Background Check: Key members of Aam Aadmi Party

The Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which recently formed the Government in Delhi in collaboration with the Congress party made an impressive debut fighting the elections on the plank of eradicating corruption in politics and public life. During the pre-poll run up, the AAP promised the voters that it would not align with either the BJP or the Congress if it fell short of a majority. However, it has now tied up with the selfsame Congress party.

It is thus in the interest of transparent public discourse that IndiaFacts has put out the following information about the key members of the AAP. Click the graphic below to view the full size. 

AAP Members

It is therefore clear that almost every member of the AAP has had associations with corrupt political parties in the past, and have now aligned with the Congress party. One wonders about the sincerity of their claim and promise of eradicating corruption.