In Bangalore: the Church’s strategy of polarisation

This message was sent to the IndiaFacts team anonymously.


Most Respected Bishops, Priests, Nuns, Religious and Friends in Christ.

Mr.Mohan Bhagwat  said “Mother Teresa’s service would have been good. But it used to have one objective, to convert the person, who was being served, into a Christian,” while speaking at a function organised by NGO Apna Ghar.

Let us now recall what Mother Teresa said about conversions, in 1997 she told an AP reporter: “Of course I convert. I convert you to be a better Hindu or a better Muslim or a better Protestant. Once you’ve found God, it’s up to you to decide how to worship him”
And remember this story:

The Hindu priest at the Kali Temple were unhappy when Mother and her sisters began their work at Nirmal Hriday in Kalighat close to the Kali temple. The priest suspected/accused Mother Teresa of using her service for conversions.

One day Mother heard that one of the priest of the temple was dying of an infectious disease and nobody would touch him.  She collected his emaciated body in her arms and brought him to her home.

The Hindu priest with folded hands said, “For thirty years I have worshipped the Goddess Kali in stone, but today the Goddess Mother stands before me alive”.

The same priest who had once suspected/accused Mother Teresa of conversion said “I saw Goddess Kali in Mother Teresa”,

As Mother Teresa said let us pray to God for the conversion of Sri.Mohan Bhagwat, to become a better Hindu.

For this purpose a peaceful prayer meeting has been organised in front of the Bangalore Town Hall on the coming Saturday the 28th February at 4.30 pm followed by a candle light vigil.

We request all the Parish Priests, Nuns, Religious and lay people of all walks, who have hurt at the insult of Mother Teresa to join in this public prayer meeting, mobilize your parishioners’ to come in large numbers, take personal initiatives to announce in churches during the Lenten services in churches, forward this message to your friends through E-Mails, Face book, Whatsup, etc. and express your Hurt about and Concern for, as Catholics.

All others churches and dioceses outside Bangalore in Karnataka and India may also conduct events on a similar line if possible on Saturday itself.

Thank you in Christ.

Best Regards,
Abraham T J
President – ICUF Indian Christian United Forum