West Bengal as a Jihadi Playground

One of five identified in the Delhi blasts was Mehboobque Ali Mandal of North 24 Parganas West Bengal.

Uninspired by the need to safeguard India’s national security, Mamata supports jihadis on West Bengal soil, who aim to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the West Bengal and Assam by driving out non-Muslims

In 2014, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee refused to meet the US charge d’affaires ambassador,Kathleen Stephens during her visit to Kolkata because she got a call from Mohammed Noor-Ur-Rehman Barkat, Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque of Kolkata.

ahmed hassanThe imam and other leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami warned her against developing business ties with the US. Thus Mamata Banerjee presented herself as being keen to be seen as anti-US and pro-radical Islamist.Things went to a dangerous extent when she forced Sharada group to buy at an inexplicable huge price a pro-Islamic newspaper, Kalom owned by Ahmed Hassan Imran, former state chief of SIMI who has links with radical Islamic outfits across the border.

Imran and his alleged connections were behind the communal violence that took place in South 24 Parganas district in February 2014. A document revealed that Imran was the mastermind behind the communal conflict at Naliakhali village in South Bengal. Imran was rewarded with a Membership of Parliament by Mamata in February 2014, despite the West Bengal police’s negative report.

In the 2014 general elections in India,Jammat-e-Islami had openly canvassed for the TMC—Abdul Barik Biswas, was seen on a dais with Trinamool MLA actress Debasree Roy. The state government blocked a liberation anniversary rally in Kolkata in 2013 and instead, gave support to Jamaat-e-Islami to organise its own anti-India show of strength. A massive rally was held in Kolkata on 30 March 2013, explicitly against India’s liberation of Bangladesh and in support of Pakistan and the war criminals already convicted. Various Muslim groups, including the All Bengal Minority Council, the All Bengal Minority Youth Federation, the Madrassa Students Union, the Muslim Think Tank and the All Bengal Imam Muazzin Association, organised the rally.

Students of madrassas and the new Aliah Madrassa University were conspicuous at the gathering. Incidentally, it was from the same ground Maidan in August 1946 that the call for ‘direct action’ was given by the Muslim League.The way the March 2012 Maidan meeting was facilitated and the manner in which Sidiqullah received permission for the gathering and was allowed to spew poison against India indicate that there exists a tacit support by West Bengal’s ruling party for the increasing volubility of these groups and for their unhampered consolidation of Militant Islamists in West Bengal.

Mamata had initially tried to stall any attempt by the Centre to facilitate investigations into the Burdwan blasts whose roots and links go deep beyond India’s boundaries. It took her a fortnight to hold a press conference on the blasts and the Centre’s offer of investigative intervention.

The Jamaat-e-Islami and other jihadists at the Kolkata rally thundered that West Bengal would be “cleansed” of the enemy of Islam. This assertion is worrisome, as Islamic forces in Bangladesh have initiated a wave of violent attacks on Hindus and Buddhists and destroyed Hindu and Buddhist homes, businesses and places of worship.Mamata made her electoral deal with the pro-jihadist Jamaat-e-Islami responsible for unleashing an orgy of violence against the Hindu population of Bangladesh and responsible for actors of terror in India.

Jamaat is also responsible for communal disturbance in West Bengal in places like Canning and Deganga.The rise of Jamaat and other militant Islamist organizations have led to communal clashes increasing in the state. According to state police reports, 106 incidents of communal clashes were recorded in West Bengal in 2013, 42 of them being major ones where Hindus in rural areas were targeted, particularly in border districts.

Peter Hammond A Christian missionary based in South Africa and author of 40 books, Peter Hammond delineates how societies change in his book, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam. Citing examples of countries worldwide, Hammond outlines typical activities that occur as the demography changes.It is a warning bell about the gradual, step-by-step changes that can be expected in Assam and West Bengal.

This is something very similar to what the Hindus in the Kashmir valley underwent in the late 80s and 90s: the indigenous population of Assam and West Bengal are losing land and livelihood, and are forced to migrate as laborers to safer locations. The rape of a catholic nun in March 2015 in the border town of West Bengal by a Bangladeshi criminal Sikandar Shaikh and his gang, the threat by SIMI to assassinate a leading monk,Swami PradiptanandajiMaharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangha…all these point to a dangerous trend.

The NIA had pointed to Mamata Banerjee that 500 recognized and 4,000 unrecognized Madrassas are engaged in indoctrination, recruitment, training and sheltering of jihadis. As per the NIA, there are 58 terror modules operating in the state. The objective of the jihadi outfits in West Bengal is to provide a safe conduit for manpower resources to al-Qaeda and ISIS.

It is not mere coincidence that some Indian Muslim youth, especially from Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, willing to join the two organizations were headed for West Bengal for their onward jihadi journey. It was pointed out to Mamata that her refusal for not allowing the state police to raid Simulia madrasa where the jihadhi training camp was conducted, helped the key jihadist Yusuf Sheikh to flee. The state had also seen protests after President Pranab Mukherjee ordered the execution of the Supreme Court order to hang Terrorist Afzal Guru, all indicating the growth of Jihadist tentacles in West Bengal.

Another area of concern for security agencies is the mushrooming of Muslim organizations, many of them in the form of NGOs with more of political-religious agenda and cross border sources of funding. According to West Bengal Minority Affairs Department, 400 Islamist NGOs cropped up during 2012 and 2013.

mamataWhy does Mamata publicly recite the Kalima Shahadat, the Islamic conversion prayer, in front of an audience of imams? She has announced a series of schemes for the Muslim community.(Mamata for Muslims Indian Express March 14 2014 ). Special allowances for imams and muezzins of West Bengal, giving recognition to all Kharezi in West Bengal (unorganised madrasas—10,000 of them operate in West Bengal), reservation in jobs along benefits of Housing (exclusive Islamic townships), stipend, scholarship, vocational training for Muslims, reservation for Muslim teachers, a Medical College at Diamond Harbour and a Polytechnic at Baruipore with reservation for Muslims and hostels for Muslim girls and Muslim-only hospitals.

She approved and validated the academic degrees of 10,000 previously unrecognised madrasas,building four Muslim towers and five new Haj Houses, a provision of five acresof prime land in the Rajarhat area.

It’s significant to note that while she opposed land acquisition reforms initiated by the Modi government for development, she is open to doling out land for Islamic institutions only. Free bicycles and laptops for Muslim students In order to keep the Urdu speaking Muslims happy; Mamata is writing a book on Urdu Shayari. She also made an Eid announcement after offering namaz “wait for my book on Urdu Shayari”.

Both Mamata and previous Communist governments claim that the state’s Muslims made progress under their rule – the state is now ranked first when it comes to development of Muslims. In which case, why does the West Bengal government need to give such massive resource allocations to Muslims alone? On 28 Feb, 2015,the Special Task Force seized fake currency notes of India, US and a few other countries along with currency printing equipment, chemicals, stamps and cheques in the heart of Kolkata valued over Rs 10 crore.

Indicating the Dawood Ibrahim-ISI-Jamaat network’s deep penetration in West Bengal, Kolkata is now the hub of terror funding business. Mehdi Masroor Biswas, arrested by Bangalore police earlier in 2015 for operating a pro-ISIS Twitter is the new breed of the well-to-do,educated, tech-savy Bengali jihadist from Kolkata.

West Bengal-born Mehdi was an electrical engineer with a MNC, his father is a retired government employee.One cannot forget the fact that in the last decade and half, every major terrorist activity has a West Bengal connection.

It’s the Harkat-Ul-Jihad-i-Islami (HuJI) of Bangladesh with links to Pakistan’s Jaish-e-Mohammed that carried out blasts on board the Patna-Delhi Shramjeevi express.

One of five identified in the Delhi blasts was Mehboobque Ali Mandal of North 24 Parganas West Bengal. It’s significant to note that Mamatahas never criticised the Jamaat-e-Islami or any other terrorist organisation. She did raise the issue of persecution of religious minorities during her Bangladesh visit in February 2015.

The rot runs deeper. In Class 8 history textbooks of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, the activities of freedom fighters like Khudiram Bose, Jatindranath Mukherjee and Prafulla Chaki have been termed as extremism and terrorism.By labelling freedom fighters as terrorists, Mamata is trying to pander to the elements who view India with hate.West Bengal is failed state today where even the police and judiciary are finding it difficult to operate.

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the number of political murders recorded in West Bengal during in 2013 is estimated to be 300.The killing of 19-year-old Sourav Choudhury on June 2014, a college student who led a movement against the liquor mafia is a pointer to the law and order situation in West Bengal.

Mamata is the only Chief Minister who stormed into a police station to free arrested goons. In 2014, the French MNC ABG-LDA-promoted HBT exited Haldia port on the grounds of unsafe work conditions in West Bengal. This is yet an example of the business environment of West Bengal under her dangerous regime.

al qaedaUnlettered in the ideals of national interest and uninspired by the need to safeguard India’s national security, Mamata Banerjee supports jihadists on West Bengal soil, who aim to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the West Bengal, Assam, and Bangladesh by driving out non-Muslims as revealed by the discovery of Al Qaeda pamphlets in October 2014.

If politics and power blinds her, neither she nor the state will be spared from being consumed by jihadi fire. The rise of Narendra Modi and Indian Nationalism is a great opportunity to save Eastern India.Indeed, Modi has been giving great attention to eastern India’s development and security needs. Indians of eastern India should not miss this opportunity to revive their past glory by rooting out jihadis.

The writer is the author of “Leadership Excellence – Principles my father followed.” He is a Human Resource Management professional and can be reached at [email protected]
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  • Shakteeman

    Don’t get distracted by the name. Mamata Banerjee is Muslim.

    I have doubt about nexus of “Mamata – Shahrukh Khan (IPL KKR owner) – Zakir Naik (Wahabi Islamist preacher in Mumbai)”

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  • Niranth EM

    such diabolical doomsday bitch…is a disgrace to her forefathers…shame on you “JIHADIDI”

  • she should be shot and emergency should be decalred on bengal where media will be curbed and the muslims should be gathered and thrown out in the open.

  • Jishnu

    Bengal saw a partition even before India saw partition. Still Bengali Hindus don’t seem to learn their lessons.

  • Sarash Bhatoolaul

    Demographic change in West Bengal due to Islam is hardly surprising as it may well have been a long-term strategy to increase their numbers in order to dominate the regions. What concerns me more is what the Indian state security and the Prime Minister are doing about growing Jihadist threat to the overall well-being of India? The Islamic threat to a united India will never fade away unless all the Indian Muslims unite with the majority population to ward off an Islamic enclosure of India. This is possible if good Muslims become untrue Muslims, in other words, they cease to follow the Commands and teachings of Allah as revealed in the ‘Holy’ Quran. Once Muslims realize that a God cannot command His own human creatures to kill ‘other’ human creatures and that therefore they have been misled for the last 1400 years, they will loyally return to their ancestral mode of thinking like modern day Hindus and start feeling ‘native’ like their ancestors did. It’s all a matter of changing their mindset and nothing else. Muslims who have very low enlightenment must not think that Islam is the panacea for all human problems and ignore other dimensions of religion like sociology, psychology, history and philosophy. A holy book written by Allah MUST be PERFECT and no human has the ability to edit or revise what Allah has revealed. Quran has many contradictions and too many villainous and heinous verses which a true holy man cannot advocate to action let alone Allah.

    I am very grateful to the writer of this well researched article and hope that it will be widely read and reach those who are responsible for the internal security of the state and government policy advisers.

  • Dr. MS

    I find it strange that only in India, mostly in India, there would be an alliance between two groups that are extreme opposite of each other. Communists do not believe in God, and many consider themselves not only Atheists but outright anti-religious or anti-all-institutional-religions. Islam is one of the most organized institutionalized religions in the world, and one that believes very clearly in a God named Allah, and their prayers very clearly state “There is only one true God and that is Allah”. And they end every conversation with “Inshallah”…meaning “If Allah wills it”.

    How do these two ideology form any kind of alliance?

    What would they work for? What would they collaborate on”? What would they solve together?

    Is it just mutual hatred of “America, the West, Indian Govt., etc.”? How long can alliances be formed on “hate, a common enemy and political convenience” alone? At some point of time they will turn on each other.

    You may want to read about the Communist parties of Muslim Middle East which had many of its members arrested, tortured and later forced to reform or restructure their party away from Communism. Remember what happened to Rohingya Muslims under the Communist dictatorship of Burma?

    I am not a Capitalist, nor a fan of some American policies, but this alliance between Northeast Indian Communist party and Islamic political movements or parties is strange.

    Mamta herself might be forced to convert, or she may end up being arrested by her new allies.

    Is that going on?

  • Chandrakant Davda

    Eye opener …. Question is who has the guts to fight this menace …. Hindus must unite and rise ….

  • Abyss

    A fairly good assessment of the ground realities. However, it appears that the current central dispensation is going a bit soft on Mamta Banarjee these days, perhaps, because they need TMC numbers in Rajya Sabha to get the Land Ordinance approved. Although, I really doubt if Mamta would oblige, when the time comes.

    Btw, it’s ironic that you would quote a book that talks about demographic change due to Islam, authored by a Christian, when the Christians themselves have been following a similar policy in India and elsewhere. Frankly, I believe that the two Abrahimic faiths deserve each other. Let them kill each other in the name of their chosen ones, it would only be a boon for dharmic faiths. In the meanwhile, we need to consolidate our base.

  • Ashish

    she is correct in pandering muslims, they’re voting her en masse on the basis of religion. Its a wake up call for Bengali Hindus.

    • Guest

      What wake up? See how they voted.

      • Ashish

        Well, if the Bengal hindus want it that way. then they must deserve jihad.

  • Rajinder Sharma

    The facts reported in the article are a pointer to the unquenchable lust of the politicians for power. These power hungry wolves are willing to jeopardize national unity and integrity to remain in power. The minority appeasement garbed under the so called sacrosanct ideal of secularism is being used by politicians of all hue and affiliations to remain in power. Unfortunately, the Delhi centered Media does not find time to report these nefarious activities of anti national elements in the eastern parts of India. It is time remedial and corrective action is initiated by the Central Government, so that India is cleansed of these parasites, who use Indian resources to propagate anti India Jihadist ideas.