Why Christianity poses a clear threat to India

Christianity has not – yet – failed in India. With powerful backers in the West, it is preparing for another big harvest.

If you could sum up the history of Christianity in India in one word, that word would be ingratitude. Among the earliest refugees to arrive in India were the Syrian Christians, who were facing persecution in their native lands in the Persian Empire in the fourth century CE.


Persecution would be the wrong word to use here because the Syrian Christians of the Persian Empire were found to be collaborating with Christianised Rome. Aghast at the betrayal by his Christian subjects – in the midst of Persia’s war with the Romans – the Zoroastrian king Shapur II lamented: “We are in a state of war; they are in a state of joy and pleasure. They live in our land but are of like mind with the emperor, our enemy.

Shahpur II deported some Christians from his Eastern Syrian province and imposed a double tax on those that remained. The Christian subjects were then ordered to revert to their native Zoroastrian religion.

Down on their luck, the Syrian Christians sought refuge in India. Kerala’s Malabar coast attracted them because they had heard of an ancient community of Jews who had been living there since the first century CE, having also fled the turmoil of the Middle East.

How were these Syrian Christians – or Nasaranis as they are still called by the locals – treated? “The Indian king received them with great kindness,” George David Malech writes in History of the Syrian Nation and the Old Evangelical-Apostolic Church of the East.

At the Kotem school in Malabar there are still some copper tablets in existence on which there are written messages from the king to the Christian leader, permitting him and his followers to settle in some places and recommending them to neighbouring chiefs.”

In fact, around the time (1498 CE) when the Portuguese marauders led by Vasco Da Gama arrived in Malabar, the Syrian Christian community was thriving, with at least 30,000 members. Now, here’s how they repaid India’s generosity. When Da Gama returned for the second time in 1502, he was met by a delegation of Syrian Christians: “They identified themselves, surrendered their ancient honours and documents, and invited him to make war on their Hindu kings,” writes Ishwar Sharan in The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple.

According to George Menachery, a Catholic apologist and former adviser to the Kerala State Department of Archaeology, the Syrian Christians presented Da Gama a ‘Rod of Justice and “swore allegiance to the Portuguese kings and implored Portuguese protection”.

K.M. Panikkar elaborates in Malabar and the Portuguese: “More than this they suggested (to Da Gama) that with their help he should conquer the Hindu kingdoms and invited him to build a fortress for this purpose in Cranganore (Kodungallur). This was the recompense which the Hindu rajas received for treating with liberality and kindness the Christians in their midst.”

vascoAuthor and researcher Sanjay Subrahmanyam, no friend of Hindus, writes in the extensively annotated The Career and Legend of Vasco Da Gama:

The perspective of the Syrian Christians on early Portuguese activities in Kerala is an interesting one; they clearly support their co-religionists, rather than the local rulers…”

In a letter of late 1524, the Syrian Christian bishop Mar Jacob writes after recounting all his actions in favour of the Portuguese Crown: “This, Sire, is the service that I have done in these parts, with the intention of moving you to the help me in the expansion of these people (Syrian Christians) through this India in the faith of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.”

Subrahmanyam continues: “In the same context, he hence offered the aid of the Syrian Christians as an auxiliary military force, to aid the Portuguese, claiming that they represent ‘over 25,0000 warriors’.” The bishop requests Vasco Da Gama to intercede – that is use military force – on behalf of the Syrian Christian community. Mar Jacob also proposed the construction of a Portuguese fortress at Cranganore, a proposal that was put into effect a decade later, in 1536, paving the way for the Portuguese colonisation.

However, once they had cynically used the help of the traitorous community, the fanatic Portuguese persecuted the Syrian Christians with a vengeance, and forced them – on pain of death – to abandon their ancient Orthodox church and swear allegiance to Roman Catholicism.

Flash forward to the 20th century

The history of Kerala Christians – who today comprise around 20 per cent of the State’s population – hasn’t exactly been exemplary in modern times. In the early 1970s when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was publicly denouncing the threat of CIA subversion of India, the US ambassador in New Delhi, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, ordered an investigation into the matter.

The US embassy uncovered two occasions during Indira’s father Jawaharlal Nehru’s premiership when the CIA had secretly provided funds to help the communists’ opponents in state elections. The first occasion was in the 1950s, in Kerala, where cash was supplied to the Syrian Christian church to destabilise the democratically elected Communist Party of India. According to Moynihan, “Both times the money was given to the Congress Party which had asked for it. Once it was given to Mrs Gandhi herself, who was then a party official.”

Just like the Syrian Christians backed their western co-religionists over the local Hindu and Muslim communities, with whom they had co-existed – and from whose help they had thrived, prospered, and gentrified – modern Indian Christians look up to the West, especially the United States. In their view, America, being the most Christian nation, should help them in keeping India – and thereby Hindus – in line.

Role of Christians in India’s Partition

In a paper titled The Role of Christians in the Freedom Movement of Pakistan published in the Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, Munir-ul-Anjum and Shahnaz Tariq write:

The support of Christians for the cause of Pakistan was based on their belief that the Muslim society in its nature was more secular than the caste ridden Hindu society hence more permissive for the rights and safe guards of the religious minorities.”

Christians strongly supported Quaid-e-Azam and Muslim League at that critical time when there was lot of opposition to the formation a new Muslim state. The All India Christian Association assured unconditional full cooperation to the founder of Pakistan. This crucial role of Christian population of the region was recognised by the founder of Pakistan and the All India Muslim League at all levels. These Christians played a very strong role in the creation of Pakistan….The Christian vote before the Boundary Commission was the only decisive vote for the true foundation of Pakistan. Christian leaders voted for Pakistan because they believed that Quaid-e-Azam would be the real protector of their rights and interests.”

When the proceedings of the Boundary Commission took place, Christian leaders Dewan Bahadur S.P. Singha, C.E. Gibbon and Fazal Elahi, in their recorded statement, demanded that for the demarcation of the boundaries, the Christian population be included and termed as Muslim population.”

In the last days of united India Jinnah visited Lahore as a part of his campaign to fetch the support of the minority community for Pakistan. He met the Christian leader Chandu Lal and Sikh leader Giani Kartar Singh. The Sikh leader turned down his offer while Chandu Lal declared unconditional support of the Christians for Pakistan. When the resolution to join Pakistan or India was moved and voted upon in the Punjab Legislative Assembly, the three Christian members voted in favour of Pakistan and saved the situation. Eighty-eight and 91 votes were cast in favour of India and Pakistan respectively. In this way the three Christian votes decided the fate of the province.” [Emphasis added]

However, not content with the creation of Pakistan, the Christians “denounced and condemned the unfair distribution of Punjab province more forcefully even than the Muslims and tried their best to get the districts of Pathankot and Gurdaspur included in western Punjab”.

Are Christians a fifth column?

Christian fundamentalists thrive on suffering and disaster. In February 2001, T. John, the Karnataka civil aviation minister and a member of the Orthodox church, described the Gujarat earthquake, which resulted in death of over 20,000 people, as “the punishment of God to the people for ill-treating Christians and minorities in the state.”

John also saw a divine connection between attacks on Christians in Orissa and the cyclone that hit the region in December 1999, killing 10,000 people. This is nothing but vicarious pleasure at the expense of non-Christian Indians.

asiaEvangelist K.P. Yohannan, founder and president of the Evangelist outfit, Gospel for Asia (investigated by IndiaFacts several times earlier), welcomed the tsunami of 2004 as “one of the greatest opportunities God has given us to share his love with people”.

He wasn’t the only one expressing such sentiments. The tsunami in India – in which 10,136 people were killed and hundreds of thousands made homeless – was indeed a windfall for many American churches which poured in billions of dollars to convert large numbers of poor fisher folk in the Kudankulam area.

Ten years later, these converts were unleashed against the crucial Kudankulam atomic power plant. In 2014, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) — India’s premier internal security agency — submitted a report to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, identifying several foreign-funded NGOs that are “negatively impacting economic development”.

The IB report neatly ties in with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s claims that NGOs funded by the Americans were leading the protests against the Russian-built nuclear reactors in Kudankulam. That the maddeningly taciturn Singh would speak out – despite owing his Prime Ministership to his party boss, the pro-Christian and Catholic Sonia Gandhi – is an indication of the danger posed to India’s national security by forces being remote controlled by the West.

The NGOs that were at the centre of the mass protests were associated with Bishop Yvon Ambroise, the Tuticorin church leader, who had been active in the vicious campaign against the power plant.

In fact, there is evidence that the earliest Christian converts from Hinduism betrayed Indian interests. It also illustrates how Christians are easily coerced by their western masters.

Animalising – the process by which cotton is dyed – was a secret that remained a mystery to Europeans. Stephen Yafa explains in his book Cotton: The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber how this trade secret was stolen: “Ironically it was a man of the cloth, Jesuit Father Coeur-doux, who betrayed these fiercely guarded secrets. In 1742 the French cleric took advantage of his missionary posting on the Coromandel coast to gain the trust of Indian master dyers who he had converted to Catholicism.”

These Indian Christians confided their secret process to him with an understanding that he would never reveal it. And what the father do? “Coerdoux immediately gave a detailed description in a step-by-step letter published in France. In a blink, 3000 years of clandestine artisan practice became public knowledge.”

The point is not the betrayal by newly converted Indian Christians. To be sure, they had – albeit naively – asked the European priest to keep the secret to himself. The point is that this is exactly how Indian Christians can be used by their western masters. For instance, pressure can be applied on the family of a seemingly loyal Indian Christian who is, say, a rocket scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation.

Pressure can come in a variety of ways but the most likely approach a western intelligence agency would take is to first approach the Christian scientist’s parish priest via the local bishop, who may be approached through someone in the Vatican.

Parish pressure is no joke. Hindus, who do not formally congregate under a priest, cannot understand how closely integrated the church is with the families of local Christians in a particular area or parish. When this writer was studying in St Thomas College, Thrissur, Kerala, he was witness to priests, some of who were lecturers, demanding to know why a particular student had skipped Sunday mass.

The family can be threatened with pariah status. For instance, many Kerala Christians who joined the Communist Party of India were denied burial services by the church upon their deaths. This can be traumatic for the surviving members because the rest of the community members tend to treat them as outcastes. (Imagine the state of children who are not able to bury their dead father.)

Under such circumstances, transferring national secrets into a pen drive and handing them to an agent of a western intelligence agency might seem like a small inconvenience. To be sure, individual Christians in high-level positions may not be predisposed to betrayal. But because the entire Christian ecosystem is geared towards complete control of its flock, it’s unlikely many of them can stand the immense pressure brought to bear on them and their families. As Subrahmanyam writes, the Portuguese looked at Syrian Christians as a means to get “political and economic mileage”. Similarly, today’s Indian Christians are a means for the West to penetrate the higher echelons of power in New Delhi.

Why Christianity has no place in India

Some argue the caste system in Hinduism is unfair to the lower castes and hence Christianity can lift them by treating them as equals. That’s probably the lamest argument in favour of the Abrahamic faith. For, if Christianity has not made, say, Europeans or Americans, better human beings, what makes them think it will make Indians any better?

First up, racism is at all-time high levels in the West. American Christian churches quoted the Bible to give approval to the slave trade. Today, black Christians are again being lynched by white Christians in America. What can they teach India about equality?

Also, despite the horrendous bloodshed of two World Wars, these Christian nations are still at each other’s throats and still bombing innocent civilians around the world. And if events in Ukraine are any indication, European Christians haven’t learnt anything at all and are creating a situation that could lead to World War III.

At any rate, caste schisms among Indian Christians mirror the caste divisions in Hinduism. “Conversion to Christianity does not seem to eradicate caste prejudice in India any more than it eliminates racial discrimination in the US. Despite Jesus’ call for brotherly love, isn’t Sunday the most segregated day in America?” writes C. Alex Alexander, a naturalised US citizen and former Chief of Staff, US Department of Veterans Affairs in a detailed expose of the Christian threat to India.

There are others some who argue that converted Hindus will remain Indians, and therefore where’s the problem with conversion? Well, there is a major problem and Swami Vivekananda set it in the founding document of the Ramakrishna Mission in 1897. If India embraces a foreign religion, he wrote, “Indian civilisation will be destroyed. For whomever goes out of the Hindu religion is not only lost to us but also we have in him one more enemy.”

Because the West has usurped the soul of Christianity, Christianisation – like Islamisation – equals denationalisation. Western missionaries who were rampaging through China in the 1940s were fond of the line, “One more Christian, one less Chinese.”

Religious conversion is therefore a flick of a switch that transforms an Indian – or for that matter any follower of a native religion – into an extension of western culture and influence.

ianIn his book The Armies Of God: A Study In Militant Christianity, Iain Buchanan, a British-born, Malaysia-based academic, has explained how Christianity imported from the West can cause havoc in developing countries. In an interview with DNA newspaper, he says,

There is no doubt at all that US strategy makes deliberate (and somewhat cynical) use of Christian agencies in pursuit of foreign policy – and that the distinction between the religious and the secular is deliberately blurred in the process….Most of the major evangelical corporations (like World Vision, Campus Crusade, Youth with a Mission, and Samaritan’s Purse) operate in partnership with the US government in its pursuit of foreign policy – World Vision, which is effectively an arm of the State Department, is perhaps the most notable example of this.”

What does this mean, in practice, for a targeted country?

Above all, it means that it is often very difficult to distinguish the agencies of evangelization. Active Christian proselytization is often just a small part of the process; in addition, there must be infiltration of every sector of influence in a society, from religious groups to government departments to local charities to private business, in ways which blur the line between Christian indoctrination and secular change.”

  1. Alex Alexander agrees:

Self-professedly Christian pressure groups have both a highly influential membership and a powerful grip on policy. The network of evangelical influence goes far beyond this: there are scores of such groups at work in Congress, the military, and departments of state. All act to connect politics, business, the media, and the military with one another in pursuit of a common vision of a Christian American dominion over the world.”

It is well known that Indian Christians in cahoots with fundamentalist American politicians, church groups and Indian Marxists played a leading role in getting Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned from entering the US for his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat religious riots.

However, Christians have been working against Indian interests even prior to that. In September 2000 when Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was in the US on an official visit, Christian fundamentalist John Dayal appeared before the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in Washington DC.

According to Alexander, the virulently anti-Hindu “Dayal should have thought of the possibility that the timing of that invitation extended to him by USCIRF was not an accident. It is quite likely it was part of the US State Department’s plan to place the visiting Prime Minister on his defensive and thereby weaken India’s efforts to convey to the American public the destructive consequences of cross-border terrorism aided and abetted by Pakistan”.

Alexander offers an example of the West-Christianity nexus:

A page from the recent history of East Timor may be appropriate for Indians to review in order to understand the negative potential of offshore proselytisation. The indigenous tribes in that island were first converted to Christianity by Dutch and Portuguese missionaries. Then they were helped by the western nations to secede from Indonesia. India may run similar risks if it continues to allow foreign missionaries to have unfettered access to its tribal populations.”

Indeed, the activities of Christian missionaries can cause turmoil as it did on a massive scale in 1857. Historian R.C. Majumdar wrote:

“The sensitiveness of the sepoys to their religious beliefs and practices and the dread of conversion to Christianity worked as a nightmare upon their minds…. A vague dread that the government was determined, by hook or by crook, to convert the Indians to Christianity pervaded all ranks of society, and the sepoys, fully shared these apprehensions with the rest…. The aggressive attitude of the Chrisitian missionaries…in matters of proselytisation had been frequent subjects of complaint.”

Among such aggressive activities, Majumdar noted the practice of missionaries of “open unchecked denunciation of their cherished social usages and customs in most violent language, and filthy abuses of their gods and goddesses by bands of Christian missionaries”.

Myth of passive Christians

Outwardly, Christianity might appear to be a benign religion. Indeed, when compared with the aggressive face of Islam, it definitely appears to the tamer Abrahamic sister. In Why Christianity Failed in India, Tony Joseph writes in Outlook magazine that after 2000 years of trying to convert India, Christians form just around 2 per cent of the population. However, he misses the point entirely.

Christianity did not grow much during the centuries preceding the period of European colonialism because the early Christians were refugees and not keen on converting native Indians. Again, during the colonial period, when hordes of missionaries Europeans waded into India, the pace of conversion failed to pick up because Indians knew who the enemy was – Christian Europeans, who came to destroy Indian civilisation just as they destroyed Native American and Australian Aboriginal cultures.

Today, the Europeans are gone but their agenda remains. Where earlier you could spot a Christian or evangelist by the colour of their skin, now they are in our midst. They have names like Mahesh Bhupathi, whose mother once said, “My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods.” Had she not uttered those tasteless remarks, nobody would have been the wiser to her and her son’s proselytization activities.

Under the cloak of democracy, Christian missionaries can sneak in and conduct their unholy work among the poor and helpless. Christian churches have cropped up like a rash across the east coast after the tsunami hit southern India. Nagaland, which was entirely animist, despite two centuries of British rule, became 100 per cent Christian under 50 years of democratic – or rather Nehru-Gandhi dynasty – rule.

Christianity has not – yet – failed in India. With powerful backers in the West, it is preparing for another big harvest. While visiting India in 1999, the Pope openly proclaimed his wish to “witness a great harvest of faith” there through the Christianisation of the entire country. Predictably, it led to a backlash from Hindus who felt threatened – and betrayed – by the huge crowds of Indian Christians who turned out to greet the Pope.

Breaking India

Christian leaders and organisations in sync with western NGOs and church backed bodies are playing a divisive game aimed at breaking India. Author Rajiv Malhotra has exposed this with abundant evidence in the book Breaking India, which he co-authored with Aravindan Neelakandan.

indiaAccording to Malhotra, US and European churches, academics, think-tanks, foundations, government and human rights groups play an aggressive role in fostering separation of the identities of Dravidian and Dalit communities from the rest of India.

Koenraad Elst says, “There is a vicious attempt to delegitimise Hinduism as India’s native religion, and to mobilise the weaker sections of Hindu society against it with “blood and soil” slogans.

Seeing how the nativist movement in the Americas is partly directed against Christianity because of its historical aggression against native society (in spite of Liberation Theology’s attempts to recuperate the movement), the Indian Church tries to take over this nativist tendency and forge it into a weapon against Hinduism.

Christian involvement in the so-called Dalit (“oppressed”) and Adivasi (“aboriginal”) movements is an attempt to channel the nativist revival and perversely direct it against native society itself. It advertises its services as the guardian of the interests of the “true natives” (meaning the Scheduled Castes and Tribes) against native society, while labelling the upper castes as “Aryan invaders”, on the basis of an outdated theory postulating an immigration in 1500 BC.

Elst adds:

“To declare people “invaders” because of a supposed immigration of some of their ancestors 3500 years ago is an unusual feat of political hate rhetoric in itself, but the point is that it follows a pattern of earlier rounds of Christian aggression. It is Cortes all over again: Cortes, the conqueror of Mexico, could defeat the Aztecs, the ruling nation which had immigrated from Utah three centuries earlier, by enlisting the support of nations subdued by the Aztecs, with himself posing as their liberator (of course, they were to regret their “liberation”). The attempt to divide the people of a country on an ethnic basis — whether it is a real ethnic distinction as in the case of Cortes’ Mexico, or a wilfully invented one as in the case of India — is an obvious act of hostility, unmistakably an element of warfare.

“Therefore, ‘without any restriction’, Christians are teaching some sections of Hindu society hatred against other sections. You don’t normally try to create hostility between your friends, so the Church’s policy to pit sections of Hindu society against one another should be seen for what it is: an act of aggression, which warrants an active policy of self-defence and counter-attack. This counter-attack should take a proper form, adapted to the genius of Hinduism.”

From allying with the fanatic Portuguese to siding with the murderous Muslim League mobs of the 1940s, Indian Christians have shown an unbelievably stupid and opportunistic streak. Their Abrahamic compass is fixed due west and there’s little hope Christians will suddenly become nationalist. For, identifying with the Indian nation state would also imply acceptance of Hinduism. That, more than anything, is incompatible with the Christian worldview. Former top cop Julio Ribeiro and Supreme Court judge Kurian Joseph – who both railed against the Indian nation state – are living symbols of this incompatibility. In this backdrop, Ghar Wapsi – or reverting of Christians to Hinduism – is not such a bad idea after all.

Rakesh is a journalist at New Zealand’s leading media house. He mostly writes on defence and foreign affairs.
His articles have been quoted extensively by universities and in books on diplomacy, counter terrorism, warfare, and development of the global south; and by international defence journals.
Rakesh’s work has been cited by leading think tanks and organisations that include the Naval Postgraduate School, California; US Army War College, Pennsylvania; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC; State University of New Jersey; Institute of International and Strategic Relations, Paris; BBC Vietnam; Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk; Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi; Institute for Defense Analyses, Virginia; International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, Washington DC; Stimson Centre, Washington DC; Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia; and Institute for Strategic, Political, Security and Economic Consultancy, Berlin.
His articles have been published by the Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi; Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, Warsaw; and the Research Institute for European and American Studies, Greece, among others.
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    Christianity or any other religion was never or will never be a threat to Hinduism because the main tenets of the Hindu faith involve two basic beliefs. The first is that all souls earn their way into nirvana, a state of blessedness, through good deeds. Since this takes many lifetimes, souls are reincarnated until they succeed. Ones material circumstances are based on the past life’s choices; the very worst souls are incorporated into animal bodies. The second tenet is that all religions are equally valid paths to the same God. This strips one of the right to criticize any set of religious beliefs, including those of cults and other extreme groups. Thus, God is not concerned with having His followers believe in truth. It is sincerity, and not content, that matters. Since the arrival of Christianity in India, its preachers have known deep in their hearts that Hinduism with its theories of theology, mythology and worldview are rich and complex and can in no way be considered inferior to the religion they wish to earn converts to. Hinduism has never believed in active conversion and it will continue to thrive and flo­urish as long as it shuns conversion and remains to be an experience. Hinduism supersedes any other Abrahamic relgion for the simple reason that it is not a religion but a way of life for its followers. On peeling off the many distortions that have surroun­ded it over time Hinduism, in its original form, is free from polytheism, idol worship and fallacy.

    Christianity’s failure was also due to its inability to counter the strong philosophies of Hin­duism. This is because Christianity has relied more on experiences than explanations. The motivation behind any conversion should be total blind faith or belief in the new religion. If Christianity is merely one of many equally valid religions, then the sacrifices that the converts make including the loss of close relations is senseless.The issue of total conversion does not happen with the converted Hindoos because they still follow the so called idols and customs of their forefathers leaving the next generation in a confused state. These confused generations will never convert another strong follower of Hinduism since they lack the knowledge and faith of the real Hindu. In the future, the converted follower again returns to his or her original religion by interreligious marriage or gives up the earlier foreign religion due to lack of support. Every foreign religion dies a painful death like this in its own due course if it does not have a good support or conversion rate. Whether Hindus become Christians or Muslims or not is the fear of the right but to leave them with questions to become weaker Hindus filled with ignorance is the biggest fear out there for its followers.

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    Here is an interesting comment someone wrote regarding a terrible crime that recently took place in an upscale neighborhood of D.C, where a family of four were tortured and killed in their own homes after being held captives for over day.

    The commentator to the news that a Black suspect had been arrested for the crime noted,

    “This guy (referring to the suspect who has been arrested for the heinous crime) was a marine. It takes intelligence, discipline and focus to be a marine. I guess America used him and then tossed him aside. He did not get the mental health services he needed or a decent job…even at Iron Works, where he was fired”

    A young Black man does not receive help for his war related injuries and mental health services…and the only thing people can comment on is his skin color (Black) except for the commentator above.

    It is sad what happens to minorities and Blacks who are Christians in a Christian nation like the US.

    How deep is the hatred for Black Christians in the United States….

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      Christians and Muslims go to other people to convert them, its unfortunate that those spiritual people have to literally knock on our doors to come in, we should start prosletyzing.

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      Why attack anyone ?

      The VALUES upheld are the same in all religions.

      Let us not forget the havoc wrought by many charlatans representing Hinduism who have been conning many in the West. Indian media does not report. That is one of the reasons I do not want to read Rajiv Malhotra’s book being recommended by many hindus. He defended Nithyananda of Lifebliss Foundation.

      It is lot of BJP ministers , Ambanis , Abdul Kalams included who queued up for a hug from Ammachi.
      Lots of hindus bjp members included were devotees of Ichadari baba.

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    Yes, our country and Constitution is based on Judo Christian values, meaning that everyone has God given Rights of birth and no laws shall be made that violate such Rights of Freedom. Our Revolutionary war was to break away from the thrown and dictatorship over freedom of religion and liberty. There are Sects of Christianity all over the world, just as there is in Hindu, but they are not all alike. Any religion that represses the Rights of others is unconstitutional in the United States and that is exactly why our Constitution has a separation of Church and State, meaning that no religion can control the government, they are separated by the law of the land and protect the freedom and rights of everyone!

    I was born in the United States this lifetime but have had many lives in India. I also had a divine birth with Hanuman, Vishnu and Shiva, wherein I was given three Boons by each and was adopted as a sister by Lord Hanuman. I was with Lord Rama and Hanuman during the Ramayana and Hanuman said I am the real Rani. I have a Guru Tamil Siddha Tradition who was Swami Ramalingam his last lifetime. This is one of my boons to be with him this lifetime to bring in the Golden Age as is happening right now!

    While this article is throwing hatred and daggers at everyone not Hindu, it lacks the very understanding of what Hinduism actually is. I will tell you this, not one religion has 100% but all religions hold a piece of truth. Jesus himself was in India learning the secrete traditions and using the knowledge to teach others. Jesus was an enlightened Being who shared and spread the word of God, more than any other! My divine brother Hanuman is very active on the earth plane right now and has a big hand in everything to bring about the Golden Age, you have a choice to stay in the lower vibrations of hate and anger of the frontal lobes or you can move to the higher vibrations of the heart and enlightenment. As the energies bring in more light, the lower energies will no longer be able to stay. You can fight over the 3D reality or you can go back to your roots of understanding that you are the creators of your own experiences. How can you fight over a religion that you don’t even practice or understand? If you practiced, there would be no fight! Just saying…….

    • Dr. MS

      Rani, I do not think you know your history at all. It is true Arabs in ME did conduct their own slave trade with Africans…Blacks (as some would call them today), there was an active slave trade going on with Anglo Christian colonialists in the Caribbean and later in the South.

      There are an amazing number of books on this subject. Have you heard of Dr. Du Bois.’ Institute at Harvard. They produce excellent studies based on historical records, including agriculture and plantation records on Black slaves owned and traded.

      Here is your history:

      Slavery in the United States was the legal institution, also known as chattel slavery, that existed in the United States of America in the 18th and 19th centuries, even after it gained independence.. Slavery had been practiced in British North America from early colonial days, and was recognized in the Thirteen Colonies at the time of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

      France abolished slavery and banned slave trade in the 1700s, and European slave trade ended in the early 1800s.but domestic slave trading continued at a rapid pace in the United States, driven by demand from the development of cotton cultivation in the Deep South. More than one million slaves were sold from the Upper South, which had a surplus of labor, and taken to the Deep South in a forced migration during the antebellum years, splitting up many families. New communities of African-American culture were developed in the Deep South; the total slave population in the South eventually reached four million before abolition.his one (Wiki got it right on this one).

      By 1850, the newly rich cotton-growing South was threatening to secede from the Union, and tensions continued to rise. With Southern church ministers having adapted to support of slavery, modified by Christian paternalism, the Baptist and Methodist churches split into regional organizations of the North and South. When Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 election on a platform of no new slave states, the South finally broke away to form the Confederacy; the first six states to secede held the most number of slaves. This marked the start of the Civil War,

      Historically, the status of slave had become a caste associated with African descent, contributing to a system and legacy in which race played an influential role. At the time the United States Constitution was ratified, a relatively small number of free persons of color were among its voting citizens. After the Revolutionary War, abolitionist laws and sentiment gradually spread in the Northern states; in addition, as most of these states had a higher proportion of free labor, they abolished slavery by the end of the 18th century, some with gradual systems that did not free the last slave until the late 1820s. But the rapid expansion of the cotton industry from 1800 in the Deep South after invention of the cotton gin led to the Southern states to depend on slavery as integral to their economy. They attempted to extend it as an institution into the new Western territories.

      The United States was polarized over the issue of slavery,represented by the slave and free states divided by the Mason-Dixon Line, which separated free Pennsylvania from slave Maryland.(Wiki got it right on this one).

      In religion:

      From Christianity: A Social and Cultural History (2008) Prior to the American Revolution, masters and revivalists spread Christianity to slave communities, supported by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

      Ahistorm (1972): Over the decades and with the growth of slavery throughout the South, Baptist and Methodist ministers gradually changed their messages to accommodate the institution of slavery…though inititally they spoke against it. After 1830, white Southerners argued for the compatibility of Christianity and slavery, with a multitude of both Old and New Testament citations, they promoted Christianity as encouraging better treatment of slaves and argued for a paternalistic approach. In the 1840s and 50s, the issue of accepting slavery split the nation’s largest religious denominations (the Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian churches) into separate Northern and Southern organizations.

      Southern slaves generally attended their masters’ white churches, where they often outnumbered the white congregants. They were usually permitted only to sit in the back or in the balcony. They listened to white preachers, who emphasized the obligation of slaves to keep in their place, and acknowledged the slave’s identity as both person and property.

      You need to get your modern history right…before you start claiming to be a Rani during Rama’s regime.

      • Rani Rich

        My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and they were in America before the wars.

        Try this short video for real facts on Slavery, one reason being your time frame.


        • Dr. MS

          Sorry…I am not buying into the “revisionist theories”. I met people in Florida and other Southern States, very Anglo and with White privilege, constantly telling me that they were 1/8th Chrokee or 1/18 Pueblo or 1/7th Black…it is all convenient distortion of history or selective presentation of history for power, authority and privilege. It is not real understanding, appreciation or integration.

          And you make no mention of Christianity colluding with colonialism, global mercantilism, slave trade and slavery. That is what this article is about.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      HE IS WRITING ABOUT American history of slavery. US flourished on the Atlantic slave trade. In many parts of the world slavery existed.The ancient Hindu civilization had dasas which was not exactly like slavery.Islam did not see anything wrong in gulams.

  • bIg hIlL

    Political movement “Christianlty” has always been a threat all over the world. Ever since it was taken over by christian-hating Jew, Saul, who swapped his name to Paul and wrote so-called letters that make up most of their propaganda book they call the “bible” – basically Saul’s indoctrination.

  • Dr. MS

    Another breaking news that shocked me today.

    American Government says four cancer charities are shams. Some of these were perceived as good Christian charity organizations doing social work. Breast Cancer Society of America and Children’s Cancer Fund of America are well known big national charities that many have contributed to: including me. I am hurt, horrified and feel betrayed.

    They have conned ordinary generous kind people out of $187 million (yes, 187 million dollars).

    When you use people’s sickness and their vulnerability to con generous trusting people out of their hard earned money you are bordering on “pure evil”.

    Kindly write an article on this: Read on. You can catch breaking news at


    Washington D.C.:

    In a rare joint action with attorneys general for each of the 50 states, the Federal Trade Commission says four cancer charities run by extended members of the same family conned donors out of $187 million from 2008 through 2012 and spent almost nothing to help actual cancer patients.

    Each of the charities charged were the subject of extensive reporting by CNN in 2013. And in each instance, none of the four charities would comment. We were ordered out of the building at the Cancer Fund of America in Knoxville, Tennessee, and were the object of an obscene gesture by the CEO of The Breast Cancer Society in Mesa, Arizona.

    The Cancer Fund of America is run by James Reynolds Sr. His son James Reynolds Jr. is the CEO of the Breast Cancer Society. Another charity, the Children’s Cancer Fund of America, is run by Rose Perkins, the ex-wife of the elder James Reynolds. He’s also the CEO of the fourth charity, Cancer Support Services.

    The government says the charities claimed to provide direct support for cancer patients, breast cancer patients and children with cancer.

    “These were lies,” the government’s complaint says.

    Jessica Rich, chief of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, says that in all, the charities spent about 97% of donations they received either on private fundraisers or on themselves. Only 3%, she says, went to help actual cancer patients.

  • Dr. MS

    Request to the editors and the online magazine board members!
    Start moderating! Start moderating! Start moderating!
    Otherwise you are going to lose good writers and intelligent readership…

  • raxxx

    Similarly its the Shia community that will never be indianized.

  • Dr. MS

    You can read my comments related to this article below. I have something else important to raise…and I hope others might be able to guide and help on this matter. I noticed after I started posting on India Facts I get funny calls, interruptions on my phone and vibrations that give me a terrible spinning sensation when I hold the phone to my ear. I also noticed that this happens after certain kinds of postings (usually appreciating the author or challenging certain readers), and almost, like on cue, the phone vibrations change and one gets head-spins when holding the phone to the ear.

    And when one Eyeyesk said something about “Test Mail” and Blackberry to 10 Smartphones, etc. I thought it was an odd posting to what I wrote. Then I began to wonder if what was happening to my phone, the head spins that occurs when holding the cell phone to the ear, etc…was related to somebody actually misusing technology and attempting to penetrate people’s health through the phone. We already have problems with immature hackers who are hacking the wrong people and wrong systems…with foreign military technology that is five hundred years ahead of time. If they are using this against smart Indians, some Indian women or smart women (they don’t like, or don’t feel comfortable with due to sexism) . one can only imagine the level of craziness these people are capable of.

    This is serious stuff. If Indians are using technology to hurt other Indians over a discussion board because they don’t like what they read or what they assume then we already have threats playing out on people who are merely participating in a democratic forum…where Indians, Hindus and others are asserting themselves or sharing their grievances. These people using hidden or secret technology to hurt, harm, silence and control people they disagree with, should be in a nut house or in jail.

    We have far too many immature men, screwed up men, lonely men and damaged men (with petty egos) in the world of technology…and it is dangerous when complicated technology falls into the hands of some who now have other political or religious ax to grind, or cannot take a simple disagreement from a smart woman who knows more than them because she read more and thinks better than they do.

    If you have had similar experiences kindly share it with the commentators, the editorial board and the board has to start moderating the comment section. There are some crazy people parading around as commentators and basically skewing the discussion, and maybe using technology to silence some people.

    India Facts, its authors, some of whom write well and bluntly, need to take this concern seriously. If it is affecting me, just an occasional commentator,.it could affect them,

    Start moderating….

  • Vidya Vijay

    Excellent article. Many indian christians regard american christians as their ‘brothers in Christ’. John Dayal knew exactly what ‘christian persecution’ game to play during Vajpayee’s america visit, he was hand in glove with the americans.These indian christians should know that the most strongly rightwing christians in America believe in a ‘dual seedliner’ theory. They call this ‘Christian identity.’ These people believe that blacks and indians (including indian christians) are children of eve and Satan, and only whites are pure and are children of Adam. ‘dualliners’ mistakenly believe, because of Max Muellers erroneous theory, that they are Aryans, and therefore misappropriate and misuse the indian symbol of peace and good luck, the swastika. (We now know that the word ‘Arya’ which appeared so often in Indian texts means ‘cultured,’ and is not the name of any race.)The ‘dualliners’ use a very convincing explanation from their ‘infallible’ Bible to back their claim. Indian christians should be aware that after using indian christians to destroy indigenous indian culture, these ‘dualliners’ will turn their evil racism full steam against the indian christians themselves.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Vidya Vijay,I more than agree with you. How the Indian converts do not sense their inferior status I wonder. Also the theory of Aryas coming to India and the golden age is a bogey. MaxMuller was not less eager to spread Christianity in India.

  • BlackJesuscom

    You must also factor in the role that Christianity has played in fostering colorism in India
    and globally where ever dark skin people reside. Despite biblical, scientific and geographic
    proof to the contrary, the pale white image of Jesus Christ is used to divide people of color
    to establish and maintain a social and economic hierarchy with the lighter skin at the top.

  • Pillai Kpcs

    A very bold article ,very well written and throws unknown in formations to the public …

  • eyeyesk

    Everybody knows the great progress made by India during the period of missionaries who set up school, colleges, hospitals and showed the real love for the poor. nobody talks about this,

    if you guys are really interested in India facts, then write

    -why hundreds of people still squat on road side even in a bigger town like Mumbai even today and why there are no toilets for many people

    -why the roads in cities are horrible causing great inconvenience to people

    -corruption in every walk of life

    -poor government offices with no work ethnics or culture. in what way the Hindu dharma helping in all this

    -dowry system/dowry deaths, caste system, untouchability.

    -why hundreds of thousand of youth want foreign passport and doesn’t want to stay in india.

    -why millions who left the country doesn’t want to return

    -why no proper schools for the poor.

    This list can go on and on. The above facts are scary and it will stop out PM travelling to foreign country for investments.

    He hasn’t travelled that much in his own home country-
    Finally the author can settle down in Bihar or UP which is the birth place of many Hindu Gods and write these articles instead of sitting in his luxury home in NZ.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      I appeal to the Moderator to delete such trolls’ comments. Too boringly repetitive.

      All these have long been countered by Svami Vivekananda. If the christians are that commmmpassionate they ought to have whisked away all the “poooor , downtrodden” to their respective countries accommodating them all in their rich countries full of amenities like toilets , churches to pray , Bibles to be thrust in their hands , clothed & fed.

      Why spend ENORMOUS amounts of money undertaking travel to India , resort to LIES & nothing save LIES , STEAL, KILL , instigate strife , wars ?? vatican pope called for “planting of cross & harvesting of souls in Asia” when he found many in Europe & America were getting disenchanted with churchianity.

      //-why no proper schools for the poor//

      Why such OSTENTATIOUS living for uk’s royal family ? Why no audit ever done how uk enriched itself??

      The RICH students of RICH schools in uk frittered away their energies & time in coming up with novel cakes , pastries to please their queen. Could there be a more BORING a pursuit:-((

    • Dr. MS

      Mr. Eyeyesk, do you know your history?

      Many of the problems you state about India are true. But have you been to many Latin American and South American countries? Majority of the population there are Christians, Catholics in particular. The conditions there are similar to India.

      You might want to travel more Mr. Eyeyesk.

      In fact, prior to Spanish, Anglo and Christian colonialism these regions were pristine, there was no poverty, disparity and not much pollution. No doubt people lived frugal lives and life expectancy might have been low and there were diseases for which there was no cure…But that was true everywhere…In fact India and China were quite civilized and evolved 500 BC and 500 AD.

      The natives and the tribals of Latin and South America lived far healthier and happier lives until colonialism set in. Small pox, swine flue, STD, etc. were brought into the North America’s and the South America’s by the colonialists. You can see it in the museums there.

      Natives, of which you might have been one, were killed, and their land taken. Some enslaved. Colonialism, with missionary proselytizing, was brutal, violent and cruel to the local people. Kindly go to some wonderfully honest museum on this subject of conquestadors, colonialistas , inquisición , la tortura…in Mexico. Africans became slaves and taken on slave ships shackled by people who were supposedly good Christians.

      Civil War in the US was fought between Christians who wanted to emancipate Blacks, and abolish slavery,and those Christians in the South who were willing to pick up a gun and shoot their own father, brother and son to protect slavery and profit from slave labor.

      Christian global colonialism came with two objectives, sometimes together or separate, mercantilism and conversions (considered to be civilizing). Speaking French or English, wearing Western clothes and eating with forks and knives are not civilizing. Even today in many parts of Europe, Canada and the US you, with your dark skin and certain cultural influences, will not be seen as equal no matter how many times you go to Church. You might have to go to a separate or segregated church.

      You will find, what I write, in many American textbooks which are so much more honest about the horrors of colonialism than what you are being taught in Pakistan or India.

      I am surprised you know so little of your own Christian history. And I doubt many Anglo Christians would consider you their equal. I gather you have not traveled much.

      There has been a lot of tension between Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism. You know they are separated…right? Then a 15th century protest against the Vatican led to the Protestant movement that separated from the Vatican. Many Protestants fled Europe to get away from persecution, and landed in the New World that you might know as the US and Canada.

      Catholic and Protestants (which comes from the word Protest) fought for over five centuries…Ireland suffered from this sectarian violence up until the late 1970s.

      You must also go to Africa Mr. Eyeyesk. There too colonialists not only killed, butchered, enslaved and converted..but they fought among themselves to get prized land. The French fought the Dutch who fought the English who fought the Portuguese….it went on and on and on.

      Do not look at modern India, or any societies that have been colonized and brutalized, and mock their economic and political conditions today. Indian history has been a history of 2000 years of invasion, occupation, exploitation, colonialism and imperialism…

      May I suggest you read more books, in stead of watching popular movies. May I also suggest that you improve English Me Eyeyesk…if you wish to migrate to an English speaking nation.

      Best wishes
      Dr. MS

      • eyeyesk

        Test mail

        Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

        • Dr. MS

          And what does this mean Mr. Eyeyesk? Could you say what mail you are texting, to whom and how you get people’s numbers…and what else do you do on your phone? Provide details please.

  • poppy poppy

    it is natural for hindu philiosophy to feel threatened by chirsitian faith. fact of the matter is these articles are not going to stop christian missions in india or any part of the world. what God has ordained mere mortals cant stop

    • ps

      Last night god ordained that xtianity must be stopped. Now try reversing that!

      • poppy poppy

        hehe keep trying

    • VeVePe

      err .. sure, “god has ordained”.

      We suggest that this is a case of the the blind and the evil following the blind and the evil.

  • eyeyesk

    This author is sitting in a comfort foreign country (probably may not like to come to India like many million Indians in US) and doing Christian bashing. He writes ..America is a Christian Country. not sure from which angle? Is he comparing USA to Saudi Arabia which anyone can call it an Islamic country with an Islamic law. USA has more than 3million Hindus and each year hundreds of Indians head to USA for higher studies/jobs and green card. once they go, they never want to comeback to their dear mother land which they seems to love so much. They will do whatever they can to stay back in states (even working in hotels as dish washers or licking the back of whites). So much for their patriotism for India and the hatred for US. And US allowed to built more than 100temples for worship their Gods of all kinds and forms. Think of doing the same in a Muslim country. Millions of students come to US universities just to get some degrees (even in 3rd rate universities) hoping to get good jobs in India and with that millions of dowry from those parents wanting a “US returned” groom. All the Santana dharma etc will go to dustbin in this instance. So much of bad mouthing of Abrahamic religion and from where it came from.. but India heads right there (Israel) for knowledge and wisdom in agriculture, technology and latest missile and anti-missiles guidance(to protect itself from Pakistan). what a shame!!

    And some other morons writes “Jesus cannot save himself, what he can save indians” . The very same statement was made by Jews themselves while he has hanging on cross. (Matthew Chapter 27:39). You idiots, Jesus Christ did not come to save himself, but to save you guys from eternal death into eternal life. Yet, he conquered the death in three days- he rose again from the tomb. Don’t you guys know this if you talk of about Jesus Christ of Bible. He is born of Virgin, was the most perfect man to walk on this earth, was crucified for no sin of His, (he laid down his life for all mankind as a ransom), rose again from death and ascended on to heaven from where he came from. Jesus Christ is a either a stumbling block for you or a chief cornerstone on which your entire foundation can stand. He cant be any other.

    The popular talk-show host Larry King was once asked whom he would choose, if he had the choice to interview one person across history. Larry King replied that he would like to interview Jesus Christ and that he would ask Him just one question: “Are You indeed virgin born?” “The answer to that question,” said King, “would explain history for me.” That’s the stumbling block for Larry King. Not that he doesn’t know the truth he wants to hear it from the person himself. If Larry indeed wanted to know the truth, it is there written about Jesus. He doesn’t want to know because he is afraid the history -past/present/future will be crystal clear to him which he doesn’t want know. he wants to live in a world where his passions can get the better of his creed. same for the rest of you. However much you can try to dig information to paint the Christianity in black, Christianity is about the person Jesus Christ. You are welcome to crucify Him more. His only answer will be ” Father Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” .
    Your kingdom will last as long as Narendrabhai Modi lasts on throne in New Delhi- where were you guys earlier…but for those who believe in Christ, the kingdom will last eternally. You can keep on doing this until cows comeback home and you may even succeed as many Christians may face persecution because of this and even many Christians may even fall away from their faith by believing in falsehood and lie, but that’s that way it will be. the door to kingdom of God is narrow and few will walk into it. there is a door which is wide which leads to darkness. you are welcome to choose. Comeback once you get your green card and do something to the country you love.
    The country with 85% Hindus are so insecure about just less than 2% Christians. do something else guys which can really benefit our country. Christians from all parts of India pray for the peace and prosperity of India. Long live India and Jai Hind.

  • Jay Zaim

    Other must read books: 1.) Churchills Secret war by Madhushree Mukerjee. 2.) Modern India 1885-1947 by Sumit Sarkar. For the way the west really operates: 1.) Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill and Dirty Wars also by Jeremy Scahill. All over the world this impression created by the church in India that it was under attack once it was established that it was simply a matter of law and order and the courts were now in the process of dispensing Justice we didnt hear a peep out of “paid media” or the church.Makes you wonder what next? On wikipedia this gem in regards to the USCIRF : The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is an independent, bipartisan U.S. federal government commission created by the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. USCIRF Commissioners are appointed by the President and the leadership of both political parties in the Senate and the House of Representatives. USCIRF’s principal responsibilities are to review the facts and circumstances of violations of religious freedom internationally and to make policy recommendations to the President, the Secretary of State, and the Congress. It describes itself as “[g]rounded in and informed by the American experience”. It is rooted in the U.S. Evangelical movement and its original intention was to protect Christians around the world.Such organisations as Christian Solidarity International, International Christian Concern, Open Doors and the Cardinal Kung Foundation as well as the lawyer Michael Horowitz were influences for the foundation of the International Religious Freedom Act .

  • Sree Charan R

    This is, in one word: TRUTH.Thanks, to the author.It is only now, that I have understood the REALITY.Hope people remember the case of Indian Scientist Nambinarayan. There are hundreds of such incidents.Let us, at least by now, think about our country; instead of personal ignorant opinions.

  • JayZ

    Woah! Articulate and concise. Brilliant.

  • ccc

    What is the difference between Hindus and Christians, both pray to a god. Why have hindus not learned from “Aham Brahmasmi” “Sarvam khalvidam Brahma”, that instead of praying they have to focus on their true nature though patanjali astang yog for example and draw energy and see things for what they are.

    A god fearing hindu who prays is no better than a christian or a muslim.

    Having said that, the superiority complex of Islamists and Christianists and the simultaneous inferiority complex of hindus is the root of all problems in India.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      This is called “preaching to the choir”. And wantonly obfuscating. It is christians who have usurped lot of Hindu Temples converting them into churches. Hindus never went about converting.

      Do not for a second presume all those who “pray” have all realized Brahman synonym for God. Jesus Christ preached the same values & virtues. What the Roman Emperor & christian missionaries did is known to many.

      What do you mean by the cliche ” god fearing” ? bollywood actor rishi kapoor while protesting against BJP which calls for ban on cow slaughter & beef export & consumption also tweeted he is “god fearing” but finds nothing wrong in eating beef.

      Lot of Asuras in our Puranams have all “prayed & prayed” doing arduous penance.

      I do not find any “inferiority complex” in Adi Shankarar , Ramana Bhagavan , Kaanchi Shankaracharyas , Seshadri Svamigal , Panduranga Bakthas , Naayanmaargal & Aazhvaargal.

      No Naayanmaar would have come up with a movie like ‘pk’ of contemporary India. That was & is relished by an overwhelming number of hindus themselves.

      Paarvathi Devi ( as Dhaakshayini) Herself curses all those who gather during the oblation insulting The Lord.
      The Divine Punishment meted out to all of them is the most protracted.

      • ccc

        fear of a god, fear of sin and desire for punya, atonement of sin, washing away your sin, accumulating punya, everybody has a diffferent soul (not atman) etc. etc.

        every society has passed through the same road with these milestones but the its only the Rishis and Tapasvis who have gone farthest and found that there is no god outside of us who is listening to all the prayers, judging us on the basis of our actions, there is no heaven or hell, no evil. We are ourselves all powerful but all of us are not born with that realization and so they discovered or invented or proposed (whatever you can digest) certain methods after explaining the “Satya and Mithya” to realize the satya and what we are is “Sanatan, Puratan, Vyakt-aVyakt” and realizing it does away with all fear and desires and “Bandhan & Moh”.

        This is not all, our own Karma causes our reincarnations and you would have noticed that ordinary people who have realized the Brahma, their true nature, they leave their body on their “Prarabdha”, they get sick, they enjoy but somehow they make sure to not accumulate another paap or punya and when the Karma deposit exhausts they leave their body to never reincarnate ever again.

        So If any hindu still prays to a god which ever form, he is partly a muslim and a christian.

        Jesus Christ never preached whar The Rishis did. don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t cheat, love others, do charity etc. etc. nobody needs these thing to be told to them to know their value humans living in a society anywhere on this planet have themselves realized these for the smooth functioning of society.

        A religion which doesn;t go beyond prayer to a god is not mature enough to be considered now this late in human evolution as a worthwhile philosophy of life.

        One can only pray to one’s “Gurudev” or “Gurumata” for their blessing so that the realization comes easily and early.

        Praying falsely assures one that some all powerful god is with him and boosts his confidence and it maybe useful in one’s evdeavours. But focusing on our true nature removes all doubts and fears and this constant need of praying too.

        You have to pray for all lifetime to get this confidence boost but once you have realized brahma, your true self, you needn’t anything else to reassure you of your potential in any situation.

        Hindus who are completely cutoff from this knowledge are as good as christians and muslims to me.

        • Rajalakshmi J

          Rishis found out there is nothing called “outside ” & “inside”.

          Heaven & Hell are for REAL. As real as this Planet earth.

          Jesus Christ reiterates the same Truth. With His ‘ I AM That I AM’. So does Islam with ‘ Unal Haque’.

          Gnostic Christianity is very similar to Hinduism.

          All our Avatara Purushas have prayed & prayed . Never decried praying & worshipping of God.

          // We are ourselves all powerful //

          Not at all. Kena Upanishad & ALL our Spiritual Stories , Parables rererere -emphasize the truth that we are nothing…..totally powerless. That God alone is Almighty. Arjuna(n) is made to realize much later the war was waged & won by none other than Lord Krishna Himself.

          All the Spiritual Hymns poured out from the hearts of Devotees AFTER Knowing / Realizing God.
          Not the other way round.

          Once you KNOW what God IS , you cannot but think of & pray to God. Those who do not know God ALSO have no other choice but to pray & seek His / Her Grace. There are plenty of Tamil Hymns conveying this.

          • Dr. MS

            Frankly this simplistic view of God does not exist in HInduism. Thank goodness for that. Higher entity, higher power, higher energy, higher intuition or just higher awareness and consciousness is to be experienced….not something to be prayed to. Any prayer is a personal prayer to a higher consciousness…Puja is not a prayer…it is a from of self expression, validation of the energy circles and respecting the personification of higher order energy. Heaven and hell have there definitions in Hinduism: Lower order lokhas with lower order birth that takes one further and further away from a complex healthy intelligent human brain, and the other is all the negative feelings that can make one’s life hell or the community hell and the other is “mixed up life, messed up life and dysfunctional life” that becomes hell for itself and for others, and may even turn into a dark force or bhooths.

            Nobody is powerless or totally powerless in Hinduism. There is plenty of place in Hinduism for “will and will power”. Among the five karmas, Kriyamana karma, based on action, decision, thinking, values, is possible only as human beings…because animals and children, mentally unwell people or unintelligent people. do not have the capacity to understand certain good from bad, right from wrong and correct from incorrect. Kriyamana karma requires thinking, reflection, and then acting for our betterment, collective betterment and future betterment. .

            Here is what I read in short write-up and it is fairly correct: Kriyamana is everything that we produce in the current life. All kriyamana karmas flow in to sanchita karma and consequently shape our future. Only in human life we can change our future destiny. After death we lose Kriya Shakti (ability to act) and do (kriyamana) karma until we are born again in another human body.

            Some believe that only human beings who can distinguish right from wrong can do (kriyamana) karma. Therefore animals and young children are considered incapable of creating new karma (and thus cannot affect their future destinies) as they are incapable of discriminating between right and wrong.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Thank God , my Guru(s) is Kaanchi MaHaperiyavar , Ramana Bhagavan & various others whose Names I keep mentioning .

            I am GRATEFUL to Ramana Bhagavan for clearing ALL doubts as far as God is concerned.

            I owe ENTIRELY to Ramana Bhagavan who busted away lot of cobwebs.

            I am NOT AT ALL interested in your comments enough to respond. Take your lectures on hinduism to others.

          • ccc

            If you have been told what god is by someone, its probably a story you’d like to believe, a sophisticated story, but still a story non-verifiable.

            I am God if there is one otherwise there is none.



          • Dr. MS

            Rajalakshmi, you are not being very smart or sophisticated…I am actually trying to help you, you keep going into Abrahamic version of Hinduism. It is sad how much critical thinking and historical accuracy is missing among many Hindus in India. They become stuck on one version and go around and around in circles. Hinduism requires critical thinking and intelligent discussion…and when you argue in a silly way you give weapons to your enemies or opponents. Remember that.

            Best wishes

          • Krispy K

            Better to skip over this idiot’s posts. I think she suffers from Asperger’s or something. She certainly has some kind of mental instability.

          • ccc

            Then the question is who is God ? and what is his/her role in our lives ?

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Why ask me ?

            Such questions have aaaalways been asked.

            If you know Tamil I would recommend AP.Nagarajan’s ‘Thiruvarutchelvar’.

          • ccc

            for discussion what else ? your arguments and then mine and so on.

          • Lokesh

            The idea is to keep that question alive till you find it for yourself, rather than accepting what’s written somewhere. Believing is the death of intelligence, hence the death of man. Inquiry is the Hindu (Buddhist, Jain) way

          • ccc

            We all know hinduism has many shades or school of thought, you and I are talking about different ones here.

            Christianity is nothing similar to Hinduism in its entirety.

            Prayer, membership, blasphemy, charity, love thy neighbour etc. are not exclusive christian elements they are found in evry society on this planet in varying degree.

            Real investigation in to the nature of life and arriving at real answers which are provable by anybody is only done in this land of ours because the rulers of the land have never disallowed it. Because the brahmins never objected to it and even if they did it didn’t made any impact.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            //Real investigation in to the nature of life and arriving at real answers
            which are provable by anybody is only done in this land of ours because
            the rulers of the land have never disallowed it. Because the brahmins
            never objected to it and even if they did it didn’t made any impact//

            It is again ambedkars & such kindred people who mislead us all telling (sic) “Brahmins denied Knowlege ….casteism ” blah blah. Long time back Sandhya Jain wrote a detailed artcle in Daily Pioneer ( of Chandan Mitra) disproving it. I do not have it with me.

            Once upon a time the Kings who ruled India were genuinely DEVOUT. They routinely held open discussions with Learned People. Unfortunately none of these feature in our school textbooks.

            Today most use the word God . But are not genuine SEEKERS.

          • ccc

            Now we are talking “seekers” I am glad you used this word.

            Oh no I don’t trust the marxist version or the british version of so-called “caste” in India and the Brahmin oppression of the sudras and the priestly class similar to greeks etc. etc.

            But you have to trust that somewhere in our history knowledge took a back seat and heredity became prominent and we are what we are today because of that, all the invasions to Bharat have been successful because everybody thought it was the duty of the Kshatriyas to defend the country not the brahmins or vaishyas or the sudras because in the peace time the Kshatriyas wouldn’t let anyone become a Kshatriya unless he/she was born in a Kshatriya Kula.

            This perversion of Varna based on guna and karma to heredity based is the reason of our defeat at the hands of invaders.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            If we the people do shoddy homework , disdainfully reject Kaanchi MaHaPeriyavar vainly arguing & doubting we have to blame our own arrogance & lack of humility.

            One such “பேச்சாளர்” admits belatedly Varna System is the best as “scientific community in the West after doing lots of researches & researches say so”.

            Svami Vivekananda has extolled Varna Dharmam. I endorse what Nochur Venkatraman & Svami Omkarananda say…” Why not ACCEPT whatever The Lord says…..Vedas are not man made….but A-Paurusheya…Divine Revelations……”.

            That பேச்சாளர் said ” It takes SEVEN generations’ strict adherence & abidance for the respective Samskaras to become part & parcel of one’s nature…..hence they married within their own…..as it ensured relatively glitches free living …nobody claimed superiority or inferiority….”.

            It is the christian missionaries who deliberately sowed seeds of discord with their spiel as they wanted to RUIN our civilization altogether. Evangelical mafia are hell bent on turning everything monochromatic. Lots of students from China who go abroad are converted to christianity by these missionaries . They do it overtly & covertly. They are the ones perennially whingeing “human rights violations booohoooo….”.

            Stephen Hawking or someone said “God plays dice …”.
            Another Hindu physicist AFTER coming across Ramana Bhagavan wrote:-

            ” God does NOT play dice with the Universe. HE IS the Casino”.

          • ccc

            I am learning a lot from you, I will continue this discussion at a later time.

            Maybe you can share the names of the books or reading material.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            I owe everything to my Paternal Grandparents & my Father who all passed away.

            They introduced me to God. They created that Spiritual ambiance against tremendous odds.

            Rest of the family ( too many relatives , acquaintances , neighbours) including my mother & her family were (are) so anti God destroyed practically everything. The trend is to label all SEEKERS “mad / psychiatry patient / mental case “. Outwardly they go to Temples , follow festivals but are NOT earnest SEEKERS.

            There can NEVER be peaceful co existence between the Seeker & the others. I suppose that is the reason many left their families. One needs SOLITUDE to STABILIZE.

            Meerabai was persecuted by her own family. By the royal family she was forcibly married off to. She was fed poison NOT by Akbar but her own in laws.

            Jesus Christ was crucified. I heard that Muslim SEER who exclaimed “Unal Haque’ was also crucified.

            Various indian psychiatrists obdurately believe all those seeking God . drawn towards God , moved by Spiritual Hymns , good music are all mad people needing ECT & psychiatry drugs. Thus my brother was KILLED with psychiatry drugs & ECT. I have died several times as I was also given the same drugs & ECT but am the only survivor. All the record players , records , LOTS of Books ( that are no longer available anywhere) were all destroyed. Both of us were DENIED entry into Puja room by my mother after she usurped everything by KILLING my father along with her first born son & several others. Like the “greedy woodcutter” she started imitating my father.

            It is a long story. Only in movies you come across instant Justice.

          • ccc

            I can’t believe it.

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            Lord Krishna said that he created the four varna s basing on gunas and karma. Now interchangeability was possible them Valmiki was valya koli- belonged to a community of shudras or OBCs in today’s parlance. but through Tapas he became a Rishi and it is in his Ashrama that Sita gave birth to her twin sons. Krishna became a Kshatriya and a King though brought up as a cowherd. At some point these became rigid caste structures but to revert is is possible. We should strive for that to save our noble religion.

        • Krispy K

          People keep missing the point. Nobody cares if Christians exist or what they do. Let me re-iterate – the objective is NOT TO REMOVE CHRISTIANS FROM INDIA. It is to stop Christians from forcing their religion onto US. Whether this can be achieved whilst circumventing the need to remove Christianity entirely is another question. But peaceful co-existence is always more desirable.

          Anyone can reach God through any multitude of means. But that does not mean “all religions are the same”. Christians and Muslims can connect with God despite the backwardness of Christianity and Islam. But those religions are not primarily about connecting with God. They are transient, corrupt, material systems. And as such, they will eventually die.

          • ccc

            Christianity survives in the christian society, whereever christians live they will propogate the gospel and use all means to win more converts. The christians must be made to question christianity and more importantly must be made to give up their superiority complex.

            For many former christians who decided to question christianity and found it unresonable, make believe, the only choice they think they are left with is charvaka.

            Their superiority complex abstains them from exploring the great hindu tradition created by Rishis and Munis.

            So an onslaught of questions is needed to be directed at christianity without any shame.

          • Krispy K

            I agree. And if an onslaught of civilised debate doesn’t stop them (and we all know it won’t) then we might have to resort to force. God knows that sticking our heads in the sand and pretending the problem doesn’t exist is no solution.

          • Lokesh

            Force may not be the solution, west is more open to Indian spirituality, we should go there to prosletyze. Internet’s a boon, we may not even have go to west to prosletyze. In due course of time people will know what is what, that’s probably when rigid religions lose their grip and money for prosletyzing

          • Krispy K

            Proselytization is something only salesmen do. Nobody needs to sell our philosophy, it speaks for itself. Those who are receptive will gravitate towards it, those who aren’t won’t. Where we need to be forceful is in preventing aggressive salesmen from pushing their crap onto us. That’s all.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            ///It is to stop Christians from forcing their religion onto US///

            I am filled with despair. As I read UK’s PM Cameron has called for more & more evangelizations .The evangelical mafia will never change. They will instigate hindus to glare at muslims. UK tried its best in creating discord between India & China. UK BLED & STOLE everything from us. We are worse than beggars. Have been more than satisfied with cricket .

            We wallow in delusions of grandeur after making a movie called ‘Lagaan’. The dream merchants of bollykollywood exploit such emotive themes to enrich themselves. We the suckers fall for this bait. Calling it “track 2 diplomacy ..soft power of hindutvaAAA”. Most of our films peddle debauchery & kitsch.. And we turn defensive screaming ” indooyisum is a way of life”. Movies & cricket are NOT going to solve our problems.

            Many who call themselves ” பேச்சாளர்கள் / ஆன்மிக பேச்சாளர்கள் ” of Tamil Nadu have no qualms hobnobbing with kamalhassans. Ditto for many Carnatic singers. They mislead us telling they are doing “Nadopasana’. Thank God only ONE famous singer tole me ” we are all in it for money…there is intense cut throat competition among us….none of us are seeking God…we are all seeking fame & money”.

            Hindus should make peace with Pakistan. And strive for peaceful co existence with Muslims & China. This would render christian mafia impotent.

          • Krispy K

            Personally, I think we should forget about “making friends” with anyone. Nobody genuinely wants to be our friends, and frankly nobody deserves our friendship. Our objective is one and one only – to build enough strength to destroy everyone else if we absolutely have to. The US have this attitude and it’s one we should adopt.

        • Shubhangi Raykar

          What you have written is true. Hindus start with ‘atha to brahma jidnyasa’ But to be a Sadhaka is not an easy thing to achieve. And that is Dyanyoga. So Lord Krishna has discussed two other paths. One is Karmayoga and the other is Bhaktiyog. But the followers of these two also know that the ultimate aim is the union of the atman with the paramatman or Parabrahman. The godhead becomes a symbol for reaching the ultimate state.

          • ccc

            rightly said, God is just a construct of us humans so why not everybody be allowed to have his/her own God (male or female) or no God. One’s own “IshTa”, the concept of “IshTaDev” is one of the biggest achievements of Hindu civilization.

            Anything will do if true “Bhavana” is there but over the period of time some constructs have become more popular and elaborate stories surrounding them consisting of lessons in all walks of life have come in to existence and passed on from generation to generation. Now some stories are true like in Mahabharat or Ramayan to name a few. And some are not true but they serve the same purpose nevertheless, to emphasize a point and that is the whole point of the story.

            But today this very “ItihAAs” snd the fine line between reality and myth is used to subvert us to make fun of us.

            The insidious agenda is to plant a deep rooted inferiority complex about our past in to our minds and make us discard it all or brand it as orthodox and conservative and create a vacuum in our lives.

            All the while simultaneously expropriate, domesticate and digest the best elements of hindu tradition and civilization like sanskrit grammer, Adwaita, Various forms of Yog, Upanishads etc. to enrich westren civilization.

            Then fill the vaccum in our lives with it. It has become all the more easy because of our Macaulayan Education System (MES) which has boxed all the achievements and knowledge of hindu civilization under hindutva box and discredited it as non-secular anti-minority and homogeneous.

            The biggest product of this MES is he socalled “Idea of India”, one of the basic tenet of this idea is diversity of India but the diversity is not inherent in India its the result of continuous invasions startig from Aryans and continuing with British, so India is a conglomoration of diverse “nationalities” which deserve a nation of their own so India is an unlikely nation and never existed as such before the british united it politically. Now the same faultlines are utilized by the Church and Native political leaders to further their own political agenda.

            So first we need a Chanakyan Education System to replace and destroy this Macaulayan Education system and then we can think of anything else.

  • StemTheTide

    Extremely informative article. One more point I would like to make is that these so called minorities have support that does not behoove of any minority. I don’t see any reason for calling Indian minorities as minorities anymore. These minorities take every opportunity to harm hindus. Take for example:https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/IndiaArchaeology/conversations/messages/12432.

    Which other minority community in the entire world (other than in a Hindu majority area) will be allowed for such blatant fabrication of history against the Majority?

    Hindus need to wake up and see these designs of the predatory cults before our native dharmic traditions are digested by these useless cults.

  • Nigel2386

    Great weaponry to divide India based on these hateful views. Christianity has existed in India since the time of Christ, Christians, hindus and muslims have existed in India harmoniously for centuries. Its a shame that such radical views and fanatic attitudes exist in India these days. The author is trying to spread hate, rivalry and dissension in the Indian community by writing articles like these. Anti-minority sentiments are not welcome in Indian society. We are a democracy not a theocracy that you maybe trying to establish.

    • Krispy K

      There has to be something wrong with you if you call telling the truth “hate”. Hindus have long been brow-beaten into ignoring our painful history just to satisfy the delusions and self-importance of minorities, but that’s not going to happen anymore. If that makes you uncomfortable, that’s your problem. India can no longer be the only country in the world where the victims of centuries of bigotry and oppression at the hands of hate cults are made to feel guilty about becoming aware of it.

      As for “hate”, “rivalry”, “fanaticism” etc – perhaps you should look at Christian history to see what those words mean. Hindus have never massacred people en-masse or destroyed civilisations around the globe in order to push their belief system onto others. The hypocrisy of Christians will no longer be tolerated.

      • Nigel2386

        Well, here is another truth that a small illiterate mind like yours will never be able to grasp. Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of India. You trying to spread hate and dissensions against christians, muslims or even caste systems isint going to change that. Why dont you find something better to invest your time and resources in. Let your good deeds speak for your character / religion ..not just your mouth.

        • Krispy K

          Illiterate? Big word for a bible monkey – especially one with such a poor grasp of the English language. You clearly don’t even know what it means, given that you have chosen to blindly apply it to your superiors in such a fudged manner. But I’m not surprised you have to resort to abuse (as usual, by projecting your own failures onto others) seeing as you have no argument whatsoever.

          Telling the truth about the bigotry of Christianity through the ages is *not hate*. All of the things in this article are points of fact. Your bitterness at being unable to demonstrate otherwise is palpable. I would wonder if you could get this into your thick skull, but I already know that isn’t going to happen.

          Good deeds is what all good people strive for. And the destruction of evil, demonic hate cults like Christianity and Islam, which have not only spread so much death and misery around the world over the centuries but have claimed the minds of countless innocent simpletons such as yourself, is a great deed that ALL lovers of humanity should strive for. If you weren’t so galactically stupid, you’d be on the right side of the fence rather than where you are.

          • Nigel2386

            lol. have fun in your ignorance, hate & misery – hope it brings you hope & happiness. Im glad majority of the Indians dont agree with you. I have no time to waste on walls. Have a good day.

          • Krispy K

            You don’t speak for the majority of Indians. And again you have NO argument. Like all Jeebus freaks, when the time comes for debate you fail at the first hurdle.

            No matter how much you want to delude yourself otherwise, the fact remains you are a proponent of a demonic hate cult which competes with Islam on the mass-murder scale. Are you proud of yourself? Nah, I know you don’t have the basic intelligence to make such an evaluation.

            Praise Jeebus.

  • Krispy K

    Demonic cults like Christianity and Islam are inevitable in Kaliyuga. Equally inevitable is their eventual demise. In the meantime, we must all work towards that goal.

  • Jishnu

    The least recorded yet among most destructive conspiracy of xtians in India is the British time wedge they drove between brahmin and landlord groups and two centuries of concerted anti-brahmin poison which is now amply visible all over our acads and public discourse. Justice party filth (and later dmk filth) is one of its results. Hoodwinking dalits into believing their worst oppressors to be their saviors is another. List goes on. Hindus are yet to even see this poison, much less remedy it.

    • rameshsukumaran

      You can’t wish away the caste system, one of the things that Hinduism got fundamentally wrong. No wonder that the lower castes were attracted to the egalitarianism of Islam in which inter-dining and praying together play an important part in binding the community of believers together, unlike Hinduism. Our so-called higher castes (I am one of them) considered themselves polluted if so much as the shadow of a lower caste person fell on them. In Kerala, people were cut down with swords if this happened. Even our so-called intellectual attainments in maths etc. failed to propagate because they were restricted to a small circle among the upper castes. There were, I presume many lower caste Ekalavyas who lost more than their thumbs. Contrast this with the Renaissance in Europe which threw open the floodgates of knowledge to the masses. We still haven’t learnt. Education is extremely low priority, hardly two percent of the budget, if that. One of the main reasons for South Korea’s pre-eminence today, in contrast to its position in 1950 when we were roughly at par, was the importance placed on education. Everything bad that happened to us was not done by foreigners. Let us give discredit where discredit is due.

      • Krispy K

        So much bullshit. Don’t tell me – JNU?

      • Lokesh

        Caste system is not Hinduism’s fault. It’s a cultural thing, 3 highly regarded and read Hindu scriptures are Gita/ Upanishads and Brahmasutras. If you find fault in them, then its Hinduism’s fault. Manusmriti which Fredrick Nitsche called a better work on morality and higher than new testament is probably the worst of Hindu scriptures. It’s problem is that it outlived its time. Who reads it anyway? Never heard of anyone reading it except for academic reasons.

        “Our so-called higher castes (I am one of them) considered themselves polluted if so much as the shadow of a lower caste person fell on them”

        Yes, there are such fools, sadly even today to some extent, aren’t there white christian supremists who look down upon black christians? Non-arab Muslim men are not allowed to marry any arab woman. There is shit in every religion. But attributing the cultural faults to Hinduism is the worst thing self-righteous feeling people are doing.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        I have found many citing Ekalavya to drive home their point as though all allegedly low castes were ill treated by the upper castes.

        I heard one Pouranikar telling that it was Lord’s WILL Ekalavya should lose his thumb. That Vidhurar should break his Bow ( Powerful Vishnu Dhanus) in anger , quit & leave was ALSO Lord’s WILL. That Aswathama nominated as Commander of Kaurava Army by Duryodhana should be replaced by the same Duryodhana was also Lord’s WILL . Those who know Mahabharatham thoroughly know why & all the details. Hence I am not writing them.

        Ekalavya would have joined Kauravas. He was no Vibhishna who knew the nuances of Dharma(m) enough to leave his brother Ravanan & seek Sri.Ramar. That way , Karna(n) is a better archer than Arjuna.

        It is the Lord’s AGENDA alone that gets fulfilled in this world. We are given this insight as we have the luxury of reading AFTER the events have taken place with detailed Bhashyam etc etc.
        Sahadeva(n) an erudite astrologer from the beginning has no love , empathy towards Draupadi. He wears the “professional neutral” hat suggesting auspicious New Moon day for the Kauravas to launch their war.
        Lord Krishna alone knows this. At once He starts doing Tharpan(am) meant to be done during New Moon.
        Perplexed , The Sun & The Moon meet each other wondering why The Lord is behaving thus when Amavasya is yet to come!! Little realizing by their coming together Amavasya has happened. This remains unknown to everyone else. All the Celestial Bodies , all the Angels …..ALL the Stars are under the TOTAL control of Lord MahaVishnu / Allah / Jesus Christ whatever NAME one wants to give.

        One Aazhvaar goes into raptures while describing ThriVikrama Avatharam of Lord MaHaVishnu telling

        ” The Stars look like Precious Gems around Your Glorious Ankle …like Anklets”.

        Thus had Ekalavya fought with his thumb intact the loss of lives among Pandavas would have been much more. That was prevented. Dronacharya though a Brahmin violated ETHICS of warfare. He caused the death of lots of infantry in addition to unethical killing of Abhimanyu. He represented Adharma(m).

        That is precisely the reason Lord Krishna comes up with ” Asvathama Kunjaraha…”.

        The sweeping generalizations made by most Indians is appalling. Certain brahmins behaved in certain objectionable ways. This we find among all castes , all classes of people. But the way christians distort is as though all brahmins jointly ill treated others.

        Aadi Shankarar had to face stiff opposition from fellow brahmins when He came to do the requisite Rites for His Mother Aryambha.

        • rameshsukumaran

          Dear ma’am, an extremely learned disquisition, however I do not see the point. My point was that the creation of iron-clad castes with no mobility between castes and a rigid adherence to caste based social and work stratification, without any place for merit prevented Hinduism from being broadly acceptable (except among those fortunate enough to be upper caste). There was broad disenchantment among the lower castes with this system. This was sought to be assuaged by the theory of karma to explain one’s current low position in the caste hierarchy, which at the same time justified the upper castes’ status as due to good deeds done in previous births. Later on the bhakti cults too attempted to alleviate lower caste misery through their flexible posturing on this issue. However that did not hide the root cause – the rigorous stratification which prevented social cohesion and ensured that Indian society could not present a united front when confronted by foreign invasions and an alien religion with a radically different social structure. I mentioned Eklavya just to emphasise the suppression of talent in favour of the well to do. Given equal opportunities there is no reason why anyone should not do well.Of course there will be differences in innate ability, but this is not determined by caste, but by exposure to a certain environment.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            //the creation of iron-clad castes with no mobility between castes and a
            rigid adherence to caste based social and work stratification, without
            any place for merit//

            What you have stated is out & out erroneous. That is why I always insist one should read entire Dhaivathin Kural of Kaanchi Paramacharyar. Plus read historical novels written by Kalki Krishnamurthy & Balakumaran.

            The very presumption that brahmins were considered superior & the others inferior is wrong.

            Social cohesion was very much present. How else could the Rulers routinely hold discussions with many Brahmins ? Sri.Ramar learns everything from Vasishtar. If social cohesion was lacking how could He say ” Guharodu Aivaranom”?. We find Ravanan who abducts Sita is a Brahmin. His sister Surpanakha unabashedly lusts for Ramar .

            No one established any “bhakti cults”. All that Panduranga Bakthas have poured out is but unalloyed Advaitham.

            Periyapuranam is one more proof The Lord is accessible to ALL.

            There are many things strictly forbidden for brahmins. Over a period of time so much has changed. Lot of brahmins have taken to forbidden pursuits.

            ” Foreign invasions”. For a long time I was also thinking like most hindus….how dare Muslims invade…..followed by UK etc ….Yoga Vasishtam answered all such questions. As long as hindus keep holding on to their beliefs ” our God alone is God Allah & Jesus are not ” hindus can never get a clear insight. I prefer we focus on core issue like ban on cow slaughter , vegetarianism instead.

  • ps

    Very well researched article. Main stream media does not have authors like these. This article must be translated into vernacular medium and submitted to vernacular publication houses.

    • PG

      While your sentiment is accepted, you were better off mentioning Language or Regional publications as Vernacular means language of the Slaves…….

      • ps

        My friend vernacular’s origin is slave language in latin. Later latin it meant mother tongue. And in English it does mean mother tongue. Please chk etymology of it. It has evolved.

        • PG

          I stand corrected. Point well noted

  • ps

    JNU junkies, Marxist mafias control education in india along with evengelist xtians. This has prevented facts to come out. Instead delusional Hindu believes in nonsense of all religions are same and secularism is above Hinduism.

  • Seel

    Excellent article, a must read for all Hindus especially Hindu Youths. Anyone who have attended those Christian schools might have thought, the behavior of teachers were softer to Christian students and very rude to Hindu kids. This article could clear all doubts in their mind about the psychology of those teachers.

  • Bharat Sharma

    Wow. What an article. Thanks Rakesh for opening eyes.

  • prashants5 .

    I am so glad to see “Breaking India” is mentioned and showcased here on this article. I have been recommending for sometime about this book that every Indian ( Intellectuals must) should read to know the current threat and scenario to India’s integrity and social harmony.

  • Indian Voter

    So true. Please keep us the good work. People talk about Islamists but it is really the Christian Church that eating up our nation like termites.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      Absolutely. Islam is not a threat to us Hindus. Much earlier Varsha Bhosle ( died under mysterious circumstances) & Sandhya Jain got this insight. Within India it is christian mafia that is whipping up hostilities between hindus & muslims.

      They are doing it all over the world. Tried their best in pitting India against China. Fortunately Narendra Modi did not fall for this bait.

      • Joseph K Jose

        haha ..wait and see..one day (by 2050) the quater penis guys(muslims) fucks you cows… until you dont know who are them.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Truly awesome work by the author.

    I hope Sri.Narendra Modi working in close cooperation with China would have a salutary effect on us Hindus. This is the only way we can make UK unimportant in India. I also wish India makes peace with Pakistan. Pakistan also faces lot of problems fomented by the christian missionaries. The christian missionaries have unleashed lot of havoc in Middle East also.

  • Indian

    Wow A MASTERPIECE and one of the Greatest article and I have been reading in huge numbers. The christians after murdering huge number of Hindus under British, because of traitor Nehru (a hidden Cunt christian, Thanks Lady Mountbatten) became the pampered community and with the sinister entry of this evil, vile Italian christian bigot sonia the christians are in the process of making India a MALI for Hindus. The evil bitch has taken a three pronged strategy with the help of christians in the media, hiding behind Hindu names like Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkhaa Datta, Priyanka Chaturvedi and sluts with Sharma surnames,PORNO roys, the Drug addicted NIRO will try to whip frenzy THORUGH PATENTED ITALIAN SECULAR LIES, THE MEDIA WHORE CHRISTIANS WILL WHIP FRENZY WITH THE HELP OF RUNNING DOGS OF CIA LIKE CLEEMIS, JOHN DAYALS will themselves attack churches and rape nuns (nobody rapes a whore anyway) and shout persecution and invite UN intervention like these traitors did after Orissa riots, SONIA KE BHADWE DALALS LIKE KEJRIWAL AND ABOVE ALL THE COMMIES-CHRISTI DUO WILL ATTACK SOME ISOLATED MUSLIM GROUPS TO CREATE COMMUNAL TENSIONS WHILE CHURCH OUTFITS LIKE NAXALITES AND ITALIAN MAFIA=INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN will kill Hindus in Bomb Blasts. SONIA IS THE GREATEST EVIL BEFALLIONG INDIA AND THIS FAMILY NEEDS TO BE THROWN TO DOGS OF ITALY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

    • rajendranchan

      With people like you Hinduism doesn’t need external enemy !

      • Indian

        With bloody cryptos like you going with fake Hindu names, on the payrolls of ITALIAN DRUG-ORGAN-CHILD PORNOGRAPHY MAFIA, THE MEDIA WHORES, DO NOT SPEAK OF HINDUISM you crypto. Do not need certificates from the most vile degenerate media pig..What’s your Baptism name you sonia running pimp.Eat in Indian, bloody breathe in India but think of VATI-CUNT or maybe having orgasms thinking of ISIL selling your daughters for slavery. Do not like get lost to Your heaven of ISIL Iraq

        • rajendranchan

          Your vomit on web space doesn’t prove anything. Provide evidence to substantiate your allegations against me. What makes you think that mine is a fake Hindu name? Do you think spewing venom all the time and vomiting nonsense across web portals makes you a better Hindu? That is not Hinduism brother – that is mental disorder. Get treated Om Shanthi!

  • Joseph K Jose

    Pure racist piece of shit.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      What is racist about it? This is one the eye opening articles for stupid Hindus.

      • Jishnu

        Thats what xtians do. when facts are wanting, get down to name calling, and if you call the bluff they get down to martyr mongering.

      • Krispy K

        There are too many morons who throw around words like “fascist”, “racist” and “genocide” without actually knowing what they mean. But then you have to be extremely stupid to become a Christian anyway.

      • Joseph K Jose

        It has been true of slavery and racism, classism and consumerism and issues of immigration and health care for the poor that transformed indian people to various other religions.The transformed people transforms people and goes on… its not the western blood neither the american blood..its all about indian blood. discrimination is clearly in a racist way.meanwhile indian democracy is mere secular.

        • Shubhangi Raykar

          This is strange explanation. Indians do not discriminate racially and after Independence the so called discrimination is much less. Intercaste marriages are increasing in number.If the Dalits are given spl concessions and reservations because they were victims of caste system it would be morally right to declare conversion and surrender the reservation and declare themselves Christians. Why this treachery.? pROBABLY THE PADRIES-WILY ONES ENCOURAGE THEM TO RETAIN THEIR HINDU IDENTITY.

          • Joseph K Jose

            the whole main passage seems to be strange like milk and kerosene..

            christians are no more like the church terrorists and cant be according to the scriptures.

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            Nobody said they are church terrorists. But the fact remains that there has been a lot of bloodshed in the name of spreading Christianity and the relics are available in Rome and elsewhere. The Goan and Spanish Inquisition is history that reads like horror stories. It is all in interpretation. Christ did give the message of spreading his good news that the kingdom of God had arrived and therefore the entire human race (as much as he knew) should be Christianized.

          • Joseph K Jose

            cannibalism..you have gone utter mad. it all about in hindu worships… following false dieties and idols..sacrificing animals, human blood etc allthose we see currently allover india.
            And the bread and wine symbolise being a part of jesus’s life. its only folled by christians under pope. wide spread christians even dont follows it..whom will be more than entire number of hindus in india

          • Joseph K Jose

            why you all keep quiet about the islamic extremism happened in indian history. How many were killed during mughal invasion?? what Tipu sulthan did in south india??

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            You should read your holy book carefully. Jesus has said that they should be given his flesh and blood to become one with him. I am not inventing it. There is nothing of this sort in any Hindu worship. Why are you stung ?You say you respect all religions

          • Joseph K Jose

            respecting a religion never claims accepting every false nd stupid actions followed by the followers.

            great to know that you a well versed about our book.lol. reading didn’t makes any sense..understanding is necessary, and I think you don’t have that.
            Jesus Christ said us to be a part of him. not to eat his flesh for satisfying hunger like a carnivorous animal.
            I don’t want any construction of conversion more.

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            Even the notion of eating a small morsel and drinking a drop of blood is a strange Barbaric notion of becoming one with Christ. I end my dialogue here.Truth can be bitter and one has to scratch a bit to know the true colors of those who think they love all religions. Personally I think Christ was a great man.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Agree with your ” reading didn’t makes any sense..understanding is necessary”.

            What Sri.Ramakrishna Paramahamsar says is the TRUTH. It is the SAME God we all worship by giving various Names & Forms. Formless included. The same WATER gets denoted by various names.

            Many anti Hindu people from Tamil Nadu have done some selective cherry picking to prove their point that women are held in contempt by Hinduism. They have written books also I believe. These can easily sway many minds. I find the safest path is to adhere to what Gurus like Ramana Bhagavan , Kaanchi MaHaPeriyavar say. Upanishads , Adi Shankarar’s Writings -all these ALONE bring clarity.

          • ZKhan

            Why your Christians missionaries are Converting and Luring those Lower caste Hindus to convert into So called Christianity..Why your missionaries Luring them with Money…? The truth is that your So called White Christianity are failing and reducing in large number….In a Country like US, Australia and Europe so called Practicing white Christianity are less than 20%..and Christians identified are at 50%…..The situation is so worse that they are hiring Priest from Africa and Asian Countries…Thousand of Churches are convert into Mosques, banks Bars and restaurants..Why not they are saving them from getting sold instead of using millions of dollars in converting Black Africans and Lower caste south Asian use those money to Preach Bible to white Christians so that they might attend Church..So Your Jesus Christ will be pleased..

          • Lokesh

            “following false dieties and idols” As if you know what is right.

            “sacrificing animals, human blood” Read Both Bible and Gita if you are interested to know which one talks of blood and flesh. You easily assign castesystem,bad practices to hinduism while intentionally neglecting racism,misogyny,blind beliefs in your own.

            Did you know, what Friedrich Nietzsche said about the worst of Hindu scriptures Manusmriti In comparision to the best of Christian scripture?

            “Manusmriti is an incomparably spiritual and superior work to the Christian Bible.”


            I love Jesus, this anti-Hindu propaganda of yours doesn’t do good to his name.

            Read Gita and Bible before you can talk of Hinduism. If you are talking about the culture of India as Hinduism, then accept raceism as Christian.

    • Rama

      Enlighten us more on this racist piece of shit. Which part do you find offensive and why?

      • Joseph K Jose

        Prejudice and discrimination is very clear in every part of the comprehension. since i felt it.

    • arac

      when did christians become a race

      • Joseph K Jose

        no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments here are wrong. Only racists make them

    • ps

      You are PURE shit.

      • Joseph K Jose

        your father is.

        • ps

          Shows your fine xtian upbringing. Btw, do not angry,let me slap onyour other cheeck thats wht son of so called virgin said!

          • Joseph K Jose

            I respect all religions, but I’m not a deeply religious person. But I try and live life in the right way,
            but I believe there’s something out there that looks after you. you are being more nd more influenced by things outside of u than inside.not you fault, fault of your upbringing

    • Joseph K Jose

      It has been true of slavery and racism, classism and consumerism and issues of immigration and health care for the poor that transformed indian people to various other religions.The transformed people transforms people and goes on… its not the western blood neither the american blood..its all about indian blood. discrimination is clearly in a racist way.

  • shrikant talageri

    Really wonderful article! The great danger of Christianity, in comparison to Islam which is clearly seen by a majority of even generally illiterate people as an external enemy, is its eerie ability to strike from within. Simha aptly points out people “with names like Mahesh Bhupathi” — but if any Hindu looks within his own community, even among his own relatives and family members, he will see how this Christian poison has seeped deeply into the fabric of Hindu society, and is seeping even more deeply by the day, and how lethally it can strike from within like some possessing evil spirit in a horror film. By the way, “Mumbai Mirror” a supplement of the Times of India, carried a revealing two page article on Sunday 17/5/2015 entitled “Starry Succour”.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Why has Mahesh Bhupati’s Christian mother named him Mahesh which is the name of Shiva.? And she has the gumption to speak of so many Hindu gods.These cunning Christians are the greatest threat to India.Particularly the christian women who vociferously speak in favour of the religion which has given them a secondary status.

      • Slasher

        Here is another must read article in Sunday Mirror as the poster above pointed out.


        We Hindus are in trouble since there are so many pseudo-Christians who cunningly use any of our relative’s misfortune to preach their version of “truth”. Instead, if they would only understand that all of life has ups and downs. Just because we have a crisis or a disease, doesn’t mean we need to convert to Christianity in order to become better. The crisis or disease would have passed anyway or was probably non-existent (phobia).

        If every Hindu preaches like this to every one who has a disease or a crisis, we would have billions of Hindus in this planet.

        This is the worst form of preying on individuals by Christian missionaries.

        Read the article and weep:


  • Kannadiga

    From the time the Church and their useful idiots in the MSM started blaming hindus for alleged attacks on the church I was searching for one word to describe them and today the author nails it in one word….. ingratitude.

  • Dr. MS


    Thank you for an interesting, and insightful, article. Do you have a book as a collection of your essays? It would be useful for critical historical analysis.

    I did meet a lovely Indian Catholic Bishop in Kerala who said to me very sweetly, “I am first and foremost an India. And will always be one. My Christianity is infused with many things Hindu. I know that and cherish that”. He was a wonderful open and humble man, and it was a delight to talk to him. Unfortunately, last I heard, he was sent out of his church because he had serious differences with the last Pope and expressed his opinions too openly.

    Do you think, Rakesh, this loyalty, you talk about sort of afflicts some groups more so than others? I have yet to see good studies on “levels of loyalty and rankings on loyalty” among various ethnic, racial, cultural and religious groups.. It would be a great comparative study.

    Countries with more than one cardinal eligible to vote if the papacy were to fall vacant today are Italy (26), the United States (9), France (5), India (5), Spain (5), Brazil (4), Germany (4), Poland (4), Canada (3), Mexico (3), Argentina (2), Nigeria (2), the Philippines (2) and Portugal (2).

    Yes, the US has 9 and India has 5. Who are they? And what do we know about them?

    Believe this or not but American Cardinals are quizzed by their American congregation on issues important to the US, and on how strong, firm and effective will the cardinals be in confronting areas of digression and separation between the US and the Vatican…knowing full well Catholics are not the majority in the US, and the Cardinals are first and foremost citizens of. the United States.

    It would be lovely to have a dialogue between the Catholic Cardinals of India and how much of Indian interests they will support, protect and promote in a country where they are not a majority.

    • pp_chn

      Some Indian Christians are embarrassed by their community’s support for Partition? Who are these nameless, faceless Christians? When well known Christians like Julio Rubeiro engage in wanton victimhood, what use if these nameless Christians are embarrassed?


    Nicely showed how these pigs act when they increase in population

  • fensonjoseph

    I think he is high on drugs.Stupidity of the nth degree

    • SmoothAWPerator

      Some say the exact same thing about jeebus.

  • pp_chn

    Can also include Niyogi Committee’s findings on the kind of ‘work’ done by missionaries in the tribal areas. The findings & suggestions if had been implemented by the Nehru government, could have averted / controlled the disaster Hindus are facing today. http://voiceofdharma.org/books/ncr/

    “Christians have shown an unbelievably stupid and opportunistic streak.” Christians have always been anti-majority wherever they’ve been in minority. Nothing stupid about them supporting partition. it was all planned to make future conquest easier.

    • ps

      Nehru was bastard slave of xtian Europeans.

  • Jithu

    Great article. Bold. Very well written. We need our own ‘atrocity’ literature against the Evangelists.

  • gk

    Great article.

  • krishnamoorthy

    So far I have been fearfull of Islam’s aggressive posture to India. Till recently I have not come across the sinister motives of Christianity in spreading their faith but for the mushrooming of the Churches across India, its urban & rural corridors. Namesake Hindus but professes faith in jesus not even accepting the Prasadams from their Hindu counterparts including Tirupati laddu. They have separate churches for Dalits and caste Hindus in a same village. Wonder they talk about equality. Muslims & Christians fight among themselves elsewhere but working closely to destabilise India! Church premises are used to brainwashing the christian youths against Hindus, Hinduism, Gods, Scriptures, Puranas, Epics (characters).

    • Indian Voter

      True. Please read all Rajiv Malhotra’s books. It is very important that all hindus read his books.

      • Saturnsson

        Breaking India is the best book on this issue at this point of time

  • शिखर

    Both Abhrahmic faiths wants to convert native India to Christian & Islamic India..only idiots don’t see it .. btw very well written article..


    what about the rotaract clubs, lions club and Youth red cross? these clubs have a christian flavour? are these clubs also part of breaking india project?

    • ccc

      Read “Breaking India” by Rajiv & Arvindan. And stop being so fucking niave.

  • Unhiddenness

    I have no time for Christianity (see my avatar), but this is just bigoted horseshit from a Hindu ultra. You are no better than a jihadi or Pat Robertson.

    • shrikant talageri

      Hinduism requires some version of “jehadis” against Christian evangelists and their agents within the Hindu fold.

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        I think we need to organize public lectures denouncing conversions. Foolish Hindus think it is a religion of peace- all notions that are wrong. Christianity has been as cruel as Islam when it came to spreading the exclusivistic religion with Barbaric notions like giving Christ’s blood and flesh in baptism to make the person one with Jeshu- Mary’s illegitimate son who was declared the son of God. The fraud begins there. The Western world knows that his father was a Roman soldier-Pantera.

        • Rajalakshmi J

          //I think we need to organize public lectures denouncing conversions//

          It would not be effective at all. David Frawley once said the christian missionaries including the catholic clergy are over smart having lot of money power & would stoop to any level. What is inculturation but STEALING ? It is Muslims alone who have it in them to resist.

          Within India they are so well entrenched in all institutions. Lot of hindus look like hindus but their attitudes are very anti Vedic & pro christian. We see for ourselves how BJP is unfairly being hounded by media , all opposition parties. Those who have had a taste of Krupananda Vaariyar , Ki.Va.Jagannathan , Sivanandha Vijayalakshmi would know how forthright & politically incorrect they were.

          Whereas today well known speakers of Tamil Nadu are too politically correct. They come up with erroneous analogies. A doctorate in Tamil Literature keeps praising duryodhanan , gandhari finding fault with Lord Krishna instead. Likewise it is fashionable among them to ridicule Lord Rama. A Krupanandha Vaariyar would NEVER do that. It is trendy among them to quote osho , present certain film stars as role models , come up with some zen stories to get their points across. They very consciously AVOID citing our own Puranams & Vedas. They are THAT hostile towards Vedic Dharmam & Brahmins. They are virulently hostile towards Sanskrit language.

          osho has been thoroughly discredited .

          No one can come up anything new. As Kaanchi MaHaPeriyavar has ALREADY said everything that needs to be said. Today Hindus would benefit by listening to Pravachans of Sri.Nochur Venkatraman , Sri. Omkarananda (Theni , Chidbavananda Ashram) , Sri.Paramarthananda as they are all adequately knowledgeable about intricate Dharma Sasthrams.

          Aside that everyone should read Kaanchi Paramacharya’s Sayings , interact with people who have been His ardent devotees. Avoid contemporary tv panelists .

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            I agree with you. But how to stop this epidemic of conversion without a multipronged effort?

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Wish I knew.

            Indian constitution needs to be amended. Which is not going to happen. Vested interests would not let it happen. Whatever people like Radha Rajan , NS.Rajaram , Sandhya Jain , Rakesh Krishnan Simha are doing would definitely have an impact.

            What else can I say.

      • Unhiddenness

        Hindus need nothing of the sort, in India at least. There is no real threat to Hindu hegemony in India — this post is just rabble-rousing.

        • Jishnu

          Is it? How do you explain dwindling of Hinduness by half in the subcontinent in about a single century? Hindu “hegemony”? Are you an abrahamic predator or a deluded Hindu or a sold out Hindu?

          • Unhiddenness

            It couldn’t be better education and exposure to the modern world, could it? And what does “dwindling of Hinduness by half” mean? One billion Hindus live in India FFS.

          • Krispy K

            Not a Hindu. Another racist white Australian who thinks he can lecture the “darkies” despite his glaring lack of education.

        • Krispy K

          You haven’t got a fucking clue what you’re talking about. Another big mouth with an ego that far outweighs his/her limited intellect. Understand one thing – unbridled and unwarranted arrogance can never adequately substitute for a lack of intelligence or education.

          • Unhiddenness

            Have you ever heard of a blog named ‘Pharyngula’? I think you would fit in nicely there.

          • Krispy K

            No argument? Of course not. Empty rhetoric is the best idiots like you can ever manage. Makes you think you are clever, and convinces people equally as stupid. Begone.

      • Krispy K

        There is nothing remotely “jehadi” about pointing out painful realities and taking steps to correct them. Don’t feed the trolls by indulging their brain farts.

    • ps

      Counter with facts closeted xtian fanatic scum!

      • Unhiddenness

        Accused of being a ‘closet Christian’ by someone with a protected Disqus account. ROFL.

        • ps

          Bring out facts or shut up!

      • Krispy K

        Not a Christian, just a big-mouthed Aussie who knows nothing beyond his half-consumed pint of Fosters and thinks he can lecture all and sundry on matters beyond his hollow little skull. Typical unfounded arrogance.

    • Krispy K

      Absolute bullshit. Don’t pretend you even read the article, let alone understood it. Let me guess – commie?

    • Rama

      Can you counter this article with solid evidence rather than mouthing off?

  • VeVePe

    This is a masterpiece, my Pranam to the author Rakesh Simha. Thanks to IndiaFacts for hosting.

    • dharma

      If one thing Hindus can do to thank author and IndiaFacts is to boycott convent schools, colleges.

      • Aditya

        I will never send my children to convent or mission schools and colleges.

        • Dr. MS

          Okay! I just hope your definition of Hindu education is not: 1) No education for women ; 2) Only home economics and early marriage for girls ; 3) Low quality education for women ; 4) non science and non research curriculum for girls ; 5) no leadership training for women 6) Girls only taught by men, or only taught by women in segregated environments 7) Excessive obsession with women’s purity, compliance, demure femininity with rose colored cheeks, with eyes like doe, lips like fish and a Sita as the role model after education, or with no education.

          I am glad you know what you want. I just never see women writers, except for one or two, on these websites.

          I am worried that many Hindu men are not that prepared for true gender equality in their own schooling, higher education, work place and in their faith.

          How many female Hindu priests do you know?

          We have to break down gender stereotypes and then start with a new paradigm for education…I would agree on that.

          • Aditya

            You comment is totally irrelevant to my comment. Please read my comment first and then answer. I have not discussed anything about ‘Hindu education” It seem you wanted to write the above comment somewhere else but by mistake you posted it as a reply to my comment. I don’t believe in any type of gender stereotypes.

          • Krispy K

            That idiot is a troll and a bigot, ignore her.

          • Lokesh

            How many female Hindu priests do you know?
            There are way more Hindu female “JagadGurus” than there are popes.

            “No education for women”
            It’s bible that claims women are not equal not Gita. Read them both

            “Only home economics and early marriage for girls”
            Cultre doesn’t represent Hinduism, just like christianity is not responsible for racism, Hinduism is not responsible for everything you are blaming it for. Read Gita/Upanishads and brahmasutras in your spare time. BTW there are more 14 y/o mothers in US than India with 4 times the population.

            “Low quality education for women ; 4) non science and non research curriculum for girls ; 5) no leadership training for women 6) Girls only taught by men, or only taught by women in segregated environments”

            Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom/ knowledge is a woman according to Hindus, Kali/Shakti, the divine mother the God of Hindus is a woman, not a white old man in heavan for us. RigVeda which is 5000 year old has women scholars in it. SriVidya, a part of Yoga was taught by Lopamudra, a woman.

            Lakshmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Savitri, Chamundi, Kali, Vaishnavi are all Gods to us. can a woman even be prophet in your ..?

          • Dr. MS

            I know Hinduism well…but I get tired of all the female idol worshipping and Hinduism in theory and romance….while the real Hindu women is neglected, attacked (even on the net in ways that are impolite and fundamentally crude, cruel and disrespectful) and single women, divorced women and widows are treated awfully. You can argue whichever way you want…but you need to start recovering the good, reform the bad and reject that which is unnecessary and even harmful in Hinduism. This is why so many young women are not even philosophically Hindu. Sad….
            So stop pontificating and go out there arne prove it that you follow all the things you stated above. I do not want to hear any more ranting and ravings…I want to see it, experience and feel it. And guess what? I feel sexism all the time in India. And I have been outside the US for nearly 30 years. So I want less blah, blah, blah from men…and more I true real insights from women. I have actually taught courses on Goddess worship…and few Hindu men are Goddess worshipper except in their head or in theory or in their romance. In reality they can’t even have a decent conversation at the feeling level. So…get over the pedanticism. Goodbye.

          • Lokesh

            “reform the bad and reject that which is unnecessary and even harmful in Hinduism”

            Ofcourse, we are on the way, don’t expect changes to be reflected overnight, the ideology supports equality, that was my point. Cultural version is always few decades behind. comparing India with US many not be proper, compare it with countries which have had similar conservative culture or similar education level or similar economic efficiency.

            “This is why so many young women are not even philosophically Hindu.”

            I don’t buy that. more than 95% of Hindus havent’ read Gita/Upanishads. You can be an atheist in Hinduism without any problem, people have freedom to practice or not, that’s why there are so many non-religious people among Hindus. We have had atheist PMs and numerous CMs even today, dare any US president call himself an atheist.

            We currently have Mamata Didi, Jaya Amma, Anandi Ben as CMs, though Sexisim exists in our society there is also hope.

            “I feel sexism all the time in India”

            Takes time to change, but it will change, conservative mindset is cultural not religious, thus it will change with time.

            Indian Culture and Hinduism are not the same, you are blaming everything on religion, the Govt and judiciary support to correct all the evils in our society, Urbanization is definitely changing the society.

            If Hindus were as educated, materially efficient or socially reformed like the westerners we would have passed laws for Gay/lesbian rights without opposition in India. Hindu academies and Hindu Gurus openly support LGBT, yet to see that from other major communities.

            “So I want less blah, blah, blah from men”

            I get it, you are a feminist, but so am I. But please be less critical of me for being a man. There is oppression on women in our culture by men, it was everywhere, those who got modernized first changed it first, it will change in India as well.

            In the west people laughed when there was debate to give voting rights to women, didn’t we think it was natural for women to have voting rights in India?

            “while the real Hindu women is neglected, attacked (even on the net in ways that are impolite and fundamentally crude, cruel and disrespectful)”

            You seem to be on Twitter too much, everyone gets attacked there.

          • Dr. MS

            I am not on Twitter at all. I am on this website…so called India Facts website.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Agree with gender biases. But you are forgetting it is lot of women themselves ( apart from men) who subject their mothers in law to torture. Sisters in law join hands to torture the wife of their own brother.

            Hinduism does not advocate all these. In Mahabharatham itself we find Gandhari does nothing to stop the suffering of Draupadi. Yudhishtrar ALSO does not care. This is exactly how I have seen people behaving in actual life. Total discrepancy between what they preach , value & what they abide by.

            Now , I find Indian women have understood the value of economic independence. Indian men who have lived in the West try to treat their spouses better. Instead of owning up their shortcomings Indians are busy collating statistics on how many women get beaten up in the West , how many women get raped in the West.

            It is these gender biases that made many kill their own babies when they happened to be girls.

          • Dr. MS

            I do not know if your real name is Rajalakishmi or some Regina posing as one. Because there is sexism in Indian Christianity and Islam too.

            If you are a Rajalakshmi, a Hindu agnostic or atheist or religious person, I totally agree with you on the fact that some Indian women are perpetrators of sexism and patriarchy also. Some of the meanest gossip women in my building are women, and some of the biggest hypocrites are also Indian women. Some of these fools bad mouth me for my divorce while they have affairs behind their husband’s back claiming to be pure loyal honest women. Disgusting and disturbing. This is why Anglo feminism will never work in India…because hierarchy among women can also lead to abuse of women by women. And some look to feminism for “cover up” rather than real enlightenment and mutual responsibility. After coming to India the most abusive person I have encountered is my own sister who, with all her Hindu prayers and pujas, is very unkind with words very controlling and constantly creates melodrama. But there are people like her everywhere, and they need therapy, counseling or re-education…not religion and male pontification. More than half of the Hindu population need therapy and clearer understanding of their philosophy (not religion or faith), They need more self awareness, they need better communication skills and they need to know when to work together and when to confront. But this problem has nothing to do with Hinduism. Indian Christians or Indian Muslims can be very conservative and sexist too.And sometimes they are outright mean to Hindus, and actually make up stories about Hindu morality without any evidence or data, And many think they are Americans…Most Americans would never think of them as Americans. And Americans are not all Christians. Indian Christians who keep think American values are all Christians values don’t know diddly squat about American history or culture.

      • VeVePe

        India is an apartheid state in which Hindus are not allowed to autonomously run their own educational institutions.

        • ಅಕ್ಷಯ

          Or to speak their own language increasingly.

      • Sundara Rajan Gopalakrishnan

        for this to happen, we have to create an alternate system of governance which can provide jobs to such learned persons instead of just educated idiots our present system of education as well as governance has created, where only the alphabet after your name matters.

        • Lokesh

          Jobs in private sectors have gone up a lot, Govt jobs will go down even further, bringing the balace