Heading for Politically Correct Suicide

This global political correctness is suffocating and stifling millions of ordinary citizens who are steadily browbeaten into silence and cowardice.

Dec 2015 – In Bhopal a Muslim leader speaks to the crowds (1).

Mullah: Jo Allah ke baare mein gustaskhi kare, jisse jahan maukka mile usse wahan utha de, bas. (Whosoever insults Allah, at the first given opportunity kill him)

A massive crowd of Muslims cheer, raising ‘Allah Ho Akhbar’ slogans

Mullah: (translation) Listen, listen Bhopal, once a Christian lady insulted the Quran, which comes second in order for Muslims, after Allah. One Bhopali Muslim called Banne Khan did not wait, he got up and cut off her head. As simple as that… Bas!

Crowds cheer loudly again.

Mullah: These are the brave Bhopalis. They did it and showed to the world that they are not a kamjor kaum (weak community)

Crowd cheering gets louder.

Mullah: We have been patient. Very patient. We kept on and on and on and on and on…being patient. But enough now. We saw how in front of our eyes an innocent Yakub Menon was hung till death. Many Hindus too said he was innocent. When an innocent Yakub can be hung, then why can’t Kamlesh Tiwari who insulted Allah, be given death penalty? And if he is not given death penalty then every Muslim will stand up. Because Muslims are a brave community.

By this time a dangerously charged crowd cheers in top of its lungs.

mob In Bijnor, a Mullah representing Bijnor Muslims said “The Muslim community gathered in front of the Collectors Office and demanded death for Tiwari. In case the state does not do so, on behalf of all Bijnor Muslims we have declared Rs. 51,000/- prize money for who so ever gets us the head of Tiwari”. He further threatened “Tiwari, listen carefully wherever you are, any corner of the world or in jail, the Indian Muslim will not leave you, you are gone”. (2)

In Karnataka, a Muslim Leader is addressing the crowds: ‘Gustakh e Rasool ki ek hi sazaa’ (The only punishment for critiquing the Prophet)

Crowds complete the sentence: ‘Sar tan se judaa. Sar tan se judaa’ (Separate the head from the body. Separate the head from the body) (3))

Leaders of Owaisi’s AIMIM threatened the government to take action against Tiwari, else they would be forced to take the matter in their own hands and do what is Sharia complaint. Congress leader Noori Khan took out a rally demanding death for Tiwari as per Sharia. (4) (4A)

Similarly, from Saharanpur to Muzzafarnagar to Indore to Lucknow to Deoband to Dehradun to… And right down till Bangalore, city after city saw large crowds, at times over one lakh Muslims (5), violently protesting on the streets, disrupting the city, burning effigies, asking for a law against blasphemy and demanding nothing less than a death penalty for Tiwari.

As per an Amar Ujala report, in Muzzafarnagar, the crowds stoned the house of a BJP Leader (City Head). The lathi welding crowds were so violent that even the police couldn’t enter the area. And if that wasn’t terrifying enough, Madarasa going kids were out on the streets demanding death for Tiwari and raising slogans against PM Modi. Yes, school kids.

letterNear Jaipur, the rally which started from a mosque and passed through the town, raised pro-Pakistan and pro ISIS slogans – “ISIS Zindabad!” – as per SP Tonk Deepak Kumar. When the San Bernadino mass murderer openly supported ISIS, what’s the difference between these protesters and the mass murderer? (6)

Yet we saw Muslim leader after Muslim leader come out in support of Sharia. From Al Husaini, of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board to Delhi Leader Ashu Khan, none believed that democracy, freedom of speech or Indian laws must be upheld. None condemned violent death threats to Tiwari or support for ISIS. None said, ‘Hey guys chill, this is 21st century India not 7th century Banu Quarysh which we can terrorise and establish Supremacist Islam’.

All spoke the sharia. Why?

Because Uttar Pradesh SP leader Azam Khan called RSS pracharaks ‘Homosexuals’. And Kamlesh Tiwari from the Hindu Mahasabha, responded by calling them and their God the same in a letter. Tweedle dee.. Tweedle dum, you’d think. (7)

But no. All this and more happened after Tiwari had already been arrested for ‘hurting Muslim sentiments’. As per Jagran on 3 Dec, the crowds had blocked the national highway and clashed with the police, injuring policemen. The police had ‘no option’ but to arrest Tiwari to ‘calm’ the violent crowds.

But Azam Khan is still a free man. All those who gave death threats haven’t been arrested till date. When people like Azam Khan or Junior Owaisi abuse Hindus, their gods and also the mothers of those Hindu gods on more than one occasion, then that I guess, must be Freedom of Expression.

In a civilised India bound by laws, the right response to such barbaric nonsense would have been to arrest each and every one of those behaving like terrorists amidst chants of ‘Allah Ho Akhbar’, but not one arrest has occurred. And then we wonder how radicalisation is booming. We never realise the fault lies with us. And lo and behold, instead of standing by Tiwari, the Hindu Mahasabha disowned him. It said Tiwari is not our working president or a member. (8)

The law has failed us

Like my 60-year-old friend says, ‘During the All India Ramzan Riots 2013, I was in a minority of one, with five guys in soiled pyjama suits and unkept beards attacking me, but the police did not hear me because as per the Nehru-Ambedkar-Gandhi-Owaisi-Periyar Constitution and Indian Laws, those five were the minority. But then in a country, whose own PM (Rajiv Gandhi) overruled and junked the Supreme Court of India ruling in the Shah Bano case, just so he could impose Sharia, violent lawlessness is a given.

mob 1In the war against sharia, the first battle to win is the freedom to critique Islam.

No, I don’t support bad mouthing anyone’s God or any human for that matter. And nor am I saying Hindus are weak, they are not. But in these critical times, instead of uniting to protect freedom of expression, in even larger counter rallies, to watch only Tiwari being arrested for retaliating or disowning him like Mahasabha did, or the law arresting Tiwari to ‘calm’ barbarism, is to willingly follow the Sharia.

The Bhagavad Gita is a book of thought and action. And as against ‘religion’, which expects you to follow a Book of Instructions, Dharma tells you to use your discerning faculties, to do the right thing at the right time, to preserve and protect the natural and universal order.

Also it is Hindu wisdom and not weakness that we can criticise and critically analyse our faith and gods. Our Shastras and Vedas are a result of debates. Debates have helped us grow noisily, spiritually and intellectually. They have helped us reject what doesn’t work, accept and evolve what works. When religions across the world can reform, why is one religion adamant on living and dragging the rest of the world to the 7th century, where it survived and spread by the sword?

Any ‘God’, is the creation of humans. Equally, humans like Rishis, saints and sages have interpreted the divine wisdom of the known and unknown universal truth, in their own unique ways. Humans are not infallible and realising that does not harm either our Gods or sages, it only helps followers evolve and discover the Unknown. Using one’s intellect and reasoning to question what ‘God said’, only benefits the religion. Else it’s blind faith, breeding robots.

Honestly the world is sick and tired of hearing ‘but some misinterpret the readings of Quran’. This is a lame excuse to shield barbarism and protect the commitment to jihad. If some portions are so ‘open’ to misinterpretations that millions want to establish ‘The Book’ and ‘The Caliphate’ on the rubble of civilisation, then as a responsible religion, why haven’t those portions been expurgated?

If you don’t think that Mahomet was gay, or some Muslims are gay, fair enough let’s debate it. Or take legal recourse. But for crying out loud, Freedom of Expression (FOE) comes with the Freedom to Offend. Also for the record, calling someone gay is not offensive.

tiwariCaliphate texts and Caliphate court poetry are filled with esoteric homosexual experiences as scholarly research demonstrates. But if every second day one religion gets up from his side of the bed to talk of spilling blood or rips apart ‘offensive’ brains, with millions supporting the action, then frankly I think the only conclusion is that this entire religion is offensive and needs to be challenged.

Islam should be discussed threadbare. Reading material quoting Mohamet should be freely distributed at every corner so people who haven’t read Sitaram Goel, can not only read it but question it, have scholarly debates. That’s what freedom of Speech is, and I’d like to see Islam respect this right of the civilised world.

Planet Sharia: What the Numbers Reveal

Author of many books on Islam, Dr Andrew Bostom says

‘This validates Trump’s Muslim Immigration Moratorium – As per outstanding pollster Kellyanne Conway, 25% of the US Muslims believe that violent jihad against Americans is justifiable. And 51% US Muslims want Sharia applied in the US, in whole or part’. He further adds ‘And following supportive evidence in my books, 77% Muslims from the 5 largest Sunni Muslim Nations and 83% Shiaite Iranians want Sharia to be the law of the land. 65% Muslims worldwide want the brutal, totalitarian Caliphate system re-created.

57 Muslim nations member organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the largest UN voting bloc, seeks to replace human rights instruments like the US Bill of Rights with Sharia complaint Cairo Declaration which negates US 1st Amendment Freedom of Conscience and Speech, and enshrines Sharia punishments which defy our conceptions of both human rights and human dignity – Death for ‘apostasy’; Imprisonment and/or death for ‘blasphemy’; Stoning to death for adultery; Amputation for theft; Gross legal inequality for non-muslims and women’. (9)

As per the Middle East Survey, “Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques,” written by Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi, says “over 80% US Mosques advocate or promote violence. 58% invited Imams who promote Jihad. 51% had texts on-site which advocated violence. In 84.5% of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts. The leadership at Sharia-adherent mosques was more likely to recommend that a worshipper study violence-positive texts than leadership at non-Sharia-adherent mosques.” (9)

As per PEW, in neighbouring Pakistan, only 28% disapproved of ISIS, 62% had no opinion. Also as per PEW, an overwhelming majority across the world support Death for Apostasy and Blasphemy. And if that wasn’t enough then hear this – 50 Million across the world support ISIS as of now, a number that’s only growing. (10)

IMG_4097“More British Muslims join ISIS than the Army.” A quarter of British Muslims sympathized with the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, according to a February poll by ComRes for the BBC. A 2008 YouGov poll found that a third of Muslim students believe that killing for religion can be justified, and 40% want the introduction of Sharia as law in the U.K. Another poll, conducted in 2007 by Populus, reported that 36% of young British Muslims thought apostates should be “punished by death.” (11)

But the media tells us that it is only “a few Muslims” who indulge in and support these horrific acts.

‘Rage’ as a Justification for Violence

‘O but please be good, as we don’t want to ‘enrage’ or ‘provoke’ some people. And if they get offended, then please please please quickly apologise. This hypocrisy is against every tiny grain of what my parents or Dharma taught me: be fearless, be honest and never apologise for your positive, decent values. But such is the sickening Dhimmitude of this world, which goes out of its way to feed its underfed pet Islam who constantly needs ‘understanding’.

As per the FBI in 2014, there were more Jewish victims of anti-religion hate crimes – 648, than all other religions combined – 492 (12).

‘A full 74 percent of North African and Middle Eastern residents registered anti-Semitic beliefs, including 92 percent of Iraqis, a whopping 69 percent of relatively secular Turks, and 74 percent of Saudis’ says National Review.

Yet after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when France invited world leaders for a Unity March in support of free speech ‘Je Suiz Charlie’, French President François Hollande asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to attend the rally as his presence could be ‘divisive’ in a EU nation, which has the highest number of Muslims. The Israeli premier still elbowed his way to the front.

So there, even at a crucial event like the World Unity March, Jews were asked not to ‘provoke’ Muslim hatred against Jews. I wonder what Charlie’s irreverent French boys – who used merciless political satire, offending those who brutally abuse power – who lived by their philosophy “It’s forbidden to forbid” and died fighting for they refused to suck up to Islamists, as that’s a sure shot way to ensure terrorism stays  – would have thought of their French President’s double standards at a march held in their honour.

FullSizeRenderI had written on Charlie Hebdo earlier (13). The most disturbing part was that while most ‘moderate’ Muslims on social media condemned the attack, they added a ‘but’. I reject the killings ‘but’ why provoke. The reasoning seems to follow this line:

I reject the killings ‘but’ this is a lesson for those who mock the Prophet.

I reject the killings ‘but’ understand the geo-political and economic reasons behind it.

I reject the killings ‘but’ don’t just blame Islam, this is all America’s fault.

And so on and on.

Many Muslim forums on Facebook celebrated the killings.

IndiaFacts columnist Tufail Ahmad wrote an article highlighting the appalling response of Indian Muslims on social media forums. When comedian Bill Maher lashed out at Islamic militancy saying, “Hundreds of millions of the world’s Muslims are supporting the Paris massacre,” he sounded over the top. But then within a few days it was for all of us to see.

But here is the thing, when you can’t name the enemy, how can you defeat it? Appeasement is so ingrained in France that till recently they said they were fighting “mentally ill individuals” and “not motivated by religion”. And then one day in French Mosques, they found arms and ammunition to feed an entire army.

Supremacist Sharia vs the Civilised World

From “Rangeela Rasool” in 1929, where the publisher was murdered for “insulting the Prophet” to the recent movie “Vishwaroopam”, there are numerous such cases where thousands of “offended” Muslims have violently protested, rioted and executed Taliban style justice over films, poems, books, you name it. Clearly they just need an excuse to fight with the civilised world and impose Supremacist Sharia. Just like Muslims don’t kill cows on Eid in Saudi Arabia, but do so in India to establish their religious supremacy.

And each time the Indian democracy has allowed Sharia-prescribed FOE to help jihad claim that much more space. Laws were sidelined. And the non-Muslim ‘offender’ had to apologise in case he was mercifully alive.

  1. Whether it was in 1986, when Muslims got ‘offended” by a short fictional story published in Deccan Herald, and violent riots which spread over several towns, lasted for 3 days killing 17.  The riots didn’t abate till the publisher was arrested, and the newspaper published an apology on radio, TV and press. (14)
  2. Or in 2010, when a college professor T.J. Joseph had his hand chopped, as punishment on allegations of blasphemy, again by Muslims who got “offended” due to a question paper set by Joseph which was approved by the University. Joseph’s family made a statement that they forgave the attackers who wanted to enforce Darul Islam. (15)
  3. Or in 2004, when again hundreds of “offended” Muslim protesters attacked various offices of leading Odia daily ‘Samaj’, burnt the press following the publication of a report about the Prophet’s birthday. The Sub Editor was arrested. The publication gave an unconditional apology. (16)
  4. Or in January 2015, when hundreds of “offended” Muslims protested at the Deoband police station, demanding the immediate arrest of a 9th Class boy who had allegedly, put a Facebook post mocking the Prophet. The police tried convincing the crowd that the boy had acted out of ignorance, not malice. But unable to convince the enraged crowd, senior officials directed the police to arrest the boy. (17)
  1. Or in November 2015, when “enraged” Muslims yet again upheld Sharia above the Indian law. They held rallies and attacked multiple offices of a prominent newspaper Lokmat in Maharashtra, over a picture of a caricatured piggy bank in an article called ‘ISIS Money’. Now the ISIS flag is black with white Arabic script which says ‘There is no other god but Allah’, below that it says ‘Mohamet is a messenger of Allah’. The piggy bank was black, had the same script on its snout with various world currencies pouring into it. Yes, that ‘hurt sentiments’ as the pig is ‘un-Islamic’. The dreaded ISIS carrying the same words on their flag is not ‘un-Islamic’ or ‘offensive’. And yet again the most shameful part was, the editor of Lokmat apologised to these barbarians. He too believed that Sharia is above the law. (18)
  2. In UK, the Oxford University Press has issued a guidance which bans mention of pigs or pork in schoolbooks, just so Muslims aren’t ‘offended'(19). Forget mentioning pigs, or eating a ham sandwich that could get you killed, little kids of all religions are being denied that adorable pink piggy in their Goosefeather Toy Farms. (20). One can hear the oink-oink in the toy, but can’t see it. It has been removed, all because that piggy is “un-Islamic” and “OFFENDS” some.

The list is endless.

Idea of India

“Since October 23 & 24 would be the most important dates for Muharram, the Durga Puja immersion dates would have to be readjusted. Muharram coincides with Navami & Dashami, hence no immersion will be allowed on 23rd or 24th Oct. Durga Puja immersion can be conducted on 22nd or 25th Oct” West Bengal CM, reported by the Telegraph.

IMG_4098As per Social Activist Tapan Ghosh, ‘Idols of Ma Durga, Lakshmi, Sarawati, Ganesh, Kartik were thrashed by ‘Friends of Hindus’ in Sodepur, Hoogly Dist, West Bengal on 15th Oct 2015. The police allegedly offered money to Hindus to keep quiet.

As per leading daily Jagran, on 23 Sept 2015, Muslims threw stones at the Ganesh Visarjan procession in Goonda UP.

On 6 Sept 2015, while raising pro-Pakistan slogans, Muslims attacked a Janamashtmi procession beating up many, in Meerut (Jagran).

On 24 Aug 2015, Muslims stopped the Kawariya procession from passing through their area in Moradabad (Jagran).

On 17 June 2015,  four Muslims vandalised several idols of Lord Hanuman in Etah (Jagran).

On 26 May 2015, Muslims vandalised a temple, broke idols in Bulandshahr (Jagran).

On 25 Feb 2015, Muslims vandalised a Vishnu Lakshmi temple in Saharanpur (Jagran).

On 21 Feb 2015, Muslims vandalised a Shiva Temple, breaking idols in Pratapur, Meerut (Jagran).

As per a UN report, in 2010 alone, 28,000 Hindu daughters of West Bengal were kidnapped, raped, converted and trafficked by Islamic fundamentalists.Tuktuki Mondal’s case of 2015 is well known.

On 20 Sept 2014, Bangladesh asked the Indian government to investigate Jamaat-e-Islami links with Trinamool Congress.

In April 2015, a mob of 2000 Muslims attacked Mallikapur Village in West Bengal, desecrating temples, burning crops, and looting houses. Called the Falta Riots, the police refused to help.

As per an IndiaFacts report, in June 2015, there was ethnic cleansing of Hindus by Muslims in Panchagram, 35kms from Calcutta. Hindus were persecuted, houses looted, women dishonoured, and temples desecrated.

On 4 May 2015, a Hindu religious procession was attacked in front of a mosque in Juranpur village, West Bengal followed by heavy bombing from both sides. Four Hindus were killed. Locals said, the injured couldn’t be taken to any hospital as all the roads were blocked by Muslims.

In the same month, large scale attacks occurred in the nearby Naoda village where no police force is present.

On 29 January 2015, large scale violence rocked Usti market in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. More than 50 Hindu shops were ransacked, looted and gutted by a mob of rioting Muslims.

Even in this case, the list is endless, and here I have just covered some happenings in just two states, in the past few months.

Is Sharia Deciding Free Speech ‘Standards’ for Social Media too?

Since early this year (after Facebook founder Mark Zurkerberg recieved death threats from Islamists), people like me who risk our lives to work towards raising consciousness are being targeted on Facebook. Facebook has deleted four posts of mine and had blocked me from posting. As we speak, they have blocked me for seven days. Believe it or not, for posting this:

(Post) “OMG! There are 16 Muslim countries which have officially banned Israelis from entering, not for security reasons but for reasons of hatred for the Jew nation. Imagine if Muslims were banned from even one country? Already they are going ballistic over Donald Trump’s call for a temporary ban till laws are made stricter. We wouldn’t have heard the end of that famous victimhood rant “but all Muslims are not terrorists. Damn you, Evil Amreeka!’.

Alas the hypocrisy! But importantly what do we do about this Hindu NEED for acceptance which makes him lap up any amount of victimhood? As a famous Muslim journalist whom I have high regard for once told me – “In no other country do Muslims cry victimhood after every terror attack. Because Hindus are suckers for victimhood and love playing big brother.” (End Post)

You see, calling out anti-Semitism, or sticking your neck out to highlight Islamic extremism or terrorism is not upto Facebook’s ‘Community standards’ as it might ‘offend’ and ‘enrage’ some. The FBI director, federal immigration officials and the intelligence communities across the globe have confirmed the huge security concern with refuges piling into Germany, France, US etc, and ISIS’s capability to manufacture high quality fraudulent passports. We know that at least two of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks got in through Greece using fake papers. Plus, there is Tashfeen Malik in San Bernardino, who got into the country by misrepresenting herself on her fiancé’s visa.

malikWhen Muslim terrorists are continuing massacre after massacre, Muslims can no longer sit and say ‘But all Muslims are not terrorists. America is evil and communal”. One expected them to come up with ideas on how to identify a ‘radical’ Muslim among ‘normal’ Muslims, ideas on how to stop Muslim radicalisation.

The backlash we saw from majority Muslims after Trump’s call to stop all Muslims from entering the country till US figures out what is going on, was a raging firestorm in India. This when his call was not unconstitutional. Why, we even saw His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia tell Donald Trump to withdraw from the 2016 Presidential race.

What is worse—aggressively dealing with terrorism and temporarily banning those who might include terrorists amongst them till vetting procedures are reliable or continuing to allow everyone including terrorists at the risk of innocent lives?

It’s for no other reason that 45% Democrats and 72% Republicans favour the temporary ban as per a Fox News Poll (16 & 17 Dec 2015).

Facebook blocks Golda Meir

Nowadays it’s not beyond anyone on get blocked on Facebook for violating its “community standards”, and that includes Israel’s first female Prime Minister Golda Meir.

HonestReporting.com’s Yarden Frankl says ‘So yesterday we suddenly got logged out of Facebook with a message which says ‘This post has been removed from your account as it violates our community standards’.

Her post – A picture of Golda Meir with a very powerful quotation of hers which I feel cuts right through the chase of what happens here. Her quote ‘Peace will come when the Arabs love their own children more than they hate ours.’

We have recently seen how young Palestinians killed Jews and got killed in turn by Israelis trying to defend themselves. We have seen how parents of these teenage terrorists said, they are proud of their martyred kids.

In essence these parents are happy that their kids lost their lives trying to kill Jews for reasons of religious hatred. And Golda’s quote is outside the standards of relative discourse as Facebook feels her statement may cause violence.

goldaThe reason why it’s shocking is because Facebook obviously has very high standards. So I did a test, I went to another FB account and typed ‘Death to Israel’. And suddenly I got a whole lot of groups. The largest group was ‘Down with America and Death to Israel’. Full of hate, violent pictures and more hate. Something is seriously wrong with Facebook when ‘love’ violates community standards but ‘death’ is not violative.’ says Frankl (21)

When my friend and a popular blogger, who is constantly harassed by Facebook’s high community standards, reported to them about a page called ‘Modi ki Ma ka Bhosda’ (PM Modi’s Mothers Vagina), he got this reply from FB ‘We are sorry, but this does not violate our community standards’.

Acclaimed author, writer, activist and anti-Islamist Tarek Fatah too, is a victim of Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’. This is what Fatah says ‘There is something wrong with Facebook’s “community standards” if terrorists can communicate freely, but people fighting Islamism and jihadi terrorism cannot… I discovered that Facebook’s security was apparently being handled out of an office in Hyderabad, India, home to some of the country’s leading and most vocal Islamists… If Facebook insists on punishing those of us who put our lives at risk to fight the ISIS scourge, then the social media giant should hang its head in shame.” (22)

Rajeena a Muslim journalist from Kerala, was threatened and excommunicated. Her Facebook account was blocked after she posted a story on what her co-religionists were upto : Sexually molesting children in their Madrassas. (23)

Last week when 20 people attacked Facebook’s Hamburg (Germany) office, the company apologetically said ‘they would encourage ‘counter speech’ and step up the monitoring of xenophobic commentary’. Facebook is under probe in Germany over alleged failure to remove ‘hate speech’, as Germany fights to cope with the inflow of Muslim refugees. (24)

But if you call out the Dhimmitude of the civilised world or the hypocrisy, fake victimhood and extremism of the Islamic world, you do not meet the high community standards of Facebook. Thus in a free world, this social media giant willingly toes the Sharia.

How do we Separate the Chaff from the Wheat?

The theocratic ideology of Islam thrives on victimhood and polarisation. And world over, the love for the underfed pet Islam, the love for Muslim appeasement and victimhood, has left us spinelessly whimpering – “terror has no religion” or “this is not real Islam” its “Radical” or “Moderate” or “Political’ or ‘Normal’ or “Scarlet Red”, “Leafy Green”, “Ashes of Roses”, “Shocking Pink” Islam. Honestly these shades sound like a sinister joke now.

It’s extremely difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat. ISIS is within us today. Like Jekyll and Hyde.

That California couple who mass murdered colleagues for eating pork, were ‘normal’ Muslims leading a ‘normal,’ well-assimilated ‘American Dream’.

That 15-year-old Farhad Jabbar in Australia who shot down a policeman, was a sweet boy who loved playing cricket. That 20-year-old Bilal who blew himself in a football stadium in France was a cute chubby-cheeked boy who loved football. That 26-year-old Hansa who happily blew herself in France, was a happy-cowboy-girl. That 11-year-old Shaufat, the youngest terrorist to be arrested so far in Israel, stabbed a train guard because ‘I wanted to die a martyr’ he says. Israel doesn’t know what to do him, as the world doesn’t have laws to deal with 11-year-old terrorists, yet they keep getting younger.

That Maharashtrian engineer who was the first Indian bomber to graduate from the ISIS school of terror was an amiable patriotic boy. In the latest news, Rehan and Sharjeel who joined Al Qaeda are young students from the country’s premier institute, Jamia Millia Islamia University Delhi.

Yet nobody wants to ask Islam tough questions. But when the British PM barges into Obama’s room screaming “TERRORISM”, you know the situation is beyond control. And when people stick their neck out to highlight it, they are either blocked or jailed or killed or abused.

jihadiBritons, for fear of soiling their impeccably liberal grey suits, fed 1400 defenseless children to Jihadi sharks for 16 years in Rotherham and allowed Jihadi Johns to go on camping holidays to ISIS and return to reintegrate into British society.

Sweden, for fear for being labelled ‘racist’ gives lenient punishment and does not deport its Muslim rapists who have over three decades made Sweden the Rape Capital of the world. An Amnesty Report says ‘that while many Swedish girls lose their virginity after being raped by immigrants, these rapists enjoy impunity’.

Germany for fear of rocking its multicultural boat opened its floodgates to what some call ‘The Barbarian invasion of Rome’. The Result? That happy boat is on the verge of going up in flames. Thousands are marching against this invasion.

Belgium for fear of being politically incorrect, has nurtured terror in its backyard. There’s hardly a terror attack in the EU which cannot be traced back to the Brussels suburb Molenbeek. Given the demographics, they also call Belgium -Belgistan.

I often wonder, is it that when Obama ‘warns Americans against blaming Islam for terrorism’, he knows he has ‘no choice’? As who knows which ‘well-assimilated’ American Muslim might get ‘enraged’?

This global political correctness is suffocating and stifling millions of ordinary citizens who are steadily browbeaten into silence and cowardice. Indeed, it has long stopped being mere political correctness. It is suicidal stupidity.


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