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Selection Engineering: Political Filters in JNU’s Admission Process

The problem at JNU needs to be fixed and the grip of Communists over the university must be destroyed, but this has not happened for multiple reasons.

[Warning: What you are about to read is not satire. The questions that appear in this article are taken from actual question papers of the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Some readers may find the contents of this article disturbing and it may evoke extreme anger at those in charge of the university as well as the politicians of the ruling party for their inaction. Reader discretion is advised.]

How does Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) ensure that it remains an anti-India bastion that churns out graduates who hate India? They do this through a biased selection process and their selection bias ensures that their institutionalized hatred for Indian civilization is sustained.


As part of their selection process, JNU conducts interviews, but these interviews are conducted only for selected streams. Interviews in any field are almost always subjective and offer ample scope for manipulating the admission process. Below is a table from JNU’s website which lists their admission policy to various courses.

The weightage to written and viva voce examination is given as under:

Programme Written Exam. Viva Voce
Part time (COP & Advanced Diploma in Mass Media in Urdu) 70% 30%
B.A. (Hons.) First year 100% No viva
B.A. (Hons.) Second year 70% 30%
M.A./M.Sc./MCA (except Foreign Languages) 100% No viva
M.A. (Foreign Languages) 70% 30%
M.Phil./Ph.D., M.Tech./ Ph.D., Pre-Ph.D./Ph.D., MPH/PH.D. 70% 30%

As can be seen, although there is no interview for admission to the first year of the BA (Hons.) program, they have gatekeepers to let in only selected students into the second year of the same program. JNU also conducts interviews for its M.Phil, PhD and foreign language programs as they are interested in maintaining their monopoly in those areas.

JNU additionally forces candidates who apply for admission to reveal their political positions on various issues. While the questions asked in the interviews are not available in the public realm, the questions in their written tests reveal a lot about the selection process.

For example, JNU has a field called “Discrimination and Exclusion Studies” at their School of Social Sciences. No, this is not where they teach about their own discrimination patterns such as their demand that backward caste people be excluded from the the faculty of their university.

Here is an excerpt from their argument during that controversy:

“…the chief victim will be the disadvantaged sections of Indian society. If JNU declines, the well-to-do will move to foreign and private universities, and the disadvantaged will no longer be able to get world-class education.”

After all, when they do it, it doesn’t count as discrimination or exclusion.

This program exists for a specific purpose which is to attack India and present the political positions of the anti-India forces. The question paper in 2015 for admission to the M.Phil and PhD programs of this field contained the following question which revealed their hand:


The efforts to internationalize the issue of caste-based discrimination… which had received a boost in 2001 at the United Nations World Conference Against Racism… suffered a serious setback at the Durban Review Conference held later… While in 2001, WCAR had discussed caste euphemistically… the Durban Review Conference (DRC) evaded even an allusion to caste.

Discuss the validity of India’s official position that caste discrimination is not at par with racial discrimination.

Notice how the question wants the candidate to oppose the stance of the Indian government and foist the views of the US State Department onto India. The question helpfully informs the student of the answer when it uses words such as ‘received a boost,’ ‘suffered a setback’ and ‘evaded even an allusion.’

Here is another example from the same test paper which one can argue is a harmless one as it merely tests the knowledge of current affairs, but the response to this question can be used to determine the student’s political leanings when it is combined with the response to other questions.

Which of the following States has enactment of local anti-conversion law?

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Orissa
  3. Arunachal Pradesh
  4. All of the above

If the candidate does not answer this question, such a candidate is high risk as he or she could be a supporter of any political party. Watch out for being ambushed in the interview! If the candidate knows the answer to the question but fails to answer any of the questions related to Communist ideology which seem to exist all over their question papers (the names of Amartya Sen and Karl Marx appear with a high frequency), you know for sure the person is not an anti-India candidate.

Here is yet another question that pushes the US State Department’s narrative:

Which of the forms of exclusion most predominantly defines the conflict in North-East, Kashmir and Sri Lanka?

  1. Symbolic
  2. Ethnic
  3. Cultural
  4. Religious

Another loaded question that attacks India and is straight out of the US State Department’s playbook:

“In what ways is social exclusion culturally institutionalized and naturalized in Indian society? Explain this using current intersectionality debates on gender and caste-based exclusion in India.”

Maybe this could be explained using the opposition of JNU’s professors who wanted to institutionalize the exclusion of the members of the backward caste from JNU? Wait, that would of course result in the student failing the test.

We now take a look at the entrance test paper from 2013 for the MA program in History.

In one of their questions, they candidly reveal their views about India.

“Nationalism creates as many problems as it solves.” Discuss.

Here are a few more questions from the same paper that extract the student’s opinions.

Mughal patronage to art and architecture was geared towards projecting a visual language of power. Discuss with examples.

With reference to either Buddhism or Jainism, discuss the extent to which they posed a challenge to Vedic traditions.

How far were the Bhakti Movements used as a vehicle of dissent and protest in medieval India?

What are the ways in which telegraphs, railways and canals reveal the workings of British rule in India?

The answers to these questions which would align with the Communist positions are that Mughal rulers were great people who patronized the arts, Hindu traditions were oppressive and every other tradition in India was some form of dissent against Hindus, and the British barbarism and genocides in India were good because Karl Marx said so in his article in New York Daily Tribune.

“Why do crimes against women persist in the 21st century?”

Perhaps one answer could be that it is due to people like Tarun Tejpal or Hasan Suroor who wrote for The Hindu, the Communist newspaper and who was arrested in London? Or is it because of the Communist Supreme Court judge who had to resign in disgrace after sexually harassing an intern?

The 2014 test paper in the same subject too has some interesting questions.

There is a huge passage which is really a hagiography of Nehru that masquerades as Reading Comprehension. After this hagiography, the test paper moves on and subtly evaluates the student’s opinion on the topic of social engineering.


“Do you agree that the family is the fulcrum of society?”


Every Marxist knows that the party line sees the family structure as a hurdle in their pursuit of a Communist society. Students aligned with their views will therefore present negative opinions about the concept of the family. Those who aren’t Communists are unlikely to have this train of thought and the examiners will know to fail them during the interview.

The paper also has some not so subtle stuff in it.

“How are gender relations reflected in the Ramayana and Mahabharata traditions?”

We already know what the JNU professors expect, but JNU would never ask a similarly worded question about the Bible or the Quran. Imagine the furore if a question in a test paper of another university read, “How are gender relations reflected in the Quran and Bible traditions?”

JNU professors would be the ones who generate a huge outcry about intolerance and this would be accompanied by accusations of hatred by Hindus. American professors too would join in as JNU is the university through which they seek to control the academic narrative in India and they would not want to lose ground that they have already gained.

The 2014 entrance test paper for admission to the Sociology program too demands that the student reveal his or her political position on the family.

“Family reproduces inequality.” Elucidate your opinion with special reference to Indian society.

This is a recurring theme. The 2013 test paper for admission to the M.Phil and PhD programs in Sociology too had a similar question.


“What is the role of the family in the reproduction of inequality in India?”


Here is a question on the freedom of speech from the test paper for admission to the M.Phil and PhD programs in Political Studies.

“On what grounds do political theorists defend freedom of speech? When and under what conditions can this freedom be justifiably restricted?”

Here is the “correct” answer: When lies against India and Hindus that were manufactured by the US State Department are spread around in exchange for money received from the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation or Lannan Foundation, political theorists consider it to be freedom of speech.

On the other hand, when Hindus speak the truth about those funded by these foundations, it is intolerance and hate speech and their freedom can be justifiably restricted!

In the 2015 test paper for admission to the MA program in Political Science, immediately following the question on Karl Marx’s view on private property, we have one this one:

“What is the role of extra-parliamentary mobilization in representative democracy? Substantiate your response with two concrete examples of such mobilization.”

For the uninitiated, “extra-parliamentary mobilization” is their code language for a violent revolution. This question gauges the candidate’s support for the violent Naxalites (Maoists, in their latest avatar) who kidnap young children and molest them.

Curiously, it is not just the JNU professors who support the violence by Naxalites. The US State Department too writes “human rights reports” in their favor and JNU professors are once again in alignment with their American masters.

Meanwhile, the test for admission to the program in Science Policy screens applicants based on their knowledge about the foot soldiers of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) when it asks about the “people’s science movement” of the party:

“What is people’s science movement? Analyze the role of leadership and institutions involved in this movement in India.”

If you are left wondering what “Science Policy” is about, it is the field you go into if you are incapable of understanding even middle school level science but get to flaunt your intelligence in Communist circles because you are somehow associated with science.

marxIn other papers, questions related to Karl Marx and his political opinions make a frequent appearance.

Here is an example from the test paper for admission to the MA program in Sociology:

Write short notes on any three of the following.

  1. Social Mobility
  2. Marx’s concept of alienation
  3. Difference between caste and tribe
  4. Human development index

The admission test for the program in Development and Labour Studies is heavy on Karl Marx and also uses phrases such as ‘Surplus Value’ and ‘Reserve Army of Labour’ while a test paper for admission to a program on Social Systems asks:

What is the Marxian notion of ideology? Compare it with Karl Mannheim’s ‘Sociology of Knowledge.’

Everything the JNU professors do is driven by some political agenda. Thus, instead of joining those who seek to find a solution, they even find an opportunity to blame their political opponents for the tragedies such as the suicides of poor farmers.

The 2013 test paper for admission to the M.Phil and PhD programs in Social Systems has the following question:

“Is there a relationship between neo-liberalism and farmers’ suicides in India?”

(FILES) In this picture taken 25 March 1995, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga (L) Indian President Shankar Dayal Sharma (C) and Indian Prime Minister P.V. Narashima Rao (R) in New Delhi.   Former Indian Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao, who helped transform India's economy in the 1990s, died 23 December 2004, two weeks after suffering a heart attack, the speaker of the national parliament said. The 83-year-old who was hospitalised 08 December 2004, launched India on the path of economic reforms in 1991, having brought in the present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to head the finance ministry.  AFP PHOTO/RAVEENDRAN/FILES

Neo-liberalism is of course their code language for economic liberalization set in motion by PV Narasimha Rao in 1991. The Communist professors also take opposing positions as and when it suits them. They direct their criticism at those who want to create a self-reliant economy but at other times they criticize the erosion of the sovereignty of the State.

Thus we have the following two questions, one from a test for admission to the Science Policy program and another from a test paper for admission to a program in Political Studies.

Do you think that self-reliance is an obsolete policy goal in the era of globalization? Critically discuss.

It has been argued that contemporary economic processes are increasingly eroding the territorial as well as the institutional sovereignty of the State. Substantiate your response to this view by drawing upon recent scholarship.

Make no mistake. These are not questions that test the student’s ability to present arguments on a variety of viewpoints. That would have been a legitimate claim if these test papers contained anything other than the Communist Party’s views.

Every question is based on the party line and it so happens that the Communist parties criticize the proponents of globalization while also attacking certain non-Communist critics who seek a self-reliant economy. It is these positions that are reflected in the two questions.

No reputed university will ask a student to reveal his or her political position before offering admission, yet that is exactly what JNU does. Here is one more example from their test for admission to the M.Phil program in Law and Governance.

The idea of a secular State is enshrined in the Constitution of India and yet the meaning of secularism remains deeply contested. Take two examples of such contestations and suggest ways ahead.”

Not only does this question ask for the candidate’s political position, it actually asks the candidate’s political position on one of the most controversial issues in India and an issue on which the professors judging the students are politically active. Such tactics amount to corruption of the process and the government should put an end to it and punish the guilty.

The faculty members at JNU are confident that they will get away with their shenanigans and view the BJP leaders as weak and ineffective people who look to the Western countries for approval.

They are so confident that even after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, the professors took a cheap shot at his political mentor L.K. Advani. In their question paper in 2015 for admission to the first year of the BA program, the first question was:

Who among the following is not a Bharat Ratna?


  • Pandit Ravi Shankar
  • Rajiv Gandhi
  • M. S. Subbulakshmi
  • L. K. Advani


These loaded questions to filter out students from getting admitted to a prominent university that receives government funding is an example of the tyranny of the minority that has the support of only two percent of the Indian population.

The problem at JNU needs to be fixed and the grip of Communists over the university must be destroyed, but this has not happened for multiple reasons.

Ordinary Indians too, are at fault for not making this happen. Instead of taking decisive action, some activists have naively advocated using “facts and logic” to persuade the other side to change their views. They use the term “intellectual kshatriya” to describe those who believe that enemies can be won over through sheer force of argument. The term “intellectual kshatriya” is merely a synonym for “drawing room politicians” and “armchair activists.”

That is not how results are achieved. The swamp must be drained and the toxic sludge that has accumulated over the decades must be dredged out. After that is done, it must be replaced by something clean. The name too must be a clean one. This can only be done under the direction of a person whose career is not at stake. This means no professor or bureaucrat should head such an operation and it must happen under the direction of an activist.

Before embarking on this effort, some steps should be taken immediately. The shallowness of the existing curriculum must be exposed. The standard of foreign language courses must be raised to the level of native speakers in the country of those languages instead of permitting the students to get away with very basic proficiency. Increasing the standard will automatically result in draining some of swamp. No one will be able to oppose this step without objecting to an improvement in the quality of education.

The Act under which JNU was constituted states that the university shall “make special provision for integrated courses in humanities, science and technology.” Therefore, steps must also be taken to compel students to pass advanced courses in mathematics and the sciences.

It is an open secret that Communists are terrified of mathematics and have in recent years foisted humanities subjects on the Indian Institute of Science with the aim of gaining a backdoor entry into the reputed institute. They must be shown that this game can be played both ways.

There should also be an investigation to determine if professors discriminated against students based on political views, and if so, whether the political views of such professors matched the positions of the US State Department.

If such alignment was the result of either direct or indirect payments, severe action must be taken against the erring professors. There is also a strong case for immediately approaching the courts and halting the current round of the admission process as it seems to be a corrupt one.

At the least, the interview process must be done away with and a neutral third party must be entrusted with the job of conducting the entrance tests until the swamp is cleaned up.

In the meantime, those who are interested in viewing various test papers of JNU can do so by clicking here.
FULL DISCLOSURE: The author rejected an offer of admission from JNU during his days as a student.

Arvind Kumar is a writer and an activist who focuses on politics, economy and civilizational issues. He can be reached at arvind at classical-liberal dot net.
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    MUSLIM COMMIES SHOULD BE KILLED instead of given admission

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  • arishsahani

    What indian needs that our writer like Arvind Kumar write what is India today and why.
    Like 1.2 billion Indians have same DNA . But different laugaunges and different habits, Why,
    How many enemy who ruled INDIA and what they have done to the minds of the indians, that today even India is free but many who have been converted to islam ,left ,christians have no love for india and other indians but love the enemy .
    Its time we should debate on daily basis , About the future of india, what is patriotism , what is nationalism, why nationalism who are our enemy and so on. Internal enemy ,outside enemy .
    WE need team of writers who should write on each institutions and expose the working ,
    Writers club needed funded by rich and general public fund to get the truth on who make polices.

  • Raj Krsna

    With the passing of communism into history as an ideological alternative to democracy it is time to do some accounting of its human costs. Few would deny any longer that communism, Marxism-Leninism and its variants which meant in practice bloody terrorism, deadly purges, lethal gulags and forced labor, fatal deportations, man-made famines, extrajudicial executions and show trials, and genocide INDIA do not want to experience. It is also widely known that as a result millions of innocent people have been murdered in cold blood. Yet the so called ‘tutors of students’ in JNU have failed to come to terms with that fact or even to address it is irresponsible and sinister to advocate a death or dying dogma – Communism. Irresponsible because it leaves a blind spot in the national perception and sinister in that this blind spot it creates this vacuum where there should be understanding which has been quite deliberately perpetuated from the minds of our children sent blindly to attain degrees of wrongful intent.

  • Shyam Shyam

    The internal assessment and marks awarding to students are extremely misused and abused by the teachers by JNU. Therefore the internals marks to be reduced to 10 marks and the valuation to be done by another university teachers etc., to protect the innocent students from scummy teachers

  • Slasher

    Desh Drohis in JNU are used to receiving foreign funds through NGO’s to fund their lavish lifestyle. Now that this source has dried up, they have turned their ire on the source of their problems: Modi. That is why you are seeing a rising tidal force of Desh Drohi activity in India: JNU, JAT, Naxal, etc. I recently had an eye opening conversation with a major Hindu non profit head in the US. Read on.

    I recently spoke to a Hindu Non Profit Head in the US. I asked him how to send money to renovate some temples. He said that you need to find an Indian Non Profit (Trust) to take your money that will renovate the temples. In addition, that NGO must be authorized by the Govt of India to take foreign funds. I said how hard can that be for a Hindu organization that wants to renovate Temples? He laughed and said:

    “In The last 10 years of the UPA Regime, It was impossible to send money to Hindu NGO’s which wanted to help our Hindu brethren and/or renovate our dilapidated and decaying Temples because any Hindu NGO Outfit in India could not get the Government’s Permission to receive Foreign Funds. But if the same organization was a Muslim or Christian Missionary Organization, it was allowed to receive foreign funds almost immediately. ”

    He said that the The Head of that Government Authorization in the Finance or Home Ministry was ALMOST ALWAYS A MUSLIM OR CHRISTIAN for the last 10 years!! Imagine, we LOST 10 YEARS OF BHARATAMATA’S LIFE!!


    He told me that since Modi came, he has almost reversed that situation almost COMPLETELY. Today, IT IS HINDU ORGANIZATIONS that are allowed to received Foreign Funds. But if they are Missionary or Madrassa sponsoring NGO’s, they are not able to receive Foreign Funds.

    He also told me that the the Temperature in India for these Missionary/Madrassa NGO’s are almost near Boiling Point. THey are not able to receive Foreign Money like they used to. It is almost like DRUGS. They need their Fix.

    He asked me: why do you think there are massive demonstrations against Modi almost daily in India? It is almost single handledly due to this action by Modi.


    Please spread the word. We are on the RIGHT TRACK.

    Modi must not give up. He needs to remove Jaitley as the first step to firing at these Desh Drohis since AJ and AK are two eyes of the same Desh Drohi Benami Media NGO body. Cut those two off and they Benami Media and NGO crowd will be in agony and blind.



    • Rajalakshmi J

      Read the following by Chandan Mitra:-

      ///Given the ongoing battle between the Indian state and a section of JNU
      students, it is clear that there is a need for a “radical” solution (pun
      unintended). JNU, the brainchild of Indira Gandhi and her Sancho Panza
      Education Minister Syed Nurul Hasan, was floated on the lines of
      colonial Britain’s Hailesbury College to produce and train, what she
      believed, would form the core of a “committed bureaucracy”, committed
      primarily to her persona and idealism with a Leftist hue, not quite Red
      in thought and belief, but a deep shade of “pink”.

      But within a few years of its formation, Mrs Gandhi’s fond dream went
      horribly wrong. Despite dollops of state subsidy (an estimated 3.5
      lakhs is currently paid by the government of India per year for every
      JNU student), alumni of the institution turned a deep shade of Red
      thanks to the curricula and faculty carefully chosen by Prof Hasan from
      his pool of pro-CPI teachers.

      For some years, this served Mrs Gandhi’s purpose very well. In the
      initial years, JNU was peopled mostly by products of “elite”
      institutions like Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College who volubly mouthed
      “revolutionary” slogans, but in practice served the Indian state’s
      objectives with full gusto by joining the civil services in hordes. But
      the churning of the polity leading to the proclamation of Emergency and
      Mrs Gandhi’s spectacular defeat in the 1977 elections jolted JNU out of
      its complacency.

      The Janata Party government led by the arch-conservative Morarji Desai
      and his equally right-wing Education Minister, Triguna Sen, had no time
      for long-haired, jhola-carrying agitators that JNU produced
      aplenty. Janata leaders were aghast to discover that almost each and
      every member of the university’s faculty was a card-carrying Communist
      or worse. Professor Hasan’s dominance over the university faculty
      recruitment system throughout the country, especially in prestige
      national institutions, ensured that new recruits to the teaching
      community consisted primarily of those who failed to get selected to the
      civil services, but made for excellent cannon fodder in the Left’s war
      against the Janata Party regime///

    • Saffronwarrior

      Thank you for this great news God Bless.

  • Megh

    Thank you Arvind Kumar, for the details included in this piece.

  • Sartaj Anwar

    I completely disagree with this article which questioning JNU’s admission policy and Author trying to create illusion into the mass’s conviction that how JUN has biased admission policy and selecting their cadres only. Here, I would like to take example of Bihar because Bihar is one of the important states whose students are getting through in JNU in good volume. I am from Bihar, I didn’t have any ideology that was tilting towards left before joining JNU and I am dam sure 90 percent of students who are coming from Bihar are in the same state. Though, some of students do come from Bihar they do have specific ideology but their inclinations are towards right. If you do not agree with me I am just giving you a challenge just have a small survey in JNU among Bihari you would get the facts.

  • Krispy K

    JNU not only needs to be dissolved, and the infection within and without thoroughly cleansed; but also, for both pragmatic and symbolic reasons, it should be replaced with an institution dedicated to the study and revival of Sanskrit and Dharmic civilisation. I am in favour of demolishing the existing buildings and constructing something new in its place. Let such an act, conducted despite the inevitable backlash from the fifth column, herald the start of a new era striving towards a full, inexorable revival of our civilisation.

    Unfortunately, I just cannot see the current government ever doing what needs to be done. And if not them, who?

    • Rajalakshmi J

      ///Unfortunately, I just cannot see the current government ever doing what needs to be done///

      You bet. It is the bjp folks that came up with treacly statements when mufti md sayeed died. Went through saluting charades. Recently attended birthday bash of corrupt sharad pawar. When communist bardhan died after a protracted futile life bjp mourned & mourned. Modi ensured bardhan received best medical care. Earlier vajpayee government gave the “best parliamentarian” award to communist RASCAL somnath chatterjee.

      sharad pawar I read studied only up to tenth standard. A good for nothing loafer. All scoundrels in India join congress / communist party. So befriended antulay. The then chief minister called vasantrao naik of Maharashtra stayed in power with the help of underworld dons like Karim Lala , Varadharajan Mudaliyar & Haji Mastan. sharad pawar & antulay decided to groom young Dawood Ibrahim asking him to get rid of those underworld dons enjoying support of vasantrao naik. Thus sharad pawar became cm. Modi & his BJP keeps baying for Dawood Ibrahim conveniently forgetting rest of various politicians are the GUILTY ones. What an irony today joins the birthday party of criminal sharad pawar. Many mumbaikar idiots keep praising sharad pawar a “great maratha”.

      • Krispy K

        It’s a worry. Although I think most people knew beforehand that BJP have their own share of degenerates, Modi is one of the good ones (Irani is another one). The example you gave about medical care is probably just his general attitude of magnanimity. I still have hope he understand the gravity of the problem of the fifth-column in the country (even those within BJP) – it just remains to be seen how much influence one man can have on the rest of the party.

      • Black Swan

        You are aware of a lot of matters detrimental to the nation. But complaining that the BJP is not doing enough and expecting results overnight is not fair. Sad that you are unable to see the changes brought by the Modi government.

  • Anfauglir

    “Why do crimes against women persist in the 21st century?”
    Perhaps one answer could be that it is due to people like Tarun Tejpal or Hasan Suroor who wrote for The Hindu, the Communist newspaper and who was arrested in London? Or is it because of the Communist Supreme Court judge who had to resign in disgrace after sexually harassing an intern?

    Worth including examples of how Indian-origin communists have been hard at work exporting communism’s rapism to the west too, as seen below. Next stop is hopefully the US: since the US State Department is carefully fostering and funding this terrorism in India, they should surely be given what (or rather, all) that they paid for.


    Maoist cult leader jailed for 23 years as ‘slave’ daughter goes public

    Katy Morgan-Davies says she is waiving anonymity to retrieve identity stolen from her by ‘narcissist’ Aravindan Balakrishnan

    Aravindan Balakrishnan’s daughter: ‘He took my freedom’.

    Robert Booth

    Friday 29 January 2016 18.23 GMT
    Last modified on Saturday 30 January 2016 01.00 GMT

    The “slave” daughter of the Maoist cult leader Aravindan Balakrishnan has revealed her identity for the first time as her father was jailed for 23 years for her imprisonment and repeated sex attacks on two followers.

    Good that someone who has the ear of the public said this:

    Instead of taking decisive action, some activists have naively advocated using “facts and logic” to persuade the other side to change their views. They use the term “intellectual kshatriya” to describe those who believe that enemies can be won over through sheer force of argument. The term “intellectual kshatriya” is merely a synonym for “drawing room politicians” and “armchair activists.”

  • IndiannotAmused

    Simple solution……..Shut it Down……..No reforms, No Re-organization and NO charade like renaming………just SHUT IT DOWN. Also maybe time is ripe for a Tienanmen square like action on the campus [prior to shutting it down] ………let the Empire of Chaos and its homegrown mafia know that we mean business…….no worries about Modi or BJP government………tough action can only help it now. We need to have a full-fledged security operation at that place.Then we need to follow it up at certain other so-called university campuses. That place is a blot on Indian education system………..Shut it down.

  • USC_Trojan

    Wow, JNU is definitely is infested with communist-Jehadi mafia! This is unbelievable!


    WOW awesome research may be next time nationalist students can prepare themselves and then screw them after getting admissions.

  • Bharat Indian

    Very nice article…congrates to the author for bringing very significant and relevent issue… I just want to add one more point here… This kind of loaded questions are not limited to JNU enterence examination. The same is true with civil services examinations. This impact our youth adversely in general. I have seen many young talented engineers from IIT/NIT, becoming leftist nerds, while preparing for civil services examination. In fact, our school level basic social scieces content, which is mostly written by JNU professors is highly left oriented. This needs to be rectified.


    What is the reason for this , at the beginning of the article :

    [Warning: What you are about to read is not satire. The questions that appear in this article are taken from actual question papers of the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Some readers may find the contents of this article disturbing and it may evoke extreme anger at those in charge of the university as well as the politicians of the ruling party for their inaction. Reader discretion is advised.]

    1. Why should anyone presume that the article is a satire ?

    2. Why should some readers find the contents disturbing ?

    3. Why should it evoke extreme anger in readers ?

    4. What is the discretion that is advised ? Not read the article ?

    I find it fascinating that educated , intelligent and rational people are taken in by such garbage ; any author who is writing about material which is ground-breaking does so without all this hyperbole , because the content of the article can stand on its own ; it is only those authors who have very little content , and need to flesh out their material who resort to such tactics.

    To all those who have dared to read this article :

    Our country has more than 200 million people who go to bed hungry every night. Our country is dismal when it comes to statistics on literacy , education , infant and maternal mortality , rural healthcare and dozens of other socially relevant issues , and here we have a grandiose discussion of how JNU tweaks admission questions.

    The discussion is full of inferences ; I will cite just one. With reference to the following question :

    The efforts to internationalize the issue of caste-based discrimination… which had received a boost in 2001 at the United Nations World Conference Against Racism… suffered a serious setback at the Durban Review Conference held later… While in 2001, WCAR had discussed caste euphemistically… the Durban Review Conference (DRC) evaded even an allusion to caste.

    Discuss the validity of India’s official position that caste discrimination is not at par with racial discrimination.

    1. The ellipses have been used intentionally ( this is my inference ) , when the entire question could have very well been quoted ; the reader would have seen that there is nothing wrong in the [phrasing of the question.

    2. The next sentence :

    Notice how the question wants the candidate to oppose the stance of the Indian government and foist the views of the US State Department onto India. The question helpfully informs the student of the answer when it uses words such as ‘received a boost,’ ‘suffered a setback’ and ‘evaded even an allusion.’

    is unwarranted in my opinion. Whether if the student opposes the stance of the Indian government it implies that the views of the US State Department are being foisted onto India is a matter of opinion. The same can be said for any issue where the Indian government has a stance different from that of the US , say climate change.

    • Anfauglir

      To all who don’t know and just tuned in to indiafacts, “Narayan Rao” is a known communist, a cryptocommunist.
      He may additionally be a cryptomonotheist, since most communists in India are christian by religion but keep that side even more hidden. There are many muslim-communist trolls too, like “SeeTheMirror” aka “New Paaliaq” aka “Thld Oınznod” (at swarajyamag) a.k.a “Samrat Bharat” as his id was at indiafacts.

      So it’s no wonder that “Narayan Rao” should invade here at this time to do damage control to protect his ideology. Some of the cryptomonotheist trolls (includes communists) active on Indian nationalist sites tend to be sent here by foreign watchers and/or their monotheist collectives, also for the purpose of damage control and for trying to hijack the facts and the native narrative. It’s their Standard Operating Procedure, as is their general trolling of sites that don’t concern them.

    • Krispy K

      Hey comrade, long time no smell. Has Kejriwalji finally let you out of your cage? I’m sure it won’t be long before your propaganda failures result in re-incarceration.

  • Anirudh Iyer

    I think the criticism of malhotra’s “intellectual kshtriyata” was uncalled for. While you are correct that we need to make some of the changes documented by you, you have to keep in mind, that was something malhotra did try to do. He funded several research scholarships in universities. What ended up happening is the said academics getting sucked into the existing sludge thereby proving counterproductive. I think valuable work is being done by Malhotra and his band of “arm chair politicians”. Not everyone has the intellectual capability nor the intent to go make changes and infiltrate an existing corrupt system. However, on an individual basis, the message can be shared in “armchair” conversations. While not as effective as getting directly involved, it’s definitely a step towards a larger revolution.

  • Indian

    Communists have been very well exposed in some of the Books like George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. So Communism is actually a collection of Pigs at the Top with Barking street dogs (like Italian street dogs and the Hafez Sayed bastard son Kejriwal) at second level. Kejriwal (what’s his actual name/ Any guess?) is the greatest evil and enemy of India, with the likes of GREAT ENEMIES LIKE BDUTT AND RAJDEEP SUAR-desais. Hell Hindu idiots never will wake up.
    ITALIAN STREET SLUT SONIA DOGS LED TO 100 DEATHS . EXPOSED. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB7HJriNhOI


    Does anybody notice that 99% of antinational Commie-Congi pigs (PIGS I know its a big insult to you but please bear) are from Migrant Pakistani or mostly Monkey loud mouth uncultured louts Bongos. Bcuz of unknown genetic input?

    By the way double speak and double think is Commie speciality Examples will make any sane person laugh
    Reason is greatest superstition, War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, dictatorship of the Proletariat (so ALL ARE BOURGEOISIE as it is dictatorship of 1); Sexual Freedom = Freedom to rape even their daughters (as exposed in these columns).
    Commies and the media whores have been defined as “Pseudo intellectuals of parasitic persuasion/ good for nothing parasites lazy louts who enrich on labour of others” so painters, Sociology, Political science, acting, drama, etc AND offcourse journalism (which even a donkey can do in 6 mins but find it below its dignity while mediawhores take 6 months) NO ENGG, DRS, SCIENTISTS, FARMERS IN THEIR CADRE as “Logic and reason are GREATEST superstition”

  • Chandra Sekhar Ganduri

    Kudos.. for meticulously putting this article together.. and systematically exposing the FARCE called JNU

    • Bharat Indian

      Another farce called civil services exams must also be exposed.

  • Doraani

    Hard hitting article , hitting Commies and JNU sympathisers below the belt ! The recent controversy in JNU has brought forth variuos professors and teachers giving interviews to news channels. Every bugger appears to be jholawallah ! nuke the b****ts

  • Saffronwarrior

    This filthy commie shithole must be bombed to hell & back vaporized to oblivion. Blacklist all teachers & students cancel their passports & freeze their bank accounts immediately.
    FYI this entire saga smacks of yet another media psyop. Chrislamic cunts in cahoots with scamgress commies church & spooks CIA ISI MI6 Mossad funding it from abroad. Their number one goal – destruction of faith & family only Hindu faith & Hindu families. When you demoralize Hindus it’s easy to destroy. That’s why they desparately build up ” idols” & “Heros” in politics, movies, sports & academia. When masses start worshipping these pseudo false idols they’ve successfully replaced the real Gods. Masses start imitating their idols right from their fashion to lifestyle “choices” usually gay bi transsexual feminazi crap families are automatically destroyed. Add in drugs sex & every other degeneracy it’s game over India.
    Pakistan is setup exclusively to destroy Bharat. It’s funded by USA Europe China & mad mullahs of Mideast specifically to infiltrate Indian education business finance politics & culture. No one has guts to defeat Bharat directly so these bitches keep staging psyops & false flags like JNU, jat quotas etc.
    Wake up Bharat & smell the shit.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      ///This filthy commie shithole must be bombed to hell & back vaporized to oblivion///

      Could not agree with you more. No more cricket playing with pakistan & bangladesh.

      How much DEMORALIZED our Army must be to watch unscrupulous india playing cricket with enemies. They must be feeling demotivated to defend this country full of treasonous people for who cricket & bollykollywood alone matter.

      I read some Indian company is going to build power plants for bangladesh that has been relentlessly annihilating Hindus.

      • Saffronwarrior

        God you can say this a million times & still I bet you it’ll fall on deaf ears. India is trying hard to influence Nepal Sri Lanka & Bangladesh coz China is hellbent on surrounding India with its military bases. Make no mistake bout this China is our enemy it’s not interested in seeing India prosperous & successful. China doesn’t want India in UN Security Council. It wants to be the only Asian power without any challenge from India.
        China will never attack India directly it’ll attack through its slave pakistan & Bangladesh through proxy guerilla war both from Punjab & Arunachal Pradesh & Assam .
        India’s best strategy is to depopulate both Pakistan & Bangladesh & annexe & merge them with her. This is the only permanent solution. We must get back our pre 1947 borders to fulfill our potential our destiny.

        • Rajalakshmi J

          “Pre-1947 borders” ?

          Within India itself we are losing Hindus & our territories to muslims & christians. Treasonous media is purposely not reporting. In Tamil Nadu & Kerala radical muslims are calling the shots & even Police cannot take action against them. bangladeshi muslims have also infiltrated southern states. Courier services , cell phone recharging shops , container services , auto taxi services -all are under muslims’ control. They have been breeding unchecked. And converting many young Hindus through love jihad.
          Flush with fake currency from Pakistan. And have floated many political parties too.

          Appeasement of muslims started by congress , dmk & communists is well entrenched.

          In such a scenario India should enter into some pact with China than helping pakistan , bangladesh & vikas of muslims within. When these muslims are receiving all kinds of assistance from countries like saudi arabia , pakistan better they are deported to these countries. Let saudi arabia look after them in their own country. Provide them with food & employment. We can scrap haj subsidies altogether.

          • Saffronwarrior

            Bloody hell I’d no clue bout all this shit, but then again I haven’t been in India for past 8 years I don’t know the all the facts. Thanks for explaining, you certainly know a lot about this than me. This is beyond disgusting, the army must flush out all the illegal immigrants ASAP else the country is fucked beyond repair.
            Surely the politicians & cops are involved in drug trafficking, organ trafficking & slave trade, that’s how they’re all so filthy rich. Not a day of hard work for these assholes unlike us. They’re severely compromised no wonder they can’t take any action against militants I’m sure all these politicians are blackmailed by foreign intel spooks ISI CIA Mossad are hyperactive in that region coz Afghanistan war & drug trade. But we must do everything we can to alert & educate the masses. Like butterfly wings flutter can set off a typhoon, even small changes can trigger large scale events I’m optimistic.
            Here in US, everyone suspects CIA foulplay in Justice Scalia’s alleged ”death”, grandpa just ranaway. The entire judiciary here is corrupt full of pedophiles blackmailed by spooks. And yes you’re right haj subsidies must end now why the hell should Hindus subside muslim pilgrimage without any return favors? Not a single muslim country does this shit not even Indonesia or Turkey two of the biggest muslim countries in the world. Fuck scamgress & commies they should die of AIDS.

      • Saffronwarrior

        Yes if enough of us stop watching TV movie music trifecta we can turn bollywood into deadwood:)
        Movie industry was started by brit$hits to mind control Indians & brainwash them with propaganda. Dadabhai nowroji was knighted by crown & made an MP in British parliament. Raj kapoor was another opium drug running agent. Film industry is infested with chrislamic anti Hindus traitors smugglers paedophilia rapists & faggots. They’ve humiliated India worldwide, the moment any westerner sees this crap they’re disgusted.
        Bollywood & ftii commie faggots are great target practice for our Vayusena Nausena & Thalsena:-)

  • guest

    “Do you agree that the family is the fulcrum of society?”
    They know its strength and so bring in feminists to destroy that. forgetting the basis of hindu civilisation —-letting go of ego, for a larger goal. family is the best place to practice that……when you have no family, like in the US–you are left on your own, screaming about individual rights because ‘individual is all you have left’ but have no courage to leave society –because it provides security. cowards and hypocrites–ask them if these scholars would have survived without a family?

  • Also Che Guevara, coward and a psychopath is considered as a hero among communists.

    This following excerpt will serve as an eyeopener to so-called hipster Indians who proudly display their Ignorance by wearing T-shirts branding a coward.

    “One day before his death in Bolivia, Che Guevara—for the first time in his life—finally faced something properly describable as combat. So he ordered his guerrilla charges to give no quarter, to fight to their last breaths and to their last bullet. With his men doing exactly what he ordered (fighting and dying to the last bullet), a slightly wounded Che snuck away from the firefight and surrendered with fully loaded weapons while whimpering to his captors:
    “Don’t Shoot! I’m Che. I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”

    His Bolivian captors viewed the matter differently. In fact, they adopted a policy that has since become a favorite among Americans who encounter (so-called) endangered species threatening their families or livestock on their property: “Shoot, shovel and shut-up.”

    Justice has never been better served.

  • All such communist-leaning Humanities/Arts Institutes all over India should be blacklisted and students from these Institutes disenfranchised from all political positions Because nothing good has come out of it and moreover it brings in only gang-rapist islamic mindset people(muslims and dhimmis) together and Impose their warped ideology on Indian masses. Almost all of them are insignificant scumbags who live off patronage and bootlicking.

    Also whats is wrong with the UP/Delhi air? You have spread your closet muslim asslicking habits everywhere in the country with Migration and imposition of ideologies created there all over India. Atleast most in WB and Kerala openly admit they are communists and muslim asslickers. political capital my foot. it is islamic stronghold of muslim and closet muslims.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      The capital should be shifted to Vikram Aditya’s Ujjain even if it means financial losses.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        A better idea is to KILL all the adversaries . This way beef eating scum would also cease to exist.

        Recall what Lord Krishna says ” Na Satho Vidhyate bhavo
        Nabhavo vidyate satah
        ubhayor api drsto ‘ntas
        tv anayos tattva-darsibhih “.

        It is futile to plan for vikas , employment & education for anti Vedic scum. No other country is going to fight for OUR rights. It devolves entirely upon us HINDUS. Only idiots of india imagine making more bollywood crap is the solution.

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          RSS Seshadri Chari admits to not following the path of SAVARKAR which is why you see them not following a TIT FOR TAT Policy.


  • krishnakumar

    Hard hitting. May be structural changes require time for HRD minister to forumulate the policies and implement them. But when the government is forcefully evicting unentitled congi chamchas from lutyens bungalows why is there delay from the part of the government to evict leftist goons / delinquent students who are overstaying in JNU. That shall be done on priority. But, yes, the focus of the article ……… selection engineering ………… by leftist goons…….. shall be stopped forthwith.

    Its in a planned manner that over a period of 6 decades that leftists have simply with out any challenge from any quarter whatsoever and with the patronage of anti Hindustani Khangress has occupied the intellectual space of Hindustan. And that has to be vacated tactfully in a systematic manner.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Why does BJP think freedom of expression exists only for bollywood , jnu & communists ?

    It is BJP’s irrevocable FREEDOM to eliminate all the above mentioned terrorists. “Time & Tide Wait for no man”.
    Instead of focussing on employment generation for unwanted toxic carcasses in our midst BJP should silently start eliminating our adversaries. No one is going to miss or mourn. Send them to HELL. This is the best option.

    • Indian

      Rajlakshmi ji great response . Yes this is the ONLY option actually if you want to save your children and future generations. But I feel Govt has some limitations. We The People of India have to do some acts. WE ARE FACELESS, AND CRORES and Satan has planted few families of Toxic sewage swill If these families are exterminated and yes Full FAMILIES so that the TERROR-ISIS outfits they have built to break India is destroyed. Without media Italian street dogs they will be dead. 1 SONIA AND FAMILY – It maybe difficult but as it is said. Their workers and mohalla level leaders have to be attacked everywhere and anywhere. AND FAMILIES also. That will ensure that they just be busy protecting their families from threats. Dry the roots the poison ivy dies. 2 AROON POORIE of INDIA TODAY AND FAMILY

      • Black Swan

        The average Indian Joe is becoming aware of these FAMILIES.

    • Krispy K

      Unfortunately, BJP’s “strategy” doesn’t seem to stretch beyond sending mediocrities like Sambit Patra to argue aimlessly on episodes of Arnab Goswami’s monkey circus.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        Exactly. BJP imagines all that it requires is more talking to solve formidable problems created by the communists. Now that BJP is in power , this is the ideal time to make full use of The Army & Police in exterminating barkha dutts , rajdeep slurdesais , yechurys , karats etc etc. BJP should do a thorough job of KILLING each & every communist of India. That includes media scum also both print media & tv. Ensure not a single lawyer who is sympathetic towards these communists exists. Get rid of congressis also. Once the main adhesive sonia dynasty gets exiled to Italy congress would wither away.

        owaisis & sundry muslims of India agitating for quotas in jobs should be sent to serve in peace keeping missions of UN in Africa , Middle East & so on. They belonging to “religion of peace” are the fittest candidates to serve in UN’s peace keeping missions. Muslims require no special training in killing.

        Stop playing cricket with pakistan & bangladesh. Tear down jnu. This is extremely important. We must go for extensive agriculture , horticulture & dairy farming in that land.

        This is the only way India can revive on all fronts.

        • Go Sha

          I feel this war cannot be won with bravado, needs more covert strategising, or else we are digging our own grave

    • #MIMAAP

      Many in SM were unaware until #JNUStories trended, there was outrage as many requested HRD Min to act. Last winter session of Parliament Minister responded that there were many many sexual harassment cases in JNU and that only 1 (Muslim) professor was suspended. Have we seen protests by the parents of JNU students? NONE Instead they feel its good to rest in their cocoons as the issue that of another girl/boy. If that happens to a xian/muslim girl, all of Delhi would have rampaged JNU This is not just JNU, anywhere – just like Teacher Associations let Parents form parent association to safeguard their children’s rights. Govt will be influenced too.

      All (Hindu) parents shall introspect how do they react to missionary schools/Communist run Universities where their children are put to Intellectual/physical harassment instead of silently suffering/ignoring. Passive smoking too kills, learn to be active.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        For decades film industry of Tamil Nadu has come up with blasphemous songs & stories targetting only Vedic Brahmins & Hindu Gods & Goddesses. Hindus could have picked up a leaf from Islam & meted out the same treatment to such film makers. But it is Hindus who not only relished such films but kept re-electing the same dmk sleazeballs.

        Playback singer spb has sung a highly blasphemous song on Lord Ssiva picturised on kamalhassan whose script is written by another tambram. Music composed by ilayaraja. The same ilayaraja gets welcomed & given VIP treatment in Ramanashramam Thiruvannamalai. Another female tambram playback singer dons a nine yard saree inside Svami Dayananda Ashram giving a concert bragging to all ” this is for raising money for AIM for Seva”. But appears on tv wearing a deep cut sleeveless blouse baring her entire back , walking around the stage & screaming some gibberish. She was one of the judges for some music competition.

        Lot of movies’ shootings take place inside Temples. Most are hindus manirathnams included.

        These hindus unfortunately are the role models for many . That generation of Hindus maintaining proper code of conduct including dress code is almost extinct. We tolerated so long. As Indian establishment ALLOWED such blasphemy. Why get suddenly outraged only NOW so very belatedly ?

        • arishsahani

          when we hindu let 500 millions poor and foolish hindus convert to islam and do nothing to bring them back and we hindu being one billions don’t demand for own nation, we hindu soon will have no place to live on this earth.

      • arishsahani

        Hindu are biggest enemy of own race , One hindu for own benefits will keep mum and will watch how the other hindus are fooled by enemy .But will not come forward to expose the criminal .
        Selfish Hindu .No love for own race or nation Hindu without a nation still.

        • Go Sha

          There is a lot of truth in your anger… while Christian leaders preach compassion and love to the vulnerable, innocent and gullible, many of our dharma leaders show utter contempt to the fate of the downtrodden. Evangelists reach out to the people, where as our leaders expect us to fall at their feet

    • Black Swan

      Patience is the key in dismantling 70 years of pseudo socialism which was used to keep the Indian masses in perpetual poverty so that the Nehru-Gandhi family and cohorts stay in power. This Orwellian nightmare has begun to clear. The Modi government is slowly but surely putting matters in the right perspective.

      • Krispy K

        I have no problem with being patient. But what exactly is the government specifically doing to put “matters in the right perspective”? Serious question.

        • arishsahani

          question ,what we want, do we ever ask for ,do we ever work for .

  • Rajalakshmi J

    BJP indeed is turning out to be cowardly. Recall what Sushma Swaraj said in an outburst when Indian Armyman was decapitated by pakistani terrorists ?

    I expected BJP soon after assuming power would have decapitated barkha dutts , rajdeep slurdesais , sagarika ghoses , vikram chandras , yechurys & all such toxic parasites overpopulating our country. No , instead BJP is busy appeasing them striving for their ‘vikas’.

    Our enemies are as much WITHIN as without. Be it food security , revival of economy , overcoming water scarcity , global warming , noise pollution , overpopulation BJP’s top priority should be to KILL all the enemies WITHIN. As long as they are alive soli sorabjees would rush forward to defend them. Once they are DEAD for sure & GOOD no one would bother to shed even faux tears for these cadavers.

    Look at Europe’s plight today. America , uk all are focussed exclusively on their own well being. Whereas BJP is masochistic like gandigiri infected cowards yearning for approval from rest of the world. Now that it is in power should test a couple if its missiles / cluster bombs on jnu , mainstream media & their supporters.

    • Krispy K

      Yep. The buildings of JNU would make ideal target practice for new missiles and tanks. Surely the likes of DRDO and HAL could use some new testing grounds?

      • Rajalakshmi J

        Undoubtedly. Our nation would be happier & healthier having lots of animals , birds around & their natural habitats restored in the form of Forests .

        I read NIMHANS grabbed the rotten brain of communist jyoti basu for research purposes. Only mentally sick people would waste their lives doing research on EVIL brains of communist tyrants. We need to calibrate our approach & attitude. Lots of wild animals like Leopards , Lions & Tigers are quite undernourished. And dwindling in numbers. Tossing yechurys , sagarika ghoses , vikram chandras , barkha dutts , prakash karats as FOOD for NOBLE wild Animals is a better idea. arundati roys , medha patkars , various ngos , chomskys should be eaten alive by Sharks & Piranhas.

      • Alexa

        Cut it out. Egging Hindus on – especially to engage in or think of violence – is only helping the kike cause. If you’re saying what Omega Man, Savarkar’s Disciple, JAB, fingers, Harry the kike, etc, are saying, it’s not a good sign. Warmongers need eager (blind) warriors to send into the battlefield as sacrifice. Even as they’re laughing at the same warriors getting smashed on multiple fronts (by kike allies) in their own home. Kikes, the international, omnipresent, parasitic fifth column. Destabilizing Modi’s hard-earned victory with internal dissent and chaos (e.g., to overthrow, create, and install a new “really Hindu” party) plays right up the kike alley. You’re one of the savvier commenters here. Presumably, you and Cybil Peril and Slasher are already hip to all this. Despite being factually formidable, Rajalakshmi doesn’t get it. Nor do Dr. Viraj Pradhan or Romi or Sumathi Megavarnam. Kikes are getting more clever (by half) and desperate these days. Hidden kike assets like Aravindan Neelakandan and prezbathhousebarry are emerging from the woodwork and just now outing themselves. Spread the word! And have faith. Modi is a powerhouse. If we know what’s online, he knows more. And he knows what is at stake. He will do what he must in our best interests.

        • Alexa

          P.S. Kikes: Putin is getting increasingly tired. Simmer down.

        • Krispy K

          Kikes?? What are you, some slack-jawed KKK baboon? If anyone needs to “cut it out”, it’s you.

  • Anjali George

    Excellent article.
    Regarding the solutions you suggested, govt must act with determination to wipe out the Communist virus. It’s like HIV. Infect the society and AIDS (a series of infections due to compromised immunity ) follows.
    First of all, a commission must be set up to study the numerous murders done by communists in the killing fields of Bengal, Kerala and the Red terror hit areas.
    Along with a factual documentation of communist atrocities, actions must be taken to cleanse the universities. Punish the teachers of all universities (not only JNU) who discriminate students based on political opinion. If the government show the will, result will be followed.
    Till then, all these articles and voices remain useless.

    • Prasad

      One of the things that Anjali George has raised is something which never ceases to amaze me. i.e., how we never have any TV debate or newspaper article about the death toll under the Commie regimes for the last 40 years in west bengal and kerala?. How come we have a political party which just keeps on murdering its opponent party workers but is never ever asked about it ? The most militant and destructive party in India must surely be the communists, but how is it that they are holding their heads high and questioning every other party or state or central government about police actions, encounters etc., etc.,? For record the biggest genocide of ~ 50,000 killings has been carried out by “comrades” of communist parties of west bengal when they ruled for 3 decades. There hardly any whisper about this in any newsroom or paper???

      About 30 years ago when I used travel by suburban train every day I saw a communist poster which said (in poetic Tamil language) “Parliament is a pig sty”. We will throw out the vote beggars’ politics and establish revolutionary people’s rule”. The Maoists of today are nothing but the comrades who have taken such messages to their heart and taken up arms in their hands.

      It’s high time the Communist parties of all hues are asked very serious and hard hitting questions and made to explain their position with respect to the unity and integrity of India and their commitment to parliamentary democracy. They should be made to undergo the due process of law where they have transgressed our Constitution. All educational institutions need a major surgery to remove infectious / anti national and fatal communist “gangrene” which has set in.

      • Krispy K

        Debate and questions are only for the civilised. For murderers and savages like these fighting fire with fire is the only solution.

  • Harish

    Please follow up on this brilliant piece with some RTI petitions and law suits on behalf of rejected candidates.

  • Savarkar’s Disciple

    As always the arguments put forward by Arvind Kumar are hard hitting also loved the part

    “Ordinary Indians too, are at fault for not making this happen. Instead of taking decisive action, some activists have naively advocated using “facts and logic” to persuade the other side to change their views. They use the term “intellectual kshatriya” to describe those who believe that enemies can be won over through sheer force of argument. The term “intellectual kshatriya” is merely a synonym for “drawing room politicians” and “armchair activists.”

    I wonder if it was a dig at a certain someone hehehe

    In the recent past out of 4000 selected IAS Officers 2157 are JNU students,55 Principal Secretaries,15 Vice Chancellors belong to the JNU Brigade along with Mr.Amitabh Kant(renowned Beef eater and has neighbours in Kerala who are”SUPPOSEDLY” Brahmins and Nayars who also happen to eat beef) CEO of Indian Pseudo Nationalist Party’s NITI AYOG holds a M.A. from JNU.
    Subrahmanyam Jaishankar current Foreign Secretary of India has an MA in Political Science and an MPhil. and PhD in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), where he specialised in nuclear diplomacy.

    Great days lie ahead for Hindus!!!




    • krishnakumar

      The communist virus is omni present. True. And just because someone is from JNU does not mean that one should be a commie. That depends upon one’s actions. For that matter Nirmala Sitaraman is also from JNU. But from actions we do not find her to be a commie or a commie sympathiser. Same with the bureaucracy. From their stands, the same shall be judged. In the government, its not an easy choice, still, practically speaking.

      • Savarkar’s Disciple

        How many times have the Congress Nehru family deployed,employed,rewarded a Pro Hindu,Hindutva,Sanatan Dharma,RSS ideologue/intellectual for the purpose of coming up with Government policies? or be a part of their National Advisory Council.I dont recollect even once so why does the BJP resort to feeding the Crocs does it not know that how much ever it feeds them they will still end up biting of the same hand which is feeding them.The reason for this is the incomplete Ideology of the BJP/RSS and not developing people from within their cadre who can take over the reign from the Adharmi Brigade members.I would bluntly say this that Hindus should not vote for Vikas, Jhakas, Aakash, Prakash but only and only for the “HINDU CAUSE” and if there exists no such Political Party then create one.

        • Another example of what you said is appointing taqiyya expert Modi hater, MJ akbar.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            I have also wondered how MJ.Akbar who was too close to communist jyoti basu & a sycophant of congressis suddenly decided to join BJP. He was with covert magazine of saudi arabia also. Once hosted a show asking for kashmiris’ rights.

        • Saffronwarrior

          Yes we need a 100% pro Hindu party. By Hindu of Hindu for Hindu. Not even a dog bites the hand that feeds it, these chrislamic shitheads are worse than that. To hell with giyazhuddin gazi & maimuna begum dynasty.