Anti-Hinduism as an Industry

Anti-Hinduism is an industry. It has a purpose and an end goal.It has financial means,…

Anti-Hinduism is an industry. It has a purpose and an end goal.It has financial means, institutional set-up and a tradition of sponsored intellectuals occupying important positions, protecting vested interests of their own.

It began during colonial era, during the reign of the East India Company and then the British Raj. The story of how missionaries and colonialists slandered Hindu civilization and culture in the heyday of racism is a well-known one, not to be dwelt upon here. Suffice to say that a certain section of the ruling elite found it profitable to abuse Hindu culture and society.

This narrative morphed into an industry after Independence. Gandhi’s assassination gave Nehru an excuse to stifle all opposition, particularly the nationalists. Under Indira Gandhi and Education Minister Nural Hasan, anti-Hinduism became firmly entrenched in academia and media. Its steady growth and dominance in the electronic and print media became unchallengeable.

As a consequence, Soviet-sponsored Leftist intellectuals became all-pervasive and powerful. Their opponents were systematically silenced. Nationalists were hounded out of public discourse. Almost no mainstream newspaper, magazine or media outlet would give them the opportunity to voice their opinions and state facts.

The demise of the global left in the 90s, and the rise of the BJP in India gave new hope to the dwindling nationalist forces in the media and academia; but it was a bleak respite.

Changing Political Fortunes and Continued Dominance of the Left

The Vajpayee government in 1999 brought some welcome changes but it was mainly interested in completing its term, keeping the coalition ship afloat.

Some voices had started to turn away from the Left and present the other side, but it was too little to make any impact. The shocking defeat of the NDA in 2004 elections put a swift end to all the new beginnings that were made.

If anything, it seriously convinced the ‘intellectuals’ and the journalists that a sustained opposition of the Left was not at all possible.

The UPA government was formed in 2004 hurriedly by collecting all the anti-BJP parties and individual candidates from the messy election results. Nobody then believed the government would last the term. However it did.

In the 2009 General Elections, there was still some hope that the BJP would come back to power. UPA-1 was weak. It did repeal many decisions taken by the previous Vajpayee government, but it mainly concentrated on lasting through the term.

Therefore, though the direction of the government was anti-Hindu, the pace was slow and hesitant. When the results came out in 2009, the UPA not only retained power, but the Congress Party increased its individual tally of seats to 206.

UPA-2 was more confident. Behind the smoke created by the numerous scandals by its ministers, there was a determined and coordinated attack on Hindu culture and society as a whole. Textbooks were changed. Nationalist bloggers were jailed.[i] New Bills were introduced or changes were made to the existing ones, to the detriment of the majority community.[ii] Many new magazines, newspapers and online media outlets,which had a clearly anti-Hindu bent were floated.

For the Leftist intellectuals in India,it was a decisive sign that things were going to stay the same; that they would continue to dominate the institutions. They became more nonchalant in their rubbishing of the opposing political views. Their hold on institutions strengthened. They were gearing for a final push to silence the nationalist opposition once and for all.

New magazines and media houses were opened to further the goal of anti-Hinduism. These were more rabidly anti-Hindu than anything India had ever seen before. Their views bordered on racism aimed at entire Hindu society and culture, reminiscent of the colonial era.

The Rise of Social Media

Meanwhile, on another platform something entirely different was occurring.

The Internet had given birth to the phenomenon of social media. It was decentralized and impossible to control by any single ideology or institution. Even the governments were ineffective against it.

Social Media Icons

First Orkut, then Facebook and Twitter took the Indian online community by storm, convincing the common man that now he had a voice.

For the first time, Indians realized that they did not have to take things lying down and that they could also rise up in opposition to what they considered wrong.

Indians did rise. And the Congress Party and their leftist allies found themselves at the receiving end. While the sponsors of the anti-Hindus invested overwhelmingly in the old technology of mass media, the world had moved forward.

The new technology had created a platform where controlling mechanisms were ineffectual in most cases and mildly effectual in some. The Nehruvian castle built by the state-sponsored intellectuals had finally begun to crumble.

Congress-Communist rulers of the country only woke up to the new threat since it became apparent that Narendra Modi could be the BJP’s candidate for Prime Minister and that he could win. By then, it was too late. In an unprecedented wave of support, Modi and his BJP registered a stunning victory in 2014.[iii]

The crushing defeat of the Congress had dismayed the leftist intellectuals propped up by the Congress-Communist regime. Sensing the winds of change, some institutions changed their stance. While some started showing facts, others changed the gear to neutral. But there were still many who kept up the struggle against ‘communalism’ and everything bad that Modi represented.

The media institutions that were spawned during UPA-2 became the rallying point for the anti-Hindus. After the initial shock was over, they started regrouping and re-strategizing. While some new websites and web portals were opened to spew more hatred towards Hindu society, the old ones consolidated their castles.

Unholy Alliance of Radical Islam and the Global Left

One wonders why these leftist institutions, which should be religion-neutral by definition, display such hostility against Hinduism, while they do not even acknowledge the crimes of Islam in India.

Indeed, this Leftist alliance with Islam is not limited to India. The global Left is aligned with global Islam in an Unholy Alliance. Since the Leftist ideology is officially atheist and Islam is the most radical of monotheistic faiths, it is uncanny that the two have an agreement.

An Unholy Alliance is understood as an unnatural, unusual, or simply undesirable alliance between antagonistic parties. The term was first used in 1855 when the Western European Christian powers had aligned with the Islamic Ottoman Empire of Turkey and against the Orthodox Christian Empires of the Balkans and Russia.[iv]


The term became popular again during World War II, when Stalin’s Communist Russia aligned with the Nazi Germany to partition Poland.

Railing against Nazism, fascism and nationalism was one of the most central tenets of Leninist and Stalinist Communism. The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939 thus shocked most of the world.[v]Two deadly enemies had come together to share the spoils of war. After that the phrase has been used a couple of times in African wars of independence and civil wars.

Though Communism had always been favourably disposed to Islamic terrorism—note that the Soviet Union was an ally of Palestine against Israel in its fight against the U.S.A.

The post 9/11 scenario brought them closer than ever before. The term ‘Unholy Alliance’ once again came in use for the global alliance between the Left-liberals and Islam.[vi]

David Horowitz, in his Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, explains how the Left-liberals in American media and academia became the front-row cheer-leaders for radical Islam, apologizing for Islamic terrorism, blaming it all on ‘American capitalism’.

Misogyny, homophobia, racism, xenophobia and anti-minority mindset are some of the ideas against which the European and American Left-liberals have always put up a front.

As Islam is a habitual offender in all of the above categories,[vii] it is very natural that the social activists working against these discriminatory ideas should also voice their opinion against Islam. However, not only do they keep quiet over Islam’s crimes against women, gays and minorities, they paint it with a white brush.

This unholy alliance begs an explanation.

In the heydays of Communism, propaganda was one of the most important activities of the Communist government of Soviet Union. It had a complete ministry, Agitprop, Agitation and Propaganda Ministry, devoted to spreading Communist propaganda in the Soviet Union and abroad. For this it had created numerous institutions all over the world and had sponsored innumerable academics, journalists, writers, artists and political activists in many countries.[viii]

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 left all of these institutions and individuals, on the payroll of the Communists, rudderless. They were suddenly left with no finances, no guidance and no future plan. With the disappearance of their Moscow masters, it was as if the gravity had disappeared. What was to become of all the political machinery that the Soviet Union had created over all these years? What would become of the intellectuals it had sponsored?

Many of these public intellectuals, who had huge influence, became intellectual mercenaries. Taking advantage of their popularity,they started accepting paychecks from whoever bid the highest. In turn they used their excellent capabilities to present propaganda as facts, distort truth and tilt public opinion to one side.

To their advantage, the demise of global communism coincided with the spectacular rise of Islamic terrorism in particular and Islamism in general. The Soviet-Afghan War (1979-89) signaled the end of Communism, and witnessed the rise of Islamism.

All over the world, the public intellectuals of Left-liberal orientation found a ready employer in the Islamists. The Islamists on the other hand found a ready-made machinery and trained foot soldiers who would churn out Islamist propaganda in Western universities, which were then copied by the Third World ‘intellectuals’.

Although they are ideologically diametrically opposed, Islamism and Left-liberal intellectuals were pragmatic and natural partners in the given circumstances.

Moreover, Islamism and Left-liberals had a common enemy in the West. This made their alliance even easier. This is how the Unholy Alliance between Radical Islam and the Left came to be.

Their Alliance in India

In India too, the Left had always been aligned with Islamism in a bid to divide the majority by uniting and supporting the minorities.

During the reign of UPA-2, this alliance became more radical than anytime before.

The Left began a determined and sustained effort to attack Hindu society and became open apologists for Islamic crimes of the past and present through various media houses and online sites.

In these websites,every aspect of Hindu civilization was derided;every national hero was slandered and every villain glorified. And Narendra Modi of course became the ultimate punching bag.

Rise of the Leftist New Media

Left-liberalism and anti-Hinduism became mainstream since Indira Gandhi’s tryst with the communists. Almost every major newspaper sports some anti-Hindu propaganda almost on a daily basis.

However, after the 2014 General Elections while most of the mainstream media has become cautious, there are many magazines and websites which are solely devoted to churning out anti-Hindu material some of which borders on propaganda.

Four of them have become inexplicably popular over the past three or four years. These are:

  • The Caravan Magazine
  • The Wire
  • CatchNews

These magazines and online web portals have become suspiciously famous in a short period of time, despite their mediocre content. Most of their articles are opinionated barrages, which are based on dubious sources and are creative in their interpretations.

Every anti-Hindu worth his salt is found quoting them on Facebook, Twitter and even outside social media portals. Their founding members don’t exactly have stellar histories, with many of them involved in institutional Hindu hatred.

So, how do they work? What drives them? What is their motivation? Is it financial or ideological or both? What do they actually write? Are they blatantly anti-Hindu?

The subsequent series of articles will attempt to answer these questions.



[i] “Youth arrested for posting morphed picture of Sonia Gandhi on Facebook.” Indian Express. Jalandhar, July 02, 2013.

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[vii] Spencer, Robert. “We are of Muslim culture, we oppose misogyny, homophobia, anti-Semitism and the political use of Islam. We reassert a living secularism.” November 16, 2004.

[viii]Ellul, Jacques (1973). Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes. New York: Vintage Books.'
Pankaj Saxena is a scholar of History, Hindu Architecture and Literature. He has visited more than 400 sites of ancient Hindu temples and has photographed the evidence. He’s also writes articles, research papers and reviews in various print and online newspapers and magazines and is the author of three books.
  • manch123

    Jihadi-Naxal agenda of cultural and human genocide in India has become an industry, funded by “enslave India trough conversion” agents of Vatican, Wahhabi Petrodollars from Saudi and ISI.
    JNU, JU and HU type intellectually-bankrupt and anti-life Jihadi-Naxal “activists” are acting as part of their anti-Vedic culture agenda and projecting themselves as “victims” now to gain sympathy through their #Presstitutes friends while they openly support those committing GENOCIDE. Kashmir, Kerala and Bengal are live example of their atrocities and very cunning coverup.
    Time has come for Hindus to call “Spade a Spade” and stand up against this GENOCIDE.

  • Preeti Mankotia

    Pankaj Saxena is good! No drama, and good pieces with incisive pov and well researched, as required.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    The ruthless exploitation of the People of Dharma by the Indian Republic since 1947 is too often blamed on the predecessors. It is the Indian Republic that turned the persecution of the People of Dharma into a fine art, a culture, a tradition and pillar of the Indian Constitution.

    The Indian State does not interfere in all religions. Indeed, in keeping with the tradition established by the British since 1857, they treat religions founded in the Middle East and imported into India by barbaric invaders as unique nations within India with their own laws, estates, places of worship, and unfettered religious freedoms. Just like the British Police, the Indian Police and judiciary even look away and hush things up when the Mosques violate the law imposed on others by howling through amplified loudspeaker five times every day at unearthly hours, kidnap and gang rape non Moslem girls steal cows belonging to non Moslems for slaughter and so on in accordance with the tenets of their faith while Governments dish out enormous compensation to the kith and kin of those killed in reprisal for such activities when the exasperated victims and their kin take the law into their own hands.

    However, in keeping with the same British Traditions, the People of Dharma are persecuted by the Majoritarian and Totalitarian PANGOLINs of India.

    The British Pogrom commenced in 1857 of eradicating Brahmanism as the soul and core of what they called “Hinduism” but what were actually the “People of Dharma” (Those of myriad religions who adhered to Aryan (Brahmin) Law). The remnants of the Bengal Native Infantry were blown from the cannon’s mouth. Then, based on “evidence” manufactured and presented to the British by the Moslems to deflect reprisals away from themselves, the Brahmins were singled out as the cause of the Mutiny. The reprisals began. Their relatives and every Brahmin man, woman and child who could be found were slaughtered across present day Bangla Desh, Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal (the erstwhile Bengal Presidency). The East of India has never recovered from this genetic and cultural void. This void is now rivaled by the exodus of Brahmins from the South of India to escape the Persecution of the Indian Republic. The British plot found perfect expression in 1921 when the British stooge “Justice Party” they had appointed to rule promulgated the Gazetted Government Order 613 to persecute Brahmins in all walks of life and confiscated the Hindu Commonwealth of Temples, irrigation tanks, grazing and agricultural lands, educational institutions, treasure, and religious freedom in 1923 and began to spread canards about Brahmanism to justify their actions rather in the fashion of the National Socialist Party in Germany that persecuted the Jews. They also included those antithetical to Aryan law who were not “Din e Kitabi” (People of the Book, i.e. adherents of invasive foreign religions) whom they named “Dalits” into a “Hindu” Lumpen to swamp the congregational temple welfare system and destroy it. The Indian Political Service even infiltrated Sikhism and an Englishman who embraced Sikhism for convenience instigated Karag Singh and Kartar Singh at Sialkot to form the Akali Movement that turned the Khalsa against the People of Dharma whom it was formed to protect from their first born.

    In 1949 the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religion- Communist (PANGOLIN) Consensus turned the People of Dharma into Third Class Citizens in their Constitution and, in 1959, extended the confiscation of the Hindu Commonwealth of Temples, irrigation tanks, grazing and agricultural lands, educational institutions, treasure, and religious freedom to the erstwhile Princely States from what remained to them of British India.

    Today Temple Wealth is looted and used to fund Haj pilgrimages for Moslems as well as Trips to Jerusalem for Christians and Jews and the restoration of churches as well as to feather the personal nests of the atheists and other outsiders to Dharma with power given to them by Government over the Temples. .

    PANGOLIN: An enemy of India who believes in inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law and persecution of some for the benefit of others. At present, the sole purpose of the Indian Republic, Constitutional or otherwise, is to pamper and provide for certain constitutionally preferred sections of society who the British found useful to hold and exploit India at the cost of those who the British hated and persecuted. The Pangolin is a creature that is unique to India and feeds on ants that are known in nature to be industrious and hard working if not quite as fruitful as bees who flee to better climes. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921 and re write History and laws to their exclusive benefit since 1947)

  • P B Ind

    Unfortunately, the more we delve on things, it is becoming apparent that Hindu civilization is sinking ship. Faced with a combined onslaught of the left ( of desi and international hue), the Islamic forces, the pseudo secular and the partisan media and the sheer apathy of those within the Dharmic fold to rise up to the challenge ( as Rajiv Malhotra puts it “willing to be digested”). The foreign dominated Congress played havoc with Hindu interests for over a decade. The arrival of a strong BJP government was our last hope, but it has had the effect of uniting the anti-India forces even more. Movements like RSS and VHP sprang up in the past to address these challenges but are being branded by the left dominated media as communal, with canards spread day in day out about their activities, being compared with Taliban etc. So what is the solution? Are we doomed? Unfortunately the more Modi tries to foster an inclusive agenda the more it rankles these anti-India agents and they find ways to malign and discredit the Hindus (look at how one-sides the intolerance debate is being fabricated, trying to portray Hindus as perpetrators and the minorities and Dalits as victims). The solution is not clear. Perhaps it is the right time for the birth of new political party with a more unabashed and open pro-Hindu and pan-Hindu stance?

  • Dipak Bose

    Do not copy the Anglo-American writers to have a go against socialism/communism etc because India had only one real friend the soviet union, when USA sent 7th fleet to attack India in 1971.

    Prominent British writers, philosophers and politicians are also Anti-Hindu, Anti-soviet, and they are from all parties. For example, James Mill, John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham, Charles Dickens, Lord Tennyson, Winston Churchill, Bertrand Russell, were all anti-Hindu but they were also staunch anti-Left.
    On the other hand Marxists Karl Marx, Hobbsbaum, Lenin, Khruschev, Breznev were all very pro-Indian.
    Thus, authors theory is invalid.

    British Lefts are always anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim but they are also anti-Soviet and pro-Chinese. Unfortunately Indian Lefts particularly the CPIM leaders educated in Britain are also anti-Hindu, anti-Soviet and pro-Chinese.

    Also, the authors talked about Hitler-Stalin-Tojo pact but what about Chamberlain-Hitler-Mussolini pact in 1939 in Munich? what about the fact that the great uncle of George Bush used to be the banking agent of the NAZIS and as a result Bush family became very rich as the NAZIS could not come to USA to reclaim their vast wealth. King Edward VIII was a personal friend of Hitler. Henry Ford financed the NAZI party.

    What Hitler did in Europe Churchill did much worse in India by forcing 5 million people in Bengal to starve to death in 1943 by creating a man made famine with the help of both Muslims and Marwaris like Birla-Bajaj who were the financier of Gandhi and Nehru. That was the reason Gandhi-Nehru-Patel never said any word about the Bengal famine of 1943.

    What India has gained by giving away $400 billion to USA since 1995, when USA never gave any technology to India, donated more than $20 Billion to Pakistan, turned Pakistan a NATO ally, and now created ISIS with the help of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE. Obama is an African Muslim president of USA.

    Try to think independently. Anglo-Americans were never our friends. By supporting their agenda of anti-Socialism, India cannot make any progress. If the money is right, Anglo-Americans will not hesitate to allow Muslims to occupy India and Ambani-Adani-Modi-Shah will emigrate to Leicester, UK, a Gujarati town. Business community of India used to polish the shoes of the British; now they are ready to polish the shoes of the Americans if there is any profit.


  • mohinder

    Very good article every one should read it

  • Sarvesh S. Parab

    The only thought that troubles me is the differences we (Hindus) have within us based on Language we speak, Region we come from, Cast, etc. And the same issues are targeted everytime. We should stand united and strong.

  • Bharat

    These leftist online portals censor comments. I had commented on an article on providing a logical response in decent language criticizing the views put forth by the author. My comment was deleted. So much for free speech which these leftists keep barking about.

  • Arun

    A wonderful article. Hope u will come up with tangible solutions for building counter narrative. The policymakers need to pay urgent attention in this direction and initiate some programs for training the right minded people and place them in strategic locations for a sustained and long term correction in the discourse. Well done once again.

  • abhijit pal

    excellent read…..let the truth be known

  • H.M.Dhebar

    This apparently BJP representing writer doesn’t allow thoughts on how the situation would have been had the ‘racist’ Britain hadn’t been able to stake its presence the way it did and become an all encompassing occupier of India. There would have been various elements doing their own pulling. The Moghal, French, Dutch, local all would have had their own independent footholds. This would have ruled out any imagination of a Bharat the way that exists now. British plus its preaching of democracy put a sealing touch to Hindu nationalism much to the agony of the last-in-charge before that the British came and conquered: the Mohammedans. Secondly, the Hindu Nationalism that the writer so fondly mentions was laid the foundation of by the Congress party and whatever the BJP is yielding the fruit of in the present time, the die was cast for it by the Congress Party. For instance the beef ban obsession that the BJP has brought about has been a handiwork of the Congress Party and possibly been one of the reasons why the partition took place. So BJP owes a great deal to all that is already there in place. It is a different thing that parties in contention in an election pull the each other down and there is nothing wrong in that.

    Writer alludes to British as racists. Racism means you are told to better stick to your language while
    speaking because it sounds so much better that way. In that sense is racism a bad thing? British cannot be faulted on not having put everyone on crash course of English from KG onwards as is the case today, ‘racists’ as they were. But on higher education level they applied Macaulay’s principle to get the Indian
    population hitched on to the English language and become of a perpetual enslaved category. This scheme of perpetual enslavement has been of great stead for the present Indian nationalism. It is infinitely easier to handle slaves than independent pockets of excellence. Pockets of excellence to an extent that existed during the British Rule has been permanently given a burial in a highly successful mechanism of united India. Only sore thumb is Kashmir. Kashmir is giving away this game of the debilitating and bizarre idea of India. Time when Kashmir issue gets resolved, it would be time for the President Pranab Mukherji to proudly speak in the language of his own, the language he would sound best in.

    Orientation along communal lines has been sure method to rally disparate nation together and our nation in its present form owe its existence to it. Religious orientation is what people can understand. World over it is so. But does our original religion allows that? Divide along colour lines (Varna), divide along caste lines is it main factor of its philosophy. Pushing it aside you are a Hindu in name only. We are indeed Hindus in name only as we devote our time in the defense of those who bear Hindu names against those who owns Muslim ones, little to take note of the fact that Hinduism is merely a caste philosophy in that you are born, chiseled unequal. You are to be distinguished by the tone of your speech, features of the face. A Lucknowi need not look elsewhere, not at all to an extent of Pakistan for his secured existence. Man need to attached himself to a place and has no reason to seek another place on grounds of religion. Religion orientation made Kashmiri Pandits to leave their homes. If being a Muslim or not being a Muslim had a secondary position, if Kashmiri as an identity carried inviolable hold, an indelible hold should not there lie the final meeting of the civilization as set forth by the Gita? 03-47pm 131015

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  • Dipak Bose

    I never said Indian science or mathematics are in the Bhagwat Gita, these are in the Atharva Veda and in most cases in the writings or activities of Arya Bhatta, Sridhar, Bharmha Gupta, Charak, Shrushut, etc.
    I have many friends who are Greeks and Russians; they do not consider themselves as Western.

  • N.Paramasivam

    Disunity among Hindus are the main reason for the success of these anti-Hindu forces. Atleast now they shd unite to save Hinduism.

  • sri1948

    Thanks Shri Pankaj ji for the excellent article.I have not come across such a wonderful report for a very long time.Eagerly awaiting the next series of articles

  • Dipak Bose

    Anti~Hindu industry: the main source of that industry is not in India, but in the UK and to some extent in the elite universities in USA.
    Read anti~Hindu newspapers like New York times, The Guardian, The Times, The Sun etc .
    It is a very powerful industry throwing dirt on India regularly so much so, that any Indian will be ashamed to call himself Indian and Hindu if he will go to the UK.

    British Lefts are always anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim but they are also anti-Soviet and pro-Chinese. Unfortunately Indian Lefts particularly the CPIM leaders educated in Britain are also anti-Hindu, anti-Soviet and pro-Chinese.

    However, prominent British writers, philosophers and politicians are also Anti-Hindu, Anti-soviet, and they are from all parties. For example, James Mill, John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham, Charles Dickens, Lord Tennyson, Winston Churchill, Bertrand Russell, were all anti-Hindu but they were also staunch anti-Left.
    On the other hand Marxists Karl Marx, Hobbsbaum, Lenin, Khruschev, Breznev were all very pro-Indian.
    Thus, authors theory is invalid.

    Also, the authors talked about Hitler-Stalin-Tojo pact but what about Chamberlain-Hitler-Mussolini pact in 1939 in Munich? what about the fact that the great uncle of George Bush used to be the banking agent of the NAZIS and as a result Bush family became very rich as the NAZIS could not come to USA to reclaim their vast wealth. King Edward VIII was a personal friend of Hitler.

    What Hitler did in Europe Churchill did much worse in India by forcing 5 million people in Bengal to starve to death in 1943 by creating a man made famine with the help of both Muslims and Marwaris like Birla-Bajaj who were the financier of Gandhi and Nehru. That was the reason Gandhi-Nehru-Patel never said any word about the Bengal famine of 1943.

    • Arnab Barman Ray

      Anti-Hindu. As if India is the cynosure of the west. Hardly so, in the present times.

      As if they have nothing better to do than criticize the tenets of Hinduism.
      So, if someone criticizes the caste system, Sati practices, child marriage, polygamy, misogyny they are criticizing Hinduism. If these are the tenets of Hinduism according to you, you are seriously misguided my friend.

      British writers and philosophers are hardly pro-Islam anymore. Especially after 9/11. I think you should check out Christopher Hitchens’s lectures on youtube.

      • Dipak Bose

        The Guardian, New York Times, BBC, ITN are all still pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu.

        • Arnab Barman Ray

          Yeah. I too read their article which praised Osama Bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks.
          Oh! I forgot, Osama was paid by the CIA to do it.

          • Dipak Bose

            That is irrelevant whether 9-11 is inside job or not. The fact remains that all Anglo-Americans are anti-Hindu in particular and anti-Indian in general.
            I suggest you to watch in You Tube or Internet the BBC documentary Hinduism, where it is showing a Sadhu travelling from Haridwar to Ganga Sagar and eating half burned dead bodies and going to the prostitutes. According to the BBC this is Hinduism.
            However the same BBC has another documentary Islam, showing the glories of Islamic buildings, philosophy, history etc.

          • Arnab Barman Ray

            The whole world is conspiring against Hinduism.
            This is what happens when a large portion of the population is left in the darkness of illiteracy and self-deprecation.

            Why is the nation not developed yet?
            The answer- the whole world is conspiring against us.

            Hinduism teaches us to look inwards rather than try and find excuses for our misfortunes. However such values has been repeatedly distilled with the invasion of foreign forces like Islam and Christianity, both of which are sexually repressive and plagiarisms of each other.
            Such repeated invasions and cultural infusions have transformed Hinduism for the worse, leaving nothing but a highly superstitious, repressive and misogynistic version that the modern Hindutva represents.

            Its our fault that we have failed. Its our fault that we did not have enough cultural and political integrity to be able to preserve our philosophical heritage.

            The sweeping generalisations you have made of a whole people whom you have never met before in your life, with whom you haven’t had a conversation with just goes to show the effects such idiotic brainwashing philosophies like Hindutva can have on a largely gullible populace.

          • Dipak Bose

            I have lived in the Western countries for many years. I know the British literature and media what propaganda against India and Hinduism they are making for the last 170 years at least. Now it is a worldwide industry.
            It has nothing to do with the LEFT as this tupid author said. Lefts are different in different countries. British Lefts are always anti-Hindu and anti-Indian. This is the reason for the unpopularity of the Left parties in India as they follow their British masters even today.
            We have not lost anything at all, but unforunately the Congress government has not managed to reply to these vile propaganda but now since 1992 they have surrendered to it.

          • Arnab Barman Ray

            Since you have made the statement that “all” Anglo-americans are anti-hindu and pro-islam, I suggest you familiarise yourself with the works of the late Christopher Hitchens. A good place to watch his videos would be on youtube.

          • Dipak Bose

            Hitchens is an outsider. He is in the You Tube, but not in the mainstream media, which are staunch anti-Hindu and anti-Indian. You have to go and live in the Western countries to understand what I am talking about.


            I suggest you try living with them, you will come to know how less regards they have towards Hinduism and Indians… The ex-soviets have extremely skewed and derogatory feeling about hinduism and Indians… (by the way, I am telling from my own personal experience of liveing in ex-soviet countries, and not by reading some book or watching a movie)

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Agree with you. Almost all Indian movies denigrate Hindus & Hinduism glorifying muslims & christians.

            Recently I watched an old b/w Tamil movie. Quite unwittingly , the story does have the potential to be developed into a meaningful movie upholding the traditional Hindu wife in a positive way but fails deplorably as the film makers’s objective is to glorify christians & ridicule Hinduism & Hindus. Her upholding of Hindu Traditions gets ridiculed to establish the hero as the one endowed with a golden heart as usual. In truth the hero is quite an idiot impervious to his wife’s worth. A christian secretary is brought in obviously who is forever lighting candles & spreading christian commpassion. Not just that. The solitary Iyengar Brahmin in that office is shown surreptitiously eating & relishing non vegetarian lunch of that christian secretary. This is how almost all indian movies are highly craftily manipulative.

            The dialogues are also written in such a mediocre way to turn Hindus into self abnegating morons.

            All of us exist in a seamless society & these indian film fraternity cannot demand amnesty citing “freedom of expression”. It was quite heartening for me as I recently came to know of three popular actors of Kollywood film industry who made a career out of their “rationalist” ( read anti Hinduism) movement , anti Vedic dialogues , script that they died miserable deaths , facing ignominy , penury & ostracized by the very society that gaped awestruck at them.

          • Dipak Bose

            9/11 was created by Bush himself to have an excuse to invade Iraq to take over its old fields and loot the treasury of Iraq.

  • Arnab Barman Ray

    It would be pretty funny how myopic and idiotic the so-called stakeholders of Hinduism are, if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    The patron saint of every newly converted “Hindu” is Bhagat Singh, who was a communist. In fact the only reason these idiots despise Mahatma Gandhi, who was a hardcore Hindu Fundamentalist by the way, is that the opposition, the Congress of Baboons, has half their leaders sharing their surname with him. Nice way to fool the illiterate population by the way.

    I mean couldn’t they find a better patriot than Bhagat Singh who actually was a Hindu? Or is it true there weren’t many prominent freedom fighters who were Hindu Fundamentalists?

    • Dipak Bose

      All freedom fighters were prominent Hindus. They used to worship Kali before they went to kill the British. Netaji Subhas worshiped Durga in the Mandalay jail.

      • Arnab Barman Ray

        That’s why he is one of the favourite freedom fighters of the so called Hindus. Freedom did not come from killing the British.
        And to say that ALL freedom fighters were deeply religious is pretty inaccurate in the least.

        • Dipak Bose

          All real freedom fighters were religious except those who created the CPI in Moscow in 1920.

          • Arnab Barman Ray

            I said deeply relgious, at the level of Mahatma Gandhi say, who was a religious fanatic.

          • Dipak Bose

            MK Gandhi ( I will not call him a Mahatma), according to Sri Aurobindo was an Orthodox Christian, not a Hindu.
            Hinduism does not accept surrender and passive resistance but very active resistance as prescribed by Sri Krishna to Arjuna in the Mahabharata or the war between Rama and Ravana.
            according to Sri Aurobindo only the Orthodox Christians believe in endurance, passive resistance, sacrifice etc.
            Hindu hero are Rana Pratap, Jhansi Ki Rani, Nana Saheb, Tatia Topi, Shivaji, Subhas Bose, the revolutionaries , not Gandhi-Nehru.

          • Arnab Barman Ray

            So according to you non-violent protest is a form of passive protest?
            Do you think it’s easy, to stand resolute in the face of lathi charges and police firing, do you think it’s easy to not to resolve to violence when confronted with foul language and physical abuse?

            The fact that you are equating Hinduism with violence is at the same time both repulsive and amusing to me. Its much like how some muslim idiots use some verses out of a book written by an illiterate merchant as excuses for their own hedonistic philosophies.

            Please don’t give Hinduism a bad name. I would have wanted to explain to you what’s the difference between the war of Mahabharata and that of the independence struggle, but seeing that it isn’t self-evident to you, I think it will be a waste of my time.

            Having said that, I do admire how unlike other illiterate hindutva slaves, you haven’t already resorted to ad hominems yet, while I am barely being able to restrain myself.

          • Dipak Bose

            Gandhi never had received any lathi charge because he was protected by the members of the British Intelligence service dressed up as poor farmers who used to surround Gandhi everywhere.
            Gandhi was financed by Sir GD Birla and sir Bajaj, both staunch pro-British. Gandhis job was to expel all real freedom fighters from the Congress party and divert the freedom movement.


            If you think that Independence was won by non-violent movement of gandhi, you are too naive… India got independence because Britain was too broke after the WW2 to even take care of themselves, maintaining a colony like India where the structure was federal (lot of zamindars and nawabs and kings that tributed to British) was out of question… British had to go because they could not afford… gandhi & congress just got lucky.. as nobody else was there..

  • Audit Uscirf

    In India’s case it is a Global Alliance of Global left, Global right (i.e. neocons) and Radical Islam attacking Hindus.

    At global level, Hindus have no friend and top 3 global players have formed an axis of evil against Hinduism.

  • Arnab Barman Ray

    The amazing claims this article makes, I mean wow.
    “Many of these public intellectuals, who had huge influence, became intellectual mercenaries. Taking advantage of their popularity,they started accepting paychecks from whoever bid the highest.”
    Surely the writer had credible evidence to go with, but to maintain decency, he, nobly so, didn’t reveal the name of the concerned crooked intellectuals nor the evidence he has supporting such claims.


      I will give you one evidence – google Yuri Bezmenov and read his books and articles on him…. They even have pictures to support their claim…

  • Arnab Barman Ray

    But I thought the so-called Leftists, who according to the writer is the instigator of anti-Hinduism,(an industry) are anti-business? (joke)

    If Nehru loved communism so much, it leaves the reader to wonder why he decided on a mixed economic stance.

    And Russia loves Islam so much that it’s bombing ISIS hideouts in Syria for the last three days and also lets not forget how friendly they were with the Talibanis back in the 70s.

  • Dipak Bose

    Karl Marx wrote about Hinduism: ” Barbarian conquerers Arabs, Turks, Mongols when they came to India became Hindudized by coming into contact with a vastly superior culture by the eternal law of civilization” in his book Indias First War of Independence 1857

  • Dipak Bose

    This article is copied from a various Anglo-American writers who are against Communism, the Soviet Union, Russia and anything that is progressive.

    Anti-Hindu programme in India was started not with Indira Gandhi but with Gandhi-Nehru-Patel who gladly partitioned India but asked the Muslims to stay on. Nehru asked the Hindu refugees from east Pakistan to go back to Pakistan and put them in repatriation camps. Maulana Azad made Aligarh, the nerve centre of the Muslim League as the National University.
    Muslims in India do not vote for the communist parties; this is the reason CPIM is now wiped out in West Bengal because of the large scale Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh with the support of the Congress Government.

    Gandhi destroyed the freedom movement of the Congress Party to start the Khilafat Movement in 1919 to reestablish the Sultan of Turkey. Gandhi was financed by Birla and Bajaj and was a staunch anti-socialist.

    Internationally Muslim countries all have banned Communist parties. Muslims are always allied with the Anglo-American. Ottoman Turkey invaded Russia with the help of Britain. Chechens got support from the CIA. Yugoslavia was destroyed by Bill Clinton to create the Islamic states of Kosovo and Bosnia. Secular and pro-soviet countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria are destroyed by the Anglo-Americans with the help of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey all Muslim countries.


      You are right, one of the element of breaking up soviet union was the rise of Islamic fundamental in various republics of the union, like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc… Ismaists do hate communists… but in India it is somehow different.. Communist do parties support Islam, just like congress does … to get votes..

  • बेहद सटीक, सार्गर्भित और शोधपूर्ण. हार्दिक साधुवाद. सच हमारे साथ होने के बावजूद, प्रतिभाओ
    के भंडार होने के बावजूद हम Pro-Hindu-Hindustan Talents को ढंग के प्लेट्फॉर्म सुलभ
    नहीं करा रहे हैं. नतीज़न Anti-Hindi Left-Liberals फल फूल रहे हैं. और तमाम तार्किक
    व Creative Talents के बावजूद अभी भी Pro-Hindu Talents दयनीय हालात में हैं.

    मैं खुद पिछले दो साल से फेसबुक पे अपने व्यंग को पेज चला रहा हूँ. जो बिना कमर्शियल प्रमोशन
    के 7500+ फैंस पा चुका है. अब इसको एक असरदार व्यंग वेबसाइट में ढालने की सोच रहा हूँ.
    Contents & Creative Team भी तैयार है. जोश और जज़्बा भी बहुत है. लेकिन कोई कमर्शियल
    सपोर्ट और स्पोंसरशिप ना होने से अपनी टीम के साथ धक्के खा रहा हूँ. और एक बेहतरीन
    आइडिया को अंज़ाम नहीं दे पा रहा हूँ. ये हाल है देश में Pro-Hindu, Pro-Nation प्रतिभाओ
    का. जब कि ये एक असरदार और इतने मामुली बजट का वेँचर है, कि आम बीजेपी MLA भी चाहे तो सपोर्ट कर सकता है.
    लेकिन किसे पडी है ?

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  • NK Sarma

    Great article Pankaj Saxena. Hindu community needs lot of young scholars like you who have professional background in our history and literature. Keep up the good work.

  • VeVePe
  • punditkcs

    BRAVO PANKAJ SAXENA………Plz make roads in Tele-& – print-Media, Educational Institutions with Your Write-up, counter and smash the Anti-Hindu, Anti Nationalist forces……their ideology of Hate & Violence, against Humanity

  • shishir

    What is the point the writer is trying to make here???????

  • tushar

    We have a saying” Chor Chor Mausera Bhai” In India Islam ,Christianity , Left and the Liberal all have a common enemy Hinduism and Hindus. So it is natural for them to align in their quest for destruction of Hinduism. On these they are helped by the ignorance, foolishness , selfishness and the cowardice of general Hindus and Hindu organisations. Every society needs to evolve a system whereby they can identify its enemies, threats and the ways to neutralise them. Ordinary Hindus do not force their leaders into this direction. No one can survive by only defensive measures. Saam, Daam, Dand, and Bhed should be effectively used. And ultimate goal should be Shaman, Daman, Hanan, and Nikandan of the enemies of Hindus , hinduism and Hindustan.

    • BenDoverUranus

      When you have leftist Hindus against Hindus you’ve lost.

      • manch123

        Truth has a way of prevailing. Anti-life Jihadi-Naxal forces, however strong they may appear, will crumble when faced with soft-power of TRUTH… It is neither political or social, it is spiritual strength which prevails ultimately!

        • BenDoverUranus

          Jihadis are not the problem it’s the leftist Hindus.

  • Ritendra -Ram Sharma

    Three Faces of Anarchism

    Islam and Christianity — promotes Spiritual Anarchism

    Communism —- promotes Economic Anarchism

    Liberal —- promotes Social Anarchism

    Invoking compassion in the name of poor and down-trodden they claim to have found final solution of all ills in society. They have found elixir through which they wish “liberation” or “salvation” of masses who are mired in superstitions and darkness.

    But History proves otherwise. Wherever they have reared their ugly heads they have only created endless Anarchy promoting disruptions, subversion and ultimately destruction.

    We need to be very vigilant against Left-Liberal which is new form of imperialism and totalitarianism.

    I think Pankaj Saxena will do a great service to Hinduism by exposing dangerous tactics and strategy employed by Left-Liberals to destroy Hinduism.

    • Arnab Barman Ray

      According to your Holiness:

      Hinduism-> Solution to all problems of Mankind.

      CBSE should scrap it’s whole syllabus and only teach the Vedas and the Puranas. Why bother teaching them Western Science anyway?

      • Dipak Bose

        Most of what is Western Science ( neither Russian nor Greeks consider themselves as Western), are borrowed from India, almost all in Algebra, Astronomy, a lot in biology and medicine.
        even in modern time, JC Bose invented radio transmission, SN Bose discovered BOSON.
        9-11 was an inside job and it was helped by ISI of Pakistan jointly with CIA. That was the reason Pakistan was rewarded with more than $20 Billion immediately after 9-11.
        The most conservative and violent Muslim countries are the allies of the Western countries…. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait. BBC, ITN, The Guardian, New York Times actively propagate for the Muslims and are staunch anti-Hindu.
        Now Germany and Scandinavian countries are welcoming Muslim refugees from Syria. They did nothing when 10 million Hindu refugees came from Pakistan to India in 1971; instead USA sent 7th fleet to attack India.

        • Arnab Barman Ray

          About the Western Science part.

          Yeah for sure! I mean the Bhagvad Gita and the Puranas are filled with equations describing the gravitational force, fourier transforms, riemannian manifolds, minkowski space-time diagrams, quantum entanglement, non-linear dynamics, tensor calculus and functional analysis.
          Euler, Hilbert, Riemann, Laplace, and the thousands of researchers since have done nothing but plagiarise from the pages of the Bhagvad Gita,

          Infact, all of the some million papers produced in research journals till now from the beginning of the seventeenth century can all be found in the some 1000 pages of the Puranas. Its much like how some idiotic Muslims claim that all scientific knowledge can be found in their great Quran!

          Its amazing to see how disgusted you are about being an Indian that you have to believe in such horse shit just to keep your pride about your country alive. I don’t know what conspiracy theories you have been reading, but even that does not excuse this level of stupidity.

          The West is not stupid. They can’t possibly make an enemy out of oil rich nations in the middle-east.

          “Greeks don’t consider them western” Haha! I didn’t know you could perform planchet too!

          • RamdasMenon

            Arnab babu, you are simply wasting your time. These right wing trolls have nothing better to do. They keep extolling Hindu culture, but want their children to emigrate to the Western European countries where they can shout from the rooftops about this great Hindu religion which has systematically wrecked society. They will still defend the caste system which has been the SINGLE MOSTimportant factor in keeping us divided. And ANY and EVERY scientific discovery or invention is credited to a bunch of incantations developed by the priestly classes in a highly patriarchal and turgid society which lived in the Indo Gangetic plain a few thousand years ago. No God came and helped us when we were invaded one after the other for hundreds of years. I repeat, I wrote this just to support you as the general tone and tenor of ost of the worthies here is the same “gaay hamaari maata hai, aage kuchh nahin aata hai”

      • ankur bose

        The argument is Maoists, Leninists, Islamists and Christians have committed hugely more atrocities on humankind and have no moral right to criticise Hinduism…..especially when on Pay roll of the Ford Foundation.

        Hinduism is always open to reform…..Sati abolition, Widow remarriage, equal rights for women… name a few

  • Dharmo Crat

    The alliance between the Left and Islam can be attributed to a fundamental delusion on the part of the Left. It has essentially mistaken the fascistic homogeneity that Islam forces on all its adherents as some kind of EQUALITY. Now it is not only the Left that is guilty of subscribing to this irrational belief. Hindus too, the current “Hindu nationalist” PM included, go to great lengths to equate Islam as a whole with the notion of BROTHERHOOD. They are either incapable or unwilling to see the stark reality that the life-killing uniformity of beliefs imposed forcibly by Islam on human beings is exactly what enables it to pit one part of humanity, the brainwashed believers vs. all other humans, including themselves. Unless and until Hindus themselves, historically the single greatest victims of Islam, muster the courage to clearly call out the fascistic thought control of Islam for what it is, there is little hope of even the global Left doing something similar.

  • Singhal_abhishek

    I hope you will refer to Rajv malhotras work for exposing Anti – Hindu Industry . NGO’s and Missionary are a crucial link for this industry to run.

  • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

    Very informative , well-researched and very well presented article ! Till this very moment , I used to wonder how the Islamic Terrorists and the Left-over Liberals are in such a deep love with each other ! Now , all my doubts are very rationally and secularly clarified !
    Hope to read the subsequent series of articles on this unholy alliance!

    Thank You , Mr.Saxena , for your unbiased and pragmatic presentation !

  • Narinder Tiwari

    Leftist is a natural enemy of ‘Hinduism’. when the first time, This philosophy came to India, Leader of this philosophy thought that It will spread like a wild fire in India as Most of the Indian are poor and socially exploited. they were sure that, what happened in Russia, east Europe and other part of world. India will follow the same root. They tried , their best but failed miserably. Political clout of the leftist did not go beyond the ‘West Bangal and Kerla’. impact of the leftist philosophy was more prevalent in academic & credit should be given to our first PM. Same or less same story is true for Islam. many peoples wonder, despite the presence in India for more then 1000 years, India was not converted as other countries. so, both of them had the common enemy and they joined the hand. if you look around the world, you will see that all the communist countries has given the minimum religious liberty to citizen. China banned any Musilm ritual, banned the Fast and forcing the Muslim to cut the beards. On the other stand, Left philosophy has no place in any Islamic countries but in India, they are best friend. Currently, Hinduism is fighting the battle with Islam, christian and leftist philosophy. Battle with left is almost won and this is no more danger to us. Same leftist , who did not allow their cadre to celebrate any Hindu festival, are whole heartily organizing the religious event. Islam is in self destruct mode so no extra effort is required for this. Hinduism is facing the major challenge from christian missionary. A vast amount of the Money in pumping into the India through the NGO. It is mostly used to denigrate the Hindu tradition in the name of development and freedom. Most of the Media is controlled by christian. Till the late 90’s , it was one sided, there was almost no defense against this aggression. Hard shell of Hinduism was taking all these pressure but Hindu aggression started with early 90 and it decided to catch the bull by thorn. Social Media add another dimension to this battle. A common man, who was frustrated with this unholy alliance, got the platform to express its view. christian missionary are trying their best to divide the Hinduism on Cast & Color. now, they are getting befitting reply and it causing them anger. their anger is obvious, In the last 50 years, No one objected and now, their every statement is passing through a ordeal.

    • Dipak Bose

      Read what Karl Marx wrote about Hinduism: ” Barbarian conquerers Arabs, Turks, Mongols when they came to India became Hindudized by coming into contact with a vastly superior culture by the eternal law of civilization” in his book Indias First War of Independence 1857

      • Lalitaditya Muktapida

        so what? no one cares. now get lost!

        • Dipak Bose

          Know the facts correctly and then write.
          Those who are ignorant do not care, but they can chew Pan, spit Saliva and rape Girls….. all these Yadav, Sharma, Kumar, Prasad. .

          • Lalitaditya Muktapida

            Your writing is incoherent

          • manch123

            Paki Bhai, Changing name won’t change your intellectual-bankruptcy…

      • Amit Sarkar

        why this Bong has to oppose always. WB is ruined due to people like you. Kam to karna nahi hai sriff intellectual debates karte raho.

    • BenDoverUranus

      “Battle with left is almost won”
      HA HA HA.. this a joke right? cus as far as i can see.. most “educated libral” Indians of my age(that is 20-25) are leftist hindu hating vermin not only that but the media is 99.99% leftist.. if you have any doubts have a debate with arnob goswami.

      • Suresh

        true. battle just joined. long and uncertain path ahead.

      • manch123

        You know how many people believed “Earth is flat” few centuries back? Did that popular “perception” change the shape of earth? Truth has a way of prevailing. Anti-life Jihadi-Naxal forces, however strong they may appear, will crumble when faced with soft-power of TRUTH… It is neither political or social, it is spiritual strength which prevails ultimately! Crucification threat (negative power) of Church to Galileo could NOT change the reality…

  • Krispy K

    The global Leftist-Islamist alliance is indeed a curious one. But I feel it’s an unholy mixture of self-indulgence, convenience and just plain fear that cements the two.

    Should they achieve their objective of destroying all their shared enemies, they will inevitably turn on each other. It would be better if they can be made to turn on each other first.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      ///The global Leftist-Islamist alliance is indeed a curious one. But I
      feel it’s an unholy mixture of self-indulgence, convenience and just
      plain fear that cements the two.

      Should they achieve their
      objective of destroying all their shared enemies, they will inevitably
      turn on each other. It would be better if they can be made to turn on
      each other first///

      You have summed up the crux of the seemingly complicated matter very truthfully. Thank you very much.

      We Hindus are NOT being told the truth that mk.gandhi had not many admirers / supporters as Sri.Nathuram Godse had. mk.gandhi had not a syllable of censure , revulsion for Moplah massacres by keralite muslims. mk.gandhi is certainly NOT a ‘mahatma’. No wonder he is liked by shabana azmis & various muslims of India.

  • I know all about industry. Inbetween winning world hockey championships, acting in Hollywood movies (I have 17 Oscars) and conquering terrifying ice-covered peaks both on Earth and on Mars (Olympus Mons was barely a challenge, and I didn’t even need a spacesuit when I went there) I spend around 300-350 years working in various industries such as aircraft manufacture, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, banana import/export, and paan-making, to name but a few. Of course, I easily worked my way up to the top in all of those fields, becoming a multi-trillionaire in the process. Having all those men working under me felt like how the world should be.

    As for this article, I feel it is once again diverting from the main issue. You can whine about Leftism and other religions all you like, and yes yes Islamists are bad etc. etc., but you cannot divert attention from the treatment of women by short dark woman-hating Hindu men who continue unabated with all their superstitions. The poor excuses for men on this board (the Hindu ones) like to pretend they care about the future of India, but really they are just terrified of change that will take away their freedom to abuse their women without fear of consequences. Hence so much whining about leftists other religions and JNU and whatnot, positive things in our country that are working towards the elimination of superstition and woman-hate. If we don’t achieve these things, what will the West think about us? It fills me with shame.

    Here’s a highly relevant article that proves my point:

    I defy you to read this article and not shed a tear at the horror of it all.

    Which brings me onto my next point. If any of you can let go of your short, dark, woman-hating, beedi-smoking dhoti-wearing Hinduness for one second, stop beating/burning/eating your women 24 hours a day and accept that a woman (that would be me of course) is far, far superior to you in every way and more educated than you will ever be, maybe you can improve as people and see us as more than just vessels for your perversions and automatons that exist purely to make roti for you. But seeing as woman-hate and abuse is characteristic of 99.9% (if not 100%) of Hindu men, I won’t hold my breath.

    I will leave you with another article that will hopefully open your eyes:

    • Ayesha

      ass de’ Xtian paid missionary – Thanks for that rant.

      you talk about woman, where ‘divorce’ rates are sky high, you talk about human compassion who, conquered, killed many civilizations; check your DNA bro !

      btw, why harvest poor, uneducated, illeterate souls – that too those people who killed scientists who claimed ‘earth is round’ !

      • Here’s another short, dark, brown Hindu woman hater. Your hatred for women and anyone who isn’t a short, dark, brown, woman-and-minority-hating Hindu man is obvious. Disgusting.

        • Awaken Rogue

          Baby. come here, i will show you all the love u seek.. provided you are as beautiful as any other hindu woman and not wearing a burqa

        • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

          If you are a woman really , you must definitely be the wife in the harem of a short , dark , brown , circumcised , Khara -plaqued , leftist , coprophagous , misogynic , Muslim slum-dweller who could neither fuck you nor feed you and that’s only reason for your Oral Defecation !
          This is only a small sample of where you could be taken if you do not stop your disgusting and hate-filled posts !
          Just try to understand that if sow wind , you get whirlwind !

          • Dr. MS

            I am Dr, MS…this man is impersonating me by slyly changing the initials slightly. He has turned Dr.MS into Dr, M5 and has decieved all of you. Can you see the subtle change…and how it is being used against you and Hindus in general? The man is diabolical.

          • You are third-rate scum who can never match up to my brilliance. That’s why you are jealous and full of hate for Indian women. Bloody Hindu.

          • Bijay kumar bhowmick


            God inspired
            Bible recommanded eating the flesh of one’s loved ones. In the 28th chapter of
            Deuteronomy it is said,” And thou shalt eat yhe flesh of thy sons and
            daughters. The flesh of children, the tender and delicate women among
            you”.In the book of jeremiah chapter 19, it is said, “And I will
            cause them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and
            they shall eat everyone, the flesh of his friend.” In Mathew chapter 10
            Jesus Christ says, ” I came not to send peace, but sword. I came to set a
            man against his father, a daughter against her mother , and the daughter-in-law
            against her mother-in-law.”
            And for practical application of HOLY BIBLE
            : “When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans
            had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with
            our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible”

            Kenyatta, First kenyan president.

            Christian ” YEH DIL MANGE MORE?”

          • guest

            Dr. MS, I just noticed what you talk about. At first I thought I would write to him directly and may be still will. I just want you to know that everyone does not think the same. We welcome your comments. Yes they are hard sometimes, sometimes tough, but often things to think about. That is the whole point of these forums. All are welcome!! You have a point to make and you have the right to make it.

          • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

            Dr. MS !

            Pl . do not care for this imposter eunuch of the lowest birth ! I’ll take care of this Dr.M5 and will teach such a lesson that this bitch (?) will never forget for the rest of her (?) life ! I’ll see to it that she (?) tucks her itching tail in between her (?) legs , keeps her (?) hand in her pig-ass and runs away from this board , licking her haram pig-shit ! This third rate , illiterate bag-head should be taught a befitting lesson in the language she took birth ( a road-side filthy gutter ! ) and speaks ! Do not worry ! Gentleman ! I’ll take care of this foetid bitch , right ?

          • Arnab Barman Ray

            How sincerely Hindu you are, and wow, the beautiful insults and phrases you use, they please the ears much like the great verses of the Bhagvad-Gita. Hats off to you!

      • Krispy K

        Ignore this imbecile. Really, her posts are just a waste of bandwidth. I wish Disqus would implement a filter mechanism already.

        • Another hater here. You’re just jealous of my unparalleled education and skills, and the fact that I am a beautiful Indian woman and you are a short, dark, dhoti-wearing, woman hating Hindu. I have PhDs from every major university on the planet in such diverse fields such as samosa science, quantum knitting, haberdashery, digital potato design and English literature.

          Here’s a highly-relevant article to prove my point:

          If you weren’t such a woman-hating Hindu you might learn a lot from someone like me. Your loss.

          • Krispy K

            Ah I see. Very amusing.

          • Awaken Rogue

            Are u not a beautiful Hindo woman??

          • Dr. MS

            I am Dr.MS,,,not Dr,M5. Are you guys so stupid that you cannot see how the Pakistani or the Convert Krispy is setting me up against you Hindu men? Are you so stupid that you cannot see their diabolical behavior. They are third rates…and you Hindu men, just like in history, are falling for it. Have him castrated and ostracized from this website. Do it…or he will divide Hindu men and women and slowly destroy everyone.

          • Stop impersonating me you scum. You are an uneducated woman-hating Hindu oik who has nothing better to do than abuse, attack and eat innocent Indian women who spend all day making rotis so you can get fat. Get a job, SCUM.

          • Sree Charan R

            “Samosa Science” ..”digital potato design”..”quantum knitting”…heights of intelligence, indeed.
            —Most readers are pretty sure that, not to take your comments seriously, and hence Bye,Bye.

      • Dr. MS

        Popat, I am Dr, MS not Dr, M5. Krispy doughnut the-convert-thug, and few others, are trying to set people up. Remember these fools are trying to provoke, isolate and then convert. They are dangerous because they are playing a game right under your nose, They use initials very close to mine or yours, and then try to divide and rule. They are deviants and work for the other side. They are also of the Dark Side. Jesus would have never considered these converts, desperately seeking approval or seeking to divide and rule, one of his flock, Look how unethically and evilly they behave.

        • For Marx’s sake, can’t you find something better to do than to impersonate those who are far more educated than you? You are despicable. Let go of your hatred of women, you animal.

          • ram ram

            For Marx’s sake, can’t you find something better to do than to impersonate those who are far more educated than you? You are despicable. Let go of your hatred of women, you animal.

            DR.M5 YOUR SHEER the arrogance is astounding. I HOPE ALL YOU FEMINAZI DIE SOON

    • Bharath

      referring to BBC website for proof, thats like sabrina quoting salma.. First go and protect your women from islamists. ” what will the West think about us? It fills me with shame” I wish you Die with that shame..

      • Another short, dark-skinned, dhoti-wearing woman-hating Hindu misogynist.

        If it wasn’t for those foreigners you hate so much enriching us for the last 1000 years, women would be in an even worse state than they are now in India. That’s why you hate them so much – even though their effectiveness is limited, the laws in this country do not allow you to hunt and eat your women as you wish. And I, a world-class astronomer, baker, fishmonger, snooker champion and kazoo wizard, and a WOMAN no less, turn you greener than a fifteen-day old roti left in the sun. A roti which you no doubt forced your wife/slave to make for you at gunpoint.

        Here’s a highly relevant article to prove my point:

        Read it and feel shame, you superstitious little woman-hating Hindu.

        • ram ram

          DR.M5 IS FEMINAZI


          [[[If it wasn’t for those foreigners you hate so much enriching us for the last 1000 years, women would be in an even worse state than they are now in India. That’s why you hate them so much – even though their effectiveness is limited, the laws in this country do not allow you to hunt and eat your women as you wish.

          accept that a woman (that would be me of course) is far, far superior to you in every way and more educated than you will ever be, maybe you can improve as people


    • SpaceOcean

      Here is my two cents




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      .././…/…./…./.|_………._| …………….



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