West Bengal: the Enemy Within

West Bengal became the epicentre of protests against the worldwide campaign against terror .

Both before and since Independence, Marxists viewed radical Islam as a natural ally in Indian subcontinent thereby nurturinga sense of hatredand alienation among the Muslims of Bengal. This propaganda benefitted them,which ultimately gave rise to radical Islamist politics. Boththe Marxist and militant Islamic politics worked together in justifying hate towardsmainstream society and politics.

Since 1977, the West Bengal government’s active support for illegal immigrants helped the Communists to subvert the electoral process and in the process, helped harvest a huge illegal vote bank covering for the deficit in governance and enabled the abuse of the Indian federal structure. Both Islamists and Marxists drew their strength from the same constituency– the elements who hatean assertive India.

Communists attempted to ape soviet Russia and China in everything. The Islamists were (and continue to be) emotionally drawn towardsthe Wahabi socio-culture with Saudi Arabia as their international centre. None of them believed in the concept of nationalism based on Indian culture and its civilizational values. Forthe Communists, Indian nationalism is bourgeois nationalism. For Muslim communalists, Indian nationalism denotes the religious nationalism of Hindus.

British intelligence historian Christopher Andrew’s book The KGB and the Battle for the Third World (2005)is based on material in the Archive of KGB’s Major Vasili Mitrokhin. The archive exposed the Indian communists and provided evidence for the communist view of the Indian state.

No Indian should forget Marxists like former Chief Minister of West Bengal Jyoti Basu who always blamed India more than China for the 1962 war. Neither did the Communistsnor Islamistsever opposethe collaborative relations between China and Pakistanand their anti-India stance. However, they were opposed to Indians gaining strategic advantage by establishing diplomatic ties with Israel or collaboration with the West.

From being one of most industrialised states till the late 60s, West Bengal is now among the most backward. Close to 30,000 industrial enterprises had closed down and more than 27,000 units became ‘sick’.At least 13 out of the 18 major districts in the state are in the category of the 100 poorest districts of India.

West Bengal witnessed the exodus of middle class Bengalis out of the state for education, business and career prospects.The Marxists willfully reengineered the state’s demography by allowing illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and created vote banks.

Starting from the late 70s, the Jyoti Basu government openly encouraged the phenomenon of illegal migration from Bangladesh. This led to Islamic fundamentalism making strong inroads in the state.

Communist ideology and Islamic fundamentalism developed a symbiotic partnership and borders became incidental. In 1994, the Marxist historian, the late Professor Amalendu De wrote an insightful monograph Prasanga Anuprabesh (Essays on Infiltration) on the issue of infiltration in West Bengal and India from Bangladesh.

Amalendu De cautioned against allowing infiltration and warned that if it remained unchecked, it would only allow the growth of Islamic fundamentalism in West Bengal and would pose a serious threat to our national security.He exposed the Islamist – Communist axis.

Back in those days, the open but unwritten policy of the Marxist Government was, ‘death to those who opposed the Marxists.’

On 31 January1979,Jyoti Basu, the Chief Minister of the Marxist government of West Bengal gave orders to the police to open fire at MarichJhapi, a massacre in which 4,128 Hindu refugees from the erstwhile East Pakistan perished during the three-day police action starting on Saraswati Puja day. Chief minister Jyoti Basu also justified the butchery of 30 April 1982 when 16 monks and a nun of the Ananda Marg sect were set ablaze in south Kolkata by a mob of Marxist volunteers.

MarichJhapiBuddhadeb Bhattacharjee had stated in the Assembly that between 1977 (when Communists came to power) and 1996, 28,000 political murders of political opponents were committed. By 2009, the total number of murders was 55,408.

The Marxists, in cahoots with the Jamaat-e-Islami started a vicious campaign against the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992. The campaign took a more radical and violent turn in October 2001, soon after the US action in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack against the US. In Kolkata,hysterical demonstrations were organised by the Communist government that witnessed vitriolic speeches and the presence of radical elements, all spreading the message of hate against nations combating terrorism.Kolkata saw protests by militant Islamist political groups sympathetic to Osama Bin laden.

The jihadist elements could find recruits and justify the actions thanks to the environment of hatred and alienation created by the Communists.The reason really was simple: the Marxists purposely created this hysteria in order to raise passions which would enable the complete consolidation of votes by politicizing Islam in all its virulent streaks.

This eventually nurtured an aggressive campaign in favour of radical and militant Islam. West Bengal became the epicentre of protests against the worldwide campaign against terror and the Indian policy for developing closer economic and military ties with the West.The opposition fromthe communists towards Indo-US nuclear deal and joint military exercises was an added advantage for these violent Islamist forces.

Communists gave militant Islam its space and justification for its acts of violence. On 22 January 2002, Islamic militants attacked an American cultural centre in Kolkata. Five people were killed (all Indian security personnel) and 20 other people were injured. Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami (HUJI) was responsible for the attack. A luminary of the group, Farhan Malik was responsible for the kidnapping and extortion of the Kolkata shoe baron Partha Paritam Roy Barman, who was later released after a ransom of ₹ 37.5 million.This set the stage for the rise of militant Islamic groups in West Bengal.

From merely allowing illegal immigration and ‘tactically’ supporting Islamists, the Marxists had now progressed to giving space and patronage to Islamic terrorists to develop their political and demographic ground in West Bengal.

In 2002, the then chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya had openly declared that ‘the growing number of unregistered madrassas in the state posed a threat to national security and needed to be monitored and investigated’ but within 24 hours, he had to eat crow when his leader who controlled the state apparatus, the late Anil Biswas, publicly contradicted the chief minister and forced the CM to retract his pronouncement. The West Bengal administration was refusing to even let people discuss the issue concerning national security.This environment of radical Islam played a significant role in terrorism against India killing thousands of innocents. One of India’s Islamist terror group’s big players, Amir Reza Khan, an accused in the 2002 American Center attack, is a Kolkata resident. In the series of blasts across Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Varanasi, the recruits from West Bengal played a key role.

Five years ago, Indian Mujahideen (IM) co-founder Yasin Bhatkal managed to get away from Kolkata due to lack of coordination by the state security agencies. Ammonium nitrate for the IEDs that killed 21 people in Varanasi in 2006 was bought from the Burrabazar wholesale market at Kolkata. The raw material for explosives at Pune’s German Bakery in 2010 was given to Bhatkal in Kolkata by an IM operative, who was a native of the border district of Nadia in the state. The administration was providing men, material and money for Harkat-ul-Jihad-i-Islami (HuJI) and Jamaat–ul-Mujahideen.

jamaatJamaat-e-Islami is a major beneficiary of the Marxist policy of creating and nurturing the politics of majority vs minority always at the cost of the majority.Parochial politics based on regionalism and deal-making with militant Islamists sustained the communists in power.The same fundamentalist elements, who served as Communist vote-banks till the political tide turned against the Left, now began to support a party, which they perceived as even more indulgent to fundamentalism: their new facilitator, Mamata Banerjee, the first woman Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Anirban R Banerjee is columnist and Author of Leadership Excellence Principals my Father Followed. He is an expert on Learning and Development and Organizational Leadership Development. He can be reached at [email protected]
  • Excellent post! I have used a few points from this piece in one of my articles on the rise of Jihadism in West Bengal. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, despite being a communist, understood the grave threat of radical Islam – no wonder he was so comprehensively defeated, as Islamists of all hues and shades ganged up and sided with the opposition.

    For those interested, I have compiled a fully curated list of the shocking incidents related to the impact of Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal in terms of 5 effects.
    – Attacks on Hindus by Islamists
    – Hindu Festival Attacks by Islamists
    – Hindu Temple Vandalism by Islamists
    – Islamic Fundamentalism, Intolerance and Terrorism
    – Rape, Abduction and Love Jihad
    – Riots by Jihadis

    Do read it and share your feedback :: Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal – The Ultimate Resource

  • cool

    Jyoti Basu – Man of Light, Prince of Darkness


  • Dr. MS

    Here is something slightly off the point, but related to the larger issue. India Facts might want to reprint this article, or do its own analysis of the Canadian document that is out now. The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Committee findings present a scathing report of how Aboriginal children of Canada, Inuit, Indians, etc., were systematically deceived, abused and torn from their culture by the Churches and missionaries of the colonialists. and early pioneers and settlers, .The report findings are based on very well done quantitative and qualitative research. It is hard to reject the findings. Read On:

    Canada’s Forced Schooling of Aboriginal Children Was ‘Cultural Genocide,’ Report Finds

    JUNE 2, 2015

    Canada’s former policy of forcibly removing aboriginal children from their families for schooling “can best be described as ‘cultural genocide.’ ”

    That is the conclusion reached by the country’sTruth and Reconciliation Commission after six years of intensive research, including 6,750 interviews. The commission published asummary version on Tuesday of what will ultimately be a multivolume report, documenting widespread physical, cultural and sexual abuse at government-sponsored residential schools that Indian, Inuit and other indigenous children were forced to attend.

    The schools, financed by the government but run largely by churches, were in operation for more than a century, from 1883 until the last one closed in 1998.

    The commission documented that at least 3,201 students died while attending the schools, many because of mistreatment or neglect, in the first comprehensive tally of such deaths.

    The report linked the abuses at the schools, which came to broad public attention over the last four decades, to social, health, economic and emotional problems affecting many indigenous Canadians today. It concluded that although some teachers and administrators at the schools were well intentioned, the overriding motive for the program was economic, not educational.

    “The Canadian government pursued this policy of cultural genocide because it wished to divest itself of its legal and financial obligations to aboriginal people and gain control over their lands and resources,” the report said. “If every aboriginal person had been ‘absorbed into the body politic,’ there would be no reserves, no treaties and no aboriginal rights.”

    The Canadian government apologized to former students in a landmark 2008 court settlement and established the commission to document what had happened and to reconcile Canada’s native and nonnative peoples.

    Read On….


    • अक्षय

      Meh.. nothing new there. The West does not care much when you aren’t materially rich (deep underneath all the sophisticated platitudes).

  • Shambu Nashipudi

    If West Bengal is a bygone story, Kerala wouldn’t be too far from being the next flash point. In fact the petro-dollar backed Saudi based radical Islam has bigger influence on Kerala expatriates than it could have on Bengali’s. So watch out for Kerala for being the next bigger enemy within.

    • अक्षय

      I guess TN + AP + Telangana are all set to become the Christian equivalent.

      • kyzylkumkohlrabi

        So how do we reverse this trend? Or is the situation completely unsalvageable?

        • अक्षय

          How can you, when a majority of Hindus are Hinduphobes ?

          • guest

            YES, but something needs to be done. May be literacy, workshops with the young, ‘reading classes’ like they have bible reading (but readings in how Hindus are being maligned.

      • pradeep

        i am not sure AP and Telangana has the christian effect so much after the death of YSR. but yes i may be wrong too..

    • Dr. MS

      Interesting point Shambu. It would be great if you could write an article on this subject with some facts and data. You are the third person I have met or read who have said this. One called Kerala an “island” with some serious brewing problems.

      Somebody said,, “There are too many Indian illiterates, poorly educated people, low skilled people and educated professional dumbies (who don’t know anything beyond their work, their families, their rituals and their entertainment) who live in ME. Some work long and hard for little money for their family, some make money in ME and sort of get attached to ME. Now many, with their money, are moving to the US and have become mouthpieces for Muslims in the US: both in a good way and in stupid ways. It is the stupid ones who are supporting all the ME issues in stupid ways that I worry about”.

      Subtlety is not the forte of those who do not think, or are not smart enough to think,

      Another wrote, “But I did meet one HIndu businessman, an idiot, who said it is the job of every widowed and divorced Hindu women to marry a Muslim. Very strange thing to say. He has spent so much time in ME doing business that he does not know how to see beyond his job, money, savings and his Porsche, Benz and Lamborghini…and makes rude comments about women who is not a Sumangali (a married idiot with sons). Idiot men who say things like these, which do not indicate sensitivity to inter-ethnic or inter-religious marriages, but is meant to insult their own women deserves to be buried alive. With Hindu idiots like these in ME who needs enemies”.

      Mmmm, very interesting statements. Strange. Any opinion on this?

  • Shambu Nashipudi

    the heading of the article should have been indeed,
    Marxism & radical Islam: the Enemy Within

    • अक्षय

      The funny thing is that it is the China’s Communists (who CPI(M) I imagine admire) are putting down their Muslim population viciously (which is why I imagine they bribe Pakistan to keep quiet about the Uighurs).

  • IndiannotAmused

    The media houses of Kolkata especially the Anandabazar Patrika is more anti-national than NDTV.They have direct funding from Western NGOs and links with major church groups.The Christians have big footholds in several Kolkata city schools like South Point-another hotbed of evangelist Americanization indoctrination. The O’Brien family has long kept its tentacles in there. Derek O’ Brien was appointed Mamata’s right hand man by the Generic Church.This individual helps co-ordinate the Church moves with Mamata.It is to be believed that the current game in West Bengal involves BOTH Jihadi and Evangelist infiltration.There are questionable individuals who have been placed inside Hindu groups like the Ram Krishna Mission. Media groups like ABP and the Dainik Statesman are virulently anti-Hindu.The latter sometimes puts up a show of countering Islamist propaganda but its other editorials openly disparage Hindutva. With its intellectual classes Marxified, its popular culture showing things like Tagore’s extramarital affairs,its media openly espousing Jihadist-Evangelist causes and its economy in shambles, West Bengal looks a lost cause.It is truculently worse off than Kashmir in 1989. Who can save West Bengal? Probably a rerun of the 1946-47 Great Kolkata Killings is on the way.

    • अक्षय

      I’m increasingly starting to believe that India is all set for a civil war. Come 20 more years of Congress, there may as well be no India to hold on to.

      • Sree Charan R

        From purely a factual basis, agreed with you.But, I do not think a Civil War will happen any time soon, at least not now, for Indian people are too good to fight.However,after all,it may be a Utopian dream.But, we have to remember that, our personal ideologies kept aside, India can NOT afford a Civil War.If at all it happens, it should be on our duty, to not only desist it, but also minimize the destruction.So please, working for a Better and Original India, is today, not only a National challenge, but a World challenge too; for which, the world is waiting—“Indian Enlightenment”.
        Thank You

        • अक्षय

          > are too good to fight
          Not too good to be immortal though. It’s not good, it’s cowardice. I’m saying that we’ll see in the coming years a Hindu minority in certain states being violently put down, and no one will have the guts to do anything about it.

          Non-violence is for cowards: so please, spare me your inane platitudes.


          • akshay waiting for your reply on the swarajmag article

          • Dr. MS

            Somebody wrote to me this…

            “Hindus are already a dwindling minority, either in number or power, in many parts of India. You can get jobs and invitation for lectures to major universities, even if you are only teaching research methodologies without any cultural bias or cultural prejudice, mostly if your name is ‘Fatima, Farrah, Felicity, Mary, Melissa or last name is Schaeffer or Shaker”…but you will not be given a job or even a visiting lectureship if your last name is Srinivasan or Sekar. Even names like Senthil and Suresh will soon be erased out. People wear sarees bindhis and speak chaste Tamil (sometimes with Brahminical pronunciation) but have names like Isabel, Mary and even Maria in Tamil Nadu”.

            They continued, “If you are a Hindu and wear a bindhi in Delhi or in Mumbai people think you are fundamentalist, but if you wear a cross or a purdha (even from head to toe)…it is all supposed to be part of ” mutli-culturalism” or “secual expression of people and culture”. All the 10th century Middle East garbage has moved into India..where in about fifty years time, ‘The Communists, the Christians and the Muslims” will be at each other’s throat”.

            Is this person right? Are they exaggerating? Are they coming to the same conclusion as many of you commentators?

            I did send two CV to institutions in Tamil Nadu and in Mumbai: one with my last maiden name (which is my official name) and one with my ex’s name (an Anglo Christian German name). And the latter (the CV with the Anglo Christian German name) got accepted and invitation poured What is going on? This would be considered outright racism or ethnocentricism in the US. Such studies have been done to capture discrimination against African Americans, women, etc.

            It appears that one gets jobs, promotions, academic lectureship and funds even in India with certain kinds of names…but not with other kinds of names.

            How come no studies have been done on this?

            US is way ahead in capturing prejudices, biases and partialities when it comes to women, even appearances of women (pretty girls getting A while the same paper gets a B or C if the girl is not pretty or the photo of her is not flattering), minorities, race, nationality, etc. Studies have been done to capture these biases and is use it in courts to argue for successful changes, corrections or compensations. It is not always easy…but at least the research is there to back up claims and experiences.

            In India all arguments remain arguments….because no research has been done to back up even extremely obvious and acute experiences.

          • अक्षय

            Have you ever been to India ? We’re tripping over one other to get caucasians to accept us.

          • Dr. MS

            I do not think it is “Caucasians” anymore. It is people with “Caucasian names”. :)) I have been to India many many times, and I actually live in India at the moment. I find more colonialism among the younger generation, and an eagerness to get Americanized among the generation that shouts “Communism, Fundamentalism, Capitalism, blah, blah…” in campuses and work places in India…but they tend to become pussycats when they go abroad. Lot of macho Brahmin, Upper Caste, Forward caste, SC, OBC, ST, Minority men act very macho in India…but when they go abroad they are the most colonized. Some are now considered the new Blacks, the new Latinos, the new ghettoized, etc. in the US, England, etc.

            As one Sociologist noted, “Many new Indian immigrants in the US are actually looking for approval from gangs, cartels and the lowest denominators in the US.”

          • अक्षय

            I’d not want to go by Sociologists’ views. They’re mostly a bunch of ignorant pseudo-scientists.

            I’ll prove my point. The kind of people US Sociologists come across are the Indians who go to the US to study in the Humanities departments. These folk are completely ungrounded. They’ve spent their whole adulthoods cutting off their roots from India, and now they’re seen as second-class citizens in the US. Madhu Kishwar talks about the mentality of these folk.

            There then are the Science/Engineering types, who become much more aware of their roots after coming to the US; which is why the Indian American Hindus are a lot more Hindu than the ignorant bunch down here.

            I don’t know where your source gets “approval from gangs, cartels …” ? Indian Americans form the community with the highest median income in the US. If anything they’re looking for approval and competing with the Jews.

            They do form cliques because of cultural differences, but this is generic human behaviour, isn’t it ?

            This is egregious propaganda so characteristic of the बुद्दिजीवि Hinduphobia (which your previous statements also reflect).

            Then again, a fish can’t be blamed for a disease when the river itself is polluted.

          • Dr. MS

            Have you been to the US, or lived elsewhere besides India or your town? I actually think people who have studied abroad, worked abroad and lived abroad and traveled around the world to experience the world with thought (objectivity and self awareness) are far more de-colonized than many Indians in India who go nowhere but hold too many arrogant provincial comments. .

          • अक्षय

            Wow the contempt! I don’t have to share my travel itinerary and assorted class markers here to convince you of my non-parochiality.

          • guest

            I think, the point here is that violence when it is necessary, why not first try a ‘literacy campaign’ involve temples and such institutions as well? just a suggestion

          • अक्षय
          • guest

            read the article, so is the suggestion that temple land is being given away and therefore power of temples being taken away? yes, we may not be the head of temples b ut we need to start a campaign

          • Sree Charan R

            This is not a platitude, but a challenge that Hindus need to accept and face.However, agree with you regarding “cowardice”.And, I did not say to be “non-violent”; but to understand and introspect our own greatness, before tackling the complex Geo-political thoughts of today, which are, more often than not, too intimately bestowed with personal ideologies.
            Thank You

        • kyzylkumkohlrabi

          The startling aspect of this is that we’ve gone from a Subcontinent (I include Afghanistan in this definition) that was at a time ~100% Dharmic to one that is currently 59% Dharmic of any sort. What is sad is that your average Hindu would actually laugh at the fact that we’re seeing a downward trend in this percentage value, denying it as some sort of “right-wing conspiracy”. The Islamic hordes first thoroughly wiped out Buddhism by destroying its monasteries (which, in effect, is a destruction of the religion itself), and they will destroy us too if we continue in our cowardice.

          And thus it is inevitable that we’ll be faced with immense amounts of violence in the coming decades. We are, as Samuel Huntington termed, a “swing civilization”, that may in the coming years fall in the long succession of civilizations lost to the Ummah, or remain Hindu. It is of course our duty to wrest control of our civilization from the hands of the Abrahamics, and the violence will be real, physical, and bloody. It is an unfortunate reality.

          • अक्षय
          • kyzylkumkohlrabi

            “It’s just a flesh wound!” would be the mantra of a Hindu who’s aware of what’s happened, but completely delusional about the future (basically the BJP, the RSS, etc.). Sadly, I think the Black Knight is more aware of his condition than the average Hindu is aware of his own condition.

      • IndiannotAmused

        Bangladesh needs to be tamed by creating Hindu enclaves and Buddhist enclaves. Each such place should be on the India-Bangladesh border and act as speed-breakers to the Jihadi waves.Too much talk has been wasted.Bangladesh is just another variation of Pakistan-maybe worse.We need to engage in coercive diplomacy to contain it. That is, only if we want to save Bengal and North-East.The economy of India and the security of India will face its next big challenge from the East.

        • अक्षय

          Unless they create “Mughalistan” first.

          • IndiannotAmused

            Well if India stays in its current soft posture, anything is possible.

    • Stop Islam & Communism

      You have unveiled very deep secrets about the dark game plan being executed in West Bengal !

      • IndiannotAmused

        Thanks but this is tip of the iceberg.Please remember that Eastern India is economically lagging much behind North India,Western India, South India.Also Eastern India has a huge population.The biggest asset of an enemy is a disenchanted local population.Also consider that Eastern India is a strategic bridgehead into the Indian subcontinent.Remember where the British conquest of the entire Indian subcontinent started from [ the Only Pan-Indian empire other than the Mauryas].The conquest was completed by 1840s.The capital stayed in Calcutta till 1911. Also historically great Indian empires have been based near Magadha…….right next door to Bengal.Finally Bengal is the gateway to North-East where China is poised to attack.My point is ,if you want to take India, you start from the East.And Calcutta /Kolkata is the biggest power-center in the East [ not Magadha as of now] .So go figure what levels of action have been initiated. Every part of India needs attention. But as of right now, Bengal needs some emergency action.

        • Stop Islam & Communism

          Since I live in bengal I now that MIM, the ultimate Islamic fundamentalist party of India is making strong inroads in Bengal.Recruitment drive is in full swing in muslim dominated regions of bengal by MIM. The so called “secular” parties are mostly worried in bengal regarding their fate if muslims shift en bloc to MIM.

          • IndiannotAmused

            That may be a blessing in disguise.Think about it.

          • kyzylkumkohlrabi

            Are you referring to the possibility for the masses to see what Islam truly is, and thus siding against them?

          • IndiannotAmused

            Nope….lets keep this one a suspense.

          • i’ll tell you the great bengali problem in a few words. bengali believe more in humanism then Vedic Dharma and you have been subjected to tremendous dhimmitude.

          • Dr. MS

            There is nothing wrong in humanism, but when people think Santana Dharma lacks humanism or humanistic paradigm that is the problem. Kindly learn to use proper words so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Hindus generally talk poorly, argue badly, attack the wrong people in their own community and at times use inappropriate language making themselves look terrible…and give weapons to those who wish to dominate, convert and control.

            Humanism is wonderful, in fact early humanists took a lot from Eastern philosophy (including Hinduism).

          • I don’t argue with people who equate socialism with charity.

          • अक्षय

            Seriously, what is with the “Hindus talk badly … blah blah” ? I mean this is a bleeding forum, not a journal. Atleast I edit statements non-linearly, and this leads to all sorts of odd quirks; this doesn’t seem to affect the message being sent across.

            I find your blanket statements Hinduphobic. If someone makes a mistake, point them out! Don’t make the forum an outlet for your acquired stereotypes.

          • अक्षय

            I’m inclined to say “serves those bastards right”, but it is indeed worrying.

  • IndiannotAmused

    Finally at least one pan-India outlet has outed the Marichjhapi massacre, the Bijon Setu massacre and the district by district cleansing of political opponents.The death toll in ” peaceful CPM-Bengal” over four decades is actually much higher-closer to eighty thousand.Compare this with the Christian LTTE violence in Northern Sri Lanka……almost equal.This is in addition to hundreds of thousands of kidnappings, rapes, maimings [ there were dedicated goon squads “specializing” in each of the above “enterprises.”] The foundation was laid by importing Portugese-half breeds from Goa- the Harmads……[ yes they still exist- a group which is still involved in violent crime and yes they are Christians] .The Muslims are now majority in Malda, Nadia,North 24 parganas and South 24 parganas.They are a super majority in Murshidabad.They have already banned Hindu festivals in a majority of areas of Murshidabad.They have also started breaking temples and vandalizing Hindu homes. Soon these districts will be Hindu-less.Mamata knows everything but stays quiet. When Jamat killers of 1971 were hanged in Dhaka, Muslim Jihadis completely BLOCKED KOLKATA through massive demonstrations-yes while Bangladesh can combat Jihadis ,West Bengal looks on.If this trend holds, in the next two decades West Bengal will be broken off from India map.

    • Shambu Nashipudi

      Bengal will be the launchpad for Islamist’s forces to launch their Jihad against rest of India (read Hindus) and they can’t find better partner-in-crime, the Marxists in Bengal.