ANNOUNCEMENT: DNA’s Mahafreed Irani sends notice to IndiaFacts

In response to the IndiaFacts article entitled DNA Mahafreed’s misleading reportage, which was published on 23 December 2013, Mahafreed Irani sent an email notice in which she indicated that she is considering legal action against IndiaFacts.

In the interest of transparency, the full text of her email notice is appended below (email addresses have been stripped out to protect privacy).

From: Mahafreed Irani <…..>
Date: Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 5:39 PM
Subject: Take down notice of image and defaming article from
To:  [email protected][email protected][email protected]


I, Mahafreed Irani, am writing this email to you with reference on the above mentioned subject.There is an article published today on the website,, which is purely written with the intention of defaming me and at the same time uses my image in its article without my permissioninfringing my rights.

I need you to take down the article with the image by the end of the day today. Else I’ll be forced to take legal action against the website and the service provider. I will be forced to file DMCA complaint with Google, including a formal police complaint as well with the cyber crime cell of India in case you fail to comply.

Here is the link of the article.

I hope to get a conformation email from you by the end of the day today, else I’ll be forced to start legal proceedings against you.

Mahafreed Irani

For the record, IndiaFacts does not intend to defame anybody. The stated credo of IndiaFacts as an organization is a commitment towards decency in public discourse, checking facts about statements and claims that impact public discourse, which includes keeping a watch on distortions in the public space including but not limited to the political, academic, and media spaces.

Because Mahafreed Irani has indicated that she is considering legal proceedings IndiaFacts has already consulted its legal team and taken its advice. IndiaFacts will proceed appropriately, in accordance with the law of the land.