Practice What You Preach

Did we never have alternate viewpoints?

When I was in the third standard, we were taught a story from the Mahabharata. All Kaurava and Pandava brothers are taking lessons and are asked to memorize them. All the 105 boys memorized their lessons well except Yudhishthira. The lesson included a list of 10 good habits, one of which was “we must not let anger win over us”. Yudhishthira continued to claim not having mastered this simple one line for 10 days. Finally, the Guru got exasperated and caned him, and asks him why he is not able to memorize this simple line.

Yudhishthira disarmingly said, “I am practicing still on how to overcome my anger. I still get angry at times so till I have overcome my anger completely, how can I claim to have learnt the lesson completely?” The teacher threw away the cane and wept, for he had forgotten the lesson and insisted only on rote learning.

This simple story told and retold when I was a kid beautifully explained the importance of practicing what you preach. “Intolerance is rising” say some of the Adarsh left liberal Media Journalist, and the actors, and directors, and the academicians.

They claim it is so high that they are getting suffocated and their freedom of expression is stifled. They give interviews to all the publications, domestic and global and then give speeches at all forums and take out rallies to make their point. Fine, point taken. This is what they feel. This is a democracy and they have a right to their opinion.

Then we have another set of individuals, who don’t agree with them, so they take out a march to protest this assertion and say that everything is right. How dare you question our opinion, says the left liberal. Shekhar Gupta furiously criticized Anupam Kher saying it was “wrong” to take out a protest against protest. So it is legitimate for one set to protest against the government but “intolerant” for anyone daring to question their protest.

Aamir Khan questioned the environment all around and claimed he felt despondent and gloomy at a public function. A large number of people, tens of thousands, and many celebrities disagreed with him. Some exercised their right to uninstall the app of Snapdeal which is a brand he endorses.

Barkha Dutt claimed it is “sickening” that he is being punished for speaking his mind.

So Aamir has the right to get hurt and feel alienated and speak his mind at public function but a common man has no right to decide if he does not want to support the brand which supports Aamir.

A large number of intellectuals and historians return awards given by their favourite party and denounce the current government headed by a party they hate. Another set of historians write a letter denouncing them and protesting them. One of the writers in the second group, Vikram Sampath is appointed as Director of the Bangalore Literature festival.

Some writers and ministers withdrew from the Festival because Vikram Sampath had criticised the writers and supported the “right wing intellectuals’.

So the simple message that is being conveyed is criticism and opinion is expected to be a one-way street.

By this logic, some ideologies and some individuals are entirely above board and exempt from criticism. Only one set has all the right to criticize everyone, and if someone questions their ideology, it is intolerance.

Why is this so new? Did this not happen before? Did we never have alternate viewpoints?

We always did. What changed is that social media, internet, and the rise of citizen consciousness have allowed voices of articulate common men and women to be quickly amplified and reach all corners. People are no longer dependent on print and electronic media to disseminate news and views.

So all views are getting aired and that makes the certain class of people who had monopoly over manipulating discourse very uncomfortable and “intolerant” of this inconvenience. And since this class draws their inspirations more from Greek and Roman mythologies, chances that they have read the Yudhishthira story and learnt the importance of practicing what they preach are slim. The loss is theirs, for people have the power to form views and inform others now.

Anirudh Joshi is a Bangalore-based IT professional for over 20 years. He is a staunch nationalist in his beliefs and a regular contributor to national and international magazines on topics of IT, business, governance and politics. Follow him on Twitter @Bharatiya01
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  • Tanu

    very well said

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  • Slasher

    Why is this issue not being brought Into the limelight by the Desh Drohi media and their Darling, Arun Jaitley? Chakkar Kya Hai?

    After journalist Rajeena, filmmaker Ali Akbar says he was also a victim of abuse in madarsa – Shaju Philip – The Indian Express – Thiruvananthapuram – Nov 29, 2015

    Challenging the claim of Sunni Muslim leader Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musliyar that Kerala madrasas were free from sexual abuse, a Malayalam film director said he was exploited by an ustad (teacher) during his madrasa life.

    Film director Ali Akbar alleged that a teacher had sodomized him when he was studying there in class four. “That madrasa was run by Kanthapuram Musliyar. If Musliyar is willing to look into the issue, I am ready to give the details of the ustad,’’ said Akbar.

    After Muslim woman journalist V P Rajeena disclosed about how ustads used to abuse girls and boys in her madrasa days, the social media has witnessed debate on madrasa life. Joining the debate, many had come forward to share on how they were exploited in madrasas.

    Akbar said the entire students in his class had been sexually abused by the ustad. “The sexual exploitation of children in madrasas is still going on. But, nobody is ready to speak out against the abuse out of fear. When leaders like Kanthapuram Musliyar are heading the madrasa education system in Kerala, who would dare to complain against an ustad,’’ asks Akbar.

  • Jishnu

    Noting the obvious is not going to help. To call the libs intolerant is stating the obvious. Question is how their intolerance is made systematically a defacto position in public discourse hence accepted and taken for granted. Question is what is behind the orchestrated campaign about intolerance. A similar “saffron is coming” was launched when NDA1 came to power, what did it achieve? And what is the current intolerance campaign set to achieve (and has already achieved)? It is a very simple and time tested victimhood mongering that xtians employed for centuries – kill others and create a martyr of yourself, so the target is softened and your aggression is protected. So if the current dispensation and RW internet yindoos are not going to learn the lesson, they are set for yet another loss. Learn, folks.

  • Dr. MS

    Man Sets Fire to Hindu Flags in Queens: NYPD

    But what exactly is the Hindu flag? Hindus do not have a flag. India has a flag, Indian political parties have signs or symbols that may be put on a flag-like cloth. Some Hindu temples may have flag-like cloth with geometric designs that denote different tantras (as in Buddhism)…which are spiritual and metaphysical symbols for specific divine power. There is nothing called “a Hindu flag”…But it is possibly that anyone who is ignorant or is Hinduphobic might have burnt a temple flag with a particular sign of divinity.

    I hope the only Hindu representative in Congress, from Hawaii, Tulsi Goddard investigates. I hope Bobby Jindhal, an Indian American running in the Presidential race, helps with the investigation.

    Such events are not a good development in a State like NJ with a large vibrant Hindu population…including a lot of American Hindus. The Gov. of NJ Chris Christie might also want to investigate.

    Why do people do these petty stupid things…and that too in the dark like cowards? Why would you go and burn a flag in a house or a temple or in some organization? How petty and mean spirited is that? And how undemocratic!

    Hope this will not make many Hindu Americans, immigrants and visitors withdraw in fear or confusion or conflict in their cultural, social and community participation. Many are shy, hesitant and scared even when they are part of the majority like in India, imagine in the US where the are a minority within a minority within a minority?

  • kumar

    Dynasty Congress gave perks and privileges to “left intellectuals” in print and electronic media whose main job is to divide people on the basis of caste and religion so that Dynasty can focus on specific groups and reap the vote harvest. This was happening for nearly 4 decades and now Narendra Modi has changed everything in 2014 election so he is the enemy no: 1 for these groups. In addition, with the advent of Social Media the opinion of these “intellectuals” are analysed and readers comment about it. This has shaken the MSM so you see the ” intolerance ” protest everywhere. If Modi throws some crumbs to this “supari gang” they will altogether sing a different tune.

    • Slasher

      Narendra Modi has not changed everything. He is yet to respond properly to the Desh Drohi forces who have gathered strength under Arun Jaitley’s tutelage. Possibly the worldly Jaitley arrogates himself to be PM material someday when Modi is deposed. He does t realize that all his friends will become his enemies the day after he becomes PM. He will then be stabbed front and back. That unfortunately is the end of story for most Desh Drohis in India. I hope Modi wakes up soon or 2019 will be history.

      I mentioned in a post somewhere in 2014 that Modi needs to govern as if everyday was his last day in office – meaning, he needed to have the sense of urgency to seek out and destroy the “Breaking India” forces that were enormously powerful and gathering even more awesome power. Instead he frittered away his days in rhetoric and foreign jaunts. Now he has to face the destructive power of the Breaking India forces in Delhi and Bihar and he lost. Yet he has not learned. Unless he fights them in their own turf which is the Desh Drohi media, he won’t win. Jaitley is a Desh Deohi himself as I alluded above and hence Modi has the wrong man for the job.

      Modi’s only hope is a hope and a prayer but hope is not a winning strategy. I wish him luck.

  • notepoli7

    You can clearly see tolerance in this comment section from Chaddis. They are just proving Aamir right.

    • अहं ब्रह्म अस्मि

      Do you have a script to ‘up vote’ your comments, or, have you created multiple accounts?

    • kumar

      As far as Aamir Khan is concerned he can go to any tolerant country of his choice and give his expert opinion. Young Indians do not want his expert advice.

    • nairps

      Non-chaddi traitors to the nation are welcome to leave the Hindu homeland before it becomes too hot for them.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      I am Non chaddi “COMMUNAL HINDU” who believes that everyone has a right to express their opinion. A bhakt of Communist/Islamic regimes like you renowned world over for their INTOLERANCE & GENOCIDES can not even tolerate our comments.

    • Badal

      It is your myopic thinking which is making it difficult for you to see a bigger picture . The rise in majority response.The rise of majority voice you prefer to term it it has intolerance . Aamir himself knows how wrong he is deep inside is heart , it is hypocrites like you who are trying to establish he is right . In a country when there is so much of intolerance to a PM by a section of the society and which misses no opportunity to denigrate him and his back ground , who is Aamir to expect civility in angst filled responses .

    • importingtrash

      ashole r from piggistan?

  • Slasher

    Basically the Aamir Khans of the world are telling us that if Hindu Majority India elects a Hindu PM, that is completely unacceptable to the devout Islamists like him since it doesn’t show “tolerance”. Will he have the guts to say the same thing in any Islamic Nation that they are intolerant if they don’t elect a Christian or a Hindu leader in order to display their “tolerance”? He won’t.

    We need to have conversations like this in order to change the discourse. Otherwise, the Intolerant Islamists will pretend as if they are the Tolerant.

    One of these days, I will write a comment about the Five Biggest Conceits of Islam and Muslims. It will Completely Make the heads of the likes of Aamir Khan explode!

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    The English electronic media in India is HYPOCRISY in block capitals all the way. They are a blot on our civilizational ethos – MacaulayPutras/Putris the lot of them. Sad.

  • Dharma Youdha
  • Indian

    Intolerance is when the Masses try to displace a pack of Corrupt Exploitative Oligarch class of Few Individuals and their Running dogs. The Leftist Loons are a Pack of Dogs with Pigs and SOWS(From Italy) at the top. Leftist Loons are the Murder Genocide Arm of Vatican and Xian nations, since Vatican after WWII cud not directly kill through its templars so created the Murder Inc called Commie Pigs. Who are the Most degenerate, decrepit, low born low lives like Shukar (Shekhar) Kutta(Gupta) and that slut Barkha to tell what should we do and not do? Unlike these Gutter scum parasites born to a Lie of the WHORE mothers and Unknown Fathers, we Engineers, Drs, Scientists, Farmers, Technicians and not some usless gutter scum jounos, do and not do WITH OUR MONEY (UNLIKE THEIR BLACK MONEY) NOT THEIR 1200 BAAP AND 21600 DAMADS MONEY. These degenerate dogs sell their daughters and mothers to their white masters carnal desires, and make BF of them for two pegs of liquor and some dogmeat. ANYNE NEAREST TO IDEOLOGY AND METHODS OF ISIS, except that ISIS is a TODDLER and much much more tolerant and much less bloodthirsty is the DEMONIAC COMMUNIST MADDOGS. CLASSIC ORWELLIAN DOUBLESPEAK OF THE LUNATIC COMMIES “INTOLERANCE IS TOLERANCE” LIKE PEACE IS WAR, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. YES I’AM INTOLERANT AND WILL REMAIN AND GETTING A CHANCE WILL BUTCHER THE COMMIE FILTHY GUTTER RATS AND THEIR INCEST BORN FAMILIES

  • Badal

    It is labeled legitimate protest when the angst is directed against majority by minorities or their well wishers . When the out cry is from Majority it is branded intolerance . In a democratic country some ideologies on Nationalism are not not to be tolerated .The RSS leaders and the entire organization is pilloried in the print media , visual media and in corridors of Adarsh liberals and it is to be accepted as constructive criticism . MSM supports one ideology and is intolerant to other . The one way street has fast become a two way street with many more lanes in the opposite direction.
    The gate keepers of ” Opinion India incorporate ” – the likes of Barkha s , Rajadeeps , singhvis ,shekar gupta’s the list fro the MSM is very long – find it difficult to create a news and nurture opinions .No soon a doctored news item is out comments thrashing the veracity of the news contents is out in various social media .The MSM stalwarts much to their discomfiture are perceiving the zestful counter response as growing intolerance simply because in the earlier days in the absence of active social media forums , they assumed absence of reaction as acceptance of their assertions.

  • subodh1945

    rightly said these ” intolerant’ ” tolerant ”biggies unable to digest the opinion of commen citizens

  • shanks sankaran

    Very well put! one rule for liberals and another for the rest..Irony! yet cribbing about FOE!!