had a regiment called Azad Kashmir Regimental Force that today is called Azad Kashmir Regiment. The operation was named after Umayyad conquest of Spain, launched from the Port Of Gibraltar in 711. The symbolism has little to do with India or Pakistan’s own history, but refers to the Pakistani State’s identification with the history of the expansion of the Caliphate. In operation Gibraltar, about 30,000 Pakistani troops infiltrated Kashmir as guerilla fighters, confident that their visions of an Islamic Caliphate will resonate with the majority Muslim population of Kashmir and that an open rebellion would lead to Kashmir’s secession. The operation was a spectacular failure, as the Kashmiris had a greater respect and identification with their own history than that of the Arabian Caliphate. This failed operation launched the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965, with a ceasefire, brokered at the UN by USA and USSR.  By the time the ceasefire was declared, India had the upper hand in the three weeks, ferocious conflict. The Tashkent declaration of 1966 followed. India lost Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent, a national tragedy that has escaped the period historians. The 1965 conflict was the result of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s conviction that after India’s capitulation to the Chinese forces in 1962, Pakistan could inflict a decisive defeat on India. He had successfully persuaded President, Marshall Ayub Khan to his point of view. Ayub Khan referred to the infiltrators as Bhutto’s Mujahids.

Operation Searchlight – Genocide and Rape of Bengalis

Pakistan’s disastrous cultural blindness and rejection of East Pakistan’s due political, executive and economic rights, led to disaffection and desire for cessation. In the 1970 general elections in Pakistan, despite winning 167 of 169 seats in E Pakistan, and hence an absolute Majority in Pakistani Parliament of 313 elected members, ZA Bhutto (People’s Party) and President, Gen Yahya Khan refused Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, his due right of becoming Pakistan’s Prime Minister. Yahya, a personal friend of Nixon, responded by unleashing a pogrom on the rightfully dissenting East Pakistanis. The Punjabi (and West Pakistan) dominated Military were set upon their own countrymen in E Pakistan. Operation Searchlight launched the infamous genocide of Bengalis (selectively targeting Hindus), in which a reported two to three million were slaughtered. Countless women were raped and ten million refugees entered West Bengal, causing enormous hardship to the state and India’s economy. The world remained silent in the face of this humanitarian disaster.

American complicity in Indo-Pak war of 1971

The East Pakistanis in the Pakistan army defected and formed part of the Mukti Bahini that India supported. Indira Gandhi, India’s Prime minister, was rebuffed by the American Administration of Nixon and Kissinger, both of whom personally despised her. When Indira Gandhi visited Washington in November 1971, Nixon made her wait 45 minutes before granting audience, and went on to extend his support to the largest genocide of human beings, since the Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis. Nixon and Kissinger supported Pakistan, a member of the American led military pact CENTO and SEATO. In July 1971, Henry Kissinger had been to Beijing, where Zhou- En Lai went on record to say that they supported Pakistan and would not sit by idly, if India continued on its course of confrontation. It is also a matter of record that Mr. Kissinger confirmed American Support of Pakistan to the Chinese during this visit. On August 9, 1971, India signed the peace, cooperation and friendship treaty, with the Soviet Union, ending its formal policy of non- alignment.

Pakistan’s policy of naming military operations and missiles after Islamic invaders

For the record, India’s formal entry into the war in 1971 was in response to Pakistan launching Operation Chengiz Khan with attacks on 11 Indian airbases on December 3, 1971. Once again the symbolism of operation Chengiz Khan is unmistakable. Pakistanis indeed have forgotten that it is their forefathers, who suffered slaughter at the hands of the Mongol Invader. Instead, he was their hero, to be emulated, by invading India. This strange thought process also permeates their naming of missile systems after Ghazni, Gauri and so on.  Pakistan, to this day psychologically considers itself as the remnant lineage of the ‘glorious invading Islamic armies of antiquity’ that killed their forefathers as well.

As the war unfolded in 1971, the US advanced the 7th Fleet with the largest aircraft carrier in the world- USS Enterprise, with USS King, USS Tripoli, USS Decatur and USS Tartar Sam to threaten the Bay of Bengal, while the British Royal Navy sent its fleet led by EAGLE to threaten India’s West Coast. India was saved due to Soviet Intervention, with their nuclear-armed ships and submarines encircling the American Navy. This also warned off the Chinese, who had been requested by the Nixon administration to move their troops along India’s Northern borders.  Britain’s role was nefarious and the UN’s role non-existent.

But, Israel did send arms to India, despite India’s support to Arabs and failure to grant Israel diplomatic recognition until 1992.

Pakistan’s defeat and birth of radical jihadi warriors as state instruments

India’s decisive victory in 1971 and vivisection of Pakistan, was probably the most humiliating event in Pakistan’s history. Pakistani ruling elites seem to have harbored ambitions of creating an Islamic Caliphate with imposition of the Arab language, Arab Culture and Salafist ideology on their own people and advance the same beyond their borders. Imposition of a single foreign identity on Kashmiris, Baluchi’s, Sindhis and Pashtuns, like the Bengalis, is a delusional and destructive idea no different than ISIL’s goal of homogeneity. Imprisonment of Waseem Akhtar, the elected MQM Mayor of Karachi-the largest city and hub of commerce and culture- reflects the disconnect between the people, their choices and their state.

The 1971 war not only failed to bring circumspection, it actually led to greater reinforcement of failed ideas. It spurred the state into creating, nurturing, training, funding and using radical Islamic fundamentalist forces as an active arm of state policy. This was to be formally supported and organized with the help of the United States, determined to displace a Socialist, Soviet leaning regime from Afghanistan, as the seventies transitioned into the eighties. Gen Zia- Ul- Haq, who removed ZA Bhutto, with alleged American Support in 1977, remained the President from 1978 to 1988, where he became a firm ally in eliminating Soviets. This is the period, when the Pakistani ISI and the US oversaw the creation of an international Jihadi force of Taliban and Mujahedeen Warriors, as tools of the American foreign Policy. This was a symbiosis between the world’s most powerful democracy and the world’s most violent fundamentalist force. America and Pakistan were the parents of Taliban and of the development and promotion of Opium and Heroin trade as instruments of foreign policy (which the Taliban had actually opposed).  Pakistan became a pawn to American goals of planning the demise of the Soviets. In a quid pro quo, the US allowed promotion of the secession of Kashmir through violent jihadi outfits, which it co-created with the ISI.

Operation Tupac

Once the Soviets withdrew (1988-89) and the USSR officially broke up (December 1991), it became easy to redirect the Jihadis to the Kashmir theater under the new Operation Tupac, which had commenced officially in 1988, under the orders of Zia Ul Haq. Operation Tupac remains in existence to this day with its declared objectives of 1) Disintegrating India 2) Utilizing Spy networks for Sabotage and 3) Using the loose borders with Nepal and Bangladesh to set up bases and conduct operations. Operation Tupac has had great success in comparison to the failed Operation Gibraltar. It is also worth noting that the escalating Khalistan Movement that reached a peak in India in the 80’s had a Pakistani sponsorship with at least tacit US support. The Government of India had protested US involvement and the backing of Khalistan, in a formal protest, duly denied by George Bush Senior, US Vice president in 1984, during his India visit.


* Pakistan’s policy on Kashmir is a publicly declared state policy, e.g. Operation Tupac.  Covert and overt means have been used for more than 50 years and shall continue.

* Trying to prove Pakistan’s complicity in every attack is both redundant and self-defeating given the declared Pakistani policy seeking India’s disintegration.

*The incessant efforts to present evidence to the world makes India looks weak to the very powers that were complicit in letting this happen. It also offers a plausible deniability to Pakistan, which has never hidden its policy goals from the world. India’s interest in stirring debate is a poor cover for unwillingness to have a clear policy of response.

*The media, politicians and interlocutors of India have chosen to mislead their own country into a make-believe world of political solutions, peace and bonhomie through shared culture. They have deliberately obliterated the obvious history between India and Pakistan, since partition.

*To the amusement of the Pakistani Establishment, India stills coddles a culture, which the ruling Military- Jihadi elite in Pakistan, has proscribed for its own country. Officially, Pakistan has chosen to enforce an Arabic monoculture of language (Urdu), dress and theocratic dogma on its own citizens .The Baluchistan freedom struggle, the disaffection of Sindhis and Pashtuns are a testimony to Pakistan’s vision for itself. The creation of Bangladesh is testimony to the same.

* Why India’s left, secular intelligentsia, cultural vanguards, and political parties fail to digest a fairly compulsive set of simple historical facts remains unknown.

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Disclaimer: The facts and opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. IndiaFacts does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article.

Dr Subroto Gangopadhyay is a Houston-based Consultant Cardiologist and member of IHAR (Indian History Awareness and Research). He can be reached at: [email protected]
  • Jitendra Desai

    Good recall for those young media persons who keep parroting terrible cliches about peace,dialogue,political solutions and so on. We will be better off if we shut all our doors to Pakistan for 10 years and let our BSF Jawans talk with their guns, while we focus on setting things right WITHIN our border.

  • …the British Royal Navy sent its fleet led by EAGLE to threaten India’s West Coast.

    scumbag britishers at it again. They will always be a thorn in India’s side. These bastard britishers are responsible for fostering muslims in India which eventually led to the partition of India.

    And for the followers of conspiracy theorist capt chewtyakayil.

    …Israel did send arms to India, despite India’s support to Arabs and failure to grant Israel diplomatic recognition until 1992.

    Here is the retarded chewtyakayil TOI account where you can see he still lies about his place of residence. This lunatic secularist dhimmi muslim apologist of a conspiracy theorist chewtyakayil actually lives in Manipal, Karnataka but lies to everyone else that he stays in Calicut, Kerala.

    • Dipanjan

      I have seen your comments on other sites .I agree with you on Ajit Vadakayil ,he is indeed “Hypocritical” . He is right about “Ivy Leagues being built with Opium money” but sends his own son to “Cornell” . He may have done the right thing by exposing “Aamir Khan” but his hypocrisy also came out when he “was arrested in Karnataka but not in his own state ” .So much for the glory of his own home state which he claims to be “the land of milk and honey”.I think he never actually “thought of his blog turning a hit” but “He just got LUCKY now he claims that he is in a TRUTH EXHUMING expedition” .Honestly I did get some good materials from his blog but I have to admit most may be ripped of other sites with a PINCH OF HIS OWN EXPERIENCES.


      Don’t you think that we Indians “OVER ROMANTICIZE our relationship with JEWS” ? After all ,they have come to us for selling their kosher weapons only because they need us AND also they face a similar threat from their neighbors. Classic case of “PERMANENT INTEREST NOT PERMANENT FRIENDS”.

      • “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests”. ― Henry Kissinger.

        Except for Hindus, it should be framed as no permanent friends but only permanent enemies of Hindus which will always be muslims, Britishers.
        Politicians of USA respect Jews of Israel and therefore there is no state sponsored support in the conversion of Jews into Christianity. We should also demand the same.

        Name the global allies who would support India in war against islam/muslims(arabs/porkistan)? It is neither USA nor Russia(Russia today says what China wants them to say) nor China, so we have only Israel. So I don’t give a fuck about the religion of Jews because they believe in exclusivity and therefore, they don’t share the same conversion zeal of christians or muslims. Christians and muslims have been blaming and targeting Jews as scapegoat since the advent of their respective religions, christianity and islam persecuting and eventually kicking many of them out from their land.

        If Hindus start blaming Jews/Israel like retards by blindly eating the shit that comes out of chewtyakayil mouth then you are only strengthening your enemies, White Supremacist racist neo-nazi Christians and muslims. Hindus would end up looking like local mullas who bray and shout while blaming everything on Jews.

        Do you know it was the Orthodox Christian Russians who created the lies and spread hatred about Jews during the early 20th century among Christian masses by releasing the book ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, which is the main source of Jewish conspiracy theory and chewtyakayil also copy pastes from it. Most citizens of various Christian nations including USA gobbled this bullshit. Adolf Hitler gobbled it hook, line and sinker which resulted in the Holocaust. Today dhimmi Hindus are lapping it up from another dhimmi. I will mention the other 2 links from where chewtyakayil borrows his shit from at the end of this post.

        Jews today do not forget to remind the racist white Christians in their own nations of what Jewish hatred instituted in Bible did to them. There are even special laws enacted in some christian countries against anyone denying the Holocaust. They also possess tremendous clout over Hollywood.

        When Hindus like chewtyakayil followers deny Holocaust they are actually playing right into the hands of white supremacist neo-nazi racist Christians and muslims, thereby justifying the crimes committed by them on Hindus.

        If Hindus want British, muslims(Turkey/Arabs) to pay for their crimes do you think denying Armenian Genocides committed by muslim turks and shifting the blame on Jews would in anyway help Hindus like chewtyakayil would have you believe.

        If we need support against British and muslims and want the world to recognize the genocide of Hindus committed by britishers and muslims then we should support Jews in Holocaust.

        India has suffered genocide much greater than Jews at the hands of muslims first and then British yet chewtyakayil wants Hindus to deny Holocaust indirectly supporting muslims and British Christians who are responsible for Hindu Holocaust. So tell me does denying Holocaust help the Hindus?

        Does British recognize the crimes it committed on Hindus? NO.
        Does most of the powerful christian Nation today recognize the Holocaust committed by White Supremacist Anti-Semite Christian Adolf Hitler and thereby Germans? YES.

        So I don’t understand when he makes such retarded claims but it seems chewtyakayil indirectly wants Hindus to be puppets of muslims.

        While Israel today can kill as much muslims as it wants because of tacit support of USA and very powerful Jewish lobby in US politics.

        He may have done the right thing by exposing “Aamir Khan

        This is also a very good incident from which his followers can learn that chewtyakayil is person who cannot even properly “exhume” links of Amir Khan yet makes claims of exhuming Hinduism, International diplomacy, foreign relations and politics.

        Capt chewtyakayil also has been targeting and abusing Vaishnavism and terming every Hindu Rituals and Traditions north of Kerala as Jewish conspiracy. He even calls Khajuraho Temples as Jewish Conspiracy because his islamic mindset finds it disgusting.

        My take on chewtyakayil:
        Chewtyakayil was brought up in Kerala, a muslim majority state which is also the only state in India where the muslims possess huge political and financial clout which explains why he is secularist dhimmi like Nehru. Being brought up alongside muslims also explains his hatred of Jews and blaming jews just like the muslims indulge in. I also think he was also subjected to abuse of some kind on his Merchant ship by christians masters that he has developed Stockholm Syndrome due to it.

        He is also a apologist for muslims which you can see for his support of Palestine and bleeding hearts for muslims whenever they are killed in attacks from other muslims or die in Haj stampede.

        He also likes to associate Shiva with muslim prostitute allah.

        He also claims bhadwa muhammad came from Kerala and spoke Malayalam.

        So Hindus should always be wary of every Hindus who are apologists for muslims because they are actually dhimmis who weaken Hindus from within.

        After Nehru, Gandhi, we have Ram Puniyani and chewtyakayil.

        but I have to admit most may be ripped of other sites with a PINCH OF HIS OWN EXPERIENCES.

        Yes. Most of the nonsensical claims about islam, mecca and muhammad are from books written in secularist political environment created by Congress during 47-80s.

        Rest of the information about Hinduism on his websites is plagiarized from various other Hindus Blogs without giving any credit to the original source. Yet he has the chutzpah to tell others to not lift his works without asking him first.

        Sometimes he refers to TV soaps like Mahadev to learn about Hinduism. He even attacks and abuses Rajiv Malhotra as jewish stooge yet post links to his blogsite under his videos.

        If by pinch of his experience, you mean blaming everything on jews like muslims do then I agree with you.

        So tell me did I romanticize Hindus relations with Jews even once in my entire post?

        Chewtyakayil other 2 sources for jewish conspiracies are

        Global Research:


        A two-year study by the Intelligence Report shows that registered Stormfront users have been disproportionately responsible for some of the most lethal hate crimes and mass killings since the site was put up in 1995. In the past five years alone, Stormfront members have murdered close to 100 people.

        Do you want Hindus to become like those very Christians of USA who randomly shoot their own for no reason at all?

        This is why I always abuse Hindus particularly who posts chewtyakayil links and spouts his nonsense here.

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          abuses Rajiv Malhotra as jewish stooge yet post links to his blogsite under his videosReference ??????

          • Dipanjan

            Yeah, you are right about that.

            He once said “we do not need an Indian American millionaire like Malhotra to save us Indians”

            Interestingly he would not have any problem in letting “his own CORNELL passout son , start a

            business in USA” and turn a “millionaire”.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Can you provide me with the exact link of the above statement on Malhotra? Please do so and keep it as a screenshot so that other ignorant Hindus could be warned about Ajit’s diabolical nature.If you study properly all his ideas/works are some how poison pills to Hindus which unfortunately youngsters like you take some time to figure out but never the less if you are turning away from Vadakayil its a good thing.

      • After all ,they have come to us for selling their kosher weapons

        This is also very good point you brought up. Israel manufactures some of the best weapons in the world that Russia is actually threatened by it in some fields of defense.

        Israelis are very successful in handling islamic menace. Which goes onto show how much Israelis value the lives of their soldiers more than present day dhimmi Hindus do. Every other day, Indian soldiers die at the hands of fools because of incompetence, corruption in the government who don’t want to equip our soldiers with the latest and the best surveillance technology and security equipment in the world

        Such is the level of dhimmitude among Hindus that many are confused believing jews are guilty for the crimes of muslims and christiasn even when knowing fully well who the enemies of Hindus are. Even a Kindergarten student would tell who the enemies of Hindus are just from cursory understanding of History.

        Due to dhimmi Hindus blind belief in Hindu-muslim bhai bhai mentality, Indians even after wining all the wars against porkistan have conceded land to porkis due to dhimmi PMs of the past.

        While Israelis know and recognize their enemies, they have identified them as the muslim arabs and muslim Iranis against whom they know they face existential crisis just like Hindus face today in their own land and with that in mind they manufacture best weapons in world, which even China imports. If dhimmi Hindus fed on antisemitism would start dictating foreign relations, then it is only going to push Israel towards China, strengthening China even further.

        Many Jews located to Shanghai, China during Nazi regime. So tell me does Chinese ever indulge in antisemitism online like dhimmi Hindus do?

        You can notice that Indian commandos prefer using Israeli made IWI Tavor rifle and IMI Negev mostly for urban combat over INSAS rifle .

        • Dipanjan

          You are right about the ” dhimmitude among hindus ” part .

          “While Israelis know and recognize their enemies , they have identified them as …” , absolutely right .

          I have noticed that only Hindus go “GAGA” over people like MAROOF RAZA , APJ ABDUL KALAM and even “SHADY CHARACTERS ” like TAREK FATAH (who BTW likes Tipu Sultan , believes everything was fine before 1947 and also supports Bangladeshis illegals).

          We do not realize that at the end of the the day these above mentioned characters cannot be trusted .The members of the mulla community do not care about them a bit. What is final aim of their community ? Well everybody knows that .

          Our biggest weakness is that “OUR MEMORY IS SHORT LIVED” .You will be shocked to hear that ,INDIAN GOVERNMENT IS NOW GIVING ASYLUM TO AFGHANS in New Delhi. These people will lose gratitude soon and THEN AGAIN BACK STAB us,remember Panipat and SRK’s intolerance remark .

          When I say that I do not trust Israelis , many Indians think that ” I LOVE PALESTINE” which “I DO NOT”. I just want both Israelis and Palestinians to bomb each other out of existence.

          Funny Captain Vadakayil’s heart bleeds out for “YEMENIS” but he forgets that MAPPILAS in his state who carried out the “MAPPILA RIOTS” in 1921 were of Yemeni Ancestry.

          BTW what do you think of Tarek Fatah?

          • You should stop writing like chewtyakayil with CAPITAL LETTERS as it is considered as ‘Shouting’ in electronic communication.

            So read your own text while only shouting during capital letters.

            Our biggest weakness is that “OUR MEMORY IS SHORT LIVED”

            That is human nature hence Hindus have incorporated various and numerous customs and traditions.


            I know but cant help it since Delhi being a capital itself is an islamic imposition. Too many muslim architecture and iconography surrounding it which are symbols of destruction of Hindu society, rape and slaughter of Hindu women and thereby Hindu weakness after Prithviraj Chauhan’s defeat. Hindus brought up in such environment are sure to suffer from inferiority complex and therefore, start associating with muslims more. So due to the prevalent dhimmitude among the Hindus there, its not surprising that Delhi is called rape capital of India.

            I just want both Israelis and Palestinians to bomb each other out of existence.

            Read the history about Rothschild.
            1 .

            2 .

            Jews running the banks of European christians is because unlike jews, Europe due to christianity believe in banking which does not tax which islam has also adopted from christianity.

            The church banned the charging of interest by Christians in 1179. However, Jews had no religious laws forbidding them from charging interest to non-Jews and people still demanded loans. At the same time Jews were being pushed out of many jobs and into professions considered marginal, such as money lenders and collectors, while at the same time being taxed heavily by their christian employers.

            Peasants hated the “front men(mostly Jews)” of their lords(christians) for the heavy taxes since
            many were not overly bright (like blaming the people actually levying the taxes), and no one likes their lender…it was a perfect storm. In 1189 riots in York/London started due to the heavy burden, and when people realized an easy way to get rid of loans was to get rid of the
            lender(mostly jews).

            This led to over 400 years of persecution of money lenders(mostly Jews), and exorbitantly high interest rates due to people killing off their lender(mostly Jews) when they didn’t feel like paying. This belief of christians eventually led to the weakening of the church and the Europe also entering Age of Enlightenment, Even after changes in the 16th
            century to make charging interest (and being a Jew) more acceptable, many times Jews were the most experienced at banking due to continuing the tradition that was imposed on them by christians. As mercantilist economic trade (along with reductions in interest rates) expanded from the 15th to the 18th century many bankers
            who financed it expanded in fortune and political influence.

            The most predominate family were the Rothschild family of German Jewish bankers which started in 1744 by Mayer Amschel Rothschild while the East India company is British and it was founded in 1 December 1600. Jews were still second class citizens at this point. Mayer built a
            centralized banking system of command and control, as well as fast coded communication, through his 5 sons(Read the history of Rothschild in link 1) that was the envy of Europe(who were the ones actually colonizing India, Africa, South America, Australia, Philippines ).

            In 1806, Napoleon invaded Hesse in response to Wilhelm’s support for Prussia. The Landgrave went into exile in the Duchy of Holstein, but Rothschild was able to continue as his banker, investing funds in London. He also profited from importing goods in circumvention of Napoleon’s continental blockade. In 1798, third-born son Nathan Mayer Rothschild was sent to England to further the family interests in textile importing with £20,000 capital (equivalent of £1.9 million in 2015)—the first foreign branch. Nathan became a naturalized citizen in 1804 and established a bank in the City of London. In 1810, Mayer entered into a formal partnership agreement with his three eldest sons. The youngest son Jacob was sent to Paris in 1811, enhancing the family’s ability to operate across Europe. This enabled them to profit from the opportunity of financing Wellington’s armies in Portugal, requiring the sourcing of large quantities of gold on behalf of the British government.

            This further cemented the ire of many people in seeing a second class group of citizens having such wealth. This in part led to the Hep-Hep riots in Germany where people just tried to take the Rothschild wealth by force, which failed since the actual currency was held in another location. They were also large proponents of Zionism and creation of a Jewish state in the 18-1900’s because of their relegation to less than human treatment by the world at large. To give an idea how wonderful it was as a citizen of “Christian” communities, Jews were confined to Ghettos with high walls to “protect the outside community” during Christian holidays and required their own judicial system since no one really cared what happened to them outside those walls.

            This leads into today with such a background of hatred linking antisemitism and finance/banking that can still be seen in modern times. Thankfully this is nearly all relegated to bigots, cranks and conspiracy theorists.

            Taxing was always part of India but chewtyakayil looks at India through the christian lens and assumes taxing is because of jews and hence according to christian lens, Peshwas are jews. He is retard of the highest degree.

            I dont understand why you harbor so much hatred against Israel in particular. It reminds me of the white supremacist christians users of Stormfront and muslims. It seems you still haven’t got rid of jewish conspiracies in your head.

            Jews are like any Humans belonging to any country, some good some bad, just like Christians of USA/Australia/Canada/Germany some good some bad, just like Hindus, some good some bad. Exceptions are muslims and missionary christians.

            British employed Sikhs to kill Hindus, empowered the minority muslims to kill and subjugate Hindus majority, employed Nepali Hindus to kill Sikhs, employed Mahars to target Peshwa Marathas, employed Parsis in opium trade, similarly they employed Jews. So you cannot justify hatred towards Jews in particular.

            Your hatred should be directed towards British who used Indians against Indians.

            Israel today is the only ally who will support us in war against porkistan. So long as islam and porkistan exists, Indians should see to it that Israel remains a valuable ally of India.

            Therefore I am neutral towards Israel unlike chewtyakayil followers who harbor hatred against Israel for no apparent reason.

            BTW palestine cant do shit to Israel even arabs themselves are ashamed of Palestine just like Iraqis and Afghans are today.

            BTW what do you think of Tarek Fatah?

            A muslim who proudly say he is muslim. Need I say more what I think of him.

        • Savarkar’s Disciple
  • Dear Sir, A wonderful article highlighting all the relevant facts in a succinct manner. Some people never learn from history, and Hindus (esp Bengalis) are a prime example of such obtuseness – a combination of dhimmitude and ignorance. Provisionally, we should treat all majority population of Pakistan and Bangladesh as terrorists until proven benign – which is highly unlikely given their ideological hatred of Kafirs and their political ambition of dar ul islam in India. Life will become much easier if we accept this reality. Regarding Kashmir, no government seems interested in a solution – a troubled Kashmir helps divert attention from issues like unemployment, inflation etc.

  • lol. This is indeed very funny. porkistan naming military operation after Kafir Chengiz(Genghis) Khan.

    Chengiz Khan, a Mongol(Kafir) Warlord, is one responsible for the destruction, plunder and rape of the entire islamic world and the present arab world even after so many centuries still has not recovered from what he and later his grandson Hulagu khan did to them.
    The muslims out of fear of Mongols, dug their own graves and hid inside while eating all the dogs, pigs and cats in the streets to stay alive. Many muslims even ate the dead decaying corpse of other muslims, such was the fear of Mongols instilled in their heart.

    Hulagu Khan, grandson of Chengiz Khan is one responsible for the end of what muslims refer to so-called islamic golden age.(so-called because it was built mostly from looting and plundering the wealth and knowledge created by “pagan/kafir” civilizations)

    Chengiz(Genghis) Khan, similar to HIndu Kings upto 9-10th Century. was a Kafir who showed what terror actually means to the muslims and made allah bow to him

  • Srinivasan Bharath

    Deceit, False Propaganda, Sham Peace Initiatives, Distortion, Resorting to Plain Lies, Disowning their own soldiers, total disregard for facts, sustained and forceful campaign of lies world wide for decades, coopting vulnerable Indian Muslims, enticing the self important Indian secular media by ego massaging, and above all brilliantly taking over the minds of politicians and hindu thinkers by taking about non violence and peace and dialogue. All of this is a part of one sustained long term mathematical and cold strategic objective of ancient delhi sultanate and its vassals(Pakistan). There is nothing to be ashamed about this and be embarrassed as far as the focused nature of Pakistan is concerned. Beware there are many pak-minds inside india too. As a part of this strategy of Pakistan Elite even its own gulliable people are dispensable