Tipu Jayanti Claims A Life In Madikeri

It appears that Siddaramaiah-ruled Karnataka is the new hotspot of real, ongoing rising intolerance in India.

It appears that Siddaramaiah-ruled Karnataka is the new hotspot of real, ongoing rising intolerance in India. Despite a loud chorus of opposition that started more than a month ago against Siddaramaiah Government’s decision to celebrate Tipu Sultan’s Jayanti (birthday) in Karnataka today, the celebration was held.

Madikeri, the capital of Kodagu was witness to the ghastly death of Vishwa Hindu Parishad General Secretary of Kodagu unit, the 67-year old Kuttappa earlier today.   Ground reports sent to IndiaFacts from Madikeri state that the Kodagu Federation, citizens’ groups, the VHP and other outfits had organized a peaceful protest march against celebrating Tipu’s Jayanti.

A native of Madikeri, Sri Ashok (name changed to protect identity) reports that about 1000 vehicles—bikes, jeeps and cars—had left at about 8 in the morning today from Napoklu, a small Hobli about 40 kilometres from Madikeri. He also reports that significant numbers of Muslims from neighbouring Kerala had arrived in the region day before yesterday.

Another eyewitness to the incident has emailed a brief account of how the incident unfolded. About 100 people from VHP were silently protesting at Thimmaiah circle in Madikeri when Muslim supporters of Tipu Jayanti arrived in “hundreds of vehicles. Police were aware of it. Vehicles came from Kerala and there were around two or three thousand people. Many cars and lorries with KL [Kerala] registration were seen. Some suspect that local illegal Bangaldeshi labourers were also made part of the rally.

Although the VHP workers requested police not to allow people in vehicles, the police paid no heed to their request. [Tipu Jayanti supporters] came from Mangalore road, Virajpet Road and Mysore Road. They entered the Thimmaiah Circle from three roads. While coming they simply attacked the innocent Hindus whomever they saw. A stone hit Kuttappa and he was deeply injured and died in the hospital.

Figure 1Photo of VHP Leader Sri Kuttappa who died due to stone pelting

VHP Leader Sri Kuttappa who died due to stone pelting

The attacks primarily included mass stone pelting against the peaceful protesters. Local Kodagu people suspect the hand of SDPI and PFI workers behind this unprovoked attack. Kuttappa’s killing comes barely three weeks after the brutal murder of cow protection activist Prashant Pujari in Moodabidri near Mangalore.

It appears that the Siddaramaiah government is becoming increasingly brazen in its inherently anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim discrimination. There is widespread public anger in Karnataka against the slew of freebies and discriminatory economic schemes favouring the minorities, the attempt to pass the anti-Superstition Bill targeting Hindu practices, takeover of Hindu temples, and now, these murders.

A generally peaceful state, Karnataka under the Siddaramaiah dispensation seems to have touched a new low in lawlessness in just over two years since the Congress came to power. The mainstream English media has portrayed this attack as a “clash between two communities” whereas ground reports from Kodagu clearly show it was an unprovoked aggression initiated by the supporters of Tipu Jayanti.

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  • importingtrash
  • Shubhangi Raykar

    A Hindu lost his life for no reason and what did the media do? Nothing like the Dadri outrage? Is Medicary full of Congress cowards? Why doesn’t the chief minister declare it a Muslim state?

  • NK Sarma

    hindus are destined to die if we cannot mobilize crowd for our cause like muslims. In every riot, muslims mobilized tens of thousands over night without anyone’s notice. Muzzafarnagar, Azad Maidan, Chennai US embassy, saharanpur and so on. By nature, weaker species get annihilated by the strong ones. In case of riots, its only the size of mob and the brutality that decides the winner. Gujarat is peaceful not because of Modi, it is peaceful because of the riot that intimidated bullies for good. Its a pity we don’t have any kshatriyas with pride now.

  • Arnab Mitra

    The sad part is Hindus never learn from their past experiences or they are not allowed to learn by teaching them false History. People invited this situation for themselves in 2013 when they voted for Congress. I agree that the BJP at that time was facing a difficult time when BS Yeddyurappa the true fiery Hindutva leader of Karnataka went on to create his own party KJP and there was a vote spilt…. Hindus lost ….. so be united. Actually Yeddyurappa was a victim conspiracy by the CSI in connivance with Antonia Maino to malign him … because he had effectively reduced the conversions by church in tribal areas of Karnataka. Hindus must rise above caste and petty issues within and work in the interest of the larger Hindu community. There is always room for adjustments and discussion on internal affairs of the Hindus…. same mistake has been repeated in Bihar to invite Jungle Raj -2……

  • vamsi krishna

    Ahimsa Paramo Dharma

    Dharma himsa tathaiva cha

    This timeless worse have been taken by arabs and christians seriously than Hindus it seems and the half naked fakir not just misguided us but also misguided to the real statement of Dhara when he chose to speak aobut only first half.

    Coming to Himsa (violence) which some members have been talking about. How to attack to, even to break their legs (just like shiv sena used to do in 70’s). Muslims have a perfect understanding about the nature of society and violence.

    The moment a christian professors hand was chopped, intellectuals, even in private, have stopped showing their anger against musims. For muslims, clearly understand the power of violence that too in respect to the Hindu intellectuals (or so called).

    If I was a BJP/RSS head, I understand the problem like this.

    1. Intellectuals and the assorted media and the political narrative only targets Hindus simply because they are a soft target and won’t attack if they are attacked verbally. It also gives them great advertisement about their secular credentials that they are attacking the Hindu fringe. During Bihar elections, the assorted intellectuals dropped their last facade and went against Hindus in general.

    Giving statements and partaking in their puerile discussions is not going to help.

    2. First, identify the enemies. The enemies are not muslims or general christian population but the fringe. The enemies are not daily anchors on the news channels but people who fund them. Enemies are not people who may have different opinion to RSS/BJP but opinion makers.

    3. The real enemies are flanked and bounded by concentric circles of liberal intelectuals. If Islamic terrorists are core enemies (remember kasab or memon), the first guarding circle is the professional lawyers who are funded by international agencies who understand indian legalities. Harsh mandar et al

    4. The second boundary is the fake intellectuals who provide the fodder not only to anti national elements but provoke new recruits through actions.

    5. The third boundary is the fake film personalities.

    6. The last boundary is the secular parties.

    Unless you break all other boundaries, you will never reach islamist or vatican fringe without painted being communal.


    1.Trap a journalist like karan thapar in anti-Dalit outrage (like he insulted dalit, a man is sent to provoke him) and see how media people start supporting thapar (remember tarun tejpal) and the media’s face comes out. RSS can then show how media people were most of them elites themselves and when comes to their own, they first support their ownpeople.

    2.Kick the butt of Arundathi roy so hard (preferably in foreign shores that no other anti-national (fake) intellectuals takes her side. The reason why no intellectual has come in support of taslima nasreen as these intellectuals are cowards andfear physical assault. Have you ever wondered, inspite of so much fury against shiv sena, at the end of the day, media just kisses the SS and forgets the episode. Since SS can go to any length to teach them a lesson. The reason why no intellectuals talks about mamata, Jaya or even Akhilesh. not because they are secular (Shiv sena is not secular) but they can use strong arm tactics. BJP in Gujarat was feared too. This is important in democracies where natural law of justice takes too long and previleged elite has more power than common people.

    3. People who perceivably are anti-Hindu like kancha illaiah are usually anti-india too. So kick them hard physically using kashmis issue as an excuse (incidentllay illiah wants US to invade india to convert and stop our so called colonisation of kashmir!!). The illiah from where he hails, hyderabad, has such strong army of MIM and TRS , that these intellectuals fear talking about them.

    4. Film personalities simply fear bad publicity. Just threaten to disrupt every media function of their film and they simply come to your feet. Remember shahrukh and amir licking the feet of bal thackrey, as they fear thackrey could disrupt their film promotions.

    You can use dalit cause or kashmir cause and they just shut up.

    People who really have opinions do not fear and these mercenaries must be paid in same coin.

    5.Kicking the real capitalist who runs times now would be sufficient for them to realize. Govt can just hound them with tax officers and they suddenly change their narrative. Modi has been too linient on media moghuls and they were running haywire against the Govt.

    Thats a start.

    Only when you break the concentric boudary walls will you be able to punish the kasabs and memoms fearlessly.

  • Indian

    This is the Trailer of Vatican Xian Raj which will make Hindus a Red Indian tribe DECIMATED. Siddaramaiah is a Xian Pig behind false Hindu name. ITS SONIA who has murdered him. The Church rascals. SONIA and Siddha should be made to feel the heat. Attack of Siddharamaiah family members and sonia piglets is the answer. Bihar elections are history a few Gutter drain blooded Congis is CALL OF THE DAY. A GOOD CONGI IS A DEAD CONGI

  • 1. From Sandeep Balakrishna, Editor of IndiaFacts Research Centre?

    2. Inscription on Tipu Sultan’s sword

    “My victorious sabre is lightning for the destruction of the
    unbelievers. Ali the Emir of the Faithful, is victorious for my
    advantage, and moreover, he destroyed the wicked race who were
    unbelievers. Praise be to him , who is the lord of the world!Thou
    art our lord, support us against the people who are unbelievers. He to
    whom the lord giveth victory prevails over all. Oh lord, make
    him victorious, who promoteth the faith of muhammad. Confound him, who
    refuseth the faith of muhammad; and withhold us from those who are so
    inclined from the true faith. The lord is predominant over his own
    works. Victory and conquest are from the almighty. Bring happy tidings,
    Oh muhammad, to the faithful; for god is the kind protector and is the
    most merciful of the merciful. If god assists thee, thou will prosper.
    May the lord god assist thee, Oh muhammad, with a mighty great victory.”

  • Krispy K

    I think this country needs a civil war. That is what it will take to wipe out these Congress bastards and their dogs once and for all.

    • cant have it with 2 nuclear armed neighbors.

    • Kraken

      With the false perception of “intolerance” being manufactured and perpetrated by libtards, I sometimes feel that it’s time the nationalistic Hindus raised the baton and gave these scumbags a REAL reason to bitch about!

    • Anoop Sreenath

      This is exactly other powers want, a civil war.. they can use this excuse and completely finish off all pro hindu leaders in India…Congress will use their powers and blame it on BJP and RSS.. and lo behold pappu or a clown like kejriwal will be the PM remote controlled from abroad..

      • Krispy K

        Only if they win.

        Otherwise we continue to do nothing and allow our enemies to chip away at us until we evaporate.

        • NARAYAN MAO

          Well done fascist, you said something I agree with. You should do nothing and evaporate. You don’t need to provide prrrrrrrroooooooooof for this one.


      Why are you blaming Congress? It is well known that the attack was carried out by a BJP agent to malign Soniaji and Rahulji and Arvindji. The fascist was transported in via a UFO flown by fascist Hindu aliens, who also captured a few stray Muslims to eat on their way back to their regressive, communal planet. If you are claiming that this didn’t happen, it is up to YOU to prrrrrrrooooooooooove it. Where’s the evidence, you fascist Hindu? I’m here to learn, don’t abuse me.

  • giri

    Congress trying everything to dethrone the BJP government. They spread the bogie of “intolerence” with the help of the media which has an axe to grind against Modi. Wait until it all leads to some communal flare ups culminating in riots towards the end of the tenure of the present government so that all these people (including biased foreign press) can say:”we told you so”

  • Kamal

    Hindus jaago and leave this cowardly foolish Gandhian principles. Teach these rascals a lesson.

  • slayer98

    after scrapping cow protection scheme in favour of Muzzies, now cong govt did celebrate the Tipu Jayanti. Muzzies are not supposed to allow such celebrations and support this as it is against their law. But cong did it for gaining popularity among the Muzzies.

  • Jishnu

    Congi traitors first tried to sabotage diwali then tried propping up Tipu barbarian’s anniversary. For all the cribbing that RSS and BJP fellows did against BSY and the self-destruction they did of the BJP govt, they better learn the lesson that this will be their fate for self-destruction.

  • Sibby

    The intellectuals are back again. After Aurungzeeb, their new secular king is Tipu Sultan. Read here: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/karnataka/A-Progressive-King-Who-Promoted-Use-of-Kannada/2015/11/10/article3122295.ece
    Now they are justifying Tipu Sultan. According the historians, he was a controversial figure. He was a islamic king with Hindu majority. He wanted to promote Islam without avoiding starting riots from Hindu Majority. That’s why he killed so many Hindus and Christians but also build few temples after destroying many. No way he can be considered a “good king”.

    Of course, unlike “beef ban”, mass media does not see celebration of birthday of controversial king as divisive though one is killed and many injured while protesting. Plus it hurts sentiments of many minority communities like people in Coorg.

    Also another thought, Whenever we think of secular historical king, why it always has to be from Mughal empire i.e. Akbar. Chatrapati Shivaji was equally secular who allowed both Hindus and Muslims to freedom of religion. He was equally loved by both hindus and muslims. But Shivaji is always seen as right wing Hindu affiliated to Sangh by the mass media because he fought against Mughal Empire.

    • Kraken

      “Chatrapati Shivaji was equally secular who allowed both Hindus and Muslims to freedom of religion”

      Please do not compare Shivaji Maharaj with Akbar. The latter was anything but secular.
      He was simply the least bigoted of all the Mughal rulers.