UK’s Labour Party Stands against Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to make a much-anticipated visit to the UK on…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to make a much-anticipated visit to the UK on 12-14 November 2015. Of benefit to both countries, the visit is cause for great celebration to UK Indians.

The 13 November event at Wembley to connect the Indian diaspora to Modi, no mean organisational feat by any measure,is expected to reach 55,000 persons. But the joy of the momentous occasion is mitigated by the prospect of the Wembley event being used cynically by the Labour Party to whitewash its record vis-a-vis PM Modi and India, while actively continuing to promote forces working against Modi and India.

Narendra Modi

PM Modi has survived many an attack on his reputation since 2002, when he became Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, the origin of a large section of the Indians in the UK.

British officials, under the Blair Labour government, had been instructed since the 2002 riots not to deal directly with Mr Modi. It is not just the Indian courts which have repeatedly cleared Modi from wrongdoing, a fact which his detractors conspicuously ignore, betraying their disingenuous designs.

An application for Modi’s arrest following allegations of torture was made in the UK in 2003 but dismissed for failure by the petitioners to produce evidence. Modi suffered other humiliations at the hands of Labour governments.The campaign against him took the form of visa denials in the UK and,since 2005, in the United States, the latter known to have been encouraged by anti-national forces in India.

Members of the Labour Party have consistently expressed an anti-India and anti-Modi stance. In 2007, an Early Day Motion (EDM) on the killing of Muslims in Gujarat was primarily supported by Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs.

Those signing up to the EDM make no mention of the wanton murder of Hindus that led to subsequent riots, and applaud “the recent decision of the United States not to grant a visa to the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for severe violations of religious freedoms.”

The language is evocative of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), set up at the behest of evangelical interests, and basically underwrites the foreign-orchestrated campaign to unseat an elected leader, by sponsoring criminal elements in India.

In 2010, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government began to lift the boycott against Mr Modi with the announcement that the High Commissioner to India would be going to Gujarat, already known then as a flagship state and a powerful economic success story.

Matters took a dramatic turn after the 16 May 2014 election in India resulted in a resounding victory for the BJP, and the NDA coalition of which it forms the major part, with Modi becoming PM of India.

David Cameron

David Cameron congratulated Modi on his election victory, inviting him to visit the UK. Besides support for PM Modi, the Conservatives were the only party that took account of India as a global player in their 2015 election manifesto, supporting India’s permanent membership of the UN Security Council and a free trade deal between the EU and India.

While the new Conservative government has made it clear that it welcomes Mr Modi, the stance of other parties has been ambivalent or worse.

The Labour Party in particular has a history of hostility against Mr Modi, motivated in part by its reliance on votes from the UK’s Mirpuri, Pakistani electorate. Nearly 70 per cent of Pakistanis voted for Labour in 2015, the highest for all ‘Asian’ groups.

As the British government began to court Modi, elements within the Labour and Respect parties insisted on embargoing him.

An EDM of 17 December 2012 sponsored by Respect’s George Galloway superciliously demanded that Modi not be allowed to visit Britain and that the British High Commissioner in India sever relations with him.

Three Labour MPs, all with significant Muslim voters in their constituencies, including the current Shadow Chancellor Shadow of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, co-sponsored the EDM.

Another EDM tabled on 4 September 2013 sponsored by six  Labour and Respect party MPs, took a similar stand. Two of its co-sponsors were Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour leader, and John McDonnell.

As concerns broader policy towards India, Labour Party members, without demur or explanation from the Labour leadership, have advocated a referendum in Kashmir.

Tantamount to interference in India’s internal affairs, it concedes to Pakistani jihadism, the cause of massive violations against Kashmiri Pandits, including their forced expulsion from Kashmir. Support for a referendum effectively endorses violations carried out by Pakistan-sponsored jihadists. Yet this appears to be the current stand of the Labour Party, exemplifying the left’s ambivalence about confronting jihadism.

Pakistan-sponsored elements including Kashmiri and Khalistani separatistsare expected to figure prominently among protestors during the Modi visit.John McDonnell, close to UK Khalistanis, has compared the killing of Sikhs in 1984 to what Hitler did to the Jews and has called on India to conduct an inquiry on the events of 1984.

Corbyn and McDonnellboth supported an event at Westminster for the group Awaaz which submitted a report prior to the 2014 Lok Sabha election advocating a Modi boycott. The occasion was used to brand all Hindus as fascists.

Conceived to back Church-led proselytism and conversions in India,the caste provision in the Equality Act 2010 received decisive support from the Labour and Liberal Democrat benches in Parliament, despite overwhelming oppositionfrom the Hindu and Jain community.

The Labour Party compelled its MPs to vote for the caste clause. Among the MPs to share the podium with Modi at Wembley, Virendra Sharma and the Chair of Labour Friends of India, Barry Gardiner, both voted in favour of the caste clause.

Implicit in such support is the idea that Indian Dharmic traditions are false religions and no longer worth preserving.

Figures for the UK’s Dalit population were picked out of thin air to justify the caste legislation, with a constant ratcheting up of the number. While Lord Avebury cited a figure between 50,000 and 200,000, Jeremy Corbyn stated that there were 1 million Dalits in the UK. Bearing in mind that Hindu, Sikhs and Jains are together some 1.3 million, the staggering figure for Dalits has never been explained by Corbyn despite repeated requests.

The new Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn,and the new Labour front bench have played an unpatriotic role shaping UK policy against Mr Modi. The Labour Party thus pits itself against the largest democracy in the world.

A minority in that party,no doubt those who will be joining PM Modi at Wembley, ostensibly favour a softer, more nuanced stance towards Mr Modi. They appear insignificant considering their party’s attitude to India, the BJP and PM Modi, and are caught between an intransigent leadership and a rising Modi-led India that is a matter of pride for its diaspora in the UK. They include figures such as Keith Vaz, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, stonewalls when confronted about Labour’s role.

We appear badly served by the Asian press in the UK too, which, for reasons best known to its proprietors, refuses to talk about the Labour record on India and Modi, effectively playing its part in the duplicity.

The Labour Party is perfidiously jeopardising a relationship of long-term benefit to both countries, as well as one of great succour to the Indian diaspora in the UK. It is playing two hands simultaneously on the occasion of the Modi visit.

Select Labour members will embrace Modi while the party leadership apparently legitimates potentially dangerous protests against Modi by its long term friends. The exact nature of the relationship of the Labour Party with the Pakistani and Khalistani protestors expected to besiege Modi’s historic Wembley stadium event requires careful scrutiny. As Sun Tzu long ago said: “All warfare is based on deception.

Prakash Shah is a Reader in Culture and Law at Queen Mary University of London.
  • Pradeep Gupta

    Of course, coz they know Mr. Modi doesn’t bootlick them like his predecessors from the Gandhi family!

  • Dr. MS

    This is a shame. Intelligent, progressive and forward thinking societies or nations (with the emphasis on “thinking”) would not consider China and India to be mutually exclusive. They would also not consider management and labor to be mutually exclusive in a globalized world, globalizing world and a more integrated world. India has much to offer the Labor party of England, and England owes India big time for its many centuries of “colonialism”. Labor in UK needs to study the colonial history of its own government, ideology and policies. And understand “International Labor” issues as well. After understanding it, UK Labor must act with proper respect for an ex-colony that has stood tall, proud and self directed, and must learn the art of “collaboration, cooperation, and co-existence with a mutual, well negotiated, treaties” with India. Only a churlish petty racist society would make this about Modi. Can the UK Labor demonstrate that truth and reality with India? Otherwise it is Labor’s loss.

    • AAN

      uk needs to be nuked for the good of humanity

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Whether it is Labour or Conservative party uk is anti Vedic. Anti Hindus like us. Period.

    uk also knows very well Hindus are suckers for cheap flattery. And we have been consistently proving them right. Hence their prince charles stroking the backs of Mumbai Dabbawalas is enough to send all Hindus go overboard. So a padmini kolhapure plants kisses on his wizened skin doing arathi , a sonali bendre throws a marigold garland around his neck. Thus emboldened the same prince charles makes a show of entering one Hindus’ Temple & that is more than enough for Hindu suckers to scream indoo-british bhai bhai.

    uk does not need any other country to invest & enrich them AT ALL. They have long enriched themselves by plundering & RAPING all countries around. One STOLEN Hindus’ Kohinoor Diamond ALONE in their custody is more than enough to enrich ALL poor & impoverished / malnourished / jobless / overtime pay denied people of China , the homeless in India & entire Africa.

    However uk being much more smart than IDIOTS of india decided to auction the spectacles , loin cloth etc etc of muslim APPEASER mk.gandhi & predictably some rich indian IDIOT paid the highest price buying them. The money went to uk.
    The indian idiot was left holding useless junk used by mk.gandhi the ENEMY of Hindus & APPEASER of muslims.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    ” மதியாதார் தலைவாசல் மிதிக்க வேண்டாம்” says our Hindu ஔவையார்.

    Sri.Narendra Modi should avoid going to UK diplomatically postponing it giving some reason like attending to internal governance & so on.

    America is different. uk is an ENEMY of Hindus like us. uk is full of superciliousness & doublespeak. Finding itself getting written off , has suddenly wooed CHINA . Every nanosecond of their lives gets spent in badmouthing CHINA. Now their queen is left with no option but to spread the red carpet bestowing faux smiles & greetings. In tandem with that bbc is busy talking to some solitary protoplasm in Hong Kong desperately trying to convince the world entire Hong Kong is pining for chris patten.
    Similarly keep mentioning Taiwan to find fault with China. The truth is selfish narcissistic uk cares for NONE. Only using every other Nation around to further its own selfish interests. bbc has its own version of barkha dutts , slurdesais in China too. Who are paid to whinge “human rights abuse” boohooo .

    The silver lining being CHINA is quite plucky & would never grovel before uk. Whereas Hindus lack this trait . I do not want Narendra Modi to visit uk carrying Bhagavad Geetha as “free gift” to david cameroon who has actively been calling for evangelizations.

    China’s Xi Jinping was “gifted” Shakespeare’s Sonnets by the queen. Kudos to Xi Jinping of China who gave her a Book containing Folk Songs of his wife Peng Liuyan with legitimate pride.

    When obama & his wife were given undue importance by Narendra Modi as “special guests” during Republic Day celebrations , gifted FREE one hundred Silk Sarees woven by Weavers of Varanasi , fed sumptuously , HUGGED warmly by Modi how did ill informed obama reciprocate ? By singing the same lugubrious dirge of “ensure religious freedom for minorities”. obama & his wife did some bollywood gyrations & predictably idiotic masses of India were ecstatic.

    Earlier Hillary Clinton came , ate HINDUS’ cuisine Vegetarian Idli , Pongal Vadai accompanied by Chutney , Sambar (congress was the ruling party then) along with SENILE & SERVILE shah rukh khan appeaser SM.Krishna & even before wiping her mouth ordered us to “make concessions to bangladesh”. She laid that as a precondition for offering assistance in food storage & cultivation methods NOT for free but for a heavy price.

    Hence I pray Narendra Modi gives top priority & PREFERENCE to PUTIN , China , Japan & ISRAEL .

    And spurn uk , obamas.

    How can BJP forget the recent movie made by bbc with the connivance of ndtv sonia verma arrogantly spurning Sri.Rajnath Singh’s requests ?? Would the sonia vermas , barkha dutts be willing to make movies on bbc’s own jimmy savile the unmitigated pedophile cum rapist enjoying close proximity with their own holier than thou queen ??

    uk can NEVER get over its love for congress party , the secularists & muslims within India. Not that they genuinely LOVE these. This faux love helps them in throttling us Hindus. it is uk that mollycoddles devils like romila thapars.

    All anti Modi adversaries in India keep blaming him for NOT spending enough time in India & travelling to foreign countries.

    If Modi is smart enough should tell uk that he does NOT want to upset such people within India who are pining for his presence within India. …that he does NOT want to give them dyspepsia & insomnia by travelling to uk…

    Narendra Modi has already paid a visit to Ireland. That is more than enough. Today many Americans themselves are YEARNING for Putin than for appeasers like obama , hillary , kerry.

    He should make a generous offer to uk that they are ALWAYS at liberty to send their aircrafts whisking away all “harvested souls” within India to their own uk & empower them. That Narendra Modi’s BJP is ever generous to offer all harvested christian & crypto christian souls , seculars & muslims of India for FREE to be taken to their uk , conferred citizenship , uplifted & empowered. What more offer can anyone in this world make to cater to the human rights besotted GREED afflicted uk ??

    Why uplift a solitary malala ? Uplift ALL muslims of India WITHIN uk.

    • Sumathi Megavarnam

      I really loved your penultimate Para………

  • subodh1945

    this labour party too has started playing muslim appeasement game , rascals of 1st order

  • These british scumbags are responsible for saving muslims in India and dividing this nation. They are hypocrites of the first order.

  • Brabantian

    UK Labour’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn is implicated in horrific scandals of mass abuse & rape of children. Here are links & details & witnesses & photos re Corbyn’s association with child rape scandals & child-crime convicted individuals including Corbyn’s Constituency Agent; Corbyn tragically ignoring multiple earnest complaints from child abuse victims & whistle-blowers over years, whilst “child abuse rings were operating within all 12 of the borough’s children’s homes” in his district … UK press is conveniently avoiding re-publishing these stories now, summarised here:

    Aside from apparently indulging child rape, Jeremy Corbyn has roots with world’s richest family, the Rothschilds, & UK secret services – During World War II, Jeremy Corbyn’s father David worked for his fellow Wiltshire resident, Victor Rothschild on UK gov secret scientific projects – Victor Rothschild so powerful in UK he helped fire the BBC Director General.

  • jadumandir

    All Hindus in the UK, especially Hindu constituents of Hayes & Harlington (John McDonall’s Constutuency), Ealing Southhall (Jaichand Virendra Sharma’s constituency) need to be aware of India’s enemies from within! These people are interested ONLY in their own well-being and are foot-lickers of the Labour Party! REMEMBER WHEN YOU VOTE NEXT!