For more than a century, the Congress has told Indians they are inferior to whites and must accept whites as superiors in everything. People from Quattrocchi to Robert Vadra have taken advantage of it.

The Congress is in steep decline though not yet extinct. So it is not yet the time to do a post mortem analysis of its state. Still, if not extinct, it is on the verge of becoming a zombie, if not already acting like one. Its comatose state and how it got there contains an important lesson for the future— in particular, why the Congress’s fate has been inseparable from personalities with little commitment to its history, culture and tradition. It is this rootlessness that made it possible for a near illiterate foreigner like Sonia Gandhi to take over the country without firing a shot.

Sonia’s conquest of India

A few years from now, perhaps even decades, historians will wonder how Sonia Gandhi, an Italian woman of little education and culture managed to gain complete control of the hundred year-old Congress party and through it became the virtual ruler of the country for over a decade. In this decade it was clear that she favored the interests of her family and friends—from the Italian swindler Ottavio Quttrocchi to her own son-in-law Robert Vadra—to loot her adopted country. The curious thing is her colleagues and juniors from Manmohan Singh down not only failed to object, they defended and even colluded with the looters. The few who raised their voice like the official Ashok Khemka were persecuted and hounded by the very government whose interests he was trying to protect!

So the government decided to protect the crook and punish its own official who exposed the theft! This means India has reached the point where there are no laws but only benefits for those who can bend and ignore the law; they can even have lawmakers support law breakers and punish law enforcers. In effect it is a ruling Mafia and not a government that respect laws of the land. Its power is concentrated in a non-elected, unconstitutional body called the National Advisory Council (NAC) but in reality a Mafia politbureau. Appropriately enough, it is headed by an Italian woman called Sonia Gandhi.

How did this hijacking of the state come about? Because Sonia Gandhi is a white skinned woman and the Congress has always worshipped white skin. This is one of the dirty little secrets of the Grand Old Party— it is not a national party but colonial institution that has always worshipped anything coming from Europe, especially white skin and its bearers. It cherishes colonial values and despises anything home grown— both people and culture.

White connection helps

But here is the rub– it helps to have some white connection: you can amass loot in the Westgate helicopter contract, plunder like Quattrocchi, or kill Indian fishermen, but it helps to be white. Congress ‘leaders’ the Oxbridge educated Manmohan Singh will ensure that your loot is safe as he did for Quattrocchi by defreezing his bank accounts, and later getting him freed from detention in Argentina. This accounts also for its hatred of anything Hindu as well as home grown leaders like Narendra Modi who don’t share their inferiority complex towards the West and white skin. All this more than 60 years after Independence.

This is not a new phenomenon. The Congress was founded in 1885 by an Englishman by name Allan Octavian Hume (1829 – 1912) as a platform for educated Indians to express their views to get better terms for natives from the ruling British. It remained a debating society for twenty years until Viceroy Lord Curzon partitioned Bengal in 1905. This gave rise to a violent response known as the Swadeshi led among others by Lokamanya Tilak, C.R. Das and Aurobindo Ghosh. It was successful in reversing the decision to divide Bengal. (Gandhi was nowhere in the picture then and a strong supporter of the British rule until the Khilafat in 1920.)

Sri Aurobindo, though English educated had no sense of inferiority towards the British. He had far surpassed them at Cambridge and later sailed through the ICS though he didn’t join the ICS. (In this he was followed by Subhas Chandra Bose who too excelled at Cambridge, passed the ICS with flying colors but resigned to join the Freedom Movement.) Sri Aurobindo noticed that unlike him, most Congressmen were steeped in inferiority complex towards the British. This made him write in 1906:

Congress started from the beginning with a misconception of the most elementary facts of politics and with eyes turned towards the British Government and away from the people [of India].

Jawaharlal Nehru’s inferiority complex

It was an astute observation that Nehru and the Congress extended beyond the British to all white-skinned people. Now even those with a sprinkling of white blood like Rahul Gandhi and the son-in-law Robert Vadra are seen as superior people in the Congress hierarchy. (Vadra’s mother Maureen was a Scot.) To return to Nehru, he always judged any suggestion or advice based on the skin color of the advisor. Here are several examples of this.

The most famous (or infamous) is his taking the Kashmir dispute to the United Nations on Moutbatten’s suggestion. Both Sardar Patel, and General Thimmaya, who was the field commander in Kashmir begged Nehru to let them continue the military operations and not take the dispute to the UN. But Nehru ignored their advice and went by Mountbatten’s suggestion to take Kashmir to the U.N.

Mountbatten was the Viceroy at the time of Independence, but Gandhi and Nehru requested him to continue as Governor General of Independent India! C. Rajagopalachari (Rajaji) succeeded him several months later, in 1948. Why didn’t Gandhi and Nehru ask Rajaji to be Governor General in 1947 itself? Kashmir was not the only damaging legacy of Nehru’s admiration for Mountbatten. He might have taken Hyderabad also to the U.N. had Patel and Rajaji not acted with firmness. Here is the little known story.

When Muslim fanatics known as the Razakars (supporters of Kasim Razvi) had let loose a reign of terror against non-Muslims in Hyderabad with the full knowledge of the Nizam, Patel wanted to send the Indian Army in to suppress the Razakars. Nehru denounced Patel as a Hindu communalist for wanting to fight Muslims. But Patel knew how to deal with this. He showed Nehru a letter from the British Consul expressing concern that there was a British convent in Hyderabad with British (white) staff that Razakars might attack. This infuriated Nehru. He then supported the plan to send the army— not to protect Indians but the British staff of the convent!

Here at least the ‘white’ advice came from Mountbatten, an experienced soldier and diplomat. But Nehru was equally receptive to advice from white-skinned nonentities. Noticing that the Indian Northeast is underdeveloped India’s Commander-in-Chief Field Marshall Cariappa (who had fought there in World War II) advised Nehru to give high priority to developing the area. Otherwise, Cariappa said, the area could become vulnerable to foreign influence. But one Verrier Elwin, a Christian missionary who exploited tribal girls in the guise of an anthropologist, advised Nehru that no development should be allowed so that their tribal culture could be preserved. The whole area is now controlled by missionaries and has become vulnerable to Chinese attack.

Nehru was an arrogant man, but his arrogance was mainly towards fellow Asians including such distinguished men as the Chinese premier Chou en Lai who experienced it during the Bandung Conference. But he became extremely deferential when he saw a white face, even of a vulgar nonentity like Verrier Elwin. His goal was status— to be accepted by the whites as one of them. Here is a passage. Following a meeting with the Viceroy Lord Linlithgow in October 1939, Nehru wrote to the Viceroy:

May I say how much I appreciate your friendly courtesy to me [of a cup of tea]? It was a pleasure to meet for a second time, and whenever a chance offers an opportunity for this again, I shall avail myself of it.”

This was Nehru full of admiration for his white oppressor. A disgusted critic wrote: “This was Jawaharlal with a vengeance, a schoolgirl’s gushing over the tryst with India’s master,… he was hankering for acceptance by his White Master.”

So if self-respecting Indians today wonder how cheap foreigners like Quattrocchi and Italian marines in Indian waters can get away with murder and even half-whites like Robert Vadra can loot the country with the government supporting him while honest officials are punished, the trend was set by Jawaharlal Nehru himself with his surrender to Mountabatten and Verrier Elwin.

At the time of Independence Sri Aurobindo said India would need a Second Freedom Movement to become really free. He meant it would continue to be ruled by people who still worshipped foreign values— and color. As an academic and researcher of Indian origin, I have had to face more prejudice in India than even the best Western institutions from Cambridge to Massachusetts. India will be free only when it drives away these mental slaves and their white and pseudo-white masters.