Weekly Hindu Persecution Digest:24-31 May 2015

News about persecution of Hindus.

1. Comprehensive Inquiry on Love Jihad Murder sought by victim’s parents .

Report:  The parents of the recent love jihad victim Anuja have sought a comprehensive inquiry on the death of their daughter being a murder. The petition was submitted to the IG of police, with a copy being submitted to state Home Minister, state opposition leader etc. Meanwhile more details and proofs exposing the police hand in letting Khaleem, the accused go free are pouring in.

Link: http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19586&SKIN=K

2. Mother struggling for life in hospital, son severely injured after local Islamic peace-makers take on law in Bangladesh.

Report:  A Hindu woman with his son were beaten up in medieval style by the Muslim hooligans  at Dharmapur village in Kashipur Union of Phulbari, Bangladesh. The brutal incident occurred on 13 May, but the matter came in the surface through a Mobile message later.

Link: http://hinduexistence.org/2015/05/22/mother-struggling-for-life-in-hospital-son-severely-injured-after-local-islamic-peace-makers-take-on-law-in-bangladesh/

3. Abduction, forceful conversion, forcible marriage, murder, rape of Hindu and other minority girls by Muslim hooligans all time high in Bangladesh.

Report:  More than two and half months elapsed while police failed to rescue  Ms. Shilpi Rani Das (15 year 9 months) and the kidnapper – a Muslim School Teacher – Dost Mohammad Khan was not suspended from school at Barhatta Pilot Girls High School of Netrokona District nor arrested by the Police of Bangladesh so far .

Link: http://hinduexistence.org/2015/05/23/minority-girls-are-abducted-forcefully-converted-married-murdered-raped-rampantly-in-islamic-bangladesh/