Shankaracharya Hill

IndiaFacts Impact: Massive protest against renaming Shankaracharya Hill

IndiaFacts was established with a core aim to watch, catch and counter distortions and slander against India and Hinduism in whatever form, in whatever media and in various spheres of human activity including politics, culture, art and so on. And we continue to keep the date with this goal in the hope to recover and set right the civilizational ethos of this nation in our own humble manner.

And so it gives us immense satisfaction when our work gets noticed.

In September 2013, just a day after IndiaFacts was launched, we caught a Tribune report about how the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had surreptitiously renamed the Shankaracharya Hill as Takht-e-Suleiman throwing all historical facts to the winds. We then investigated deeper into the matter, dug into history, and published this politically-motivated act of the ASI by giving a factual account of the Shankaracharya Hill.

About a month ago, our report began to be noticed by large numbers of people and soon, an online petition was launched to call out the ASI’s injury to both historical facts and the cultural and spiritual significance of the place to Hindus. And now the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has taken notice of the IndiaFacts report and has stepped in to take the matter to the next level.

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Petition Shankaracharya Hill