Shivaji And The Rebirth Of A Nation

Shivaji’s was the first modern Indian state that had large numbers of soldiers.

In her fiery speech in Parliament, Human Resources Development Minister Smriti Irani has focussed the nation’s collective attention on how the Congress and their leftist collaborators are responsible for teaching distorted history to school children. For instance, Shivaji, one of the greatest Indian rulers, is shown in a negative light. Irani quotes from a book for primary schoolchildren: “When we teach Shivaji versus Aurangzeb, we need to decide which Shivaji we take into the classroom.”

Clearly, the idea behind such words is to sow doubt in the minds of young Indians about a great Hindu emperor. It is targeted at killing the very idea that there was a Hindu revival in the 17th century which ultimately liberated India from Islamic rule. It was not the English but the Marathas who ended Muslim rule in India. But these facts are intolerable to the leftist/Congress/Muslim narrative in which Hindus are forever a defeated people.

For the leftists, communists and the Congress, facts must not stand in the way of their fictitious view of history. They have gone to the extent of poisoning the minds of generations of young Indians. As long as Hindus remain strangers to their own history, the leftists can remain happily ensconced in their well-paying sinecures in state-funded universities. They can continue to teach the same lies over and over again to coming generations in India and the wider world.

iraniAppropriately, Irani’s speech comes barely a week after Shivaji Jayanti. It is time Indians realised Shivaji’s massive contribution to India. The great Maratha was a military genius who built an empire from scratch but it is for sparking a national revival that he should be remembered.

Shivaji, the Maratha emperor who established a modern and powerful Hindu kingdom in south-western India from 1642-1680, is undoubtedly the greatest Indian of the modern era. To understand Shivaji’s importance in Indian history, especially his role in rekindling the spirit of Indian nationhood, one must recognise that he built his empire against impossible odds.

India in the 17th century was hurtling towards catastrophe. Hindus, who comprised the vast majority of the country, were hopelessly divided, leading a disenfranchised and moribund existence under Muslim rule. The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb had launched jihad against Hindus by destroying their ancient and beloved temples and re-imposing the hated jaziya, a punitive and offensive tax which every Hindu had to pay or convert to Islam. Before him, his father Shah Jahan and grandfather Jehangir had banned the construction of Hindu temples, and destroyed many new ones.

The world was changing rapidly, with new discoveries and advances in sciences being made. While Europe was beginning to crawl out of poverty, plagues and fanatic Christian dogma, India was going in the reverse direction. Since the destruction of leading universities such as Nalanda by Muslim invaders, not one new university had been built. India’s intellectual landscape was barren because Hinduism was battling for survival. Furthermore, a new threat was emerging in the form of European nations like Portugal, France, Britain and Holland who, under the pretext of trade, were looking for opportunities to colonise India.

Other great liberators like Italy’s Garibaldi and America’s George Washington had two things in their favour—they had only a single enemy and their people were solidly behind them. Shivaji had to reckon with Aurangzeb’s mighty Mughal army, the smaller but powerful Bijapur sultanate, the Pathans, the fierce Abyssinians of Janjira on the west coast, the fanatic Catholic Portuguese and the cunning English. His own people, the Marathas, were serving as soldiers and chiefs in Muslim armies and totally lacked nationalistic spirit.

Birth of an Army

Shivaji got his inspiration from the Mahabharata saying, “One thousand horsemen of one mind are enough to conquer the whole world.” Barely 15 years old, he formed a tightly knit group of Mawala and Konkani boys and captured some forts of the Bijapur sultan. Maharashtrians now felt a patriotic obligation to serve Shivaji, although many still served the sultan.

The amazing thing is the Mawalas and Konkanis were physically much smaller than the Pathans, Mughals and the African Muslims, and yet they prevailed in battle after battle. Starting with guerrilla raids, soon the Marathas were engaging in pitched battles with Aurangzeb’s battle hardened Mughal and Rajput armies. Instead of fighting for jagirs and cash, the Marathas were now fighting for Hinduism, country and most importantly, honour. They defeated more powerful armies and also beat the Portuguese and the English on the high seas.

Reclaiming the Seas

Shivaji was the first Indian ruler in the modern era to understand the importance of a strong navy. The Mughals and southern sultans had been utterly irresponsible by neglecting the coast, thereby ceding control of the seas to the Europeans. After he conquered the Konkan, Shivaji realised the importance to protecting coastal trade.

Though most Marathas were not natural seamen, the Kolis and Bhandaris of the west coast were good sailors besides being tough and well-built. Shivaji built hundreds of ships, large and small, in the creeks of Kalyan, Pen and Panvel. These fleets manned by Kolis, Bhandaris and some Muslims successfully battled the British, Portuguese, Dutch and Abyssinian fleets.

shivajiHistorian Jadunath Sarkar writes, “Shivaji proved by his example that the Hindus can defeat enemies, conduct their own defence, maintain navies and ocean-trading fleets of their own, and conduct naval battles on equal terms with foreigners. He taught the modern Hindus to rise to the full stature of their own growth.”

Handling the European Threat

Shivaji was farsighted in his dealings with the Europeans. More than any other ruler, he knew of their unfair trade practices, their propensity for taking and giving bribes, their religious fanaticism, and their dabbling in Indian politics with an eye on establishing European rule on Indian land. But realising that the bigger threat were the Mughals and southern Muslim kingdoms, he initially stayed away from confrontation. Also, the Europeans owned powerful cannons and matchlocks which would have been deadly if transferred to his enemies. So while he was in favour of meeting the Europeans as far west as possible, he knew the time to deal with them was after ending the land wars.

However, he meted out exemplary punishment when required. In June 1661, Shivaji’s soldiers plundered Rajapur and captured several Englishmen. This was payback for the English aid to Bijapur. The following year, he captured a band of Englishmen in Surat for supplying ammunition to his enemies. In Shivaji: The Founder of Maratha Swaraj, C.V. Vaidya quotes from an interesting letter from the president of the English factory at Surat to the disconsolate prisoners: “How you came to prison you know very well. This punishment is not for your defending company’s goods. It is for your going to the siege of Panhala and firing cannon under English banner. Anybody who is strong enough would have punished you in these circumstances. Merchants have no business to sell ball and power nor fire on enemies.”

The western powers were constantly fighting one another but they were shrewd enough to take advantage of India’s weaknesses. Shivaji played the same game against the Europeans and took advantage of the jealousies among these powers. He would, for instance, use cannons and ammunition from the Portuguese to attack the English, and take English help to fight the Dutch. Each of these nationalities would be overjoyed when Shivaji’s armies or fleets would defeat a rival European army or fleet. Often they would pay good money to Shivaji to fight the other. The one common thing in their relations with Shivaji was all of them paid hefty tribute to him.

End of Islamic Tyranny

Shivaji’s legacy is that he laid the foundations of a strong kingdom which ultimately under the later Maratha rulers re-established Hindu rule over most parts of India—from the Krishna in the south to the Indus in Punjab. The Marathas became the masters of Delhi and the Mughal emperor their protectee. Hindus were finally able to walk free in their own country after more than four centuries of almost ceaseless Islamic tyranny.


The most remarkable achievement of this soldier king was the completely non-feudatory nature of his empire. Shivaji’s was the first modern Indian state that had large numbers of soldiers, commanders and military strategists from Brahmin as well as lower castes such as Holkars and Mahars. For the first time in the modern era, jobs were not necessarily connected to one’s caste.

Even women, starting with Shivaji’s mother Jijabai, showed interest in administration. Muslims were treated equitably; his chief secretary being a Muslim. Shivaji, who was deeply influenced by the ancient Hindu epics, was keen on establishing an equal opportunity society. That it worked offers hope to those wanting to kickstart social engineering in India.

Shivaji died in 1680 of blood diarrhoea. When the news reached Aurangzeb, the emperor was elated but then the reality sunk in, and he muttered: “He was a great captain and the only one who has had the magnanimity to raise a new kingdom, while I have been endeavouring to destroy the ancient sovereignties of this country. My armies have been employed against him for 19 years and nevertheless his state has been increasing.”

Modern India’s pseudo-secularist and communist historians and political leadership have refused to accept Shivaji’s greatness. Believing that mentioning Shivaji’s name will offend Muslims, he is rarely acknowledged for his military genius, his administrative brilliance or his nation building efforts. In fact, Nehru and Gandhi both described the great Maratha as a misguided patriot. This is rich, coming from two men under whose watch India was partitioned.

But great men live in the hearts of ordinary people. It is a measure of Shivaji’s impact on the larger Hindu community that in Tamil Nadu – which has no dearth of great heroes – Shivaji is a popular name.

When Shivaji started with a few good men in the 1640s, perhaps only he could have imagined that just over a hundred years later, a mighty Maratha army would plant the Hindu flag on the walls of Attock in the Afghan heartland and liberate Punjab after 800 years of Muslim rule.

Rakesh is a journalist at New Zealand’s leading media house. He mostly writes on defence and foreign affairs.
His articles have been quoted extensively by universities and in books on diplomacy, counter terrorism, warfare, and development of the global south; and by international defence journals.
Rakesh’s work has been cited by leading think tanks and organisations that include the Naval Postgraduate School, California; US Army War College, Pennsylvania; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC; State University of New Jersey; Institute of International and Strategic Relations, Paris; BBC Vietnam; Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk; Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi; Institute for Defense Analyses, Virginia; International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, Washington DC; Stimson Centre, Washington DC; Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia; and Institute for Strategic, Political, Security and Economic Consultancy, Berlin.
His articles have been published by the Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi; Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, Warsaw; and the Research Institute for European and American Studies, Greece, among others.
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    Jai Shivaji.

  • Go Sha

    What are we doing to uphold the glory of the Maratha empire? How many museums talk about the history of the empire?Most of the glorious forts have been left to rot. Can we do something to fix them?

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      Great point.

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    Great article !!

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    We also forgot Peshwa Bajirao..someone rightly said..The ‘real’ reason for the discomfort is that memories of Bajirao bring into focus the battlefield defeats of the Mughals and the Nizam, long kept hidden from the public by the “Wizard of Allahabad” and his “Discovery of India”.

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    Sir , excellent article , one request ..Add the title Chhatrapati Shivaji

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    But great men live in the hearts of ordinary people!! Thanks to Amar Chitra Katha, as child I read so much about Shivaji, even though the only thing in our text books was a short chapter on Jijabai. Some old films were shown in school once….(the founder of our school once belonged to RSS) and I have not forgotten the scene where Shivaji is being stabbed in the back by ‘a mughal emperor’ as the two embrace—but since Shivaji was wearing an armour he remains unharmed!! What I remember is his foresight, his insight into the mind of opponents and his undying love for Bharat Mata!!

    • Jitu

      Even we had just a para on Shivaji in school-books.

      Amar Chitra Katha. 🙂 We owe a lot to Uncle Pai. I think his death anniversary just passed. Hope he is having fun up there with Pran Sahab( Cartoonist).

      • guest

        Again, I was always ‘only’ a reader. Learnt about Uncle Pai only recently, thanks to wiki. I would prefer the two great story tellers are back here on earth, bringing more stories to light!! :))

        With regards to our history and culture, it is a matter of pain. If I had known that Indology was a subject, I would have chosen that. If I had known I could make a living by just learning madhubani paintings, I would have done that and if I had known that history –especially knowing about ancient history I could make a living I would have done that. Such a sad state of affairs –that we end up in professions that bring money or security but do not color our lives with ‘rasa’ or allow us to contribute creatively. Life takes over and responsibilities. No one to blame but a continued frustration of —of not ever arriving for we are so western in mind….decolonizing is such an effort where the narrative all around is that the ancient world was superstitious and is irrelevant today.

        These forums and RMs work and many other scholars, I hope will bring some new light and life to the place that our civilisation must hold on world stage….through awaking pride in our own heritage….

        • Jitu

          Pran ji’s name was known to me even as a child. His signature on the Chacha Chowdhary and Pinky comics were too prominent to be ignored. Anant Pai’s name… I guess I learnt thanks to a very lame subject in school called ‘G.K.’. 😀 😀

          Regarding our professions… it’s never too late. If you think you are good at Madhubani… you could take a leap of faith. 🙂

          Decolonization begins at home. 🙂

          I did not know of the existence of RM till 2 years ago. Heard for the first time in Swarajya comment section. Am yet to read his books. But I already agree with his point of view, having arrived there mostly on my own, with the help of debates with family and friends.

          LOL… you could say, confirmation bias is what made me so readily accept what RM says, because somewhere in my mind, I already knew those things to be true. 🙂

          Hope to read RM, Arun Shouri, Sanjeev Sanyal, Michel Danino, and many others soon. 🙂

          PS: Sorry about the length of the comment. I guess I got carried away. 🙂

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            Please do not apologize, I just want to thank you for this. I will write at length, as time allows. If it takes me a few days please bear with me. Thanks again for this. Very interesting read!!

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            Thank you. I have removed some of the personal and anecdotal parts of my comment which had mentions of my own family. I hope you understand.

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            Absolutely, you did wise!!

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            So, I just wanted to write again. Apologies for the delay. I did read the entire post and enjoyed i thoroughly. It is so important to teach us about svadharma in schools.

            Kudos to you for taking the time to teach your child –it is so very important. Please do share why do we eat sitting down, rather than on a high dining table. I read once that sitting down automatically regulate our intake of food?

          • Jitu

            Ha ha ha… I don’t think my mother did a scientific study to decide why sitting on the floor was advised by elders. She came up with more common sense explanations meant for us children. 🙂 Explanations which made sitting down seem practical.

            Of course, the very act of sitting down on the floor to eat and getting up, of squatting and bending to serve food multiple times, was an exercise unto itself and that improved our overall body health.

            Now, if you look on internet, you’d find many research backed reports explaining why sitting down in sukhasana while eating is good. But the reasons we were given were common sense ones. 🙂 🙂 Practical reasons to enforce such a rule and make it into a custom. 🙂

            Kids don’t really care about digestion or posture. So telling them, sitting on the floor is good for digestion, will not get us adults any rewards. 😀 😀 😀

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            Please also mail me, i have the same exact same point of view now, chasing the same authors too!

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            go to good videos of the authors you have mentioned.

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            Not much to email. Just read the books by authors I have mentioned in the previous comment or read the links given by others in this thread. There’s plenty reading material referenced here in comments.

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            I did not know about RM until 10 months ago. And its been great—I also agree that I had the same opinions. Knowing RM brought more confidence and was grateful to know that I am not alone in thinking this.

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          i can say all that you have said here bro. Even now i am willing to do a career change because i know it will be good for not just me , but for all the people i care for. i wish i could tell which way to go from here.

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            Thanks. I am sorry for the delay. I am not emailing yet, much to be sorted out before that. But we can talk on the forum here. And also congratulations to you–for finding out what you want to do. That is a good portion of the battle already!!

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            🙂 Thanks for the encouragement.

            Wish i had more persuasive skills then i seem to, however.

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            Ok, so, why would you need persuasive skills. And if you had them, what would you do with it? If you do not mind sharing. And please be patient, as I might not be able to respond promptly. But will continue this. It might even help me!!

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          please mail me, i have the same regrets and desire to declonize. Ekshringa(@) gmaildotcom. remove the brackets.

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      Just to rectify u a lil bit there Afzal Khan was not a “Mughal Emperor”

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        Thanks for the correction, I did not remember much. But look forward to watching and sharing this!!

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    Although my post here is out of context and is in Hindi. I request the admin to publish it here. Thanks.
    आज रविवार है। सुबह सुबह थोड़ी फुर्सत इसलिए भी है क्योंकि कल शनिवार था और कल भी छुट्टी थी जिससे सप्ताह के काम निपटाने के लिए अच्छा समय मिल गई थी।
    इसलिए आज मैंने एक हिंदी अख़बार को ठीक से पढ़ने का मन बनाया है।
    सिर्फ एक दिन के अंक को पढ़कर, और ठीक से पढ़ कर, मैं आपको बताता हूँ की ये अख़बार वास्तव में क्या , क्यों और कैसे लिख रहा है।
    मेरे हाथ में है “NBT संडे नवभारत टाइम्स” है
    मैं अपने चश्मे से आपको पढ़ कर बताता हूँ कि इस अख़बार ने कितनी चतुराई से मेरे और आपके जैसे सीधे सादे सामान्य जनो के सोच को प्रभावित करने के उदेश्य से शब्दों का कैसा खेल खेला है।
    मैं आज के अंक के संपादकीय, वरिष्ट संवाददाता, विस (विशेस संवाददाता) के नाम पर छपी रिपोर्ट का गर्हित अन्वेषण कर रहा हूँ।

    आज के अंक में NBT ने JNU घटना पर रिपोर्टिंग के क्रम में मुख्य पृष्ट पर मोटे शीर्षक ” मुझे पुलिस के सामने पीटा गया” (एजेंसियां/वरिष्ठ संवाददाता) के साथ अख़बार सनसनीखेज तरीके से लिखता है “जाँच पैनल के साथ बातचीत का नया वीडियो सामने आया”। जबकि यह जाँच कमिटी के सामने कन्हैया के बयान का एक हिस्सा है। यह अलग और गंभीर प्रश्न है कि जाँच कमिटी कि रिपोर्ट सर्वोच्च न्यायलय की संपत्ति है और अभी तक इसे सार्वजानिक नहीं किया गया है।
    अख़बार इस लेख में इन आरोपियों को सम्मान जनक रूप से उधृत करते हुए ” हैं ” का प्रयोग करता है जबकि वहीँ मानव संसाधन विकाश मंत्री श्रीमती स्मृति ईरानी को बार-बार “स्मृति” या “ईरानी” से संबोधित कर रहा है।
    यह स्पष्ट रूप से बहुत ही प्रचलित और कुटिल उपचार है, जनमत को प्रभावित करने का जिसमे ब्यक्तित्यों के अंतर का समतलीकरण किया जाता है। इस सूत्र का प्रयोग कांग्रेस कई अवसरों पर सार्वजनिक रूप से करती हुई पकड़ी गई है। “हाफिज सईद जी” वाला प्रकरण सबको विदित है।
    यद्यपि यह बुद्धिजीवियों और राजनीतिज्ञों के अंतःपुर की खिचड़ी (क्षमा) है जिसे दिग्विजय सिंह और अखबारी संवाददाताओं जैसे सतही रसोइयों ने पकाना और परोसना सुरु कर दिया है।
    आज के अंक में ही दूसरे लेख में विशेष संवाददाता ” ईरानी पर सीधी जंग – कांग्रेस, लेफ्ट, JDU लाएंगे विशेषाधिकार हनन प्रस्ताव’
    इस लेख में अचानक अख़बार लिखता है-

    सरकार ईरानी के साथ:
    -सरकार फ़िलहाल (?) इस मुद्दे पर एचआरडी मिनिस्टर के ईरानी के पक्ष में खड़ी रहेगी।
    -विपक्ष को करारा (जवाब) दिया जाये, आरोप लगाया जाये की सरकार को काम नहीं करने दिया जा रहा है।
    -जेएनयू मामले को हवा देकर साबित करने की कोशिश की जाये कि विपक्ष राष्ट्र विरोधियों का पक्ष ले रहा है।

    यह है कुटिल पत्रकारिता और सड़यंत्रकारी सोंच का नमूना।
    ” फिलहाल..” , “आरोप लगाया जाये…”, और जेएनयू मामले को हवा देकर साबित करने कि कोशिश की जाये….”
    क्या ये भारतीय जनता पार्टी के रणनीतिकारों ने इस पत्रकार को बताया है। क्या ये तथाकथित विस्वस्त सूत्रों से इस संवाददाता को पता चला है। या फिर इस विस ( विशेष संवाददाता ) की खुराफाती और पूर्वाग्रही दिमाग की कुत्सित चाल है।
    जनमानस के सोच को प्रभावित करने के उदेश्य से शब्दों का चयन और वाक्यों का विन्यास स्पष्ट रूप से परिलक्षित करता ये अख़बार अपने अंतःकरण में कितना कलुषित है, समझ से परे है।
    अखबारी पत्रकारिता में भाषाई और शाब्दिक कुटिलता पर एक चिंतन।।
    क्लिष्ट (?) हिंदी के लिए क्षमा।

  • abhijit pal

    excellent read……all indians should know about the great Shivaji (not just Maharashtrians)

  • Bunty

    To Know about our History and culture I request all Telugu people young and old including children please listen to CHAGANTI KOTESHWAR RAO’s PRACHANAMULU. Hope during BJPs rule the Hindu lion will again surface with all might.

  • Pen

    बहुत ही ज्ञान वर्धक!!!

  • Details and various accounts on how jiziya tax was Imposed on Hindus.

    This mindset of Muslim rulers is reflected in Fatawa-i-Jahandari by Barani and in Farishtah

    The strict imposition of jizya was followed up with a rise in the land tax (kharaj) to 50% and they started taxing possessions like cows, buffaloes and goats. Added to this was another tax called the grazing tax. Barani proudly writes that all these meant “Hindu women and children went out begging at the doors of the musalmans.”

    The same is chronicled in Tarikh-i-Wassaf and Futuh-us-Salatin by Wassaf and Isami respectively

    In order to ensure the realization of these tyrannical taxing systems, a separate department called Diwan-i-Mustakhraj was established by the Muslim rulers. There were many recorded instances where defaulting of tax payments by peasants led to their wives and children being carried away as slaves. The tillers were made to part with more than 2/3rd of the produce failing which, they were apprehended and if an entire village opposed it, the village was sacked by the local Muslim commander [Abdul Fazal, Akbar Nama].

    In FuthuHat-i Firozshahi by Shaikh Abdur Rashid

    After Firoz Shah Tuglaq imposed jizyah on Hindus also said that jizya would be exempted if they converted to Islam: “‘the Hindus thronged in clusters after clusters and groups after groups and were glorified by the glory of Islam. And likewise to this day of ours, they come from far and wide, embrace Islam, and Jizyah is off from them.”

    The situation in Kashmir

    Sikandar Butshikan levied both zakat and jizyah upon Hindus, which obviously multiplied the economic miseries manifold. And scumbag aka sufi Amir Khusrau writes about jizya being a hatch for the dhimmis: “Did the Dhimmis not enjoy the concession of the Shariah, all trace of the Hindus would vanish root and branch.”

    from Diyâ’ ad-Dîn Baranî, Tarîkh-i Firozshâhi, Sayyid Athar Abbas Rizwi, selected Hindi tr., in his Khaljî-Kalîna Bhârata, Aligarh, 1955, p. 70

    Eventually this following account of a humiliating practice imposed on Hindus was apparently brought to an halt across various parts of India due to Maratha Peshwas.– courtesy: Savarkar’s Disciple

    The actual event of a collector of Islamic jizya visiting a Hindu neighborhood was shameful for the kinds of things he engaged in. Qadi Mughith ad-Din told Sultan Ala’ud-Dîn Khaljî: “If the Jizyah-collector asks a Hindu for silver, the latter should offer gold in all humility. If the collector wishes to spit into his mouth, the latter should open his mouth without demur, so as to enable the former to spit into it.”

    This Islamic tax system that led to so much of economic hardships of the common Hindus that many ended up converting to Islam to escape the tyranny and many had their wives and children enslaved by Islam.

    And from the standpoint of economy, the Islamic tax system simply broke the back of the wealthy Indian economy, where, Hindus were reduced to a hand to mouth existence, agricultural productions dropped, as, many agrarian families escaped from their native agricultural land for fear of punishment and in general, the human enterprise of the native Hindu was thrown out.

    Present day Indian muslims, the descendants of those Hindus who to avoid Jizya converted to Islam from the fear of enslavement are now paying Jakat to strengthen the same islamic world that once enslaved their forefathers

    Gandhi the dhimmi says, “The islam is a noble faith.”

    So dhimmis, do you still want to be muslim bootlickers and listen/praise gutter music qawwali, who creation is attributed to POS Amir Khusrow (Qaul is an “utterance (of the bastard prophet)”, Qawwāl is someone who often repeats (sings) a Qaul)?

    Hindustani music with its islamic influence as we know it today in India is an example of scumbag sufis appropriating the already existing Musical Traditions of India except they just inserted arabic shit aka allah/muhammad.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      Your absolutely right about the Jizyah Tax and the BOLLYWOOD song “Khwaja mere khwaja” is dedicated to that FANATIC SUFI Moinuddin Chishti,though people sing more about his miracles but very few are aware of the fact about real stand of last Hindu ruler of our country Prithviraj Chauhan and Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti. Stories have been exaggerated to show Khwaja as mystic with high spiritual powers but truth is nonthe else. The belief of Khwaja in shariat and support to Muslim invader Muhammad Gori in establishment of Islamic rule in India clearly outlines his inclination towards Islam.This Moinuddin Chisti was given four young HINDU girls as a gift after Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated and today DHIMMI HINDUS still go to their Mazhars and bow down in front of these disgusting MLECCHAS.

      Mir Saiyid Ali Hamadani (founder of Kubrawiyya Sufi order of Kashmir) emphasized a covenant to sultan of Kashmir on his relation with Hindus. Covenant is as follows:

      1. They (the hindus) will not bid new idol temples.

      2. They will not rebuild any existing temple which may have fallen into disrepair.

      3. Muslim travelers will not be prevented from staying in temples.

      4. Muslim travelers will be provided hospitality by Zimmis in their own houses for three days.

      5. Zimmis will neither act as spies nor give spies shelter in their houses.

      6. If any relation of a Zimmi is inclined towards Islam, he should not be prevented from doing so.

      7. Zimmis will respect Muslims.

      8. Zimmis will courteously receive a Muslim wishing to attend their meetings.

      9. Zimmis will not dress like Muslims.

      10. They will not take Muslim names.

      11. They will not ride horses with saddle and bridle.

      12. They will not possess swords, bows or arrows.

      13. They will not wear signet rings.

      14. They will not openly sell or drink intoxicating liquor.

      15. They will not abandon their traditional dress, which is a sign of their ignorance, in order that they may be distinguished from Muslims.

      16. They will not openly practice their traditional customs amongst Muslims.

      17. They will not build their houses in the neighbourhood of Muslims.

      18. They will not carry or bury their dead near Muslim graveyards.

      19. They will not mourn their dead loudly.

      20. They will not buy Muslim slaves.

      (Ref. Zakhiratul-muluk, pp. 117-118)

      (Saiyid Ali considered Hindus as Zimmis)

      The only way for Hindus to win is to have a COUNTER JIZYAH where there is PROGRESSIVE TAXATION on ASHRAFS (Who still hold a hegemony over Ajlafs and Azrals and often instigate them to resort to violence against Hindus).If our System and Constitution based on Leftist and Macaulays world view suffers from “ORIGINAL SIN” and believes that Sa-Varnas and Brahmins should pay for what some of their ancestors “MIGHT” have or might not have done to the Dalits then according to K.S.Lal and other Historians like Jaddunath Sircar it seems the FOREIGN INVADERS were responsible for the increase in Poverty and the growth of Scheduled Tribes and Castes in Medieval India hence these the ASHRAFS should pay back so that we can have proper AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        True. Many idiot historians & bollywood keep lying akbar was some kind ruler. Not at all. He also made conditions so miserable for hindus who refused to convert they eventually embraced islam. There is no difference between islam & christianity. Both had slave trade. I read obama’s father was a slave supplier.

        The tragedy being within OUR OWN Bharath we are still contending with these two inimicals. For which we have mk.gandhi the terrorist to blame. gandigiri is gujral doctrine or secularism.

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          Akbar the Bad-Shah of Secularism killed Thirty Thousand poor Nir-astra peasants and called himself a Ghazi(killer of kaffirs) seeing his ruthlessness in chittodgarh 8000 Rajput women committed “Jauhar” or also known as “SATI” for which Marxist Progressive Historians have always blaimed Vaidik Dharma in turn letting Muhammad’s Islam go scott free.These historians should be hunted down and squashed like mosquitoes since its these same Marxists who gave Jinnah’s Muslim League an intellectual support for creation of Pakistan. The Kashmiri Brahmins suffered coz many kashmiri Brahmins themselves were supporting this class struggle bull shit,the same thing happened in West Bengal and Kerala for decades.Communism left loonies soften the target internally so that there can be an external take over by a hostile military force.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        I had two yuppie mumbaikar muslims as my neighbours. One had iit husband. Both wore jeans etc with bobbed hair but purchased ONLY akbar Birbal Amar Chitra Katha stories. Knowledge unnerves them. No wonder most muslim marauders incinerated LOTS of Hindu Scriptures , razed down Temples. A Hindu General had the presence of mind to tell ” Wait…this Library has some qurans also” & that is how in Thanjavur many Precious Hindu Scriptures could be saved.

        Christians are full of guile. They STOLE everything from us telling all ” these came from our jeeeeesuss”.

        Those two neighbours were ecstatic on hearing music composer ar.rehman was one dilip that converted to rehman. Then started playing his song “mukhala muqabla laila” by purchasing the cassette & praised it much more than they praise Allah. One of them said ” you know….Dawood Ibrahim was my husband’s friend in boyhood…..look at my husband who is so patriotic whereas Dawood is not “. She had benazir bhutto’s ”daughter of the east” in her library.

        • Go Sha

          Rajalakshmi ji, we spend so much time criticising the abrahamic religions. There is a lot of truth in our anger. But don’t you think we also need to concentrate on what is going wrong with our dharma? We are ignoring the poorest, innocent and gullible. And nothing is being done to integrate them into the dharma. There are millions of them and they are all targets for conversion now. None of them are being coerced , just being tactfully sold the ‘good news’ dummy, albeit with kindness, a little financial assistance and empowerment. How can we change this?

    • Romi

      You have given amazing references. in articles like this one, commentators give as much information as the journalist who makes the original page. Absolutely first class proof about the infamously violent cult of Islam.

      • Jitu


        A reason why I make it a point to go through comments. Often the well read commentators leave a trail of links/references for further reading on the subject at hand, making it easier to read and know.

  • Jitu

    Informative article put forth in a simple language.

    This article reminds me of a line… “Hagiography is not an answer to calumny. ”

    I am not well-versed with Shivaji’s story so I find this narrative a bit panegyrical. I understand that it could be more a lack of my knowledge on the subject, than anything else that I perceive it thus.

    I have yet to read up on this Maratha king from historical sources. Hopefully an account which presents unfiltered facts. One that is neither adulatory nor belittling in nature.

    A bibliography or a reference-list would have helped.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      I hope this bibliography or a reference-list would help and I can assure you that the list of books are neither Hagiography nor a Secularist Calumny

      If your interested in learning about Shivaji Maharaj please refer to Babasaheb Purandhare’s Raja Shivcchatrapati.(Available in English & Marathi)

      For Maratha History please refer to the following

      3. A H D – C S H I (1934) p . 436.

      4. M . G . Ranade : R i s e of the M a r a t h a Power p. 3.

      5. J . N . S a r k a r : S h i v a j i and H i s Times p . 19.

      6. Dahir at the B a t t l e o f Brahmanabad.

      7. Ramraya at the B a t t l e of T a l i k o t i n 1666 A D .

      8. Basu : R C P I V o l . I l l p . 126.

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      103-A. Sardesai : N H M – V o l . II p . 189.

      104. Mahmud A s l am : H I E D . V o l . Ill

      • Jitu

        Thank you. Will go through the list and read. 🙂

      • Romi

        fantastic share. u are a mine of info, bravo.

      • Beautiful

        recently i came across ajitvadakayil blog. i came to know that peshwas from shagu time belong to chitpavan brahmin community (actually jews cross) and they were planted by Rothshield (owners of east india co. britain) to finally take over the rajya from marathas. He has given few infos but proof is not available as he does not believe in any book reference as they were mostly written by paid english/foreigners/indias of english Indologists.

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          I believe your new to Vadakayil’s blog hence please read and internalize whatever I mention in this comment and then you will be able to judge Ajit better.

          Captain Ajit Vadakayil has produced ZERO{0} works and all he has done is spread the 12 strand DNA Bullshit along with Jewish Zionist Conspiracy which is based on a fabricated Judeophobic work known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is similar to the Hinduphobic material produced by the likes of Wendy Doniger.

          Along with hatred for everything Hindu with which he disagrees with he called Veer Savarkar The Father of Hindutva a Chitwpawan Jewish Rothschild.Vadakayil says that the Peshwas compromised because they were Chitpawan Jews and hence the transfer of Power happened,Vadakayil’s Chitpawan Anti Brahminism is exactly what the British started since they knew the role of Brahmins in overthrowing the foreign yoke out of our nation.

          Captain Ajit Vadakayil called Rabindranath Tagore a stooge,he says that no one understood Vedanta after Adi Shankara by that he justified the NEO HINDUISM claim that Vivekananda created this false religion Hinduism,he hates the Bhakti poets(who helped Hinduism survive the Muslim onslaught) he believes that Kamasutra is a British creation(Dharma,Artha KAMA??? Moksha) He does not allow any dissent and hence disallows any contradictory view on his blog.

          Ajit Vadakayil called Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar a British stooge(Ambedkar was among the first to dismiss the Aryan Invasion Theory and Herbert Risleys Nasal Index and also he HATED ISLAM as he mentioned in his work Thoughts on Pakistan that Buddhism was destroyed by ISLAM).

          Captain Ajit Vadakayil says that Nathuram Godse was not a part of the RSS coz his Daddy b4 dieing had a heart to heart RIGHT!!! as if thats gonna prove anything,read How I became a Hindu?By David Frawley Pg 137-138(Pdfs available online),Nathuram was first in the Congress then he joined the RSS and in the end he joined HMS.I can go on with the number N Number of Lies that Kaptaan sahab has been telling but Vadakayilians here would never understand or stop worshipping this false God whose also a Poison pill to Hinduism.

          Refer Pg 8,13 & 16

          Its Vadakayilians who are the reason Communo-Secular-Libtards dismiss every Hindu Scholarship like that of R.C.Majumdar,Jadunnath Sircar,Sita Ram Goel etc as CHAUVINIST Claims.

          There are much better and “AUTHENTIC”sources than your Ajit.

          And since Vadakayilians like you find it difficult to connect the dots as to how this guy is a poison pill I will just help you with the with relevant proofs.

          The guy is promoting Anti Semitism and today most Anti Semitics are found in Islamic Countries & since Israel is an ally of India and never having had any hostile designs towards Hindus this kind of fabricated distortions could be detrimental to our alliance.

          Read Tarek Fateh The Jew is not my enemy and see how Anti Semitism is mainly an integral part of Islamic world and how the Nazis and Hitler is Euologized.By the way your Kaptaansahab says that NAZIS were good and kind hearted ignoring or not telling the part that Nazis killed 3 Million Romas.Incase you dont know who the Romas are I will tell you these are Hindus who were sold as slaves in different parts of the world by Muhammadians Jihadis-Refer K.S.Lal from Voice of India books.

          Anti Brahminism is Anti Hinduism when Captain Ajit Vadakayil the FALSE GOD starts making claims that Chitpawan Brahmins are jews he does exactly what the British and the Nehrus and other Secularists have claimed that Brahmins are evil and should be irradicated permenantly.

          By calling Brahmins Jews great God Vadakayil has denied the Last Hindu Empire (PESHWAS) which lasted for almost 75 years over 2/3rd of Bharat and helped the Nehruvian Marxist with the theory that India was always invaded by foreigners and the British took over from MUSLIMS or in this case JEWISH ROTHSCHILD. BIG LIE!!!!

          Captain Ajit Vadakayil should NEVER use the word HINDUTVA since it was first coined by a BENGLALI NATIONALIST in 1880 and later on given a Political ideology by VEER SAVARKAR-Refer Koenraad Elst’s Return of Saffron Swastika

          By the way your Kaptaansahab has also called Koenraad Elst as Jewish Rothschild.

          Vivekananda did not understand Vedanta infact is the creator of NEO HINDUISM and after Adi Shankara only Mr.Vadakayil understands it RIGHT!!!!

          Refer Indra’Net of Rajiv Malhotra

          Ambedkar the STOOGE falsely claimed by MORON Captain Ajit Vadakayil proved wrong by Arvindan Neelakandan

          AJIT VADAYIL as a DESHDROHI uses The Protocols of the Elders of Zion for his JUDEOPHOBIS Hate mongering

          ///”The Indian Navy Mutiny of 1946 was the first and only war of Independence against Britain. We have been brainwashed that the First War of Independence took place in 1857. That is a big lie. “- ///

          Vadakayil preaches that there was was no war in 1857 so all those who gave up their lives to free Bharat from the British Yoke was all imaginary.You just don’t understand how twisted your MASTER AJIT VADAKAYIL’s conspiracy theories are do you? Please tell me you belong to the Commie Mleccha Adharmi Brigade or else why do you believe all the crappy fabricated stuff that Commies would want you to preach to the already CONFUSED Hindus.

          Delusional buffoonery does not qualify as “Sailor’s Language” refrain from categorizing the good sea faring community with your 12strand DNA Kaptaan suffering from Chemical Locha of the Brain.

          I shall again have to waste my time to prove your FATHER MORONSMRITIS theories are concocted and filled with lies.



          ///Ajit Vadakayil

          Monday, February 28, 2011



          FAMOUS BACK SWINGS OF THE ROTHSCHILDS ( burn your own backyard theory ):–


          – Reference



          Most historians, British as well as Indian, have described and dismissed the rising of 1857 as a ‘Sepoy Munity’ or at best ‘The Indian Mutiny’. Indian revolution is on the other hand, and national minded leaders thinkers have regarded it as a planned and organised olitical and military rising aimed at destroying the British power in India.

          Mr. Sawarkar’s is an attempt to look at the incidents of 1857 from the Indian point of view. A leading revolutionary himself, was attracted and inspired by the burning zeal, the heroism, bravery, suffering and tragic fate of the leaders of 1857, and he decided to re-interpret the story and to relate it in full with the help of all the material available to him at the time. He spent days and months at the India Office Library studying the period. Finally, his work was published in 1909, under the title “The Indian War of Independence –1857”. The full story of its publication and eventual fate is related, at length, elsewhere in this volume. We shall only mention here that its entry into India was banned by the Government even before it was published. This ban was finally lifted by the Congress Government of Bombay in May 1946, and this is the first authorised edition of the book to be published in India.


          Says Yake : “There is no question that beef fat was used in the composition of this tallow.” (Vol.I,p.381). Says Lord Roberts: “The recent researches of Mr.Forrest in the records of the Government of India prove that the lubricating mixture used in preparing the cartridges was actually composed of the objectionable ingredients, cows’ fat and lard and the incredible disregard of the soldiers’ religious prejudices was displayed in the manufacture of these cartridges.” – Forty Years in India, p.431.

          So, the sepoys determined that, whether they had to use these cartridges or not, they would not rest quiet until they had destroyed this political slavery and this dependence which was at the root of all this trouble. What religion can a slave have? The first step towards Dharma is to be a free man of a free country.Pg 63

          Or the England which bound to the stakes and burnt, actually burnt, those brave fellows with the spirit of Panday in them, fighting or their country – deeming handing not a sufficient punishment? Or the England which seized the innocent Hindu villagers, sentenced them to be hanged, and then pierced them with bayonets, and then, Heavens! thrust beef dripping with blood – the blood of the cow – down their throats, at the point of the bayonet – a desecration to which they would have preferred being hanged and, even, being burnt alive? Or the England which ordered, under the very nost of the commander-in-chief, that the body of the Nabob of Farrukabad should be smeared all over with the fat of the pig, before he was hanged?10 Or that England which sewed the followed of Islam in the skin of a pig before killing him?11 Or the England which advocated these and hundreds of other similar crimes as justifiable revenge on the “mutineers” ? Justifiable vengeance! Whose was the justifiable vengeance – that of the Panday party enraged and vowing vengeance because their mother – the Country – was being ground down under oppression for a hundred years, or that of the Feringhi party which was guilty of that National oppression?

          Not one individual, not one class, alone had been moved deeply by seeing the sufferings of their country. Hindu and Mahomedan, Brahmin and Sudra, Kshatriya and Vaisya, prince and

          9. Charles Ball’s Indian Mutiny, Vol. I.

          10. Forbes-Mitchell’s Reminiscences.

          11. Russell’s Diary.

          pauper, men and women, Pundits and Moulvies, Sepoys and the police, townsmen and villagers,, merchants and farmers – men of different religions, men of different castes, people, following widely different professions – not able any longer to bear the sight of the persecution of the Mother, brother about the avenging Revolution in an incredibly short time.

          Reference Pg 1,213,214

          For readers who come here they can view our earlier convesation on the comments section below on the given link

          • Beautiful

            Hi, thanks for your long response which I did not expect. You had me right in stating that I am a new to Ajit Vadakayil. Your response is a Lovely reading. In fact I have to go thro all the sites you have referred to . I have gone thro all the videos in india inspires and have read many books written by Sitaram Goel , Frawley etc. I just mentioned about Ajit since I came thro his blog recently and referred about peshwas to get the right perspective. Dont call me a bakht of Ajit (god!!!) as I am not and I am a voracious reader and a religious person.

            It is a fact we have to rewrite our history from time immemorial and to this date. At least our younger generations get a right perspective of us Indians.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            “Hi, thanks for your long response which I did not expect. You had me right in stating that I am a new to Ajit Vadakayil. Your response is a Lovely reading. In fact I have to go thro all the sites you have referred to .”

            – I am not a celebrity or a snob and so why not expect a response.Thanks for calling it lovely but my English isn’t the Jaipur Literary Festival type so please forgive me for my limited knowledge of English Vocabulary and please do go through all the sites.

            ” I have gone thro all the videos in india inspires and have read many books written by Sitaram Goel , Frawley etc.”

            -Your on the Right track,here are some more websites since I am a Savarkarite hence I always advice people to read his works.

            ” Dont call me a bakht of Ajit (god!!!) as I am not and I am a voracious reader and a religious person.”

            -I was not referring to you,the comment I send you is something that I have saved in form of a word doc to warn people about Vadakayil so basically its just something that I have used against people who promote his works hence the first thing I mentioned was to not mind my rude response as it was not addressed to you but to VADAKAYILIANS.

            ” I am a voracious reader and a religious person.”

            -Something missing among most Hindus

            Here is my response to Vadakayilians and you may also notice that Muslims think of Vadakayil as useful tool and shower him with praises as his views are Anti Semitic and harmful to the Hindu cause.
            See the comments below on the link you will understand what I am trying to refer to especially notice Zohrab’s views in the first two links




          • Jitu

            I disagree with one line.. “Something missing among most Hindus”

            After all, you and I are both Hindus. 🙂

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Most would exclude Hindus like us who do read 🙂

          • Jitu

            I so agree with your analysis of Vadakayil and his blogs. They got on my nerves the one time I visited. I wasted a lot of time trying to follow his links to see if anything has any reference. Not a single one. Zilch!

            And of course no logic or sense either.

            Six months ago I had asked Slasher to not spam my comments with those vadakayil links. In between I was not visiting any of these sites( Swarajya, Indiafacts, etc). Now again I see him posting the same links. This time I chose to ignore him.

            There’s much to read and know and learn. No point in wasting time replying spammers.

            As far as that Vadakayil blog goes, I had visited it a year or so ago when someone lead me to it. Gosh! It gave me a headache. And I am not someone easily deterred by the length of the post or long list of references. When I have time, I actually go through as many references mentioned, as I can. I make a note from bibliography to read later. But Ajit Vadakayil’s blogs… Not one post has any reference or a way to cross check it. He just spews hatred without base or logic. If we click on any link he has given… it leads to more of his hate spewing blogs. It’s like saying… “Here, this is true because I am refereing to my earlier post where I have said it is true.” Seems to me like Aravind Kejriwal’s distant cousin. AK gives character certificates and clean chits to himself. Ajit Vadakayil gives certifications of authenticity to himself much the same way.

          • NewsBoosters

            Could you please name the bengali nationalist who first coined the term Hindutva.I always knew Savarkar to be the progenitor.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            A knowledgeable Bengali friend told me it was a Hindu Bengali Zamindar who might have coined this term.If I come across the name I will surely let you know.


          • Savarkar’s Disciple
  • R Nanjappa

    This is a very useful summary, highlighting the major achievements. But for Vijayanagar empire, and following its fall, Shivaji’s Swaraj, India, especially the South, would have been totally lost. Alas! There is yet no book which relates the true account of either in easily readable form.

  • Savarkar’s Disciple

    When I was a child I grew up on stories of Noble Chakravartin Samrats like Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram,Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the likes of Maharaj Vikramaditya.Brought up in Maharashtra our syllabus had Shivaji Maharaj but never even for a moment did I feel that Maharaj was the Great Noble Emperor of just the Marathi community,his was an appeal that was beyond just a region and Jati.I remember going to the Pratapgad Killah at the age of 9 or 10 and putting my foot on the spot where Maharaj had kept the severed head of that Rapine loving Mleccha Afzal Khan for three days,as a Hindu I felt such a Pride that I used to address myself as a Malwa (Warriors and soldiers of Shivaji Maharaj).

    But today when I see how Maharaj is being maligned in Maharashtra and how Swami Samartha Ramdas is denied his status as a Guru just because he was a Brahmin I begin to wonder is this why the Marathas kept fighting till that glorious day when the Peshwas finally put a stop to that dreadful spitting in the mouth of Hindus while collection of Jizyah.

    Veer Savarkar said “Let the Marathas be the Sword of Hindusthan”, Maratha is not just a Jati its a Pravruti of Kshatriyatva which unfortunately todays Hindus lack completely.If anyone is interested in learning about Shivaji Maharaj please refer to Babasaheb Purandhare’s Raja Shivcchatrapati.(Available in English & Marathi)

    Here is the link to Shivcharitra Kathan By Babasaheb Purandare (Marathi only)

    • Rajalakshmi J

      Thanks for rekindling my memories. I have read King Vikramadithya’s stories several times in Tamil. He was a devotee of Ma Kali. Which Hindu’s heart will not melt on listening to the Glories of Lord Rama ?

      This overkill of politics everywhere in India is to go. Sathsang is not meant for old people. Right at a young age one should immerse oneself in Sathsang.

      Prahlad heard Lord MaHaVishnu’s Glory while inside his mother’s womb. His pregnant mother had gone to sleep when Naradhar introduced MaHaVishnu to Prahlad.

      God alone is for REAL. If one takes away God life is not worth living.

    • Romi

      you were very lucky to be born to such parents and such a house… so few of us today are as fortunate…

      • Savarkar’s Disciple

        Thanks,but I guess this had something to with my previous births Karma that I was lucky enough to be born into a Dharmik and Rashtravadi family…. even today I notice this pattern those who are raised in Dharmik Parivesh they often turn out to be lovers of Bharatiya Samskriti and its diversity and often look after their old parents too… but those raised on the “WESTERNISED ANGLOPHONIC NUCLEAR FAMILY” Atom bomb they are the first to throw away their parents out and as the saying goes “What goes around comes around” eventually end up having to taste their own medicine when their kids too do the same to them.

        • Rajalakshmi J

          Totally agree with you. However an overwhelming number of hindus are guilty of doing exactly whatever the “WESTERNISED ANGLOPHONIC” families do .

          Valmiki Ramayanam is the ORIGINAL. There Lord Rama Himself says ” Never again would brothers like us would be born in the times to come”.

          I read :-

          ” Justice Dave declared that if he were the dictator of India he would
          introduce Ramayana and Mahabharata into the syllabus of school children
          beginning with Class I.

          Knowing well that his views on the importance of Hindu tradition and
          Hindu classical texts in shaping the character of young children was
          certain to raise a storm of protest, Justice Dave held firm and added,
          “Somebody who is very secular… so called secular will not agree… Had I
          been the dictator of India, I would have introduced Gita and Mahabharata
          in class one. That is the way you learn how to live life. I am sorry if
          somebody says I am secular or I am not secular. But if there is
          something good, we have to get it from anywhere.”

          Coming from a sitting judge in the Supreme Court of India this had an
          electrifying effect on the Hindu nation whose religious sensibilities
          were mauled by the same Supreme Court which ordered the vaults in the
          Sree Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple to be opened with scant regard for
          the fact that ordinary temple going Hindu bhaktas viewed this as an act
          of terrible sacrilege”.

        • Rajalakshmi J

          In a Tamil Debate ( Pattimandram) I heard a young woman say the following:-

          ” Why blame children that they are keen on running away to foreign countries like America etc in search of career prospects etc etc when it is the parents themselves who are to be blamed …as soon as a baby is born it is today’s mothers who are too busy to even LOOK at the child …but dump them inside creches / in the hands of babysitters & keep bludgeoning on their heads about percentages , I rank , mbbs , iit blah blah….money alone is very important…..”.

          There is this husband & wife who are in medical profession in India.
          In India surgeons allopaths end up making huge amounts of money. They
          had their own posh private clinic etc. Their main grouse being their
          only son had STOUTLY refused to pursue the same profession of medicine.
          The parents now aged brought their adult son to a counsellor telling him:-

          ” We are unable to understand him. Not only did he refuse to become a doctor but also refusing to marry a doctor. So much of money we have invested in our posh clinic blah blah….everything would go waste….we want to fix only a doctor as his bride to be. He is not listening to us “.

          Suddenly there was a violent outburst from him as he turned towards his mother telling :-

          ” I do not want my wife to be like you….leaving for clinic / hospital
          asking me to cook my meals & take care of myself. You left me in the
          care of some nanny / babysitter & even for one day did not care to
          cook & feed me. I do not want to marry any such woman. It is my

          His mother was taken aback. All these years she thought her son was
          happy with her. He had been only pretending left with no choice.

          The one who narrated it was asking many womenfolk & young girls in a
          gathering to go back to old ways of living. Like taking care of home
          & hearth. And not to chase careers just because many are doing so.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            ” Why blame children that they are keen on running away to foreign countries like America etc in search of career prospects etc etc when it is the parents themselves who are to be blamed …as soon as a baby is born it is today’s mothers who are too busy to even LOOK at the child …but dump them inside creches / in the hands of babysitters & keep bludgeoning on their heads about percentages , I rank , mbbs , iit blah blah….money alone is very important…..”. –

            Western culture or in general Abrahamic cultures know just two things
            (1)Objectification of Women (2)Masculinization of the Feminine

            There is no concept of loving and respecting the Divine Mother in her femininity hence they either wanna make women extremely manly or just think of her as an object.Unfortunately these stupid norms are being accepted in our Society as Progressive without even thinking of the repurcussions of these things.Problem is if you were to tell someone to look after her child she would call you Saffron Right Wing Narrow minded,Misogynst,Patriarchal etc etc.

            I am not saying women cant work I am just saying how is it that people are running so much after money and becoming so INDIVIDUALISTIC that they cant even think of talking with their family members or having a laugh or spending time together.
            May be Hindus like us our gonna be a minority since these PROGRESSIVES seem to control everything without even thinking twice on what they are missing out.

            Also agree with your views on all this rat race for Percentages, ranks, IIT, IIM,IAS etc So and So amount of Package as if thats the only thing to define a person,doesn’t matter if the person is filled with debauchery all that matters is MONEY and this money defines his/her Social Status.Nowhere am I suggesting Escapism but unfortunately today we suffer from such a narrow view of Success and this is what is creating all this depression and tension and “oh my god whats the society gonna think about you,I cant even go to your Aunts place your Didi/Akka/Taai was the State Topper,you only scored 87 % not good see Mrs.So n So’s daughter/son s/he scored 99% why cant you,your useless” this vicious cycle continues.

            Nehruvianists tried to destroy Brahminism(acc to me its same as Hinduism) but ended up creating this whole class of A-brahamics who can only speak in the Jaipur literary festival kinda English which most people including me dont even understand or have a hard time relating to it.Hence these IITs,AIMS,IIMs,UPSC etc etc and all you need to do is see how these kinda people behave with others in society.I have seen people mocking others just coz one belongs to a “VERNACULAR” medium or coz they are not in tune with Western values and Songs and Pop culture,its like being a Hindu has to be mocked at every level and hence each level has these Nehruvianists who also happen to be Gatekeepers.

            But on the other end wearing a Burqa,Urdu Shayari and Mushayra along with Sufism Bull shit is all TEHZEEB culture and Progressive.Marrying a Muslim boy is a great thing coz it proves the Secular credentials of the person,eating beef- Progressive,worshipping Murthi is worshipping the IDOL(False God) hence must be looked down upon.Drinking and Smoking is a wonderful thing why?? well it means that your now a Brown Sahib and you can talk with your wife and kids in English language it makes u even more progressive than those DEHATI people who speak in their mother tongue at home.

            Be it Soft power or Hard Power on every level Hindus are made to feel apologetic and ashamed of anything they do and everything must be scrutinised under the lense of RATIONALISTIC WESTERN SCIENTIFIC PRISM.While the A-Brahamics have some kinda of divine CERTIFICATION from Jehovah or Allah hence their religions need not be measured or scrutinised at all.

          • Jitu

            I agree and disagree.

            Respect and use of mother tongue and other regional languages comes from self-respect and respect for other languages. If you are proud of it… no one can make you feel otherwise.

            I speak fluent English. Can even pass off at JLF if I were thrown amongst the wolves LOL… but I prefer speaking Hindi and we speak our mother tongue not only at home but with others who have the same mother tongue. I find Hindi, Urdu, Bangla Bhojupuri, Telugu, Awadhi… all have their own usp.

            In Maharashtra, for example, if MNS or it’s counterpart in Karnataka were not enforcing the anti-Hindi rules, and forcing people to learn the local language, folks like me would have learnt Marathi and Kannada too. But their attitude towards Hindi makes many like me rile. I gave up on learning Marathi or even bother with Kannada. Same with Tamil. Politics and political goons destroy any fair chance to understand and love other’s languages.

            Speaking strictly of my own experience as an example… I was trying hard to learn Marathi fluently… when MNS started breaking public property in the name of Marathi pride. I witnessed educated Marathi folks mocking Hindi speaking people in Pune. Political goons destroying public property. My pride in Hindi kicked in and I reverted back to Hindi in daily use in Pune, refusing to budge. It didn’t matter that I could speak 3 other Indian languages.

            The fact that because I could not learn Marathi well enough… I am missing out on PuLa’s, VT’s and other authors’ works. It’s my personal loss. but it’s a cost I have to pay… cause I love Hindi.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            I am anti URDUization coz it leads to Islamization..Again as usual u assumed coz I spoke of Marathas,Shivaji and Savarkar I must be a Maharashtrian if you look up in the comments section with regards to Shivaji Maharaj you will realise I am not one.Again Pune-Maharashtra -Hindi well the problem is a lot more complex then what you have presented.The fact is one must not have any issues in learning any of the Bharatiya Bhashas be it Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, Bengali, Marathi, Assamiya, Oriya, Mizo, Manipuri, Nepali etc.

            The problem started with SS not being able to show the intertwined nature of Marathi and Hindutva and it has carried on.The sad fact is people like Savarkar whose works I have quoted was in every ounce a HINDU to the core and would not have liked this North Vs South or East Vs West or any language Vs the other.You can have your Hindi pride an MNS wala can have his Marathi Pride but why on earth should it collide against the HINDU Pride.In a speech during Lokmanya Tilak’s Punyatithi in 1958 he says that if they ask you to separate Maharashtra from Hindusthan then you must demand for the whole of Hindusthan.He took pride in every Hindu Emperor or Kings victory and wrote Savarkar Vangmay.These MNS people are such kinds who didn’t even ask the Sea Link road to be named after Savarkar with all their so called Maharashtra Dharma and Marathi Pride they settled for the Great Fire Brand Maharashtrian leader RAJIV GANDHI’S name.

            These political parties just wanna create a divide and they do so by expanding the gaps and play into the hands of all the Breaking India Forces so dont judge by what they do and idiots who follow them such buffoons are not the representative sample of Bharat.Tell me have you tried to understand the similarities in the Bharatiya Bhashas rather than looking at the difference you will notice there is so much Samskrit in most of the languages but rather than that we concentrate this guy is Hindi,thats a Marathi another is Tamil or Malayali so tell me where any of these Languages imposed or imported from Persia or Arabia then why should we Hindus feel shy or ashamed of learning the language of the locals.I can pin point many many similarities in our languages even habits even the way Maharashtrian Culture/Language has similarities with Bengali culture/language or other Bharatiya Bhashas for that matter.Need to move on beyond this narrow view another thing I dont know what u mean by URDUS USP coz if you think learning it to criticise Islam then I am with you but if you wanna learn it to impose Bollywood URDU TALAFOOS then I have a problem with that.

            Buddy deUrduization is a must and unfortunately these Musalaman lovers have mixed this Sweet Hindi Bhasha with this filthy Mleccha language filled with Persian and Arabic words which alienates it from the rest of Bharat and its Samskriti.I agree that these MNS or DMK create all kinds of differences which never actually existed hence regional aspirations and languages are fine but the Integral Unity between them should always be encouraged so that its more like a Bottom up approach where local demands make people wanna learn the language.Also I have a problem with many of these Dilliwala types who come to Maharashtra and then take a leave and go back and vote for Khujlimal and again come back here and talk rubbish mocking Maharashtrians.Trust me I have seen the amount of mockery of Maharashtrians and Marathi Samskriti especially in English Medium schools and any guesses why it happens.Well thats coz its fashionable to mock everything Maharashtrian and ill treat those who are of this soil,trust me the same who mock are the same who end up being those Anglophones who have come up to have a complete disdain for anything Hindu.You also need to look at the Maharashtrian Brahmins, Savarkar, Godse, Nehru and Maharashtra and do a thorough unbiased research you will understand the deeper problem and how it started and why it has escalated to this level.

          • Jitu

            “Again as usual u assumed coz I spoke of Marathas,Shivaji and Savarkar I must be a Maharashtrian if you look up in the comments section with regards to Shivaji Maharaj you will realise I am not one.”

            Where did I say I assumed you are a Maharashtrian?? Did I say that??
            Did any part of my comment make any assumptions about you??
            Or did you simply assume on your own that I did??

            I gave an MNS example… just to show how different regions work against each other to rough up egos. That happens in Karnataka and Tamilnadu too.

            I used my experience as an example to show how individuals can be influenced into becoming defiant.

            You speak of mockery of Maharashtrians in English medium schools, and I spoke of mockery of Hindi speaking folks by educated Marathi people. Aren’t these the two sides of the same coin?? Snobs of one segment of the society mocking another??

            PS: There’s way too much assumption gone into your comment. You are assuming what I know, what I understood and what I studied… all without knowing me.
            I love an exchange of ideas and exchange of knowledge. But I am not here to interact with know-it-alls who pass judgement on others based on their own assumptions. I guess this is a good time to bid you goodbye.


          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            //In Maharashtra, for example, if MNS or it’s counterpart in Karnataka were not enforcing the anti-Hindi rules, and forcing people to learn the local language, folks like me would have learnt Marathi and Kannada too. But their attitude towards Hindi makes many like me rile. I gave up on learning Marathi or even bother with Kannada. Same with Tamil. Politics and political goons destroy any fair chance to understand and love other’s languages.//

            -UPSC during the Congress regime got rid of all the vernacular languagese except for Hindi.Even during the so called enforcement of anti-Hindi rules or whatever that means in Maharashtra no UP or Bihari or Hindi speakers heads were chopped off like that in Assam and Hindi still continues to be spoken by many Maharashtrians.You cant make everyone happy but why not try and make most people happy the regional languages that are spoken in many of the regions are by Majority of the people there if it becomes a compulsion even in the Pvt Sector more people within the region would be able to get jobs but some how Hindi and English language fluency guarantees more jobs doesn’t it??Outsiders who dont wanna learn the language will not only be put on the same level of competition with Maharashtrians but also with people who spend decades(Domicile holding Marathi speaking non-Maharashtrians) here mastering Marathi and for what reason???? Why not develop UP and Vihar and Bengal???Those regions which hardly contribute to the GDP their natives will run to those regions where there is more work and work at lesser wages while the natives keep wondering that this is what we get for knowing or speaking or learning the Native tongue of the Hindus of Maharashtra….Great Reward for continuously fighting off the marauding Army of ISLAM and establishing a Hindu Padpadshahi over 2/3rd of Bharat lasting over a span of 75 years just before the British take over… By the way Sanskrit lost by ONE VOTE to Hindi (thanks to the Hindi speakers)…which later on goes on to be URDUISED….

            //The fact that because I could not learn Marathi well enough… I am missing out on PuLa’s, VT’s and other authors’ works. It’s my personal loss. but it’s a cost I have to pay… cause I love Hindi.//

            -Linguistic Regional Pride becomes your impediment and I was supposed to assume WHAT????

            //You speak of mockery of Maharashtrians in English medium schools, and I spoke of mockery of Hindi speaking folks by educated Marathi people. Aren’t these the two sides of the same coin?? Snobs of one segment of the society mocking another??//

            -How much tolerance will be shown towards non Hindi speaking communities in Hindi speaking belt if they wanna impose their language and regional values on them,none whatsoever.

            //But I am not here to interact with know-it-alls who pass judgement on others based on their own assumptions.//

            -Well if I was a know-it-all then I would or should have known about the length and depth of your Knowledge but since I have not reached the stage of Aham Brahamasmi I admit that your assumption of me being a Know-it-all is after all inaccurate.

            Lets not continue this futile conversation.

            Buh-Bye JITU!!!

          • Jitu


            So you chose to totally skirt the little fact that you made unwarranted assumptions about me??

            Interesting. Very interesting.

            “Well if I was a know-it-all then I would or should have known about the length and depth of your Knowledge.”

            Yet you questioned me… “Tell me have you tried to understand the similarities in the Bharatiya Bhashas rather than looking at the difference you will notice there is so much Samskrit in most of the languages ”

            Since you already claim to know what I have and have not tried to understand… I was under the impression you know it all. Amusing that on one hand you make assumptions and on the same breath you claim to not make any. 🙂


          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            “Tell me have you tried to understand the similarities in the Bharatiya Bhashas rather than looking at the difference you will notice there is so much Samskrit in most of the languages ”

            -I asked you a question but since your grasp of the English language is equivalent to those of the JLF types may be my limited command over the language made it impossible for you to comprehend what I was trying to suggest.It doesn’t imply that you didnt try to it was an honest enquiry and you took it to another level.If your gonna be offended by that then it speaks volumes of how correct my “TATHAKATHIT” assumptions might have been with regards to you.

            Interesting accusation of skirting around coming from the One who himself ignores my criticisms of SS or MNS or DMK or ignores the fact that it is he who brought the Regional aspect (MNS n its Kannada counterpart) again my assumption was not imposition on you incase you haven’t noticed I have used conditional clause like “IF ” which means I am unsure or not completely sure about your inclinations.I was just trying to explain from a neutral point of view but some how you seemed to be someone who chooses to pick on fights even when there isn’t one.My assumptions are in coherence with my experiences and it was not indicated at you I dont know you and dont have any urge to know you.

            You can continue with your prejudiced dillusionary assumptions that someone has assumed you to be whatever.

          • Jitu

            Fair enough. Let’s put it down to your ‘limited command over the language’ and move on.

            “My assumptions are in coherence with my experiences ”
            Am glad we both agree that you made assumptions( for whatever reasons). :))

            Thanks for the reading list and links. 🙂

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Fair enough. Let’s put it down to your “My pride in Hindi kicked in ‘ and move on.

            Again my “TATHAKATHIT” assumptions are for general people but somehow I feel like I might have touched a nerve

            Thanks for reminding how divisive forces like you will always be there to magnify and pin point at the minor differences and help the other side.

          • Jitu

            ” divisive forces like you”
            “your prejudiced dillusionary assumptions”

            Resorting to putting down the opponent and attacking his/her character, when you cannot logically and respectably prove your point or are caught with the wrong foot forward. Is it?? Tch! Tch! Tch!
            Ad hominem is a favorite tool of those losing any argument.

            Quoting you…
            “Again as usual u assumed ”
            “Again my “TATHAKATHIT” assumptions are for general people ”

            Like I have shown in my previous three comments. On one had you are making an assumption “as usual you assumed” and on the other hand you are claiming not to. 🙂 When you say “as usual you assumed” you are referring to one person addressed as ‘you’… not public. The tone in your subsequent rant is not of genuine enquiry either.

            At the cost of repeating myself, I say what I have said before… “Let’s put it down to your ‘limited command over the language’ and move on.”

            You may carry on with your rant. 🙂 Thanks for the entertainment. 🙂

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Long time , no see. It is a solace to read your comments. Hope you are well.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Thanks for being concerned I am fine,I hope you too are doing well.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Thanks for replying.

            I am thoroughly disenchanted with bjp. It came to power promising this & that to Hindus.

            But is busy appeasing our INIMICALS with its slogan “sab ka saath….sab ka vikaas” which means NOTHING for Hindus. Core issues like Protection of Cows & all animals , Fish included is Vedic Ethos.

            Instead it sent sushma swaraj to Italy to attend teresa’s “canonization”. Transferred one Hindu who took action against america’s evangelical body called ‘compassion international’ just because lame duck outgoing john kerry tweaked Modi’s ears. This ngos’s manifesto says it wants to eradicate “spiritual poverty” of India along with the usual christian gobbledygook. Entire North East is also heavily christianized.

            And Muslims’ triple talak is not HINDUS’ priority issue. It is NOT Hindus’ concern. Muslims should consult their Leaders in Saudi Arabia – The Custodian of Holy Mosques. They go by their Book.

            Like “fools rushing in where Angels fear to tread” why is BJP so desperate ?

            Gullible naive Hindus like us protested against amir khan’s pk movie approved by leela samsons.
            Today nitin gadkari is standing next to the same amir khan with his widest grin possible mighty pleased with his new movie.

            What is to prevent scoundrels of bollykollywood like sharukhans , salman khans , kamalhassans , ranbir kapoors of rajkapur dynasty, saif ali khan of pataudi clan to play Hanumanthappa OUR Hindu Soldier who perished in Siachen Glaciers & make Modi & his team take selfies with the scoundrels & with taimur the carcass spawned by saif ali khan & kareena ?? Prannoy Roys might enter into a deal to finance such a movie with their heavy loot from ICICI ( this would be called amnesty by jaitleys) & arnab goswamis would micromanage Hindu IDIOTS into believing in the patRRRiotism of prannoy roys. It is only through movies & cricket india has been managing its economy , track 2 diplomacy & soft power. Today RSS S.Gurumurthy is hopping from one tv studio to another all anti Hindu explaining demonetization. Flattery works best in disarming & disabling one’s opponent. No wonder Gurumurthy says ” there is nothing called left & right in India .”,

            RSS Gurumurthy has always been an admirer of yudishtra(r) NOT Lord Krishna in Mahabharatham. It is yudishtrar who is in obdurate quest of peace with Adharmic kauravas.

            And they have one “avatard” art of living SSSSRS who earlier also HUGGED yasin malik telling all he would spray only water guns. That did NOT happen. He assassinated many Sikhs of Indian Air Force with their families. Modi & his ministers , Gurumurthys , Subramaniam Swamys , Kanchanguptas all worship this SSSSRS calling him “great hoohaaa”.

            prannoy roys HATE America as much as Gurumurthys. This HATRED alone I am afraid can unite them.

            India steals several Words from Vedas naming missiles after them like Prithvi , Agni , Brahmos …
            And sells them to vietnam who are mostly non vegetarians. It said indonesia has a hindu name Garuda airlines & the usual stuff already said decades ago just rererecycling them. India exports plenty of Cows etc to Indonesia for slaughter & consumption.

            Then why fulminate at CHINA ???
            China asked the right question – we do not evangelize….yet you ally with america , uk etc labelling us a “threat” ..WHY??

            I also have the same question.
            If srk , amir khan , kamalhassan are all vasudeivakutumbakam….so is CHINA.
            CHINA , ISI , Lone Jihadis are all Vasudheiva Kutumbakam.

          • Jitu

            I quite agree.

            If there is a dire need for money, then a woman pursuing a career is not a choice. She has to do it whether or not she likes it.

            But if money is not a criteria, then one of the parents( I would not say man or woman) should stay back at home. An example is… Angela Ahrendts. The Highest paid woman CEO of US, is supported by a stay-at-home husband. Early in their life hey realized, she is more qualified to support. So he stayed home… working from home.

            I understand that it’s not easy… but if the both spouses are mentally strong, then either one can stay home and support the other without letting egos get in between. It does not necessarily have to be the wife.

          • guest

            Good points, but I think women should be trained in several things. While critical thinking should be inculcated according to the Indian spiritual thinking, art and literature should be engaged in. And of course basic education. But the most important thing is to re-teach them to take pride in the ‘household work’ which needs knowledge of psychology, food science, applied chemistry, applied physics, botany, zoology, (gardening and pest control *:)) commercial and household math, (shares, debentures, and percentages, and budgets) economics—–people forget that taking care of the house is the most complicated job. We can always take inspiration from our ancient knowledge. Today’s women with their live in servants, who need enough time to update their Facebook profiles 20 times a week, may not understand or agree.

    • Alexa

      Kikeys are getting desperate! Only guest, JAB, the fingers, and Omega Man as self-upvotes? Where’s Harry the kike?
      Meanwhile: Hi RKS! Come back again! More often! With more good news!

  • Indian

    BY THE WAY.INDIA TILL NOW WAS STILL SLAVE, ONLY THE SLAVERUNNERS BRITS have gone behind the scenes ruling through original MMS Nehru to SONIA who entered the “FAMILY” as soon as Nehru died. Till 2014 Queen of England NOT President of India was First CITIZEN.
    The Commies in reality succeed in areas filled with the Mudsharked prdsts of racial vibrancy prdts. Started in Bengal and still carrying, a BONGO will lay a Red Carpet for Bangaldeshi and ladies bedroom for a white. Same wd Delhi filled with migrants from Porkistan. Genetics purely

  • Indian

    The Loon and Goon Parties, the Xtian genocidal Italian-Brit street dogs Congis and their hideous bastardized progeny Soviet Chinese gutter prds, the Chinese Prostitutes of India (Mo F) = CPI(M), understand a classic phrase, “History remains in memory or in Books”. Prostitute the Books (after all Congis-Commies are bastardized products of sluts who mudsharked with slumdog white Brits-Soviets and not so white Portuguese) and wash the memory. After all the grovelling Commie dogs without batting their shameless asses included Italian Mussolini History in syllabus.
    All Hindus have to become aware of the fact that this is a WAR between 100% Pure Indian enslaved Brown Native who pays all the taxes fights the wars gets killed AND the gutter prds of testers of shitlib mudsharking whores of white-eu slumdog racial vibrancy CALLED “SECULARS”. Do we see that the Congi-Commie-media gutter swills are choking upto brim with these experimented half white street dogs. SONIA Rahul, Priyanka known prds of a Italian Nazi Facist Jew killer, however how come Italian Nazi serrated edges like Priyanka C, indrani Mishra, Jairam Ramesh, P Chidambram, Jyotiraditya Scindhia, TO NEHRU (Ironically JAWAHAR is not a Indian but Arabic name rarely Hindus have it, AND KASHMIRIS do not seem to have had ANY NEHRU in History),…are suspiciously white. EU goes the Commie Karat, Brinda Karat, Pronoy Roy, Portuguese inputs the F…DAD Rajdeep SUAR-desai.
    IF WE DO NOT WEAPONIZE OUR WORDS AND ACTIONS TODAY A GUTTER SLUM ITALY OR EVEN BANGALDESHI SLUMDOGS DEBASED MONKEYS WILL RULE INDIA. THE ART OF WAR SAYS, BLOODLESS DESTRUCTION CAN BE WROUGHT by attacking the Center of Gravity of the country by LIES. INDIAFACTS should use the same against the enemy. The attack against the mercenary missionary commie mafia and Slut media has to be sharp, focussed and no holds barred.Why not start exposing the GODS (DEMONS) OF COMMUNISM AND XTIANITY POPES, SPANISH……MODERN DAY RACISTS TO STALINS, POLPOTS, MAO, AND THEIR BLOODTHIRST HISTORY

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Grateful to Sri.Rakesh Krishnan Simha . It is very important to know Shivaji had the Grace of Samartha Ramadas an Incarnation of Lord Hanuman. Goddess Bhavani also.

    It is extremely important Hindu Parents educate themselves & their children of such Noble Hindu Kings & Sages of Bharath.

    congress & communists have successfully ensured most Indians cannot think beyond mk.gandhi , nehru , khans of bollywood & cricketers foisting secularism monster upon us in place of our Gods & Goddesses.

    When Tamil Nadu was vitiated by terrorists like communists , dk , dmk & congress persecuting Vedic Brahmins Kaanchi MaHaPeriyavar an Incarnation of Lord Shiva took Birth ensuring Vedic Traditions , Rites & Rituals were kept alive.

    Sathsangs have to be encouraged on a grand scale . For which we need to get rid of communists incinerating books written by them along with them. Co existence with them threatens our very survival.