The Original Himalayan Blunder: How India Lost Gilgit-Baltistan

The original Himalayan Blunder was with regard to the Gilgit Agency and the Wazarat, which…

The original Himalayan Blunder was with regard to the Gilgit Agency and the Wazarat, which many don’t even remember. Gilgit-Baltistan, as we know it today comprised Gilgit Agency and Gilgit Wazarat back in 1947.

A lot has been written about the Himalayan Blunder committed by India in 1962. Even more has been written about the blunders committed in the prosecution of the Kashmir War of 1947, notably the reference to the United Nations by Jawaharlal Nehru at a time India was gaining momentum in the war. Poonch had been secured. Enemy forces had been chased away from the outskirts of Leh and Kargil had been won back. The Poonch-Uri road had been secured. India only needed a last push to capture Skardu back and take Muzaffarabad and Mirpur.

History would also tell you that Jammu and Kashmir was also the only princely state which was not under the charge of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Kashmir was a separate Ministry under the Government of India and was directly under the charge of Prime Minister Nehru.

I would not labour the oft repeated events that pre-dated the accession of Kashmir to India.

I begin at the point of accession.

Field Marshal Manek Shaw

There is a fine account by Late Field Marshal Manek Shaw who was then the Director of Military Operations in the Army HQ in the rank of a Colonel. General Sir Roy Bucher, the C-in-C of the Indian Army sent him to accompany VP Menon who was flying to Srinagar to get the Instrument of Accession signed.

The Kabaili tribals were hardly 10-12 kms away from the Srinagar airfield. They came back on 25th Oct, and it is worth recalling in Manek Shaw’s own words what happened the next morning in a meeting of the Cabinet Defence Committee:

“At the morning meeting he handed over the (Accession) thing. Mountbatten turned around and said, ‘come on Manekji (He called me Manekji instead of Manekshaw), what is the military situation?’ I gave him the military situation, and told him that unless we flew in troops immediately, we would have lost Srinagar, because going by road would take days, and once the tribesmen got to the airport and Srinagar, we couldn’t fly troops in. Everything was ready at the airport.

As usual Nehru talked about the United Nations, Russia, Africa, God almighty, everybody, until Sardar Patel lost his temper. He said, ‘Jawaharlal, do you want Kashmir, or do you want to give it away’. He (Nehru) said,’ Of course, I want Kashmir (emphasis in original). Then he (Patel) said ‘Please give your orders’. And before he could say anything Sardar Patel turned to me and said, ‘You have got your orders’.

I walked out, and we started flying in troops at about 11 o’clock or 12 o’clock. I think it was the Sikh regiment under Ranjit Rai that was the first lot to be flown in. And then we continued flying troops in. That is all I know about what happened. Then all the fighting took place. I became a brigadier, and became director of military operations and also if you will see the first signal to be signed ordering the cease-fire on 1 January (1949) had been signed by Colonel Manekshaw on behalf of C-in-C India, General Sir Roy Bucher. That must be lying in the Military Operations Directorate.”

One more event of great momentous consequence had already taken place.

Maharaja’s forces broadly comprised 50 per cent Muslims and 50 per cent Hindus. Manek Shaw records that the Muslim elements of Maharaja’s forces had revolted.

This position was known both to the Army and the political leadership. However, they got so busy looking after Srinagar that they forgot completely about both the Gilgit Agency and the Wazarat.

A bit of background may be called for at this point.

The princely State of Kashmir and Jammu (as opposed to J&K of today), had five main regions – Jammu with Jammu as HQ, Kashmir with Srinagar as HQ, Ladakh with Leh as summer HQ, and Skardu as winter HQ, Gilgit Wazarat with Astore as HQ, and Gilgit Agency on a 60 year lease to the British from 1935.

Gilgit Agency comprised Chilas, Gilgit, Yasin, Ghizr, Iskoman, Humza and Nagar valley. All areas east of Bunji were in the Wazarat which was directly administered. As the Great Game was unfolding in Central Asia, and Britain was getting more and more obsessed with the threat of Communist Soviet Union, they thought it fit to administer this part of Maharaja’s State directly and accordingly took it on lease in 1935.

As the Indian Independence Act was passed by the British Parliament on 13 July 1947 and the date of transfer of power to India and Pakistan was set to 15 August, Mountbatten decided to let go of the Gilgit Agency lease.

On the 1st of August, administration of Gilgit passed back into the hands of Maharaja, a responsibility he was simply not up to discharging. He had a British Chief of Army Staff, Major General Scott. Scott had just two battalions around Gilgit. A battalion of Gilgit Scouts which was a British force and another battalion of 6, Kashmir infantry stationed around 50 kms away at Bunji on the eastern bank of Indus in the Wazarat area.

Gilgit Scouts was a 100 per cent Muslim force. It had one HQ Company stationed in Gilgit and ten platoons contributed by the various Rajas. 6th Kashmir infantry at Bunjion the left bank of Indus had 2 Dogra and Sikh companies and one Muslim company. General Scott sought a British officer to command the Gilgit Scouts as the force was 100 per cent Muslim and a Hindu might find it difficult to command it, and for obvious reasons, a Muslim could not be trusted in the situation that prevailed.

So Scott marshaled his resources and got a British Captain who was then posted in Chitral, and also accepted his recommendation to have another British officer working under him at Chilas.

The biggest advantage that Pakistan had over India in Kashmir was that there was not a single road or rail route that connected India with J&K. Srinagar was accessed from Rawalpindi, through Murrie and Muzaffarabad (The road to Muzaffarabad bye-passes Murrie today).

Poonch road was through the town of Gujrat after crossing the Chenab at Wazirabad. Even the road to Jammu was Amritsar-Sialkot-Jammu. Jammu had a light railway too. It ran from Wazirabad Junction on the main Lahore-Rawalpindi line through Sialkot to Jammu. Gilgit and Skardu were both accessed through Rawalpindi-Abbottabad road which crossed into Gilgit agency at the 4200 metre Babusar pass and joined the Indus at Chilas.

If the Babusar pass was closed due to snow, then there was the alternative route along the Indus valley which is the present alignment of the Karakoram Highway.

From Chilas, the road went through Bunji upto the place where GilgitRiver joins the Indus, from where Indus upstream goes further north until it hits the Karakoram Range and turns south south-east near Sassi.

It went on to Skardu, from where another road along Indus, Shingo and Suru valleys joins up with Kargil. The other route took off from the Gilgit-Indus confluence and went up to Shandur pass in the West from where it crossed into Chitral, a Muslim princely State.

The river Hunza meets the Gilgit River at Gilgit. The road along Hunza valley led to the vassal States of Hunza and Nagar. The present Karakoram Highway is along this alignment going further into Chinese Turkestan over the Khunjerab pass.

The Gilgit-Indus confluence has the unique geographical feature of three of the greatest ranges – Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush meeting at one place.

The route from Jammu to Gilgit and Skardu via Srinagar was open only during summers as it was not possible to cross the Pir Panjal during winters. Also, going to Gilgit Wazarat’s capital Astore involved crossing the rivers Sind and Kishanganga, before going up to the Burzil Pass through Mini Margh.


Map of Jammu and Kashmir

Even the flights in small turbo prop planes had to first go to Peshawar from Srinagar before refueling and taking the route up along the Indus valley.

It is here that the big blunder took place.

Major William Alexander Brown, the commander of the Gilgit Scouts had one singular merit, not unlike many other Englishmen. He kept a diary. This was later published as his memoirs.

A look through the memoirs reveals his mindset. Right from day one of his taking over as Commander at Gilgit, he had a political agenda. When the lease of Gilgit Agency was prematurely terminated by Mountbatten and Maharaja formally resumed his territory, Major Brown was inducted as an officer of the Kashmir and Jammu Army.

Brigadier Ghansara Singh of the Maharaja’s Army was sent in as the Governor. Brown derides him as incompetent and lazy. Brown’s memoirs cannot be taken at their face value as he was always scheming against the Maharaja.

In early September, he had decided to support Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan. He has mentioned in his diary that he had his mind made up that in case Maharaja decided to accede to India, he would be with his Muslim soldiers and would mount a mutiny.

Brigadier Ghansara Singh did not size up the situation well. The 6th Kashmir Infantry based at Bunji had 3 battalions, one of which was a Muslim battalion. Everyone knew how Muslim battalions had deserted the Kashmir forces in the various mutinies which occurred from Poonch to Muzaffarabad to Baramula. Gilgit Scouts had an unconventional formation of an HQ company and ten platoons. These were widely distributed at Gupis, Chilas and Gilgit.

After the accession had been achieved and Indian troops had taken control, Gilgit should have been immediately secured through an air bridge as was Srinagar.

Had Gilgit been secured, every other garrison in Gilgit Baltistan would have become safe including Skardu and Ladakh Agency. This blunder was committed as much by the Kashmir Army, as by the Indian Army and India’s political leadership.

Gilgit had a small air strip which could have taken small aircrafts, but Skardu had a fairly long airstrip. An airlift of the size which occurred in Srinagar was militarily not possible, but induction of Indian Army and its commanders was an urgent imperative.

As things transpired later on, Major Brown led the mutiny of Gilgit Scouts as he had intended to, right from November onwards. The Kashmiri Governor, Brigadier Ghansara Singh was arrested by Major Brown. The Muslim company of 6th Kashmir Infantry also mutinied, as they had already been compromised by Major Brown.

The remainder of the 6th Kashmir Infantry were chased away from Bunji, Pakistan flag was unfurled at Gilgit on 1st November, 1947 and for 3 weeks Gilgit was an independent entity till Pakistan sent its Governor there. Thus the way was opened for the whole of Gilgit and a major part of Baltistan to be occupied by Pakistan.

Major Brown directed the entire operations into Gilgit-Baltistan until he was relieved in January 1948. After the fall of Gilgit, every man in Kashmir knew that Skardu would be the next target.

Gen. Thimayya is on record that he considered Skardu to be the last frontier in the battle to save Ladakh. Yet, no airlift occurred till the Kashmir Forces in Skardu under that great soldier Sher Jung Thapa had been besieged in February by Gilgit Scouts and Chitral Bodyguards.

This failure to resupply and relieve the garrisons at Gilgit and Skardu immediately after the airlift of Srinagar were great military blunders, besides political ones.

A sagacious Army commander, which General Sir Roy Bucher probably was, should have proceeded to defend Skardu and Gilgit through an air bridge. We are, however, not sure how much of his heart he had in this war.

Pakistanis similarly blame General Sir Douglas Gracey, the Pakistan Commander-in-Chief. It was a great error of judgment on part of Maharaja to entrust his forces to English officers, and to place trust in Muslim companies and battalions when they were deserting everywhere.

The hero of Skadru Lieutenant Colonel Sher Jung Thapa

The saga of rape and murder of Indians in Bunji and Skardu need to be retold to all the Indians today so that they would know how Pakistan forces fight, and how misplaced their sense of fair play is when it comes to Pakistan, whether with their forces or their public.

Narendra Modi and Doval have sized up the situation correctly. I am sure that if it had been Modi and Doval in 1972, they would not have let the advantage of having 90,000 POWs melt away without wresting away some major part of Pakistan, or without breaking up Pakistan. A War Crime Tribunal would have broken up Pakistan at that time.

My two bits about the present situation is that this great Ummah feeling has completely disappeared from Gilgit-Baltistan today. Shias and Ismailis are persecuted, and Sunnis are being increasingly seen as a colonizing force.

We need not have any illusions about the population in these parts, but it is certain that the way to conquer Kashmir is not through Muzaffarabad, but through Khapalu and Skardu. This is true not only in territorial terms, but also in terms of minds of people.

The author is Principal Secretary, Ayush, Govt of Rajasthan.
  • Chitranjan Sawant

    The article on the Gilgit betrayal by Muslim troops and arrest of the Governor Ghansara Singh is well written. Interesting indeed. The Indian Army must not trust those who lean towards enemy Pakistan. Loss of Gilgit, Chitral, Skardu is lamented. Modi-Doval duo is an asset to Bharat.
    There is no point in crying over the spilt milk. Nevertheless the events of Gilgit and surrounding areas are an eye opener and caution Bharat against trusting the traitors who are ever ready to stab the mother land and its citizenry in the back.

  • Mubashir Jamel

    Another of latest attempt of hindutva propaganda to destort history when f India was winning Nehru wouldn’t have ran to UN for truce it are his personal efforts that India secured dogra raja consent andalso gained Muslim Majority region of gordaspur which allowed Indian Punjab linkage to Jammu for troops transport 🙂

  • Mateen Zaman

    A typical dirty Hindu psyche reflecting Dovel/Modi doctrine.Better cater for rest of India,you people cannot even think of getting a single inch of Pak territory. Only be prepared to disintegrate rest of India by the hands of Chinese, Pak army and mujaheddin in foreseeable future,start count down now

  • Hassan S Hakeem

    When people of Gilgit Baltistan acceded to Pakistan without the presence of any Pakistani V P Menon, how can the later arrival of Pakistani soldiers be termed an occupation. Sorry to say, but the writer is delusional.

  • Mir M Mir Gilgiti

    I read the article, the comments and enjoyed the war of words b/w Indians and Pakistanis. I found my self a native of Gilgit, my history, and my hero of the war of liberation of Gilgit, dead in the crossfire! neither the writer Sunday Dixit nor The commentators have aNY grasp on true event following partition. Major Brown has been given credit for revolt and Brown’s arresting of Governor Gansara Singh. Sir Dixit you must have read Pakistani version of fabricated story that ensured Honorary Award for Brown by govt of pak for sabotaging the the newly independent state Islamic Republic of Gilgit under the leadership of our hero Captain Mirza Hasan Khan. Khan native Gilgiti a captain of maharajah’s army revolted against Dogra raj and arrested Both Major Brown and governer Gansara Singh. please read Mirza Hasan khan’s book Shamsheer se zanjeer tak for his side of story!

  • jerseybbt

    I am Shia from Gilgit Pakistan and my loyalty lies to Pakistan only. If india tries to do any misadventure we will take back the rest of the Kashmir from India too, the unfinished agenda of 1948.

  • Giboy Panicker

    Author is talking – if Dovel and modi were there in 1972…. Why not 1971? Do they have the guts to fight British, China and US along with Pakistan is 1971? They must have given an unconditional apology like their go-pita Sawarkar and ran when the American ships came around

  • Mateen Zaman

    Hindus are the most disgusted and untrustworthy nation of the world

    • BalancedCentre

      Your hatred has destroyed your ability to think clearly. If your statement is true then Hindus would be flagged and blocked for visas but they’re welcomed instead muslims especially Sunnis are regularly blocked. Reasons?

  • MAyOr

    Typical Hindu thinking.
    “The saga of rape and murder of Indians in Bunji and Skardu need to be retold to all the Indians today so that they would know how Pakistan forces fight, and how misplaced their sense of fair play is when it comes to Pakistan, whether with their forces or their public.”

    • Aditya

      Go save your ass from your own creation Tahrik-e-Taliban.

    • Jana krish

      So, what should it be…”the Hindu barbaric women raped and killed the innocent Pakistani forces”…

    • Sumit Walia

      It is not Typical Hindu thinking but your hatred has overpowered your logical thinking. You cant think beyond communal lines. Go and check world’ military history, Siege of Skardu is second longest siege, comes only after siege of Stalingrad. After more than 275 days, when Paki forces entered the fort that had sheltered local hindu/sikh population, every man was killed & every woman was raped. Check UN’s stats about how Paki tribal forcesraped and looted Baramula for 3 days, that is why they could not capture srinagar airport coz they kept raping n looting baramula for 3 days.

  • The Gilgiti Dude

    Yes, war of Independence was fought by local people because they thought a ruler cannot decide their fate of accession to either of the countries. Secondly, Muslims of our area were sick of typical Hindu mind set like ban on cow slighter etc so they were not prepared to join India at any case.
    After reading this article, the sense of barbarity of Indian troops in Gilgit revived. I had heard stories from my parents but today I feel that those stories were right and I feel happy and thankful to them that they did this. Otherwise, we would be the mercy of Indian forces.

    • edl

      state govt can ban or revoke the ban on cow slaughter. only today the state police of kerala booked a pro hindu org in kerala because they were organizing a ‘pork fest’ and pig is not even holy for muslims as is cow for hindus,yet the so called secular govt booked that hindu org. if state govt of j n k decides to revoke the ban, they can. muslims are sick not because hindu r in govt,muslims are typically sick of the very existence of non muslims and thats why we see muslims blowing up embassies ,schools,theatre etc around the globe from thailand,indonesia to america.

    • Aditya

      Did you even read the article? Indian troops did not reach Gilgit. It was Pakistanis who invaded Gilgit. You parent must have told how brutal tribal militias were and Pakistani Army was. You seem to have misheard them. I think you are a typical Mulsim who love to play victim card.

  • alimelad

    lol is the only thing taht i can say cuz im from gilgit baltistan as it is called now and my grandfather kick ur indian butt in the war i which we kicked out the kashmiri government and as for ur thought of conquering skurdu remember me to wake u up when u do that

  • Bemel Mesre

    Great learned article. I wonder what the sold out historians of JNU have to say about this.

  • Pravin balakrishnan

    Excellent and informative article.

  • Maj Gen C K Karumbaya

    Gilgit and Skardu are inhabited by Shias, like our Muslims in Kargil. They speak Dardi and not Urdu like Sunni Muslims of Shrinagar Valley. They intensely dislike each other. The whole area was initially captured by the Dogra General Zorawar Singh. Indian Army could have liberated this area after the capture of Zozila and Kargil;in1949; but our Prime Minister declared unilateral cease fire and went to UN. This was the greatest blunder committed by India.

    • The Gilgiti Dude

      Excuse me there is no any sikh in Gilgit or skardu now

      • Sadanand Bhat

        Yes they have all been converted to muslims forcibly. Option was to convert or die and they had to convert.

        • The Gilgiti Dude

          We are not so extremists as Hindus are. We do not kill someone on basis of eating cow’s meat or force some one to drink cow urine. And a terrorist cannot become the prime minister of Pakistan but in India every thing is possible. Killer of thousands of Muslims is your Prime minister, a terrorist.

          • Sadanand Bhat

            Who is we? Pakistan had 12% hindus during partition and now it is hardly 2%,the hindu women get abducted in broad day light and get converted. The temples are damaged, and people taking their dead to cremation grounds get stones thrown at them and prevented from cremating resulting in the exodus of many remaining hindus to India.And you guys have the temerity to talk about extremism? Who started the train burning in Godhra? Who butchered the two young boys who stood up to protect their sisters respect in Muzaffarnagar? Who drove away all the hindu neighbours from kashmir and still talk about kashmiriat? How are the christians faring in your country facing the blaphemy laws. May be Modi should go to the Porkistan and learn about how to do the job properly not just get accused for a progrom not done, but how the muslims do it and play the victim card and beg Funds from US to fight the terrorism they do and on top of it give a bhasan on Secularism.

          • Mohsin Ali

            May be Muslim, in their 800 years rule, forgot to do what you have done so far with Muslims…! or perhaps they almost forgot the very nature of Hinduism for what they can do with other religions if they will be given command…! in about 800 years they would have easily eliminated Hinduism if they would have adopted your way as you are doing in Kashmir! So think before saying anything.

          • Sudip Bhattacharjee

            You are really very ignorant about the 800 years of muslim barbaric rule of India. That was a period of continuous wars between the barbaric invaders and rapists vs Marathas Rajputs Sikhs Ahoms and finally the Mughal empire crumbled to dust by Maratha resistence.

          • Sadanand Bhat

            NO need to mention of the descendants of Jealot Aurangzeb wiped out by the sikhs in 1857 and threw oldie bahdurshah in jail to repent sins of his grandfather for demolishing the mathura and kasi temples among 1000s more.

          • Rocky S

            Mughal Empire was crushed not due to Marathas but the Sikhs. Please check your facts.

          • Gauhar

            I ama Punjabi, But it seems that Rocky S does not know anything about the History. Does he know that Maratha empire was a bigger empire than Sikh empire. and mARATHAS DEFEATED Sikhs twice . Both of the forces fought against Mughals but Sikhs defeated Mughal only around Punjab, but rest of INdia Marathas played a greater role

          • deejay.singh

            Haha, Gauhar, please share the instance of Marathas defeating Sikhs. Sikhs always were less in numbers but were Galant to the hilt. Marathas paid greater role but History knows where did they taste defeat first. No disrespect to either Sikhs or Marathas.

          • BayAreaBiker

            @Mohsin: Oh! It’s not that they didn’t try… jaziya, forcible conversions, abductions, attacks by muslim army on Hindu forts just because the Hindu queen or princess was very beautiful were very much part of muslim rule of 800 years. It’s the Hindu resilience that our ancestors survived unlike our western neighbors who cowardly converted.

          • JayZ
          • BalancedCentre

            You are talking like the Sunnis islamofascists of Kashmir who have oppressed and forced out non-muslims from Kashmir esp Kashmiri pandits. So much for your big words. Isn’t sharif the executor in charge of ongoing murders and atrocities in Balochistan, PoK, Sindh your PM? In contrast our PM has been cleared of any wrong doings in Gujrat by Supreme Court – the highest court of India which happens to be strongly independent court. Don’t forget what started Gujarat riots. As you sow, so shall you reap. Get it.

          • Augustine Alencherry

            How about eating pork? How about saying prophet is a lier? How about saying prophet was a child abuser? How about disrespecting your holy book? How about converting a muslim into another religion? How about simply being a non muslim? Yeah, I know how tolerant your replies are going to be. How about voting rites to non-muslims at the very least?

            Your country is being ruled by terrorists of all types. Terrorists being trained and supported by the army / ISI to sneak into and kill thousands in neighbouring countries. Terrorists being hidden and supported after they kill thousands in other countries. Hindus may beless tolerant than they used to / should be, but it is nothing compared to mass butchering happening in Pakistan? Look at the number of minorities in India and Pak, since Independence. In India, it is growing and in Pakistan, they are being phased out. We give 100% rights – to muslims and even more, in terms of reservation in many states.

            Don’t even compare a secular country – even with its faults – to a religion based excuse for a country that is the biggest terror exporter in the world. A country that allows Americans to kill its people by missiles. A country that support terrorists and run safe havens and camps and at the same time, get funds for supporting war on terror. Shame on you.

    • Hassan S Hakeem

      I think today’s Indian commentators are forgetting that by 1948, Pakistan Army troupes & equipment had reached Pakistan & had been reorganised after separation from British Indian Army. Had the operations continued, Pakistan for obvious logistical & religious advantages, been able to gain.

      2nd Army Chief of Pakistan Army, General Musa Khan was a Shia Hazara from Quetta.

      People of Gilgit Baltistan do not speak Dari.

      Balti, Shina, Burushaski, Wakhi, Khowari, Kohistani, Kashmiri, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashtoo are the language spoken in Gilgit Baltistan.

  • P S Panwar

    A bitter truth about 1947 and Kashmir is further added to our knowledge.

  • Khaum

    Really, ???? All the preface of this article seems to be based on hatred towards Muslims and some romantic thoughts of breaking up Pakistan. All his theories just focused on dehumanising Pakistanis and Muslims. . Very dangerous .. I m unable to understand as to why Indian media thinks so much abt Pakistan. . U guys r no different from us and we don’t hate u this much..
    We have moved on .. u should too..
    We seriously don’t think abt u anymore .. not our media nor our ppl.. I would suggest these communal haters to get a life. Eat drink and pray and go out meet ppl

    • media radar

      Haha. So why is Pak breeding terrorists, constantly firing at civilians across the border and building nuclear missiles? Just to keep away boredom?

      • Khaum

        Breeding terrorist ? Pak is country of 180 mil ppl . So if pretext of your comment is, that everyone is terrorist in pakistan then can’t help u. U need therapy . But if you r just saying some are terrorist, then may be true, but it’s same in ur country as well.

        Killing civilian across border.. well , it’s same story here .. Indian army killing civilians here too.. killing of civilian is bad .. here and there both. Should not happen .. but it’s not like one in Angel and throwing roses..

        Nuclear weapon r dangerous. . If u guys have it, it’s bad and dangerous as well. But with ur current government religious fanatics.. it suddenly seems good idea to have few for ourselves. Otherwise u being more powerful nation would have trampled us.

        Stop this war craving. It’s bad. It’s not like u r America and we r Iraq or something. . We have a functioning society with million problems .. but they r no different than any other place of the world. Come visit Pakistan. . U will see.. go out in lahore karachi Islamabad or anywhere.. no one will bother u much other than traffic.

        Guys do some research for God sake abt Pakistan. How u portray us in movies is just hilarious ..

        Take a step back and think abt ur country .. stop trying to ruin us..

        Btw .. no religious fanatic can come to power in pakistan ever by vote. Unlike wat u have

        • skeptical

          pakistan indeed is marching ahead…this is reflected in how much they allocate for defense at the cost of quality of life for its citizens 🙂 . Now will anyone tell me for how much hours they get power at their homes be it in karachi/islamabad.. is it close to 6 hrs/day?

          • MAyOr

            Learn the population dynamic of your country, you should be competing with china instead of Pakistan.. Its a pity that you compare the lifestyle of Pakistanis with Indians.. India has more slums than Pakistan.

          • Sumit Walia

            we dont compare ourselves with Pakistan or any other country. We dont insult ourselves. It is pakistan who compares itself with us. Look at your news channel, they give us example to look up to in field of ECONOMY, EDUCATION, RAILWAY, HEALTH CARE, TAXES, SPACE etc…you guys dont see any news channel in pak?

          • The Gilgiti Dude

            LOL half of India sleeps on roads and rape is a common phenomena in India. Do not fool us by Bollywood movies; we have inside information about India. Indians are chicken heart people. They even cannot accept defeat in a game like cricket.

          • Khaum

            I don’t know who told u that we get 6 hrs electricity in isb or karachi. I m not saying that things r not tough .. they are bad. But sir I have been to India and sorry infrastructure in India is no more different than pak .. jaipur get regular power cuts. We both have problems .. not much different problems. But stop pretending u guys are some kind of super power and we are leaving in dark ages

        • Bemel Mesre

          Pakistan goes to bed hungry to feed its oversized army and terrorists. Ur children R dying of hunger in Thar but terror get fat and fatter.

          • MAyOr

            Bed hungry ? haha you should know Pakistanis are the biggest charity giving people.

          • Sumit Walia

            hahaha,….. ohh really:):))):):) yeah…as per Zaid Hamid ` country where ppl with roam around with ZAKAT & no one will be so poor to accept the ZAKAT`……good good…keep going..

          • The Gilgiti Dude

            Can anyone tell me how many women are raped in India in a day? What action has been taken when Modi actively killed thousands of innocent muslims in India in 2005 and is still feels proud of doing it?
            I guess Modi is missing one thing that is he is under estimating Pakistan. He is unaware of the cornered tiger.

          • Sumit Walia

            That is none of your business. WHAT MADE YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN ASK that. It is simple, you have no answer to above questions so to counter , you simply ask question and try to deflect from main subject.

          • edl

            actually pakistan has almost 50 times more rapists than india

        • Aditya

          I live with Pakistanis and they accept that they are breeding terrorists in their own backyard. Their own people are not safe. 19th January and 20th January bomb blasts happened in KPK. Then happened attack on Baccha Khan University. Paksitani friends tell me that all of these were carried out by their own people who have become terrorists.

        • Sumit Walia

          hahahah… you are so insure man. He just said breeding. He never mentioned that everyone is terrorist, he never spoke of cross border shelling or Nuclear weapon. You guys are so insecure about threat from india and abour ur nukes. Name any famous terrorist that has not been killed in Pakistan. Al Qaida’s number 1, 2,3 n so many more were killed in Pakistan. And have you forgotten Dr A Q Khan’s nuclear smuggling. World has less problem with Pak’s nukes and mouch more problem with that nuclear smuggler that lives peacefully there in his `house arrest`.

          And you dont need to elect Religious fanatics. your ISI created few . Remember ISI created Internal wing & was behind alliance of PML & JeI to counter benazeer….You hardly got chance to elect anyone in Pak, this is the first elected govt who got power transferred from an elected govt. Otherwise Military did the favour every time.

      • The Gilgiti Dude

        Why is India funding Taliban to kill hundreds of children in Pakistan? Why is she lobying Afghanistan against Pakistan? Actually Pakistani army has broken the back bone of the indian funded terrorists who were doing their best to destabilize Pakistan. So in desperation India is trying to make the situation tense by boarder terrorism and suspending the peace talks. If you people are so confident that Kashmir people support you then why dont you hold a refrendem there?

        • Aditya

          LOL India is certainly funding Afghanistan’s development. India has constructed their Parliament Building. What did Pakistan do? Nurtured terrorists to destroy Afghanistan, and kill Pathans and Indians engineers, architect working there. As for Kashmir, go and learn a little what parts does it comprise of? As for referendum, go and check UNSC resolution number 47 and then come for a debate.

        • Jana krish

          Now, Gilgit dude, wakeup… it’s like you are having a nightmare about India … stop blabbering like a possessed idiot…

    • Bemel Mesre

      It is Pakistan that wants to change present boundaries. Not India. Pakistan is a psycho state whose Pres denies presence of Laden a million times.

    • edl

      where is the muslim hatred here? in this article?

    • Aditya

      It was Pakistan who attacked India first. It is a fact and then they took over Gilgit and Baltistan. They wanted to capture Kashmir valley as well but they were resisted successfully. Muslim love to play victim card, I know.

    • BalancedCentre

      Correction, its not pakistani ppl we hate, but islamofascist jihadi minded punjabi dominated paki army/isi complex, which like in dictatorship has been oppressing and killing the common ppl of pakistan since 1947.

    • Sumit Walia

      hahaha…really. I keep a close watch on your media. Every other person says `INDIA NE ABHI TAB HAME DIL SE TASLEEM NAHI KIYA` and you are saying that you have moved on. We dont give a damn to any other country, we are busy with our day to day life. No one thinks of Jihad here or issues faced by brotherly muslims of hindus living in other countries. There are no donation boxes anywhere in India asking to donate money for JIHAD in Kashmir or Palestine. If anyone watches Zemtv for 3 days and here asma jahangir, hassan nissar, rauf klasra etc AND ppl like zaid hamid, babar awan, Abdi, paracha, etc, he will understand that Pakistan is still stuck in either 1400 yes ago time or in 1947.

  • subodh1945


  • Uday Tiwari

    Dont have words.. to thanks the author ! Before I read the article.. The words Gilgit-Baltistan were having an only ID in my mind that it has been given to China by Pak ! Surprising thing to know.. Eye opener.. !
    If possible.. would like to know more about – “The saga of rape and murder of Indians in Bunji and Skardu need to be retold to all the Indians today”
    The hero of Skadru Lieutenant Colonel Sher Jung Thapa !

    Thanks a lot sir..

  • deshbhakt

    The local population there was muslm n it would have been very hard to maintain control over large areas where muslms were in majority as they would have been influenced by this whole jihadi bug….kashmir valley itself has been a hands full for indian army and taking more territory would have been hard unless we could just take the land without people which was not possible….

    • Amar

      Kashmir valley is the most densely populated (by muslims) part of J&K. Gilgit and Baltistan have less than 10% population of valley and 6-7 times the land area- so it is a bit like ‘land without too many hostile people’. We would have been much better off having very strategically located Gilgit/Baltistan rather than difficult to control valley.

      • Amar

        Also not to forget Nehru was a Kashmiri – meaning his ancestors belonged to the Kashmir valley. That may be why he had more attachment towards the valley and not so much for Gliglt/Baltistan.

        • Bemel Mesre

          The dynasty has no known relative in Kashmir. They R rootless carpetbaggers.

          • Aditya

            Raj Kaul is the earliest recorded ancestor of Jawahar Lal Nehru. He is believed to have migrated from Kashmir to Delhi in 1716 AD.

        • Jairam Modi

          Also remember Nehru was communist. I think he believed in Adhikari thesis – a communist agenda that wanted to give the secessionistss the freedom to secede from the Indian Union.

      • deshbhakt

        Nice facts….dint know….would have been a good move but Nehru was too busy with Edwina…

    • Bemel Mesre

      U dont get it do U Indian forces were advancing and could have liberated Pakistan in 1948 Lincoln style.