Questions for Amnesty International’s Christine Mehta

A question for the editorial staff at The Hindu.

In an article in the Hindu dated 2 July 2015, a certain Christine Mehta, an employee of Amnesty International and an American citizen, has interesting things to say.

She describes the situation in which her OCI card was revoked and she was required to leave India.

We would like to place a few questions before Ms. Mehta, solely on the basis of the conditions under which OCI cards are granted and revoked.

All questions refer to conditions described in the FAQ available in the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, available here.

Q1: Did Ms. Christine obtain permission from MHA for undertaking research?


ref 1

Q2: Did you visit any restricted area without permission?


ref 2

Q3: Did you furnish information that was proved false for the purpose of obtaining the OCI card?


ref 3

Q4: Did this information relate to permission for conducting research?

Q5: In your article in The Hindu , you state you had knowledge of the need to seek permission, but you and your employer wilfully decided to ignore this requirement. On what grounds do you feel you have a grievance and are entitled to redressal?

Finally, a question for the editorial staff at The Hindu, which we assume is a fair, objective, and honest newspaper: in the article relating to l’affaire Christine Mehta, a damning statement is made about the UPA Govt – that it wouldn’t enforce the law!

ref 4

What were you thinking when you published this as an “Exclusive” dear The Hindu?