Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus in Panchagram

Ground reports from Hindu Samhati, West Bengal yesterday .

Ground reports from Hindu Samhati, West Bengal yesterday inform IndiaFacts that their volunteers visited Panchagram, 35 Kms away from Kolkata. Panchagram is the site of massive ethnic cleansing of Hindus at the hands of Islamic goons. To recap, on 24 June, serious communal tension was reported at Panchagram Gar Para village that falls under the Diamond Harbour jurisdiction in the district of South 24 Parganas. Reportedly, it was started with the murder of a person, belonging to a minority community over monetary dispute regarding an auto-rickshaw. Eyewitnesses stated that after the murder, a huge mob of Muslims from the nearby village of Basuldanga and other surrounding localities came to the spot and started ransacking the whole area. Hindu Samhati reports that about 30-40 houses were looted and then set afire. Police reached the area to quell the violence.

Yesterday’s Hindu Samhati ground report say that after five days of the devastation, all the Hindu houses in the village were vacant. All Hindus have taken shelter in safe areas. Hindu Samhati workers met only a few Hindus there. These Hindus plan to leave the village permanently as they have no other option. “We are witnessing another Pakistan in the making” in this South 24 Parganas district, opine Hindu Samhati workers. However,the Indian mainstream media doesn’t think it is their duty to publish this carnage. Indeed, suppression of reports of regular Hindu persecution, devastation of Hindu properties, desecration of Hindu religious places and deities, and dishonour of Hindu women is considered to be the sacred duty of ‘secular’ journalists both in West Bengal as well as the journalists of national media.