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Plight of Hindus in Bengal: an interview with Tapan Ghosh

Tapan Ghosh is the founder and head of Hindu Samhati, West Bengal. He has been a tireless activist fighting for Hindus and Hindu causes in the state at immense personal risk. The following interview first appeared in Bong Voice.

How did the idea of founding an organization like Hindu Samhati strike you?

Well, it was the farthest thing from my future plan, when I opted out of RSS and VHP in 2007. I was frustrated with several things at that point of time and had thought of taking a break. It was the sheer pressure from my friends from all parts of the globe, which forced me to start Hindu Samhati. People seemed desperate to deny me a relaxed life. (laughs)

How has your journey been so far? Are you satisfied with the work that Hindu Samhati has done so far?

Journey was not easy. As you can very well imagine, it can never be easy for an organization like us. Not with an administration with ‘Muslim appeasement’ as the top most priority in place.

I am satisfied with the work that we have done in the last six and a half years. Having said that, I must confess, we are nowhere near to meeting the requirement of West Bengal. May be, we have managed to cater to one per cent of the total needs of West Bengal. There is a lot to be done, but the satisfaction is that, at least we have started.

Muslim aggression in rural areas has crossed all limits. I do not have any political backing. I do not have anything to offer to the common people of West Bengal. I cannot give posts, Panchayat memberships, widow allowance, school admissions, or anything for that matter. Still, I am always overcrowded. You need to understand why? Is it my credit? No. The credit goes to “Islamic Jihad-e-Junoon”. Jinnah had once said, “every Muslim heart has Pakistan inside it. However you may try, but you can never wipe that out.”

The conquering attitude of Muslims has affected the rural Hindus in a huge way. These victims do not get any response from political parties, thanks to their “secular” agenda. A rape is first checked for secularism, before being addressed as an issue. This is when the parents of the rape victim come to me as a last resort. You will be surprised by the number of such issues. We are still limited to only eight districts of West Bengal.  We need to develop our infrastructure to be able to cater to the exact need of West Bengal. 

You have been arrested by Mamata government…..

(did not listen to the entire question) Yes, but that was not the first time. I have never been a blind critic of anybody. Mamata’s naked and shameless Muslim appeasement is destroying West Bengal, but I cannot say that the entire onus of the current situation of West Bengal is on her. How will I forget that Salim, ‘Khonra Badsaah’ and Sahajahan Shekh (Sandeshkhali) have not been created by Mamata Banerjee? She has supported the growth of these anti social elements, but did not produce them. It is CPI-M, who had given birth to these elements. They had thrived on CPI-M’s lap once and now have shifted to Mamata’s lap.

Why do you think the political parties need these criminals?

It is natural, that these elements would boost the strength of any party. But, the main question is elsewhere and that is what the secularists would try to avoid. Supporting criminals should hit the image of the party in the concerned locality.

However, knowing that there will be a political loss, the parties are still supporting these elements. This is where you must understand the link between minority block vote and supporting criminals. The minority section is not getting displeased even when these minority criminals are being encouraged. The major section of the minority is in favor of these criminals as both are from the same religion.

Criminals can never be a major problem in any society if they do not get a structured social support. There is no scarcity of Hindu criminals as well, but they have never enjoyed social support. That is the sole reason why they were never a major threat. We can criticize CPI-M and Mamata for being a support system but can we ignore the actual source of this problem?

You have called Aamir Khan, a “dogla” in a recent tweet. Would like to elaborate?

He is the greatest “dogla” on Earth. When Narendra Modi was denied a US visa, Manmohan Singh had protested on the grounds of Indian honor. A group of celebrities headed by Aamir Khan criticized Manmohan Singh for his protest. Narendra Modi was communal then for him and now the same Aamir Khan is meeting Modiji and speaking good things about him. He is nothing but a two-faced person.

What do you feel about the current political condition of West Bengal?

Total chaos. It is completely out of Mamata’s control. I do not do politics. So, I am not looking for any political mileage when I say that Mamata has been able to do a good job in the context of development. She has been successful in several spheres of development, but the process in which she does her work is not good. Her threatening and arrogant attitude is not acceptable.

The way Adhir Choudhury controls Baharampur, she is trying to control West Bengal. She is unable to understand that this process can never be long lasting.

In the context of law and order, Mamata is a complete failure. It is now out of her hands.

Corruption and extortion have reached the extreme line. I work within the system so I know that the police department is being used as a money collecting machine. A big chunk of share from the collected money goes to a noted leader of TMC.

Would like to name anyone?

No. I cannot. I do not wish to die right now. (smiles)

I would put it this way: Mamata wanted to do a lot of good things. She failed because of her inexperience and incompetency. Structured destruction of the administration by CPI-M for 34 years has also played a crucial role.

How can you develop a place without having a strong grip on law and order? Mamata is a good opposition leader, but as an administrator she has failed to deliver. She has to cater to her secular outlook and cannot take many steps, which must be taken to roll the development model.

You have always raised your voice against Muslim violence in West Bengal and illegal inflow of Bangladeshi Muslims. How do you propose to tackle this issue?

It is impossible to tackle. The root of Muslim violence is not a handful of rotten elements. People committing violence can be dealt with a structured law and order mechanism, but it is impossible to tackle the ones who support and provide shelter to these offenders. It is a myth that illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are responsible for Muslim violence in West Bengal. Local Muslims are responsible for the violence. The Masjid and Madrasah network along with the Haj system is responsible for Muslim violence in general. Haj is nothing but a brain washing machinery to boost violence.

How do you rate Narendra Modi as a prime minister?

Too early to comment. I have a lot of hope, but cannot comment before 6 months.

Whom will you blame for the current ISIS problem in Iraq?

America all the way. They have a strange knack of creating Frankenstein monsters. The US has never done anything to maintain a democratic and secular balance of the world. They have always treated their interest as the only priority. This attitude has bitten them back in the past and will bite them again in future. They just do not learn!

The main doctrine of Islam speaks of momin and kafir, Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harb. Muslims are instructed by their religion to convert the entire world into momin and Dar-ul-Islam. It is a shame that the powerful nations of the world have might, but lack the will to control this chaos. Muslim terrorism is a snake fed by the Americans, but the source is Islam.

Can you relate the same Frankenstein model in West Bengal?

The current so called secular parties will have their hands burnt in future. History warns them, but they are too short-sighted to see. East Bengal stands as a burning example. All secular leaders of East Bengal having Hindu origin had to seek shelter in West Bengal. Jogen Mondal, founder of Scheduled Caste Federation had formed an alliance with Muslim League and had supported Pakistan. He was the first law minister of Pakistan. That very person had to take disguise and run to save himself. He finally took shelter in India. He sent his resignation to the PM of Pakistan from India. He realized the blunder that he had done the hard way. Same fate awaits the current pseudo-secularists of West Bengal.

What is secularism for you?

In the academic context, the answer would be different. In the practical side of things, secularism in India is nothing but farce. It is a synonym for Muslim appeasement and is the foundation stone of total destruction of India. The nation got divided on the basis of two nation theory. Congress had opposed the idea. My question is, if you do not support two-nation theory, why did you opt for partition? The only practical person in Indian politics, Dr. Ambedkar had clearly stated that, if population exchange is not done, the process of partition will remain incomplete. This inevitable part of partition was not done by the pseudo-secularists back then.

You have always voiced against Love Jihad and Land Jihad. How do you plan to tackle these issues?

West Bengal will be destroyed if these issues are not taken care of. The controlling has to come from the national level. One good sign is that, Hindus are becoming conscious about these issues.

What is the future of BJP in West Bengal?

No comments.

You have requested the central government to reinstate the last two paragraphs of our national song, “Vande mataram”. Did you get any positive feedback?

It is too early to get a feedback. It is important to understand that, pseudo-secularists are not only sitting in the opposition benches. There are some of them within the setup as well. “Doglas” like Aamir Khan need to be neutralized before taking such steps. We will need to give it some time.

What are your future plans?

To develop strong and spontaneous Hindu resistance all over West Bengal.

Any message for our readers?

A race, which doesn’t recognizes its history is sure to perish. It is important for us to be conscious about the threats and the counter measures.