Weekly Hindu Persecution Digest: 1 August 2014 – 10 August 2014.

1. Location: Murshidabad , West Bengal.

Incident: Hindus living in Murshidabad are not being allowed their rights to perform cremation for the deceased in a 200 yers old Samshan Ghat (that is funeral site)  by bellicose elements from the Muslim community.

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2. Location: Kashmir.

Incident: Hardline Hurriyat chairman Syed Ali Geelani and his followers are causing disturbance in the state in order to stop a small group of Kashmiri Pandits to undertake the historical Konsar Nag yatra, ((which is a pilgrimage) in the Pir Panchal mountain range, south Kashmir.

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3. Location: Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh

Incident: Local Muslims of Chandpur Jogiyan village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district attacked  a group of Kanwariyas (devotees of Shiva) who were gathered at the local Shiva temple for the jalasbhisek programme. (Jalabhishek is ceremony of holy bath given to a deity.) The reason for the attack was the opposition of Muslim groups to the distribution of sweets in the temple.

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