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Congress fudges Pune voter list

BJP Maharashtra state president Devendra Fadanvis in a press conference held on Friday has made a serious allegation about how the Congress has fudged the voters list in Pune. According to him, the Pune voter list has been tampered with and 108000 names from Sangli have been maliciously added to the Pune voter list.

Fadnavis said, “who will add voters based in Sangli (to Pune’s list)? This has been done with the connivance of a Congress candidate.”

He also demanded an enquiry in this alleged voter list fraud. He said that he would complain to the CEC about this malipractice and demanded the postponement of elections if Election Commission was unable to rectify the Pune voter list in time.

Fadnavis also showed proof of the fudged voter registration in the press conference and said, “this is an attempt to hijack the Lok Sabha election in Pune. These bogus voters should not be allowed to vote. The Election Commissioner has a right to stop such voters from voting. I am going to complain to the Election Commissioner of Pune and will also complain to the CEC. The Election Commission should send officials to some places in Pune for verification of the electoral list and take steps to ensure its correction.”

He further added that “we found this discrepancy while auditing the voters list. The BJP’s IT Cell compared the voters list for Sangli & Pune and found that in each of the six assembly constituencies of Pune, 17,500 names have been added. This fraud has been perpetrated systematically. Names from all the six constituencies of Sangli have been mischievously added to Pune’s voter list: there is a one-to-one match. This fraudulent addition was done by submitting forms for the addition of names to the Pune electoral list. Since 40-50 names have been added to the constituencies in slum areas, this has been done systematically. In most of the cases, only one name from an entire family from Sangli has been added. When we verified these names, we did not find these people located there.  Since the Tehsildar and other officials must have helped in adding the names of persons above 30 years to the electoral list, action should be taken against ERO (Election Registration Official).  We are going to file a police case in this matter. Even in Sangli’s electoral list, 20,000 names have been duplicated. We are going to provide video and pictorial evidence to the Election Commission”.

Fadanavis said: “in polling centres, our representative will file a complaint against such voters. The Congress is ruling in both Maharashtra and at the Centre. This is why they were able to pull off this electoral fraud.” In addition, Fadnavis expressed doubts whether voting in 12 polling booths in Bharati Vidyapeeth will be done independently and without interference from the Congress.

Vishwajeet Kadam is the Congress candidate from Pune, a seat that was being held by the CWG scam accused Suresh Kalmadi who has been denied the ticket this time.