Hindus are on the Hit List

If you are a Christian, don’t read this. You might feel ashamed of your community’s leaders. If you are a journalist, read it only if you have an open mind and your pocket is not lined by NGO and similar funds. If you are a Hindu, you must read it. You must know that you are on the Hit List.

A senior Delhi Police official told me a recently – ‘What you are seeing is only a tip of the iceberg. None of us can really fathom the money and resources put behind this so called attack propaganda. All I will say is that something very ugly is taking shape and Modi has an uphill task as many vested interests feel threatened with India seeming to be growing stronger under his leadership’. [Emphasis added]

Here is a Christian, Robert Rosario, who will never get invited to fear mongering TV debates that are part of the concerted church agenda to create communal discord and target Hindus. Yes Hindus are on the Hit List.

This is what Robert has to say ‘How much Indian is the church in India? This is a serious question that needs to be asked given the turn of events unfolding every day. The cry of victimhood on one hand, and on the other the bishop claiming that ‘we are Indians’ and the Government of India should ensure our safety. This gives an impression that true Indian Christians are being targeted systematically, which is not a fact.

On the contrary,the church in India is very much unpatriotic and also teaches and preaches the same to its flock. The Church condemns democracy and practices hierarchy.The Bishop appointed by the ‘Roman pontiff’ claims to be the representative of Indian Christians. Over and above that,the bishops of India owe allegiance to the ‘Nuncio’ – the ambassador of Vatican to India, and pledge to ‘obey’ him. Nuncio enjoys Government of India privileges till date. He is neither elected or nominated by Indian Christians. Yet the Nunciohas the audacity to attack the elected government of India on silly instances and imaginary ‘threat perception.’

He is not the only one. Watch these two videos here: 1and 2. Do a cursory research on the Internet to know the filth these conversion factories are indulging in.

It is a fact that missionaries ask Hindus to spit on pictures of their gods, stamp on them with their feet to prove that Jesus is the only God. They teach Hindus to hate everything remotely connected with ‘Hinduism’, not enter their homes, not to eat with them or wear Indian clothes as that is the only way they can be true followers of the ‘Religion of Love’.

These sellers of Jesus use threat, intimidation, violence, hate, bribes… in fact, every imaginable dirty trick in the book to convert Hindus. But a GharWapsi makes the CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India) say – ‘Christians are under attack ever since the Modi government has taken over.

‘Ghar Wapsi is creating a negative image about India, is posing a threat to all Minorities, as it is an attempt to communally polarise and a bid to homogenise India and so Christians need assurance from the Government that they are safe in their motherland.’

So the logical question arises: are these Christians behaving like it’s their ‘motherland’? Or are they treating India as the largest ‘unreached mass of people’ just like a manufacturer targeting his market?

In the video above, this guy says that even Pepsi and Coke have done a better job of marketing than the Church in marketing the Gospel. Are we talking religion or are we talking brands? Is Jesus a corporate logo?

Secular pastors call 300 million Hindus demonic and Hinduism satanic. Demography is changing in most border states. In a matter of a few decades, 80 per cent of Nagaland became Christian. These same secular, Christian people behaved like a mob and marched in Dimapur, many in school uniforms, to ‘deliver justice’ to one they believed was a rapist. Secular murder?

It’s now pertinent to recall the case of State vs Catholic Popes Francis Bergogli et al in which the Chief Prosecutor said, ‘The Catholic Church is the world’s largest corporation and appears to be in collusion with the mafia, governments, police and courts worldwide.’

Indian Christians need to look within

The CBCI claims that Christians are under attack since Modi took over, which is an utter lie. The Evangelical Fellowship of India, in its recently published ‘Persecution Report 2014’says, ‘Violence against Christians picked up in independent India in the early 1990s reaching its peak in 2008–2009 with more than 1,000 incidents of violence and hate crimes reported against the Christian community.’

But then, out of the blue, and a paragraph later, as if on cue, the report says ‘Much of the violence has taken place after the new government of the National Democratic alliance headed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, came into power on 26 May, 2014.’

I read the report and couldn’t figure the Modi connection, although throughout the report they liberally blamed him, the RSS and Hindutva. I challenge anyone to show me a case of institutionalized persecution of Christians in India.

The Niyogi Committee Report of 1956 held the activities of Christian missionaries and conversions to be a threat to the Indian state. Later, through the 60s and 70s, many restrictions were put on them by the then Government. Missionaries were asked to leave the country, visas were cancelled, bills on Religious Freedom were passed, and for a while, the conversion business went into a slump as CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India) faced enormous flak. The tainted track record of Christian evangelists is nothing new. So, is that why a storm broke out over Mohan Bhagwat’s justified criticism of Mother Teresa?

moteIn fact, the events unfolding in India are a mere manifestation of a global design. With not all, but most of the traditional missionaries gone since the 70’s, today the ‘Indian Missionary Movement is Hot’ as per Dr. Timothy Tenet from Asbury Theological Seminary who himself has trained many in India for this ‘movement.’Per him,there are over 50,000 Indian missionary workers mainly from South India who are travelling up north to spread the gospel.

South India has already converted well. And due to their amazing work, he estimates that over 100 million in India will be Christians in this generation. He bluntly tells evangelists, in this video, how to work, train, plan, resource and discipline countries like India and China, which constitute one third of the world population. Now China is not easy to deal with, and unlike India, the Nuncio in China does not report to the Vatican but to the Communist Party. So that leaves India as the ripe target.

The conversion business plan for Asia in this millennium is ready with funds, charts, training schools, translations of scriptures, workers and the ‘plan’ has been well articulated by many.

More than a traditional religious war,it’s a geo-political-cultural war by a well-funded and well-armed worldwide missionary network. There has been a sharp decline in the number of church faithfuls across Europe and America. Many lonely churches are being converted to bars, showrooms and museums. This is a huge threat and the church desperately needs the numbers in this survival game.

Yoga and Ayurveda have been giving the Vatican sleepless nights, what with many priests/churches in Europe and US declaring Yoga as Satanic and warning Christians to stay away from it. The only continent left where natives haven’t converted to either Christianity or Islam in a big way is Asia. Now the church won’t dare go into the muslim dominated countries, would it?

But Father, where is the Proof?

Seriously, Father, I can’t see it, I can’t see these ‘attacks’ against Christians and Churches in India Father. Do you realize this behavior of yours is changing India’s view of the average patriotic Indian Christian?

So what is making well-informed people like Admiral Isaac, Valson Thampu, the principal of St Stephens, the top cop Julio Rebeiro, the principal of Sophia’s College and others in red, purple, black and white skulls caps lie and foment hate?

To answer this, let’s try and understand how this Church Agenda of crying wolf, played out in the last couple of months.

‘The Catholic Church is the world’s largest corporation and appears to be in collusion with the mafia, governments, police and courts worldwide.

Three roadside drunkards over a mid-night bet enter a Church in Delhi’s Vikaspuri to steal a petty thing or two. At 8:30 the next morning, a news channel gets the sound bytes:’Father, what happened?’ A gasping father says, ‘Our Church was attacked! This is the fifth Church in six months. There is a pattern to these attacks since Modi took over as PM. Hindu extremist elements are behind this’. The reporter: ‘But father how can you be so sure, without an inquiry?’ Father: ‘I know it!’. Of course the Father would know whodunit.

In 2009, seven Christians attacked a church in Mangalore and planted Saffron flags to defame the Hindus. Of course he would know it. I mean how else do you explain ‘I know it’?

This is the same ‘reasoning’ that is at the core of the doctrine of Christianity and Islam: ‘Mine is the only true religion. And I know it’. Go figure which one really is, but please ask no questions.

Recently, almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic have been destroyed, in months of vicious fighting between Christians and Muslims to settle that question.

As per Delhi cop CP Bassi, the attacks on the five churches and one Christian school were not ‘communal attacks’ but stray cases of petty thefts, robbery—a Christmas tree caught fire in the Rohini church due to a short circuit, and in Jasola church, the window broke when a kid’s ball accidentally hit it.

schoolMeanwhile 206 Temples, 30 Gurdwaras, and 14 Mosques were vandalized in Delhi in 2014. And 14 Temples, 5 Gurdwaras, 2 Mosques and 1 Church in 2015 till 2Feb. But ask those who wear skull caps and you will be told that Temples are never vandalized or desecrated only Churches are, so Hindus need to be ‘tolerant.’

Father Dominic Emmanuel, in an interview to Rediff played victim: ‘The rhetoric of the right wing is creating such a situation. FIRs have been filed and the police are investigating the cases. But, we are not happy because they are calling it a robbery in spite of the fact that all the moneyboxes are intact. They are not calling it desecration. They are not calling it communal. They never do that…Christians don’t matter. Our Christmas doesn’t matter’. You see, unless the police toes Father Goebbel’s line, nothing can satisfy him.

Laterhe said, ‘We are feeling very helpless and insecure. Why are we being attacked?’ The same day Sister Lucy, Principal of Holy Child Auxilium said, ‘The school was not vandalized. No religious symbol touched. Rs.8000 were stolen. CCTV cameras were off. No communal angle’.For some, the agenda is set.

5 February, 9.30 am: Word about a protest had already spread via social media with several event pages on FB and Twitter hashtags like #stopacttacksonchurchesand #stopattackingchurches. Frothing and fuming churches all over India blamed Hindus and Modi. Padres appealed to Christians to vote for Arvind Kejriwal. A WhatsApp message by Father Lourduswamy (6B)to his congregation read

‘Ever since the BJP has come to power, there is insecurity among minorities, especially the Christians… It may become difficult for us to practice our faith freely. Please make sure to make the right choice to elect a right Government …’

And, as Tareq Bukhari confirmed, ‘Imam Bukhari declared support to AAP in Jama Masjid during Friday prayers’.

And as if in unison, Barack Obama contributed his bit to the Delhi elections saying ‘Acts of religious intolerance(in India)..would have shamed Gandhi’; this when many American Presidents could be booked for gross crimes against humanity. In 2012 alone, the US had a whopping 293,790 hate crimes, 30,252 property hate-crimes and 263,540 violent hate-crimes (7). So while the U.S. funds Pakistan to unleash Jihadi terrorism and funds Christian Conversion factories to unleash religious extremism on India, Hindus need to be tolerant.

We all know of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Get Modi’ policy thanks to this brilliant piece by Madhav Nalapat. Clearly it’s not Christians but Christian missionaries, NGOs and their illegal activities that are under threat from Modi. So while Obama was under pressure from his Evangelical Theocrats to pressurize the Modi Government into stalling the Anti-Conversion Law, it was amusing to see Christian and Muslim clergy orgasming over Obama’s ill-informed sermon to Hindus. Of course, Hindus need to be tolerant.

Long story short, none of the churches were ‘attacked’ under the Modigovernment. From the PM to the HM to the HRD Minister,everyone personally assured and took steps to ensure the safety of the Christian community. The clairvoyant Archbishop Anil JT Couto whose miraculous third eye saw ‘a clear pattern of orchestrated attacks of churches’ where they were none, later rejoiced at AAP’s victory or should I say BJP’s defeat? Well, thankfully the church non-attacks and the Delhi elections are over. So let’s move to other states…while remaining tolerant.

The ‘Sangh Parivar enjoys raping septuagenarian nuns’

Ranaghat, where the septuagenarian Nun was allegedly raped, falls under the Nadia District in West Bengal. Many localities around Ranaghat, like Begopara are mostly inhabited by Christian converts. Nadia also has a Muslim population of 25.4 per cent, higher than the national average.

As per National Crime Records Bureau data of 2012, West Bengal tops the charts for crimes against women and Nadia (146) gets the third highest position in number of rapes after South 24-Parganas (224) and Murshidabad (174). As per a Home Ministry report, there are 5.2 million Bangladeshis illegally staying in India. In West Bengal alone, there are a staggering 3.2 million. Nadia borders with Bangladesh and crime in that area is rampant.

RanaghatThe Nun’s alleged rape case is a murky story. Some news reports stated that the land Mafia was involved, others said ‘As per church sources, she has been asked to leave Ranaghat and keep quiet, as the culprits belong to same community as hers’. Some said she wasn’t raped at all since the police, West Bengal Government or the church are yet to publish her medical bulletin…and so on.

But as per the police, some Muslims from Bangladesh living illegally in India have now been arrested. The police suspects a church insider is involved in this case.

But for top cops like Julio Ribeiro and hate fomenting clerics, it was an open and shut case. They proclaimed, on cue, that the Sangh Parivar rapes septuagenarian nuns. It is as if they are waiting to read out a photocopied allegation every time such an incident happens.

Serial Crimes of the Clergy

The same church went deafeningly silent when a clergyman in West Bengal was recently caught for repeatedly raping a 16-year-old girl for over a month in a rehabilitation home. This is the same church, whose priests and spokies were the first to brutally character assassinate a 14 year old girl when the serial rapist Father Falcao from Pune, was finally caught. The same church whose priest in Andhra, after raping, burnt alive a minor girlwhen she threatened to inform her parents. The same church whose pastor repeatedly raped a 13 year old in a children’s homein Guntur. The same church whose pastor and two sons,gang rapedtwo minors for six long months. And the same church has ostracized, bribed, threatened and killed Sisters for speaking against sexual crimes committed by the church.

Rape and pedophilia within the church have taken such horrific epidemic form across continents that finally, even the UN was forced to slam the Vatican in its reportstating that the Vatican’s policies allowed priests to rape. Pope Francis told the BBC in 2014 ‘There are cases (of pedophilia/rape by priests) in almost every institution in this land. One in 50 Catholic priests is a pedophile’. Ofcourse, later,he too was found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. So I’m guessing the percentage is much higher.

catholic 1And what about the three Melbourne Churches set ablaze in as many days? Were they also the handiwork of RSS and Hindutva forces? A report on these fires in news.com.au, dated 2 April 2015, details a gory history of sexual abuse inflicted on scores of children by notorious paedophile priests for decades.

Under these circumstances, naturally, the first suspect would be the church. Also because the nun was allegedly raped within their premises. Her security was their responsibility. Alas, the proverbial pot calls the kettle black, accusing millions of Hindus under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi, to be potential rapists and communal goons.

That morning when the news broke, my jaw fell hearing some of the communal hatred, provocative lies and open threats being spewed by none less than the Archbishop, the Cardinal, Minority Commission’s Maria Fernandez and other Christian activists.

Why has India’s Minority declared war on the Majority?

1. Cardinal Cleem is in a Machiavellian exercise par excellence said ‘The country has a responsibility towards every human being, not just cows’. In all his religious finery, he not only mocked the Cow, a symbol of Hindu faith, but also politicized a human tragedy like rape when he implied that Cows, not Nuns are safe in India. Further he warned India ‘this is bad for India’s image globally and bad for the economy’. Of courseIndia’s image is not the church’s responsibility and he has freedom to indulge in baseless propaganda by the grace of Jesus.

2. Listen also to Sister Ananda, principal of Sophia’s College who compared India under Modi to the Nazi Holocaust on NDTV. She politely forgot to tell us that it was Christians who killed Jews. She forgot to tell us that a Catholic Hitler supported by the Catholic Church was responsible for the Nazi Holocaust.

catholicSince this Ananda lady likes to mislead, let me remind her that the Nazi Holocaust was not the only one the Catholic Church was involved in. Remember the Canadian Holocaust? A deliberate extermination of indigenous people, murder of thousands of children in Indian Residential Schools by the Church? Here are some excerpts of the case:

Children were regularly kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by the Vatican-directed Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult according to over 60 eyewitnesses who since 2011, have testified before the ICLCJ Court. Cardinal Lacroix was a member of Catholic Archbishop Bernard Fellay’s notorious St. Pius X Society. The SSPX, a Catholic cult connected to the Ndrangheta crime syndicate, remained in negotiations with Pope Francis to be readmitted into the Roman Catholic Church.’

‘Documents from Vatican secret archives presented to court clearly indicate that for centuries the Jesuits had a premeditated plan to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood,’ the ICLCJ Court Chief Prosecutor told the five international judges and 27 jury members. ‘The plan was born of a twisted notion to derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.’

Arrest warrants on People v. Bergoglio et all were issued on July 19 2014. Court records would remain sealed for now according to yesterday’s ITCCS press release. The first ICLCJ Court regarded 50,000 missing Canadian native children and ended in Feb. 2013 guilty verdicts for 40 global elites including Queen Elizabeth.’

3. What prompted Admiral Sushil Kumar Isaac, who was made Chief of Navy Staff during the previous BJP led NDA Government, to make such irresponsible statements, play the Christian persecution card, and shamelessly cast aspersions on the Armed forces? Even 1984 or 1992 couldn’t shake the secular armed forces, but a few stray crimes according to the former Admiral will make ‘the communal virus permeate the forces.’ In 1984, some Sikhs in the Army rebelled but they were quickly disciplined. Admiral Isaac has retired from the Navy but has he also retired from his professed nationalism? Or is he speaking at someone’s behest?

4. Even the Supreme Court was not spared of the sordid communal angle. Justice Kurian Joseph, objected to the Chief Justices Conference being organized on Good Friday claiming that holding this conference on a national holiday like Good Friday could result in marring the nation’s secular fabric.

The Chief Justice of India explained to Justice Kurian that the Conference is scheduled on Holidays because ‘the CJI and his two senior most colleagues and 24 Chief Justices of high courts will be free from regular court work and be able to contribute to the cause of judiciary. In 2007, we had the judges’ conference on the day of ‘Good Friday’ and in 2009 it was held on the Independence Day, which is a national holiday. In 2004, it was held on Valmiki Day.’

Speaking to Live Law, former Supreme Court Judge Justice K.T.Thomas said that there is nothing wrong in conducting the Conference on Good Friday. ‘There is only one Christian (HC) Chief Justice in India at present. I talked to him. He told me that there is no inconvenience for him to attend the Conference , because he can attend the church service either in the morning or in the evening.. In USA, where the Christian population is 98%, Good Friday is not a holiday.’ Yet sadly Kurian continued to play ‘hurt’.

5. ‘Christian MPs coming together in a joint front condemn BJP for the increase in attacks since BJP Government ‘reported Times of India. Muslim leaders joined the hate chorusand another journalist called the rape an act of terrorism supported by Mr. Mohan Bhagwat. No stone was left unturned to instigate communal violence. But then in no other country does the media work as perspicuously to demonize its majority, even when every shred of evidence and investigation says that this has nothing to do with Hindus.

dennis6. If this wasn’t enough, the focus of this Good Friday was ‘persecution’ as declared by Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) and Christian ‘Thought Leader’ Dennis Taraporewale plumbed (he has since deleted his tweet pic) to filthier depths by communalising a case of voyeurism. As per Financial Express, Union Minister Smriti Irani raised an alarm after she spotted a hidden camera at Goa’s Fabindia outlet that was pointed towards the trial room she used while trying out clothes, which led to a case of voyeurism being filed and arrest of four employees. The Goa Crime branch SP Kashyap and the Goa MLA Lobo confirmed ‘When we went through the hard disk and computer to check the recordings we saw everything. All things were getting recorded over there when anybody was changing clothes. From the level of stomach till above everything was getting recorded. This is mischief… Somebody has been watching the recording.’

But you see for the Christian ‘Thought Leader’ it was a case of Christian FabIndia attacked by Hindu BJP in Fascist Goa on Good Friday.’

A Ghar Wapsi that never happened

The Uttar Pradesh Minority Commission’s 2 February report concluded that the Agra Ghar Wapsi where 200 muslims were ‘converted’, for which the opposition stalled the parliament, turned out to be a Ghar Wapsi which never happened. ‘No conversion has taken place in Madhu Nagar on 8 December2014. The people living there are still Muslims and are following Islamic culture and religion’ said Shafi Azmi, spokesperson of the Commission. I fail to understand how the custodians of the Christian Conversion factories, create a hullabaloo over Ghar Wapsi. Isn’t conversion legal in India? Then where is the issue? Mr Ribeiro is no stranger to that, is he?

Yet top cop Julio Rebeiro played victim claiming he is on a hit list because of Ghar Wapsi and RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on Mother Teresa. What did Mr Bhagwat say? ‘People like Mother Teresa did good work and service. But the aim was to convert the poor to Christianity. This kind of service is devalued if conversions are done in the name of service or work,’, he said. Was Ribeiro sleeping when, from Sita Ram Goel to Christopher Hitchens and thousands in-between said the same about the Albanian nun he calls ‘Saint’?The Pope claims the same about the Church: ‘The principal mission of the church is evangelisation’…’The best way to practise charity is to evangelise’. So, MrRibeiro, either Teresa did not follow the basic principles of the church or are you charging the Pope with putting you on a ‘hit list’?

One may or may not like him, but Mr. Mohan Bhagwat runs amongst the largest social organizations in the world with lakhs of members, who work in 54,000 villages, with 1,38,667service projects, but does not evangelise as he doesn’t feel the need to do so. Yet he is attacked and vilified on a weekly basis thanks to self-loathing Indians. For him, its water off the duck’s back.

Mr. Ribeiro speaks of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in a denigrating manner. He says he is ‘threatened’ by those who promote Hindu Rashtra. Well, with a 80% Hindu population, India by default is a Hindu Rashtra. And it is only because it’s a Hindu Rashtra that he, despite belonging to a minority, became a top cop, not likely in a ‘pure’ Christian country. And he forgets that he inherited the ‘parampara of persecution mania’ from the Catholic Church, as his forefathers were born through this persecution, not by Hindus but the Invaders who converted them from Hinduism.

Another Indian Catholic Mrs Hilda Raja (22A) asks Ribeiro ‘We are scandalized by ‘Ghar Vapsi’. What about the Inquisitions held in India in Goa. With so much of baggage how can we point a finger to others and then pretend that we are being victimized and discriminated?’

The baseless hate propaganda against RSS is nothing new. For example, The South India Church of Christ Mission had on 16th May 2014 declared in its letter to supporters :’The RSS has won control of the Central Government through its political party, the BJP….God has made His will known today. We are now beginning the time of the Second Great Persecution of Christ’s church in India this century. The goal once again will be to make India ‘Christian free’…The RSS is the Indian branch of Hitler’s Nazi Party…They are ruthless and driven with a Satanic energy.’

Lies, damn lies and media mischief

In the meantime, bricks were hurled at a church in Mangalore, and everyone screamed ‘Hindutva.’ However, it turned out to be the handiwork of a disgruntled Christian ex-employee.

Similarly in the Panvel church, an incident of minor stone pelting turned out to be an act ofrevenge, as the accused believed that the Church had complained against their gambling den, which led the police to raid it. ButMumbai Archbishop Oswald Gracias who continued with his alarmist rhetoric even after the arrest, probably maintains to the day that the church complained against a gambling den run by Hindutva Forces under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi.

Of course, this is not the first time the Church lobby in India has cried wolf. In 2014, Hindu organizations were accused of murdering Priest KJ Thomas. It turned out to be an insider’s job where three other priests were involved.

Again in 2014, the cross in a Vile Parle Church was desecrated. This one turned out to be the work of a Christian named Agnelo Pereira who did it in a drunken state.

Mangalore, 2009 was the same refrain: ‘Our church has been vandalized. Hindus have done it.’But the fact – seven Christians had vandalized and planted saffron flags to defame Hindus.

Hindus were also blamed in Jhabua MP, 1999, when four nuns were raped. As it turned out, all the 12 rapists were Christians.

And so, the game goes on, with everything given a communal colour and the final blameinvariably, in every single sickening instance, pinned on Hindus.

India must wake up and now

Well, the UPA had its advantages and I could give you a host of numbers to back my claim. I could tell you of the explosion in conversions in Arunachal Pradesh or (undivided) Andhra Pradesh. I could also tell you how the landscape of Tamilnadu has changed within a decade as new churches have sprung up across the state.

johnBut why do that when I can quote none other than John Dayal who has given a litany of anti-Hindu testimonies in Washington over decades. Here, he himself admits to illegal conversions:

‘More Christians in India than officially counted. The official Census is not the best guide to the number of Christians in India. Anyway, the desegregated Census data on the religion-wise composition of the population is not available after 2001 because the Indian government feels the disclosure of such information will ignite and inflame passions in a society deeply divided in faith and belief identities….No one believed the official figures (2001 Census) that Christians constituted just 2.3 percent of the population. The Catholic Church, Protestant groups and particularly the Pentecostal churches collectively claim a total figure that may be two or three times the official Census numbers.

Statisticians Todd Johnson and Kenneth Ross estimate that India’s Christians constitute 4.8 percent of the population at 58 million, a figure accepted by some academicians such as Chad Bauman, Vice President of the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies in the United States. Jason Mandryk puts the figure even higher, at 71 million, or 5.84 percent of the population, and reports that others estimate it as high as 9 percent.

The Indian Christian population is unevenly distributed. In some states and districts the Christian population is negligible, whereas in others Christians predominate. In the South, Christians constitute 35.5 percent of the population of Kerala, and 19 percent of the population of Tamil Nadu. But the biggest concentration is in the culturally and ethnically distinct small Northeastern states of Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Mizoram.’

It is high time Hindus and India woke up to this menace of evangelism that has spread across the nation like cancer. Stories of Christian victimhood are just that: stories with no facts or truth to them. Powerful sections in the government, bureaucracy, academia, intelligentsia and media have been cultivated over decades and activated at will whenever Hindus raise their voice and protest against evangelism which is a threat to national security.

If anything, Hindus are on the Evangelical hit list. And this faux Christian persecution story does not end here.


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