Should Hindus have the right to survive Martand Temple Kashmir
Should Hindus have the right to survive?

The poem has been written by one of our contributors who has chosen to identify himself only as AK.

Continuous attacks of Hindu rituals and tradition,
Fake narratives in textbooks, the news media full of hate,
Uninformed rants by politicians from the world around,
Should Hindus have the right to survive?

When Hindus themselves divide into factions,
Take sides with elements which are aiding in Dharmic downfall,
Chipping away at the Hindu with subtle conversions in the name of love,
Should Hindus have the right to survive?

Destruction of temples, urination on Gods,
Kidnapping of young girls and theft of cows and cattle,
Can there be interfaith dialogues when one believes theirs is the only way,
Should Hindus have the right to survive?

Cooptation of festivals, rituals, language, food and culture,
Appropriation of the sacred and reverent,
Diversity perceived as disunity, kindness perceived as weakness,
Should Hindus have the right to survive?

Uprooted Kashmiris and fearful Bengalis,
Corrupt courts and misguided policies,
Trauma after trauma, year after year,
Decades and centuries, should the tired Hindu have the right to survive?

Is Ahimsa and non-action a viable option,
When ignorance is abound and Dharma struggles to strive,
Depressed, dejected, defeated, embarrassed,
Is survival only possible by shedding everything Hindu?

Silly people with silly customs,
Do you consider the dot to be your third eye?
What will be your karma, where will be your pride?
Do you, Hindus, have a right to survive?

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